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Hachimitsu to Clover II (Anime) add
Spoiler alert, read at your own discretion. (Sorry but I can't think of anyway to write how disappointed I am it so that it won't contain spoiler)

H&C season 2 is disappointing for me. H&C season 1 is great. At first I'm not sure what's going on as I thought there is only 1 main character, Morita. Yamada likes Mayama, Takemoto likes Hanamoto. Our MC(Morita) will be the one patching them up. However, after episode 5, I realize there are 5 main characters in this series. The story is good (but I still think that Hanamoto is extra). Mayama has unrequited love with Rika, Yamada has unrequited love with Mayama, Takemoto has unrequited love with Hanamoto, Hanamoto has unrequited love with Morita, and our Morita is still trolling and observing by the side. There are many scenes where Morita and Yamada that hints us that they will be couples.

1) Yamada dropped some leaves onto Morita as he was lying down on the grass patch, and warned him that he might caught a cold.
2) Morita has many scenes where he teased Yamada and gave her advises.

So many hints, so many hints!!! But then that fucker came and ruined the show. Nomiya was it? And his sister!! He just came out of nowhere and they became together? Morita loves that 18 year old loli? Stop giving me that crap man. It felt so forced!! *Needs to calm down...*

... Like seriously man... Why did the author do this? Simple... "Drama". Think about it, if Morita and Yamada are together, will there be drama for the I-Love-Loli Arc? No, there won't. Maybe it's only Shuu & Takemoto fighting over the loli, but will that be interesting to watch? I doubt so. That's why the author added the new character, Nomiya to be together with Yamada so that Morita can get involve in the I-Love-Loli Arc.

That's why I felt very disappointed with this series. Since I confirmed that Nomiya and Yamada will surely be together, I dropped it around H&C season 2 episode 5 and went on to read the spoilers to get it over quickly. I made it this far but I can't bear watching it anymore. It felt forceful, and I'm disgusted at how Nomiya approached Yamada. That's why I dropped it. This is the first time I wanted to sink a ship... But it can't be help. The only characters I'm attached to for this series are Morita and Yamada. The others? Nah, not that much.
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The formula for making "Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!" probably goes something like this: generic character archetypes + every goddamn slice-of-life trope ever + nonexistent story= an extremely mediocre show (at best).

So the story basically has the most used slice-of-life setting ever: guy and girl don't get along at first, but suddenly the heroine sees "something" in the male lead making her fall for him from which point onwards a lot of awkward situations ensue as she is overthinking and misunderstanding everything and he fails to notice any of her antics as the show goes on.

The second biggest disappointment for this show after the cliché plot are the cliché characters:
Meet female lead, Usami Mizuki, whose only character traits are that she's in love, she gets embarrassed easily and she has a thing for apples. Most of the time she just basically displays the tsundere archetype with nothing more to her.
Meet male lead, Uchimaki Subaru, a guy obsessed with finding the "perfect waifu" who is blatantly uninterested in the girl MC and absolutely oblivious to her feelings as well. He uses the "dense guy" attack, it's super effective!!
Then ofc we have the eccentric infantile, the lazy one, the "rival"-ish all-round perfect girl who also has eighth-grade syndrome and the slightly mentally-handicapped klutz who is also used for fanservice, cuz why not?

The art and music are quite alright, but nothing memorable.

Overall, you might enjoy this if you're new to anime and haven't yet gotten tired of these generic shows but if not, then I don't recommend giving it a try.
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Gungrave (Anime) add
First of all: Of all Mafia Animes and Mangas is this Masterpiece really one of the best out there.

Story 8/10

The Story of Gungrave is of the PS2 Game Gungrave. The Anime tells the story of Brandon Heat and his best Friend and enemy Harry Macdowel. You could say Harry is his biggest enemy. But not always, the series starts harmless and with some dramatic scenes. And to the end the feels are strong for rage and many more feelings.

If you take anything from one Person , and also his Life. The Consequences are horrible and very dangerous for the living ones.

So Brandon and Harry will fight to the End. But be warned its a dramatic Crime Festival with alot of unexepted Things.

