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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
Starting with what I DO like: I like the concept, and I like the art.

that's really it. The big problem is the characters. The male lead starts off sort of interesting, but he never seems to actually do much of anything. The female lead is the typical emotionless edgy teen and every time she's on the screen she's just annoying.

The side characters are mostly uninteresting as well.

I just could not get invested in the story because I couldn't bring myself to give a shit about anybody. I really wanted to like it because the concept is good, but every episode I watched just ended with disappointment.

Also, the music is really bad and unfitting.
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
Wow! What a great first season 'Boku no Hero Academia' was!

At the beginning of the show it seemed to be a bit of a cheesy concept, especially with all the stuff around All-Might. Holy god was I wrong. I thought the way they used this idea of superpowers was perfect. They somehow made the idea of superpowers unique, which blew my mind away.

This show had such good vibes surrounding it when I watched it. It just managed to put a smile on my face every time the new episode came out! I also thought the show had some top level comedy, which I certainly didn't expect from it, but was definitely happily surprised.

I thought the OST was downright perfect. Some of the best soundtrack I've heard from any show ever to be completely honest. Made many scenes much better with the placements of the music.

And lastly, I thought the story was fantastic. It really makes you warm up to Deku because he had to go through so much just be considered the 'norm' in the world he was living. To spare others on spoilers, Deku had to go through crazy scenarios just to get to where he was, I and thought that was freaking awesome.

My only minor complaint about the show was that the villains were at a pretty big disadvantage as the heroes, but I believe that it was just there in the first season to set the scene on how powerful the heroes were. In the 2nd season I believe things will change drastically.

If this review does not seem professional, it's because it's not! It is only my 2nd one ever, so take it lightly! :D
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Psycho-Pass 2 (Anime) add
It seems strange that for a story with such a promising start (in terms of the first season), the second season happens to be received overwhelmingly rejected, in terms of plot. Nevertheless, the path taken by Psycho-Pass Season 2 proves itself to be a necessary sequel to the first season for a couple of reasons-
1) Kogami now missing, Akane Tsunemori has the "space" needed in order for her own character to mature. It seemed in the first season that Kogami's powerful presence itself seemed to stunt any growth and maturity for Tsunemori. Although Tsunemori was technically in chare of Kogami, it always felt that Kogami and his associates were the ones really doing most of the work for Tsunemori. However, Season 2 happens to show how she grew into a character that can think for herself, even if her ideas clash head-on with the Sibyl System. Thus, this season clearly shows how Tsunemori feels about the Sibyl System, and whether or nor if it has the credentials to truly judge humanity.

2) The main antagonist in the season is very complex, in terms so of the challenges Sibyl faces in trying to "color" this criminal. Through Makishima, the series explored what it means to be human through the intellect. However, I feel the main antagonist in season 2 delves into something that is perhaps far more important- what makes a human, a human? (more will be clear if you watch the show)

Besides these two points, here are my scores for the season-
Story And Characters-8

(The ending song by EGOIST is pretty dope)


Interesting color scheme- the blue and black themes give the setting a more cyberpunk-ish feel.
Hope there is a third season. Ive heard that the director is planning one, in which Kogami will return, but a an antagonist. Therefore, Tsunemori's maturity as an investigator will really be interesting to see in the third season, if there is one.

Recommend for those who want an interesting psychological ride in the mind of man.

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Isuca (Anime) add
To start there is a lot of gratuitous fan service in this anime. That aside it is a very enjoyable show. Obviously from the ending they were hoping for a second season. It needs one please. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.
I do not get technical about art, story, or sound. If I like the characters and enjoy the show, I consider it a good show. I liked this show and could not tell you why I just did.
It was a simplistic premise. The harem was underdeveloped. The main is annoying. Despite all that I really enjoyed this show.
It fulfilled what I wanted it to do. It entertained me to the point that I stayed up till 2 on a work night to watch it in its entirety.(I get up at 6.)
In short if you are looking to be entertained this anime delivers. Nothing heavy to think about , nothing breathtaking to look at, just a good batch of entertainment.
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Bleach (Anime) add
Bleach is great anime and one of the most popular. Yes it has its problem but show doesn't to be honest. The story has a good concept and is able to Versatile but does have some bad filler and some good filler as well. The main cast are all great characters and are relate able. Besides having some great villains like the popular Grimmjow who is personal favorite if you couldn't tell by my name. Another great villain is aizen who evil with no equal who opposite to the main the hero Ichgio who is another personal favorite of mine as well. People say this series is dumb which I disagree it needs to be brought back. If you like the supernatural or Danny phantom you like this anime and should give it a try
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Mayoiga (Anime) add
Hey, are you looking for a well made mystery anime that boasts a suspenseful plot with intriguing characters? Then DON'T watch Mayoiga! This show failed miserably to be the good mystery anime that it tried so hard to be. Mayoiga got consistently worse and more agrivating to watch as each episode passed by. In fact, it almost drove me to take a bus tour to an abandoned town divode of life and technology myself just so that I wouldn't have to watch this disgrace on my PC every week.

Plot: 2/10

With an intriguing premise, I figured that the overall story would be quite interesting. However since episode one the plot has practically disappeared in a similar way to how some of the characters in this show have vanished. And by that I mean in a vague and unexplained manner. The writers just seemed to disregard whatever plot elements they had in mind to specifically focus on the stupidity of the characters. Mayoiga unintentionally transferred from a mystery to a comedy. I won't go into detail on this point, but if you watch the anime, you'll understand where I'm coming from. The writing in this show is absolutely horrid.

Animation: 5/10

The art is quite basic. The majority of the characters each have their own original design, although they're animated in a rather simplistic manner. There's not much to say about the scenery, which is also kind of underwhelming. Overall not bad, but not great either.

Sound: 5/10

The opening theme song is rather average and isn't anything special. The ending is mediocre and skippable. The background soundtrack helps keep the mood tense and edgy during suspenseful scenes- oh wait, there aren't any in this anime! The voice acting is average and bland, and I really don't like the main characters voice. It's rather annoying.

Characters: 2/10

If you ever decide to create a twelve episode long anime, never, under any circumstances, have a cast of over thirty characters. That's right, the geniuses who created Mayoiga thought that they'd be able to effectively develop OVER THIRTY CHARACTERS in just TWELVE EPISODES. As you can imagine, the majority of the characters don't even have a personality, much less any development. Practically all of the characters are so stupid that I almost want to smash my head through a concrete tablet when I watch them. They're so disorganized, paranoid, and have no idea how to deal with the undesirable situations that they find themselves in. Then again, what else can you expect from a bunch of ignoramuses who want to escape society by taking a sketchy bus tour to an uncharted town that has a very probable chance of not even existing. Oh, and instead of developing as characters as the anime progressed, the doofuses in this show somehow manage to get even stupider and more annoying with each passing episode. Now that's an accomplishment!

Enjoyment: 3/10

Although Mayoiga kept me entertained in the beginning, throughout the latter half of the anime I wanted to gouge out my eyes every time read more
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
This is like Attack on Titans, but a more intense and creepy looking version of it. Judging from the first episode I watched just recently, I could tell that this anime has alot of potential and it can be toe to toe with Erased ( boku dake ga inai machi).

This is a fantastic alternate to Attack on Titans and something I will look forward to watch at the end of every week. I'm sad that I discovered this anime today and not in the future, because now I have to wait every week for each episode to come out.

If you're one of those people who aren't sure to start watching this, YOURE WRONG! BECAUSE THIS IS FREAKING GOOD!!
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Hundred (Anime) add
[this is my first review. There are some minor spoilers from the first episode]

Oh boy... You know, there are 4 kinds of anime:
1- there are great animes that make you so depressed because you just finished watching it and there's nothing more left to watch;
2- there are good anime that are enjoyable and worth your precious time;
3- there are bad anime that even though they may have not been enjoyable, they had something going on for them;
4- and then there are... "Things"... Anime so terrible that makes one question if quality control is even a thing in Japan, or if the otaku culture will buy anything as long there are cute girls in the show.

And you see, Hundred is the 4th kind. When I saw the trailer, it immediately reminded me of Infinite Stratos (another anime I'm not very fond off). Jokingly, I said in the comments "Welp, it must be a retake on the IS idea, so it can't be worse".

It managed to prove me wrong.

Story: 1/10 - Absolutely pathetic. The only story here is the prologue, the events that set up the world and environment for the MC. As soon as the anime finishes explaining what happened prior to the present events, the plot stops, literally. This show is pure fan-service where everything was set up so the MC can enjoy school life as a mecha pilot. Everything that happened in the past will not be mentioned again in the anime or used for plot development.

So basically, it did the same thing as IS. Problem is, when I say "it did the same thing", I mean it did everything IS did. I repeat, this show managed to copy another generic show and be even more generic.

The writer either was pressured to cook something in one hour, or he is absolutely incompetent and should find a new line of work.

Art/animation: 5/10 - Not much to say here. I'm not picky with art so I admit I'm not the best judge, but I can honestly say it's not bad or good. It's average.

Sound: 5/10 - Again, average. There was no song or background soundtrack that got my atention, and there was also no terrible OST that made me wish to tear off my ears. So average.

Character: 1/10 - Like the story, pathetic. Every single character is bland and one sided. You see a tsundere? Well, that's that. No secret personality, no personal objectives or wishes. It's a marionette that talks, nothing else.

