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7 minutes ago
Strawberry Panic (Anime) add
This was my first yuri anime, and I'm not really sure what to think of it. Plus, I saw it a long time ago.

Story - 8/10
I love the story, especially in the begining. I loved the atmosphere. I loved the school. And this anime had so many surprises!
BUUUUT I didn't like the ending and the final episodes were so...ugh

Art - 9/10
This anime is BEAUTIFUL. All the characters are SO CUTE, the scenery is amazing!

Sound - 6/10
I hated the opening/ending.
The sound in the anime itself was good.

Character - 7/10
I loved all the characters but...Shizuma...UGH I hate her! Nagisa is an amazing girl, so cute but a read more
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12 minutes ago
Steins;Gate (Anime) add
Are you looking for a fast-paced, action-filled thriller with lots of gunservice? Well, you have come to the wrong place!

Story (8/10)
Steins;Gate is about a mad scientist Okabe Rintarou who goes by the name 'Hououin Kyouma' and loves nicknaming things. He's part of the Future Gadget Lab along with a super-hacker/pervert named Daru and Mayushii, an innocent "hostage" of Okabe's.
The first 11 episodes establish these characters (and others), their relationships, and the technology behind their most important invention, "The Phone Microwave," which can send messages to the past. I found this half to be the much weaker part of the series. There read more
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17 minutes ago
High School DxD (Anime) add
This anime is surprisingly good. Very good. I saw it a loooong time ago, so it's hard to write a review.

Story - 9/10
The plot is amazing. I love the story. This type of anime don't usually stand out, but I think this one deserves it.
This anime starts with Issei getting killed in his first date - I did not see that coming, really.
The story is not predictable and it has a lot of action, so I like it very much. I hate predictable stories, ok.

Art - 8/10
They know how to draw boobs!!!!!
(Well, just kidding. The art is really pretty! Love it!)

Sound - 7/10
They could improve read more
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18 minutes ago
Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula (Anime) add
Good series. There's not amazing about it and it flaws in a lot. The plot's nothing innovative after all using the Mecha concept. The thing that shines extraordinarily about Gigantic Formula would be the Music, which was directed by Maestro Hiroyuki Sawano. Absolutely amazing soundtrack, absurdly amazing in my opinion.
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40 minutes ago
Kyoto Animation: Megane-hen (Anime) add
Well, it's not easy to write a review about 30 second commercial video.
I can't say much about the story because it's just a commercial, but I got a little curious about the plot
The art is stunning, loved it. I can guess the main character is the girl and she is so cuuuute.
The music is okay, it intensifies the video
I can't say anything about the characters either
It was a 30 second video, but yeah, I enjoyed it.
I am looking into watching this anime, but I think they could have done a better job. With a 30 second video I can't say anything about the characters or read more
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42 minutes ago
Death Note (Anime) add
Hello everyone, Death Note as it sounds involves death and a note (book). The story is very dark, I enjoyed Death Note because it has smart cold and a practically untouchable main character, with slight hint of romance. Death note also has the viewer follow a detective story as people try and find out how all the death are happening.

If you are into gore, romance, detective, psychological, and supernatural anime this is definitely for you.
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2 hours ago
NHK ni Youkoso! (Anime) add
The anime industry is littered with shows that serve as forms of escapism, ones that whisk you away from the troubles of life, allowing you to enter a magical world free from the dread of reality. However, a few works choose to take a less conventional path, going against the grain and choosing instead to use their time to confront reality. Welcome to the NHK is one of these works, being a painful experience that is never afraid to shy away from the harsher realities of life.

At its heart, Welcome to the NHK is an exploration into the perils of life - the many pains read more
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2 hours ago
Death Note (Anime) add
Allow me to explain my love for this anime (death note)

Before I watch this anime, I consider killing an killer person was wrong thing to do. but after seeing it in light yagami perspective (something or someone other then you point of view) it made me think ... if I had the death note what would I do with it

and this is why i love this anime so much, it made me think, I love things that can make me think. after i watch this anime i complely change my opinion
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3 hours ago
Toradora! (Anime) add
As this is going to be my first review on this site, I decided to pick a relatively simple Anime that incites easily recalled emotions. One with a plot that is not necessarily straightforward, but well-rounded, and characters that are highly developed. It makes the process of reviewing miles easier. Toradora! Was definitely the best choice for this because it is simply a torrent of positive emotions. After my third viewing, I realized with full confidence, that this is by far the best romance Anime out there, and one of the best Anime series in general. From episode 1, all the way to the end, read more
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Its a good fun anime.

The anime team did a wonderful job in creating beautiful and cool characters which for a fan like me a very important aspect in a series. all the female characters has a wonderful sex appeal and unique talent. a great start to create a "harem" environment.

The action and fighting sequence are exciting and I especially love the golden swords(thousands of swords attacking the villain) attack..its the author seems to put a lot of afford and research into myths and gods which is very creative and somewhat informative to the viewers.

The romantic aspect between the characters is quite cute read more
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4 hours ago
Lucky☆Star (Anime) add
Well, it's pretty enjoyable. Some of the jokes can be funny, some just will make you giggle a bit. And remember, it's a Slice of Life, so it has no plot. It's the main problem with Lucky Star. It'll be boring to most viewers.

