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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
I hope this review comes helpful to those who tend to be picky with what they watch or if they get bored easily. I am one of them and surprisingly, this anime has me glued to it since the beginning. When an episode finishes, I'd want to watch the next episode as immediately as possible.

Of course, it may be too early to judge considering currently there are 6 episodes but I can already tell I won't be disappointed. The characters' personalities are balanced, the plot isn't instantaneous throughout the whole anime and is just right, the animation isn't bad either and overall, it's excellent. I seriously cannot wait what happens in the next episode! :)
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Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (Anime) add
It is without question that the harem genre is slowly becoming worse and worse. This is mainly because since roughly around 2011, the anime industry hasn't tried at all to create brand new tropes and ideas and instead use the generic blueprints derived from their predecessors. In this regard, Saekano is the metaphorical parasite of the harem genre.


Let's go off on a tangent for a bit and talk about a little show I call OreShura. In my opinion, I consider OreShura to be one of the few harem shows that a fan of the genre must watch simply because it stands out from the thousands of other harem shows. This is because what OreShura does that many harems refuse to do is generate a unique plot and expand on the typical tropes found in the genre with brand new ideas and interactions between characters.

So how does this apply to Saekano? Well, the director of OreShura, Kamei Kanta, also known for his works on a little show called Usagi Drop, was tasked with creating Saekano. Because of this, we can expect a unique perspective of the harem genre, right? Wrong.

At first glance Saekano may seem to be another typical harem story. However, Saekano is, as most people would describe, a meta-comedy. To give you uneducated skank niblets an idea about what I'm talking about here, a meta-comedy is a show that constantly insults itself. Something that's very interesting about reviewing meta-comedy anime is that if you're reviewing it from a negative standpoint, you come across as a stupid and incompetent dillweed. This is because most of these reviewers point out the major cliches and stereotypes shown in the anime as if it's still a negative aspect of the show. Unfortunately for them, in the case of meta-comedy, they PURPOSELY insert these negativities as a joke to laugh about. So tell me: would you give an anime a 3/10 just because you didn't like the humor in the show? Again, this is a large reason that Saekano is regarded as one of the best shows of the year simply because nobody's brave enough to look like an absolute nincompoop. Yeah, you didn't expect to see nincompoop in a review, did you? Well, f**k you, this is Saekano


Ahh, the characters. In a show such as Saekano, the characters and many different personalities are arguably the most important aspect of the show. I'll briefly speak about the assortment of buffoons inside Saekano and how they affect the show as a whole.

First, let's begin with Rinri-kun, also known as Mr. Ethical. Aki Tomoya is the main protagonist of Saekano and, like most rom-coms, is a male. Not only that, but he's a massive otaku. It's because of these features that many viewers of Saekano found themselves relating to this character and realizing:

"Hey, since Tomoya is a male and otaku, I can basically pretend that he's me!"

This brings me to my point that Saekano might be a great show, but the amount of fans that read more
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Just what makes this show THE BEST ROM-COM OF THE FALL SEASON?


Most generic harem animes have the same premise, especially the trope where the protagonist is the only male in the entire school. Though Shomin Sample has harem-esque tropes and cliches, it brings brand new things to the table. For example, how many harems have you seen where every girl in the show assumes the main protagonist is gay? How many harem shows have you seen where the Ojou-sama character lacks knowledge of anything "commoner" related? In this regard, Shomin Sample is just as innovative as it is naughty.

I'm not going to pretend that it doesn't exist: Shomin Sample is an ecchi anime. If you're planning on watching this show, expect panty shots, booty wiggling, booby jiggling, muscle men boners

And dem good old THIGHS! If you like Zettai, this is a MUST WATCH for you. Disregard the entirety of this review and start watching the heck out of this show.


The main type of humor that Shomin Sample prefers to use is where a person is unknowledgeable about certain objects that most should be expected to know. For example, give a starving African an iPhone. They'll most likely be amazed at what it is and when I say amazed I mean AMAZED. Of course, that'd be pretty funny, but it's morally wrong to laugh at starving Africans. However, since these are cute anime girls we're talking about, it's perfectly fine.

This humor is distributed in two ways by our main character, . He can either introduce something new to the masses, like an iPhone, or McDonalds; or he can be a total troll to orange-haired tsun-pure. In the situations that he's being mischevious, he tells Aika that performing a certain action will make her EXTREMELY popular, which is most definitely not the case. If that were true, then every single girl I've asked to "Skip Netflix and just chill" would've slept with me by now, but we don't see that happening, do we... DO WE!?!?!!


Oh boy oh boy, it's time to talk about the best characters ever 😎 lets jump right into it.

I'd like to introduce you guys to my bro, Kirito-I mean Kimito. Why is he a bro? Well, not only is he a complete troll, but he has a massive fetish for thighs and all things Zettai. Any character that acknowledges the beauty of kneesocks is alright with me.

Aika is Shomin Sample's "Tsun-pure". To give you guys an idea about what that exactly entails, a tsun-pure is a character trope introduced in Shomin Sample (hey, that anime sounds familiar) that has the personality of a Tsundere, but at the same time, cannot keep what she's thinking inside her head. Additionally, she'll believe anything that you're told. Props to Shomin Sample to bringing new ideas to the harem genre left and right.

Hakua is that one loli that was the main reason over half of the fanbase even watched the first 3 episodes of Shomin Sample. She has the personality of a read more
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One Punch Man (Anime) add
If there is an anime that is literally of about hype, this is it. And you ask yourself, how can one enjoy something that is solved instantly through just one action. How does one keep it interesting, and maintain the hype factor. (The video review is up on my channel, here is the written)

Story - 8

One Punch Man is the story about a hero just for fun’s journey to becoming the strongest hero in the world. The big problem is, he already is pretty much the strongest hero, although it is not official, because it’s not on paper. The main hero Saitama has trained himself so hard, that he has surpass all expectations and has become bored of all the opponents he face, because he simply beats everyone in one punch.

Now for the first half of this anime, it’s hard to figure out where the story is going, because we learn that Saitama is simply too strong for anyone, how does the story keep us interested. But although it’s not really the blatantly obvious, the story is about looking for a worthy opponent for Saitama, and the story picks up half way, with the introduction of the Hero Ranking system. Because even though Saitama passed the physical test with flying colours, he did terrible on his written test, and was named officially the lowest rank hero on the Heroes Association. So it’s another story about aiming to the top, of the rankings for Saitama, for him to officially be labelled as the strongest hero in the world.

Characters - 7
Saitama is the main hero we follow in the story. This is a different take for many anime, because instead of a following someone who wants to become strong, we follow someone who is already the strongest in the world. As the story progress, we learn of Saitama’s we learn that Saitama, is actually just not a simpleton, and we learn he has a good sense of justice. Albeit, it’s rather subtle. There is not a lot of character development, I would say for him, or almost any of the other characters. But we do sympathise for him, because he has already worked so hard, and he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. And I think that what makes him a really likeable character and relatable at the same time, because I am sure many of us have done something, we are proud of, but it doesn’t recognized. He wants to earn his recognition, even if he takes the blame for all the negatives, he carries on non-chant, but is still aware of everything.

If Saitama is the character who’s already, the strongest, who should we actually follow and cheer for to become stronger, like most other anime. Genos fills that role, at first Genos seems to be a very serious character, however he kind of provides the comic relief, because he is so serious and Saitama isn’t. But you could say he is a probably more a true protagonist as read more
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Ajin (Anime) add
First: You will hate this anime because of the ART, but put up with it and after a few eps you won't even notice anymore, because the story will take your mind away from it.

It starts off just like any other anime-school, school guys-BORING.

The best moments in anime are those when they turn everything against the MC. Your best friends, were they even your best friends? Humanity-are they really better than those MONSTERS? or are they WORSE?

Should I be filled with RAGE? - NO. I am different.

I'm bad with writing reviews, but this is a short idea about what this anime is about.
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Ojisan to Marshmallow (Anime) add
Even though these episodes may be "marshallow" sized, every second of each episode is packed with hilarity, suggestive innuendos, misunderstandings, workplace sexual harrassment and a genuine feeling of heart.

Hige-san is an overweight office worker for a "web-related company" (actual name of it, no joke) and he has an obsession for marshmallows, a trait which is further examined in episode 4. He works along Wakabayashi-kun, a 24 year old female office worker who has a similar obsession with marshmallows, AND Hige-san.

Wakabayashi is attracted to Hige and orchestrates several situations in which they can get closer. The punchline is, Hige-san is a very introverted and polite older man, completely oblivious to Wakabayashi's advances, which creates many hilarious misunderstandings and eventually boils down to the two of them consuming bags of marshmallows.

The side characters are few and kinda forgetful. Wakabayashi's two female work friends turn up in a few episodes and say a few things without really leaving an impact, and Wakabayashi's brother has only just come into the series recently. But without a doubt, the stand out character in this series so far (apart from the main characters) is the Section Chief. He is hilarious and becomes completely content with the misunderstandings taking place. But you'll find out more about that when you watch the show.

This is such a sweet and innocent story, and at only 3 minutes a piece, they are delightful to binge with only a short amount of time.