Every-single-one is retarded. Everyone. Why? Well, one of the first examples is no one being able to notice that "Emile" is a girl (don't worry, it's not a spoiler, you can clearly see at first glance that he's a girl (if you can't... I don't really know what to tell you without sounding rude dude......)). One could argue that Emile aspect is just poor design from the artists, but the problem is that in many moments, Emile talks and acts like a girl in front read more
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Kiznaiver (Anime) add
Kiznaiver's is a mess that devolves from a show with an interesting premise and wacky trigger-esq characters into a melodramatic, boring waste of time that fails to deliver any real depth and ultimately leaves you regretting giving it the time of day.

My biggest problem with Kiznaiver situates from its dialogue; the writing in this show is absolutely atrocious and towards the end of the show becomes downright cringy in its directness. Few of the conversations between the characters feel legitimate as the characters are screaming the situation at you and telling you how to feel. Dialogue is meant to be utilised to give the audience a sense of the character's personalities, their feelings and their goals. However, in Kiznaiver's case the characters just downright tell the audience what to think and it leaves you unaffected as there is nothing to care about as the character interactions feel so forced. For a show that is meant to be about friendship and the importance of communication, the show does a horrible job of developing actual friendships as all the characters and their supposed friendship feels disingenuous.

The Kizna system itself, what is meant to be the entire focal point of the show, eventually disintegrates and simply becomes a gimmicky tool to advance the story rather than tell the story. This really annoyed me as the system, though pretty ridiculous as a concept, introduced some really interesting themes that the show could of discussed and developed. The show alludes to some of these themes but are ultimately overlooked in favour of furthering the idea of "friendship can overcome anything" motif. By the end of the show every bit of dialogue is just repeating and repeating this same fucking point until it begins to drive you insane. I FUCKING GET IT ALREADY- FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC! The show ends with the characters having some big "we're all so close" scene which is splashed in unearned pathos as I felt nothing for any of these characters since the show has used its time to simply tell us what to think and feel rather than develop the fucking characters and their relationships.

On the topic of character development: there is almost none. Most of the characters in this show don't development beyond their cliche's and those that do like Honoka end up just reverting right back into their cliche outside of the forced sentimental moments. I don't buy that the characters screaming "We are good friends now, just accept it" makes them friends, characters need to actually develop in order for that to be the chase which simply doesn't happen. That being said the show does have its genuine moments. Honoka's arc is the best bit about the show and I feel some of the conversations between Honoka, Nico and Yuta display moments of genuine growth and investment. However, once this arc finishes it almost just reverts back to normal and the characters don't act like they've developed at all unless the show read more
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I'm gifting this a "fine" only because it seems a good idea specially about japan's and general world's current censorship situation. First chapters did seem like this anime would be a really good parody-like war against the unreal amount of censorship nowadays.. I mean, it IS a very controversial topic.. wether is okay or not, wether is sane or not, which are the boundries of porn and violence material.. are they good for society? even if you're older than 18 (or 21) is it really okay for us to access to any distorted material we want? I do believe tho, even if there were or should be boundries, you can not just show someone a chocolate cake and then regret it and tell them "I'm better giving you this lettuce leaf, it isn't sweet but you can eat it as well, it's healthier than the chocolate cake" everything can be a way of expression and no expression path should be left out nor censored..

Not going way further about censorship, the main idea was really a nice thing, it's like the topic everyone wanted to talk about somehow but nobody knew how to or just no one did as accurately as shimoneta did on its first episodes... until around episode 3 this show seemed amazing to me, afterwards I just watched it out of the hope of it getting better.. which did not happen.. same old jokes, fun to me because I'm immune to bad humor but I can tell they got boring.. about story's resolution it got to a very poor point (I'm giving the story a 3 of poor because of the main idea, instead of its deserved pathetic 1)

Art is "good" 7 because it's ok and animation is clean enough. Sound is 7 as well for same reasons. Characters are 7, even when they didnt really develop well enough and I got personally really disappointed about Anna's particular character development.

Enjoyment is "7" because if you aren't too harsh it's just an "okay" comedy with a good background idea. Overall is "fair" only because its good point is too good and I feel bad for giving it its deserved "mediocre" 5.

Do recommend it, will make you laugh and first chapters are really nice.
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Dragon Ball Super (Anime) add
The first part of anime beginning well when the Battle Of Gods Story starts is a bit difficulty to wait the fight of Goku and Bills after ritual begin . The Reaction of Vegeta when Bills Slaps Bulma is better in the anime but the fight scene is more dynamic in Movie 14. Goku SSG Vs Bills starts low but when begins I pray for not finish. Goku turn in a very overpowered character

The second part is almost identical ROF but Vados and Champa make a brief appearance,Tagoma lives,Piccolo Dies and Gotenks fight a little and Gohan almost as killed by Freezer. The fight of Goku and Golden Freezer have a strange and weird choreography but Vegeta Vs Golden Freeza and world as destroyed is a way badass than the movie .

The Tournament is a surprise the only negative point is Frost is almost identical as Freezer , Vegeta is a badass here, the fight with Hit is amazing the best fight at that point remind me Goku Vs Cell. The end of tournament and this arc give me goosebumps. The transition of this arc is a bit monotonous but very interesting “filler” plot. The Pan episode and episode 46 as a bit emotional.

The Mirai Trunks arc is a Very Badassery wake up of Dragon Ball Super every episode is full of information’s, fight scenes and tension. Give me cry, goosebumps and Hype. The best part of anime with no doubt. The Villain at this point is cold and rational stalker and show no mercy.

The soundtrack and sfx is better in the Tournament Arc and Mirai Trunks arc,and the animation too. I like more the first ending theme but I prefer J-Rock and Metal like Demon Kogure Freezer theme in Kai or Maximum The Hormone in ROF . The slice of life moment as good,the blood make a appearance in the tournament and I miss Bra. Maron don’t grew up, Trunks and Goten too but Ginga Patrol Jaco explain this.
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Gasaraki (Anime) add
I could start off by saying that Gasaraki has a criminally low rating on this site. However, it makes sense that such a heady series wouldn't win over the hearts of wide-eyed mecha anime consumers who expect fight scenes to actually be mech fight scenes, and not the economic and diplomatic warfare that takes precedent in this anime. The attitude as expressed by raters here on MAL parallels the tension that defines the main theme of the series: the eternal and (probably) identical movement of progress and destruction.

Gasaraki takes place in a not-so-distant sci-fi future. Illegal immigration is a (seemingly) huge problem in Japan due to the effects of globalist economics, which has built up the illusion of economic superiority in developed, globalist economies. On the minds of the Japanese people (or so we're told) is the desire for consumption, luxury, and the satisfaction of immediate desires. The interconnected international community, of course, is highly sensitive to huge changes, and an upstart in the Middle East (where else?) has created a problem that needs to be taken care of by all those with interests in keeping the Progress moving.

Enter the TAs. What better way to show-off your cool new mechs than going to the Middle East and hopefully (but is it really even necessary?) kick some ass. The first thing that one will take note of is the incredibly realistic mech designs. Their grittiness perfectly fits in to the muted, militaristic color tones present throughout the series' design. A design that even extends into the past (hey, it fits into the theme!)

The mechs (TAs) themselves aren't really the main focus in the grand scheme of things, although you'll get a nice bit of detail into how they work, and it's great that they're realistic enough that it seems probably that they could work as portrayed. Instead, we have the spotlight shining on a whole mess of characters. Like the TAs, we get a sense that most of these people are simply cogs in a political/militaristic machine, that has been turning for centuries. There are those, it seems, that can gain control of this machine (the 'terror' ?) and our main character Yuushirou is one who has the ability to control some crazy thing in order to get closer to that power.

Of course, with a power like that, who wouldn't want to use him as a means to their end? His own powerful family isn't going to sit by and let someone else harness his ability, so they do what they're supposed to do, be 'mean' to him...

In my opinion this anime shines in its literal discussion (not just exploration) of themes that define the will of human beings to take control of themselves, create civilization, and steer its progress. Therefore, it t is no surprise that politics and the military play such an important role in the anime because it is through these channels that modern man is able to accomplish change. The narrative mirrors this in read more
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Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou (Anime) add
--Reuploaded because the other was a preview version--

Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou is my clear choice for underrated anime of this Spring 2016 season, it's a shame that few people gave it a try because it's a really enjoyable anime.

Agetarou works at his family's tonkatsu (a Japanese food which consists of a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet) restaurant, he doesn't like it much, but destiny made him discover the disc jockey world, and, for his surprise, he realizes more and more every episode how similar is cooking and working in a tonkatsu restaurant to being a DJ in the details about them.

Something that I really like about this anime is the "bro" feeling it has, everyone is just so cool to the others and there is little to no drama, when Agetarou fails, he won't go in a neverending despair, nor blame anyone for his mistakes, he accepts it and looks for a way to improve, and, with the help of the great and likeable cast of side characters, he always comes back and shows what he learned, this makes for a really entertaining and positive experience every episode in his way to become the best disc jockey.

The art may look ugly, and it arguably is, but it just fits the series so well that can't be complained about, the sound part is amazing, I find myself moving to the rhythm of the music every episode thanks to the catchy themes this anime has.

Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou is an anime that totally deserves a watch and if you're looking for a feel good experience with lots of fun and cool characters, this anime is just for you.
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Sansha Sanyou (Anime) add
Sansha Sanyou to most will seem like a cliche dumb cute slice of life girls Anime. I do not think that myself I have watched the show from beginning to end and I do think that it is a solid show and that it deserves to be appraised. It does have its moments where you realize this is one of the many cute girl shows with its bad jokes and silly writing. However this is backed up with a strong cast/likeable cast a fun environment and decent writing.

To begin with the story In “Sansha Sanyou” is not a bad overall setting and tone for what this show has to offer. It has three main characters each with their own setting and personality. The strongest amongst them all would have to be “Nishikawa, Youko”. Its nothing deep but to sum it up she was a rich girl when she was young but then her father went bankrupt now she is a low income citizen and now being in high school. With her being rich she had a butler to her family and one character that comes to play all of the time would be her butler he was mostly the comic relief that gets picked on and I liked the interactions between those two the most for the comedy. Other characters from her past did appear but to me they were just a part of those bad jokes Anime is famous for. To sum up the story it mostly focuses on the three characters experience of teenage life in high school. Throughout this they meet some of people“Nishikawa, Youko” knows from her past. A lot of these interactions lead to funny moments that at times can be very random and goofy. That is where the show shines the most when done correctly. Although I do find that the show uses the “Annoyance” style of humor a little bit too much. I find that a lot of this is just not funny at all this show does not throw so much of it at you that it is just annoying tho I do feel like a lot of it is done correctly and when it is on point really on point.

Now for the music I felt it was strong but not something to go on about. Most of the music within “Sansha Sanyou” is often just reused or just dull. It seems like this show mostly has about 5 or 6 (just and estimate) tracks and that only about 3 of them are used within each episode and the other 3 are just used once and never to be heard again. I found that when the music worked was during a scene with the characters just interacting having a lunch at school or when one of the side characters was doing something ridiculous when it worked it did a good read more
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Anne Happy♪ (Anime) add
--Reuploading because the other was a preview version--

I have to say that before watching this anime, I didn't have much of a liking for cute slice of life anime, I tried some but I never got to really enjoy them, thankfully, this changed with Anne Happy, an adorable and really fun anime.

I really like the idea of this Anne Happy, basically it's a group of girls that end up in a school classroom that focuses on fixing the bad luck everyone that is there was born with.

For good or for bad, atleast for me, there were two types of episodes, the ones that were focused on the crazy ideas the school planned in order to (somehow) make them luckier, that were a blast to watch and the main motive that made me love this anime, and the ones that focus more in the cute SoL situations for the whole episode, that honestly were average at best, they didn't do anything better than other moe anime would, and just felt empty compared to the other ones.

Now let's talk about the characters, like in most of this comedies, they follow a certain personality assigned at the start and have little to no development during the story, sadly, I couldn't get to like some of them, specially Botan, a girl with poor health and even worse self esteem, her comedy parts got repetitive fast and all the time I felt that if we had a different character instead of her, Anne Happy would have been a lot better.

Thankfully, on the other side we have Hanako, that is just the most adorable thing ever, she's also the one with the worst luck and always end up in silly situations, there is also the duo Ren (calm, sleepy girl) + Hibiki (tsundere, I found her quite annoying, but she's the perfect match for Ren), lastly, Ruri, the most normal (kinda) of the girls completes the group.

The secondary characters are few but amazing, Kodaira, the teacher, is just so badass and damn, she's scary when she wants, but in the end she really cares for her students, Timothy is a weird bunny-like robot that helps her and, in my opinion, is the funniest character of this anime, the best moments are when he's around.

The art style, like one would expect from a moe anime, is made to be cute, I personally like a lot the way the studio Silver Link handles the artistic part, and with this anime they delivered again.

The voice actors are great and fit well with the characters, I specially love the work of Yumiri Hamamori in the voice of Hanako, it's as adorable as it can be.

I'm honestly speechless with the opening+ending combination Anne Happy has, both songs, PUNCH☆MIND☆HAPPINESS and Ashita de Ii kara, are fantastic and grew up on me, the background themes during the episodes are kind of there, none of them stand out, nor are memorable, but it's nothing I expected neither.

If you're a fan of cute slice of read more
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“I can’t understand what my husband is saying” is a real little gem of an anime. The first season aired during the fall season of 2014, and the 2nd season aired during the summer season of 2015. I watched both when they were released, and just earlier today decided to rewatch the series. With each episode being only 3 minutes long it only takes a little over an hour to watch both seasons.

The dynamic between an otaku and a non-otaku is a routine gag, but it’s not the focal point of this show. It’s a real heartwarming series about some very believable characters. Obviously some things are hammed up for a laugh, but if I was told this was based on actual experience with a couple of real people, I would easily believe it.

That believably is what makes this show so great in my opinion. It’s like watching a bunch of your friends deal with their jobs, romances, and lives. It’s something I feel to be one of the rarer anime experiences. Sure, there’s always tons of slice of life anime but they usually either star teenagers, or there’s a sort of fantastical element to them. It’s rare to find an anime starring a bunch of late 20-somethings living borderline realistic lives, and I think this one really hits it out of the park in that regard. Talking openly and normally about birth control, having a sex life, problems with work, still not feeling exactly like a grown up even though you certainly are one, all of these things are topics that you’ll find covered by this anime.

Even though each episode is only 3 minutes and 30 seconds long, including the credits, you can really get a sense of attachment to the handful of regulars that pop in and out. I applaud the talent that it must have took to be able to craft stories so well and have them all play out within only 3 minutes, but never once leaving me feeling as though the plot was rushed. Each 3 minute episode may as well have been a standard 24 minutes, they just utilized their 3 minutes to tell a story that well.

I guess what I’m saying is that, if you’re an adult anime fan that would like to see a story you can easily relate to, you should go watch this. If you’re an anime fan in general, I think you should go watch this. If nothing else, watch this just to see how it’s possible to tell a fulfilling story in such a short amount of time.
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
So, I just finished the final episode minutes before sitting down to write this. Was this my favorite show of the season? Yes. I’d say it’s tied up between this and “Re:Zero.” Hero Academia gets some special points though because it really fired me up in a way that I used to get fired up for shonen anime back in the day.

Hero Academia really makes me think of something like a particularly good Naruto arc with all the filler cut out.

So what made this show so great? I think it’s probably for the same reasons One Punch Man was such a wild success, people like a good hero. Dark, gritty, real, none of those are words you would use to describe either of our heroes in Hero Academia or One Punch Man. In both of these anime the hero is someone who genuinely wants to help people. (Sure, I guess you could argue that Saitama is a self proclaimed hero for fun, but at the end of the day he’s not the type to walk passed a mugging just because he didn’t really feel like being a hero that day, and I think the fact that in his heart he’s truly self sacrificing for the greater good is shown throughout the series.)

The trend recently is to make things real. Heroes might not all be so good, sometimes good people do bad things for the right reasons, sometimes seemingly good people ultimately have a very dark ulterior motive, all that jazz. It’s everywhere in movies, games, anime, you name it. Goody two shoes have taken a very hard fall out of being fashionable. But I think people actually like a genuine hero more than they like a “real” hero because the “real” heroes don’t give us anything to believe in. I thought “Man of Steel” was a cool movie, but it didn’t make me want to be Superman. The really corny, always doing the best thing for everyone Superman? That guy actually makes me want to be a super hero. And I think My Hero Academia tapped into that same vein. It made me want to be a hero like All Might, and in doing so it made me really relate to Midoriya’s aspirations.

Watching Midoriya fight against the odds to fulfill his dream made me want to fight for my dreams too, the same way superman swooping in to save a cat from a tree or jumping in front of a kryptonite fueled train inspires me to be heroic too.
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All too often these days shows serve as lofty escapes from reality, they are simply sanctuaries to stimulate our imagination and play out what ifs. Often, well-grounded shows that deviate from this are are chastised for being too depressing or not imaginative. Well, folks, here is a show grounded in reality; it is a short but bittersweet piece about the chaotic, unforgiving real world and how a single, young-adult deals with it.

Honestly, this show had come and gone, completely escaping my radar until I saw an exhibition on it in the Kyoto Manga Museum. It's not a comedy and there isn't much action, just an old cat recounting life with his human master. If you want a break from literally out-of-this-world fantasies and endless harems, this is a great little oasis.

The animation is mixed with relatively basic drawing at times (with minimal shading and simplistic coloring- the cat is often drawn as just a single flat blob of gray) and some other rather nicely drawn scenes (such as the sunset in episode two). Overall, it pans out to something between the overly simplistic style of Tonari no Seki Kun and what you'd expect from a full-length anime. A lot of scenes have the VAs talking while a single image pans around. There are only a few characters but they are well drawn, the cat though is a bit on the fat side.

The show has a calming, instrumental OP and a voiced ED with somewhat sad undertones; both are fitting considering the overall mood of the show. There is a BGM present but it is not particularly special.

For the most part, you'll hear the head voice of the cat, Daru, along with Kanahana convincingly voicing the un-named owner from childhood to adulthood.

The show follows the life of a cat as he interacts with his owner, who starts out as a little girl. It gives a loving cat's interpretation of the world around him as he shares in his owner's happiness and grief. There is an abundance of the latter as real life is, well, truly tough at times.

