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Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (Anime) add
I just finished watching this old show and thought I'd do a review about it. I know that many others living in Sweden and/or Finland grew up with this series but I'm one of those who missed out on it back in the days and learned about Silver Fang (aka Hopeanuoli) later on, which means that I have no childhood ties or nostalgy connected to it.
I will abbreviate Ginga Nagareboshi Gin as simply GNG in this review.

I will keep this review as spoiler-free as possible and, hopefully, not too long, so don't worry about any major plot reveal.

Story 6/10:
The story is a very basic revenge-centered plot (with a touch of betrayal and inner conflicts), nothing too deep and fairly predictable. It starts off with our main dog protagonist and hero, Gin the Akita bear-dog, being born. He quickly gets separated from his mother and becomes grandfather Gohei Takeda's next hunting dog – an old man who's a hunter with a grudge for a very certain bear, Akakabuto. Gohei starts training Gin with abusive methods to make him the ultimate bear-dog and, even though his ways to teach are cruel, they do pay off later.
Shortly after being born Gin gets taken on a hunting trip and watches his father Riki, Gohei's former dog, fighting against Akakabuto and getting thrown off a cliff and, presumably, dying. This memory serves as the main driving force for Gin to go on a journey to gather dogs from all over Japan to fight and take down the monster bear Akakabuto, for the sake of revenge.
The show takes on a very episodic "new recruit of the week" formula, for most of the episodes, while Gin and his gang encounter new dogs that they have to win over to their growing bear-slaying team; often by showing who's the greater male.
But while most of the episodes are fairly predictable they are genuinely enjoyable to watch, even though the subs are horrible and the whole show is resting heavily on manhood and stereotypical ideals and perception of masculinity – mainly when recruiting the dogs and fighting. To give you an idea of how male-centered this show is the hundreds of dogs gathered by Gin are all exclusively males, with the only exception being Cross, who plays the role of the "lone girl but badass-enough-to-be-taken-into-the-guys-group-anyway" – basically Cross is the butch who, at the same time, is a mother figure. Actually, if I recall right you only see two female dogs during the duration of the whole show and that's Gin's mom Fuji and Cross. So yeah, the gender balance is really skewed on this one.
There's a lot of "gather the strongest men!" and "men are like this and like that [insert typically admired masculine quality here], everywhere; you even get the "real men don't cry" cliché and other similarly cringy standards our society has come up with. :) This might be offputting for some watchers and honestly, even though I'm a dude myself, I found it to read more
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Shitcom (Anime) add
What the actual living f*ck.

Am I autistic now? I feel autistic after watching this anime. I feel like I have some form of cancer now.

One minute, it's juts one minute long, what could possibly go wrong?

I think this anime is like the video they show in the ring but instead of a young girl killing you, it's cancer.

But, let's get right into the review of possibly the best anime out there

Story 10/10

A man and a woman go out on a date, the best story you can ever get

Art 10/10

Clay animation is the best animation out there, forget fate, this right here is the best animation out there.

Sound 10/10

Only one song in the soundtrack, but then again it's only a minute long

Character 10/10

The character are just so fine and so well developed. In one minute they express themselves so much that "SHIT" goes from 0 to 100 real quick.

Enjoyment 10/10

Who thinks people shitting out of their mouth isn't enjoyable?

Overall 1/10

But alas, this wonderful piece of art is only a minute long, thus the overall rating of 1, they should have at least made a movie out of this piece of shit.
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Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru (Anime) add
+Beautifully atmospheric
+Simple character animation but gorgeous scenery
+Very artsy and symbolic
+Slower paced but I like it
+The characters were cute

-Yeah definitely for the more creative, artsy type (Which isn't really negative tbh)

As I said, this movie is very atmospheric, and very dreamlike. Yes, it's very slow paced, not much happens at once, but personally I love these types of movies now and then. These types of movies are always such a nice breather from the usual anime I watch. If you're more into shOUNEN, TONS OF DRAMA, SUSPENSE, FAST PACED ACTION then yeah you're definitely not going to like this movie. It's more something for people who are creative (What I mean by that is people who are, daydreamers, surrealist, artist ect ect).
But who knows, if you can handle slower paced movies I recommend checking it out. It's a pleasant experience.
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Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) add
Story: For the most part, the story as consistent and almost everything that had happened was left explained. Sure, some things did not get explained at all or very much, but perhaps they are things that are supposed to be revealed later in perhaps another season. That being said, I will not say that this hindered the anime very much for this particular season. In the beginning of the anime, we saw how Jason was attempting to kill Rize. It gave us a good sense of the dangerous nature of some ghouls and some information on the presented characters' information. A particular conflict in Tokyo Ghoul that made it very good was the clash betweem morals of ghouls and humans, particularly played by Kaneki and Amon. Kaneki attempted to argue for a place in the world where ghouls and humans co-existed and how humans were just as gruesome and horrific as ghouls. Little things like these help to build up the perfect anime. And the scene where Touka defeated Tsukiyama, while it may have seemed unnecessary for the anime for progress, I saw it as a chance to present to us that some humans can find ghouls attractive and fitting to co-exist with them. It also showed that even ghouls like Nishiki, who had lost all faith in believing others, found an exception in a human. It came to the point where Nishiki was even willing to give up his life for her when Tsukiyama threatened to consume/kill her. That is a scene that while does not necessary matter too much if it was replaced with some other scene is what helped to refine the foundation that was already created in the anime. Overall, I believe that every little bit of Tokyo Ghoul really helped to make it shine and I feel that it could have not been executed so well if the author and producer did not work so closely on the minor details for every page and scene.
Story Rating: 7/10

Art: Tokyo Ghoul's art is pretty amazing. Everything about the anime is pretty well drawn, and while it is not amazing, it is very appealing to the eyes. The fight scenes are well animated and the colors of the kagunes are very vibrant.
Art Rating: 9/10

Character: The main character, Kaneki Ken, definitely deserves some praise as he is one of the best I have ever seen. Upon his transformation into a ghoul, Kaneki does retain some of his human traits. However, after his incident with Aogiri Tree, we notice parts of him that are easily relatable to us. Kaneki is pressured into changing for the sake of protecting himself and his friends and while this is a humanly desire for him, his nature of a ghoul is what makes this character so interesting and unique. Now. the some of the other characters do deserve credibility for making the Tokyo Ghoul great, too. Amon serves as a particular contrast for Kaneki. It is as if he is the CCG version of read more
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Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add

Akame Ga Kill has been regarded by a wide majority of anime viewers as slightly below mediocre. However, Akame Ga Kill should get a bit more credit then it deserves. Although the ending was not the best, it certainly surpasses some of the worst. In this review, I would like to say that I will be ignoring how well the anime adapted from the manga because I will be rating the anime on its own.

General Synopsis:
Tatsumi, Sayo, and Ieyasu depart their home village in hopes of making money in the capital. Along the way, they are split up and Tatsumi is introduced to the capital and its corruption and the infamous, Night Raid. At first, Tatsumi assumes they are enemies, but later recognizes their need to overthrow the emperor for sake of the people and shortly joins them after a short clash.

The plot had a lot of potential, while it was not misused entirely, it had some of its bad parts. For the most part, Akame Ga Kill had relatively decent pacing. The story was really easy to follow and the fight scenes were very elaborate. One of the major issues with the anime however, was the ending. There was not enough justification for why Esdeath had failed her trump card move, the power to freeze time. In addition, Akame's trump card seemed to be a bit phony. For one, Lubbock did mention that Akame was supposedly unable to activate her trump card, however, her own consequence for activating the trump card was to "accept responsibility for the lives" she has taken with Murasame. Again, this was not explicit enough and it was hard to comprehend why she did not use her trump card long ago since it is hard to see why the consequence for activating it was bad in anyway because the anime did not stress that well enough. Besides from the ending, I thought the story was a above average because it did run decently well with the plot.
Story Rating: 7/10

Quite frankly, while Akame Ga Kill's art was not excellent, it was certainly very good. There were also some points in the anime where the anime froze on a very creepy, yet well done art of an enemy.
Art Rating: 8/10

