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Days: 59.0
Mean Score: 7.76
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Net-juu no Susume
Net-juu no Susume
Dec 7, 7:45 AM
Watching 7/10 · Scored -
Mahoutsukai no Yome
Mahoutsukai no Yome
Dec 7, 7:42 AM
Watching 8/24 · Scored -
Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara
Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara
Dec 7, 7:39 AM
Watching 10/? · Scored -
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Days: 20.6
Mean Score: 7.84
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  • Chapters3,715
  • Volumes288
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Mahoutsukai no Yome
Mahoutsukai no Yome
Dec 7, 7:54 AM
Reading 5/? · Scored -
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
Dec 7, 7:48 AM
Reading 31/? · Scored -
Fumetsu no Anata e
Fumetsu no Anata e
Dec 7, 7:47 AM
Reading 46/? · Scored -


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niknaks Dec 8, 2:16 AM
Yes i do im :( we dont talk anymore :( hahahaha charot, hahaha i know get well soon, tsk tsk you'd kill yourself if you'll take antibiotics, you are a bacteria in human form right? HAHAHAHAHA.

HAHAHAHA yes you are a joke hahaha joke :(, baka magalit ka :(.

Nahhh you are a living bacteria HAHAHAHAHA, yes yes pero okay na puro scabs na lang, scabs nga ba tawag? HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

Awww rk tab :(, yes sanay na akong sinasaktan mo :( HAHAHAHAHA, sige if we gonna see each other which probably not HAHAHAHAHA, wala naman i tot u r just joking HAHAHAHA, never tot u were serious about it. U always harot me kaya, or ako yun HAHAHAHAHA jk. Bat may purista na dito HAHAHAHAHA.

Where is the love senpai :( </3 HAHAHAHA.

Ewwww bacteria so ewwweeeeeee HAHAHAHA.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTH hindi ba ako tao? oo nga pala bacteria ka di kita kapwa, di mo kailangan ng kapwa you reproduce on ur own HAHAHAHAHA. Cellphone digits lol HAHAHAHAHA pero jk lang. HAHAHAHAHA ako din eh 2 weeks akong absent alam mo yon? HAHAHAHA.

Does it make yours? HAHAHAHA gomen.

HAHAHAHAHA don't leave me senpai T_T.

You are a bacteria in human form that can transform into a venus fly trap? is there a mars fly trap? or mercury or earth? HAHAHAHAHAHA what if its greek, is there a zeus, hades, apollo etc. ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Ohhhh is it? didnt know HAHAHAHAHA, You're getting serious senpai im getting scared HAHAHAHAHA, brochure ng DOST HAHAHAHA.

Ohhhhh HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE i cant even think of something, maybe someday a path may LEAD me to you HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTH ><
DandereAi Dec 7, 1:14 PM
That is one of my all time favorites! Words cannot express how much love I have for that one.

I'm actually really terrible about reading manga, or anything for that matter. I love it whenever I come across it but it takes me a lot longer to sit down and read as apposed to watching an anime. Particularly with ones I've already watched but are only completed in the manga. I want to read them so bad, but because they are slightly different I have to start from the beginning. The subtle differences mess with my head though.

I'm really terrible, I have yet to complete one that I've started (;一_一)
but I'm also in school, so my reading demand is a little high
Labs Nov 8, 1:38 AM

Zoe Oct 22, 8:30 PM
Zoe Oct 5, 1:19 PM
Hi sweetie :)
Hope you've been well! Sorry I've been off for a while and only just logged in after 2 months.. D:
Geez I suck at staying in touch.. 100x apologies <3
Labs Oct 1, 11:31 PM

niknaks Oct 1, 10:41 PM
I missed you senpai huehuehue after 3 months nagreply ka na hahahaha, ikaw po ang paasa, pinaasa mo ako kala ko may tayo huehuehue HAHAHAHA ems.

No I dont even know what are we talking about HAHAHAHA.