I look forward to seeing how this show progresses.
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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Anime) add
This critically acclaimed anime has stood the test of time well, ranking favourably against more popular, modern classics of the anime medium. It achieves this through its sheer sense of scope and the way it dismisses typical anime tropes in favour of a more intellectual and realistic presentation and tone to the show. However, nothing is for everyone as the brilliant execution of this anime is also the reason why a minority of the people who have watched this show find it utterly boring.

Story: Two great galactic powers (and a few shady third parties) of vastly contrasting ideologies, governments, culture, technology and even demographic makeup occupy two sides of the galaxy. One is the corrupt democratic Free Planets Alliance and the other is the initially also corrupt but later, brilliantly efficient autocracy, the Galactic Empire. Both sides have tens of billions of people and are locked in a bitter, centuries long state of total war. Typical rebel alliance vs the big evil empire right? Not quite so. Both sides are explored in so much depth and in all aspects. Everything from internal coups, the motivations of the most important, history changing characters to the lowliest peasants, to each sides very own history, to the tinest of details such as starships needing tethers when landing atmospherically is covered. The world presented here; despite featuring gigantic fleets that would put many other sci fi series to shame is wholly believable; a must for any work of sci fi that wants to be taken seriously! Both sides have their flaws and virtues and from this arises ample opportunity for philosophical analysis of warfare, politics and humanity! Why do humans have to shed so much blood to attain peace? An fair autocracy may be better than a corrupt democracy; but which system is better in the long run? It may all sound pretentious but this anime avoids those pitfalls time and time again due to its face value, semi documentary presentation, complete with narrator and subtitles! This could sound boring but just because this anime is dedicated to realism, doesn't mean that the anime itself is always serious. The very human characters are key to the more lighthearted, heartwarming or absolutely tragic moments within the show. Never does this anime sacrifice realism for hyperbole and there lies its great strength; an anime that is truer a statement of humanity than any other. An epic history; of the future! 11/10!

Art: This anime uses a realistic artstyle; with a dash of grandeur applied. As an older anime, the art doesn't ever get too beautiful but some more epic events in the anime will still turn heads (liquid metal death star anyone?); often, the anime can be spectacular in its more subdued approach to battle scenes. Animation also cannot compare to newer titles but for such a long running older title, it is amazingly consistent; even improving over time. Unlike a lot of other old animes; action scenes are never skimped on; the best animation goes read more
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Nanase Ren (Anime) add
My favorite among the Night Shift Nurse(s) anime. It narration from Ren is superb and adds so much we really don't get much of in the other episodes. I also like how this one is more about the two of them personally than the gang stuff. Not that that's all that prevalent in the other episodes it's just that this flows better and climaxes well. Not sure everyone would enjoy the story as much as I do. They do most of the story through the narration I really enjoyed that but I can see how others might not. I've watched this one both dubbed and subbed and I must say that the dub isn't all that bad on this one. I don't know Japanese so I'd prefer the English versions of everything if it was well made, and this time I felt it was.
Ren was a lot more malleable in this one than others. So if you enjoy that that's a plus.
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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Anime) add
I was hoping for a new twist on an anime that is set on the MMORPG world. I got it, and at first I was excited at the possibilities of the story, but I still ended up with a lacklustre first half.

The story: (3/10)
The situation of the characters are explained right off the bat and I noticed that it is very similar to Sword Art Online and Overlord. This initially made me want to close the window and find another anime. However, I pushed through and by the end episode 2 I thought I found a unique masterpiece. Instead of having the story centred around an overpowered main character, I preferred seeing the growth of a group of characters. Definitely a new viewing experience for me.

But the magic wore off at the end of episode 3 and it only got worst as the series progressed. The pacing was too slow, and the repetitive encounters with the same monsters just wasn't doing it for me. I personally prefer a higher-than-average pacing would be best for 12 episode shows like Hai to Gensou Grimgar in order to showcase as much of the story as possible without getting the audience bored.

The art: (9/10)
The best aspect of this anime by far, has to be the art. When I first saw the characters I couldn't help but adore the art. The backgrounds and objects is well drawn. The character art for males is nice, they put some emphasis on the muscles [I'm a fudanshi] and the "physics" just seems right. By physics I mean, the physical strength displayed by the character and his body composition/frame. The female characters are also well-drawn.
The animation was also pretty decent.

Sound: (4/10)
The opening wasn't that nice, i felt like it was trying too hard to sound cool. The BGM's are decent though. The voices of the characters were alright, one really annoyed me though.

Character: (3/10)
1. A short-tempered, perverted, red-haired guy who complains and over-reacts about everything that happens. His voice is high-pitched and raspy.

2. A quiet, violet-haired girl who is overly modest and hides behind: 3. A Red-haired girl who's mature yet funny at the same time whenever: 4. A leader-type attractive guy approaches her.

5. A friendly giant.

and 6. A deep-voiced brown-haired guy who thinks a lot but doesn't say what's on his mind.

3 out of 6 character annoyed me which resulted in a poor viewing experience.

Enjoyment: (3/10)
Due to the annoying characters, slow pacing and repetitive tasks the characters were performing, I was not able to enjoy the show very well. I really liked the character art which resulted in a score of 3 instead of 2.

Overall: (4/10)
I think this anime would be nice to watch if you really had nothing to do. However, I would instead recommend that you clean your home as there was nothing that stood out, except the good art and the promising storyline that was destroyed really early in the series.
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Naruto (Anime) add
Naruto is one of those animes that is really well known has a huge following.

I've attempted to watch it for years but failed in a couple attempts. But thanks to netflix i have finally been able to watch the entire series. Well minus the filler i skipped those episodes.

The show starts out and i hated the lead character he was loud and annoying and seemed to repeat the same lines a ridiculous amount. As the show went i would say i had passing interest until around the episode 50 mark in the series.

The characters seemed to really start to develop around this point. In the chuein exam arc in particular. Naruto himself gradually became less annoying. Sakura slowly faded to the background before disapearing almost completly.

I found that supporting cast was actually moe likeable then the main cast. Kikashi was two scoops of awesome but their would be long spans of time he would completly disappear from the show. this would happen with pretty much everyone except Naruto.

One problem was that some fights would drag on way too long. One in particular that featured a character death took so long that the impact of this characters death was completly lost. This was something id call dbz syndrome where a character over explains their moves.

Another thing that came up alot is that it seemed during every battle a character would say "i have used up all of my chakra" or something around those lins it got to a ridiculous point that i joked about it with a friend.

I think what holds this series back is the fact that it drags things out too much. In the same way dragonball z did. The fights that are the most enjoyable are the more all out action fights. There were fights that did last multiple episodes that were fantastic like the last "main" fight of the series that the animators seemed to bring beyond their a game and during that series of episodes itself i would give a ten for the arc as things just looked beautiful.

The story had some great moments and if some things werent dragged out like i think that if the show were cut it half we probably wouldnt lose alot.

All in all i would recommend this show it may not live up to the hype some people give it but it does have its moments it is worth a viewing if you have the time i would suggest finding a filler list to skip filler episodes though.
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Kuroko's Basketball: Let's Chat is a nine minute DVD special that recaps part of season one, and the rest is random chaos played off as humor as the characters break the fourth wall and reference being in a "fan disc episode". Really, no one needs to see this. It doesn't even work as a full recap of season one because it's dropped after covering three matches, and the jokes based on characters' personalities have all been made before.

Every measure to save the animation budget has been taken, and whenever something interesting requiring a lot of movement is happening it's illustrated entirely through dialogue as we get a still image of outside the restaurant they're in or talking floating heads moving around on a blue background. Even completionists don't need to bother with this one. If this is something made for the fans then it's in poor taste to make them something so lame.
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Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Anime) add
If there's one thing I love about anime, it's Hayao Miyazaki's contribution to it. All of his movies are emotionally-gripping, but this one in particular will always be my favorite and it damn sure deserves all the love and praise it gets!

One of the first movies in the cinematic anime universe anyone should watch is the beloved Spirited Away. Even the name has a blissful ring to it. It captivates you from the get-go, just as the eerie breeze, "abandoned" amusement park, and questionable food captivates little Chihiro's parents in the very beginning.

Things sure do go bump in the night! As Chihiro begins to disappear, the fun, creepy, goofy, and intimidating spirits appear. That's when she meets the ever-so helpful Haku.

The mystery, the silent love, the visually-appealing scenes, the hope that Chihiro will remember who she is and make it home again, the... everything.

It's a fun little rollercoaster from start to finish and you can't help cheering the characters on. Though the ending is bittersweet, I dare you to try not to smile. Have you watched it yet? Your heart is happy, huh?

I give it a 10. You should, too. Who wouldn't? Let's be honest. Hayao Miyazaki, thank you for this film.
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No Game No Life (Anime) add
No Game No Life is a standout series, and its reputation as a hit was pretty much guaranteed from the start. A beautifully-animated adaptation of a light novel series full of crazy concepts and fanservice from Madhouse? Who wouldn't be up for that?

But while the series set itself up as a hit, did it make sure it was actually worthy of its reputation while doing so?

STORY (7/10):

No Game No Life has an entertaining concept: two NEET siblings who've never lost a game find themselves in a world where everything is decided on by games. However, parts of the story that are started are disappointingly left unfinished, and considering the series has yet to have a second season announcement, you're going to have to read the light novels to get any sort of conclusion as to what I considered the most fascinating part of the story.

ART (8/10):

This series has a very shiny look to it. Madhouse clearly put a lot of work into making sure this series looked really good and would capture people's attentions just based on the artwork alone.