There are a total of four episodes, each about eight minutes in length, though if you take out the OP/EDs it's really just five and a half minutes of content. Despite the brevity of the show, it still does a good job of exploring themes and really making the viewer connect with what's happening. There isn't exactly much of a rising action or climax but let's just say that the ending is heartily satisfying.

Given the short length of the show, I wasn't expecting much in this category. That said, the show does a great job of making the characters relatable; and anyone who's owned a pet can understand what the main girl here is going through. That connection to the characters sets this show apart from most of the other anime shorts.

I will admit that I like cat so do factor that into how I rated this show. She and Her Cat is a read more
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Tamako Market (Anime) add
Tamako Market doesn't leave off on a good impression but as the episodes continue they get better and better. The first two episodes are ehh, the next two are better, the next couple are good and then the last 3 or 4 are actually pretty good.
Story: 7
Tamako Market does have a good story. Tamako lives in a shop with her family and just live their everyday lives. Another part of the story is that a bird from some island comes into their lives and is apparently looking for a bride for some prince. The story is pretty simple but it doesn't have to be complex.
Art: 8.5
Definately the best part of Tamako Market is its animation. The show looks really good.
Sound: 7
The intro is good and the ending theme is ok. The background music is also good with a peaceful sort of tone.
Characters: 7
Tamako Market does have a good cast of characters. They're funny and entertaining. The only character I didn't like was Dela, the bird. Even so I did enjoy him in the last couple of episodes.
Enjoyment: 7
As I said Tamako Market doesnt have a good start, but the episodes do get better. And when they do get better they are funny. I do enjoy seeing these characters just live their lives.
Overall: 7
Tamako Market isn't that good but isn't that bad. Whether or not you want to spend your time watching it is up to you. There are better slice of life/comedies out there.
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
as a fan of video games, it's only natural that this series really got me engaged. you really feel connections to the main characters. a terrific story of survival, romance and friendship all together in harmony. the music is absolutely stunning and always sets the scene the way its supposed to be. there are soft melodies for kirito and asuna and their relationship, one of the most beautiful in anime, as well as dramatic music for epic boss battle scenes, not to mention some times when something happens that makes you think, what was THAT about. characters great for the most part, although one of the villains who appears in the fairy dance arc(episode 15-25), is a little hard to take seriously(trying not to spoil anything for those who haven't seen this) overall this is my personal favorite series, and with a new movie coming out in japan next year (and hopefully here shortly after that) i hope the series keeps going, because this story is just great 10/10 outstanding
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absolutely recommend to anyone and every one who likes prepubescent teens doing it
great voice acting
it really shows how lovely boys can be
i only watched because the thumbnail was on literal 7 year old's
obviously did not regret it
i honestly wonder how the videos looked in the end from how much he was shaking
has a long name which is a since that its gonna be good

dont know what else to write it is really terrible and should have been longer since it ends on a cliff hanger
actuality weirded me out from how inhumane it is
i hope shes pregnant
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Anime) add
--Reuploading review because the other was a preview version--

When at first I was looking at the Spring 2016 list, Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge looked like that type of anime that seems to be there just to fill the list, and nobody would actually care about, nor remember in the future.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

Yes, it's another school SoL comedy like hundred of others, so, what makes it so good? It's simple, it completely succeeds in what I think is the key aspect for this type of anime: the characters.

In anime like Tanaka-kun, it's expected to see little to no character development during the whole story, so it's a must to make them likeable and fun to watch, and just from the first episode, with the fantastic interactions between the two protagonists, Tanaka (incredibly lazy, just wants to live calmly and without troubles) and Oota (always taking care of Tanaka, that includes, for example carrying him from one place to another, yes, I'm serious), I was already impressed for how much I enjoyed watching them just doing their everyday life. After that, every episode presented a new character, and this anime never failed in making them fun to watch, memorable, and leaving me with the need to see more of them in the future, and they came back again lots of times, and after every episode I liked and laughed with them more than before.

Another thing I liked about said secondary characters is that the anime never forces them to be there, while they befriend Tanaka and Ohta, they still have their main group of friends, or another secondary character that prefer to stay with, interacting with the duo protagonist in other moments, while minor, it's a detail that I really like, because they feel a lot more real and less like that this anime forces them to orbit around the protagonist just for comedic purposes.

The art style, simple with the characters, but detailed and beautiful in the backgrounds (the school they are in looks so good in special), fits perfectly with the anime and it's overall good to look at.

For the sound, both opening and ending are pretty good but nothing special, same can be said for the background music during the episodes, but in SoL anime that is pretty much expected because they are mainly just to fit with the mood and never take the spotlight, on the other hand, the VA's are all great and fit well with the characters, I specially love Tanaka's one, it's just the voice I would expect from a character like him, I feel lazy just listening to him!

In conclusion, Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge caught me completely by surprise and ended up being the anime I looked forward the most every week while airing, if you're doubting in starting to watch it, really, just give it a try! If you already did, I'm sure that at this point you will be influenced enough by Tanaka to be too lazy to do anything read more
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No Game No Life (Anime) add
No Game No Life feels like the start of a great series. Whether they decide to continue the series or not is up to them but I highly recommend the studios to do so. Unfortunately this was made in 2014 and as of this review it is the middle of 2016 and so far there are no plans of a second season. So No Game No Life will most likely end up staying just 12 episodes and nothing more.
Story: 8
No Game No Life has a couple problems with its story. It never explains how Sora and Shiro were able to afford their house since all they do is play games online all day every day. It also doesn't explain what happened to their parents and if they even though that they're missing from the real world. Another small problem I had was that Sora and Shiro are extremely intelligent and I never really felt scared or nervous because I knew they would always end up winning in the end. But besides these minor problems the story is very good. I wasnt hooked until about the third episode and then I really ended up loving the show.
Art: 10
The animation is amazing. The backgrounds are extremely detailed and are filled with bright and endless colors. They outdid themselves with the animation.
Sound: 10
Another aspect they nailed was the soundtrack. The soundtrack is awesome. The opening is amazing and it also has a great ending theme. The bald round music is also great. I highly recommend listening to the soundtrack.
Characters: 9
I love these characters. Sora is extremely entertaining and Shiro does a good job as well. Stephanie is another great character but my favorite would have to be Jibril.
Enjoyment: 9
No Game No Life does a great job at keeping you guessing what going to happen next and how Sora and Shrio end up winning the game. It also a very funny show but most of the entertaining does come from wondering what will happen next.
Overall: 9
I really ending up enjoying No Game No Life. It had fantastic visuals and an amazing soundtrack. It also manages to give us great characters and will keep you wondering what will happen next. The only thing I will warn you about is that it does end off on a cliffhanger and there probably won't be a second season so you will be disspointed. But still give No Game No Life a watch.
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Break Blade Picture Drama (Anime) add
surprised no one has reviewed Break Blade, as this is a great anime series, even though it's actually a six-part movie series. but here's my take: unforgettable is the one word to describe this one, just the music score alone is awesome, along with a deep story and engaging characters. lots of mecha action, fighting scenes and suspense, make Break Blade on of the best series i've seen. also this is the series that got me into anime. you feel deep connections with the characters, and at the risk of spoiling the plot, great backstory that you see in bits and pieces, and how they came together the way they did. this is a story that is easy to follow for someone just getting into anime, so if this is you, check it out, you won't be disappointed, for anime vets who haven't seen this, i recommend you do, this is easily one of the best anime series i've ever seen, though i wish they could have kept the story going, but that's ok 10/10 outstanding!
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Eien no Hou (Anime) add
its weird that i like it?
Muito parecido com os ensinamentos do espiritismo, me surpreendeu o quão espírita é uma religião do outro lado do mundo, que não é cristã e sequer conhece Kardec. Tudo muito bem explicado. Muito bom, se você quer conhecer mais sobre essas religiões; Aliás, todos os filmes de Ryuho Okawa ensinam um pouco mais sobre esse 'espiritismo', ou melhor, sobre a 'ufologia esotérica' (sim, isso tem nome!) baseada no budismo.
Realmente, its a religious movie, so if you are not, you not gona like it. Its to much crazy to understand, not only afterlife but the "ufological" part.

its weird that i like it?
Muito parecido com os ensinamentos do espiritismo, me surpreendeu o quão espírita é uma religião do outro lado do mundo, que não é cristã e sequer conhece Kardec. Tudo muito bem explicado. Muito bom, se você quer conhecer mais sobre essas religiões; Aliás, todos os filmes de Ryuho Okawa ensinam um pouco mais sobre esse 'espiritismo', ou melhor, sobre a 'ufologia esotérica' (sim, isso tem nome!) baseada no budismo.
Realmente, its a religious movie, so if you are not, you not gona like it. Its to much crazy to understand, not only afterlife but the "ufological" part.
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
If I were to ask you what you aspired to be, what would be your answer? Everyone lives their life chasing dreams, no matter how big or small. Dreams, goals, aspirations; these elements make up each individuals world and are part of what keeps life unique.

The dreams we focus on throughout the anime Boku no Hero Academia are those of Izuku; a young boy who aspires to be the greatest hero in a world filled with heroes. This is no menial task, seeing that each man and woman in this world was born with a quirk (superpower) that gives them a clear advantage over young Izuku who was curiously born without one.