This is one of the few aspects that just destroys Akame Ga Kill. The characters play a big role in any story and in this anime, the character development was just horrendous. The only character that really receives any development is Mine. Mine started off as arrogant, non-sympathetic, and condescending. However, towards the end of the anime, Mine develops a soft spot and finds people she ends up caring for. As for the rest of the characters, they received little to no development. However, there are some parts of the anime that really helped the characters shine in some way. Akame and Tatsumi both questioned their cause for joining Night Raid at some point, which was really good for contrast to those that were read more
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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Anime) add
Story: Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu is an anime that explores human nature by introducing a species of predators whose natural instinct is to hunt and consume human beings. Sounds great, right? It's pretty good, I'll admit. But what makes Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu so good? For starters, the characters are amazing, but again, I will get into the advanced details later during the character section of my review. The main characters, Shinichi and Migi, who are human and parasyte respectively, slowly altar personalities and end up becoming each other. Shinichi slowly begins to behave like a parasyte whereas Migi slowly begins to behave like a human. What makes this sudden development so good is that it highlights the contrast of human behavior and a sudden apex predator behavior. It allows viewers to notice the sudden feeling of fear in humans once they realize that there is a predator known as a parasyte that's first instinct is to consume human flesh. The story itself stays consistent. The main point of the story remains; Migi wishes to stay alive and decides to fight off parasytes that wish to eliminate it and Shinichi. Side stories also run on with this show, which is completely fine since it did not deter the flow of the story and its main plot line. The story does not introduce any plot armor to any specific character and I am focusing this particularly on Shinichi. While he does receive a power up which actually makes sense (Migi infusing a part of his non-human agility and other inhuman traits into Shinichi), it is in no way anti-climactic and for the lack of a better term, bullshit. Shinichi still has problems fighting multiple enemies despite a power up and every fight ends logically and strategically. This is something that keeps me and other viewers on edge because every fight is a surprise. Finally, the story ends on a good note. The parasytes try to co-exist with humans by discovering a diet besides human and Shinichi is able to save his Murano. I felt that him being able to save Murano (with the discreet help of Migi) was a good end to the anime because there was a part in the beginning of the story where Shinichi felt powerless and useless because he could not protect his mother dying. This ending helped to resolve Shinichi's inner darkness because he can finally move on. Overall, I felt that the entire anime was a job well done. It started on a good note and ended beautifully.
Story Rating: 9

Art: I have no complaints regarding the art. However, the art of the fight scenes did feel bland sometimes, but overall, everything was well drawn.
Art Rating: 7

Characters: The main characters of Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu, Shinichi and Migi, were amazingly well-created. Shinichi started off as gutless, sensitive, emotional, and wimpy. As the series progressed and Shinichi crossed paths with Migi, Shinichi began to change. He started to appear more parasyte after the infusion with Migi. He read more
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K-On! (Anime) add
Quite frankly my favorite anime of all time.

All the characters are adorable in one way or another, and the comedy of the series will not get old.
Beign also an anime about music (Even though they don't really focus too much into it), the music is also amazing, the background music is so well made that it will make you feel what the situation is like. Sad moments will have music that will also make you feel sad, and the funny moments will have funny music and so on.
The few downsides to this anime is the animation, despite it's cute art style, it's somewhat poorly animated for the first few episodes, and spotting asymmetrical eyes is not a rarity, as it does happen somewhat often (However, they are not really noticeable unless you look at it closely).

It really makes me sad how there's never gonna be a 3rd Season.

K-ON! is definitely worth watching, the story isn't really the most serious, but the comedy justifies it. And the few moments it gets serious, it just somehow catches you in the mood.

This anime, for me, is perfect.
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Kannazuki no Miko (Anime) add
Take a fanfiction written by a fourteen year old who thinks rape is love and you get this anime.

This show was okay till it decided to go the I love you so I have to push you away, so I'm going to rape you. Of course the rape victim, I mean love interest, forgives their rapist after a whole bunch of crap. I usually see this written by fanfiction writers, but nope this was written by an older japanese man. I would like a show that doesn't have a doormat as a female lead, who thinks obsession, rape, and possession are alright in the name of love.
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Pupa (Anime) add
As of today, Pupa is my second least favorite anime I have ever watched.

Story (1)

The story begins with a brother Utsutsu and his sister Yume coming home from school. Yume is infected with the Pupa virus that turns her into a monster that can only survive by eating human flesh. Her brother also has the virus that allows him to instantly heal.

A woman named Maria captures the siblings for research. She persuades Utsutsu to forever act as food for Yume so she won't have to kill. This leads to gory scenes of watching Yume eat her brother. Also there are a few scenes of Utsutsu being tortured. While he can quickly heal, it does nothing to rid him of the pain. I personally found both of these instances uncomfortable to watch.

There is no real plot. The story itself is confusing. Later in the anime it is told through the mother that Yume has always eaten raw animals. It's never revealed if this actually happened, or a part of her hallucinations. There are lots of subplots that never go anywhere, such as Maria randomly being pregnant that is never mentioned again. The reason for the virus is never explained, nor why Maria is so interested in researching these kids.

Then the last episode is in no way relevant to the rest of the story.

Mostly I feel that this is just gory and disturbing just to be gory and disturbing. What more there is no message in this anime.

While the episodes are extremely short, I finished watching the series confused as to what actually happened.

Characters (1)

All of the characters in this anime are unlikable and have no development.

I think Utsutsu was meant to be portrayed as literally self-sacrificing. He endures all this suffering without ever fighting back, or searching for another alternative. Other than caring for his sister, nothing is known about the guy. He has no personality, a very bland character.

Yume is unlikable as possible. She greedily feasts on her brother and never once thanks him or shows remorse for hurting him or killing the other characters in this story.

Every other character in Pupa has no personality and pretty much nothing is known about them. It is hard to relate to a character when the audience is given no information on them.

Art (4)

The art is not bad.

I like the use of the color red here. It's interesting how the backgrounds and clothing are neutral which better displays the red butterflies, the blood, and what I assume is Utsutsu's birthmark.

Something I feel is clever is the use of the teddy bears. Several times violent scenes are shown through the teddy bears that represent a particular character. For instance, the Yume teddy is shown eating stuffing from the Utsutsu teddy. Had all the gruesome moments been shown with the stuffed animals, I feel it would have been much more effective.

Sound (4)

The sound is decent. I don't have any complaints or compliments here.

Enjoyment (1)

This anime was uncomfortable to watch. read more
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Rokka no Yuusha (Anime) add
Rokka no Yuusha is, simply put, not popular. It's not a familiar title; I've never heard of it until I saw one of the characters (Fremy/Flamie) on Google Images. Originally a light novel series, this anime adaption is outstanding art-wise, and does follow rather closely to the first novel thus far for the first season. However, even for only 12 full episodes and adapting the first novel, be prepared for a lack of... action, per se. In other words, you'll be left feeling like nothing happened by the end of the season, and hopefully, the anime will continue to future seasons according to the novels.

I've read a blog post translated into English basically summarizing each light novel in long paragraphs, so I basically spoiled myself silly before watching the anime. The anime itself is quite clear and well-executed, and reminds me a bit of SAO, Danganronpa, and the like. I find it interesting that the protagonist isn't your ordinary innocent, normal-gone-powerful character (and based off the character design alone, he oh-so obviously looks the part) - Adlet Mayer comes off as cocky and controlling in a comical way, as his abilities seem mediocre beside the other Braves.

If you've seen The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, it's like this anime. The anime feels very dragged, to put it bluntly. The main characters are stuck in one place for most of the episodes, and they're busy being suspicious of each other rather than being focused on the reason why they're there, the main task at hand. The reason for this is because there are apparently supposed to be six of them, but seven meet. You'd think that the problem would be solved within an episode or two, maybe three at most, but it drags on for 12 episodes. Unfortunately, that causes the feeling that nothing is happening, when there are things that are happening, like the characters showing their powers by battling against each other and such. The OP and ED are also not memorable, as they've really easily slipped past my mind. In fact, Rokka no Yuusha is, quite frankly, one of those anime that you can go without watching.

Despite the lack in plot, which I've explained the reason in the "premise," the anime still incorporates a shroud of mystery and requires some brain power to piece things together without making many things seem obvious. I've spoiled myself (dang it), but that still didn't cause me to be unsurprised at the turn of events near the climax. There are parts that raise questioning and that seem completely random and strange, or even out-of-place, but they do come back to bite your nose at the end, and that excited me. The characters have very unique designs and have great, original names. The art is the best part, and I give it the highest score because it's consistent and I've had so read more
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One Punch Man (Anime) add
*Spoiler Free!!*
If you haven't been on any social media page in a while or talked to a person who likes anime, you may have not heard the one of the hottest animes of 2015! This anime may not look the best, but believe me when I say this show lives up to all the hype it’s getting. This show did a perfect job in each genre it was representing, the action scenes had me on the edge of my seat while the comedy scenes had me laughing pretty hard.

Story: 10 - The story is a masterpiece without a doubt. As the title says he is a man of One-Punch battle. The world building is also great. ONE has successfully imagined a world brimming with heroes and monsters that is very interesting and feels incredibly vast. There are all kinds of monsters in this show. We have monsters based on animals, monsters based off robots, monsters based off of rogue expert practitioners of martial arts, just to name a few. On the side of the heroes it's the same, we have here an incredibly diverse cast of heroes that all have very unique styles. The story pick offs from a very interesting development and the logic is crazy which makes it even better. A typical man becomes the world's strongest man in three years with only casual training and lost his hair because of it. The story’s development is great and after each episode it will having you say “One more.”

Art: 9- The art is simply amazing. The contrast between the fluid, high detailed battle scenes and the comical ones makes this show even funnier than it already is. The quality in the fight scenes are crazy and filled with colors.

Sound: 10 - Because it blends in perfectly with the anime.

Character: 10 - The characters are beautifully drawn and animated, and I enjoyed the incredibly large and colourful cast of seemingly overpowered heroes.

ENJOYMENT: 10 - The fun is the maximum point of the series, where the blend of beautiful scenes of action, humor and music come together for the blockbuster that is the series.

