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School Days (Anime) add
É um anime que sem dúvidas divide muito os telespectadores, o discrepância entre o começo e o fim dele é realmente grande. Todo o seu desenvolvimento torna muito difícil até mesmo para achar uma nota, ainda mais numa review... Então é melhor separar em partes


Uma curiosidade à parte é que já é terceira vez que eu assisto, portanto não me lembro muito da primeira impressão que tive, isso se deve ao fato de que da primeira vez eu escolhi ele por meio de um spoiler, e já sabia como ia terminar, além do fato de que eu assisti o anime de "trás para frente", assisti o último episódio primeiro só para ver a famosa cena final, antes era só pra ganhar experiência, mas depois fui me interessando, quando percebi, eu já tinha assistido completamente fora de ordem, lembro-me que na época fiquei um pouco confuso...
Mas enfim, o enredo não é tão cliché quanto parece, é fato que ele não começa de uma forma convencional, por isso um newbie pode 'dropar' simplesmente porque é chato, e não prende muito. Mas é preciso um pouco mais de paciência e até o episódio 3 as coisas vão começando a ficar interessantes... Por isso o começo não é cliché, ele ao invés de apelar para situações "ingênuas" que se vê em animes colegias, ele começa de uma forma bem menos ficcional, de um garoto apaixonado, mas que não consegue nem falar com a menina que gosta e uma menina intrometida que tenta "ajudar" um garoto completamente infantil a ser um pouco mais maduro. Um motivo pelo qual eu não gostei muito da primeira metade, é que ela realmente fica confusa, é muito difícil entender as motivações do Makoto Itou e da Sekai Saionji, uma vez que o Makoto mesmo sendo tímido tem impulsos sexuais com frequência, e a Sekai parece cada vez mais estando afim de alimentar esses desejos, que privam ele de uma abordagem mais adulta.
A medida que a história vai se desenvolvendo, vai ficando muito mais fácil de entender as reais intenções de todos os três personagens principais -que eu chamaria de o "triângulo das bermudas" , pois esse trio leva qualquer um ao abismo- , assim como também fica fácil de intender a completa inexperiência na vida amorosa assim como na social.
Da segunda metade do anime para frente o enredo é bem mais atraente, isso porque ele fica tão dramático ao ponto do telespectador querer assistir episódio atrás de episódio só para ver as atitudes do Makoto e as consequências delas, em outras palavras, é como se o telespectador estivesse caçando motivo para se estressar, ou melhor dizendo, para se surpreender com a ingenuidade e a infantilidade dos personagens, que são precoces em muitos aspectos.
O fim para quem assistiu é surpreendente, muitos apontam como um dos piores finais, na verdade o que eu penso é que ele surpreendente o suficiente para muitas pessoas (as que tem preferência por finais menos ásperos) se sintam um pouco confusas, principalmente se for read more
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) 2nd Season (Anime) add
The secont season of assassination classroom was great.You learn everyting you need to know about what happented to the past and the story becomes MUTCH better than the first season.

It has many touching sinces and so mutch fun at the same time, it also has a great story that was hidden in the first season and some new great characters... I think it was a splendid anime and i loved it.

I Highly recoment you to watch it (no matter the age) and i am sure you will love it as i did.

My score is 9 for the secont season because i liked it a lot and i have allready recommended to the most of my friends.
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Bakemono no Ko (Anime) add
This is a pretty good coming of age/root for the underdog/you're not alone kind of movie. I really liked how they used cliche themes but transformed them with the whole beast vs. human world. So over all, the movie was good. That being said, it was predictable and I definitely will not be able to watch this over and over again. It's just a cute, uncomplicated, feel-good kind of movie. If you're looking for a solid story line go somewhere else. Sure I gave it an overall 8 because it was a good story BUT there are holes all over the place. Someone's disguise wasn't up to snuff, the original Grandmaster knew and let's just say everything could have been avoided if someone didn't have the odds stacked against them. Not so subtle nod to "How you should/shouldn't parent your kid". Some of this stuff probably doesn't make sense since I wrote it to avoid spoilers but I mean these things were super obvious plot holes (seriously there is waaaaay more). Still, you should watch this movie; pretty cute stuff. Also I think Mamoru Hosoda was the animator/director and he didn't really change anything so if you liked Wolf Children you'll like this movie.
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Orange (Anime) add
I dropped this show. I am generally not much into shojo, but I watched some. And they were actually good. However in most shojo anime the MC is passive, slow, dumb and just your typical Japanese stereotype of a girl (at least how they want girls to be)

That being said I gave this show a shot cause I thought the premise was quiet interesting. I mean who doesn't have regrets or to put it differently who does not change and looks back and think "now I would do this or that differently"?

But this show fails totally, it is slow-paced boring romance without any spice. The main-character is stupid and slow. - I don't think it is entertaining to watch the school-day of a below-average Japanese girl. They tried to make the story somewhat exciting by introducing the letter of the future. However, the letter itself is so boring and only focuses on her high-school crush, who btw is also boring, that it cannot make up for the lack of enjoyment.

So if you want to watch a slow paced show with boring characters and shojo cliches then go ahead and watch it. If you are looking for exciting twists, a deep discussion about regrets and a psychological challenging show with drama then don't watch it. Actually just skip it anyway :)
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Ga-Rei: Zero (Anime) add
It may have been awesome anime in 2008 if you forget first 2 episodes.

It may have been a good anime in 2012.

But its close to TERRIBLE anime in 2016, just dies in comparison to similar titles. Though if you decide to watch it, WATCH IT TILL THE END. It gets slightly better with time.

ART: 5/10
Not necessary bad but seriously unoriginal. I feel that Ive seen every character somewhere else. And not similar ones, they seemed like clones. It gives somehow off feeling I have an issue to name it - at times you feel like every character is a main protagonist, or simply an important persona. There is clear lack of truely background characters - or in other terms, background characters have to distinctive art which catches way too much attention than its supposed to.
As you see I struggle to define exact feeling, but theres something truely OFF. Monsters are kinda cool but too few and far between.

STORY: 5/10
Naive little story. Well, we're not skilled enough to show actually mind break of character so were gonna add an mind controlling item to explain stuff. They kinda tell to much obvious stuff. There's some completely unnecessary fan service - and i kinda got no issue when its funny, i got no issue with casual nudity, but full bare ass shot of 14yr or something girl followed by tits later kinda threw me off while eating.

Cliches in character design and art. Most pathetic development.

It kinda gets better with time. If I were to stop after 6 episodes it would be a 2 tops. This anime looks like an attempt at making it psychological but instead of making you think it just gives everything on a plate.
I kinda believe they tried to give somehow Berserkish vibe (that how the fuck it got to this point feeling + some tragedy [more emphasis on emotional level tho]) but fell way short.

Overall: 4/10
Seriously been tempted to rate it way lower. Would be unfair tho.
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Okay, this one is a really good one.

If you like "military" series, and I am talking about the "real" military series. This one is for you.

It has a very good "developing" story with a beautiful art. Characters are very well designed and you can't actually foresee what they are going to do.

I was always looking for a good military anime, GATE was good but... not that much. Alderamin on the Sky is like, Arslan Senki with a modern world. I heavily suggest it.

It is really sad that I can not give any story insights. But I can tell you that you will like it.

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Hellsing (Anime) add
Hellsing, this was an anime that I expected a lot from and got little in return. Hellsing managed to be little more than a plot thin, gore fest that overall, managed to be more of a waste of time than an anime I would watch again.


As previously mentioned, story is not this shows strong suit. Episode one did a fantastic job of drawing me in, but that unfortunately ended quickly. The next episodes follow a cookie cutter formula that make for an overall boring time. The villians introduced, with the exception of the Catholic Priest character, bring little to the table. The main trait of these villians are being artificial vampires, which is a pretty cool idea that is seldom expanded upon. Well, that's pretty much it, Hellsing doesn't bring anything to the table story wise, and we don't even get a character backstory until episode 10.


Hellsing uses an artsytle similar to other anime of the late 90's and early 00's, like Cowboy Bebop. The fight scenes are very smooth and very good looking. The problems with Hellsings animation show up, well, everywhere else. The characters have very bizarre, blocky, walking animations. They must have been pressed for time or something, because I can see that they used still images at certain points during dialogue, or perhaps I've been spoiled by Kyoto animation. The show does a good job of setting tone with it's use of dark colors. I will also say that they used a lot of gore in this anime, and let me say, they nailed that too! It's just a shame that probably one of the best animated characters, Alucard, only has a few minutes in each episode.