SOUND (7/10):

I could take or leave the OP and ED, but if you are watching this series, you must absolutely watch the ED for episode 8. I can't spoil exactly why, but you will understand once you've finished the episode and be impressed by the special effort placed into making something a lot of people would end up skipping.


The area where I have the most issues with No Game No Life has to be the characters. Sora is borderline unlikable, considering how full of himself and full of random knowledge at times that are convenient to the plot he seems to be for a NEET.

Shiro is a decent character, but I wish there was more focus on her character development throughout, and not just her breasts and panties (especially considering she's 11). The series spent a lot of time with Steph, but never seemed to use her as much other then a butt monkey.

I found myself preferring the minor characters in the series, such as the lovable heterosexual(?) life partners Chlammy and Fiel, charming underling with the most oddly entrancing eyes I've ever seen in anime Jibril, and child god we don't see enough of Tet.


My enjoyment of No Game No Life I'd have to say peaked at episode 6, with the series' most creative game and introduction of a great character. That episode alone deserves a 9 or a 10. The rest of the 'games' and events throughout were hit-or-miss for me. Some of the comedy was decent, while other times it fell flat.

OVERALL (7/10):

In conclusion, No Game No Life has its flaws, but will likely be an enjoyable watch to anyone as a whole despite these flaws. It's very good at keeping the viewer entertained and is designed to make you want to watch another episode immediately after you've finished one.


CONTENT ADVISORY: Lots of sexual comedy and moderate ecchi, though no R-rated details ever read more
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Naruto (Anime) add
Naruto, Naruto, Naruto.

This show gets a lot of hate and a lot of praise; rarely anything in between. I can understand both sides, if we're being honest here. This show is WAY overhyped, I will admit. Do I hate it? No. Do I love it? Almost ashamed to admit it.

I think this show was the first show I actually watched the American premier and stuck with it after all these years. At first, I preferred the American version to the Japanese because I hated reading subtitles, but now I prefer the Japanese, only because some characters' voices are "slightly" less irritating. But both are fine.

Character-wise: Wow, where to begin? The characters in this show are ridiculously dramatic: tragic pasts, bad choices because of them, familial issues, blah blah blah. But despite their bitter attitudes, the main character, Uzumaki Naruto, somehow manages to change people's points of view almost every time without fail with his famous "speeches". Now I, personally, have never been in a fight, but I'm not sure any super villains will just stand around and watch you make a speech while wallowing in your own self-pity. Everyone eventually becomes obsessed with Naruto and after all those years of Naruto wishing everyone would like him, he ends up not giving a flying *$&^! Wanna know why? Uchiha Sasuke.

Plot-wise: Yikes, Masashi Kishimoto, what have you done to Naruto? To your fans? To yourself? I think Kishimoto has enough plot holes to use as graves for every single Naruto character ever. But do fans turn the other cheek? Always. Why? Because we're so deep into this thing, why question anything now? Just shrug it off and wait for the next eye-roller he dishes out.

The worst thing about this show? You guessed it! FILLERS ON FILLERS ON FILLERS ON FILLERS ON... Well, you get it. Need I say more?

Yes, I'm bashing the ever-living daylight out of this show, but as I said before, I don't hate it. To be honest, I'll always hold a special place in my heart for Naruto. Yeah, yeah, corny, I know. Would I recommend it? I'd be too ashamed to. I'd tell you to run the other way immediately before you get sucked it.

And still, I rate it a 7. I've been with it from the beginning and I saw it through the end.
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Unpopular opinion: First FMA series is better than Brotherhood.

Sorry, everyone. It started off good, but then I became blatantly bored. It aimed towards younger audiences than the first series in my opinion.

News flash: Just because it follows the manga, doesn't mean it's better than the first anime series. And it's not. It had a lot of childish comedy, which is usually no big deal, but I was annoyed. Some of the characters that were in Brotherhood really bothered me. Guess I preferred the "Seven Deadly" Homunculi in the first series to this one as well.

While I will admit, this ending made my heart happy wayyyyyyyyyyyy more than the first, it's still not my favorite. Honestly, if they had combined the first series storyline with Brotherhood's ending: MASTERPIECE. Anyway, not terrible. FMA will always be one of my favorite stories, just not the one I prefer. I would still recommend watching Brotherhood to anyone and I still give it a good score because it was a good series.
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The school bell rings and another session starts! Korosensei returns to Class-E to begin his lessons with a second season. While watching this anime I cannot help to remember my school days as an assassin. Yup, that’s what Assassination classroom is all about: students of Class-E are assassins in the making and their target is their homeroom teacher, Korosensei. If Class-E fails to kill their teacher by the end of the year, they will all say good-bye to the earth because Korosensei will destroy it.

Story: 9
The wild hunt continues as Korosensei still tries to avoid his students’ traps as they become more ingenious causing him to reveal more of his so rare weaknesses. It shows more creativity from the author’s behalf already coming up with such a unique story.
However, slipping a bit from the assassination of Korosensei, light is given to the bond that is being formed by the students and their teacher. It has definitely lightened the mood since season 1 focused primarily on the traps and gimmicks on trying to defeat Korosensei. Despite that the story still remains fascinating and is worth

Character: 9
Throughout the time period of the first season, the anime had little focus on the characters’ backgrounds as it was only an introduction of the class. However, it is evident that the second season has more to it than continuing the teacher hunt. Season 2 has begun focusing on each character individually demonstrating their strong points and in which ways it could benefit the assassination. It’s nice continuing the friendly vibe of how Class-E gets together.

Art: 8
The characters are quite distinguishable and the colors used are vivid and vibrant. Really eye-catching.

Sound: 9
The Opening theme was an excellent choice “QUESTION” by 3-nen E-gumi Utatan that also did the first opening in season 1. Such a childlike theme in the first one but this one is more different, it’s almost as if the show has gotten more mature.

I am really enjoying this anime; it gives me memories of how it was back then when I was a student. If only that teacher wouldn’t have been boring and would have been more amusing like the one in Assassination Classroom. It would be a hell of a great time!
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Katte ni Kaizou (Anime) add
Hey folks, this will be a review for Katte ni Kaizou. Ah another splendid shaft anime. Honestly this one is pretty wacky and I missed out on a lot of the jokes. This ones might be a bit challenging for people who are not aware of Japanese culture.

There really isn't a story. Our story revolves around club full of weirdos who spend most of the anime being weird in some way. That' the best I can do to summarize it. The anime is skit based, which means it runs through a small joke or idea then moves onto the next idea. Each episode generally contains two or more skits. At the start of the anime I couldn't stop laughing, the pool episode had me in stitches for awhile. However about episode 4 out of 6 I had a hard time following the action and ultimately enjoyed the anime a little less.

The art is done by shaft so it is obviously the best it can be. The soundtrack was decent, nothing really to write home about.

The characters were fun and made the comedy crazy and fun. Katsu, Kaizou is our main male lead. Kaizou believes he is a cyborg and must fight random beings. He has all kinds of delusions and odd friends that you meet through the show. Natori, Umi is some kind crazy girl that loves pain and death. She is so odd that she often is banned from activities and areas because of how she acts. Tsubouchi, Chitan is Kaizou's underling, and is there purely to be used as a punching bag. Saien, Suzu is the cool headed doctor girl who is supposed to build and upgrade Kaizou. There are some characters that we see every now and then but mostly this is the group you will see every episode.

I enjoyed this anime a lot. I wish it was a bit longer so they could have gone into the characters. When you stop being apart of the jokes it lost a little charm, because the jokes were the primary focus. That's about all you can say about this anime I think. Its pretty funny and it only has 6 episodes so give it a watch.
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Osomatsu-san (Anime) add
I did not watch the original and never know of it until the first episode. I tried it out and never regret it. I watch almost 50% of top 100 animes on here and the current spot for this anime is quite low, which is a bummer and confusing for me as to why it is. I thought this is really popular in Japan and internationally right now. This show have very unique humor and the art is cute. Opening songs are some of the best I like. The second opening is like an ear worm for me right now. The first episode can compare to Gintama on how it have parody of other animes. Each episodes is humor about brother interaction. If you like Gintama or Daily Lives of High School Boys, this should be enjoyable.
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I saw the originally FMA that came out in 2003 and I loved it. However, I loved this version even more. Although I've never read the anime, this one was supposed to be more based off of it. The first one ended in a strange way for my tastes and although I have yet to finish brotherhood, I'm bracing myself for an epic end. Everything about this series is good. From the artwork to the development of the characters. We see them grow and have to make tough decisions throughout the story as they debate whether their original goal is worth pursing over the greater good. Even if you haven't watched much anime, you won't be able to help loving this one.

Another thing I like about this series is that there are few filler episodes, and even the ones that could be classified as filler, seem to benefit the story in some way.
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12 hours ago
Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (Anime) add
Probably one of my favorite anime's in this genre. I haven't read the manga, but there were many aspects that I enjoyed. Most of all, I liked the characters. Although it may have some typical relationship dynamics, the way the main character evolves over the series from suppressing her feelings, to revealing them little by little is good. However, it's one of the sticking points as well as it seems progress is made, but then she'll basically regress to stage one. A little bit of a disappointment there, but that seems fairly typical. I also really enjoyed the artwork and animation which is a must for me because even with a good story line I find it hard to watch an Anime if the artwork is poor. The story line itself is okay, but could probably be better. But all in all, I really enjoyed. Just wish they would make more episodes.
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Prince of Stride: Alternative (Anime) add
I am going to try and be helpful since this is currently airing and is airing on a pretty accessible platform (Funimation). Prince of Stride has such a kickass sport. The sport is running in the streets like a quasi-stunt person in a relay style, with perfectly timed “passing of the baton” communicated by a Relationer.