Now, originally I had planned to give this anime a lower score (8 or 9) to try to tend my review to a larger audience. The reason behind this decision was because the show itself was nothing notably different or unique. The story was that of a young man who wanted to be a hero, and who accomplishes such through blood, sweat and tears. In retrospect, it's a story we've seen hundreds of time throughout the years in anime.

Now, take a moment, and peer at the world "originally." I had *planned* to give this show a lower score because I knew some people felt it generic. This is something I had considered around episode 5 - 7. I've now finished the show, and have tossed that idea in the trash and burned it.

This show, in my honest opinion, is a must watch of the Spring anime season and is well deserving of a 10. The story is indeed something we've seen a multitude of times before, but this show took that story and made it special. I've seen so many zero to hero animes that I never would have imagined watching another that could illicit the emotions this one did in me. This show managed to pull my full attention and to really immerse me in the world it was meant to portray.

I found that by the end of the series I had grown very fond of the protagonist for his die-hard attitude; and had found myself inspired by All Might, the same man who had inspired our protagonist himself. All Might was one of the best representations of a role model character I have seen, he was actually an adult I looked up to in an anime, which is truly something special after all the side character adults I've seen in shows who are simply there to crack a pun every episode or two. To add to this, each character in the show was given a unique personality that didn't fit any prior anime cliches, something I feel is uncommon in this age of anime.

The sound work in the show was fantastic. The OST fit the setting and genre of the show, and the OP and ED are both ones I looked forward to listening to each week. The art was well done and I read more
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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Anime) add
lets start with the good: this really creeped me out, you can't help but think, wow what if this really happened to me, how would i react. this series seems to play on the real life fear of being infested by parasites and what they can do to you, only these parasites came from space. the music is great, good visual effects and engaging story that seems to always throw a curveball at the end of almost every episode. you can't really be sure what's going to happen in each episode, that's what kept me watching. my only gripe is that sometimes various characters sometimes come across as maybe drama queen types, but you really don't see it too much. overall, this was enjoyable and somewhat scary to watch, but really engaging story and the unpredictable nature of the story kept me hooked throughout the series. if you're into sci-fi/horror anime this one is for you 8/10, very good
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Paradise (Anime) add
This review will contain NO SPOILERS.

First of all, I was totally surprised when I saw the number of people who had actually seen this short. It's really disappointing watching how such educational stories stay hidden even thought this one for instance came out in 2013, while some other anime get all the praise.

Now, let me tell you few things about the movie itself. As we have a 20 min short, a detailed analyze won't be needed.

This is a story of a bird finding out both sides of life. It's very simple but still very educative.

ART: 9
The art is full of remarkable details, colors are well chosen, and it really reminds on the old, but still amazing styles that can be seen in the movies (or anime) from the late 80's or early 90's.

The sound is the best part of this short, it's just amazing, if you close your eyes, you will feel the whole atmosphere of nature. There is also a nice sound track which makes the whole experience even better.

As we have no real characters, I will skip this part and go straight to the enjoyment.

All I'm going to say is that you can really sit and relax for 20 minutes. For me, it was really enjoyable, it brings back some memories from older times when we could see a variety of art styles and different ideas for shorts.


I hope this helped you, I found also sad the fact that no one took some time to review this. Overall, you should give this a shot, probably after a hard day at job or at school. It won't take you too much time and it will help you to relax as I already said.
Thank you for reading, this is my very first review, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated as long as it's constructive.
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Sansha Sanyou (Anime) add
Moe, the current theme of anime. For many years now, the flow of anime has been consistently following the 'cute girl' trend and creating a vast amount of shows involving cute-looking high school girls and just following their daily lives. It has become to the point that expecting at least a few of these kinds of shows every new season is routine and that the market has become so saturated with these kinds of shows that it's sometimes hard to tell the difference between one show from another. So here, we have Sansha Sanyou, Three Leaves, Three Colors, and Three times the reasons why this show doesn't do anything but fall into that category of being forgettable.

Story: Nisikawa Youko is a rich girl who has fallen from grace. Due to her father's company going down under, she is no longer the princess that she once was and now lives in a small apartment while her father goes out and tries to find work. At her new school for normal kids and living in poverty by eating breadcrusts, she meets two girls, Odagiri Futaba and Hayama Teru who start their high school adventures together.

Sansha Sanyou is the furthest thing from being original in terms of base storyline. The story has these three girls live out their high school lives doing some pretty standard things. Have a meal, work a part-time job, have fun, go to the beach, etc, etc. There's nothing really outlandish in terms of what these characters do and as much as the show tries to make them seem interesting, doesn't really come through in the way of intrigue. The main things that the story focuses on are based around the three girls and their individual characteristics: Adjusting to a 'commoner's' life, consuming food, and cats, lots of cats.

The majority of the comedy for the series comes in the form of character interactions and retorts, pertaining to the various characters that are involved with the current scene at hand. Most of them are forms of situational comedy that are pulled off moderately well, while the rest are more surprise-related pertaining to some of the more wackier members of the side cast that I'll get into later. There's nothing terrible about the way the show delivers comedy, but there's nothing about it that seems either special or unique.

All in all, Sansha Sanyou is what I would describe as your generic moe show. It's not the best, but it's also not the worst. It's an average piece of animation that more or less recycled the same gags without adding anything new to each new episode before wrapping everything up with a neat little bow to show that everything is just nice and dandy.

+/- Rather generic plotline/setting
- Nothing particularly interesting stands out

Characters: As Sansha Sanyou is a moe show, the main basis for its draw are its characters. As the heart and soul read more
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Tokyo Ghoul √A (Anime) add
Since last year I started to see Tokyo Ghoul and leave me much time delighted anime and this brought me back to life. In summary I really liked season 1 and 2, the first life told us Kaneki and as becomes and is amazing how everything happens at the end of the first season was crazy shouting and well. The second because it was the definition of the ghouls and battle the ending is sad and leaves you thinking and to see when they take part 3! (24 episodiso feel that we told a good story with gore and feeling and I liked)
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Nijiiro Days (Anime) add
What Norn9: Norn+Nonet couldn't do, Nijiro Days did better with LESS screentime, ohh well ok nearly the same screentime but whatever.

Nijiro Days being an anime short consisting of 24 episodes with only 10 minutes is about the 4 differing relationships of the four main boys of the anime short. As such LA is very thankful that this anime short has this kind of screentime let alone episode count as it would have been rushed to all hell, nonetheless due to this the majority of the relationships go in depth to.

Though LA says this, the majority of the focus goes to Natsuki "Na-chan" Hashiba voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Anna Kobayakawa voiced by Minami Tsuda's relationship from friends to a couple. The other closest relationship with this kind of focus goes to the incredibly shaky relationship of Tomoya "Mat-tsun" Matsunaga voiced by Takuya Eguchi and Anna's best friend Mari Tsutsui voiced by Yumi Uchiyama. Unfortunately the other two relationships of Yukiko Asai voiced by Shizuka Ishigami and Tsuyoshi "Tsuyo-pon" Naoe voiced by Kouki Uchiyama as well as Keiichi "Kei-chan" Katakura voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki and Tomoya's little sister, Nozomi Matsunaga voiced by Ai Kayano gets *ahem* pushed aside for the other two more focused relationships and are more or less B plot relationships with Tsuyoshi and Yukiko's relationship was already formed before the anime thus didn't have enough meat and Keiichi and Nozomi's relationship started rather late to get a proper focus respectively. LA's favourite relationship oddly enough however goes to Tomoya and Mari's relationship, yes LA could say that Mari's constant bickering to Tomoya got annoying rather quickly but their development helped a bit more especially with Mari's defrosting and deredere moments.

The animation by Production Reed at best is above average for an anime short and LA had really no problem with the animation at all.

Voice acting wise, there was an annoying voice acting mainly from Yumi Uchiyama who voiced Mari but she got better over time (away from her bitchy vocals anyways), however LA's favourite voice actor in Nijiro Days would actually be Shizuka Ishigami who voiced Yukiko and really LA wanted to see more of Yukiko but again for her character' circumstances, LA could see why she couldn't.

The ending for Nijro Days gave us something of an "ok" ending as the entire focus for the final few episodes went to Anna Kobayakawa's revelation about her relationship to Hashiba and really it's the typical "can't spit it out" by the end of the anime, ohh Anna finally gets her revelation about her growth to her relationship to Hashiba but she just doesn't take the move to grow it even further, nonetheless, the sentiment was nice, the ending also the narrow focus, all the other relationships are put in limbo to give the focus to the main couple of Hashiba and Anna, it's a bit of compensation at least but LA wished the focus was split a bit more to the rest of cast and their relationship. The ending is read more
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Pan de Peace! (Anime) add
When this anime first started airing, I immediately caught on to how depressingly stale it is. It is utterly lacking in any distinct flavor, honestly every aspect of this show is pretty generic, but done worse than a lot of other similarly generic shows. I made a promise to myself that when it finished airing, no matter what I thought of it, I'd write a review of it starting with the sentence "all right motherfuckers, I hope you're ready for bread." Unfortunately, after enduring 13 weeks of this, that joke isn't funny to me any more (and it wasn't funny anyway, I just tend to laugh at stupid things).

