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Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime) add
This is my very first review on this site, so please bare with me.

A lot of people have been conflicted over this anime in terms of whether it was 'good' or 'bad'. Those words are very subjective, according to each individual, and don't mean the same to everyone. Here's my breakdown for NGE.

Art: 10

It's 90s anime! Of course the art isn't the same as anime we see nowadays but after watching more recent titles, I find the artwork for NGE to be refreshing.

Sound: 10

Again, it's 90s anime! The sound effects are awesome.


Here's where the anime shines. The majority of it is action, yes, but it's the last few episodes that change the ballgame and make it what it is. The addition of the last few episodes are what makes some people mad, but it's what I love about the anime. They change the entire storyline and take the plot in a whole new direction, a direction that takes viewers off guard because NGE goes from action to psychological. I have a deep admiration for anime that can take me off guard while still being interesting.


Now, the characters are what I love! Each chosen child has an issue of their own. They have problems they have to face, and not all of these problems are easy to deal with. The characters struggle through the storyline with their issues, and prove that a good anime doesn't always have characters that are put together.

Enjoyment: 10

Again, I truly enjoyed this anime for what it is at first and what it becomes in the end. It has earned my top favorite spot.


Watch this anime if you are an admirer of psychology, because that's what this anime delves into. It explores the mind of children who have mental issues and exposes these characters for who they are what they go through. I absolutely love stories that go into personal, real issues and that is what NGE does.

Don't watch if you only want a cardboard cutout story of action.
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Interested in ecchi, romance, comedy and HAREM? Yes? Then perhaps "Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?" sparks your intrest?

Our main character Hideki Nishimura is a naive teenager playing an ordinary RPG in his freetime. Acompanied with two guys and a seemingly hopeless girl with strong feelings for him. During an arranged meeting they find out that they all go to the same school, as well as; that all of them are girls except Nishimura.

Shortly after this we can see the first of an actual plot. As Nishimuras in-game wife, crew member and hopeless lover Ako Tamaki can't seem to seperate games from reality. Thus leading Nishimura and his crew to help her understand the difference between the game and real life.

Story: There isn't much to the story up to this point. Most likely there will be added side-stories along with character development to supplement the main story.
7/10 (ready to be positivly suprised :)

Art: This is a selling point for sure. This anime is very well animated both in real life and in-game

Sound: Nothing memorable to the OP nor the ED. Moving on.

Characters: MC is a fairly boring naive guy. The harem of girls have different typical traits to themselves. The typical yandere, smart girl and tsundere archetypes. Which aren't wrong by any means, but you have most likely seen better character in these archetypes before.

**Enjoyment: 6
***Overall: 6,6/10
* Will be updated as the episodes go on.
** Will be updated as the episodes go on.
*** Will be updated when the anime is finished.
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Katanagatari (Anime) add
If I had to describe this anime perfectly in one sentence it would be this. Talking the anime. Yup. That is all you will see (hear) from this anime. You'd figure there would be some fights (episode 4 exists wow! sigh) in every other episode considering the plot but no. This is talking the anime. Or heavy dialogue anime! Oh there is some weird animation style and lots of FINISHING MOVE NAMING but mostly all you will hear is people talking without (or very litte) any action in between. Jokes that fall flat and uninteresting topics at that.

I guess if you enjoy audiobooks and you can speak Japanese I'd recommend you'd convert your blu ray vids to flac and go for a jog while you go write a haiku of nothing. It became a chore to finish this anime and I'm only doing this review to warn others of what NOT to expect unlike other reviews here. You know if anything this anime suffers from the Dragon Ball Z syndrome. In which they amp and try to make their fights epic only to not do anything (nothing to it but moving like idiots because they are totally fighting and not killing time faking!) except cock-tease you of awesome things to come! (in that sense even DBZ fights were better) Also anybody that dares call this humorous needs to go get dragged behind a shed and shot. This is the most slow paced anime I have ever watched and maybe if it weren't so damn boring I would have enjoyed it.
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Toradora! (Anime) add
Hi, this is my first review and its on one of my favorite romance anime, toradora! I binge watched this anime a while back and been meaning to write a review hope this helps


The plotline was extremely well developed. Initially, the story will seem to throw someone off as it seems like a mere high school drama with no true character development. However, every episode seems integral to the overall plot. The way the Ryuuji-Taiga romance ended up taking over was great. I don't think it came on too hard (as in it took away from any possible side-plots to keep the story interesting or to prevent further character development), and I don't think it was too underdeveloped or rushed. The perfect mix of drama, romance, and comedy kept my eyes peeled to every episode.


As I'm not too sophisticated in this department, I'll keep this section short. My simple opinion on it was that the characters and settings were drawn very well (it fit my preference of the style of animation =/). The movement of the characters was smooth and the graphics were very high quality. Not much to complain about in this department.


The vocal acting was very good. Nothing seemed forced when I heard lines being said. I think the production company did a very good job in picking their voice actors/actresses. Everyone's voice seemed to fit. For instance, Taiga's voice had the perfect pitch of a small tough girl and that seemed to enhance her character to make it more real. The musical effects were very good too. They made the comedy that much funnier and the intense scenes that much more dramatic. As for opening and ending themes, I think lyrical wise, they suited the anime. I preferred the first set of songs (Pure Pare-Do/Vanilla Salt) over the last set of themes. But don't get me wrong, all four songs fit the anime. The change in songs matched almost perfectly with the developing love connection between Taiga and Ryuuji and foreshadows a beautiful ending to the anime.


This is where Toradora! excels above most other animes (at least of the ones I have watched). The writers definitely knew how to make their characters very dynamic. Ryuuji and Taiga provide an amazing contrast between someone who wants to see their parents as opposed to someone who would rather have nothing to do with them at all. The contrast is enhanced even more by their completely differing behaviors (Ryuuji being the super organized one whereas Taiga is very wild and messy). As the saying goes, opposites attract. That statement definitely stays true with this anime. As you learn more about the characters and their feelings, you can't help but make a connection to at least one of them. In terms of the minor characters, I have heard peoples opinions saying that the story would have been better if it was a hidden love between just the two main characters without anyone else "interfering". I totally disagree with read more
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Log Horizon (Anime) add
This is just a quick review about log horizon. Where should i start? First of all, i could say this is one of the most boring and illogical anime i' ve seen and i dropped it at just 11 ep cause i couldn t no longer resist..Why? Don' t get fooled by that "action-adventure" like me..because it's just a SLOW SLOW slice of life fantasy full of political and diplomatic situations, oh and guess what?stereotypes characters.
The worst thing i just can't handle is the hate for the "similar" SAO wich is ten times better.No seriously.. if you're thinking this ugly copy is better there is something wrong with you.. I can understand for the spells, classes and the whole Rpg sistem etc but stop.. the rest are just boring useless speechs who make you slee.. Zzzz
There will be many confronts with Sao in this review since many people recommend it for its similar settings but They are Two completely different things,Sao is a love story so deal with it.
By the way, i will just write what i criticize the most and the reason why it is a very bad anime.
Let's start from the beginning.. You got stuck in a RPG game with no chance to escape and what s your first reaction? Fear? Anxiety? Nahh let s take a walk and call my old friend..(few moments later,when they met) "oh man so you're stuck in the game too.." "Yea, woo i ve always thought you were a tall man!" "Hoho that s exactly how i imagined you..look at you, with those glasses" Mm..And while you are at it, order two coffee please oh my god, this is one of the first conversations. Thus the question arises: wtf is happening? .I want you to remind the first ep of Sao.. the air was full of terror.. You just got trapped in a game and you can t log out!!! the first days in Sao many people died or committed suicide cause they cannot manage to being trapped in a game! ..Even after lot of episodes in Log horizon people still don't care and live quietly.. ehm.. The real world? your family?don t you miss them? Sao s players started to fell "adapted" after a year or so when they partially left hopes for coming back in the real world. This is like a crucio that keeps knocking in your head and make this anime too illogical for a watch.Its pacing is also terrible and sets up many useless minor plots to the whole thing.
Then, the characters, the weakest point of LH: the Mc, called the demonic four-eyed, a lv 90 magycian who uses only 1 spell for the few battles he fought (and he s lv 90 so a little more fantasy lol)..a ninja lolita who serve the mc like a master,wow what a news,a perverted big man who get kicked by the lolita every time he tries to joke, the leaders of the crescent moon, an hugger read more
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To be honest I really like harem type animes and I was really happy to find another one to watch.I thought the story was the same as any other anime at first but things changed when I got through half of the episodes.It seems that this particular anime has some different things about it.One of them is that, the main character does not fall in love with the first girl he meets, on the contrary, it tries to get to know every girl until he finds the right one.I was really happy when I saw who he ended up with because most anime have in general two types of girls, the one who is agressive and the one who is kind.Never have I seen an anime where the main character winds up with the kind and soft(so to say) character.
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GX was one of the first anime I have seen and I enjoyed it a lot. I saw the orignal after I saw some of GX but GX is by far my favorite Yu Gi Oh series. I loved a lot of the characters in it, the voice actors did a good job and the art in it was pretty good to me. The story I will admit though can be a little shaky at times. But in the end it was pretty good to me and is the one Yu Gi Oh series I constantly rewatch if I'm not catching up on other anime

But overall I would recommend this anyone who wants to get into Yu Gi Oh. In the end GX gets a 8/10 from me. The wide variety of characters in it are great, the sound in it is pretty good and the artwork is good as well
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Kokoro Connect (Anime) add
This anime is a fantastic psychological thriller.