Art 8/10
What Can I say ? Just look at it, its not comparable. Just look a Trigun and you should looked satisfied. The Producer made Trigun before. And it was a huge Sucess. So its the same with Gungrave, he adapted his own Desire and Art in this Series and also poured some old Wine from a Old Cellar with many Treasures in it.

Its just an eyesore , You will love the retro Anime of 2003/4. I Cannot describe in Words how much was done to it.

Sound 10/10

The Hitman Shoots and dont stop. Gunfire everywhere you see. And you hear a loud Shoot, loud explosions and alot of blood flatter. The evil Laughs. and the Desire to rule the Town. Anything more to say ? Be ready for the mess of your Ears.

Characters 10/10
One thing I Surely hated is the Love of Brandon Heat. He puts his Friendship over all. And you will see why and you will also say like me. Thats dissapointing , but still its just great how good the characters are looking at each other. And Friendship , trust, and loyalty will just show you the true color of their agony and dark sides. Love, Hate, And many violence are the main attractions of this Characters.
Brandon would say Silence is golden. Lol

Enjoyment 9/10
I Really enjoyed Gungrave till the last minute only a few things are bad. And the bad things are fast forgotten. The Enjoyment will pour into your Blood till first second you started watching this Anime. You will feel it , trust me.
And you cant stop watching it. Prepare for a long Night. Maybe you longest Night in your Life. But prepare Yourself maybe Brandon is still fighting outside. maybe you getting harmed in the gunfire.

Overall 9/10
To put it in simple words.
There is nothing better than gungrave in crime section and Mafia Trees. And Gangster. You will found everything dark about crimes and Mafia. And the loyalty of the Family. Just like in Marlon brandons The Godfather.

Godfather is still better than Gungrave but well you cant compare real life Movie with Anime. Mafia is Mafia and its just wow. Your Hours you will spent on read more
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I happened to look around and realised that out of all the seasons of Vanguard, somehow this has no reviews at all. And I have somewhat of an opinion on this season, so I figured why not?

Ok, ok. I know the score looks bad for a series which got a 7, but hear me out a little.

Warning: Light spoilers ahead but it won’t ruin your experience. Maybe. I assumed you’ve watched the first season, because there’s no reason for you to be watching the second season if you haven’t.

I’m not someone with extremely high standards like some ‘professional anime critique’ out there who likes picking apart themes and abstract stuff like that. When I watch a show, I just want to enjoy the process, and boy did I enjoy the first season of Cardfight Vanguard.

For someone who does not play the card game, I strangely enjoyed the first season as a teenager when it was clearly a show targeted at kids. It was cheesy to the extremes, but at the very least, there was some sort of development for Aichi. He went from a shy weak boy to a confident one with the card game, something that is pretty commonplace in this kind of show and happens to be a troupe I like, so I was fine with it. Specifically, what I liked from the last season was how Aichi actually went down the wrong path for a while in his pursuit of getting stronger. It was a common storyline, but at least Aichi went through some hardship and reflection before finally emerging stronger and victorious. Aichi changed over the course of the series, and noticeably became a lot more mature. The ability Psyqualia was also hinted to be much more than being able to see or control what was on Cray, which the first season left off on a cliffhanger.

So here I was, all hyped up for the second season, especially when it included ‘visiting’ some Asian countries which included my own, which was an interesting concept. I was curious as to how they would portray my country in an anime, I mean, who else wouldn’t want to see anime characters getting all excited at a tourist attraction and the great food in your country? Plus my country isn’t featured prominently and reused over and over again in any medium whenever characters ‘go overseas’ (Ahem Paris, ahem USA. As if they were the only places in the world to go.). And admittedly, that part where they were just being tourists hanging around was the only part of this second season I enjoyed, because the story continued spiralling downwards into a cheesier mess, so much so that when I reached the end of the season, I was really mad at myself for getting excited in the first place.

So maybe now you think it’s a problem of being biased against the series, that it was a problem of having too high expectations. I admit, yes. read more
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Saiyuuki (Anime) add
A Japanese animated children's movie with some singing. Recommended for lovers of the absurd. This is a nostalgia free review as I watched this for the first time in 2016.