Final Verdict: 10 - One punch man is a fun light hearted series but it can be serious when it wants to it goes funny to serious real quick but it's really a parody of every mainstream shounen if you watch this series there are references left and right this series really is amazing there nothing else i can say without spoiling so i highly recommend you check it out.
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Space☆Dandy (Anime) add
Space Dandy is a more recent anime that I picked up. I had seen screenshots of Dandy from various episodes, but never knew what the anime was until recently. When I started watching the show. I had found clips of the English dub. I surprisingly liked it?!

Coming from a person who hates English dubs with a burning passion, it's surprising that I ever watched a dubbed version of a show before the subbed. The dub for this show is surprisingly enjoyable & I plan to watch the subbed after to compare the two.

Overall, I enjoy the humor and the art work. The animation for the action shots is pretty good. Especially episode one when Dandy first meets Meow. The backgrounds are also really good! However, I find the clips with the Gogol empire to be kind of boring and tedious after awhile. It was funny in the beginning, but then everything was simply expected. I didn't really care for that side of the plot. Space Dandy isn't one of my favorite animes, but I still enjoy it very much... I enjoy it so much that I'm currently saving up for a Dandy figurine... And maybe the Honey one too... If my wallet permits it.
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Sukitte Ii na yo. (Anime) add
Say I Love You is not the masterpiece I expected, but it's still a show worth watching. The characters and story were alright but in my opinion, the plot ran a bit too slowly.

I've never completed this anime because the pacing doesn't fufill my interests enough. Still, there are sweet moments here and there that make me smile and there's nothing off about the show. In fact, the show is pretty well done. It just didn't quite meet my standards in terms of drama.

I prefer shows with comedy and drama or action and fantasy to spice up the non-romance portion, if there is implied romance. That being said, this show was sweet all the way. Despite implied sex, there isn't any harem or explicit fan service; not that you'd expect any in a shoujo.
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ef: A Tale of Melodies. (Anime) add
It's been quite a while since I've read the original ef: a fairy tale the two visual novel. If I had to guess, I'd say it's been around 3 years now. It HAD been quite a while since I'd seen the ef anime series as well, getting through both seasons somewhere around January of 2015. However, I recently decided to get through a quick rewatch (about two weeks ago) of just the second season. Why, you may ask? Allow me to explain.

Basically, I was exploring an anime group on Facebook when I came across a "post your top 30 favorite anime" type of post, which are usually common within the group. I thought up mine, and posted it. ef: A Tale of Melodies ended up making the list at #28. I had a certain person ask why to two different anime: Selector Spread Wixoss (at #10) and, of course, ef: A Tale of Melodies at #28. I decided that I'd write reviews of both for that reason exactly (though I didn't include this little spiel in the Wixoss review).

I knew that my review of ef: A Tale of Melodies would be pretty quick and to-the-point, even before rewatching. It's just simply a series that doesn't require much to be said about it; it's quite simplistic, but it's simplicity at its very best. That's the reason why I enjoy this series as much as I do, and why I'm reviewing it right now.

So, let's go ahead and dig into this review.

*note 1: this is a review of the SECOND season of the ef series. If you haven't seen the first or don't mind being spoiled, you shouldn't read this review because it will include minor spoilers of the first season.

*note 2: I will be referring to the series as "ef season 2" from now on.


While I wouldn't say the story of ef season 2 really falls flat (which it really doesn't) except maybe at times, it is definitely the weakest aspect of the series. This was also true with season 1, but I won't get into that.

Season 2 takes place right after the events of season 1, at least on the literal timeline of the series. What I mean by that is it has a bit of a "twist" (which isn't the right word to use, but it works for now) that causes you to believe certain events take place in the past. And, much like season 1, two stories take place at the same time within season 2 as well.

The first story deals with Yuu, who was a pretty known character in season 1 but not nearly enough to be described as a main character. It also deals with Yuuko Amamiya, which if you paid close attention to season 1, you'll probably see that as a spoiler (though I assume you've seen season 1 at this point so I guess not). The story of those two are what dominate the first story present within ef season 2.

The second story read more
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There have been many entries to the RPG, fantasy category of late, of which Konosuba is an interesting addition. It's a show that doesn't take itself too seriously with slapstick comedy everywhere and a plotline that is engaging yet still light. If you're looking for an easily digestible show that will give you some hearty laughs, you've found a wonderful option.

Konosuba is about a guy who dies, in a pretty darn humiliating way. As in Yu Yu Hakusho, he is granted a second life by a blue-haired deity. However, this second life will be in a different parallel world of the dungeons and demons sort where he must fight to defeat the demon lord. To aid him, he is allowed to bring one thing of his choice, be it a possession or ability. To spite the nonchalant yet condescending god, he decides to bring her along and thus we have our show- a NEET turned adventurer and his pet god who only complains and causes trouble like the girlfriend out a hell.

The show is drawn in a relatively simple manner with relatively light shading and detailing (I'm comparing against Phantom World, which is of the same season). The bright colors and high saturation make for a light and casual atmosphere, which is perfect considering where the plot goes. Backgrounds are mostly simplistic and blurred though there are occasionally scenes with nice detailing and backgrounds. There's a multitude of characters both primary and secondary in fitting, medieval garb, which makes our tracksuit-donning protagonist stick out humorously. All the characters are unique in both appearance and abilities and are rather all on the lively side. Emotions are often very strong and overstated in the show, fittingly so.

This show has a fair amount of action though the stakes are often raised to extremely dire levels only to be resolved in a rather ridiculous manner. Expect a lot of flashy explosions (literally) and effects to complement the magical nature of the show. Don't expect too much in terms of choreography or swordplay as this show is much too light for any of that. Opponents are occasionally rather humorous and include an assortment of haro-like flying cabbages, giant toads, a headless knight, and a monkeylord. There is also a fair amount of ecchi in the show ranging from an ability to steal objects (such as panties) to open bath scenes with well-placed washcloths and sparkly lights. There's also a fair amount of implied ecchi thanks to the masochistic nature of Darkness.

The show starts with an energetic, light pop piece with a fair melody and ends with a really slow piece sung by the VA gals, with fitting instrumentation given the setting. The BGM isn't anything amazing but does sound reasonable for the genre; just don't expect SAO level production here. The most notable tune is obviously the ominous preparation song whenever Megumin prepares to use explosion.

The VA cast delivers with strong personalities in this show. Ai Kayano does a great job voicing darkness and though read more
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Gintama° (Anime) add
Honestly I just really want fmab back on the top charts. lol sorry actual gintama fans! I'm sure its a great anime if after two years it has gotten into a top chart. Even if its ahead FMAB. A lot of other anime could have taken this spot easily, and I don't think this childrens show of an anime could ever get up there. Don't try to explain to me that this anime is good, cuz I honestly dont care. I have memes backed up for this shit you dont even know. I'm a full on weeb and I fuckin want FMAB in the #1 spot so if I have to fight for it I will.
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Naruto: Shippuuden (Anime) add
Disclaimer: I have read the manga and have spoilers are hard to avoid "ex. Boruto" so this review will include an "ending" review.

Naruto Shippuden. I feel conflicted, I want to love Naruto but the amount of trash that I have to endure.. Is it worth it? I haven't really been to active in the anime community. Probably cause I don't enjoy that much anime anymore. I pick apart anime too much. I should just watch it for fun and not look deep into its construction... WRONG!

Story: 5

Generic shounen. I mean this started as ninja and ended with omnipotent super powers. I remember someone talking about how it used to be kunai's and shurikens being thrown but now its nuclear explosion level blasts everywhere. I remember when "ninja" was a term but this is not ninjas anymore this is some DBZ stuff. Another problem is the ending so "SPOLIERS" I guess...... Lets think about children how are they all the same age? Why are the combinations so random? I know Japan has some freaky sexual rituals but I mean how do explain this stuff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

FILLERS OMG. I was able to endure the 5 episodes but those 5 episodes turned into 30. I dropped the anime at episode 375. Glad I did cause I hear they added a new filler arc right before the final battle lul.

Art: 9

It one of the biggest anime all around the world. It would be too much if it didn't have good visuals. Didn't give it a 10/10 cause that Pain vs. Naruto fight was a pain to see ha ha ha.....

Sound: 8

Naruto's voice kind of annoys me both in the dub and sub raspy voice. Sakura just annoys me but I attribute that more me no liking her in general.

Character: 2

Ok. So Naruto I boy who has attention problems. Yea Yea he lost his parents but he didn't really start caring until he actually "sees" them. Frankly, he put all that attention into ramen jokes.
Sasuke the emo crybaby. Let me make up an excuse to hate everything and then contradict myself and make myself look even more stupid.
Sakura oh boy. "I love the way you lie" - eminem and rihanna. Sums up Sakura's thoughts I think we all know how that music video ended with (The fire burned everything and everyone). So Sasuke ended up having a child with her after he tried killing her, leaving for 2 years, planning to kill and destroy everything and everyone she loved. Yea oh and after that he then leaves her to be a single mother. Good job kiddo. Oh did I mention she is also useless.