Story - Basically it all starts off by a few occurances where the main characters are finding themselves in each other bodies (Souls are being switched). While they become more disturbed, they decide to keep this phenomenon to themselves because who would believe them. They eventually meet Heartseed, some strange and mysterious entity who takes control of the club advisor, he is the one who is causing and controlling the strange events. Over time the group become exposed to a variety of different strange events that becomes to have a serious impact of the group and thier mental state.

Art and Sound - Art is ok and I like the first OP.

Character - By no means are the characters great, if anything they seem pretty average except Inaba. The best part of this anime is how they are mentally affected by the disturbances. Heartseed, in my opinion, is probably one of the best characters in anime. You never see his actual body, you don't know if he is a supernatural entity or an alien or god knows what. And to make matters worse, there's more then one heartseed. It's a shame there is no 22nd season to explore him more.

Enjoyment - If you like psychological thriler then you'll love it.

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This is my first time writing a review so please be gentle lol.
May contain little spoilers.

Story- 7/10

The anime's story is nothing new. We've seen this kind of plot before, but I myself am new to this. I gotta admit kinda liked how they went with it. It was very intriguing to me and it kept me hooked. The balance of comedy and getting to a bit of a serious tone was quite good for me. My problems with it is that I wanted to know more about the world. Where the witch powers comes from, the history of the Supernatural club and the history of the past members. I think all this could've been solved if there were more episodes.

Art- 8/10

Bright colors, colorful characters and a pretty atmosphere. It felt lively when it needed, had the nice contrast when the characters are faced with dilemma and the emotions on the characters' faces are well illustrated.

Sound- 7/10

The OP is really good and really catchy. The ED is really cute too, both in terms of music and sequence. There were some nice background music that stood out but overall nothing memorable. It did, however, fit the series well.

Characters- 9/10

Shiraishi! The characters are definitely the reason you'd want to keep watching the anime. The MC Yamada is such a funny dude, but when things hit the fan, he doesn't mess around. Shiraishi is my favorite character in the series. She's so cute and adorable, and strong. I love how Yamada and Shirashi's relationship develop. The other members of the Supernatural Club were also very funny and interesting. The other witches were cute and had unique abilities too, and some of them stood out.

That said, there are witches that only had one-off episodes. It would've been nice to know more of them, or atleast just see them interact with the main crew more often. There was one witch though (the 6th one) that I hoped they explored a bit more. Also, as mentioned earlier, I wish they told us more about the old Supernatural Club's past, as well as the 7th's mystery and all that. I didn't feel like the show's Antagonist really felt like one because of these reasons. Then again, one of the major reasons for these is that there is too little episodes. I wish there'd be a season 2!

Enjoyment- 10/10

Definitely one of my favorite I've seen this year! I love the characters, especially Yamada and Shiraishi, and the situations that they get into are all hilarious. I also enjoyed discovering the other witch's powers and was looking forward to seeing how Yamada would deal with them. I definitely wish there'd be a second season.

Overall- 8.2/10

Personally, I'd ignore all the problems I had with it and just blame it all on lack of episodes and give it a 10/10 but then again I believe that there may read more
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Grisaia no Kajitsu (Anime) add
If you have read the visual novel then you will understand that a lot either has been cut out or changed. This is understandable though, as I am guessing there was a small budget and story needed to be done so that the main character helps all the girls instead of following the route of one. If they did do each route seperately, they could have easily have got 4 or5x the amount of episodes they had. While I understand why, the problem is because a lot is cut out, the anime lacks the same level of detail and development as the VN, the characters are not as developed and the past trauma that these characters have doesn't seem as dark.

Story - The story is about a young man called Kazami yuji who comes to Mihama Academy, a school of 5 others besides himself. The anime is split in arcs in which Yuj helps each of the girls to come to terms with thier dark pasts.


Art & Sound - The art is good, but it does have a few problems like the odd bit of hair going behind a characters eye (because apparently that happens). The sound is ok, but not really great.


Kazami Yuji - A very capable young man who works for a Japanese government agency, He, like the main female characters, has a dark past. All he wants is a normal school life. He usually cautious and displays unorthadox military methods.

Yumiko Sakaki - One of the 6 students at Mihama Academy. Due to her past, she is reluctant to make friends and tends to keep to herself, she is also the most reluctant to accept Yuji, going as far as to flash a box cutter at him and to use an online site to find any info on him, all without success. She eventually accepts Yuji.

Amane Sou - Amane acts like a big sister type of character and tries to seduce Yuji using her well developed body. She also acts like a motherly figure to fellow student Makina. She is good at cooking, has an interest in cars and drives a motorcycle. She was involved in an accident involving her school bus when she was younger.

Makina Irisu - Makina is more of an immature but carefree child. At first she avoided Yuji, but warmed up to him after he helped her catch a crawfish. She is easily infuenced by the others behaviour and speaks in childish way. Her family is extremely powerful and wealthy and so Makina is able to speak several foreign languages due to travelling abroard as a young girl, and has an insanely large amount of money in a bank account.

Sachi Komine - Sachi almost always wears a maid uniform due to being told by some people that she should wear one. Sachi is probably the one who is most haunted by her past. She takes everything asked of her seriously, even if it was meant read more
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WARNING! This review may include slight spoilers,bad grammar and/or memes.

I stumbled upon Oregairu when i misspelled a name of an anime that i wanted to watch.Belive me i don't even know how i did that.Anyway,I saw this really long anime name,witch got me interested.So i decied to give it a shot.Also i need to add this i watched the second season before the first one.Yeah...Well i didn't know there was a first season, pretty stupid i know.

-Story 10/10

At first i found the story rather confusing and on top of that there were some words,that I as a non english speaker didn't understand.I had to rewind some scenes more than a few times to really understand what was going on,of course i am not saying that the story is bad in any kind of way,actually the story is pretty well written.I don't really know how well the anime follows the light novel,but i am speculating that the anime is following it.The story(at least me)made me question society more than once.And that's what i like about the story so much,it makes you think.

-Art/Animation 10/10

The character design changed drastically and for the better.The characters look more pretty and detailed.Feel has done a really good job on that.
The environment and the surroundings are also well drawn.There isn't really much to say about the art.It's simply good,that's it.

-Sound 9/10

Again nothing much to say about the sound either.The voice actors have done a really good job,but then again it wasn't anything to special.
The actors were adapting to the scenes quite well.The ones that left an impact on me were Hikigaya's voice actor and Yui's.All in all the sound is just good nothing to special.

-Characters 10/10

Now here is the part that makes this anime so unique.Hikigaya's character is just so awesome and because of that he is my favorite character of all time.
At first i didn't like Hikki that much,but as the story was progressing i started liking him.He might be arrogant,but he does bring up some valid points during the series witch shows how smart he really is.There might be some characters similar to Hikigaya (like that guy from Hyouka),but then again there is only one Hachiman.There is also Yukino, witch is btw class A waifu material.She is basically the female version of Hikki.Yui is that girl who keeps the club together with her spirit.I can sit here all day writing about the characters,but this is more than enough.

-Enjoyment 9.5/10

I am sure i would have enjoyed it even more if had known english a little bit better.I still finished it i less than 3 days tho.

-Overall rating 10/10

Oregairu is a masterpiece,it's an anime that makes you laugh,worry,think...
I can't recommend it enough.Ohh and for anyone that read this review to the end.I am really interested in reading the novel,if anyone knows a good site for that,please private message me. Thanks!

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Byousoku 5 Centimeter (Anime) add
So this will be one of the short reviews.
First, Story
The movie is about something. Idk.
After watching this I had a feeling that I could do a better story than Byousoku 5 Centimeter while sitting on the toilet for about 5 minutes. I think that story is poor because author wanted to show his mad skillz at art. There is a story, but thats only what I can tell about it

Second, Art & Sound
Art in this movie is flawless. Every frame of this movie is really well made, If you would pause at the random moment there is a high chance that this frame will be good for your new wallpaper. Details are awesome, and music really fits well into the scenes.

Third, Character
Characters are just normal people. Its hard to tell something about them because author didn't gave much informations about them.

Forth, Enjoyment
Movie is enjoyable only from the art side. I was really delighted when I was watching this cool art, nothing more.

Final Verdict and TL;DR
Story: 3/10
Art: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Character: 5/10
Enjoyment: 6/10
Overall: 7/10

If you like art anime, you might enjoy this.
If you looking for a tear dropping drama which will make you depressed for a week or something, this anime is not for you. Watch some Clannad, Saishuu Heiki Kanojo or something with better story instead of Byousoku 5 Centimeter

Thanks for everyone who has read that review, and have a good day everyone.
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Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add
It is so hard not to start the review with: "OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. THIS IS THE BEST THING IN THE HISTORY OF BEST THINGS".

I've heard people say that SnK is an overrated anime, but I have never once heard someone say it was bad. But honestly? I think it deserves all the praise it gets!

It has a great story, with likeable characters, and absolutely STUNNING art (seriously, sometimes I had to stop and just admire the art style).

I can hear all the die-hard Otakus shaking their heads, but this is actually the reason I've gotten into Manga. I have the first five volumes right now, and I'm hoping to get more soon.

All I've done is gush over it, but I seriously can't find any flaws with it. It's my favourite anime right now, thank you to my friend, Lauren, who showed it to me, and I've joined the season two hype train.
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Digimon Savers (Anime) add
I remember when I was about eight or nine this used to be on Kix, and I absolutely loved it. And five or six years later, I look online to see the horrible reviews it's getting.

To be fair, I never watched the original Digimon, so I can't really say anything. But I do know that this show doesn't deserve all the criticism it gets.