The sound is another one of Hellsings strong points. The opening theme is a sort of Jazz-Rock blend, and you wouldn't think it would work, but it actually nails it. The ending theme sounds awesome, it's just that it doesn't fit, at all. Maybe if this was the ending theme to a lighter toned show, but I almost laughed when I heard it, like I just watched Alucard kick some ass, and now this. For this anime, I went with the dub (I usually do, then move to sub if I hate it). I'll honestly say, the dub is very well done for Hellsing. Being set in England, the dub actors had a slight advantage, being able to add British accents to the characters. The real star of the dub is Alucard, Crispin Freeman nails it! (like everything else he does, definitely not impartial or anything) The other actors, for the main and supporting characters, are well done too, it's really just the background characters that are mediocre, you know, the characters that have literally 2-3 lines the entire show.


The characters are a real double edge sword in this anime. I'll go over a few notes with each main character.

Alucard- Easily the best character in this entire show, Alcuard is a total badass! He is a recruit of read more
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One Punch Man (Anime) add
One Punch Man is a popular among new comers or just wants to watch some battle-oriented anime and I'll say it's good, but it has big flaws.

At frst, the story had something new for a seinen. It's almost as if it was a seinen covered up with a shounen hero anime. Showing childish characters in a seinen is not usual and it continued. But after the later episodes (for me it's episode 6) it kinda dragged on and had problem with the characters.

Everyone who has seen One Punch knows how good the animation is. It's near Ufotable artstyle high-budget godlike animation. The fights were stunning to look at and the characters are something from One Piece with better art.

Likewise, the art was great complenting the already well-made artstyle. The sounds gives the fights more juicier and fun to look at. But nothing really else besides that.

To be honest, at first, I wanted to put like 9, but as the story drags on, Saitama was too powerful I grew tired of seeing him and the final fight for me was anti-climactic. Genos, for me, was a better character than Saitama. I find Saitama as a more meme than a person. Just for fanservice you might say.

In the earlier parts, the enjoyment was high, watching every fight with widen eyes. But as soon as it drags on, I will have to say I got bored and even had this anime on-hold for three weeks. But the specials are trying a bit different with more fun arcs and I think this anime would suit better with comedic arcs rather than a full-on fight anime.

It had great fights, but not so much for the story.
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Amaama to Inazuma (Anime) add
"This show has crapload of cuteness and tasty looking food."

The story revolve around a high school teacher Kouhei Inuzuka who recently lost his wife and now has to take care of his little daughter on his own. He tries to make the ends meet by doing the best he can do for his daughter but he still lacks in the most of it, prominent one being cooking as they mostly eat packaged or convenience store food. He wants her to eat a healthy and a tasty meal, this is when they meet Kotori, his student and also a daughter of a divorced woman who runs a restaurant. Her mother is seldom around because of her busy schedule. A series of events led Kouhei-san to Kotori's restaurant where the three of them make healthy and tasty food together.

Amaama to Inazuma tells that food is directly proportional to every person's happiness, especially their child.

There are 3 new rules of (my) reviewing-
First rule- No anime is shit
Second rule-No anime is shit
Third rule-You don't have to agree with me(even sometimes I don't agree with myself)

It is based on the following parameters--
1)What is good about it?
2)(Probability of)Whom'll the anime appeal to?
3)Questions that other reviews raised in your head.

P.S.-If you don't want to read the whole, read the summary at the end of every question.

1)What is good about it?
There is always somethings that are more prominent in a particular part of area or a country. Like there are many type of American comics but still most of them still are about their badass superheroes and sexy heroines similarly like that Japanese culture resonates cuteness and this is something that many people love about it. This show is about the relationship between a single dad and his daughter. What are the things that we need consider while taking care of a child? Teaching them the right stuff, turning them into a good person...yeah, yeah these things are important too but what comes before that is the happiness of the child. To make the kid believe in something positive and according to this show food plays a pretty big role in that. "Teaching kids how to feed themselves with good food and how to live in a community responsibly is the center of an education." was said by Chef Alice Waters. Making a good meal is like a short form of a good life, we cook it with all our hearts, we add all the right flavors to make one and then we pass on that flavor so that more people can taste it. The goal of a good life is to have more and more people in the sphere of your happiness.

Many parents say that the most beautiful thing that they have seen is the growing up of their child. A child is like clay which can be shaped when its fresh and as time passes it gets harder and harder and then become read more
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Anime) add
Case #02: Higurashi – When They Cry [Season 1]

YouTube Video Review Link: --> In case you'd rather watch then read.

Quick Synopsis:
Alright, to give you a short run-down of this Anime’s dimension, the story begins in 1983 where our male protagonist, Keiichi Maebara has moved into a peaceful village called Hinamizawa for some unknown reason. Furthermore, we are introduced to our female protagonists, Rena Ryuugu, Mion Sonozaki, Satoko Hojo, and Rika Furude who welcome our friend Keiichi to Hinamizawa and their after-school club. Pardon me for this next comment, but Ryukishi, my ninja, you really couldn’t come up with an interesting club name, my boy!? Anyway, under these lighthearted elements of fun and excitement, hides a dark undertone filled with despair and ultimately, death. This undertone is caused by the series main event known as the Watangashi [Cotton Drifting] Festival which has a certain history with having one person disappear and one die after the event. Which the natives of the land tie into the wrath of their benefactor god, Oyashiro. Not only does this festival bring suspicion to our male protagonist, the female protagonists of the show become suspicious as well, in which Keiichi’s primary goal is to uncover the truth about the mysteries surrounding the village’s dark past.

And here’s another tidbit to tickle your fancy. The Anime’s plot is broken up into various story arcs, each featuring a story for each protagonist mentioned above, besides one in particular. I know the Anime’s structure sounds odd at first, but all will be discussed for the season one evaluation. As for the questions I normally address about the show, since the second season covers the answer portion of this series, I will avoid the questionable issues concerning this season’s adaptation, for the season two review being When They Cry…Kai. What is with these titles bruh…

Also, for this discussion about the story-line I will be referring to the arcs by the English translated names. For example, if I say the Spirited Away arc
I’m referring to the Onikakushi-Hen arc.

Well, I believe it is time to dive into the Anime adaptation of Ryukishi07’s sound novel of Higurashi: When They Cry….walks off….”Season one!”

Story-line: - B+-8.5
In terms of the story-line of the Higurashi Anime, I was already informed about the way the story played out. Basically, the first season is an adaptation of the Question Arc portion of the sound novel developed by Ryukishi07 while season two has the Answer Arc portion of the series. I believe going into the series with that mindset will be the best option of understanding the reason behind season one’s ending and structure. Also the following transition scene from episode 26..
Example 1: Where Rika Furude says, “I’ll play with it during this endless June.” As much as I want,” signifies her importance in the upcoming season being Higurashi Kai and why that season is of importance to watch after you witness season 1.
However, if season two read more
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Big Order (TV) (Anime) add
Well, in general I am a person who is satisfied with any kind of anime most of the times. Like literally every anime makes me enjoy myself. Big Order though was absolutely disgusting... Where should I begin from? The awful characters or the awful storyline? First of all, I must say that I awaited something good since this anime was made by the creators of Mirai Nikki so I was utterly disappointed when I watched this. There is no character development and the story is completely confusing. Do not waste your time on this shitty series. Thank you a lot Big Order for having wasted precious hours of my otaku life on you.
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Nils no Fushigi na Tabi (Anime) add
There are travel adventures, field trips, business trips. And still others. There are happy and unhappy trips. Travel that is enriched, travel in which one dies of homesickness. And there is this (...) "
"The Wonderful Journey of Nils Holgersson through Sweden," is really a journey, and it's really wonderful ...
The trip by Sweden Nils Holgersson, a boy, turned into gnome on the back of a goose did not resign himself to be a domestic animal.
An inner journey, the life of a cruel boy, spoiled and disobedient, which turns, grows and becomes able to sacrifice his happiness for others.
About this book Oscar Wilde said wryly: "No, a woman is not able to write well. The book was written in it. "
Really enjoyed…However, the book is great, beautiful, exciting and moving. The strangest passage Nils see wandering the streets of a city where all are beautifully dressed. They offer you riches in exchange for a single currency. He runs to find one, but when he returns, the city disappeared. A stork tells him that it was a city drowned by their greed: appears for one hour, once a year, and if someone buys something for a coin, you can return to reality. Nils, devastated that he can not save the city, bursts into tears. Child greed coincides with the city, and yet are not encouraged to despise, but to understand. The anime acclimated and very well done with their stories well acclimated and acclimated characters. It is of great privilege and grandeur by the pierrot adapt anime this wonderful book
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D.Gray-man Hallow (Anime) add
This review covers first 4 eps and will most certainly be updated after episodes 7 and 10, and of course 13
Might contain spoiler, might not, it's a gamble sonny

Ah we meet again D. Gray-man. You and your awkwardly spelled title have been haunting me since that level 4 Demon jiggled it's titties around.For those who are interested no the anime hasn't improved. Scroll lower and you'll see why.