Overall: 6

While my review is only pointing out the flaws of this series I have to say I enjoyed my time with the Naruto series in general. Most of it is nostalgia cause Naruto was my gateway into more anime. Naruto is not a perfect anime. You can't give something a read more
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Kiss x Sis (TV) (Anime) add
Brother And Sister Love is All you Looking for ?.. Well you find yourself the best anime for your genere , Story Goes as the Title "Kiss x Sis" 2 Sister's Love their Little "Brother" you will understand the complex plot later as you watch the anime , if you do not like "Ecchi" , "Cringy" and "Sex" Topics i Surely will Say to you STEER AWAY

Here is a List to see if you Would Love the Anime

Incest ✓

Lots of "SEX" Term ✓



"Mild" Nudity ✓

They do not Concentrate on breast size ✓

Slice of Life (Kind of) ✓
Don't Find ANY in the list that you like well.. Sir turn away shut down your laptop and throw it off the roof because this anime is not for you due to the amount of cringe and sister love this anime will blow your mind off literally a virtual mind blow
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9 hours ago
Mekakucity Actors (Anime) add
Mekakucity Actors is the anime adaption of the Vocaloid series Kagerou Project. I watched it every week it came out, and I've researched heavily prior to the anime in order to get a sense of it (also, I have a bad habit of spoiling things for myself and enjoying it). Honestly, the whole thing - whether it be the songs, the anime, or the manga - is downright confusing. Thus, I expected the anime to be puzzling, and it's by far the most puzzling outlet into the Kagerou world.

Don't get me wrong; I was so excited for the episodes to come out and such at the time because even my research gave me a vague idea of the ideas put into this complicated story. But I was quite disappointed by a few things, which will bleed over to the "shortcomings" below.

I might just be completely dumb with Mekaku, but it's very, very confusing. Often times I don't understand what's happening, what some things have to do with anything, and why some things that seem important are important. Like... what? Even in the end, there are many questions Mekaku has yet to answer, and for the anime to wrap up like it did in the end makes it a whole lot messier and super rushed. The flashbacks come at random, but for OUAT watchers like me, it isn't too hard to receive. But for those who aren't used to it, you'll probably grow frustrated. There are many perspectives as well, and those who aren't used to following around many characters will get lost. Also, what really bothers me is that this anime is only 12 episodes. Seriously, there are more than 12 main songs in the Vocaloid series if I'm not wrong, and if the creators were going to incorporate the songs into the anime, they should've put two or more songs per episode. Otherwise, make the anime longer! This'll give the viewers more time to breathe, adjust to the madness of Kagerou, and THINK.

The art isn't bad, and pretty consistent and well in proportion. The colors are simple, and the angles are unique. If I'm right, the makers of Mekakucity Actors also animated Nisekoi, with its similar colors and angle choices. The animation isn't outstanding, but it is appropriate. The background people make the main cast stand out, which gives them an excuse to have simple but distinct clothing - I like that the Mekakushi Dan/"Blindfold Gang" all wear differently-designed jackets. The characters are likable, though are pretty static and not very special in personality. The music never fails; Jin is a talented composer and I have great respect for him. I think that the seiyuus of the main characters even sung some of the songs in the anime, which to me is the best part of this anime.

This is not an anime worth read more
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Aki no Puzzle (Anime) add
I have no words...
STORY: 0/10

There is no story. At least not one that can be interpreted by the human brain.
ART: 1/10

The animation is just flashing lights and the art style makes garbage look good. Well, at least it exists.
SOUND: 1/10

Um.... no. Again, I want to give it a zero but I suppose noises were made.

There are human being shaped creatures in this, yes. But are they characters? No.
OVERALL: 0.5/10

If you are an alcoholic, a heroine addict, or a masochist that feels particular pleasure when your eyes are tormented, this anime is for you!

Thanks for reading! Feedback is always appreciated! This has been thelectricow, and now I shall end this review faster than lighting!
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9 hours ago
One Punch Man (Anime) add
Every year there's always that one show that everyone talks about and praises to no end. You know, series like Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, and Sword Art Online. One Punch Man is 2015's hit seasonal, and I have to say that based on the 12 episodes that are currently out (i've heard talk of a second season, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it) it honestly doesn't deserve all the praise that it's received

OPM's characters are pretty bland. Most of them have one or two character traits that are really exaggerated. This might sound like an inherent flaw, but i'll give OPM the benefit of the doubt. This show is supposed to be an action/comedy, and neither of those genres really require super detailed characters. That being said, There were only a few characters that I thought were likable, namely Saitama and Mumen Rider. A majority of the characters were really bland and didn't have anything to them besides a cool design or ability.

Now as I said earlier, One Punch Man is SUPPOSED to be an Action/comedy. However, it really exists in this weird limbo between being a satire of shounen anime and just being another generic shounen. The comedy doesn't work because the show takes itself way too seriously, but at the same time Saitama's ability to kill basically anything in one hit keeps One Punch Man from working as a shounen. There's no real tension in fights. Saitama always wins in the exact same way. As far as comedy goes, there are basically two types of jokes in One Punch man: Saitama behaving apathetically toward common shounen tropes, and Saitama killing seemingly overpowered enemies with one attack. This show is about six hours long. As you'd imagine, these jokes get old pretty quickly. As you'd expect from madhouse, the action sequences are really well animated, but as you'd expect from a show about a guy who can kill anything with one punch, the most impressive scenes are usually the ones where the main character is absent.

to sum things up:
-High production value
-Action scenes are well animated
-Some earlier episodes are kinda funny

-Jokes are repetitive and usually executed poorly
-Characters are bland
-Tone is inconsistant/doesn't fit the show's premise
-"One Punch" gimmick is thrown out in the last episode

Overall, all One Punch Man has to offer is a couple of decent jokes and some well-animated action scenes. I'd give it somewhere from a 5.5 to a 6 out of 10. I wouldn't say that it's a terrible show, but lets face it. If any studio besides madhouse had produced this series, it'd be the literal definition of average.
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A friend recommended this to me back in early-mid August 2013, a month before I watched the anime. See, at the time I knew that "The Animation" meant that it's an adaption to a game. So playing the game is what I did, and well, I decided to spoil the anime for myself. Why? To put it simply, for an entire game to be adapted into 13 episodes, I just knew that the anime wouldn't cover everything the game had to offer.

Because of my experience with Danganronpa, I did not have high expectations for the anime. Knowing that anime adaptions hardly ever exceed its sources, I normally don't criticize it too harshly even now. However, this is a review on the anime adaption as a standalone, and I cannot give it good points all the time just because it has an excuse for being 13 episodes covering an entire game. Nonetheless, it keeps some things I wanted there and doesn't stray far off the plot; more of, it only hits the main plot points of the game.

Furthering what I briefly discussed in the premise, compressing an entire murder-mystery game into 13 episodes is a risky action - it's quite the "make it or break it" decision. In this case, it's not completely horrid, but it does make things seem rushed and sometimes nonsensical. In the game, there are so many opportunities to bond with the other characters, but the anime had to cut that out because the main plot points take a lot of screentime (a.k.a. the murder investigations and school trials). This causes a lack of a bond in characters for the viewer, and murders suddenly seem a whole lot less devastating. I'm not saying that this anime should've gotten 24 episodes or more, but it should've gotten possibly 15 episodes. Seriously, almost every episode seems rushed; too much is happening, and it's easy to dislike that, for the characters have no connection with me like they did with the game and the whole thing looks dramatic and ridiculous, as if the students don't put up a good fight to the enemy holding the murder rules until the very end, where it just looks stupid. The animation is mediocre, though not downright unbearable.

Despite my rant, there are some redeeming qualities in Danganronpa: The Animation. For one thing, the art is much more colorful in the anime than in the game, even though it can get disproportional. Danganronpa is very unique for the color of the blood, which is a neon, bright pink - I honestly think that's what viewers will remember the most. The executions are closely related to the game, which relieved me that that remained. The characters are unique too, as they have special talents and really cool character designs. The best part to me is the music though; it's slightly haunting, capable of picking up read more
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Campione is what you think, a man that will be sacrificed for any woman in the serie, in which they falls in love with him. The story is quite good, but the ecchi ruins the show, making it mediocre . Don't misunderstand me, how I mentioned above, this show have very good points.

The story is a one episode told in 13 segments, each one continues the previous history. The story is about gods, although is not told very fast, nor have a complex history. As fan of fantasy and comedy anime I believe the best performance that this anime has to offer are the episode 9 and 10. At the beginning can be a quite boring or don't catch your attention, but with the incorporation of the other characters, makes this a fun show, but it depends of each person, so don't take this as something definitive.

Something I loved from this anime was the character art and sound. The art don't have nothing exceptional, it's the typical for all (or almost) the animes, the design are well done, and fits very good with the character's voices, also the scenarios are beautiful.

Although I love the characters' design, I have to admit that I don't like how they appears, or how their history are narrated. I dare to say that the only character that has a depth-narrated history are Athena. With the exception of the antagonists, the others characters are introduced quickly, and with a small or poor introduction, and they are forgettable over time.