From what I know, it's DRASTICALLY different from the previous Digimon series. Different art style, older-looking characters, and a completely different concept. From what I understand, the previous Digimon series were about children being sent to the digital world, and Savers/Data Squad is about a group of people who capture Digimon who are sent to the human world. Honestly, I see why fans of the original might not like this one at first glance. But if you get past the first few episodes (which in all honesty, are a little cheesy), I'd say you'd enjoy it. The series gets a little darker, and a lot more serious.

If you're a die-hard Digimon fan, maybe sit this one out. If you're new to the series, I'd say you'd enjoy it.

Overall, I give this a well-deserved 8/10
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Terra Formars Revenge (Anime) add
I was patiently waiting for Terra Formars: Revenge to drop since I finished the first season last year, so imagine my surprise to find that it's become just another shonen.

The violence has been toned down drastically, they introduced comedy bubbles and all the female characters are reduced to brain dead valley girls *cough cough* Hong *cough cough* Michelle K Davis was spared, but her character has definitely undergone some bastardization.
Akari's character design reflects the overall changes to the show, they've turned him into a baby-faced, bowlcut sporting, Bug version of Goku.

I know it's too early to say this season is a failure and believe me when I say this, I want Terra Formars to succeed But from the way this season has started they have a lot of damage control to do. only time will tell whether this will be a success or a complete eff up, Maybe we'll get a reboot? or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

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Let's keep it simple.

The game genre is all over the place over the last few years, it keeps attracting views, no matter how bad is the concept since it's pretty simple: we are stuck in a videogame. So it was obvious that KonoSuba would be as popular as it was.

Was it good? In short, yes. But it has it flaws


Don't expect a rich story in KonoSuba.
You are trapped -> Gain money -> Level Up -> Defeat the demon King
And you are... kinda stuck in steps 2 and 3 in KonoSuba
The pacing is ok, being a 10 episode show, except for a few elements in the last episodes where we miss some characters and some events. God knows why the studio took such decision, but to be honest I wasn't attracted to the story at all. What really dragged me in was...


I was surprised that Kazuma wasn't a OP character such as Kirito, or a master strategist like Shigure from Log Horizon. He is the reason why this show keeps shining and makes you simpatize with him in every episode. He is funny, perceptive, and the one with the most amazing skill in the game: common sense. He is the mastermind behind the show making his comments and rants the main reason why KonoSuba is what it is.

Now the rest of the party are ok. Megumin (yes, that's her name) is a unique character in the mage department, being able of only doing one spell per day thus making her the target of some of the funniest moments in the series. Darkness (*sight*... she's not even black) is a masochist and she doesn't land a single hit, being useless as a tank... kinda. I was tired of her since what she says doest's strike you as funny after hearing it a couple of times.

And Aqua... she's the reason I almost drop the show. At the beginning her arrogance makes her funny but after that she becomes a total b**h. Only caring about money, insulting Kazuma in a derrogative way and of course boastering about being a goddess with the power of, you guessed it, water. But she hurts more than she helps and just keeps getting on my nerves instead of making me laugh. Easily the worst part of the series.


Being a fanservice show, KonoSuba has a fanservice style. Starting with Aqua's perfect butt to the breasts of the guild manager and all the jiggly physics you would expect in a show like this. The animations of the skills are really good like Megumin's spell and the battles look the part. So KonoSuba doesn't flaw in the art deparment.


Huh? This show had a soundtrack? Nothing memorable... besides I kept skipping the ending since doesn't match the show AT ALL

Final Veredict:

Being shorter than most anime KonoSuba is good anime to watch if you want a quick relief of heavy series like Monogatari. The jokes are funny, the rants are hilariuous and Megumin is adorable. It's light story, fanservice and read more
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Naruto (Anime) add
Note: Please excuse the length; but to do 220 episode anime justice, I think a long review is necessary.

Naruto is a bit of a paradox in anime. It's pretty rare for a series to be as consistently bashed by experienced anime viewers. However, I doubt that there is another series that has been more commercially successful internationally and has helped grow anime viewership in the west than Naruto. Despite the hatred it receives from the astute critics and connoisseurs of anime, even the majority of today's anime elitists in the west are probably anime fans as a direct or indirect result of this show's influence whether they admit it or not. Further, it still has among the largest and most dedicated fanbases out there. In that sense, it's like the Metallica of anime; hated by the die-hard fans, but extremely commercially popular and the reason most metal fans are metal fans in the first place.

Naruto is set in a universe in which Ninja possess mystical and spiritual powers. It is set primarily in Konoha, or the Hidden Leaf Village, and follows the life of Naruto, a young Leaf Shinobi who is hated by the entire village as he is the vessel for a spiritual monster who once attacked the village, as he seeks to overcome his low social position in the village and turn into an elite ninja, in fact the leader of his village. The plot also focuses on Sasuke, Naruto's best friend and rival, who comes from a prominent family in the village that was killed off by his brother, is widely perceived as the best and most popular student, who seeks revenge on his brother for murdering his clan and (minor spoiler) turns towards the dark side as he seeks his revenge.

Right off the bat, you see the potential for an extremely good plot. We have a bildungsroman in Naruto about overcoming one's social position and starting point in life through free will and hard work, essentially avoiding Sartrean bad faith if you will. Sasuke is used as a foil to Naruto, starting from the opposite position yet is eaten up by hatred and need for revenge. All this set in a compelling universe drawing richly off of Japanese history and mythology with a very large cast of likeable characters.

At least, that's what Naruto could have been. Unfortunately, the great potential for this show's concept is absolutely wasted with poor execution and we are beaten over the head that accomplishes almost nothing thematically or narratively in 220 episodes. Instead of the plot I laid out above, Naruto's main conflict is resolved, or perhaps more accurately dissolved, in the first couple dozen episodes as he's pretty quickly accepted by those around him. Naruto's motivation then becomes becoming stronger because...well, no reason. Instead, all we get is continuous cliche shounen dialogue from Naruto (and almost every other character, for that matter) about how he must "work hard and become stronger" at almost every moment where the show tries read more
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Gintama (Anime) add
Before you watch this anime you need to watch the following:

DBZ,Bleach,One piece,Naruto...

Well the reason you need to watch these or at least know these anime is because gintama parodies these anime and you would n't be be able to enjoy it to the fullest if you don't understand the references.

Frankly speaking when i started watching I didn't like it.. Shocking right? but then why have I given it a 10.. well i tell you..

The first 20 episodes or so are kind of dull because it introduces you to the world of gintama and it's crazy characters. But.... after episode 25 it just gets better and better.

The biggest difference between gintama and other anime is that it has no main plot. Now you must be thinking "Then why should i watch this?".

But that's what works for gintama, The world of gintama is so amazing that anything can happen from a zombie apocalypse to a super-heroine trying to get married.

One of the other man aspects of gintama is the comedy. It uses the Tsukkomi and Bokke comedy style which have used in other anime such Baka to Test and D-frag.

Comedy is a very delicate genre and the biggest thing required to pull it of is the timing, and gintama handles it perfectly. The voices of all the character fit perfectly especially the three main characters Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kagura who are voiced by Tomokazu Sugita , Daisuke Sakaguchi and Rie Kugimiya respectively.

Even though Gintama doesn't have a main plot it has got serious story arcs which are 4 - 7 episodes long which makes you feel like it has a main story but is disguised as a sub-plot.

Gintama is the only anime i've seen that handles comedy and action in a 60 : 40 ratio. It has few a dull episodes but overall its a crazy action comedy masterpiece that any anime lover should watch
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9 hours ago
Gangsta. (Anime) add
Well here is a review of Gangsta:

Well it is as the name suggests is on much darker side of the world. It has drugs, money, prostitution, blood and gore. For me being the fan of seinen genre the story was pretty good but the only problem i think this show had was that the only good part of the story was in the second half as we explore the characters back stories. For me the biggest disappointment was the ending of the season as it didn't had any conclusion and they just ended it on cliffhanger and i don't particularly like these kind of shows. Well for the most part the story was pretty well done and i really enjoyed it,

Now for the animation and sound the animation for this show was done by Manglobe which was pretty decent enough as the most setting was in a town with cramped streets. For the sound it was pretty good as it had a electronic mix to it which i pretty much liked.

Now for the most part i think it was pretty good but i don't recommend it watching until the second season comes out.
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9 hours ago
Owari no Seraph (Anime) add
Even though the apocalypse, vampires, and tortured children are not exactly new themes in anime, I decided to give this show the benefit of the doubt until I finished watching it. Having seen people mention it in everything from MAL lists and rankings to cosplay, artwork and videos displayed on all kinds of social networks, I thought this show would be worth watching given its popularity. However, I had also never heard anyone call Owari no Seraph a masterpiece or the best anime they had ever seen, and I soon found out why.

The story is practically nonexistent. It started out well, with some kind of premise (albeit a generic one) and characters that had potential for development. Sadly, this was all soon abandoned for the sake of... idunno. Throwing in more random themes and characters I guess?

It is perhaps for this reason that the story never really comes together and just jumps from one "dramatic" incident to another. Dozens of aspects are never explained or explored in detail, and you're left guessing about everything for pretty much the entirety of the series.

As if that wasn't disappointing enough, the characters are also pretty dull and come with little backstory (most of which is repeated over and over again) and even lesser character development. The most interesting character is probably Ichinose Guren (though maybe because Nakamura Yuuichi does a great job at making him come to life), who's not even one of the protagonists.