You know how old Grayman had it's nice a bit unique art style? Well that buggered off. Greet the bland style of 2015-2016 anime. It's completely devoid of imagination and uniqueness, yes that's a word. Fight scenes are even less interesting than before, there's barely any energy in them. Character designs didn't change much, except for Allen who looks even more gay now. So here's a 5 and you know why? Because art sucks. Oh sorry did you expect some other non obvious conclusion? Too bad you'll only find an awkward ending of a paragraph here.

It's ok ,OP is generic, here's a 6, next.

It continues on from past one. It's got some new things. It's really rushed. Until there's something to actually talk about,except for me to copy paste the premise, I'll just give it a 4 and move on.

You expected characters but it was me, bad writing! Okay, okay maybe I'm overreacting let's go over the characters, at least those with any bloody time given to them, and their interactions. Allen Walker is first attempted as a formal general guy in the first two minutes after which he just goes back to his usual behavior,which is being a protagonist and that's it. Wanker is accompanied by his old companions( Kanda,Levi,Lenalee) and some that are still fresh but they barely get any lines so butt off. Kanda is still Kanda, cold and a bit mean. Levi is a bit more cheerful than in the past which is okay as he doesn't get into the annoying territory. And Lenalee... Is back to bland female character tho I know that bitchy annoying girl is still in there and is just waiting for an opportunity to piss all over my slight liking of this anime. Now there's more characters but characters themselves aren't as horribly awful as their interactions. Every talk feels...dry i guess. There's no emotion or reactions at the times that should provoke ones. There's some attempt at comedy that falls flat because,again, no emotion. The original had some rivalry between Kanda and Allen,their bickering being the most notable part, but here it feels forced. Somehow a part that was implemented into so many cases that didn't fit it but still managed to work with it felt forced somehow. I can fully dedicate the awfulness of this section to simply lack of emotion and reaction in anything done. Here's a 3.

Go away.
Still here? Okay then.
After all things I disliked about first one I still derived some enjoyment and it was still full of parts that were fairly unique or interesting. This one I can read more
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Bakemonogatari (Anime) add
Hey guys sup? And I'm here to Review an Anime known as The Monogatari Series. Honestly it was a Abomination and It was Painful to watch it Honestly tho. And since I watch Every Each Monogatari Seasons I might as well give my full opinion on each Arc of the Anime instead on making multiple Reviews on this Horrible Anime tho.

Before I begin let me tell you some things:

If you're a Fan Of the Series then I hope you can Accept a Hater's Opinion, because this Review is not going to be nice at all.

This is 100% my opinion so if you're Butthurt then I'm sorry but this is what I think about it tho.

I'm going to cover the Arcs I watched in order.

And also....

⚠⚠Major Spoilers⚠⚠

OK let's do it!!


The story centers on a Useless Pervert named Koyomi Araragi, a third-year high school student who survived a vampire attack, and finds himself helping some girls involved with all kinds of apparitions, deities, ghosts, mythological beasts, and spirits.

Sounds Epic right? Then guess what my friends, This was a Total Disaster!!!

Since there's 9 Seasons of this Disappointing Show I'm going to tell you what I think of it by Every Single Arcs of it:


Here's went I started, and honestly it wasn't that bad, however it was below average. The Animation was Bad, there wasn't any opening at all in Neko, and the Fights where a huge Troll in your face!!! I mean the Fights between Araragi and Black Hanekawa was only 30 Seconds... 30 FREAKING SECONDS!!!!!! Therefore if I drink a Cup of water the Fight would be over!!? But it have it's Positive, the Comedy was good, I did like the Concept of it and Araragi was actually a really good Main Character. If Monogatari was only those 4 Episode then I've would give it a 5/10, But believe or not all that Change on a Negative way...


Then I heard that it have 9 Seasons I'm like "I just hope it doesn't get Worst and make it way better than Neko" but Surprise!! In this Arc is went I was Disappointed of this show, Araragi went from this Badass Dude who have the potential to be Op as Heck to this Pervert Idiot who's into Freaking Lolis!!!! Like Wtf Shaft!?, the Fight where also Short only that this time it had more Blood and Gore but that doesn't make a Fight better!! You need to know how to make a Good Epic Fight not just make it 1 minute long and come back to Freaking Talking!!!! This is the other problem, this is a Dialogue Heavy Anime like an actual one that fucus on Dialogue and Nothing Else!!! And if you guys know me I dislike Dialogue Heavy Shows with a Passion tho. And this Show it's just pretty boring Honestly tho. Oh but I'm not done yet guys...


Here's went the Animation went from Bad to Crap, I didn't care of Araragi Sisters (Aka The Incest Sisters), and read more
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6 hours ago
D.Gray-man Hallow (Anime) add
It's decent for a low budget anime.

Since there isn't much time with 13 episodes, a lot of comedy scenes were removed from the manga, which causes the atmosphere a lot more serious and creepier. But DGM never a happy or relieving manga to the begin with so if they want to try this way, I don't have much problem aside sometimes things go really fast for me to catch the plot progression in one go.

The studio chooses to be loyal with the manga's current art and color scheme, which is a dangerous choice because not many people are fan of abstract color. I personally think it's nice in its own way.

Apart from important scenes, a lot of frames were done poorly. The same to the animation.

About the cast, Ayumu with his insane voice range aside, most of them couldn't impress me. Lenalee's is leaning on the moe side and Lavi's is really high pitched. Road's is doing good so far though.

Overall, this anime will cause controversy among the fan. Without not counting the manga or the previous seasons, it's decent even though it has its flaw.

I'd still recommend the manga more than watching Hallow.
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6 hours ago
Love Live! Sunshine!! (Anime) add
Perfect start and sure to be a perfect end!

Watched the very first screening of the "Love Live! Sunshine!!" at Anime Expo and I absolutely enjoyed every second of it. Humour, Beauty, Cuteness, And that very special element that Love Live! contains that every other music/idol anime doesn't quite have. 6 of the Seiyuu from Sunshine joined us at the event and they were absolutely thrilled to finally show the world the work they have put in, I can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the future but I can guarantee they won't come short of μ's in any aspect, thats a guarantee.

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6 hours ago
D.Gray-man Hallow (Anime) add
I think scores are pointless, so I just gave it a 10 to piss off the metacritic people.

Okay so after many, many years we get another season of D.Gray-man and I love it, but I also hate it, so let's get down to it shall we.
Should you watch D.gray-man Hallow ?
- are you a FAN of D.gray-Man and still follow the manga? Then yes.
- did you simply watch D.gray-man the anime a few years ago? Then no.

This is a very hard anime to recommend, because it's very hard to understand who this anime was made for. Unless you are a die-hard fan I can't in good conscience recommend this show (I cried when the show was announced).

Story: the story picks up form where the original ended skipping some content form the manga. I'm okay with this because they clearly want to animate the entire Alma Karma saga and the only way to do that within a 13ep run is by cutting a lot of content.
Even if you are up to date with the manga, it is really hard to get a grip about what is happening, the story is moving way to fast and anyone who just saw the original a few years back will be lost on what's happening and you will wonder who most of the characters are.
The story itself is great, but the way it is presented leaves a lot to be desired.

Art:'s bad. Now D.gray-man was never a really good animated show, but it had a decent art style. It's clear that the budget for this show is very small and you can tell, from the backgrounds to the characters. The art style is actually worse in my opinion while the animation remains somewhere bellow average. It has some good moments when the animation shines, but overall the art and animation are "MEDIOCRE".

Characters: there the best thing about this show. For me the characters were always the best part about the original and that carries on to Hallow BUT unless you creamed you pants when you saw the poster, they are very and I mean very BAD. Because the show is moving way to fast, the characters don't really have time to shine or to interact with each other like they did back in the days. Yes they are the same characters you loved (or not), but their presentation is lack luster.

Sound: same old good music, same old good sound effect....yaaa will all now where this is going. So they changed the voice actors for most of the characters (who knows what's the reason) and while we can accept it and move forward, let's be honest we can't. That doesn't mean the actors are bad, ow no they are quite great and they do a damn good job on bringing the characters to life, but they're not the same. The problem is that if you are a "veteran" this will eat at read more
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Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) add
Ah, Tokyo Ghoul. I have a love-hate relationship with this anime, for numerous reasons. And it was time I tackled this meaty wall of an anime and move on.
Do keep in mind that there may be a couple negatives here and there, so feel free to ignore and pass them off as, personal preferences. So let's dive in, shall we?