Before I say anything specific, I want to mention that I don't take anything about this anime any more or less seriously than shows with normal-length episodes. It's true that the majority of short-episode anime like this are terrible, but I'd like to think of that as nothing more than a general observation, and not a necessary trait that defines them. If the episodes are short, the story should be structured around making the most of that format, and we shouldn't go easy on things like this because it's really not a disadvantage if the people working in it are competent.

That said, if there's one thing Pan de Peace kind of did right, it was taking advantage of its format. It's difficult to tell a compelling story or develop characters in 13 3-minute-long episodes. I don't think that it is impossible to do, but unless the team working on such an anime is God-tier, it's definitely safer to go for a generic slice of life. That way there isn't a story that needs to be crammed in, and the characters are generic enough that we basically already know them from other anime, so it can skip intros and development for the most part as well. It's very efficient but very boring.

The disappointing thing about Pan de Peace's take on these generic character archetypes is that it's almost offensively lacking in any thought. To be fair, the entire premise of this anime is "bread," so I really don't know what else to expect from the characters. Sorry to make the same pun again, but these characters are truly stale. They don't break from the norm at all, they aren't experimenting with new and interesting scenarios to put these familiar archetypes into, and they don't seem to be trying anything new with any other aspect of the anime either.

I honestly can't figure out why this was made. The characters are less cute than a lot of similar shows (I guess that could be a matter of preference, but it's so hard to find their traits endearing when 90% of their worldly interests are directly related to bread), the animation isn't "bad" but it's kind of also just not present. Any movement that is animated looks really safe and easy to get right, and when they do try to animate more complicated movements read more
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
"Heroes aren't born, they're made..."

This quote captures the very essence of this anime. Now I have seen a lot of superhero animations, but this one is one of a kind, for it does not just show off the superpowers of the hero, it inspires us than anyone can be one if you have the heart for it.

The way the plot of this anime is presented is so perfect that you don't see any flaws. No one's OP, everyone has a weakness. Even the powerful Allmight has a weakness. But that doesn't stop him from being the symbol of peace. From this, we can understand why the MC, Midoriya, admires him so much. Being able to keep on fighting even if all odds are against you is something we can be proud of. That is the very message of this anime, one which Midoriya learned as he makes himself a hero.

The expressions portrayed by the characters are those we can definitely feel. Perhaps it is because we have all been in that same situation: being pushed down, being told that you can't be what you want to be. But it is through this ordeal that we must stand up and prove them wrong. Even if we weren't born with the talent, we just have to strive to make ourselves be better versions of ourselves in order for us to reach our dreams.

The art and sound further expressed the mood and atmosphere of each scene. By combining these elements do we feel the emotions displayed on screen. Truly, it is a beautiful anime with a beautiful message.

I recommend this to everyone, especially those who have fallen in the dark shades of reality. It's never too late to stand up, never too late to reach your dreams. This is YOUR hero academia.
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Pan de Peace! (Anime) add
Bread and Yuriness.

Pan de Peace really is just an yuri undertoned anime about a bunch of high school girls in which all of them just happened to have an affinity with bread.

LA would have to admit but the characters are as stock and cliche, like we have the genki main character, the ojou, the reserved one and the lolicon who's wise beyond her age and the "sixth ranger".

Pan de Peace however had episodes where it lost focus know "bread and yuriness" and going typical "girls doing cute things at school" things and they tend to focus more on Noa Sakura voiced by Nichika Oomori and Fuyumi Fukagawa voiced by Moe Toyota glomping her every chance she gets and considering it has a 3 minute screentime it's kinda odd that they couldn't think up more of the simple concept of "bread" and "girls doing cute things".

The animation by Asahi Production is "ok" at best as the animation goes chibi with it's comedic moments and somewhat detailed backgrounds with bright character designs, but it's nothing to brag about the animation though.

Nonetheless Pan de Peace isn't anything bad nor it is great in terms of anime shorts, just mediocre overall from its characters, animation to it's basic plot. Pan de Peace is by in large "bread and yuriness" with lots of loss of focus halfway through.

Pan de Peace just panders to the "girls doing cute things" and just fluffs around at the same time, LA is a bit torn by this anime short, as it does really nothing new to the "girls doing cute things mainly food" (Kofuku Graffiti did it already with a wider food range), but being doing the bare minimum for "plot" especially for a 3 minute anime short, LA want to give it some grace, but not outright forgive it's glaring faults.
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Nijiiro Days (Anime) add
If your looking for a romance anime that has a deep maturing plot this anime isn't it. However, that is not to say that it isn't enjoyable. Its a very fun quirky anime. Imo theres a lot of romance anime that are cringeworthy I'm not gonna lie, the over hype romanticization of the meaning of love is just blehh. This anime was the first that made me not think that way, and I think thats a good thing. If your looking for a comedy/romance anime just to pass the time I suggest to watch it cause why not.

The characters are not your typical romance characters, if you know what I mean. Their kinda weird which I like. The anime doesn't revolve around just on two characters for their love story, it revolves around everyone. Which brings out funny and cute moments so I think its a good thing.

My overall rating is 7 which might seem quite low but the only reason is cause this anime is just to past the time its not something that really got me hooked on although I do read the manga and enjoy it twice as much, the anime is still good.
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KonoSuba had a great start, an interesting idea, and good execution. It was a parody and it was funny. These go together perfectly. However, during the first season, towards the last few episodes, KonoSuba was absolutely ruined. Multiple things caused this - ecchi fanservice, no development, no plot advancement, and it became an absolute joke. Trust me, I like fanservice as much as the next guy, but when the show becomes only centered around fanservice, it becomes horrible.

Anyways, back to the OVA. I guess I shouldn't have expected anything big with plot, but at least something interesting involving the original ideas for the show. I mean, perhaps they ran out of ideas towards the end of the first season, which is kind of silly considering it's only 10 episodes, but I hoped they didn't fall into a pit of despair where they gave up on the idea and just threw a bunch of nude girls to the audience and hope they got good ratings.

I guess I was wrong.

This OVA was pure fanservice. I already saw the direction it was going when a half nude girl was introduced to the show. The plot appeared to be written by a horny 12 year old who just wanted a way to justify naked girls on television. The characters were basically made fun of because they showed no resistance, and the MC turned into a terrible human being who was definitely different than the show. The original plot basically ceased to exist, so they might as well be anywhere because it apparently isn't important anymore. This, unfortunately, confirmed my belief that the second season will probably be similar to the end of the first season and this OVA.

I understand that fanservice is sometimes good and that ecchi elements can produce humor, and that this show in the first season used some of that to their advantage. I do agree. However, this is definitely not the same show I watched the first season. It was all just for fanservice, and that makes a show absolutely terrible. The art and sound were both great, but know for sure this isn't the same show anymore.

There's not much else to write, except that I'm ashamed the producers allowed the show to stoop to the level of a typical ecchi harem series. Watch it for the ecchi, however, don't watch it for the plot. It's a completely joke.
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Mouretsu Pirates (Anime) add

Mouretsu Pirates, which is also know as Bodacious Space Pirates (lol), is an anime that ran in 2012 and was created by the studio Satelight. It is an adaptation of a light novel.

If I wasn’t recommended this anime by a friend with a serviceable nudge and an accompanying video excerpt, I would have passed this show off as a hentai that I could look forward to in the future because… Well, uh, because who doesn’t like boobs in zero gravity? I know I do. If you don’t then you’re a commie bastard.

For a show with the daunting word ‘bodacious’ in the title you might as well expect it to be a parody of some sort. Maybe a Sex Jokes: The Anime – IN SPACE! Instead of being hilariously bad drivel, this has to be easily one of the best space travel and exploration anime I’ve ever seen. That’s right! There are no giant breasts nor any panty-shots and, you know what, I’m actually glad there aren’t. For me, it ranks right up there with the likes of Outlaw Star and completely blows Cowboy Bebop out of the water in all departments except for the music. ----Cowboy Bebop is highly over-rated. It is decent at best.----

If I were asked by a man who was about to die of severe pain chronic pain in the balls to describe Mouretsu Pirates, I’d tell him that it’s basically a smarter One Piece without the ridiculous powers and all the boom boom pows. It even has its very own super-serious brunette Sanji!

Marika is your not-so-average highschool ace girl who apparently has a knack for piloting and making sound decisions through decisive thinking thanks to her pirating blood. She doesn’t know her dad. It’s all hush-hush. The dad dies one day of food poisoning. And Marika is, therefore, somewhat forced into becoming the next captain of the spaceship, Bentenmaru.

The story is pretty simple. There are no over-arching plots or clever trickery. It’s a straight-forward coming of age story of a girl who going to become the next space pirate king (well, not king – just a great pirate). For the first 6 or 7 episodes, the pacing is really slow. It takes its sweet time to tell us about the wonderful future of mankind in detail. Colony planets; space travel and the technologies involved, explaining the origin of the space pirates and how they are seemingly not hated by the general public because (uh) piracy is legal. All hail the Letters of Marque.

And then, the pacing really picks up. Marika is practically thrown into space piracy right after return home from her yacht club’s (SPACE yachts!) practice trip. After that, the rest of the Bentenmaru crew is introduced and both major and minor arcs kick off which include hunting for ghost spaceships and banding universal pirates together to defeat the pirate purging ‘Satsuki SS’ (my nickname for it) which is a spaceship that looks like the Eyebrow-Master of Kill la Kill.