Additional talented seiyuus (Hayami Saori, Irino Miyu, Daisuke Ono, etc.) also come into the picture, but that hardly makes this show get out of the dead end it's in.

While looking around for other redeeming features, it's always good to consider art and music, but even this kind of fails here. The OST is completely unremarkable and even the English opening does little to spice things up. The art, of course, is nice, but one should expect nothing less from a show that aired in 2015. Additionally, the color palette seemed to be a bit lacking in variety for my taste, and there's only so many scenes of post-apocalyptic Tokyo I can take before getting bored.

Overall, "Seraph of the End" turned out to be "Seraph of Disappointment", because I simply couldn't wait for this show to end. Even if it finally got remotely interesting at the end of episode 10, it quickly turned plain weird and had little time left to redeem itself for the total flatness it made me endure for almost six hours.

If you're like me and your love and curiosity for anime is greater than everything else (hence making you endure even the most humdrum of series simply to see what they're about and why people talk about them so much), then go ahead and get into this mess... but be warned that, when it's over, you'll probably feel just as bored (if not more so) as you were before watching it.
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10 hours ago
Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
This is about a villager who comes to the capital city to earn money to save his village. He comes to the capital and is rejected from the army because he is ambitious and stubborn to not let his talent get wasted.
Because of the turn of events, he meets a underground guild of assassins and who have their own purpose behind the murdering. The protagonist ends up joining them to earn money and send to his village.

The story shows the journey of the guild trying to overthrow the empire and how the guild and the members work their way out.

This show is something I didn't wanna watch at first but after the first 10 minutes you can feel it gripping onto you. The turn of events, the story, the art, and the characters, give you a whole set of emotions. It is serious at times and comical at times which helps you enjoy every bit of it. A little bloody, and the rest is just AWESOME. 9/10 for a reason. Please do watch.
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11 hours ago
Mayoiga (Anime) add
Up to Episode 5

First off, some quick disclosures: It's been a while since I've seen an airing anime, heck, it's been awhile since I've watched anime. Partially, it is because I felt airing anime had undergone a pattern-like reaction with fans hyping a select few titles, said hype either fading or maximizing tenfold, leaving the rest to be forgotten. Strange as it might sound, but I got into anime checking into the neglected oddities first which brings us to The Lost Village, an anime that just might appear under Irony in your local Dictionary.

Why The Lost Village you say? Well, because I no longer have the free time I once had back in the idyllic high school years of '07, I developed this compulsive habit to do a wee bit of research into new ventures. So the first thing I notice is the director: A man who has proven to be a master of comedic timing based helming one of the funniest screwball comedies anime has made (Hare+Guu, watch in dub if possible)... and yet has made some hilariously misguided attempts into horror with Another. Back in its heyday, Another was heralded as a somewhat acceptable form of horror by the average fan, but is now looked as "Japan's answer to Final Destination". And if you do not know what that movie franchise is, let's just say the very premise alone guaranteed overblown death right from the get-go with little means to prevent it. It was unintentionally funny with that franchise, and it proved to be equally, if not more, funny with Another.

Then there's Mari Okada, a screenwriter's who may be the anti-thesis of consistency. Her involvement ranges from the alarmingly hopeless Blast of Tempest and Book of Bantorra, to the surprisingly wholesome Fujiko/Lupin the 3rd and Hanasaku Iroha, to just plain ol' earnest but overblown tearjerkers like anohana, and ironically(?) Truetears.

With these two - and the assurance that this was an original production - I asked myself, "What will happen next?" A question that followed every episode's conclusion thus far.

To boil the premise down finitely, that is if you hadn't seen the show yet, The Lost Village is about a group of people who are fed up with society, by the Internet's power of connectivity had them all meet up and emigrate to village that is... well, lost. As in, not on the map as described by the leader. And then a funny realization happens when said leader decides to have the group name off all 30 participants, this show isn't about to take anything about this scenario seriously. Need more proof? While I, for one, would like to know why 30 people would travel to a remote location with complete strangers, the show would rather seen what equates to a morbid nursery song about a doomed hippopotamus!

Tongue-in-cheek is the most pervasive tone this pseudo-thriller has to offer. Never campy enough to have you rolling your eyes, but - without spoiling too much - the various scenarios that take read more
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Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (Anime) add
If the medium of anime is a restaurant, then Gakusen Toshi Asterisk is reserving the most expensive seats, looking at the menu full of delicious entrees, main dishes, and deserts before getting up, walking to the bin where they throw out the rancid gruel, and stuffing yourself full.

-Self Insert Jesus!
-Generic Tsundere!
-TWO Token Lolis!
-TWO Large Breasts That Advance The Plot!
-Exposition Spouting Male Friend!
-A Whole Host Of Other Shit That Doesn't Matter And Is Only Brought Up To Advance The Main Character's Cool Meter And Expand His Collection Of Women!

If you're here for the shitty fanservice, just go watch porn instead. The plot's better.
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11 hours ago
Grisaia no Rakuen (Anime) add
Prepare yourself for one of the most compelling animes I've ever seen. This truly was the better of the two seasons, and for plenty reasons. Be sure to watch the Grisaia no Kajitsu series first. It's very important, and be sure to watch that series before reading this review. Don't worry, not spoilers, but you won't understand or get most of the things written here.

The story of this series was, in my opinion, much more interesting and capturing than the last season. What makes this anime different, is that it makes you realize you watched the entire first season with knowing absolutely nothing about the main character. This season follows through the dark past of the protagonist. And not to mention, this isn't any normal anime protaganist backstory you've heard before. There are so many different details that forge the character into the one he is now. And trust me, he's been through some crap. But, this season isn't exactly a prequel. The expository details are merely produced slowly through each episode. At the same time, these problems are being solved real time, in the present. It's the most ingenious way I've seen a story unfold. Not to mention, It was set to a really comfortable pace in the span of ten episodes, which is impressive. I'd give the story and construction an award if I could.

The art style and production was pretty good! The only problem I can think of for other people would be the black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. But for me, it made it feel like a widescreen movie. Like I was at a theater. The animation was exceeding average. I definitely would say it was bad, and it wasn't mediocre either. The art style was smooth and no problems were spotted for me. Although, there were a lot of explosions, and they weren't the best animated. I didn't see major or worth-while-noting problems with the art. It was very good.

The OST for this and Kajitsu were phenomenal. Some of the songs from the soundtrack are songs I listen to on loop for hours. Some of the most beautiful pieces of music you'll hear in an anime exists in the very jewel that is this series. Examples are When Flowers Bloom, and Grape Drops. Those violins will get you to a state of ecstasy. The VAs did an amazing job at projecting the emotions that the characters feel onto you, and would make anyone feel like an empath. There are no volume problems. The auditory side of this anime is outstanding.

This character development was an interesting order. Most of it goes to the main protagonist, which is strange, because you follow him since the first season. You never really knew much about him. The personalities are very diverse, and that was the point when it came to the students of Mihama Academy. But now you have +10 characters with their own story, and unique character type. Even I couldn't read more
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Review of the Dub movie.

1. The Vampire was a cool designed villain, not like the usual cliche anime movie villain.
2. He had an alright motive, blowing up the sun to create permanent darkness for him and the demons.
3. Very cool art design for the "Devil's Hand". Very spooky design and it gave off some Fantasia "Night on Bald Mountain" vibes.
4. We get to see more of Goku being a Great Ape.
5. Launch is in this movie, so I gotta list this here because she is such a cutie!

1. The dub voice in this movie for Goku is terrible, he sounds like hes always whispering and exhaling at the same time.
2. The dub voice for Bulma wasnt very fitting in my opinion. I don't know why they couldn't get the original voice actors, seeing as Master Roshi and Krillin have their respected voice actors.
3. The first 15 minutes are basically scenes we have already seen before in the anime. Like the first movie it is a retelling, this time of how Goku and Krillin become Master Roshi's students. I am not a fan of these retellings. I would rather see something new and original not recycled story.
4. Bulma is a damsel in distress in this movie and she trusts a very vampire looking man named LUCIFER. She also walks into the coliseum looking room filled with demons in the stands and doesn't seem scared and acts like nothing is out of the ordinary. Like seriously? Bulma isn't that dumb, as she is an inventor.
5. Even though I put Goku turning into a Great Ape into the pros, I also have to list it here as it only lasts a little over a minute before Puar turns into a giants pair of scissors and cuts Goku's tail off. I want more Great Ape epicness please!
5. The whole Sleeping Princess thing was confusing. First of all, why is this blue crystal called the sleeping princess? How did they come across it? The purpose for it was that they needed the crystal and the blood of a girl (coming from bulma) to power up a canon to take out the sun. Why did they have to use this specific canon? Couldn't they just make a canon that used normal explosives?
6. All of the demons used guns. Instead of using..I don't know maybe their claws or teeth? Nah, give them the human creation called guns!
7. There was plenty of fan service of Bulma's breasts, including 2 close ups, the demons were even joking about them, and not to mention the recycled scene of Oolong transforming into Bulma to show Roshi her boobs.
8. Krillin really didn't do anything in this movie and was a big burden to Goku who had to save him countless times, even Yamcha did more in this movie than Krillin.
9. The ending. Goku managed to blow up the canon as it was about to shoot the moon, thus resulting in a big explosion. It does not show what happens to the read more
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I would like to stress one thing to the fans of this piece of shit anime. I absolutely adore the game. It is one of my all time favorites. Just keep that in mind.