In the end I enjoy this anime, but I don't think this appeals everyone, OR this can be attractive to a non-anime fan, maybe I recommend this to an anime lover, or ecchi fan. It's fun to watch the first time. If you like the fantasy-ecchi animes, or like to watch animes about gods, maybe you should give this a chance.
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10 hours ago
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Anime) add
Warning this review may contain spoilers.

First impressions, so we got this town with these mysterious deaths that happens once a year.
Seems interesting enough so let's see how this goes. Also this probably one of the first horror anime I have ever watched.

Story, 7/10

So the story of higurashi when they cry starts off with are main character who has moved into this peaceful village nothing really out of the order, except for the last 5 years a series of mysterious deaths have plagued the small town. Once a year at the annual cotton drifting festival one person dies and another person disappears with out a trace. Some say its the work of the town local deity that protect the village from harm and others say that's it's cold blood murder.
So after the 5th death the main character decides to find out the truth of what going on only to find that there is more than meets the eye and that the truth is a lot closer to him than he thinks.
( maahahahahaamahahaahaahah evil laugh).

So how the story plays out it quite interesting from a narvite standpoint.

Basically what happens is that the story is broken up into question arcs and answer arcs.

The question arcs are basically used to bring up a different character point of view about the overall mystery that plagues this town. The answer arcs the used to answer all the questions that where brought up in the question arcs.
Which is a pretty interesting why to tell a story

So basically what's happen is the every arc plays out very differently even though most start off mostly the same.
It will start with the Main character going about his though his day to day life and him learning about these mysterious murders from different characters and as he finds out more about this mystery and then Shit hits the fan pretty quickly which gets triggered or should I say kick started for a quite a few reasons,
like for example the main character who had a doll that he won and gave to one girl and not the other one that was with him. Which him not given the doll to the other girl pretty much help kickstart a killing spree where quite a few people died.

So pretty much what the story trying to show you is that every action has weight to it.

So every arc they have an event that basically kicks starts where things get intense and giving tye characters a reason to go on a massive freak out and then the killing sprees with different people getting killed and sometimes in different way or time and even some characters even mangeing to live past there ordeal.

Now I know that some of you are going to say how come one little event trigger such actions.
Well to those people it dose explain why but it only hints at it and you will read more
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11 hours ago
To LOVE-Ru Darkness (Anime) add
After watching the first two seasons of the To LOVE-Ru series as well as the OVAs, it seems that it gets better and better from every season and To LOVE-Ru Darkness makes it even better.

As compared from the previous seasons, To LOVE-Ru Darkness focuses on Yami, Momo, and Mea; where Yami and Momo were not the main characters before Darkness and Mea is a new character. Since Yami is my favorite character in the series, I am really happy to see what's her life in the past and how it affects her life in the present. With Momo getting more exposure in this anime, the ecchi scenes had notch another level up from before. Mea's appearance makes the anime interesting since there will now be an opposing side making there way and put conflict between the characters in the story and also some potential action scenes.

The art style of this anime is a little bit better than the previous seasons. The character designs have improved (girls being cuter and hotter than before) as well as the setting. Using those bright colors make the ambiance light hearted. Kudos to Xebec and the animators who do the girl character designs.

I always love the opening song choice for the To LOVE-Ru series and again the opening song "RAKUEN PROJECT" by Ray ---- it is really badass!

I always love To LOVE-Ru series mainly because the girls are really pretty and hot as well ---- not to mention that they all have different but interesting personalities. With this season focusing on Yami, Momo, and Mea, there was character development and it was done really well in my opinion. The other characters were not left behind as they were also given spotlight in some episodes.

Once again, I have enjoyed To LOVE-Ru Darkness but this time in a different way. I enjoyed the previous seasons because they were fun and hilarious. As for this one, it was also fun as well but most of all it gave me excitement as there is a concrete story to follow and I can't wait to watch To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd!
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All I can say is that "Ikari Shinji-Kun" is the worst main character I have ever seen(even worse than Yuki from Mirai Nikki), he makes this movie even worse, he was bad in the "original series" but he just got worse.

I really liked the Original Anime, The End of Evangelion and the other 2 movies but I think they missed something in this one and I cant tell what is it, I just felt weird and I was angry while watching it.

The fights were good and the main idea of the movie could have been better, also they wanted to let some unfinished stuff for another movie and force you to watch it.
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11 hours ago
Nekojiru-sou (Anime) add
As a medium, anime is capable of offering its dedicated community some truly unique and enticing pieces of art difficult to replicate elsewhere. Nekojiru-sou, a short film directed by Tatsuo Sato, who also wrote the film alongside acclaimed director and writer, Masaaki Yuasa, perfectly encapsulates this claim. The story of Nekojiru-sou follows two sibling cats, one of which is completely soulless after it was ripped in two, and because of this, the other sibling embarks on a journey with the other with the motivation to recover it, encountering many strange situations along the way. The premise itself is quite standard, though not without its potential, and does it ever live up to it. The execution of said premise is beautiful and ingenious, opting to implementing visual storytelling over all else. There is very little dialogue in this short film, giving the viewer freedom to absorb what they see rather than what they hear, which is extremely commendable. For example, there is a scene in which the two protagonists enter a circus, the theme of which being magic, and it is at this point where the visuals are at their most surreal and most engaging. This is mostly due to the fact that, much like the audience in the circus, you are in awe at the events unfolding before your eyes, as well as the fact that this ultimately moves the adventure forward, leaving room for further exploration and, well, craziness. This scene in particular is also darkly comedic, as seen with some gruesome imagery found within it. Although most of the contents within this film is not inherently funny, the nature of it in and of itself is enough to make anyone laugh at how bizarre it is. Not only is the visuals something to behold, the soundtrack works as a complimentary element to create a sense of allure, and a hint of eeriness admittedly. This is something that is evident even in the character designs, the protagonists featuring large, black pupils, and some supporting characters, though not entirely touched on at all, are weirdly structured and wonderfully crude. The soundtrack, while so frustratingly hard to find unfortunately, is at times beautiful, at times haunting, and at times sweet, which is something you will find in the film itself, especially with the relationship between the protagonists, their adventure, and the world of Nekojiru-sou. My one problem with the film is that some, including myself will initially mistake the film as surrealism for the sake of surrealism, as the film doesn't entirely aim to tell a story entirely, but rather display a piece of artistic adventure. Overall, Nekojiru-sou is a visual masterpiece, something fans of anime of all genres should seek out. Spare half an hour of your time to witness something fantastic.
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Yesterday, 4:49 PM
Cowboy Bebop (Anime) add
I watched it because everyone said it is a masterpiece and must to watch but it ended up being disappointing. The overall anime is good and it had promise to be even better. In my point of view it had way too many pointless filler episodes and didn't really find good balance between being serious and laughable. I felt like the seriousness of the whole story was bit diminished by the fact that there were so many episodes just for laugh and giggles. I think that this anime would have been way better with a little bit more serious tone. It let me a bit confused. Not bad anime by any means. Its just,,,I expected it to be bit better.
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Yesterday, 4:21 PM
Nijiiro☆Prism Girl (Anime) add
I think that overall, this anime is really good, they could do a little better on the art, though, for example, the eyes of the characters are too big, they make up, like half of the head. They focus too, much on drawing just the eyes.

I think that the anime goes wayyy too fast. I read the only chapter of this anime's manga that i could find, and it turns out that they cut off some parts in the first episode that was in the first chapter. As a result, the anime itself has only four episodes!!! They cut off sooo much. If they could add some more episodes and include all the stuff that happens in the manga, then this could become one of my favorite anime's. However, the plot, overall, is awesome!

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Yesterday, 3:45 PM
Death Parade (Anime) add
Death Parade Review

Summary (from Kissanime): After death, humans either go to heaven or hell. But for some, at the instant of their death, they arrive at the Queen Decim, a bar attended by the mysterious white-haired decim. He challenges them to a death game wherein they wager their lives and reveal their true natures. Decim himself is the ultimate arbiter of who wins and who loses, who lives and who dies... SPOOKY RIGHT :)

Production Company: Madhouse

Music by: Yuki Hayashi

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Game, Dub

Written by: Yuzura Tachikawa

No spoilers are in this review :) Thank me later....

Well, let's get into this review....

You might often ask yourself, "What happens when we die?" "Do we have an afterlife? "Are we reincarnated?" "Does heaven and hell even exist?" Well tbh nobody knows exactly but Death Parade might give you some insight to your questions.

Before I started to watch Death Parade, I was somewhat worried that the series wouldn't live up to its hype, or keep me at least somewhat interested. Luckily, I was completely wrong, the story was developed much better than I, myself anticipated. With the name Death Parade, you would normally think about a bunch of innocent people dying, and someone celebrating their deaths, at least that's what I thought similar to Death Note plot Inserts evil laugh.

Sadly, there is no ACTUAL storyline within the series, you'll find out why but hey, screw that. (still a better love story than Twilight) If you liked the OVA (Death Billards) not only will like the series, you might fall head over heels.