Story - 8 - Honestly, I kinda liked the story. It was fresh, original and very well written. Kinda like I was reading an award-winning book. Last time I read a good book was 'Percy Jackson series', 'Oliver Twist' and 'Dracula'. There may be other anime which features a story about how monsters and humans are not so different, but this one does it well. That isn't to say it was executed right. I heard a lot of rumors about how the sequel tripped very badly, and I thought I smelled controversy over a certain 'something'. (Were getting there, don't worry)
Speaking of which, What happened to the ghouls in New York? Why only Tokyo? Did they all get killed from eating too much red meat? What about China? Did they get the wrong end of the fortune cookie (I know they're Japanese)? What about Dhaka- OH WAIT, We already have plenty of those lying around, WISHING THEY WERE NEVER BORN.

Art - 6 - It's awesome. Nuff said. The artwork and the character design may be the highlight of the entire series. The characters look gorgeous, and the action scenes are damn good...................THEN WHY THE HELL DID I GIVE IT A 6?!?!?!
This is where I address the controversial part of the anime - the censoring.
You might have heard that Kangoku Gakuen (Prison School) also had the same treatment. So I did a little digging, and from what I found, Funimation licensed both of them. So my theory might be that they wanted to censor the gore and color the blood red and black (Come on guys, Crona already proved to be a failure, DON'T DRAG THE GHOULS INTO THIS!!!). Apparently, they thought it was too much for the viewers to handle (Did you guys even watch Elfen Lied? That anime has enough gore to make Mortal Kombat look like a PG rated sitcom). The scenes are so heavily censored that I can't even enjoy the anime at all. Most of the time, I'm trying to figure out what the hell I was looking at. What is she eating? What is THAT? Is Tsukiyama having an orgasm or a boner?
My main problem with the series is that the censoring can really erk you and get in the way of the art and ruin it altogether.Hopefully, you will forgive me for giving the art a 6, but now that you know why, let's move on!

Sound - 7 - The OST is pretty good, and fits the series very well. Funny coming from someone who doesn't pay THAT much attention to OST. The OP is beautiful and the graphics used was stunning.
As for the read more
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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (Anime) add
I can't help but give this a 10/10 all around. There are very few anime's that have made me cry as hard as this one did,of sadness,of happynes. It's just an amazing story all around. It made me really wish that I could see ghosts and fall in love with one as well. And the way they really make you fell the emotions and pain of the characters is beyond amazing.Now,i usually talk to the empty space,thinking that there is soemone there,its just an amazing anime that can evoke that type of feelings.Everything is well implemented,the background of Yuuko and her character development.One of my favorite animes of the almost 200 i saw,a must see.
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8 hours ago
ReLIFE (Anime) add
Story: Mostly a crap fest; good premise, absolutely no follow-through; neither in supporting the premise with some believability, nor with actually doing anything interesting with it.

This started out promising -- I can well imagine a down on his luck NEET taking the chance to go back to high school if that means he might end up with a decent job, and I could also see how one might use that premise to have him learn something to change his life's direction, so the job won't end up being the be-all and end-all of the experience.

But alas, that does not happen. Instead the show quickly devolves into a typical, and not very inspired high school anime, with stock characters, and standard melodrama. I think I fell victim to a bait-and-switch tactic.

Kaizaki actually has a reason for his NEETdom, and where this anime might not fail for a Japanese viewer, this is where it fails the most for me. Japan still has an unbelievable crappy attitude towards bullying; while it now seems to recognize that it doesn't necessarily build character, and in this show the guilty parties are portrayed as solidly (and boringly) nasty, it still does not acknowledge it as something unrelentingly negative, and something for which neither the bullied nor anyone who speaks up for them bears any responsibility whatsoever. Cultural relativism? Get out of my face. I hate bullying, and the Japanese propensity for it and its lousy excuses piss me off.

Art: Nothing to write home about, mostly undistinguished characters. The animation is actively bad in some parts. The fireworks are pretty though, but when are they ever not.

Sound: Worst background music I've heard in a long time. OP and EDs (the latter different for every episode) rather good; I got the impression they were trying to evoke a "back in time" feeling with them -- Porno Graffitti, Puffy, TM Revolution, L'Arc-en-Ciel -- if only the background music had been up to to the same standard. Decent voice acting; my favourite being Yoake Ryou voiced by Kimura Ryouhei; Hatano Wataru is totally wasted on a throw-away character, and Namikawa Daisuke not fairing much better.

Character: Kaizaki is supposed to be the hero of his story, but there isn't enough there there. We find out why he quit his job, and that stands him in good stead, but beyond that? Nada. The most intriguing characters remain mysterious -- we never find out why Chizuru is in the position she is in, exactly what Yoake did wrong with Subject 001, how come Onoya works for ReLIFE. The high school characters are stock and not very interesting.

Enjoyment: It's mostly inoffensive, light-hearted escapism, but I enjoyed it less than I might otherwise have if it had lived up to its premise. It touches on some darkness, but quickly withdraws, as if it had touched a hot stove and learned its lesson. It would have read more
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Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen (Anime) add
This review is kinda spoiler-ish.

It is high time we finally met Kiss-Shot-Acerola-Orion-Heart-Under-Blade.

To say the truth, I am not the biggest fan of the Monogatari Series, especially after watching Hanamonogatari and Tsukimonogatari, which whilst being solid and having great directing, I felt they lacked impact and screen time, them being extremely small and awkward when it comes to their pacing. Bakemonogatari still remains my favorite Monogatari entry, as it contains both amazing dialogue, which is the series' strongest point in my opinion, and an avant-garde chemistry between Senjougahara and Araragi. My expectations raised quite a bit after finishing my Owarimonogatari watch, which I loved quite much, especially the depiction of Sodachi's character in the first half of the series. Following that, I watched Kizumonogatari's PV, which surprised the hell out of me. It was then that I said that yup, this is going to be one of the best entries of the Monogatari Series. Looks like I was not wrong.

What was wrong when it came to my thoughts, though, was that I considered that Monogatari can not make do without its dialogue, which is gripping to say the least. Despite all of the entries being visual experiences, with Shaft practicing a lot when it comes to their production values, Kizumonogatari serves as a rather different entry compared to the others, one that feels more realistic thanks to those visuals, one that put even more credit to them than the amount of credit they did in the other entries. The dialogue still is playful and interesting, but that and the narratives get cut down quite much in order to boost what was one of the most spectacular visual experiences in anime. Filled with metaphors, such as the crows and the train, natural movements and a really successful blend of 2D, CGI, live-action shots and a set of four or five interchangeable artstyles, supported by the rather huge budget, Kizumonogatari truly is a sight to bestow, one that despite containing supernatural elements, is full of humanity and realism, as indicated from the visuals.

Kizumonogatari focuses on Araragi's past, his first encounter with Hanekawa, Kiss-Shot/Shinobu, and many other characters that had been enigmatic throughout. Having not read the light novels, I was always wondering as of what had happened before the events of Bakemonogatari. In the process of watching Kizumonogatari, I came to appreciate Hanekawa's character more, as well as her body, as she looked even more sexy than usual, and came to understand many things about Araragi, who had a weird point of view of friendship and partnership, saying that he is either jealous or hurt when he sticks with someone for quite the long time. An event triggering that idea of his is present in Owariomonogatari. Hanekawa strikes back with her playful attitude, bringing about a really understandable argument. Unfortunately for Araragi, he becomes her friend, and falls of her in the long run, starting running around like a maniac towards the train rails and having facial expressions that successfully describe his psychological read more
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9 all across the board, hey! What's not to like? Couple of characters you don't like? A little bit boring sometimes?

Very well developed. They're consistent in what they say and do, so by the end of it you have a very good feel of who they are and what they're like. Many of them harbor strange philosophies, but it should be remembered that these philosophies belong only to the characters, not the show. They change subtly at a micro level and drastically at a macro level, and it's quite nice to see these characters adapt themselves to the things and people that begin to surround them.

Much more dramatic than the first season, be warned. It's still funny, but not as often and not as much. Things that have only just begun to simmer in season 1 will here burst to a boil. The story details the three main characters' relationships with each other and observes their slowly changing group dynamic. As you know, many of the characters in the series are very self aware about themselves and the rules governing their friendships, which adds an extra, very complicating dimension to the way in which they interact with one another. The story investigates what happens when these self-aware, awkward, philosophizing people begin to collide and form relationships. It's quite charming to watch. And above all, the show investigates this single question: what makes a relationship genuine?

Animation is a big step up from season 1, and the lighting adds so much to the show. People often underestimate the power of visuals, editing, pacing. This new art style and quality allows for so much depth of emotion. And the way the whole show is put together is enchanting. Time is given where time is required. There is a shot where the main character walks alongside a girl under the fading, egg-yolk sun, glowing just above the horizon. There's no swelling music or anything, just them walking. He reaches over and holds her grocery bags for her, and the whole thing takes perhaps 20 seconds, and I felt contentment just watching it. It's exactly the show it tries to be.