The Story.
One word. RUSHED! The game will take you around 40 hours to complete.. DOES THAT SOUND LIKE IT WOULD FIT IN 13 EPISODES!? Well, it doesn't. This needed to be at least 26 episodes JUST PLAY THE FUCKING GAME IT'S A MASTERPIECE!

The Art
The only good things about this anime are the things taken from the games. That includes the art. But, even then I feel that the characters work better as still images.

The Sound
It is taken from the game so...

The Characters
Mondo Owada, Chihiro Fujisaki and Sakura Ogami are some of my all time favorite characters. THIS SHOW CRAPS OVER ALL OF THEM! I can not stress this enough, just play the game.


Overall just play the game. If you don't have a vita or psp just watch a Let's Play of this. Seriously NicoB has one of the funnest let's plays ever of this game.
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Yesterday, 7:29 PM
Endride (Anime) add
God awful. Annoying main characters and crappy storytelling. Only redemption is that it is going to get 26 episodes (dont know how in the hell that happened), so maybe it will get better. As of right now though, we are approaching episode 6 and the pathetic-ness of the main characters is downright appalling. Honestly it is a joke right now. If you happened to have seen Seisen Cerberus, you could take the pathetic main character from that anime, cut him in half, and then the two halves would make the two main characters for Endride. I'll have to say, 10/10 would not watch again.
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Yesterday, 7:05 PM
Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add

Ok, yeah calm down.

I want to start out by saying I am totally looking forward to season 2.

I just have a little (major) problem. More on it later.

Story: 9
It's a good story. People are not at the top of the food chain so they've banded together to protect themselves against a mutual enemy. Plus I like the "older" setting. Feels like late 1800's Europe in some areas. The story isn't groundbreaking or revolutionary but it's a nice change of pace from modern or futuristic settings.

Art: 6
There's really nothing to say about this except that the anime is too censored. The manga is dark and gritty. There's a lot of gore and blood. The anime has blood but... it severely lacks in impact.

Sound: 7
Yes yes the opening songs. Everyone knows about them. They're great. Moving on.

Enjoyment: 9
Despite the art being tamed from the manga, I still had fun watching. The animations of the actions scenes are great.

Characters: 6
I purposely put this behind "enjoyment" because I wanted to elaborate a bit more. Sasha, Hanji, Levi, those are some really good characters. They're a little generic (not boring or plain) as in they're nothing new. But good nonetheless. So why did I give it a 6? Eren. Entirely Eren. He's not fit to be a Main Character unless you're following that weird shonen trope where the MC screams and rages and throws all the fits and gets his way in the end. He sees zero development as in he stays the same throughout the show. (I want to kill titans. Let me kill titans). But for some reason people find him inspirational.
TLDR; Eren is the reason why the anime missed out on a 8 or possibly 9 rating.

Overall: 7
I had high hopes for this one from the first episode which was replaced by "Eren, please..." Go ahead and watch it since I still think it's a decent choice. But try not to dwell on how annoying Eren can be.
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
This review contains spoilers.

My hero academia is an underdog story shounen. The bullied MC has to grow balls, adapt, etc to become what he wants to become. It's all fine and dandy except every other shounen and their dog already did this, better.

What my hero academia lacks is having good characters, characters that have plausible reasons, or sometimes even a reason at all for why they are doing what they are doing. Aside from the main character who wants to be a hero, most characters are really hard to explain. The guy that bullies the MC does so because he perceives him as a threat to his future and his honor, although MC shouldn't logically even show up on his radar. All-Might, MC's biggest idol decides to give MC a huge amount of power despite the fact that MC has proven that he's completely reckless, greedy, has unrealistic expectations and is pretty much an awful candidate.

It was obvious from the start that the MC will be going to be plot armored, but what value is there to this show aside from MC being the vessel for the viewer's empowerment fantasy?

Well, not much. In truth, this anime lacks a hook, a reason to watch the show aside from its fanservice (an underdog story where the MC gets plot armored IS in fact fanservice) Most shounens provide the main character (and the side ones as well sometimes) with a strong will or need that calls to action, sometimes idealistic: saving the world, bringing world peace, finding the girl, finding the parents, curing diseases, whatever. Any person can support such a goal and cheer the MC or side characters as they strive to achieve it. What this MC wishes for is pretty much pure unadulterated power. Now that's a hard thing to get behind, I really couldn't care less if he becomes a hero or not. Even if he doesn't there's plenty actual heroes to do the same job, plus he's really NOT fit for the job, mentally. The other characters are just as misplaced and uninteresting, not to mention his bully entering the hero academy when he'd belong much more in a psychiatrist's room getting counseling. That straight up doesn't make any sense nor does that character as a whole and it makes everything really hard to take seriously.

However, this anime is getting a great reception thanks to some pretty (comic book like) visuals, exaggerated out of place speeches and being an empowerment fantasy. I guess it's probably meant to parody the actual comic books, but the result is underwhelming, and even comic books have evolved. It's superficially different and refreshing, but in reality it's just a rehash of the underdog story, and a failed one at that.
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Yesterday, 6:04 PM
Punch Line (Anime) add
This show caught me off guard. When I first the premise I thought it would be another stupid ecchi, but I watched it anyway. I am happy I was wrong.

Punchline starts with our protagonist Yuuta Iridatsu on a bus. This bus is hijacked by a terrorists, but is saved by a magical girl esque hero as well as some other passengers on the bus including Yuuta. From this description it does not seem like much, which is what I thought as well. But from here the crazy plot of Punchline unfolds. Almost anything else I say will delve in to spoiler, except one detail, whenever Yuuta gets a nose bleed a comet hits earth.

Punchline has a very interesting style. It's very organic and rounded, but besides that it's nothing special. The characters are not particularly detailed besides their hair. The small amount of action is also quite good, but is still nothing special.

As I said in my Kekkai Sensen review, sound is my hardest part to review. Despite this I liked all of the music and VA's in Punchline. The opening is strange but very catchy. The VA's were all very enjoyable, especially Yuri Yoshida as Chiranouske and Haruka Tomatsu as Rabura.

All of the 5 main characters, Yuuta, Meika, Ito, Mikatan, and Rabura were all great in their own way. Yuuta was a very funny character who proved he was more than just a perv. Meika was a great leader/mother figure and helped everyone else. Ito(who is my new waifu) is a neet who opens up over the show. Mikatan proved to be more than just an idol. Rabura brought a lot to the single older woman trope. All of the main characters brought something to the trope they fit in to.

I am not the biggest fan of Ecchi, in many respects I do not like it. Shows like Shimoneta and Prison School are better than most Ecchi because they add something to it. Punchline does the same. It takes a pretty stupid concept, and turned it into a truly great and heartwarming show. It also helps that there are 2 meganekkos.

I would give this show a 10/10, but there is one major problem. The story is not finished. We did get a very nice conclusion, but there is still a lot to learn. This does seem a very trivial thing to lessen the score fun, but feeling unsatisfied with an ending is a really big problem. The ending is paramount after all.
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Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Anime) add
Wolf Children Short Review?
[No Spoilers]

Wolf Children is about Hana, a 19 year old College girl who falls in love with a mysterious young man, who turns about to be Half Wolf and Half Human........
The rest about her raising 2 Wolf/Human Children and the hardships that come with that responsibility.

[What I liked]
The story and the score reminded me of old Disney movies I used to watch when I was a kid and got me thinking about good movies such as Finding Nemo or Lion king.... Nuff Said

[What I disliked]
The ending I thought could be better explained.

I suggest you watch Clannad and Clannad: After Story because of the connection you feel with each character and the lightheartedness of the stories.


You can go watch The Girl Who leapt through time (By the same director and another tearjerker)


You can go watch Finding Nemo, Lion King or any other good Disney Movies Because this anime is on the that caliber of story telling.

P.S 2nd Review

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Gangsta. (Anime) add
Gangsta is an anime that comes with an interesting setting. A few clans fight for power using mostly illegal human mutants. However even the setting is barely explored and the story barely starts, then the show ends and you're left with many fans raging about it and calling it worst disappointment ever. Fear not, I'm here to prove why you shouldn't have expected much from it in the first place.

Most of the emphasis of this show is put on the rule of cool. The action looks great and the atmosphere is filled with testosterone, even when it comes to the women, well, some of them. The choice this anime makes however is to have very few information scarcely scattered between action. The way the characters and setting are provided with details is by first teasing some information in episode x, the presenting half of it in episode x+1, and then gradually adding more and more to it in the following episodes. This rule has been consistent from episode one until the last and is extremely inefficient. It was predictable that it won't have any chance to have a good ending. Instead the teasing continued until the end and viewers felt cheated.

However the way it ends is not the only way we can talk about quality in a show. There are some clear ques of why the writing for this one is rather poor:

1. the setting is complex and confusing. There's a vast number of characters but none are properly presented aside from the two main characters. The clans will play a big role in the plot but having such poorly defined characters will end up leading to a confusing plot where you don't know why X character does Y thing, and if you did it would probably make little sense.

2. information is being obfuscated. Some is teased but never given. Some is teased and gradually and inefficiently given away.

3. there's too many things happening at the same time. Pacing ends up being unbearably slow. Plot becomes confusing.

4. there's too many flashbacks and they are inefficient. This also ends up hurting the pacing.

All in all, the main reasons for why this anime is bad and probably the source material as well are not just the fact that the anime ends in a horrible place, but because the writing quality is poor.
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Hotaru no Haka (Anime) add
A very down to earth movie about the tragedy that war brings along. The whole "story" is seen from the perspective of two children, an older brother and his sister as they struggle to survive the war.