As far as animation and sound, I expected no less from Madhouse productions (Hunter x Hunter, Death Note, One Punch Man) the animation pure marvelous, including sound as well. However, the intro (Flyers by Bradio) was ABSOLUTELY NOT what I was expecting, but hold up wait it's an awesome song as a matter of fact with a nice, catchy beat to it. I could say "that the upbeat song does not match the anime AT ALL. As far as the outro song (Last Theater by Noisy Cell) greatly fits within the show's atmosphere perfectly.

Damn Madhouse back at with the God animation and fire ass soundtrack

The series offers a very FAVORABLE set of characters, which are superb played out. I bet my throne, that you will develop some feels with some characters, shit I even cried a couple times. I might also add that not one character is left out of the spotlight, therefore, each and every character will seem interesting, hell even the side characters you know nothing to little about. Disappointedly, there is all almost no character development in this series, which makes this series falls short at times. My name is PrinceLeo and I highly recommend this series! So go on and watch you won't be disappointed unless you're just a plain hater. :I


You: "But read more
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Toshi Densetsu Series (Anime) add
Short "review" since its a Hentai title and you only care if you can fap to it or not.


Yes, you can fap to it if you're a Lolicon. You may be able to fap to it regardless but the main female character's gimmick is that she is a ghost and can change her appearance to a loli, or adult in the case of ep 1.

Story is... lol. It's a H-anime. Read the synopsis, that's it. No real point, just a reason to get it on.

Art is average. The animation is average-to-subpar, though.

Sound is... Idk. Wasn't really "listening". But nothing bad stood out.

Characters are average H-anime characters of little importance. The Loli is cute and very sensual and seductive. The male MC is ok looking and not shy or reserved, he goes for it balls deep!

Enjoyment is very high if you like Loli. Ep 1 has 3 sex scenes. Ep 2 has 2-1/2.

Overall. I gave it a 10 because of the enjoyment and fapability. Without the loli content it would be about a 6.
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Yesterday, 2:29 PM
One Punch Man Specials (Anime) add
This is just a honest review from a regular anime watcher so if your looking a detailed one its not the right place. To begin with if you're looking for action, like in the main story, it's not the right place to search. I agree That these special series are worth watching and are funny, but its definitely lacks the entertainment which the main story was packed with.

Would I recommend to watch it ? Definitely.
Will you have fun while watching it ? It depends on your expectations, but I'll say that it's worth spending your time.

So all in all 7/10.
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Yesterday, 2:28 PM
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri ( Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress) is a anime original by Wit studio (they made the Attack on Titan anime).
While i cant give my final verdict until the series ends as of now its looking great!
As you would expect from Wit studio the animation is fantastic its one of the most beautiful anime i have ever seen.

Ikoma a steam smith is the protagonist of the story.
he along with some others are trying to eradicate the kabane (zombie like creatures) for the better of humanity.

The series also has a great sound track.

As of right now I am really enjoying this series and would highly recommend you check it out especially if you are a fan of Attack on Titan or Tokyo Ghoul.
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Yesterday, 2:08 PM
Ajin (Anime) add
*Just for reference: I watched this anime without having read the manga first and I watched this anime dubbed as I needed to multitask while watching this anime.

I definitely really enjoyed this anime, even for being one of those people who cringe at the sight of horribly executed CGI in the middle of a beautifully 2D animated show. I got used to the CGI quite fast and even forgot about, so if you're also a CGI cringer I would still highly recommend this as I believe it won't bother you for very long.

Now as for the genre, this is a psychological, horror, and action type anime so if you aren't into that kind of stuff then this is probably not the anime for you. For the horror aspect of this anime, I was actually not entirely happy with how it was executed; when I see a horror anime I want it to go all out. The torture scenes were extremely censored it barely showed anything, only suggestions as to what was happening, so as the viewer I did get much feeling as to how incredibly awful the pain must have been and I think that it would have had much more of an impact emotionally and for the sake of the plot that they went farther with the torture.

And as for the gore in the fight scenes, definitely not enough. I mean for crying out loud, people are being massacred left and right and there's barely any blood or shots of detailed, hacked up bodies which I think would have been a good addition both for entertainment and to highlight just how terrible many of these characters are. Also I believe that the black ghosts were quite understated. The creators clearly made a valiant attempt to capture the horror of the black ghosts through the characters' reactions to the black ghosts, however, I do not believe it was enough. I, as the viewer, wanted to see and feel that horror for myself and I didn't get that. You may think I'm a sadistic weirdo, but the premise of the anime is already not exactly kid-friendly, so if an anime is going for the horror and psychological theme then please just go for it, don't make it mediocre.

One other point that kind of bothered me is that I had trouble understanding many of the characters and their motivation, though I'm not going to go very into this for the sake of avoiding spoilers, but I believe it is worth mentioning. Now I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing at the moment because as you probably know season 1 was left unfinished so there will almost definitely be a season 2 so there could be lots of room for back stories and more character development if there is indeed going to be a season 2.

Now for all my criticism it would seem appropriate that I knock off a point in my overall rating, and I certainly would read more
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Chu Feng: B.E.E (Anime) add
For the anime, the initial episodes (1 and 2) were actually rather great, loved the animation and such. Nothing wrong with Chinese or Japanese audio either. The anime did a proper job displaying the character's personalities too.

However, the real problem is that the show was only 6 episodes long, each being less than 15 mins long. The anime ended in an incomplete way, the relationship was really rushed and forced. This anime is somewhat a shame that compared to the manga. Story-wise, the first two episodes was according to manga, but later drifted away.

If you've been a follower of the manga, sure, just watch it, why not. Otherwise I really can't recommend this show. Read the manga, where there's actually a better story, WAY BETTER art style, like holy crap Ruri/Lui Li is hella pretty in the manga. Also more character development, and gruesome action scenes. This anime may be to advertise the manga but we all can see it didn't do so well. Trust me, if you want to enjoy this series, read the mango ok! :)
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Yesterday, 12:50 PM
Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (Anime) add
When you find a show that is so good that it manages to completely subvert the genre, it can be great. What often goes unmentioned but is perhaps equally as interesting, is a show that manges to be totally new and different within the confines of the genre in question.Whilst not being anything of a breakthrough, I felt that Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata was well on the way to being the latter of those.

Story: The story was pretty serviceable, interesting enough to keep me interested, not so interesting that my mind was blown. I don't think the story is the real subject of this show however, so I'm willing to let this slide. It's also worth noting that as this is only the first season we're not necessarily going to get THAT much key plot developments, i personally think it's nice to see a show take it's time with it.

Art: I'm not so experienced in anime that i can tell too much about the art, what I do know is that if it's enough to make me think 'wow that's some pretty good art' it must be ok. That's about all I have to say on that.

Sounds: Opening track is pretty good, OST was somewhat forgettable. The sound never really added to the show but never took away either.

Character: The characters for me we're the most interesting part of the show. The main female lead is quite an interesting take on the traditional heroine, although it's not been done before (See The World God Only Knows). The show really plays this to its strength and the juxtaposition between Megumi on the one hand and the exaggerated archetypes of Eriri and Utaha is a lot of fun to watch. The characters also play off of each other in a comedic way really well. This show is a lot smarter than it really deserves to be with some of the gags.

Enjoyment: This show is a lot of fun, it brings laughs and the occasional funny feeling. You don't hate any of the characters and no-ones really annoying enough at any point to grate on the nerves. It's light, it's harmless, it's probably fluff, but isn't there a certain charm to that?

Overal: Really enjoyed it, looking forward to season 2. It's difficult to really judge when not placed in the context of what comes after it but I think if this show keeps pushing the same kind of buttons and further developing the characters, we could be in for a fun ride. A solid, but not totally exceptional 8/10
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Yesterday, 11:46 AM
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime) add
I'd be lying if I said this show was a little over-hyped, but I'd also be lying if I said it didn't deserve most of the hype.

After 9 episodes of this show I can safely say this show has a ton of charm and promise. One of those shows where you see it's 25 episodes and you get excited instead of worried.

The concept of this show is semi-unique. It makes fun of its genre sometimes but also manages to fit some of the stereotypes; good and bad. This doesn't taint the show at all though as it does in most other shows.

I usually hate action protagonists but Subaru is great. His development isn't rushed and you can tell as he goes through hell time and time again that he slowly starts to crumble.

Not a super unique show but definitely one of the best this season. 8.5/10 easily. I would definitely recommend it.
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Yesterday, 11:46 AM
Diabolik Lovers (Anime) add
God, i really HATE this show.

Well, about the story--it is trash, besides some poor shoujo references, which seem like the show. I cant take it. Characters can be all less good ***if you think that you can have self-control with a main female character acting like a leaf in the air, god, this girl can change your mind.*** I really try to be open for visual novel, but this disgusting animation made me retch. The characters were poor, even given the fact that i constantly enjoy shoujo with mix in harem genre, even it was in 12 episodes. But the worst was the main character ***I wanted to die, really. The worst acting of a lady that i have seen in my life, and the way she dont do anything... Just let those pretty boys bite her, even she tried (and that means: T-there's no way I!...Ah! Ahn! Ahh!)