The art style:

It’s borderline blinding but makes the sport itself cooler by a factor of 100. As edgy it may look, it puts the show into a “this is ridiculous and can’t be taken seriously” territory.

The characters:

I guess a huge plus is that none of the characters seems to have annoying tendencies, but these characters can be summed up fairly easily too: they seem nice. With the rushed backstory and introductions, it can’t be helped that they feel one dimensional.

The story:

We have teams that run in a relay fashion with a Relationer who ultimately connects each of them. However the basics and techniques of the sport are never explained. I appreciate that the show tried to add some soul into running, but then it’s weak writing from there. For example, when we learn the reason why Kyosuke lost the right to be a member of the Stride club and his dark past- the reason was lame. This was made worse when it took like five minutes of the episode for Heath to man up, to give a supposedly deep speech, and for Kyosuke to join the club again. Zero tension built. I didn't even have time to be sad, haha.

The runs:

Only the two main characters have characteristic running styles, but everyone else? They. just. run.

The music:

The music score is comparable to elevator music- without it there would probably be some very awkward silences and even drier conversations.


Despite all I’ve said, I realize this was adapted from a game so expectations must be low. Is it totally watchable? Yes, yes it is. I can see this as something for guilty pleasure. I mean if the guys and nice/easy music are what you like- then whatever makes your fries crisp! That’s probably enough of a reason to watch, why not!
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Charlotte (Anime) add
When I first read the synopsis for this show, it instantly piqued my interest. It reminded me of another series by Key and PA Works, Angel Beats. While I didn't necessarily like Angel Beats because of reasons that you can probably find in a different review of mine, I was sure that PA Works would learn their lesson and fix the problems that Angel Beats had. The result.....was something even worse.

Story: 3/10

Where to begin. I will try to spoil as little as possible so bare with me. So the best way to describe the "Story" is to split it into 3 parts. The first 6 episodes, and the last 6 episodes. Episode 7 will get its own section. We start off with our MC, Yuu, who is surprisingly, not a cliche goody too shoes, but an asshole. He has the power to take over somebodies body for about 5 second intervals, which he uses to abuse his way to popularity, high grades and even attempting to win over a girl. You know he is a dick when his plan calls for him putting his crush in a life or death situation just to get her attention. So after this all occurs, he is suddenly confronted by a strange girl from a different school, Nao. She tells him that she knows what he is up to and blackmails him into transferring schools. This new school is for kids like him, with powers. Nao recruits him to the Student Council where he and the other members, have the job of finding other people with powers, and persuading them to never use said power again. This is basically the first 6 episodes. Their quality ranges from enjoyable, to down right boring. They all seem standalone and there is even a Baseball episode, cause you know, anything written by Jun Maeda has to have some evidence of his probably unhealthy Baseball fetish. Then, we hit a big high point in the story. Episode 7, which follows Yuu as he runs around on his own, being as Emo as possible due to the events in the previous episode. An event so bizarre that it had me laughing when it was trying to be sad. You know that isn't a good sign. This is by far the best episode of Charlotte, because it shows a return to Yuu being a dark character, instead of just becoming generic as soon as he joins the student council. It even leads to some great character interaction between both Yuu and Nao. Too bad that is short lived, because the 2nd half of the show just goes downhill. The story tried its hardest to have a Steins;Gate time travel plot, introducing a bunch of new characters that never get a enough screen time for you to care about them. They even go so far read more
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Kuroko no Basket: Baka ja Katenai no yo! (Anime) add
Man, why are there so many Kuroko's Basketball specials? Unlike the more popular DVD specials, Kuroko's Basketball: An Idiot Can't Win came with the 25th volume of the manga but adapts a story from the 5th volume. So we have a weird case where the special takes place way earlier in the chronology than where the actual anime series was.

The Seirin High basketball team is in trouble: ace player Kagami is so incredibly stupid that he's at risk for placing in the bottom 100 of the preliminary exam participants. But the preliminary exams don't actually affect grades. The problem? Students in the bottom 100 are forced to take a weekend study course that's conveniently scheduled during the inter-high basketball championships.

Thus begins the arduous task of getting a student who averages like 10% to be a top 200 student. The whole Seirin team volunteers to help tutor Kagami because they know they'll need him in the upcoming matches. Meanwhile, short scenes show Kise and Midorima's own problems with the practice exams.

So, as you can imagine this special doesn't elaborate on important relationships or past history like Tip Off or Can We Do That One More Time?. It's more of a comedy/slice of life thing, but the story premise is too shallow to be worthy of a full-sized episode. Primarily because the actual progression of the plot is obvious and redundant. Kagami's dumb and keeps failing at questions his teammates ask him, but we already know partially due to the time this was released and common sense that he overcomes it all in the end just in time. A lot of the same gags stretched out through the whole thing, character details we aren't interested in like which academic subject each one specializes in, and nothing relevant to the main storyline. Nothing likely to make you appreciate it more either. Seirin's team support helps Kagami pass but it's the main theme beaten down throughout the whole series in more substantial ways.

I really don't recommend this to anyone but the hardcore fans most desperate for any additional Kuroko's Basketball. It's not an embarrassingly humored watch or even that boring, just totally unnecessary. You'd need a very high attachment to the characters to appreciate it any more than that, and if you ask me the characters weren't a strong suit of the series. If you want to watch this, I recommend at least watching it when it takes place chronologically (after the match with Midorima), since that'll probably make it feel slightly more important to the overarching storyline. That'll make it an easier watch and some decent downtime between the next match.
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I watched Anohana right after Clannad, which I watched right after Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. Needless to say, I basically just watched three incredibly tear-jerking anime all in a row. I would not recommend doing that, but I say it to say that if you want to ball your eyes out and get your heart ripped out of your body, this is definitely a show for you. Anohana ended up being an extremely enjoyable anime for me with well balanced drama, great characters, and a fantastic ending. I don't think everyone will love this show as much as I did, but if you love the qualities listed above, I think you will. If you still aren't sure though, let me go into further detail.

Art/Animation- Anohana was animated by A-1 Pictures and I think that they did a very good job. Though it isn't outstanding, everything is still very pretty and aesthetically pleasing. Characters and objects moved smoothly and naturally and nothing looked out of place. Lighting was very pretty as well. I don't have much bad to say about the animation and art. It may not have been outstanding but it was very pretty.

Story- Anohana was not based on any source material and I really like that. The story felt more original and wasn't held back by having to stay true to a source, allowing the creators for more freedom. The story in a nutshell is about a boy and his group of friends who were separated after the death of a childhood friend. This friend, Menma, returns as a ghost who only the main character, Jintan, can see. He has to grant Menma's wish and knows that it has to do with bringing the old group back together. This was really nice and original. I thought it had potential to be rather generic, but it was quite the opposite. I really loved how it dug into how Menma's death deeply affected each member of the cast, leading to some very heartfelt and emotional moments. I really loved the story for this anime. It felt original and was entertaining yet personal. Of course, the characters also helped push the wonderful story forward, so lets get to them.

Characters- I loved the cast as a whole, except for two characters who, while I didn't dislike, didn't love either. I'll start with the good. Jintan was the leader of his group of friends. He was once outgoing and charismatic but Menma's death turned him into a shut-in who refused to even go to school. He came off as a bit bland at times but still had some depth and we could see how much he truly loved and treasured his childhood, especially memories of Menma. Menma herself was very pleasant to see on screen. She had the body of a 15 year old but the mind of a young girl. She was very cute, but extremely kind and caring. She loved everybody in her old group and wished so read more
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Yesterday, 4:46 PM
Canaan (Anime) add
I found this show entirely by chance, and I have to say that I'm glad I did. I won't waste your time telling you the set-up of the story; I'll just get right into it. Canaan is one of those shows that may not necessarily grab you on the first episode (not because it's boring, mind you), which I know can be a turn-off for a lot of people. But if you stay with it, I think it'll grow on you. First off, the story is intriguing; it doesn't take long for them to delve into the plot, and this is already a plus seeing as so many shows out there love to fill the runtime with pointless nonsense. (I don't count character development in this category.) Once you get a taste for what the story's about, even though you don't have all the pieces yet, it'll pull you in. On another note, they do a decent job wrapping up most if not all loose ends by the final episode, and to me personally it didn't feel rushed. I understood what was happening the entire time, even without prior exposure to the game the show's scenario was based on. (I don't know much about it, though.) I'm sure that some people out there would say that it's rushed or confusing, so the best advice I can give is to pay close attention. At the same time, don't expect a masterpiece; the plot has some original aspects, but it's not the best one I've ever seen. That isn't to say it's not awesome, though.
As for the art, I have to tip my hat to the animators. For a 2009 anime, this was extremely well done. The fight scenes were enjoyable and well-executed. While the style and coloring isn't in itself novel, the character designs are still appealing. I especially enjoyed Canaan's design, as well as her coloring. She contrasted well with Alphard, the main antagonist, which I believe was intentional. (If so, kudos to the designers.)
I don't have a lot to say about the sound, other than the fact that the opening is awesome. I like the ending theme too, but it's nothing special. The background music didn't stand out to me, which I guess is a good thing depending on how you look at it. If you get distracted easily by catchy background music during fight scenes, then you have nothing to worry about. I hardly remember it. On second thought, there was one thing that stood out: the final scenes of the show. I don't know the song that played, but it made my heart ache while I was listening to it. Coupled with the ending scenes, it really made for a memorable exit. (This is more a matter of personal taste.)
The characters are one of the most vital parts in any show, and Canaan is no exception. I predict that many people will call the characters cliche (at least some of them), but I don't see it. read more
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Yesterday, 4:26 PM
Ao Haru Ride (Anime) add
To be honest, I can recognize that Ao Haru Ride is pretty cheesy and extremely cliche. However, it is my guilty pleasure.