Seeing war through these kids eyes shows a really unbiased and rare perspective on war. It's great that the movie draws no conclusions, or morals, because really, things are much more complex than that. This movie really does open up a world thanks to its impartiality and realism.

The story is really simplistic, the two kids are just trying to survive, going from one place to another, asking for food and shelter, running away from napalms, etc. The plot actually starts with the conclusion, followed up by what led to it. Being a tragedy, removing the suspense by giving away the conclusion in the first place helps the viewers focus on different more important aspects other than suspense. In my opinion this is one of the many things that makes it have such a big impact on so many people. Further on the story keeps being rather tense and mostly hopeless, contrary to what most people are used to.

Realism and relatability are the main reasons for the high emotional impact, even for those that didn't get to experience war. The lack of a "guilty party" that should take all the blame for all the atrocities ends up highlighting everyone and no one. At this point you can only curse the kids ill fate and the gods that gave them and many others a similar fate.

Grave of the fireflies is hands down a movie that will be just as relevant 100 years from now as it is today. And a great one at that.
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
I really enjoyed the start to this anime. It had a very interesting concept and premise. I was really hooked from episode 1 and was excited for the series. Slowly, my interest and excitement waned.

I think one of the problems with this show is that it is built up to be a mystery series. Some shadowy figure is murdering people. Somehow the events in present day correlate to the terrible crimes that happened when the lead character was a child.
Or how the lead character was bestowed this unique power or gift which he calls revival.
The latter never really is explained satisfactory. It more or less is a plot device with no definitive rules or how it is triggered which was a bit dissapointing.
The former is not really a mystery. At one point, in the series it becomes rather obvious who the villain is.
I think the show would have been a bit better if it was set up as more of a thriller rather than a mystery.

Story: 7/10
The story is alright. The main character has the power to transport short periods of time backwards to stop terrible things from happening. His mom is murdered by a shady figure and the main character gets transported back to when he was a child. He needs to figure out who the killer is and how to stop his mom from dying. He also needs to stop the serial killer who murdered some of his classmates when he was younger.
I like the concept of characters trying to alter timelines so bad things don't happen. Even if you have everything planned out, you don't know if what you're doing will even change the course of history or if it'll make something worse happen.
The pacing was alright. It didn't feel like there was a slow episode. If anything this series could have used a few more episodes to build up characters.
Overall, I liked the concept but the execution felt a little too predictable at times.

Art 7/10
No real complaints with the art. It was solid for the most part. It didn't particularly wow me.

Sound 7/10
The background music was okay. Nothing really stood out to me. The OP is pretty awesome though. The ED was alright.

Character 6/10
This is where the show suffered the most. The main character was fine. He didn't stand out too much.
The young girl, Kayo, the lead character is trying to save was alright too. You do feel bad for her, but she never seems like a real character. Just a point to further the plot along.
The rest of the main character's childhood friends didn't stand out to much. They kind of just are there. With the exception of Kenya. He was a cool kid.
The delivery girl, Airi, really got shafted. She didn't provide much to the story and by the end you don't really care about her or even remember.

Without spoiling it too much, the villain also felt kind of weak. Not that I necessarily think that every villain has to have a good motive read more
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Nagi no Asukara (Anime) add
In my opinion, one of the most difficult genres of anime to make an interesting series out of is the high school romance/drama. These types of series are very common, making it difficult for any particular show to stand out. In searching for more unique shows in this genre, I was recommended Nagi no Asukara multiple times, and decided to give it a watch. While this show did a great job in terms of its art, setting, and fantasy elements, I felt that it was held back by some aspects of its story and characters.

Story (6/10): The first thing that I want to mention about this show in terms of the story is the setting. The setting is one of the show's strongest aspects, and is the reason why people recommend it as a unique romance/drama series. The best episodes of the show are the ones that utilize the setting and fantasy elements to its full potential. Unfortunately, it does not always do this, especially in the first half.

The first half of this show felt like any other high school drama I've seen with a slight twist. All of the standard clichés are present: a love triangle, melodramatic scenes where characters run away after their feelings get revealed, and characters being unable to admit or come to terms with their feelings despite it being extremely obvious to every other character. On top of this, most of the story takes place on the surface, away from the intriguing underwater village setting. It goes without saying that this was very frustrating to watch, especially considering the potential of its setting to tell a unique and different romantic story. The only aspect of the story in the first half that felt different from other shows was the storyline with Hikari’s sister and how it tied into the animosity between the surface and sea people. This aspect of the story was more of a side plot (the relationships between the four main characters is the main focus), but it was definitely the best part of the first half.

The story becomes much better in the second half in almost every way. This part of the story focuses much more on the fantasy aspects of the show, and begins to utilize these aspects to create more interesting drama for all of the characters. The second half has a more somber and serious tone than the first half, and features the best character development of the series. It also adds some interesting worldbuilding to the series, detailing some of the history of the village and the sea god. In addition to this, I really liked the ending. It did a good job wrapping up all of the plotlines, and was relatively conclusive in terms of the various potential romantic pairings, something that can’t be said for some other shows I’ve seen in this genre. Overall, the second half made up for some of the things I didn’t like about the first half.

Characters (5/10): read more
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Colorful (Movie) (Anime) add
This anime was a very amusing anime, it had a harsh reality aspect to it, and for some reason I always like those, it also had a "deep life lesson" that I 100% agreed with, and for that I feel everyone should watch this anime, whether you love, or hate anime. I watched this anime a few months back and so after coming across it again I thought why not do a review, and set everything as 10, however I do not remember the music and sound. So I decided to re-watch the anime itself.

So a soul gets places inside the body of a boy who committed suicide, now just this part tells you the story will be a sad and depressing one. There will be happy times, sad times, and times that will annoy the hell out of you.
The story was very interesting and made me really think, as I said at the top you don't have to love anime to understand the meaning of this anime.

The art is done spectacular for this anime, it does an amazing job portraying all the emotions. When they run through the run I can practically feel the wind going through my hair and the rain drops pouring down on me.

Now the sound in this anime was very well done, and everything played at just the right moment. It made the whole anime so much more dramatic. I really enjoyed every bit of it. I feel there was a little bit of everything mixed in the sound, sadness, happiness. It was as if someone was sitting there playing the instruments right in my living room.

The character development was amazing. I don't know if I am talking about just the main character, but by the end of the anime I could feel some kind of connection to piratically every character. There were times I wish I could have smacked half the characters, but that is life. We don't always get what we want and it all was very unexpected when a character did anything.

So enjoyment. Did I really enjoy this anime? As I mentioned in character there was times when I wanted to smack some of thee characters, but I really did enjoy the anime. I enjoyed every single second of it. I loved the story and how it developed along with the characters, I liked how the art and music made the anime give off so much more emotion. The anime is a very deep life lesson anime and again anyone would enjoy or at least not regret watching this anime.

So overall I think I stated it in my enjoyment. I find the anime one of the best anime I have seen, mainly because of the story and the fact I don't see anime like this often. So I recommend anyone to watch. I apologize for my lack of grammar and spelling, and also if I repeated anything. I hope I at least convince someone to watch this anime. I give a read more
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Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä (Anime) add
Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä comes up with a very interesting setting that doesn't get enough development.

Instead the main character is thrown into a journey in which she fights for humanitarian and environmental goals. The morality behind this anime is quite heavy handed and the characters are really basic, making this a rather dull watch in modern times, although at the time the sheer novelty (for the average viewership) of the setting might have been enough. This movie ages poorly because of that.

The animation in this quite good. It's a mix of a lot of hard work along with dated artwork (which is by no means a bad thing) and style.

Although it probably has historical importance, it fails to match today's standards. However discovering the setting and enjoying the animation makes this well worth the watch.
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D-Frag! (Anime) add
D-frag is a school comedy that does what every other school comedy does and doesn't shine much in any way. However it's still mostly entertaining.

Visually the show looks quite dated and bland. There's very little effort put into it both in terms of artwork as well as animation, but nonetheless it's passable.

There is no real story, it's just 2-3 episode arcs in which the main characters face off others or each other for whatever reason in various games that they invent on the spot.

The comedy is as generic as it gets, using the same old ways most of the manga and anime have set up: using characters with ridiculous stereotypes and then making fun of them. Of course this can only work once or twice, so in order to not be repetitive anime like this one need to constantly add more characters and more stereotypes in the mix, which is what it does. However, every now and then the jokes do get actually good, as in they make sense without having to rely on ridiculous traits.

There's many episodes in which the show makes fun of one of the character's breast size. I found that really immature and the fact that the joke is repeated many times makes that even worse.

Of course there's some better parts and some worse parts to this anime but no matter what it's still enjoyable and that makes this one at least worth to check out, it may suit your taste.

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Bakuon!! (Anime) add
So you want to watch an anime about girls riding motorcycles?

If so, continue to read, if not well you can keep reading anyway, unless you've got something better to do, but you probably don't, anyway, let's begin.