Overall, the story read more
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
One of the more recent and popular Shounen JUMP titles, My Hero Academia comes to life in its well-deserved anime adaptation.

As said within the show itself, the story feels like something out of a comic book. While that's true, that mainly pertains to the very beginning, or in this case the first few episodes. Though, I can't say it's similar to other stories, because the show has a unique twist with how superpowers, or "Quirks" as they're called, work and put into practice. I should point out that the anime doesn't cover a whole lot from the original manga. Even if a second season has been confirmed, I will admit how this season played out felt like there should have been more, like it could have had a second cour to it.

In this universe, 80% of the world's population have these different abilities. No doubt, we're going to see some "quirky" characters (I had to...) somewhere along the way. From the elite heroes to the students in training, we get an abundance of fantastic individuals that give the series its charm.

This season, I've seen wonderful cases of clean and consistent animation. My Hero Academia is no exception. Done by the ever popular studio Bones, they truly give the characters color and show great detail in the action sequences. It's almost as if it were an actual comic book come to life.

I began reading the manga not long before the anime's premiere, and eventually caught up by the last few episodes. Despite what I said about how much was adapted, I still feel that it was well done. It makes me look forward to the next season, which I wasn't expecting to be announced so soon. If you've got what it takes to be a hero, then check out My Hero Academia!
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Nijiiro Days (Anime) add
Just read the manga.

This is a boring adaptation that brings nothing new to the table, produced in a fairly mediocre way. The visuals are mediocre, the direction is poor, and the only good thing it did for me was to make me discover the manga.

Also, the ending is such a non-ending. Just a big "screw you!" to anime watchers, and an obvious call to read the continuation on the manga.

This anime can't stand on its own at all. Very poor production values. The only good things about it come from the source material, which is much more competent.
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
This review may contain a few light spoilers. This is my first MAL review, so it may be kind of lacking in parts.

My Hero Academia is a shounen anime by Bones, and it's one of the most highly anticipated shows of Spring 2016. The main character is a typical shounen protagonist, from "Zero to Hero". The main character is bullied as a child, and as he grows up he learns to become strong to achieve his dream.

Story - 8/10
The story of this show is set in a original and fresh world where 80% of the human population has superpowers called Quirks. The main character is one of the 20% that does not have a superpower. Personally, although I don't enjoy superhero themed anime, I have to admit that this is a pretty original and brilliant idea. The plot seems well thought out, and is fairy consistent. Personally, when it comes to my tastes, the pacing is a bit slow, as they have only gotten through 2-3 volumes of the manga in the 13 episodes. The plot is very light-hearted, at least so far, and the comedy and story is split evenly. The comedy is put at the right places. The main plot isn't original, yet it isn't entirely too bad. A main character who grows stronger throughout the series, and defeats his foes.
What I really like about this anime is how the comedy, plot, and setting of the show all flow smoothly. It's like seamlessly knit together to create Boku no Hero Academia. The plot, a main character growing stronger through the series, defeating foes really knits in and is compatible with the setting, and that's something that I think was really done well. Overall, the story was done very well, just with some pacing problems.

Art - 10/10
I have to give the hats up to Bones for the Art and Animation. The background is simple, and really demonstrates the setting of the anime. As for the art, I don't know why, but it really feels somewhat like that of western comics. The art is simple, yet there's nothing wrong with that. The comic-y style of art is really suited for the story, and it adds to the child-look demeanor of the show. The visuals are very nice, and make it an anime worth watching. The art looks like it was effortless, but the little details really make it count. It's very faithful to the manga, and I really like it that way. Very enjoyable art.

Sound - 7/10
I believe Hayashi Yuuki arranged the pieces for this anime, and it was done well. His music is successful to getting viewers hyped up, whether it was for a battle, or something else. To be honest, the Opening Song wasn't something I was a fan of. Both the ending and opening songs were dong well. The Opening Song could easily hype people up, and and the Ending Song was well done. The lyrics were relate-able, especially for those who have been read more
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Nijiiro Days (Anime) add
Shoujo romance. The penultimate genre of romance where everything is sappy and the journey to love is a slow, arduous, and sometimes painful one. So, what better way to give us everything that Shoujo romance has to offer in one series? That my friends, is Niijiro days.

Story: Our story begins on Christmas Eve with Nat-chan, who is sitting under the town's giant christmas tree in disappointment. After breaking up with his girlfriend due to her being a gold digger (This was never a part of the anime, but it's the context that gave way to the rest of the series), Nat-chan is given a tissue by a passerby Santa girl with whom he falls smitten to. This girl's name is Kobayakawa Anna, a girl of the same grade in the same school as Nat-chan, thus starting another season of romance.

Niijiro Days is a very...complete kind of shoujo Romance. (And yes, I am aware that doesn't make much sense, but keep reading.) The main draw of the series is the fact that the show has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different ships/romances that are going on at the same time with each of them pertaining to a different kind of romance that you would normally have with shoujo romances. The show doesn't really have much beyond just focusing on these relationships, as the majority of the screentime is just the characters hanging out and/or attempting to get their love-saturated plotline moving at a snail's pace.

With this setup, there're a few problems that come into play. For starters, because the show focuses on so many couples at once that the show only inches its way towards the inevitable conclusions without actually getting there. (Not like we were actually going to get any endings, but my point still stands) Second of all, the imbalance of screentime makes it so that some couples, particularly the main couple, gets more screentime than any other couple and as such we don't get to see everyone get as much attention as they should get. These are really minor problems in the grand scheme of things, but they're still inherent issues that the series has.

Overall, Niijiro Days is more or less every single shoujo trope smacked together into one show. Its execution is inherently flawed due to the show being only technically a full-length one cour series due to each of its 24 episodes only being 13-15 minutes long and because the manga is still on-going and as of today, has not reached much of a conclusion either. Still, there's nothing particularly bad about this series despite it being somewhat generic in terms of what they're presenting for their story.

+ Four distinct stories/couples to follow
+/- Stories contain mainly shoujo tropes
- Typical with many shoujo, no clear conclusion

Characters: As mentioned before, the characters in Niijiro Days are split into four distinct couples, with each character read more
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High School Fleet (Anime) add
Hello my friends! I would like to inform you that if you like what I have to say and agree with my opinion more times than not then you should check out my anime list here on MAL. I write reviews for some shows but I always write short 'blurbs' about shows I complete.

Characters / Development : 6.3
Its going to be very hard to explain this without contradicting myself over and over. Its a area that had so much more potential than was actually taken advantage of. They characters themselves were pretty strong, but only until you limited their spotlight for a few minutes or none at all for most. I feel like they could have concentrated more on the characters if they didn't have so many fan service episodes and scenes.

Animation / Art : 6
A mixed bag. The characters and armament art are both really good but I feel like what feel short was the actual ship and the water. In a anime about ships, you would expect great water right? Much to be desired. There was one scene that drove me insane. In the scene they said they only had one depth charge to use on the ship, and a few frames later there was literally two massive rows of them. All I can think is the script and art departments did not communicate on this one. People who know a little something about ships would notice.

Sound (Music/Voice/Effects) : 9.5
The strongest aspect to the show I think. High School Fleet has the same writer as Girls und Panzer and I will touch on this in the story more however I would have expected that the music would have the same person in charge, to my surprise, no. The music is fantastically timed to the action and pulls out feeling of excitement in the best cheesiest way.

Story / Writing : 4.5
Without spoils all I can say is the choices made for the core motivation for the show are pretty dumb... out of all the things they could have done. In the first few episodes you think "wow, my mind is blown, where can this go?" and only to epic fail in the next reveal episode. Not what I expected from the writer (Yoshida Reiko) from Girls und Panzer, I expected something more down to earth.

Enjoyment : 9
Out of all the bad things I have said about this show, all I can say is I feel like my time was worth it. When I found out about this anime and its ties to the writer who did Girls und Panzer I expected something cheesy but exciting, and I was not let down in that regard. Cute girls in doing battle will always get my blood pumping!

Final Score : 7.06

Final Recommendation : If you seen Girls und Panzer you will like this show and I recommend giving it a go. If you have not however I will give you a cautionary warning that its certainly not for everyone and unless read more
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I think anime is very good because the story is somewhat unique and different from the anime in general and not just on unique ,,,, but the whole story and character traits make us come to feel what he felt the character ,, and that became a fascination separate from re zero ,,,, honest for watching anime lately there has been no anime for me waiting and waiting for later every episode during 2016 unless re zero ,,,, and thanks to re zero because uda create dazzling appearance and make I can not wait to see where it goes anime ,,,,,,, and for this one I give the value of 10 out of 10 thanks ....
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Anime) add

Wow. This anime. One of the anime I was hype for when I was looking through the Spring anime season page in MAL. The anime that led me to think differently about life and this world. Sadly, over already. However, I will always follow this kind of anime with a review obviously!

Overall, this anime was pretty much an ideal for me. This anime was much more than what I expected when I was looking through the spring anime page.

Personally, what I look for in slice of life and comedy anime like this are how the characters develop over time (What I will get to see in the character in the anime), how the characters effect the story of it, and how the art makes up the style of the anime. Mostly, it revolves around the match of the art, character and the story. And this anime, was the ONE anime that made up for all the "Not preferable" slice of life anime I have watched so far, and possibly not even made it to my list ( If you want to know what kind I watch, you can visit my list).