I was very unsure of this anime during the first episode because the main female character has an annoying voice and the main male was kind of lame, but he definitely changes into a much better character! (Can't say the same for her annoying voice).

The storyline isn't original and definitely not surprising. The way the main characters argue and how they always just "happen" to run into each other is pretty ridiculous.

I think if I didn't like the main male character so much, I wouldn't have watched this show, but he definitely made the show entertaining.

I probably wouldn't recommend this show to most people, but for those looking for a corny romantic time-killer, this is the show for you! Not sure if they're renewing for another season, but if you want to know the ending, you'll have to follow up the last episode with the manga.
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Yesterday, 4:21 PM
Fullmetal Alchemist (Anime) add
One of the first anime I ever watched and forever one of my favorites. Fullmetal Alchemist makes you feel for the characters and hooks you onto the storyline.

Although steers away from the original manga, the way this story is portrayed is amazing and I genuinely prefer it to Brotherhood. It's a bit darker and the ending breaks your heart. Even the movie that follows never completely mends it.

The characters are great. The two main brothers have a bond like no other and the allies they gain along the way are just as admirable. Even the villains are likable.

The way the creator brings alchemy to life is what makes this anime one of a kind. I love this anime and would recommend it to everyone. It's truly worth it.
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Yesterday, 4:19 PM
Dimension W (Anime) add
This anime comes off as being pretty generic; a poor man's Darker than Black (not that surprising considering they share the same writer). You have your badass hero who fights using knives and ropes, with a troubled past currently working for some shady organization, living in a world that was shaped by some sci-fi phenomenon in the past, yet the hero is in some way against that new world order. Sound familiar? It should if you've watched Darker than Black.

The heroine is a robot who feels emotions and emphasizes that she is a real girl (guess where I've seen something like that before). Also, they gave the her the futuristic equivalent of bunny ears and a tail, for all your fan service needs. You see her pretty almost naked in the very first episode, which gives you some idea of one of the reasons this character exists.

The art and animation is really, really nice. Probably the best part about the anime. The music was nothing special. Don't really feel strongly about it. Makes use of electro and dubstep like many of the newer anime.

This is my first impression. If you plan on watching it, wait until it's over and there are reviews and ratings judging the entirety of the show. The show isn't boring, it is fast paced, and I didn't dislike the show that much, I just felt very.... underwhelmed, and find nothing novel in this show, which probably has a lot to do with the fact that I've watched Darker than Black (referred to from now on as DTB). Personally, I won't be picking it up even when it's over, there are much better shows to spend time on. Given my first impression and its planned length, I don't expect much from it. In other words, watch DTB, because watching this anime means you won't enjoy DTB as much than if you watched DTB first, and DTB is a show that has already finished airing and was very well received. If you've already watched DTB, and you don't like the same thing being done again, only worse, then you won't like this show.
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Mahou Shoujo Isuka (Anime) add
Pre-review TLDR:
More examples of pixy studios animating lilith soft's eroges and doing a pretty good job at it. Pretty great show especially because it's a lilith soft-made mahou shoujo-type hentai so expect the common elements present among them and yes it's pretty hardcore.

The good:

* The characters. They're pretty lovable and interesting for a hentai show, especially their interactions with each other even if it they are pretty generic. Character designs are also pretty neat.

* The scenes. Plenty of them across the 3episodes even if they aren't hardcore-level, it's still definitely not for people who can't handle non-vanilla. Fights are also pretty nice even if they aren't much.

* The plot. The plot's pretty interesting. It doesn't really go to much besides what's already been what the bad guys were planning since the beginning but at least it ends in a better note than just having girls mind broken for all eternity.

* The ending. I didn't exactly expect it to end that way and the last scene(not the after-credits) was actually pretty nice and definitely added to my fascination with the characters.

The bad:

* It's not quite there yet. I'll admit the scenes were plentiful and good but it's not quite there yet. It sort of falls short in the hardcore department in terms of intensity of how the scenes are portrayed, and didn't quite focus much on the futa and hypnotism department, which could've been great but this is just a small gripe.

* It's not for everyone. Though that's pretty much for all mahou shoujo-type hentai.

Thing that might turn you off:
Mind break

Final Verdict:

I really enjoyed this one and the plot was pretty engaging too. Had a lot of potential and ever so slightly fell short. As with most mahou-shoujo hentai, it gets pretty intense with the scenes and might turn off a lot of people. But for those that it doesn't will more or less enjoy this one.
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Yesterday, 4:08 PM
InuYasha (Anime) add
I have noticed this anime's reception is very black and white. You either love it or you hate it. You consider it a classic or just a ridiculous show that premiered in the middle of the night.

For me, it's a classic. I watched it when I was very young, and I love, love, love it to this day. The storyline is fun. Even when it steers from the original plot, the fillers aren't even horrible (compared to shows like Naruto). They're light and entertaining.

As far as the characters go, I enjoy them. None of the characters really got on my nerves. No extremely annoying voices or quirks and it's pretty hard to pick favorites.

It can get slightly tedious and frustrating considering how long the show ran, but coming from someone who has re-watched this twice, it's a good one to pass the time.
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Yesterday, 4:01 PM
Gintama° (Anime) add
When I first started off with Gintama, I had no "hopes" for it, or more like I didn't expect anything form it, since my friend had recommended it to me because I wanted something /funny/. Well...I went for it thinking it was all gags, and bizarre plot going on. The episode tittles made it seem like a joke of an anime...UNTIL,,, well no "until" doesn't really happen with Gintama. It does have a wonderful plot, and the fact that there aren't many fillers to the anime, it's awesome. And the fillers being hilarious! I came to make Gintama my favorite anime up to now. it hasn't disappointed me, and where things are going im sure it won't. It is funny, and when I less expected it, it hit me hard in the feels...because it just get's better and's beautiful OH GOD!
happy watching and reading!
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Yesterday, 4:01 PM
Deadman Wonderland (Anime) add
Deadman Wonderland is pretty short-lived. I have only ever seen the anime, never the manga, so I don't know if the manga was just as bland.

The biggest problem I had with this anime was the main character. His whining was irritating, but his constant, excruciating screaming was enough to make me want to slam my computer shut. Seriously. I watched this show in English I think, and maybe it was just the english voice actor, but man, oh, man. Terrible.

The storyline was honestly whatever. That's the only word I can use to describe it. It was nothing special. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, but hey, to each his own.
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Yesterday, 3:53 PM
Death Note (Anime) add
This is one of the best psychological thrillers out there.

It sucks you in right off the bat and when the two main characters pit themselves up against each other, you feel as though you're right in the middle of them. It really stimulates your mind and even when you think you're one step ahead of the characters, they knock you backwards.

Towards the end, it fell slightly short in some episodes, but nevertheless, a truly fantastic piece of art! I almost NEVER re-watch anime, but I have done so with this one 3 times over.

The two main characters are definitely two of my favorites ever and make the show worth watching.
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Yesterday, 3:00 PM
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Anime) add

To start this off, I would like to comment on the other individuals who claim this anime is poorly written because the anime has yet to "take off". It's only episode 4, and unlike EVERY OTHER adventure anime, this one is actually building a real storyline instead of jumping straight into the action. With that being said, I will continue.

The anime starts off similar to that of every other fantasy anime in the past few years. Six main protagonist (along with other people) find themselves in a new world, with no idea of who they are or where they came from. However, unlike other anime's these characters actually struggle to make a living and so the plot thickens.
The story is a little slow, I will admit. However, it is a specific type of slow. Similar to the "slow" of Shin Sekai-Yori. A little happens here, a little happens there, and the BOOM. Everything just changes.
This anime really tells the tale of what would really happen if six people just like you and me were swept up into a world of fantasy. It gives a different tale on the typical medieval fantasy anime. However, if you are an individual who just wants a hack and slash with an unbelievably strong main character this anime will not be for you.
This anime is similar to SOA (Season 1) .Hack, Kono Sabarashi (new one also currently airing). This anime is going along very methodically and I expect great things from it.
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (Anime) add
Spoiler free review.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you do a parody anime.
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo (usually shortened as KonoSuba) is a light novel series by Natsume Akatsuki that parodies the "trapped in another world" type of stories you're probably well familiarized with such as Sword Art Online and No Game No Life. Instead of our protagonist exploring this new world, forming a competent party and becoming a certified badass his new life instead turns out the to be the opposite of what he intended for: he starts out with nothing, is partnered with a useless companion and the rest of his party are absolutely incompetent at what they specialize in; and it's hilarious.