Great voice acting, pleasant music. Fits the show perfectly.

Fantastic show. It's deep, and it asks big questions not for the sake of asking them but in service of the characters. Everything is in service of the characters, and their changing eyes as they slowly adjust to the world around them. I really loved the show. For some reason I gave it an 8, because that's how it feels to me now, I'll probably change it to a 9 soon. Not only is the story great, the animation, the directing, the editing and sound -- it all fits together like pieces of a puzzle.
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9 hours ago
Tales of Zestiria the X (Anime) add
I really wanted to give this anime an 8/10, but it struggled with its close-to-flawless storytelling structure.

Before reading this review, keep in mind that I have not played the game, and I don't have enough experience with the visual arts to give an informed perspective.

I think the most important thing of this show is the literary mood it sets up within the story from the very start. Unlike the one episode special that aired a couple years ago, the first episode immedietly introduces us to a city on water that seemed to be inspired by the Arthurian legends. Though subtle, this technique allows us to really see how the story is attempting to lead itself in- quoting another fairy tale in anticipation of its own story.
One of the biggest criticisms I see people say about this anime is that the plot seems lacking. This is especially common among those who have played the game, but within the medium of anime, shows that focus on the theme of medieval knights and fantasy are far and few to be seen (at least personally I cannot find enough of them). The pacing of the Tales of Zestiria is also done in a very structural manner, with constant attention to detail in its thematic roots.

The artwork in ToZ also presents itself in a very captivating way. I mean Ufotable was the studio behind shows like the Fate series, so who could expect any less of them. However, just like with most modern anime, I still struggle to fully enjoy the artwork with the crsppy CGI and 3D models at times, because of the inconsistency there.

As far as sound goes, I can't take a single point away from it. As a composer/musician myself, I find the orchestration of the soundtrack nearly done perfectly. From the first episode while showing Ladylake, the composer already begins to set the tone with a fanfaric anthem with nuanced string ornaments over the glorious brass melodies. The music often times focuses on more modal tones, despite also quoting much of western cinematic music. This sets a unique effect to the sounds of this show, with plenty of unexpected key changed and beautiful rhythmical work.

Character design is perhaps the only thing I find slightly flawed about the show. Take the princess for example. She watched lots of people die before her eyes, and despite pleading with the Seraphims for aid of the moral world, she still seemed unphased after a few episodes despite what she had witnessed. Sorey suffers a similar problem. He never really is given enough time to show his flaws within the first couple of episodes, only appearing as an innocent human who has lived with the Seraphims for years who always wants to lend a helping hand.

Overall, the series has been really enjoyable so far, and I can't wait ticker how the story progresses. This is definitely a series to AT LEAST give a couple of episodes this season, even if you don't plan to stick to read more
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Trigun (Anime) add
Trigun is probably my #2 Anime barely behind cowboy bebop the story is great but it can feel at times to be off track though I don't wholly mind in this case due to the setting and the characters. the art does seem a bit dated with some low points in almost every episode but at times it can be quite nice and truly pull you in. the music is good at capturing the feeling of the show and the dub is excellent. the characters are great and I honestly felt bad for the bad guys at times understanding where they came from. overall I enjoyed the show and would recommend anyone to watch it in the dub.
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10 hours ago
Cowboy Bebop (Anime) add
I try to stay away from a score of 10 as it sounds untrue as nothing is perfect but I must say after watching this.. though this review comes late it has been the closest show to making it. The story was very good at keeping you interested it did lack a backbone and you never tricked yourself into believing that the characters were in much trouble, up until the end that is and boy do I love that ending. the art is absolutely gorgeous I believe it was one of the last animes to be drawn by hand and it shows. the music I quite enjoy but if you don't like blues you might not enjoy it as much. the characters are somewhat average though I'm told it was quite new for its time and even though it is somewhat normal now they play their characters well. Overall I wholeheartedly enjoyed it and I would recommend watching it and in the dub as its one of the best dubs out there in my opinion.
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With me being such a big fan of the games and the first game anime adaption being fairly lackluster my expectations for the future & despair arc were quite mixed (although that didn't stop me from being super hyped), but even after only seeing 2 episodes for each I must say I am impressed with what I have seen.

In the despair arc the anime follows the characters of the 2nd game taking place when they first join Hope's Peak Academy before the events of the 2nd game. The first couple episodes are basically just a slice-of-life school anime, introducing all the characters and following them around watching their comedic non sense. While it might not be quite what everyone was expecting from something with the Danganronpa title I must say I had the biggest grin on my face while watching these, seeing all the characters being perfectly portrayed as they were in the game, right down to Mikans incredible clumsiness, Akanes never ending hunger, Hiyokos total bitchiness towards Mikan, TeruTerus pervertedness and etc. I honestly wouldn't mind just watching this kind of stuff for the entirety of the anime but we all know that won't happen, as I'm sure the darkness of Danganronpa will coming bashing in any episode as they approach closer to "The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History". I guess I should also note the art is nothing special but certainly not bad and the music while not much of it so far is great (aslong as you liked the soundtrack to the 2nd game that is)

As I stated earlier the atmosphere on the anime will surely change in the upcoming episodes and I'll be sure to update this review sometime later when that happens but for now I can say, anyone who liked the quirky cast of Danganronpa 2, I recommend you give this show a try.

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An entertaining series to watch, considering that the usual “alternative-world” is the theme of this anime. Unlike most main characters, our "hero" fully recognizes his situation and is therefore ready to adjust to his new life in this world that he is unfamiliar with. There is only one problem: his party—all members are useless, awkward and weird (in more ways than one), and have little effectiveness in actual combat. These character traits are definitely non-cliché and relatively new, making the show very amusing.

I would recommend this anime because of its entertainment value. Similar anime shows are Log Horizon and SAO, but this anime mainly focuses on the comedy genre instead of the gaming and/or adventure genre. Please note that this has no ultimate plot (as far as the anime is concerned). The pacing revolves on the daily life of Kazuma as an adventurer, which makes the pace very slow. And also, get ready for the eye candy even if the art and animation is a bit different compared to the usual art that is popular today.
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11 hours ago
ReLIFE (Anime) add
Story: 7/10 Really average, full of cliches which have been seen hundreds of times in other anime. While this anime might appeal to newcomers to the genre for most people into the slice of life / school anime you will feel like they have already seen everything this anime has to offer previously. On a positive note the story has very good pacing and does a good job to keep your attention.

Art: 8/10 The art was pretty good as a whole although it did have some awkward moments. The backgrounds are really detailed and the animation was fluid. Very pleasant to watch, overall no complaints there.

Sound: 5/10 Piano, piano and more piano. Again, nothing revolutionary here. It does the job relatively well however do not expect to fall in love with the OST.

Character: 6/10 While the characters look very generic they make up for it in their development throughout the series. The characters have somewhat realistic personalities which many viewers can relate to however they develop in a very predictable way. For reference I don't even remember the main characters name after finishing the series about two hours ago - not due to the anime's short length but due to the generic design.

Enjoyment: 7/10 Although the anime is nothing special, it is not by any means bad. I enjoyed my time watching it even though there were some negatives. If you enjoy other slice of life anime you will like this one too, no doubt - however do not expect anything revolutionary.

Overall I gave the anime what some people might consider a "low" score not because the anime is bad. But it has simply all been done before, would I recommend this anime to a friend? No. Would I put it in my top 10 list? No. However what is here is still a decent anime to get us through the season.
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Monogatari Series: Second Season is the start of a long-awaited payoff for faithful fans of the series. If you've kept up with the dense dialogue of the first installment and the fanservice-fueled insanity of the second, this is your reward: one of the best seasons of anime I've ever had the pleasure to watch. Second Season is full of heartfelt moments, witty banter, and the pieces of an overarching plot finally piecing together now that we have a fully-developed cast of characters in place.

I won't go into detail about the visuals and the soundtrack. This is a Monogatari installment, so it looks and sounds great all the time always. This is nothing new. Instead, let's focus on what's new in this season that is different from Bake/Nisemonogatari.

First of all, in a first for the series, the audience is invited to delve into the minds of the Monogatari cast, liberated from Koyomi Araragi's headspace. This is a much-needed breath of fresh air for the franchise, for as much as we all love the perverted pseudo-vampire, at this point we've come to know him so well that his reactions usually aren't surprising or revealing anymore. Instead, we see the world through the eyes of Deishu Kaiki, Tsubasa Hanekawa, and others. We see how Koyomi is reflected in the eyes of these characters, and the results are often surprising.

As I mentioned above, in this season the series begins setting the pieces up for a real overarching plot, something that it's never really done before. A couple new characters, Izuko Gaen and Ougi Oshino, arrive on the scene and their intentions are quite dubious as they begin initiating the events of the series via "chance encounters" with members of the cast. Although it is clear that these two are far more than they appear on the surface, their motives are never explained, setting the stage for a future confrontation.

