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danksonic Apr 13, 2:12 AM
Berry-Vodka Apr 30, 2020 2:54 PM
005-X Nov 29, 2017 12:00 AM
mate when are you coming back!!!
3miL Oct 26, 2017 9:28 PM
Well, it's been more than a year...Imma guessing you won't be back. Leave me a pm if you wanna chat.
3miL Jun 19, 2016 1:01 AM
You totally left MAL?
3miL Apr 9, 2016 10:51 PM
Well it's a good start, stop deleting, this is us "starting over"

what do you want to happen anyway? maybe you can suggest it in the forums?

Well, they're exceptions... why don't they make a change already?

Or dicks, long, hard ones... and that's a fact! :P

That, I have lack of knowledge... other than they look lesbian to me, not much

and this:

Yes, that is true too hahahahahaha

They succeed with 1-3 with me, but yeah you're right

What psych ones did you like? I like pretty much anything now except for Homohentai :P

why not watch more?

Why? I'd love to have more motivation to watch XD

and what happened?

3miL Apr 7, 2016 7:08 PM
So now you didn't delete comments but you removed your pic? XD

Both, and that sporty people are idiots..Ironically, women who are supposed to be smart cling to these apes... watching that kind of show reminds me of that irony

I see.... I on the other hand.. checked some historical and psychological ones

Yeah, it'd be nice to be prepared

get the what? It's a parody! 'course it mirrors it XD

Yeah, otw to 8, as of now you have 700 as well

Well, I have the third badge like you.. from the last I've seen

Ganbare, Faito XD
3miL Apr 7, 2016 2:25 AM
Which one? I have a long belief of detesting sports anime for personal reasons, but perhaps you can change my mind

Well you can use it in reverse and watch "just cuz". As I did these past few months, I've discovered many good series XD

The first quote in Nyaruko's OVA

was the next one after what I just said

it's this one... two mins won't hurt bro

Then see the parody XD

Yeah, that ep also has it's decent amount of mahou shoujo's ... which I think I can slowly catch up to you now XD

Well, that... will be in the way of my mission to get 1000 completed... so no for now XD

We can change that by slowly being optimistic XD


3miL Apr 4, 2016 12:28 AM
Well yes, now it's certain you're showing signs of maturity

Wherever did you get that motivation to change anyway? and simply not hating mean taking a lot of analysis before action

Well yes, I myself only remember some faces, names and traits... In the end, this is our fate - Kamen Rider Decade

hahahaha, that quote was when he was abandoned by his friends and left for survival, it was actually "my fate" but since there's two of us - our XD

I'm more on finishing... downloaded a lot of hentai today, this is gonna be a hot summer that I am sure XD

SO you've had similar problems

I can't... The guy, I think he hates me now

Myself included... hopefully I can get some of your newfound motivation XD

Yeah, too bad I'll never get to see them, and this comment as well

Gyarutsundere Dec 1, 2015 10:17 AM
Gyarutsundere Dec 1, 2015 10:02 AM
I even run a louise fanclub on facebook, if you want to join feel free and if you dont thats cool too.

Well its not like resin dolls dont last theyre just more fragile and needs more care or so i heard as i dont own one.

Yeah -_- i didnt find it worth it, not like shes entirely blue xd and outfits cover all spots.
I dont know actually but im so scared i might damage her.. Maybe i should try it somewhere you wont notice a small scratch

Well with luck (and if you just set thr money aside so you dont spend it) im sure you will. Just sucks that thr longer you wait the mor rare and expensive she gets -_- keep an eye on mandarake and jungle-scs and yahoo jp (but with this site you need a middleman/proxy to bid you csnt do it yourself unless you live in japan)
I saw one now for 85.000 yen. I bought mine for 75.000 yen but she was opened andveeery light stains on her feet. But yewh it took me 4 yre before i bought her but i wish i bought it 4 yrs ago wouldve saved me half of what i paid lol

And if you want a cheaper doll, there is the more barbie-like doll of louise from azone which is easily available and you can buy clothes for that one too!
Shes about 12.000 yen atm :) i paid more or well my current husband did (bought as a gift and hedidnt want to give a fig but more original and she was thr only doll back then :) )

Np at all!

True to that lets hope that happens but there are definitly still a lot of fans ;) i can tell from the fb page plus the mal favorites here still a lot tho taiga has even more fans.

Haha yeah i know right!? Well i must admit i used to be a bigger fan :) but thats mainly cause there are too many tsunderes and many cliche.. So i start to get a lil annoyed by them being a bit overused.
Im still a big fan tho and my high peek was when i started collecting lol 4 yrs ago almost 5
Gyarutsundere Nov 30, 2015 11:34 AM
Oh no dont worry about her not lasting long since those stains can be removed :) and dollfies are good but with resin dolls (like for example taiga aisaka doll) they may yellow over time.. But with dollfies you can buy stain remover stuff but it is just expensive.. 30 usd -_- but i heard veeery fine sanding paper works too but im a lil scared since if it isnt right it will leave scratches so might try with a nail file :) ? Or the file i use for model kits too.
If you were to own a doll would you go for louise as well? I actually saw one up but yeah theyre not cheap. If you like resin dolls theyre a lot cheaper :) but theyre more doll like not anime..

Well it wasnt announced when exactly months ago so yeah :)

Yeah well even if no one loves her, i will. Sometimes i wonder why i like her so much cause she is so heavy tsun sometimes lol
Gyarutsundere Nov 30, 2015 8:35 AM
Yes in 2016 a new novel part gete translated, part 21. I hope merch will come cause of that <3
Im not exactly when but i believe that recently got announced as well, it says 25th of february.

Do you want the surprise or not? Up to you i put it in spoiler tags so you can decide

The pants stained my doll sadly since black can stain and i totally forgot that T_T with her thigh highs i did prevent it since i put it in a small bath with vinegar and water.. Which apparantly helps.

Alright i let you know when i did :) i got 2 pics and one with my mom on it but dnt think she likes me putting her on mfc lol

Gyarutsundere Nov 30, 2015 5:47 AM
Oh i forgot to upload that one but yes i got some higher res ones with louise on it :)

And yes it is sakura miku her outfit ^_^ !

Im glad you like them ^///^ ! I now also got 2 more outfit i might shoot soon but sadly thr black pants stained so i first need to remove that..

I see socislising is important too, i was socialising this weekend. Weather is horrible now tho..
Gyarutsundere Nov 30, 2015 5:01 AM
Here are her doll pics all in one folder

Made an awful lot of pictures by now xD but feel free to browse :) there are some ecchi ones since someone asked me to make them ;)

And indeed quite late but it is ok xD you mustve been busy