For some reason it's missing two tags, comedy and ecchi, because this series have both of those as well.
The main stroy revolves around five girls in their daily school life and their time in the bike club, and riding bikes together, and no, not normal bikes, but motorcycles.
To be fair, I wasn't actually going to watch this this season (Q2 2016) but I decided to check it out anyway, and I'm glad that I did, becuase this is actually funnier than I thougt it would be.
There isn't really much to be said about the series, other than that it's funny, but that's good enough for me, I like to be laid back and have a good time when I watch anime, and Bakuon!! let me do just that, sure there are better series out there who make a better job at it.
But for what it is, it's a charming little series about cute girls doing cute things (well, that depends if you find motorcycling to be cute or not), but just sit back, relax and let the girls take you on a ride (ok that actually sounded dirtier than intended) but you know what I mean, watch it, if you want something easy to watch or just want to relax, and don't think about anything in particular.
Give it a shot, it's actually better than what you would think.
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Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei (Anime) add
* Its an easy 10, but i will prove you why its not at the same time.*
I will give you a general "Advice" about this one don't take it lightly.
This show is about the life and how even the smallest of choices could affect it. Its all about the possibilities you got and how it turned out,slowly and effectively from every aspect of our MC's life our plot unravels. (Even tho the how everything is connected is way too convenient, like there are just too many connections to consider that a "normal" life,thus that's why its not a SoL) It has many twists and the whole meaning of the show will seem incoherent even to the very end.Everything is of the essence, everything connects.(if it hadn't been a fictional show this would be a great downgrade,taking into consideration the above fact) There is actually more of a Com-rom and not so much of a mystery series. O_O
Continuing with the characters that are too good. Like "How this anime introduce/made his characters" is just Brilliant to Masterful.You can say that this is all about the char and especially our MC. His nature is just extremely easy to appeal to and incredibly believable or "human".He somewhat reminded me 8man (from Oregairu) ! Just remarkable,self centered MCs trying to live in their small vanilla worlds laid in roses !!
Off to the sounds and music. . . The OP was really simple and mysterious in its own way,definitely good and fitting but i believe it "could have been better".On the contrary, the ED was absolutely perfect, by that i mean the was no other way to do it other than that. Everything else is fine.
The art style is really questionable here. Well if you are aware this is a show by MadHouse and they deliberately made it look this way. I Can surely say 1 thing. Either it was made by a genius or it is absolutely pretentious !!To be honest i will go with the latter. I found its art captivating,amusing and splendid in general but it is for sure pretentious as f*ck!!
----------------------------------Personal thoughts and weaknesses-----------------------------------
Well if you don't turn of your brain while watching this you can pretty much see the greatness of the show. The foreshadowing, the Deepness, the MC self analyzing himself-the story and in general this was goddamn VERY WELL MADE!!It got almost everyting. Its one with no other definitely but. . . Lets start calling out its weaknesses shall we?
Firstly this show has no clear point or meaning until pretty late...In other words its only way of attracting you is out of curiosity about "WTF" is going on there. . .Secondly , the fact that this show is good because you can't grasp its meaning and seeing it is becoming a self challenge. I personally found this pretty irritating cause in other words you are being deceived but, well that's just me.Additionally, this show contains many memes but its hard to notice them.IF you paid enough attention the read more
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Glasslip (Anime) add
Whoever the hell thought that this anime was good enough to be released needs to be forever banned from the anime industry as should the writer.

Story - This anime tries to use a phenomenon called future fragments as a plot to move the story alone. Future fragments are basically premonitions, thats all you know about them. The anime fails to explain in further detail about these premonitions and as to why the characters get them and what they mean.... No I am not joking. I mean seriously, who the hell had written this? I mean imagine something like this on a popular anime like Naruto or One Piece, there would be outrage.


Touko - She is the Main female character and seems utterly clueless and easily gets confused. A seriously poor, dumb and generic MC.

Kakeru - An emotionless knob who acts like an snob, no wonder Touko's friends hate him, although they aren't any better.

Yukinari - A athletic douchebag with an annoying attitude, who can't take being rejected, suddenly becomes addicted to running because you know, getting rejected does that to ya.

Yanagi - What is it with Japan and familial relationships? A question that will probably be left unanswered for the rest of time. Yanagi likes! her step brother who happens to be athletic douchebag mentioned above, Yukinari. She gets jealous of Touko as a result. She, like a lot of the characters, is horribly generic.

Sachi - Sachi AKA the manipulative bi*ch, she has to be the worst character in this anime, and given the list of utterly awful characters, that is a bit of an acheivement. Sachi contributes nothing to the group and just reads books, seems happy to lie to the others and to be honest she only seems to be in the group because she loves Touko (and I don't mean 'like').

Hiro - This poor character, the only one with any value at all, although why he likes Sachi is beyond my comprehension.

Art - The art style didn't deserve to be wasted on such rubbish.

Enjoyment - The only enjoyment you could get from this is to stop watching it. The plot is incomplete and confusing and the relationship between the characters is as chaotic as a car accident.

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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Anime) add
After a lot of my friends recommending this anime to me, I finally watched it. I must say that I am deeply amazed at the greatness of this anime. The story is unique and if you have taste for psychological anime that will change your mindset on humanity, then this is great for you. This anime had me stressed out, by questioning the morality of each event in the story. Humanity and morality is a very big theme throughout the anime. Parasyte really highlights the decay of humanity within someone as they are pushed to their mental limits while also portraying the rule of "survival of the fittest." The soundtrack is absolutely amazing and will get you pumped for the intensity of each scene. Seriously, this soundtrack is so unique to me and it relates to the alien aspect of the show. This anime is not for those who do not like gore.

Story: 9/10
Art: 9/10
Sound: 10/10
Enjoyment: 10/10

I highly recommend watching this anime if you haven't yet.
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Kodomo no Omocha (Anime) add
Okay so first thing's first, Kodomo no Omocha or 'Kodocha' for short is an anime that goes over lots of topics, and successfully manages to get the main point into people's easiest understanding. The events that happen through-out this anime is true to life and does not go easy on the drama, it isn't afraid of venturing in to what might truly happen and that is what I find amazing.

Story [9/10]

I absolutely enjoyed the whole story. The plot was great, and how it started out was magnificent. It had that easy feel and after a whole lot of episodes it slowly drags into more important things, as to why Sana became a child actor, what were the advantages and disadvantages of that life, and others that are better said and showed in the actual anime. The transition from easy-going to the melancholy and down-side of it all was smooth and light, but it still had its impact and surprise-element.

Art [8/10]

I gave this an easy eight since I still really liked the art, considering it was an anime from the 90s. I liked how the colors complemented each other - it gives a mood. What I notice from most 90s animes I've watched is that their colors and lighting are an important part. And they don't focus much on the details, that's mostly animes from the 2010s are like. And the best for me was the comedic elements of it, like the Babbit or the mid-break mini shows.

Sound [9/10]

GREAT OMFG. I love 90s music, and if they're Japanese even better! Most would find the opening annoying, which I did too after a period of time, but the ending for me was very catchy and quirky and I even downloaded it on my old phone lmao. It was 'Panic by Still Small Vocies'! I even remember jamming out to all the time each episode ended ;u;

Character [10/10]

...Oh my God. What can I tell you, the characters are great. I've become so attached to them. Each time they felt something I felt it right through the screen. They were just so /real/ and significant for me. They weren't typical shoujo characters, like the handsome boy or the perfect ice-cold girl. Sana Kurata was joyful and bright and clumsy and even a little bit nosy, yet everyone loved her, but there was a pain somewhere down herself that no one ever knew. Akito Hayama was cold and emotionless, he was first portrayed as the school bully and was often called the 'monster' - and in turn, acted like it. The reasons of why he behaves the way he is was self-destruction on his side. And other characters that are later on revealed are justified and fits perfectly all into place, even the minor characters had their time and reason, they weren't just used as dummies.

Enjoyment [10/10]

I think I've said this enough lmao.

Overall [10/10]

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Aishen Qiaokeli-ing... (Anime) add
This was my first Chinese anime ever so i came with no expectations which served me well through to the end, the story here definitely had some strong points where the characters developed well and then at other places just seemed a bit too random maybe even drawn out at times. End of the day a 9 felt appropriate for the story because when it shined it lifted you high only to drop you later on.

Art and Sound were great , vibrant colors and excellent animation kept me coming back with particular attention to the characters who stood out to me threw out the show I would often say to myself " wow, they look good "
You may choke on the Chinese at first it is very different from the Japanese we're all used too though it will grow on you. It's also cool to note how different the two languages sound in contrast to each other , which feels like a lil extra detail that you don't really see but wouldn't enjoy without.

Ultimately this is a harem so it's stupid at times and cute in others, it looks great however which for me covered up for the silly story and different sound hearing Chinese as opposed to Japanese. The characters are very likeable with some genuinely funny scenes that I haven't ye seen elsewhere. Seriously they make this show worth watching. 9/10 I recommend this highly
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Hundred (Anime) add
oh God, where to start? this review is spoiler free

Story (2/10) there is absolutely nothing good with this, watch Bahamut or Infinite Stratos and you know what is about to happen on this show, a guy enters a magic/mecha school and "accidentaly" meets a girl and they fight, and somehow the guy end up falling on her boobs, blablabla then you get the Childhood friend, and more girls coming to the harem.

Art: (1/10) the eyes design on this show are completely HARMFUL, they feel so unconfortable, it doesnt feel that is looking on the direction where the character is looking, there is no deep on the eyes, and the "Bright" is just a white patch with no use.