Story: 7/10
Kazuma Satou a high school NEET dies in an accident (the circumstances behind are hilarious) and is brought to the afterlife and is given a choice by a goddess by the name of Aqua: go to heaven, or get sent to a another world to defeat the Demon King. Naturally as a gamer he ends up choosing the choice to be reborn in a fantasy world and somehow ends up dragging a goddess with him along. Now he must live in this new world along with Aqua, form a party and go on adventures with the end goal of defeating the Demon King.

Art: 7/10
The art has much to be desired. However, Studio Deen's art and animation surprisingly fit this type of show surprisingly well! In my opinion it greatly adds to the humour of the story as it goes well with the slapstick style of humour the show relies on. The character designs look great and are very appealing, especially Megumin's!

Sound: 8/10
The opening and ending songs are great and fit the mood of the show well. At first I had problems with Kazuma's voice but as the show progressed I got used to it and now think it fits him absolutely wonderful because of how often he is a deadpan snarker! The other voices fit the other characters well, Darkness and Megumin's voice actors stand out to me because their antics are what elicits a laugh from me the most.

Character: 9/10
Probably my favourite aspect of KonoSuba, although I won't go into too much details on it because I find it more fun to find out on your own how actually messed up each member of Kazuma's party is.

We of course have Kazuma Satou a NEET who is reborn into a fantasy world and chooses the Adventurer class. This guy plays the straight man to his party's antics.
Aqua is a goddess who despite actually acting high and mighty is actually rather stupid and becomes reliant on Kazuma more than she admits when they are transported to another world. She chooses the Arch Priest class and often gets on Kazuma's nerves.
Megumin is a chuunibyou like Arch Wizard who specializes in Explosion magic. She later joins Kazuma's party.
Darkness is a masochist Crusader who also later joins Kazuma's party.

These characters and their antics will make you laugh; guaranteed.

Enjoyment: read more
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Yesterday, 2:33 PM
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (Anime) add
Well I'm not an expert but here goes,

The episodes keep getting funnier and funnier without becombing cringeworthy or dull, I have never seen anything I found funnier and I think it's the first time i laughed aloud at an anime. The art is absolutely beautiful, the charictors are infinitely better than some of the normal typical harem rubbish that seems to be plagueing many of the repetitive highschool anime but the story can be slightly lacking (so far from what I've seen) but if you don't take youself too seriously you will really enjoy this anime. And yes I know it looks like another SAO at first glance but it really isn't once you get going.

Overall just give it a go if you want something funny and not too serious.
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Yesterday, 2:18 PM
Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
Well would you look at that. Six weeks in and Erased is already the seventh highest scored anime on MAL. So might as well jump in the hype train and write an early review and start it off with a pun. Ahem, I guess they should have Erased the first draft instead of green lighting it. But seriously, why does every one keep saying this series will never be “Erased” from their mind. Everyone’s going to eventually jump onto another hype train, leaving this one barren. And even if you do remember this ten years down the line than man, your life must be uneventful. But I digress, I thought it would be a good idea to jump on the hate train for erased, primarily because it has reached offensive levels of bad. So let us see why this is the greatest anime ever, until the next “Masterpiece” comes around.

You all know the plot, just scroll up. So what is so wrong with the plot? The writing. So the story deals with time resets, and the main problem with time resets is that it renders everything mute. Anything you do can be changed. “but the resets are random!” I can hear you say, and that makes it even worst. The fact that they're random gives the protagonist even less of a reason for caring. Hell, in the very first episode he mentioned that when ever he saves someone, someone else always ends up dead. For example, when the main character goes back in time and decides to save the token loli, even if he would have saved her, another girl would have been abducted. This fact should render any motivation mute. But no, if that happened we wouldn't have this now would we. But time resets, is a tool used by lazy writers to not have to put as much work, because you make a huge mess and pretend like it never happened. And its not just the resets that make the writing lazy, its also how everything is handled, in a unsubtle and lackluster manner. Overall, Erased's plot is lazy.

The characters also honor the writer's incompetence. Satoru is a bland, uninteresting, and generic protagonist who might also be a pedophile, both of his crushed are under aged. Meanwhile the token loli is of the special “victim of domestic violence” type. None of the characters presented thus far have had time to develop, nor do they have any real, story given reason to do anything. Basically everyone's a plot device. I want to go on a little rant for a second now: why the hell did satoru run when he found his mom's body?! He sees his moms body, freaks out, the neighbor freaks out, then he freaks out even more, then he runs. Okay, lets say that he wasn't thinking strait at the time, after having calmed down why didn't he go to the cops and explain what happen. What's the worst that could happen, he'll have read more
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Himouto! Umaru-chan (Anime) add
As I have seen that there are a lot of really bad reviews of Himouto out there, I decided to write one explaining why I thoroughly enjoyed the series - though I “only” gave it a 7.
Apart from all the nonsense and typical anime jokes there were things in the end that I convinced me this is actually a good series! Out of many reasons I liked about it I will pick out two that stuck with me. This review is also for people who already watched Himouto, but if you are unsure about whether you should watch it, I hope I can convince you to do so.

Have your ever read an old Shakespeare comedy? If you haven't, you should. I you have, you will know that disguising as some other person plays a major role throughout these stories. A lord's daughter dresses up as a guy, a lord dresses up as a commoner...
In Himouto we also have that element: the main character assumes different roles and acts differently in front of various people. Granted, they fail to realise who she really is. Many people may denounce this as a cheap, lazy and above all nonsensical plot device. But hey, Shakespeare got away with it over 400 years ago - the people loved it, it was great fun. So why should an anime that's primarily about providing nonsensical fun not be allowed to do it? I can admit that I really liked it and thought it was pretty cool when I noticed that Shakespeare connection - you can’t beat sounding all educated and smart :D
Secondly, the feels. No, not the ones that make you cry in romance animes if you have a weak spot for that sort of thing. More like the relationship between the characters being shown in a subtle way through small gestures. Most negative reviews go on about how Umaru is this unlikable brat who acts awful towards her brother. I would argue that her extreme spoiledness is just for the sake of comedy (who’d have thought :D). But - you will see her actual personality shining through quite a lot: she really cares about her brother! Notice how she cherishes presents he got for her or how upset she gets when something seems to be wrong with him. This is also the case for the relationships between the other characters. I'm not going to go into detail here but it’s all very well made and will leave a smile on your face while also making you really care about them and their stories.
At the end of the day it's not a perfect series but one well worth watching if you like comedy and slice of life animes.


catchy, perfect opening
boring ending
music throughout the episodes fits the story well, sometimes a little bland, some nice themes


great & cute animation of Chibi Umaruuu~ :D
Nothing surprising, outstanding or special but still good


Nothing new or exciting but very well executed with some nice ideas
Comedy is not “rolling-on-the-floor-choking-from-laughter-level” (for that, go read more
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Aldnoah.Zero (Anime) add
I might be one of the few that actually liked this anime. I have been searching this n the net, and not to few liked this series, they hated it.
But. Why did I liked it, why do I tell you, that haven't seen this yet, to see it?
Because its worth it.

The story is reaaaly enjoyable, its one of those anime that is rare to find, because even the main character is likeable (not to many these days imo).
And its not your usual fairytale series.

The story is all in the summary about the series, just read it there. But I will go over point after point about the whole anime.

Story: 8/10
The story is really interesting, not new, but enjoyable and tells a good story.
A story about peace between worlds, but a war breaks, what will the two faction do. Sort of. The pacing seems ok, but at some part, yes, it does get a little slow.
And when I heard the series got a 2nd, I was thinking "How will the story still be interesting up until the final", but they did a good job making it interesting tbh.

Art: 8/10
The Art was really good, it isnt "Ufotable" animation, but I dont think their animation would do this anime justice because "Ufotables" animation is really good, but suits fantasy storytelling better then Mecha, action genres.
The running, walking and other emotions the characters was showing (etc. holding, running, walking, combat etc. etc) was really fluently.

Sound: 7/10
The first season really did overuse some soundtrack, I feelt that alot of songs were overplayed a couple of times, especially the ending song was played inbetween interesting parts and whatnot. They weren't bad songs, on the contrary, they were awesome songs, but overused and overplayed unfortunately.

Characters: 7/10

The characters in this series served their purpose, either they were really good, or really annoying, don't think I actaully hated or thought a character didn't belong to the series at all, all characters found their place and executed their role perfectly. There were SOME characters that were annoying OR shallow, but they served their purpose either way.
Ofcourse I have some favorite characters of the series, like Inaho, Slaine, Rayett and ever his older sister Yuki Kaizuka was likeable.

Enjoyment: 9/10

This is a section I am like "whot?" and has to really think what I want to be put here. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Why? I like Mecha. I do concider this a mecha series. Not all agree, but it is actually. And one of my favorite as well. The reason why I rate this series as high as I can, is because this series doenst use Lolis or typical character characteristics etc. It is a fairly good series, that is serious, that doesn't involve lolis, extreme facial expression etc. It wants to be takes seriously and it is takes seriously.

Overall: 8/10

The series is really good, and is to be watched by seinen, mecha or action fanatics because read more
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
This series is fantastic! One of the best mystery anime series ever made, if you haven't watched it yet what are you waiting for? Go and watch it!!!