The series still hews closely to its light novel origins, adapting each of the volumes into a 4-6 episode arc. I will say that the arcs vary quite a bit in quality. Tsubasa Tiger, Nadeko Medusa, and Hitagi End are some of the most climactic, surprising, and heartrending story arcs this series has ever produced. Mayoi Jiangshi I didn't like all that much, mostly because I have never been fond of Hachikuji, but it still told an entertaining story with a bittersweet conclusion. Shinobu Time is easily the weakest arc, a four episode time-waster only existing to set the stage for the final arc while explaining the events of the previous one. However, even it had its moments, including a tearful farewell that will tug at your heartstrings.

The series also includes a handful of recap episodes to refresh the viewer's memory as to the events of the previous series installments. These are optional to your enjoyment of the show proper, but it's worth your time to check them out if it's been a while since you viewed the previous seasons. These recaps are absolutely not a read more
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Tales of Zestiria the X (Anime) add
From characters standing in rooms forcefully dumping exposition for several minutes every episode so the plot line can advance, to the extremely dull run of the mill genki-boy protagonist that everyone has seen several million times already.

Tales of Zestiria the X is like your typical low-budget shounen action-adventure anime but with a shiny coat of paint and chrome wheels, but underneath the hood is a jumbled mess that makes you wish you were watching something else.

This anime is nothing new, but if you are bored and want to waste some time watching poorly written eye candy then it isn't so bad.
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Angel Beats! (Anime) add
Story - 10/10

I loved the story and how the creators were so creative to make up a story like that. It's very original and I love how it took Purgatory to a whole other level. I kinda thought they were a band from Hell trying to go to Heaven mainly because I just quickly skimmed a wikipedia article but I was close enough. I do recommend watching this anime if you hadn't seen it because you won't find anything like this.

Art - 9/10

It's your average anime design but the animation is still nice and smooth. There's not much to say about this so I won't spend a lot of time on the art review though I did kinda hope they would try a different anime style like what they did in Puella Madoka Magica (another anime you should watch) but overall it's still pretty good so that's why I give it a 9.

Sound - 10/10

I don't really pay attention to sound quality (unless it's really bad) and Angel Beats had good sound quality like any other anime. I also really liked the music that played when Yui or Iwasawa were performing. The sound effects were good and like I said I don't really pay attention to sound quality so I'll leave this as the way it is.

Character - 9/10

I loved the characters in Angel Beats and I love anime with lots of characters for some strange reason which made me love it more. I especially loved each of the characters' background stories and learning about their dark pasts. I kinda wished that we got to see everyone's past because from what I remember we only got to see Yuri, Otonashi, Hinata, Yui, Iwasawa, and Ayato's past. I wished we could have seen how each and every character's dark past and how they died. Or who knows? Maybe it's in the manga I haven't read it yet so that's yet to come.

Enjoyment - 8/10 (SPOILERS)

Okay so their weren't a lot of feels in this series (and if you're wondering about Angel's ending I'll explain that later) and feels are one of the factors I look for when watching an anime or cartoon. Feels make you cry and mourn for weeks making that series unforgettable. And I didn't really like Otonashi ending up with Angel because I always saw her as someone who was evil even after she became good and I always side with a character for some reason. In this case, it was Yuri. And yes I ship Otonashi and Yuri. Anyways I think it would have been better if Otonashi didn't really get a love interest because I don't think romance was a good mix to the story. I had a 10/10 until the last episode where Otonashi declared his love for Angel. Of course there were some feels like all the characters disappearing... that made me cry a lot and I ABSOLUTELY HATED IT BECAUSE IT WAS SO SAD. I actually would have liked it if the read more
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
Why has god abound me This is something made for gods by gods this is the pinnacle of bleach. this is the reason i cut/ fapp. every thing is so bad the first arc was good then his cousin/sisture wanted to sex him up so overall just watch Corey in the house and drink bleach instead of watching this thing it is so sosososossoso bad dont be me and watch all of it to hope it gets good because it never ever ever ever ever ever does get good it makes me sad so sad that this is the pincal of my sistures anime life
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Yesterday, 11:05 PM
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
This show could have been something good. It had everything that made Attack on Titan good in the mix but it got the proportions wrong. It's like using baking soda when baking powder is needed.

There was a decent world built, with decent characters that could have been expanded and evolved. The possibility of a good villain that no one knew about what available.

Instead you got a decent world that ended up amounting to "This is how it is and A:We like this world, let's protect it. B: We should destroy this world and everyone in it for reasons!".

The decent characters never got expanded and never developed. They had a type and stuck to it entirely. It was like playing GEN1 pokemon and mashing B during evolution.

The villain? Guy with daddy issues. That's it. Daddy was mean to him once and decided to destroy the world. Because, you know, that's a logical thing to do. And bad guys men? They were... dunno. Some were bad and some weren't? Maybe?

Listen, if you have nothing to watch or just want to watch something bad, here's your show.
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The only problem I had with this movie were the characters and the plotline. I'll try to explain without any spoilers. (Keep in mind that a review is the reviewer's opinion and that you should make your own decision.)

While the new characters ones were okay, there were a few times in the movie when their actions either didn't make much sense or were at odds with what was happening around them.

However, most of the strange behavior seemed to be intertwined the plot holes. By plot holes, I refer to the numerable questions raised by the actions of the characters and the environment around them. Particularly the end scene with all of the deaths, the unexplained non-deaths, "where the hell did all that paper come from", as well as the odd(and in my opinion) unreasonable reactions of quite a few characters.

(I get that they're ninja, but Naruto is still a kid and a very empathetic one at that. Why did he not react when he saw all those bodies? Then again, that may mainly be the fault of the artists.)

ALSO, there are lots of unanswered questions( some relate to the plot holes). A few examples of those are:
- How did ******* live after he was mortally wounded?
- What is the Stone of Gelel? I get that it's powerful, but what is it?
- How did ******* suddenly understand his heritage despite the truth of it never being directly stated?
- Why don't the newcomers know about chakra?
- Why did they have ***** ****** inside of them?
There are a ton more questions that, if answered, would of prevented some major confusion and fixed a few plot holes. But, you will have no idea what I'm talking about since you haven't watched the movie...

So, overall, I liked this. (I giggled almost constantly due to my twisted sense of humor.) But, the confusion and plot holes lowered the enjoyment drastically. I am rating this a 6 because, despite its flaws, it was decent. The plot was acceptable, the fight scenes were awesome, and both Gaara and Kankuro were there.

P.S. As a hopeless fan, Gaara and Kankuro(mostly Gaara) are the main reasons that I rated this movie as "fair"(6) and not "mediocre"(5). (Their fight scenes were pretty amazing.)
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Yesterday, 10:49 PM
Sword Art Online: Extra Edition (Anime) add
What's up guys? Sorry if my voice sounds weird, I've been a little sick lately.
Just when I thought Sao couldn't any beefier, Kirito the burrito goes to tell his teacher about his adventures through flashbacks that last 40 minutes. It's so awesome! Now with all that pesky story out of the way, I know what you really want to know about. THE BOOBS

I have never seen fan service this good since high school dxd! When Lizzy Izzard fondled Sugucci's supple titties, I almost popped a nut! Basically, all the girls go to a swimming pool and literally get hot! ;)

Later on, there is a little bit of real plot, but it doesn't focus on the buttboobs very much. Klein is such a perv! LOL

It ends with a hint that there will be a sao 2. In my opinion, I cannot wait to continue following the adventures of Kurrita Burrita Frita Dorito Tortilla Master! This anime was so LIT!

#GigaDonk out
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Yesterday, 10:45 PM
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) 2nd Season (Anime) add
I write this review with a hole in my heart. It exists because I just finished a series I have adored for over a year, and what a finish it was. I am so happy to have gone on this wild ride, as it happened to be one of the best of 2016 to this point, and I'd wager a bet it will remain one of the best.

I began this series on a whim. I was about to travel halfway across the United States and wanted something that would satisfy me for the 4+ hours it would take. I had heard some great thing about season one and decided I'd give it a shot. At first, I can't say I was too impressed. I enjoyed the first 7 episodes, but there wasn't enough to leave me wanting more, so I took an extended break from continuing. When I resumed, I realized it was a much better show than I was giving it credit for. I finished the first season, and while I thought the ending was poor, and some characters were barley given any screentime, I really enjoyed it.

Season 2 greatly improved on the things I didn't like, and took all the things I loved and made them better.

Season 2 did an amazing job of capturing the emotion of knowing that a beloved mentor and friend of the kids in Korosensei wasn't what they thought he was, and that his deadline was quickly approaching. The comedy was still around and was used in ways that didn't damper the serious moments that come throughout the second half of episodes. Twists and turns abound, as many unexpected things are revealed to help develop characters and teach us of their motives and desires.