Sound (5/10) the opening is nice, just that there is nothing more to say about it

Characters (2/10) we have the childhood trap girl that pretends to be a boy (Charlotte from Infinite Stratos mixed with Ichika's childhood friend... basically), we have the "royalty" girl with boobs, typical tsundere, then we have the crazy girl that wants to get laid by the MC, and we have the MC who is really dumb, dumber than Ichika of infinite Stratos, there might be more girls, but i dont feel to continue watching it, im not masochist

Enjoyment (1/10) unless you want boobs, there is no enjoyment on this

Overall (1/10) something you should skip from this season, there are lot of greats shows on this season, that once you watch the first episode, you are gonna know it... i dont know how is that this anime has 6.52 of rating tho
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I am a big fan of the ace attorney games and when I saw they were making an anime for it, I was excited. I have been watching it and it honestly met my expectations. So here is my review based on the three episodes for me

Story- Story has met my expectations. It is basically going in the path of the game (You know what I am talking about if you played the games first before watching the anime). It is basically going how I thought it would but it does seem to just rush in and go fast when it doesn't need to sometimes. Like with the detective stuff. It seems like they just rush that sometimes if not a lot. Plus it is the first court room anime and only court room anime as far as I know so it gets another point for that. 7/10

Art (Art)- The art is really good. The anime staff copied the graphics from the original games and improved them. As of right now I have a few issues with it, but it is very good overall. 8/10

Sound- Voice actors are good with me right now and I love the opening and like the ending. They also took some of the music out of the game and it is in the anime, but it isn't quite as good in the game right now for me, but it is alright. This might probably change over time as the series progresses. 7/10

Character- Characters are the way I thought they be in the anime. I have no real issue at the moment with any character right now at the moment, but that might change as the series progresses. 9/10

Enjoyment- I am enjoying it as a fan of the ace attorney series. I am liking it a lot. It's met all my expectations that I had for it so. I have a couple of issues but a majority of them are really minor

Overall- If your a fan of the ace attorney series, you will probably enjoy it for what it is like me. Some of it is rushed sometimes but it is good enough. Overall The Ace Attorney anime through the episodes I have seen so far gets a 7/10. I would mostly recommend it to people who have played the games mostly since some that step into the anime first and don't know anything about the game series might not enjoy it as much
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Okane ga Nai (Anime) add
Well, this is my first review, because I need to spread this warning. This anime is nightmare fuel. This anime is literally a PTSD-inducing dystopian nightmare. Do not watch this. For the love of god, if you beat off to this horrific excuse for an anime you need a girlfriend (or boyfriend, that is, if you can clear your head and avoid raping and abusing him at any point) and some serious mental help.

STORY - 2/10
Why did I give it a 2 out of 10? The story is confusing, unexplained and disturbing. The incredibly dark plot is randomly peppered with childish and sexualised ecchi humour. Kanou spends hundreds of millions of yen on this sex slave boy at the auctions, all because he... gave him an umbrella in the rain years ago? What the fuck?
There's kidnap, bondage, murder threats, exhibitionism, and absolutely no consent until the end when Ayase's festering Stockholm syndrome reaches its climax. Kanou tries to be a lovable character by repeatedly giving in to his uncontrollable, insurmountable sex drive, a power likely fuelled by endless amounts of crack cocaine funded by his excessive funds and an almost toxic testosterone overdose. He tries to comfort Ayase. He tries to let him know everything's okay, and he's safe. He does this through rape, control and emotionless ruthlessness. I calculated his debt versus what he would be "rewarded" with each time he was raped. He wanted Ayase to have sex with him more than 250 times. This story is genuinely repulsive and immoral. I don't even know what else to write.
The ending was literally the most abysmal, random thing I'd ever had the displeasure of watching. The occasional sudden comedic moments BECOME THE ENTIRE ENDING. Without any spoilers... please, please, just only watch this if you want to give up on your grasp of reality.
Okane ga Nai. It's repulsive. I wanted to throw up. I wanted to dial the authorities. I wanted to physically tie a noose and hang myself with it.

ART - 4/10
Hm, as far as the genre goes, it was alright. The character designs were decent. The animation bordered on okay. In particular, Kanou came across as a strict business-type through his design, Ayase was the typical cute, feminine and youthful uke you'd expect, Gino (Kanou's brother) looked like a Naruto clone in some sort of fast food uniform. Some random areas were especially bizarre, such as the shoulder width that'd surely cause some sort of gravitational imbalance (although, that's quite typical in yaoi too) and Ayase's apparent... eight eyebrows? Anyway, it was fitting and not garish, thankfully.

SOUND - 3/10
The opening was mildly catchy. The ending was abysmal and sounded like a dying cat's wails. The sounds in between... are best forgotten. The moaning was odd. The voice acting was okay, and seemed to fit their characters? I don't want to recall any further, lest I trigger another episode of lying on the floor in foetal position and regretting every life choice that led to the moment read more
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Mirai Nikki Redial (Anime) add
I can honestly see why people wanted this OVA to exist, since it gave a happy ending to Yukki.

But why ? I was fine with the original story, since it gave a conclusion, where nothing more bad could happen. yes, it left Yukki more of an emo than anything else, but it still concluded.

let me start from the beginning, it is a normal summers day, where suddently, Yuno gets the feeling that she is missing someone in her life. and according to the OVA, it is inplanted by 1. murmur WHO have received the memories from 2. murmur concerning ? she was imprisoned the Whole time, so how did she receive the memories and transmit them to Yuno ? not to mention that alot of the characters from the series that we see in this one, have either gotten Little to no screentime or their characters have gone a 180-turn without us seeing why.

So yuno wants to retrieve the memories of her 1ST version from Deus' archieves, while most of the characters in the archieve arbitrarily lets her go through with it, with Little to no concern about her insanity getting inherited to the 3rd version.....O.O.......

as for the technicalities, I liked them. even though the original opening theme wasn't there, it's replacement wasn't bad. the animation, art and sound was still that of the original series. so I cannot complain about that.
But what really bites with ones own tail is the writing:
beloved characters are rarely shown, have Little screentime or have been arbitrarily changed simply to suit the story to give our original main hero a good ending. and that is one of the biggest "no-go"'s in character writing: writing them to suit the plot. because that is what usually make stereotypes and blank characters.

I know that I have spoiled a few Things and I have been a Little bit angry, but I swear: the animation, art and sound is still as good as the main series, but the story and characters could have used a rewrite.

don't fix, what isn't broken.
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Lovely★Complex (Anime) add
I noticed there were quite a lot of high rated reviews and some others that had a very similar reaction to what I did, I think it's important to conclude that your enjoyment of this series will depend on what you're looking for in an anime. Please remember to check out the genres of this series as well as the intend age group before starting.


I saw the first episode of lovely complex and was completely jaw to the floor. This is EXACTLY what I didn't want in an anime. Fast paced, no subtleties, annoying main characters. Humor which takes away from the development of the show. I understand the humor was supposed to be funny but I didn't really laugh as the jokes were bare-faced and flat. Nothing smart and cunning or carved out.

It's an extremely typical shoujo, all the 'friends' were hollow and just for show. The rivals are there for the sake of jealousy--and let's be real we've seen this done way too many times. It's not healthy, and it needs to stop. The development of 'love' relies on the friends pushing the two main love interests along. The writing forces the plot along only with these events, sports festival, fire works festival, christmas, valentines, birthday and THREE love rivals all withing the first 7 episodes. No regular, healthy progression of love plays forth. None of the characters developed at all, not even the main ones. I imagine this style was newly emerging and 'good for it's time' but it's definitely nothing special now.

Long story short:
The show doesn't take itself seriously, and so it's difficult for the viewer to sympathize with characters emotions when it's clear the viewership was intended for those of a younger audience.

* If you're a teenager with little to no love experience, who enjoys characters with no real motives and no development in an over-arching story, you'll enjoy Lovely Complex.

*If you're seeking something more well thought out, detailed and deep love story, I would not recommend this anime.
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InuYasha: Kanketsu-hen (Anime) add
Yay!!! I finished the Final Act!!! *Cries* DAMMIT IT'S OVER! *Clears throat* Um, anyway...

Story: 8

The Final Act was the same story from the original series after all, so I don't know what you want me to say... Just kidding! This series took a total different direction for me when I found out it was only 26 episodes!!! That's way different compared to the other series. It got rid of all of those fillers and decided to zoom by faster than the speed of light, maybe a little overboard. It started out waaay to chaotic for me, the moods changed drastically, and it was hard to adjust to a new setting, topic, feel just like that. Of course, this tones down a bit, and the chaotic this and that all over the place becomes a bit slower. It also kept all of the comedy, emotions, action pack, and tear jerker scenes just like the original, I loved that. Many dislike the ending of the entire thing, and it's understandable if you feel that way, but I thought the ending both had cons and pros, maybe not equally balanced. There are a few plot holes in the conclusion, in fact major ones, but what are you going to do?

Art: 10

It kept the simple art and design from the original, which was great, since they didn't end up screwing someones face up like the movies... But the CGI is beautiful, it's all crystalline, and glossed over, it just looks incredible. They kept the same style too, so it was nice being familiar with the facial expressions and reactions. The battle scenes were nicely done, and so were the backgrounds.

Sound: 10

The opening was great, and it just had this InuYasha vibe too it, a little more modern, but still. I do wish they changed the opening at least once, but the main one was fantastic, and I got no complaints about it. The endings were AWESOME! I personally loved the first one, and the third one, but I know the second one appeals to some people. A nice thing about the Final Act, is that they kept the OST from the original series, WHICH IS SUPERDUPER AWESOME! If you haven't read my review on the original anime adaptation of InuYasha, than I'll let you know, that InuYasha's OST is one of the best ever.

As for the voice acting... well, it was, "different." Quite literally. The main character, Kagome, got a new voice actor, for the dub! For the sub fans, you're lucky this doesn't affect you. But for people like me, this was....weird, at least, for the first while. Her voice acting felt awkward and left out at first, almost like she was her twin sister they needed to replace Kagome at some point during the gap. I thought it would never be the same, but luckily, her voice acting does get less awkward, and fits her character more, maybe it was even better than Moneca Stori. But as for the other voice read more
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