This anime, once again, overall was basically the closest anime to my ideal slice of life kind anime. I would recommend this anime to people who love the type of anime that will give you little laughs in between, type to watch in the morning and relax, and the type that makes you want to just be relaxed.

Story (9/10)

For the story, I have to admit. It was good. Very good. However, I feel like that will be the only thing I will have to say for the rating of the story of this anime.

For me, everything in the anime was ideal and the closest to perfect , however, the only thing that made me feel like could have made the whole thing better was how the story went.

Most of the episodes were very attention grabbing for me, and very good. But about 1 or 2 episodes made me feel kind of empty. By empty, I mean by the feeling where I feel like "thats it?" that kind. But it really didn't effect my experience of this anime, and it was not even big enough to make it not ideal so it was counted as 1 point in the story section of my rating.

Overall, the story was very interesting. Even though I didn't expect too much on the story section of this anime, this really fulfilled my mind and heart. I would recommend this to people who like stories that goes weird at times, but the kind that will give you a small laugh and go into the comedy section of the anime.


The art of this anime was not the read more
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
Warning may contain spoilers.

Boku no hero academy:
A classical story of zero to hero.
Deku a young boy is about to hit his entrance exams. He wants to like most kids in his class become a superhero. Superhero has now officialy become a proffesion after the fact that 80% of humanity got quirks (superpowers).
Here is the catch however Deku is part of the 20% that does not have a quirk.
Now for someone who does not have a quirk it is essentially impossible to become a hero. But Deku wants to really bad.

So far so good. We got a nice story building. And by this point I could see infront of me a technological cyber warrior that would use wits and knowledge over raw strenght. Boy was I wrong.

This is when in my opinion the story dropped from a 9 to a 7. Because it is at this point he meets his idol All might. And to his supprise learn that All might was born without a quirk aswell but instead had his passed down to him. Guess what Deku is now next in line and gets All mights powers.

After this it becomes a classic Naruto story where Deku wants to prove his worth while competing with Sasuke in this case Kachan as he is called.

A perfect zero to hero Anime but nothing Ground breaking really.
- TunaSalladStudios (You can find me on youtube aswell as I plan to post reviews there aswell in the future)

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Mayoiga (Anime) add
In the synopsis, the first sentence states that there will be a bus, and in this bus, there will be eccentric individuals. Not only are they eccentric, but they are absolutely exaggerated and beyond cringeworthy. In a nutshell, almost everything in Mayoiga is exaggerated and pretty dang weird. The hype around this anime was put to waste, and failed to meet the bar it set for itself.

Story: 1/10
Okay, I have some respect that the producers adhered to the synopsis, which was rather intriguing, but the story was pretty bland and boring to watch. The writing didn't help anything either. Sure they tried to be symbolic and deep, but that just didn't work out.

Art/Sound 4/10
The "Nanakis" didn't even look like they belonged in scenes. It was like watching many animating styles and artwork incorporated into one thing. The sound was nothing special, and none of the soundtracks really stuck out to me. The OP and ending were pretty decent as well.

Characters 1/10
Over exaggerated, unrealistic, and cringe describe the characters. Almost everyone is off their rocker, and towards the end, the cringe factor increases. Every character acted as if they had no common sense and that they took some form of hallucinogens before they went on the bus.

Enjoyment 4/10
I mean, I didn't drop the anime after the second episode.

Overall 4/10
If you just want to watch this for fun, don't. You'll regret wasting the time. If you hate exaggerated, stupid characters, don't watch. If you despise plots that try to be deep and symbolic and fail, absolutely never pick this one up. The hype around this show was pointless, and failed to meet expectations.
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
[This review was written with only one episode left to air (even though I can bet that my opinion will stay the same if not worsen]
[English ain't my native language blablabla]

In Spring 2013 came out one of the most popular show in recent years : Shingeki no Kyojin, it was produced by the newly formed branch of Production IG : Studio Wit. The show became massively praised and popular wether in Japan or in the West. The show was an action survival with high intensity and stakes, had kickass visual and a kickass soundtrack. Of course because of its popularity the show grew its bunch of haters. And even though SnK is imo overrated and over-hyoed to a degree I think it's really good and solid and I'm not mad that it became a modern classic, BUT if there's something I'm mad at this show is the bunch of crappy clones it generated : Black Bullet, Seraph of the End, God Eater and many others. We're gonna take a look at the newest of them : Koutetsujou no Kabaneri.

But what differenciates KnK from all of the other show I listed is that its produced by the same studio AND the main staff making it is really, really similar beginning with its director : Tetsurou Araki.
Araki's singular trait is to tend to a direction emphasing a hell lot the drama and characters emotion to the point that it can be over the top. Emphasing the drama also go by making the action either really epic (Snk) or epically stupid (HoTD).
With that Araki is kind of a hit or miss, if the plot is engaging and the characters good the drama will work and you'll be hooked (SnK or Death Note) but if the plot is shit or/and the characters are shit or straight up unlikable (Guilty Crown and Kurozuka) then you'll just have a bad time.
Plus at the script we have people that are responsible for the script of Guilty Crown which can be summed up pretty easily : cool premise and the rest is a trainwreck.
And finally Kabaneri is about Zombies............*sigh, fuck zombies really, they're the most boring form of threat in any media, why the fuck does everyone love zombies god dammit!
So basically before it aired everyone was thinking : this is Attack on Titan with zombies and they weren't specially wrong..... but they weren't specially right.

So the synopsis is : During some kind of an industrial revolution zombies with a metal heart appears from nowhere. And the first and bad difference with SnK shows off right here : the lack of context and exploration of the setting. In SnK we learn how the world we know is made almost immediatly, when people talk about a wall we know which one it is and where it is, this helps to build the tension as we know what a failure in read more
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Kiznaiver (Anime) add
"One for all....All for victory."

This is a spoiler free review everyone! ^^
Everyone had high spectations on kiznaiver and I did as well. Everyone was specting a Kill la Kill like-story. And that's not what we got at all. And honestly I am kinda glad trigger changed their shonen go-to perspective and try to innovate with this seinen directed story.
Well then let's jump to full-on review!

The story revolves around a group of students from the same class, all with different personalities, that are selected to participate in the project "KIZUNA" that it's a project to connect or bond with other individuals by sharing pain/wounds. The whole city they live in was just created for the purpose of this project, even though their citizens don't know.
It's a pretty interesting concept, and even though trigger has had another animes about "human interaction/connection" this was a pretty fresh approach to that. They d set the purpose of the anime very clear since the beginning and that's an A+ for me. Since it's set aroud a very sci-fi looking setting, but a little bit more modern and "today-looking." So we can see relatable characters interact with each other and kinda develop and grow at a same pace which is really nice.
I think the story is original and enjoyable. The only thing I have to complain' about it, would be the huge time they spent in explaining the love tiangles.

I think the artstyle/visuals took a huge role on this anime. The colors, the shading, the backgrounds... could really tell you what was going on in each scene. They artstyle was pretty clean and inviting. The animation is smooth looking.
As for the soundtrack, it is not epic or memorable but pretty likeable, since it's full of energy and techno infuses.

Kiznaiver doesn't have those memorable, overheroic and sacrificial characters. Other tan that they just show teenagers with different and pretty clear personalities. One good thing that this anime did was it's characters.
Because they clearly showed their strength and their weaknesses and balanced it out, this also made them interact with one another in different ways. They are all pretty exciting and heartwarming in differnet ways. Tenga will probably stay in my memory for a long time (haha).

Kiznaiver was not the best anime of the season, but it' close to my heart.
The characters gave me a bit of tears, laughs and reminded me a lot of my own group of friends which was really important, and I think everyone could relate to it, becuase it touches a human weak spot that is realating to other human beings.
For me this anime was a great methapor for "Putting yourself in the shoes of the next person." And it teaches us that we can understand each other and what they feel, but we would never connect to at 100%.
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Terra Formars Revenge (Anime) add
This is completely terrible I just finished the first season and was ready to enjoy the second season. And to my surprise they turned it all around like are you kidding me what is this crap i'm watching. I liked the new art design simple change then they go changing the violence level and toned it down tremendously. I would have preferred it being censored it instead of the down tone i like the fighting style. But why did they forget about his character characteristics were is his string ability it's been completely ignored in the first episode. Honestly i haven't even finished the first episode and probably won't this show will be dropped. They completely ruined it for me sometime change is not good you have to know when to change and when not to. They clearly didn't because they made a change and ruined it completely. :(
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Kiznaiver (Anime) add
i just cant help but give this a FULL 10.
if you like dramas without much action, this is the anime for you!

kiznaiver is perfect, in every way.
it's the kind of anime that gives you multiple feels throughout the episodes,
but doesn't forget to follow one main plot.
you'll cry,
and you'll laugh watching kiznaiver;
but i'm sure you'll have A GREAT TIME!
make sure to watch it!!!

i also loved how trigger slowly introduced romance in the anime by the end of it.
*aure-chan is a true romance seeker*

ps. if you watched uchuu patrol luluco, you'll have a surprise reference somewhere by the end of the anime tehehehehe (couldn't expect less of trigger, i guess)

never forget the feedback, minna!
tons of kisses,
aure-chan! (≧◡≦)
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