Where this show shines is in it's characters. Every character is given a likable personality, as well as personal conflicts that need to be resolved. Some characters take center stage, but all the characters are integral to the overall story and how the emotional payoff is delivered. Korosensei in particular is amazing in the sense that no matter the situation, he has a lesson prepared for the students he so greatly cherishes. All of the characters have varying traits to them, and sometimes they clash, but in the end, they all end up banding together and becoming a tight knit group when the final moments are upon them. This series makes you care about it's characters, every single one of them, making the ending an emotional ride.

Ansatsu Kyoshitsu (Assassination Classroom) Season 2 is one of those series that get better and better with every episode, and the emotional payoff at the end is so bittersweet, that it makes it a must watch for anyone that likes this type of genre. Weather it be Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi, or even Drama, this show has you covered and then some. It is no doubt a 10/10
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Yesterday, 10:28 PM
Lost Universe (Anime) add
It's hard to believe this series is nearly twenty years old. The CGI looks on par with anime from the decade that followed it. Now before I start heaping praise upon this series I will point out my bias here. I'm pretty much a sucker for anything with space battles or sword fights, and this series has both. Looking back, this series helped create my bitterness about anime cliches. Because this series has none of them. It's not set in high school nor does it star high schoolers. It doesn't center on unrequited love. Not once did I call for Bright Noah. None of the characters are simply eye candy. And I don't have to endure some boy with a girl's name hollaring about justice, friendship or how they're gonna single handily rid humanity of it's enemy. It's just a simple fun space adventure. The key is it never alters it's tone. It's an action comedy (they were all the rage in the 90's) and it never forgets that. Every episode gives you the action and comedy. It's not perfect, though few things are. For starters very little is explained in this series, that's a mild problem for a sci-fi series. I had questions, and I'd like answers. I got a few, but not all. While the CGI looks good, the animation shows it's age. This might turn off viewers who don't have a sense of nostalgia for 90's anime. There's one other flaw I want to mention and that's the use of Noo as the principal villain. If you don't know who Noo is, watch Captain Herlock: The Endless Odyessy. I'm not going to spoil it here but needless to say Hal Jordan is over qualified to solve the problem. Watch it if you're out of new series to watch. You won't be blown away, but you will be entertained.
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Berserk (2016) (Anime) add
I have never written a preview for an unfinished anime/manga/whatever before, neither for one I dropped. I didn't see the point. Also, I didn't like the idea of judging a work that I had not experienced as a whole. I pushed myself to finish the ~750 pages of Red Storm Rising (don't read it) just to be “able” to review it. Having said all that, after watching the first episode of the new Berserk I simply had to write something.

I love Berserk. The anime was reason I abandoned my initial hesitation and started reading manga. It is a genre on its own. And even though it is a 1997 work I still recommend it to all my friends. I didn't watch the 2012 movies because CGI, meaning I was really not prepared for this.

It was... well in a single word: Unacceptable. Please don't disregard this comment because I am a CGI hater. Every aspect of it was unacceptable. The CGI was horrible. Not only that, but the direction reminded me of old console RPGs, those that you didn't get a good sense of the action. Never in my life, I commented about neither music in movies/TV etc nor about seiyus, I probably have a thick and/or untrained ear, but that episode astonished me because I found that both were poor.

During the first four episodes you get glimpses of the beauty that is Berserk. Unfortunately even if you disregard the CGI, the poor direction -full of strangely rotating angles and trite shots- makes watching the anime unbearable.

The anime will cover the second act of the Berserk story, after the excellent “golden age arc”. While this act is not as good as the first, it still remains a masterpiece.

I cannot understand how such a popular source material was given to such an amateurish studio. If you are new to Berserk, you can read the manga. This product does not even come close to replicating the beautiful panels of the original work. If you don't do manga, watch the 1997 anime. It's awesome. Apparently some people are not bothered by the low quality, so Berserk fans can give it a try; if you don't get a headache from the camera work maybe you will enjoy it. 4.0/10. While the production values are worth less than 0, underneath lies one of the best stories in any medium.
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Death Note (Anime) add
"Change in fortune does not change a person but rather, unmasks them” or perhaps it’s “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
This anime puts to question just how its protagonist became what he becomes, but whatever the trite phrase may be, the end result is clear: he is a crazy, psychopathic mass murderer. If you are wondering what I’m babbling about, say hello to Death Note, one of the best deductive cat and mouse anime ever created.

The lack of punching, kicking and gun slinging action may put off some, but it certainly is a welcome change of pace for the more jaded viewers. Speculation and preemptive reasoning may seem boring, but the well written script and the intricate character relationships are sure to keep viewers on edge. The occasional injunction of humor and relatively solid animation both serve as a plus.

What makes this series really special is probably its presentation. Death Note has one of the most ridiculously awesome presentations of any show out there. After the deductive reasoning becomes a plan, and the plan become action, an epic music score sweeps in followed by grandiose choreography and epic hand gestures that make something as simple as eating a potato chip feel epic. Furthermore, as the story enters the second phase, the anime becomes less about convoluted theories and baseless reasoning and more about door kicking and gun flaring action. Those who complained that the second part of the original manga was too slow should have little to whine about with Madhouse Studios’ curt, to-the-point execution.

The series is not without its faults, and there are several glaring ones that need to be mentioned. First and foremost, Death Note suffers from a lack of likeable characters. I only cared for two characters throughout the entire anime. Much of the show’s drama is purely derived from circumstances rather than the visceral emotions that follow. This puts an unnecessary cap on the dramatic level that the show can reach. Secondly, the show teeters towards absurdity in regards to the overly analytic conjectures. Too many of the speculations feel like they were pulled from thin air.

Despite lacking good human drama, the show still has a riveting, edge-of-your-seat situational drama. Yes, the show has several questionable points of logic, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a show about a battle of minds as good as this one.
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Boku no Pico (Anime) add
Mokkun your oncincin... inside me

t'was a good one I suggest watching it in public if you are a real man.

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Bungou Stray Dogs (Anime) add
I loved Stray Dogs so much. I was scrolling through my queue on Crunchyroll and saw Stray Dogs, I guess I put it there on accident. I planned on deleting it but I watched the first episode and loved it. Started at 6PM and before 8:00 the next morning I had seen all 6 episodes (at the time that was all). I would be so happy to see that new episode and wasn't really ever disappointed. The characters were very amazing and lovable. In the first episode you alr feel for the main character and by the end you will be so amazed. The comedy was another very amazing thing. I'd recommend it to people who love crime and detective type anime.
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Yesterday, 7:59 PM
Inferno Cop (Anime) add

“We must cut out all that is different like a cancerous growth! It is essential in this society that we not only have a norm but that we conform to the norm. Differences weaken us! Variations destroy us!” – From the Twilight Zone episode “The Eye of the Beholder”

By and large, the presence of originality has been eroding away from the world’s forms of entertainment for a while now. The cinema industry has propelled itself a shade above mediocricy thanks to a seemingly neverending stream of re-makes, basically transforming nostalgia into mountains of cash. The NFL’s motto has currently been “this is the way we’ve always done things now shut up and deal with it”. Anime, in particular, is suffering from a years-long endeavor into the tried-and-true. What was once a medium of constant innovation and unabashed quirkiness has now denigrated into a dystopian system of moeblobs and tsunderes, of boobfalls and deus ex machinas, of overpowered angst androids and their legion of clueless harem chicks.

It is in this industry that Inferno Cop steamrolls through, shattering the mindless tedium that anime has become with a fiery passion for all that is pure and righteous in what we watch. This OVA’s backstory is a famous one; Hiroyuki Imaishi, who first flirted with fame thanks to the great Gurren Lagann, left Gainax to create Studio Trigger in 2012 and Inferno Cop was the first work that Imaishi directed with Trigger. As many have stated before, Inferno Cop saved anime from the repetitive nonsense it had devolved into; it also obliterated any rational standard I have for anime in general, like how I think of character animation. How can I describe it? Imagine that you’re a little boy and you want more action figures but your parents don’t have enough cash for them right away. What do you do? You draw what you think resembles some cool action figures. You cut them out and, well, you move these flimsy scraps of paper around and talk for them, just like you would with your toys. That’s what Inferno Cop’s characters look like; they don’t move with their arms, legs, feet, etc. but instead are shifted diagonally, vertically, and horizontally. In other words, Inferno Cop’s character designs are terrible but the series lampoons its stylistic flaws often enough that it becomes an integral part of the title. That’s just the kind of anime this is.