It was pretty bad, and i'm warning you, unless you want to see a lot of boys with a girl that dont have nothing in head.
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Yesterday, 11:37 AM
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (Anime) add
The short version: A shut-in loser dies young, and is given an opportunity to reincarnate in a videogame-like fantasy world with a powerful item of his choosing. In a moment of pure spite, he chooses to bring the bitchy goddess that was meant to guard him to the afterlife.

The bullet points:
- Living in a fantasy world isn't as great as you might think
- The story is something of a reverse harem where the main character acquires a following of girls he hates but can't get rid of
- It's the kind of show where nothing can go well for the main cast, at least not for long. There's humor in misfortune


Story - 8/10 - It's a bit "go nowhere", but I never get the feeling that any particular episode was wasted. The comedic writing is absolutely hilarious, and the jokes are rarely one-off; every detail is explained in how it fits into the world, and many events will lead to others in a chain reaction of absurdity

Art - 7/10 - Very colorful and appealing designs. Animation quality could be better but it was a nice looking show

Sound - 8/10 - Fantastic voice acting, which really makes some of the funnier comedic scenes. ED is comfy, OP is okay. None of the soundtrack really stuck out to me other than the "explosion" theme

Character - 9/10 - Extremely lovable characters that I would never want to meet in real life. The show easily could have gotten away with one-joke characters but each one has a little more to them that makes them more fun to keep around. Their interactions and general antics is really what makes this show as funny as it is. There is, however, one member of the main cast who doesn't have much beyond her primary gimmick, and she begins to get a little tiresome by the end.

Enjoyment - 10/10 - This is highly subjective. Someone who doesn't enjoy more mean-spirited humor probably won't get a lot out of this, but personally, this show hit all of my buttons nearly flawlessly. I feel like it was made for me.

Overall - 9/10 - I generally grade anime on slightly less subjective measures like writing quality and how its many parts form a cohesive whole, but Konosuba, man, Konosuba just GETS me. The humor was just my kind of humor. The characters were just the kind of characters I like in a comedy. The action fit this kind of show almost perfectly. If it weren't for a few missteps near the end (one of the episodes had an emotional weight more appropriate for a season finale, but was just sort of thrown in elsewhere. The finale itself spent a little too much time being epic instead of funny) it would have been an easy 10/10. Nonetheless, wow, what a ride. I couldn't be happier that I picked it up.
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Yesterday, 11:23 AM
Kidou Senkan Nadesico (Anime) add
At the time of release both Studio Xebec and director Tatsuo Satou were very much unknown. The only works before were unsuccessful tries into the anime industry such as Gekiganger 3 (originally created by Satou). This work over Nadesico turned out to be a raging success for Xebec for the company’s future anime endeavours and the harem genre such as Love Hina and To Love-Ru.

The story in Nadesico is very very simplistic. Alien invaders destroy Mars, our main character Akito’s home, and he is transported to Earth without memory of what happened prior. Later, he joins the crew of a new battleship called Nadesico where he wants to be a cook. There he meets his ditzy childhood friend, Captain Yurika. A war ends up unfolding and of course, Akito becomes the ship’s mecha pilot. Basically, the story and setting are a parody for old 70 and 80’s mecha anime such as the heavily influenced Macross.

The characters are all comically put together and their misfit personalities create a comedic environment throughout the show. Sure, the anime has elements for everyone from romance and comedy to mecha and action, but the constant switching and poorly executed slap stick comedy makes for a task-filled job for watching. Each element that is trying to be parodied misses its mark and because there never is a focus, most lame jokes just fly over the viewers head.

Coming out in 1996, this anime has not aged well. Even during release, Nadesico already looked old like something more out of the late 80’s. Even the poor low quality audio, muffled action sounds, and the still-shot animation during fight scenes are unacceptable. Not to mention the abysmal voice acting. While the Japanese voice acting is bearable, the English is unwatchable. Most of the voices are off key and or bland, especially our main character. Worst of all, the plot is mostly pushed aside and where key elements in the story could be emphasized, the anime decides to push it aside like a slight summer breeze and focus more on the poorly executed harem comedy elements. It is the perfect example of how not to do action, plot, and harem all wrapped into a single show. Nadesico is a plain bad anime trying to make fun of the past. Instead, this anime is laughably poorly put together.
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Yesterday, 11:09 AM
Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan (Anime) add
Story: 1/10
Horrible, another one of those cliches stories of school animes.

Art: 3/10
Art is not so bad ... I liked some of desing

Sound: 2/10
Not very nice , just really liked the opening , which is not that good ....

Character: 1/10
I hated most of the characters, a clumsy fearful a tsundere , and a beautiful girl who can not do anything . Protagonist defeating everyone ...

Enjoyment: 1/10
This does not surprise me , weak characters weak struggles , weak story . But I did not expect great things of him, typical anime cliche with Harem

Overall: 1/10
I did not like anime in almost no requirements, and would not recommend this anime to anyone.
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Yesterday, 11:08 AM
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (Anime) add
In the future, if I ever need to point out an example of characters being more important than story, I'm going to point at this show.

STORY (spoilers):

The story itself is nothing special, really, but it sets everything up wonderfully and has a few hilarious twists. A dude gets teleported to a fantasy world, where he finds instead of being a hero, he's forced to be a laborer and live the minimum wage fantasy life. Every time he saves the day, he still gets screwed over by the consequences of what he does.

That's my favorite part of the story. Real consequences. He saves his two female party members from the insides of a frog, but they come out all slimy and the town mistakes him for a pervert, which leads to a perverted crusader seeking him out. The characters save the town by flooding the villain with a torrent of water, but they end up in debt because they destroyed the city wall. They save the day yet again, but the main character is arrested because he teleported the detonating power core right onto the governor's mansion. Nothing ever goes his way and I love it.


This is the sole reason you should watch this show. The characters are f*cking fantastic. Kazuma and gang are a beautiful subversion of every single harem anime out there.

Kazuma is the best main character in a long time. I haven't liked someone this much since Hachiman. He's deadpan, he's cynical, he's pragmatic, he insults the crap out of everybody, he's an amazing straight man in all the antics he's involved in, and he's basically just the subversion of all the infuriatingly bland MCs out there.

One of my favorite character moments for him is when he meets someone who's basically the MC of every other fantasy transportation anime out there. The other guy is annoyingly selfless to the point where people consider him narcissistic, and keeps trying to act how he believes is right. The other person challenges Kazuma to a duel due to a misunderstanding.

Just as the other guy is finished with the challenge, Kazuma quickly says "All right, I'm in." and charges right at him, catching the guy off guard. As soon as the other person tries to defend himself, he steals his magic sword and knocks him out with it. Then he goes to pawn it off to make a boatload of cash.

Kazuma isn't interested in morality or chivalry, he acts in the most pragmatic and logical ways possible. He isn't afraid to take advantage of other people's idiotic tendencies and use it against them.

There are tons of other character quirks I love. The way he says "Yeah, I'm Kazuma" or "Hi, this is Kazuma" when other people call is name out is a fantastic way of making fun of other animes where characters constantly call out the MCs name. He insults and berates his teammates to push their limits and get them to step up instead of some corny inspirational read more
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
I don't show a lot of emotion in general and I don't cry very often. This show made my cry, and in the best possible way. It's a joyful, funny, sad, heartbreaking, beautiful show. It's amazing to watch and amazing to listen to. It's not perfect, but that doesn't matter. I loved it from start to finish and it left me sad (not in a bad way) and feeling peaceful. You might not like it, but at least give it a shot. I realize I'm just kinda gushing and not going into specifics. One thing I'd criticize is that some aspects of the story took longer to develop than I would have liked. That's not to say that the story feels padded. The people who made this anime had something to say and they used every episode to say it.

I started watching this yesterday and stayed up until 2:30am. The only reason I stopped was so I'm not a zombie when I hang out today. I woke up this morning and immediately started watching again. I just finished watching the last episode and felt like I had to write something about it. I've never written a review about an anime before. If you're not looking for a story driven show about relationships with others and how they can change your life, maybe steer clear? I'd still say give it a try and see how you like it. I hope you'll get as much out of it as I did. If you don't, that's okay too. Have a great day!
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Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
I stumbled upon this anime while looking for psychological anime. After already devouring anime giants like death note, no life no game and monster i was looking for something similar. After getting multiple recommendations I started watching and to tell you the truth reaching up to even three episodes was painful.

Usually reviews include pros and cons of something. While the list of cons are handful pros are non existent.
The only good thing in this anime is its soundtrack. The music director has done an impeccable job of creating an amazing sound environment which goes which every scene.