I can sympathize with some of the characters. Like Konata. She's an otaku and loves so stay in the computer, Like me. The characters are worth liking. Miyuki is the typical clumsy and air-headed moe girl. Tsukasa is also a moe, and has her twin sister Kagami, who is the typical hard-working, easily angered Tsundere.

Overall, this anime is good, but it's a read more
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4 hours ago
Harmonie (Anime) add
According to the dictionary, ‘Harmonie’ is a German word that, in the context of the history of music, designates an ensemble of wind instruments employed by an aristocratic patron, particularly during the Classical era of the 18th century. The Harmonie would be employed for outdoor or recreational music.
Interestingly, there is a dual play of meanings in this title. The word 'Harmony' means 'the combination of musical notes sounded at the same time to produce chords with a pleasing effect'. 'Harmonies' is the plural of 'harmony’. This meaning fits perfectly with the events in the movie too.

Everyday we put up various facades in public, either read more
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4 hours ago
Accel World (Anime) add
Being a Hardcore gamer anime related to MMO is pretty fascinating for me.. Thats why Sword Art Online is one my most favorite anime. But Accel World is a different case.
I had high hope for the anime. But as episode pass by gap between my expectation vs reality started to go sky high. In the end I came to an conclusion that, this is one of the most boring anime I have seen in my life, due to slow progression.
It would have been better if there was more involvement with the Kings and high level fights, rather than only fight for dignity. The story line read more
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5 hours ago
Death Note Rewrite (Anime) add
Before I begin, I want to say that i'm not basing this review on the movie itself, i'm basing it on what it did differently from the anime. The reason being that the two movies are identical to the anime itself and there are no drastic changes.

If you've watched Death Note you'd know it's a spectacular show, one of the best Anime's out there. The movies don't change that at all, if anything the movies further show how good the series is, as well as fixing some things for the better. If you haven't seen the series, i recommend watching it because it's well worth read more
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6 hours ago
Mousou Dairinin (Anime) add
I'm on episode 4 so far and it's enjoyable. It's not incredibly serious or emotional, and I still do not see any character I can relate to or one that I like at the very least, but it's gripping enough. The only real issue I find is the dubbing. Italian voices suck pretty bad in this one and I can't find it sub only :(
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7 hours ago
Pokemon: The Origin (Anime) add
Pokemon The Origy Review:

MINDSET: (ready for sarcasm?)
F**k You I.G for milking us fans on this Nintendo Product and making an Origy of a fanbase of tasteless casuals! So watch this if You love pokemon, or a tasteless casual who'd give this a 9/10. If not, then ignore this review. Or join the Origy fanclub.

(ok enough with the jokes) In the mythical world of pokemon, 10 year olds can choose a starter pokemon to be used to poach other pokemon legally, or beat other trainers in a battle. Our protaganist Red, is now aspiring to beat all of the 8 gym leaders, the elite 4, read more
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8 hours ago
Ping Pong The Animation (Anime) add
'Ping Pong the Animation' is an absolute masterful work within its animation medium. When taken out of context, this statement is bound to sound silly. What kind of story, that is based around table tennis, would people consider 'masterful'? Quite honestly, I saw little potential when reading the synopsis. And boy was I proven so very, very wrong.

I was fully aware that Yuasa Masaaki is the director, the man responsible for Tatami Galaxy, Kaiba and several other creative works. Admittedly, I have not read any of Matsumoto's work despite knowing his solid reputation, so my expectations were more so lost than low. But low nevertheless. read more
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10 hours ago
Berserk (Anime) add
I always like to take a look at anime made in the late 90's as they tend to be well thought out shows with brilliant stories, well developed characters and kick-ass soundtrack's. Today I’m going to review Berserk a show that’s an accurate description of a truly great 90's anime.

We are introduced to a young girl being tormented by criminals before our hero the Black Swordsman comes to the rescue and murders all but one of them. He then asks the last survivor to relay a message to his master "Tell him the Black Swordsman has arrived"


We're introduced to our main character as of read more
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10 hours ago
Golden Time (Anime) add
I was very close to dropping this show after the first episode, because it simply didn't really impress me and the heroine seemed like one hell of an annoyong b****, BUT!

A friend of mine kept watching the show and really liked it, said it reminded him of korean dramas, so I decided to wait for the series to finish and then give it a go again.

Well... what to say... I watched the remaining 23 episodes in one smooth sweep.
Boy, that were intense hours of emotional ups and downs, just like riding a rollercoaster.

The story is really nothing completely new, but the way Golden Time read more
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11 hours ago
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (Anime) add
This is the story about four girls who become magical girls to fight against some evil monsters that threaten the safety of the people.

So far, sounds like your typical Mahou Shoujo anime... except its not. It' far from your everyday magical girls anime.

SHAFT is pretty well known as a "different" studio. They just don't do things normally. They have weird backgrounds, sometimes weird background music and pretty much anything made by them can be considered "not normal". That's how they work, and its hard to imagine them ever changing (at least not with Shinbo at command). This time, the awkwardness of SHAFT probably was the read more
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