The review is of the Japanese version as I heard the movie was revised for a western release with heavy cutting and changing of both the songs and script. This surprised me to know as the movie was most likely inspired by western musicals to begin with.

For adults this movie does not have much going for it with a haphazard plot and characters only a 6-11 years old boy could like. The movie does somewhat follow the classic hero's journey structure but does not understand how the structures used in western media go together to create emotional impact. For example: early in the movie there is a typical mentor scene thrown in "just because" without any build-up or pay-off. This is in many ways a Japanese animation experimenting with western ideas and concepts.

The movie is still very "Japanese" which somewhat ironically is it's biggest strength. It features everything from talking animals to funny magical transformations to other weirdly captivating animation sequences. For these things the movie is a decent watch, just do not expect anything in terms of story telling. Some reviewers calls it imaginative, I would agree with that statement. This movie has a strong "spirited away"-type feel to it, minus a great plot.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes random nonsensical humor (which unfortunately do not include myself). A small spoiler to explain what I am talking about: At one point the magical monkey is playing drums inside a guys stomach making him dance wildly against his will. If this sounds like your kind of humor give the movie a try.
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It did better than I thought it would.

Also this is the 2nd course not a 2nd season. The 1st course drops out mid tournament and the 2nd picks up directly after. This review combines both "seasons" since it is the same story arc.

The story is the generic battle tournament between competing schools in a tag team style. This all takes place in an academy city which is weird because I don't recall seeing any classes, teachers, or anything school related. The plot is adequate enough to lead the viewer in linear chain of events. Don't expect anything special.

Art is kinda a let down. I've come to expect better of A1 Pictures and this is a step down from recent works. A couple of scenes were bad, but nothing that plagues the entire show.

Sound is lacking a bit too. The opening and ending aren't bad however they don't excite me. A play once and skip scenario. I found the sword sound effects to be annoying as well. Voice acting is decent enough to avoid complaint.

Characters are slightly better than I expected. They seem to have a bit more maturity than the normal dribble. It's still not enough maturity to have developed character direction or depth required to sustain a romance. Which brings me to the pseudo-harem. Why is this a thing? The show practically screams which characters are going to be together. There's no actual competition. Time wasted on the harem could have been spent making a functional romance.

It can be enjoyable. A casual viewer could watch this without cringing. Action fans who like sword fighting could also get along fine. Critical reviewers or hidden gem hunters should stay away.

tl;dr meh.
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This anime is meant for fun, nothing else. You can watch an episode without watching previous episodes, or knowing previous lore. This anime is just for the fun of watching Sonico is her daily life. It is an awesome anime to watch if you don't want a heartfelt romance, or comedy. Each episode is fun, fresh and exciting to watch, even if you marathon them all.
Overall it is good, the story is usually very innocent, the art is wonderful, the sound is what you expect from a music based anime, the characters, though bland, are awesome in their own sense, and the enjoyment is an incredible 9/10 for me. I had fun watching this, and I recommend watching it if you do not want commitment, or want to follow each episode to find out what happens.
I watch many romantic comedies, and this is an anime that helped me feel better after watching the final 2 episodes of Haganai Next.
I wish to see more of this fun anime, and hope people enjoy it as much as I did.
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Harmony (Anime) add
Time to review a movie I have recently seen that I must say I really really enjoyed.

Story 10/10:
The story is very deep and very good for anyone who likes psychological anime where one needs to think a lot to understand it. If you're looking for something to casually watch then don't even bother watching Harmony, however if you're ready to grind your mind when watching it, then you will very much enjoy it. This is a movie that really makes you think. One of the biggest questions you may think off when watching is "Is it better to live as a prisoner in a Utopia, or to be a free person in a war-torn stricken world?". At least that is the main thought I got of watching this movie. The story is very deep and can even change the way you think and perceive a lot of things, the story covers the theme of a perfect utopia where there is no cancer or sickness or disease and everyone will practically live forever. It also covers the unique hell that resides in this world and raises another question "Is there really such thing as a utopia?". Which you will understand more as you watch the movie.