Story - 10/10
Story is confusing at first but it improves episode by episode. Such a deep, rich plot with complex characters and shocking twists/i don't wanna spoil some important things/
In short this anime hit the most important aspects of a good mystery.

Sound - 10/10
Opening and ending songs were magnificent from many aspects. They predict the whole show, such a marvelous foreshadowing.
The sound is very detailed in every point of the episode, the voice actors were extremely talented as well. Not to mention this show has great soundtracks.

Animation - 10/10
Its pure eyecandy. Visual effects and backgrounds were top notch. The character design was unique and cool.

Characters - 10/10
As i said before, this show has complex characters. They are all unique, realistic and likeable. Each of them has the personality and motives, even though only 5 episodes aired the main characters already have developed.

Enjoyment - 10/10
This show hit me on a personal level that no anime have done before. Cannot wait for next episodes. Every episodes were addicting as hell.

If you like mystery stories, you will love Bone dake ga inai machi. Believe in me who believes in you!
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Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu. (Anime) add
Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. Simply to say, super sentai (origin of power rangers). No, I'm serious. Maybe. Maybe not.

But the style of having three super powered girls reminded me of it. Not to mention, they're able to merge their weapons together. (Sorry for the semi-spoiler.) Now here's a bit of a twist. One of the girls is a twin-tail lover whose a guy. One thing I didn't like about this fact is that one guy (aka Souji) with a bunch of girls equals harem (a small one but nonetheless a harem).

One more twist is, the anime is not about protecting humanity. It's about protecting humanity's love of twin-tails. It was something new to me, something I haven't seen before. An anime revolved around the power of twin-tails.

The story-line is very straightforward and generic. If you have watched Super Sentai/Power Rangers, the story-line goes about the same. Defeating one enemy every episode till you reach the final boss. However, the comedy I received was enough to make up for its lack of original plot.

The art is very much mediocre for its generation, meaning it is still very appealing for people to watch.

The music, I must say, is fantastic. The OP and ED are great to listen to, especially the ED. The music within the episodes are mind-blowing to me. Probably because one of Fairy Tail's composer, Takanashi Yasaharu composed much of the music for Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. (I am not sure how much he actually composed though.)

Character development is okay. The anime builds up their character from the present story-line, rather than give backstory. However, this does not take any enjoyment from this anime away from me.

While not exactly at the top of its season, it is still a phenomenal anime to watch. Also, I don't recommend the anime to people who shy away from sexual parts. Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu hints at sexual references and shows sexual scenes.

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Gintama Movie: Shinyaku Benizakura-hen (Anime) add
Reviewing Gintama Movie: Shinyaku Benizakura-hen~

The Movie is basically a remake of the Benizakura Arc, which starts in Episode 58 and ends in Episode 61 in the Anime Gintama. As there aren't big changes, you can watch this movie instead of the arc in the anime and vice-versa.

Gintama is set in a world, in which aliens (Amanto) have conquered the world, in which the Yorozuya, jack-of-all-trades, consisting of Sakata Gintoki, Shimura Shinpachi and the Amanto Kagura, are doing errands for a fee. That's basically the setting.

In the movie, Katsura Kotarou, a leader of the moderate anti-government faction 'Joui', has disappeared. At the same time, a Tsujigiri, basically a samurai, who is testing his new-obtained skills by killing random Rōnin (Samurai with no Lord/Master) appears. Elizabeth, a friend or pet of Katsura, is asking the Yorozuya to help him finding Katsura, as he doesn't believe that he died.
At the same time, Gintoki is asked by swordsmiths to find a stolen sword named Benizakura. Eventually they find themselves in a conspiracy to overthrow the government.

The movie isn't much different of the episodes in the anime. There are some smaller scenes changed, or added, such as a showing a bit more of different people's involvement.
They also improved the quality of the animation, although the fighting animations were very good to begin with, with many details (such as changing weapons through a fight).
The Sound is very good, with fitting and intense soundtracks.

As it is a episodic comedy-anime, this movie doesn't represent the overall mood of the anime itself, as the movie is one of the 'serious' arcs. People who watch this movie, can get the wrong impression by watching this movie. I also won't recommend it to people who don't know the characters. Most of them are introduced early in the series. But you can naturally watch this movie without seeing the episodes, as, disregarding the introduction of the characters, there are no heavy character developments throughout the series.

With this, while also repeating myself:
I recommend the series, the art, the sound and the characters are great, you won't have too much to complain. The story is very good, especially because it fits in a movie / 3 episodes in the anime.

I did enjoy watching the movie, as I would also rate the anime 10/10. Disregarding the fact, that there are no significant changes to the movie (which can be seen positive or negative). If you are looking for the usual comedy-heavy Gintama, I have to disappoint you. There is comedy, but action is in the foreground. But I can just say to everyone, that this movie is worth to watch, and everyone should give it a try.

(Note: I only watched the japanese voice-over)
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
Ah.. here we go, who could possibly never heard of this anime before? Probably someone who has been living under a rock.

*This review may contain spoilers so if you haven't watched any of the episode yet i suggest you to not read this*

Boku dake ga inai machi or "Erased" for short is an anime about unvolving a mystery. It involves a cheap plot devi- i mean a time travel aspect, how does the time travelling works? Who knows! It's there as a plot convenience to set the setting in motion.

There's only been 5 episodes by the time i write this review so technically speaking i dont have the right to rant about the show because "It is still ongoing" well then if it is still ongoing why do people already rated this show 10/10? Just because the premise was interesting and thrilling there's no guarantee that the show will end up being a good show, it is all down to the execution and the majority of people here seems to ignore all that facts.

There's no such thing as a flawless show especially if the show involves time travelling because with that being said the anime is already degrated to stupidity and plot convenience. But lets just say that the show is still ongoing so there's a slight chance that the show will somehow explain to us how it works. I know someone might be thinking that its already been explained enough like if he got involved somehow with a murder or an accident it will trigger the thing so he can go back in time to save the victim.

So the questions are who or what gave mc his time travel powers? What did he do in order to obtain such power and how does it work? there's not any clear indication of where it's going. Is it a one off? if he fails than he goes back to the present and does he ever get another chance? How many times has he done this? He was sent back because of his mother, not hinazuki i dont see any reason of him getting sent back to the past to save hinazuki. I know the murderer is related to his mom case but he could easily just got sent back 5 minutes earlier before the murder take action.

Moving on to the characters. We have our main protagonist here who is struggling with his job (I assume) as a manga artist i think he's in a slump or something. He eventually gave up and he got a job in a pizza place as a delivery guy.

There's nothing likeable from him aside from he's trying so hard to save hinazuki, why? because the author want him to do so.

Talk about hinazuki, we actually never knew why is she getting abused. As far as the show goes, hinazuki's parents were just a one dimensional villians that existed solely to give us a shock factor and feel pitty about hinazuki.

Some of read more
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
Before I digress into why I gave it a 5, I will explain how I come across this anime. Haven't watch any anime since Clannad, and thought I should see myanimelist top 20. I saw this rated highly so why not. It was great the first half of the series. I got teary eye watching Kousei struggle. But after that 7th, 8th episdoe, it went downhill for me.

The story is great the first half because it present a problem for the protagonist. Fighting the doubts and insecurity within himself. However, afterwards it just drags out with other characters insecurities. It was inconsistent to see comedic bits at bad timing. Hey I love a laugh that breaks the ice, but this laugh just wasn't for me. Understanding the artist was something I have to appreciate in this show. If it display more music playing without the melodrama, the plot would of been better.

Its about the only redeemable feature about the show. I can see sounds!!! But I thought it was strange to see non-important characters with black dots for eyes. You either think thats lazy or you implied that they didn't matter to have expression. I believe every person drawn should have personality. The comedic bits was strange art where it did get creative but still strange.

For an anime about music, it didn't have that good of an OST. The piano playing of chopin just hits me ears first. And only one orginal track that was recurring in the "im going to be better" theme was very nice. But come on!!!! There could of been a chibi-remix of bach, chopin, mozart in there in the background, especially in the scenes of Kousei and Kaori.

Tsubaki? Tsundere!! Seen that a mile away. This is how I describe her: if she violently kicks your shins, she loves you. What kind of platonic love crap is that. If her character had other charms she wouldn't had needed her side friend Kashiwagi, to help clarify her character. Kaori was a bit tsundere, but it was moderately right. I rooted for her just like she rooted for Kousei. I really cant say anything good nor bad about Kousei, since much of it was plot driven. Tsundere Tsubaki, really made it intolerable to watch this show.

I watch ALL the first half, the second half I fast forwarded to the good parts (piano playing, key scenes, ending). If the characters had their own story instead of being revolved around Kousei I would of enjoy it a bit more.

It was alright, it had potential to be good, but not great.
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Blassreiter (Anime) add
Summary: Let me start this off by saying I don't like the mech genre. In fact, the components of this that are mech related embody everything that I don't like about that genre. This isn't really a mech anime though, it is actually more of a blend of a tragic/philosophical/character driven narrative that shines most when mechs are no where to be found.

The story starts fairly cliche... a group fighting evil robots to save the world. Over time, the plot expands and grows into a cluster of different organizations and groups, many different characters and story arcs and a huge philosophical battle over the "correct" fate of the world. This is one of those neat anime where the good and bad guys both make sense and all of the characters are relatable and their character development is rational based on their experiences. I understood all of the characters and why they did what they did,.