1. Story:
Though initial plot gives a death note vibe with a young guy getting a powerful gift from a god, it never lift up from there. since the two anime have similar plot lines, one tend to compare. on one hand L is a genius mastermind who evolve from an anti hero to something which can not be expressed in words, our protagonist a wimp who never amount to anything. i would have preferred if he would have died in the very first Dead end.
The middle and ending bears no connection to the initial start

2. Characters:
Not even one character evolve to be even remotely likable. The most bearable one was the detective.

3. overall:
I would advise you if you are looking to fulfill your mind hunger for intelligent anime, mirai nikki is not the one.
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One Piece (Anime) add
If you looking for a good action/adventure/comedy anime with fun characters and a positive message I would try One Piece!
One Piece is a anime/manga about Monkey D. Luffy along with his crew who set of on an adventure to find the treasure of Gol D. Roger and become the pirate king!
While some dislike the art style i think it suits it well although, in the later episodes the quality drops a bit but, I would not let that turn you away but, if that does make you think twice try the manga.
I have personally enjoyed every minute of One Piece and would highly recommend One Piece!
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"WHAT'S YA NAYYYYYMMM?!?!" - Redd White

No-one expected that "Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igi Ari!" was going to be good. The warning signs were absolutely there from the start - considering the long title and the infamous track record of the studio producing it. However, if I merely ranted about how the anime is a disaster and that it does no justice to the games; then I'm sure people would stop reading just after the first paragraph. Instead, I'm going to say what it did WELL and what could've been done to fix it.

The signs were almost certainly present from the opening of the anime itself. The opening is horribly generic, mainly consisting of Phoenix running across a boring city background and a fairly generic song behind it. Something that would've appealed way more to the fans of the show would've been a remix of one of the themes from the actual games - like the Pursuit or Objection themes. A little pandering for the fans goes a long way.

The first thing to note is definitely how rushed the anime is, in more than one sense. The AA anime decides to put 3 episodes into one trial, with the exception of the first trial. With a little bit of lawyer deduction, it's pretty easy to see why A-1 wanted to do this; it was so that they could fit the whole of the first game into one cour. But, in order to do this, that means cutting out huge chunks of the game in order to fit into 60 mins. What we are essentially presented with is a speed run of the first game, where all of the hilarious dialogue that previously made interesting and likeable characters into simply bland ones. The trials in themselves feel incredibly poor paced, with cross-examinations which would've normally taken ages and felt like a real court trial boiled down into a minute or so. This would've been an easy fix if A-1 pictures had decided (rather than doing all 5 cases in one cour) only to do 3. I could definitely see there being problems if they decided to cut out cases 1 and 3, but I would've preferred it to this.

The characters would've definitely benefited from some more time on screen. The interactions between Gumshoe and Phoenix/Edgeworth are genuinely the funniest things in the games, with Gumshoe's pay cuts being pretty iconic among fans. However, in the anime, Gumshoe's seiyuu doesn't really do him much justice, and there's very little dialogue between the characters during their investigations, let alone the courtroom. However, Gumshoe isn't even the character that suffers the most from the lack of time - it would have to be fan-favourite Miles Edgeworth that suffers the most. He lacks the charm that he has in the games, or the build-up you feel to facing a legendary prosecutor. He has a fantastic seiyuu, Tamaki Masashi, and if the pacing of the show wasn't so awful then I could've seen it becoming much read more
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If you like playing video games especially MMOs and like watching comedy anime, this one is for you.

This is definitely one of the most thoughtful stories for a teenagers life these days, that no one has made an anime from yet. Some surprising stuff happen every couple of episodes that you will not expect them to happen at all, this anime was never really dramatic yet, so it's always told in a comedic or romance style only.

The art is well designed but, it does seem to me that sometimes the face shapes are a bit too similar between two characters but other than that the art is phenomenal, inside the mmo-game world especially.

Sound is great, especially with all these effects "in-game" no, no.. I mean "in-the-anime-game" lol.

Characters are very well brought out, but I think that some characters are just too optimistic and never change personality even the slightest so it's a little bit of a disappointment but they're still very well thought out.

This anime is very enjoyable, especially if you love playing video games, the plot is definitely appealing to those who know about dark stuff on the internet like fishing links,scams and more.

Moreover, this anime is love fulfilling and definitely gives you a good vibe if you like watching romance animes.

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Cowboy Bebop (Anime) add
Ok, I knew this was an episodic anime going into it. I'm not the biggest fan of those but with everything I've heard about the show and how great it is I decided to give it a go. First couple episodes were pretty good so I thought 'I can get through this.' Cut to ep. 15 and now I'm struggling to finish it. The sound and dub are amazing, I'm not denying that but the story suffers majorly here. There's no real over arcing story line other than Faye's story and Spike's and even then they are really only mentioned in the second half with everything else feeling like they're fillers. The animation was nice with it before the digitization age with it feeling dark and everything with no real noticeable flaws.

When we first see Julia and thereafter, I couldn't of cared less about her even after everything. I knew nothing about her or anything. Spike's backstory was jammed into the last two episodes with a couple hints throughout the anime so when the final two episodes happened it just seemed out of the blue which might be why I was so annoyed at the ending. I thought that something else was going to happen and it didn't.

I especially didn't care didn't care about Edward. When she left I couldn't help but cheer. What was the point to her character being on Bebop? I couldn't understand. Yes, she's a hacker but that's all. And the way she spoke rubbed me the wrong way and felt so childish and out of place in the show. Not to mention she wasn't there for very long so again, I wondered what her purpose there was.

Faye was amazing. I know some people don't like her but I enjoyed her character especially after we learn parts of her backstory which made her more intriguing in my mind. Her character was consistent through the show but there was some character development which was nice (unlike Edward). I couldn't help but laugh at her and Spike going back and forth.

Jet is an interesting one because even though he owns the ship Spike seemed to be the one in charge-most of the time. Jet will put his foot down and argue if he has to. There's a few other things that I can't think of right now but suffice to say I enjoyed him.

Spike...pretty much a walking contradiction until the last couple episodes but I won't grip about that here. He can be ruthless but compassionate. He tells Faye to stop living in the past when that's all he does and so forth.

The show down between him and Vicious felt cheap I'm not going to lie but it did. The very ending I wasn't expecting but again, I felt a but cheated with how quick everything went. If that story line was the over arcing one throughout the whole series and that finale was stretched to three episodes instead of two than I think read more
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FLCL (Anime) add
1. This anime has taken a route I've not seen in many anime in that it varies in animation style. It's beautifully animated and is memorable for that alone.
2. The characters have potential.
3. 4th walk-breaking, although that may only be in the dub.

1. I was bored as hell. This kind of short-attention-span style of a story is only so entertaining for so long. I gave up on really trying to listen and had to force myself to watch to get to the end because I really didn't understand it and there was no way I'd be able to. I'm not asking for meaning, just something that makes sense.
2. Character potential is a bit lost I guess. I was hoping for even a bit of backstory or something interesting besides the questionable character somehow turning out bad or some other trope.
3. I really feel this anime was a giant salad. You've got robots, you've got fighting, aliens, anime parodies, constant style changes, fourth-wall breaking, and what seems like magic. Can we pick something and stick with it? Please?

Overall, I understand what people could like about this series, truly, but I don't like it very much, though I'll give it credit for what it does well. I just personally couldn't enjoy it.
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Sakamoto desu ga? (Anime) add
Well, Sakamoto desu ga? doesn’t have an interesting and complex storyline. It has a cool guy named Sakamoto who swags his way through every situation he’s ever faced with.

Characters are made interesting through their complexity, with them coming to deal with their flaws, accept them and improve upon them where they can. That’s what makes an interesting and complex storyline.

In a lot of ways, Sakamoto Desu Ga? is the One Punch Man of school-life anime. One Punch Man is about a hero named Saitama who destroys every enemy he faces with one punch and zero effort.

Sakamoto Desu Ga? is about a kid named Sakamoto who has similar results against his foes. But instead of fighting giant monsters, he’s going up against school bullies and manipulative girls.

And instead of defeating them with a punch, he defeats them with sheer charm and charisma.

And by “defeat,” I mean “make them like him and also make them better people overall in the process

The really impressive thing about Sakamoto Desu Ga? so far is the ability it has to take a simple concept and keep it fresh in a number of situations.

The negative thing about the anime is that there is no character development, no plot development. Each episode basically just sums up the same way: “Someone is going to try to make Sakamoto look bad, let’s see how it ultimately backfires and makes him look way cooler.”

Despite all this, it’s so weird and quirky that it’s ultimately still quite enjoyable. Despite it just featuring the same gag, playing out in different ways, it’s still a ton of fun. That’s incredibly impressive to me, and speaks to the quality of the gag. But I have to wonder just how long it can keep up.

The secondary characters in the series are practically non-existent. The few that are recurring aren’t especially interesting, even down to their names. such as :

There’s “popular girl who tries to seduce Sakamoto for the sake of status, but keeps getting hilariously foiled.”

I didn’t list all of the names, because honestly, they’re not important to the series. Sakamoto Desu Ga? is a one-man show, and the other characters are little more than props to further the legend of Sakamoto.

Even the opening credits feature all of exactly one character.

It’s easy to see Sakamoto Desu Ga? is made on a budget. The very first episode opens with a wide shot of three guys tossing a volleyball around in the school yard in the most minimal, circular animation imaginable.

The action sequences rely heavily on dressed-up still shots, simple circular animation patterns, and motion blur. They do a good job of hiding the lack of funding where they can, but suffice to say there aren’t any sequences that are going to leave you slack-jawed in awe and appreciation.

Episode 6 was really terrible due to the fact that Sakamoto and three kids was walking in a white line which took most of the time consumption on the episode which was rough about 10minutes "WASTED" footage. This read more
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