Throughout the duration of this medium’s existence, there have been quite a few mentally unhinged characters to grace anime (eccentrics like Steins Gate’s Rintarou Okabe and Hisoka of Hunter X Hunter fame come to mind), and then there are the guys occupying this show’s cast, particularly the titular character. Inferno Cop is a delusional maniac who, believing his quest is a righteous one, murders a baby, devours his friend’s remains, and destroys the Earth in the course of 13 episodes, and all of this is convincingly portrayed thanks to the colossal efforts of Junichi Goto, who simply oozes the absurd overacting read more
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Mars of Destruction (Anime) add
Mars of destruction is the worst anime, but specially ova, that I've seen. The animation sucks as well the fighting, sound, characters. The people fighting the invaders were so weak that they should not be the ones used to fight them. Enemies as well people were killed and beheaded, like the one girl in the first few minutes, by weapon blasts that weren't even that powerful. It's easy to tell that blood was so fake. The story is the worst story I've ever known. I think this is single handily the worst anime and episode of a show I have ever viewed. There's no doubt that this deserves a 1/10; there's no redeeming qualities, especially, considering that this is from 2005.
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Arslan Senki (TV) (Anime) add
Disclaimer: This is literally a copy and paste of my "More" section of my list of anime I've seen. This is the best way of getting my point across about an anime without going into a proper and open discussion about something. I'm not good with big chunky and long lines of text.

A lot like if Fire Emblem was made into an anime.
A solid medieval fantasy story with great pacing. As well as bring up topics such as the dangers extremist religions and how the dangers of such can use them to get whatever they want. And the debate between the rightful heir to the throne vs the right person to be on the throne. Combat was also more strategy based and based on realistic physical abilities.
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
Well sadly its still a better finale then K project : Return of Kings, but regardless it has it faults. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is sub par at best with the most likable character being the deuteragonist mumie and not the annoying cabbage whose instinctual to sniff out the antagonist with no true suspicion against him (Its only because he wasn't a good enough brother to his own kin that he despises biba off the start). He has more personality then Eren but fails to be better than him(WTF? how is that possible). The action was fine; I wished the series was more serious though. The only part I did enjoy was Biba and his retribution/revenge plan, he almost reminded me of a non refined version of Makishima; with his responses to murdering and how disposable everyone was to him. Biba like makishima only functioned for his self and his personal agenda, any who opposed died. Its awesome that Biba carries around a Reiterpallasch with human pine resign coated over it, there is speculation his bloodtinge was over 9000 :3 (TRUE THAT MATE) But regardless the anime was no greater than a 6,(It would have been a 10 if : Biba after losing his arm and restoring his embers wrecked that bitch boy cabbage to Lordran and back) .
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
TL;DR at the bottom
Boku dake ga Inai Machi is a pretty outstanding anime in terms of the originality of the plot and the progression of the story. It's not a lazy anime, so nor should its viewers be. This series progresses in a very realistic and measured manner. despite some minor flaws, all in all, it boasts a maturity and clarity that few animes in recent seasons have been able to deliver.

Story: 10/10 (for what it is)
Erased is not a series that unfolds on a cosmic level, the reach of the protagonists powers is small and thus imbues a sense of reality and care that many animes don't nowadays. I'll make this short; if you're almost exclusively a fan of cheap panty shots, sloppily pieced together plots, and campy harems, you probably will not like this, most likely due to a lack of understanding. If you're not a fan of sentimentality, you probably will like it for its art and clarity, but probably won't be giving this a 10/10.

This story isn't clever beyond belief, but it's intricate and well-paced. The MC has an ability to time travel, but solely altruistically, he cannot change his life, but rather his abilities allow him the privilege (or burden) to save the lives of others, or to stop evil befalling onto innocent people. He uses this power to go back in time to stop an event that defined his childhood, and the childhoods of his classmates at the time.

The story is sweet, simple and well executed. It's not saccharine in its development, but I must say, though it may not be exactly what the viewer wanted or expected, the ending is satisfying.

Art: 9/10
The art style is simple, elegant and DETAILED! even in scenes when there is only dialogue, there is a continuous movement! The background scenes have life in them. they aren't just lazy 2D placeholders, the design elements in this series are almost flawless, watching anything after this will open your eyes to the countless corners that are cut to pump out a lot of the banal animes you see now. Erased is a benchmark for high production value.

Characters: 8/10
The characters are fleshed out and believable, our MC goes through considerable change during the series, and by episode 12 his outlook on life has taken a total 180 (in the most positive sense)

TL;DR: if you want something that is captivating in every sense, watch this anime! It's fun, sweet, tear wrenching and clever in a way that doesn't ask much of the viewer, all it begs of you is that you sit back and watch the story unfold. This is a definite 10/10 that'll leave you searching for something to fill the hole it'll leave once it's done.
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ReLIFE (Anime) add
Hey folks, this will be a review for ReLife. This show was really entertaining even with some dramatic moments. I'm sure many of us have thought about how we would live our life starting over, and it was interesting to watch someone else experience it.

The story is well summarized on the shows page, but Ill give a quick recap. Kaizaki, Arata is our main character and he is a 27 year old man whose life has had a bit of a derailment. He is offered an opportunity to take part in a study for a year where in he will relive through the third year of highschool. The show moves at a slice of life pacing, offering up a situation where Arata or one of the few side characters take part. Most of the events being semi dramatic which in general I despise, but I liked how this show handled it.

The art was nice but nothing special, same with the sound.

The characters were highly enjoyable. The cast is relatively small, mainly focusing on Arata and his 5 or so friends. I cant say much about the characters without spoilers.

I enjoyed this show a lot. It could have gone in several directions, and even though I would have been more happy with a comedy show, I still enjoyed it enough not to want to go to bed. My one and only real complaint with the show, is that they used one of Arata's friend for 2 of the larger dramatic events and made it hard to enjoy the character very much because of it. However the comedy was enjoyable, especially early on when Arata had to adjust back into highschool life. The romance element was somewhat lackluster, however if there is a second season I don't see it being a problem. I recommend this show if you like the slice of life type shows, or your into petty highschool drama with some comedy.

TLDR: Great show, semi funny, semi dramatic, enjoyable characters, and good underlying plot. Give this one a watch.
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Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen (Anime) add
Argevollen. Honestly this show just made me sad. I absolutely loved it, the neat little combinations of military slice-of-life were well done and entertaining to watch. The numerous characters all had excellent proportions of screen time and were simply enjoyable to see how they interacted. The various emotions caused by war, fear and love were very well portrayed throughout the show in my opinion.

Of course the art was incredible, and the fight scenes were very fun to watch, especially the Arge/Strum duels.

And then the anime made a fatal mistake.

The clincher, the reason this show wasn't a very fun 8/10 mecha anime (or possibly higher) was that the producers fell for what I think is a plot destroying, but very tempting, trap. They swapped main characters. Unintentionally. Tokimune is the main character for most of the show, however around episode 16-18 ish the plot becomes 100% driven by his Squad Captain, Somonji... and that change in focus from the squad and the MC of the majority of the show throws the anime completely off the rails. If there is one thing in an anime that seriously irks me. It's when many episodes or worse, the key plot points of a story, are basically driven by one STUPID, MORONIC character... and that's effectively what happens in the conclusion of this anime.

if this one flaw I've described however doesn't bother you, then I would highly recommend Argevellon as a fun, entertaining show that progresses pleasantly and will leave you with some decent hype moments (As a straight man, I can say that Argevellon looks super sexy at some points in this anime) but will also leave you with a smile.
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Honobono Log (Anime) add
It's a lighthearted animated skits taken straight from couples lives, so if you are expecting a story with a plot, please steer clear. Each episode do not connect with one and another, and they last about 2-3 minutes each. Think of this as watching a Youtube video rather than a full length anime, and you will enjoy it a lot more.

This is one of those pieces that makes you warm and happy on a rainy day, full of feels. Throughout the anime, very minimal sound effects are used to aid the story as the voice actors are the ones that carry the movement instead. The opening/ending song choice is also a great accompaniment to the simple and clean art style (I'm listening to it as I'm writing this review).

Overall, it makes you appreciate the little things in life just a bit more all for just 20 minutes of your time.
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
Sword Art Online, or Sao, as it's coquial name is known, is the best anime I've ever seen, and I've seen Dragonball Z AND Yu-Gi-Oh! Kirito is so cool! He's just like me! Asuna is very hot and I like her. But not Suguha! She is so garbage. The story line is good as delectably delicious as my dead sister's aborted fetus. It was funny when Silica said not to look and he looked anyway. but he said he didn't look. Sao is cool. Swords are kool-aid. Kirito is kiri-aid. Kirito is Dorito. Try Taco Bell's Beefy Frito Burrito. Kiri-frito. Kirito Frito Beefy Burrito Kurfrita Burrita Kururin. El burro....burrita? Yes.
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