That being said, there are definitely issues with this anime. At around 20 episodes in I seriously considered dropping it. I didn't know why because I enjoyed the story and thought it was interesting and different but something was off. Then it hit me... this anime is just too damn long and there are too many characters. It feels like this was a 2 season anime with roughly 2/3 of a season worth of filler. What's weird is it isn't like a normal filler where the main characters just sit around doing not a whole lot but instead there are whole arcs and character sets that could have been entirely eliminated and the main story would have been stronger.

If you're looking for a mech anime, you will not like this (generally sloppy fights and terribly CG). If you're looking for something with a lot of characters and a tragic story with philosophical and religious undertones you may enjoy this. Keep in mind that the story goes all over the place and there are a ton of characters but if you're OK with that you're in for an interesting ride.
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Hyakujitsu no Bara (Anime) add
First of all I'd like to make clear that I am a straight woman. I've read the manga and now after watching the anime I have to say that I loved both. The art is beautifully done and in my opinion it is a great example of a love story during war. It is explicit as content, but that only contributes to the authenticity of the story line - it show a more rough angle of love. The characters are well built and believable - let's not forget that only so much can be shown in 60 minutes. The music is not exceptional but it highlights the scenes very well. All in all I enjoyed it because of the great art, the fact that they managed to picture love in its more real, serious angle and it drives to you to think of such emotions in the circumstances of war and social taboos.
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Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru (from hereon HaruChika) centres on Chika Homura being reunited with her childhood friend from many years ago, Haruta. They both wind up in the Brass Band club, and face the issue of the club not having enough members to properly function. They wish to end up playing in professional places as a club, but the initial tournaments they set their eyes on require having 30 members as a minimum. This results in them trying their best to recruit new members each week.
That's about it as the story and plot goes. Other than for the addition of new characters, each episode is unrelated to the previous one.

My issue with the story, however, is that despite the premise being about a music band, there's very little in the way of actual musical performances. Rather, it focuses mostly on unpuzzling mysteries and solving issues and problems for other characters. The music serves as nothing more than a plot device in order to throw new characters at us each week. Rather than having the members make do and performing smaller pieces together as a group, we only get to see the occasional practice here and there. Other than that, the music side of this is thrown completely to the side, which is rather strange, considering it's all about the music club.

Additionally, this anime so far has been incredibly repetitive and formulaic. Each week, a new character is introduced. This character shows an interest and / or skill in playing a musical instrument, but always has a reason for not wanting to join the band. Be it due to a negative life experience in the past, some sort of currently occurring issue at home or other reason for holding them back, there is always without exception something wrong with them. Due to this the episode follows the same pattern and routine : the character is introduced, the musical instrument of their choice is deduced, and then a minor amount of backstory and exposiiton is given about why they are not interested in joining the club. In the last 5 minutes, Haruta then pulls a large amount of reasoning out of his ass and suddenly solves the mystery and figures out their problem. It is almost solely conjecture; as a viewer, I find myself every single episode pondering "Wait, how exactly did Haruta know that?"
There isn't any real logic being presented; there aren't clues presented throughout the episode which lead to a solid conclusion. There's simply a few tidbits given and then Haruta explains it 100%, like he somehow knew all along. This ruins the mystery aspect of the show. There isn't any time being given to let us try and figure anything out. It's all presented and solved in a 10-15 minute time frame.

As far as Art goes, it is fairly average. There's nothing really to write home about, with the exception of the way the eyes are drawn. There's quite a lot of detail put into read more
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Yesterday, 5:19 AM
Claymore (Anime) add
--Contains some spoilers, also note that I have not read the manga--

Well that was a huge dissapointment. When I first started watching Claymore I thought it was pretty cool, and it seemed like it might be really good. However it quickly becomes a huge mess that isn't worth watching.

The story is your typical revenge story. The main character has lost a person she loves and is now out for blood, and that's about it. At first it seems like the story might be interesting, but there are so many things that are introduced but never properly explained. There are so many times that you're thinking "what the hell is that, and what the heck is going on?". Characters are quickly introduced one episode just to be killed in the next one. The organization is never really explained either, and so many more things that the story just makes no sense and you have no idea what's going on or what's important. It's a shame, because what could have been an interesting story just becomes an incoherent mess. It feels like the production team got bored after 10 episodes and just said "screw it, just make some filler episodes and end it". The ending is also terrible and stupid.

The art is decent, not much more to say about that. It's nothing special but not bad either.

Pretty 'meh' as well. It's the same 'cling clang' sounds and the flash bomb sound from Monster Hunter played over and over in pretty much every fight. The soundtrack is your generic "badass" metal soundtrack which is boring as hell.

Totally uninteresting and bland as hell. There's 'short haired claymore', 'tomboy claymore', 'long haired claymore', 'pigtail claymore' etc. They have no real personality and that's because they are never properly introudced. Instead we''re just told their name and what rank they have so we know how powerful they are. You're never able to form any real connection to the characters and there's no point either since many are just killed off and never mentioned again. The main character is also boring, but the worst one is FUCKING RAKI. Holy crap did this guy piss me off. He's annoying, whiny and just pathetic. He does one good thing the entire series and spends the rest of his time crying and complaining. He's like Lin from Fist of the north star, but instead of her screaming "KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN" all the time we have Raki screaming "CLARE!!!" while crying like a bitch. The enemies are also stupid and lame (one even being so stupid as to tell the main character what her weak spot is).

I wanted to like Claymore, but I just can't. There are too many things that are never explained so you have no idea what's really going, and the characters are so boring and soulless. Unless all you want to do is watch 26 episodes of chicks in armor killing demons then I suggest you stay away from Claymore because that's pretty much all there read more
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Btooom! (Anime) add
First off this is my first review and the only reason I'm even writing one is because I looked though my list of finished animes and I remembered how bullshit this one ended.

Story: 5

The story is alright nothing special, you can watch it and enjoy it for the simple anime it is. It's simply the giant cliffhanger ending that stops the anime dead in it's tracks expecting to get a second season which it most likely never will. That being said if the ending wasn't so bad it'd be a 7 maybe as a storyline.

Art: 8

Btooom's art is one of the little really good things in the anime. Nothing much to say here beside the fact that boobs bounce in real life not like in the anime where when a certain blonde haired character jumps and bounces and such but her boobs stay like two balloons in a bra. Overall it's good animation quallity.

Sound: 8

Sounds from the anime and stuff aren't really memorable beside for the opening which is really energetic just in sync to get you into the vibe of the show before it starts. It's an 8 just because I liked the opening really, lol.

Character: 7
(a bit spoilerish here)
Characters aren't that bad, I mean we have the typical kid that stays playing games all day and meets a hot girl that also plays games all day over a game and they marry in game and such blah blah then they meet on the island blah blah he saves her blah blah hot hot sexy stuff blah blah she has giant tits blah.

Enjoyment: 6


Overall: 7/10

Meh, if you can live through the ending without cutting your throat with a rusty knife and you can live though the meh story and the meh characters and enjoy the animatin, art and soud design you'll probably enjoy this anime for a decent ammount more than me. Just be warned, cliffhanger ending.
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Detective Conan (Anime) add
I’d just like to start this review stating that Detective Conan is mainly a series for lovers of the mystery/Detective genre. While it does have a very compelling overarching plot, some great comedy, characters, music and other mechanics that I will be mentioning later on; the series has a main focus on the many cases that it has and I do feel like anyone not completely locked in and trying to solve the various cases through the episodes… won’t be able to appreciate the series as much as those that do. Now, that being said, Detective Conan is a brilliant long running anime & manga series with one of the best longer overarching plots in any anime with great character progression, some brilliantly laid out cases and a very nice “journey” feel to it as you progress through the series and I’d urge anyone considering taking on the anime not to feel intimidated by the episode count, it is something that can be watched with a few episodes at a time without really losing any of the flow with the exception of the arcs involving the main antagonists.

Story: [Short synopsis – second paragraph more “reviewey”] Kudo Shinichi, a genius highschool Detective is on a date with childhood friend Mouri Ran and discovers an illicit deal underway, he gets caught unawares and is forced to take a pill that, unbeknownst to the assailants shrinks his body to a childhood state. He rushes to his house to regroup and bumps into Ran who is looking for him, when asked what his name is he looks at the books in his family library and comes up with the alias (Arthur) Conan Edogawa (Rampo), it then occurs to him that he should live with Ran whose father is a failing private detective and, from the background, solve enough cases to the point where he may investigate the “black organisation” that shrunk his body. The story of Detective Conan encompasses a slowly overarching plotline as Conan zeroes in on this black organisation, gathers allies along the way and struggles to keep up relationships with the friends of Kudo Shinichi, it is a plot that will keep you on your toes and so incredibly engaged through this long journey.

From the above synopsis you can probably already tell that the story is quite an involved one, lots of organisations and characters get involved, the old fashioned Detective chase is at the heart of the story and Detective Conan does take an undercover operation to the next level. While the anime is very episodic like most Detective TV shows and other anime I do think that this overarching plot is one of the best out there and some of the twists that Conan has thought out months beforehand do have quite the shock value and keep you very engaged during those arcs.

The art in detective Conan is quite controversial because it is quite a unique and quirky style, while the art does change through the series as Gosho read more
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