Uhmmm the symptoms are having a poker face during a picture, no emotions ,and energy gap and the prognosis uhmmm i dunno what is the origin it originated from you, i will call it Cheluzi Nicolotis.

HAHAHA komksyon, ano libre kita candy. Like what we don't talk spg stuff we talk about politics HAHAHA. HAHAHA anti-depression advocates. HAHAHA ikaw eh hinaharot mo ako :(. Maybe HAHAHA you're the bio major here you should know that.

I won't give up on us <3 HAHAHAHA joke.

Ewwwwww I don't know anymore hahaha.

Huehuehue pinaasa mo talaga ako kala ko talaga mahal mo ako :(. Penge po digits HAHAHA jk. Opo hampaslupa lang ako di ako kayaman tulad mo :(.

Ang pagibig na binigay :P.


What is this nope for i dont even know na HAHAHA.

HAHAHAHA you're a trap too, you're not even a human , am i right?

HAHAHAHA rating ng civil service yung nakuha mong grade. HAHAHA ITS JUST A GAME SENPAI, YOU CHOOSE BETWEEN DIFFERENT OPTIONS HAHAHA. Gusto mo ba ng brochure hahaha. c:

I don't even know what magnesium does, you are hard as magnesium stone cold huehuehue.
Umbra_curator Sep 26, 6:26 PM
Didn't your parents tell you its rude to stare!
Math isn't too bad, I was really good at math in school, isn't a fun subject but its not too bad. We just did random shit, ended up in explosions most of the time.

I do not read webtoons, whats that? :o
I'll have a search on them in a second.

I like how you had to explain with "Being a girl and such", I watch romcoms too you know. Parasyte is my favourite out of those just listed, that show is just so amazing, what did you rate it?
DandereAi Sep 25, 4:11 PM
No worries! I'm in school again so I'm really spotty on here as well.

Um, favorite anime all around is probably Kamisama Hajimemashita

Tomoe and Nanami are probably my favorite ship and they are from that show,

and I love way to many characters and character types for me to chose
Shinichi-Kun Sep 23, 1:54 PM
I feel ya it can be hard at times, you should atleast join the discord :D you can check up using your phone ever once n a while.

What have you been watching/reading?
KingSB Sep 22, 1:45 PM
WoW, aren't u Lazzy!! but not to worry missy I am much lazyir then a born baby! take a sample; there was Chicken for Dinner at home, still I had to have dinner at a Café tonight, just becox I am too lazzy to eat other then boneless meat! :p

As always as busy/Late there is none aren't I. even so ur on the same boat as I! One day we'll be sinking just like Titanic, n I'll be "Jack" be ready to be rescued, "Rose"!! ;)

What, u treasure me that much!! but I thought u've completely forgotten abt me so sad!! :p perhaps u'll remember me after life or some were from the universe! :(

Do forgive me my dear, I have no idea at.. points what ur takin abt, be more specific!! u've won this round with ur confusion tehq only cox it's been months!! see today I even had a headache 1st time in this year!! but one thing I can say is; we are motels hehe, but our life is Immortal, Would u like me to share some knowledge, btw have I asked what's ur religion is, Cherushi!!

Honestly I feel good, when me MAL friends are fine at health!! but "Generally"!! is that mean normally ur bad and lazy!! :o
Let's make it simple since u won't be replying soon!! I just got back!! n there is so much new shows, got any favorites for the time being!! XD
Shinichi-Kun Sep 16, 6:23 PM
Hi Hi what have you been up to cherushi? It's been so long, since u vanished from mafia society >3>.
Kaishiyoku Sep 2, 11:47 AM

Mishukax Sep 1, 7:51 PM

DandereAi Aug 20, 5:47 AM
Haha I feel that very strongly

Finals. I was taking my fall semester finals last December and after the first one I decided I wanted to give anime a try. I didn't get much more studying done during finals that semester. Once I got into it, I was hooked.

I just love everything about it: the style, the stories, the depth, the facial expression, the real life and completely fictional drama, the feel, I could spend hours describing the way I love it but that would take away from my time watching it ♥‿♥