Art 9/10:
The art is very splendid and you can tell it is done with a very high budget like most animated movie's are, since they are only a couple hours long they can create much better animation quality then a TV series. That said, the only downside I have to the art and animation is the occasional full "un-textured" 3D scenes that happen occasionally within the show. There are some scenes where there are people sitting around in a circle and they're all very grey and 3D modelled which I believe is a bit lazy and they could of done that a bit better by keeping it 2D. I'm not against 3D at all but it did seem somewhat lazy especially that the characters were all un-textured and bland in their 3D forms.

Sound 10/10:
The soundtrack is really amazing and I really enjoy sad yet unique music that this music includes. I must also say that I really really love EGOIST and they do have a song in this movie which is another reason why I love the music and the sound so much.

Character 9/10:
I would have rated the characters 10/10 but there are really only two characters you need to pay much attention to, which is unfortunate. However those two characters are very well written and very in depth that I had to give it a 9/10. Tuan and Miach are the characters you should be paying attention to when watching the movie, since they both have major impacts on the plot and the development of the story. There is not much else I can say about the characters without spoiling anything, so ill leave it at that.

Enjoyment 10/10:
For someone who enjoys a good, in depth psychological anime, I really enjoyed this movie. If you don't read more
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Yamada-kun 7-nin to Majo can be best described as a romantic comedy with lots of kissing and a bunch of really cute girls. While the anime starts off strong and very entertaining to watch, it starts to taper off towards the middle and then turns into an absolute train wreck at the end.

“Fighting is not about your body, it’s about your spirit!” - Yamada Ryuu

Story: 4/10
Art: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Character: 8/10
Enjoyment: 8/10
Overall: 7/10

What’s Good?
+ Large, varied, interesting cast of main and supporting characters
+ Wonderfully hilarious character interactions
+ Great emotion and romance
+ Lots of kissing and pantsu
+ Lots of cute girls

What’s Bad?
- Very confusing and anti-climactic ending
- Many unexplained plot points and unanswered questions
- Lack of a meaningful overarching plot
- Underwhelming antagonistic characters

Who should watch?
= People who love cute girls and non-excessive ecchi
= People who don’t want an anime that’s neither too serious nor too frivolous
= People who have a limited amount of time
= People who want to see yaoi and yuri all in one anime


Story: 4/10

Yamada literally stumbles upon a beautiful girl, Shiraishi, at a staircase and accidentally ends up kissing her as he does so. This then causes them to switch bodies which is a result of Shiraishi’s witch power and Yamada’s innate ability to copy witch powers. As the story progresses and their romance blooms, they begin to find out more about other witches that exist in the school, with a total of 7, and embark on quest to find all seven witches in order to grant any wish they so please. The plot is hence subdivided into 7 different arcs based on each witch: Shiraishi Urara arc, Odagiri Nene arc, Ootsuka Meiko arc, Sarushima Maria arc, Takigawa Noa arc, Asuka/Tamaki arc and finally the Saionji Rika arc.

I’m not very sure what to make of the overall story to be honest, since there is an absolute lack of any overarching conflict whatsoever and even though there seems to be a purposefulness in the actions of the main cast, they never truly amount to anything and seem slightly frivolous and trivial throughout the anime. Still, the anime did have its very gripping and exciting plot lines, in particular the one surrounding the old school building fire in the Sarushima arc. (+1 for excitement)

Most of the arcs follow the same kind of pattern of meeting a girl, a witch who seems like a certain quirk on the outside. Then, through some situation or another, her weakness or vulnerability is revealed which not only helps Yamada better understand her, it also kind of makes the girl fall for him, in a classic harem style piece. Every witch seems to have a power that she wishes for or something that helps to compensate for something that she is lacking in everyday life, mostly revolving around the same few high school teenager problems like not being able to make friends in school, essentially. I can hardly say that any of it is original, even if they were entertaining.

One read more
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Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (Anime) add
NO spoilers:
This anime was like berserk with canines with a little bit of the early Naruto and sprinkled with some Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin.
This is definitely not an anime for everyone! especially the uncensored version.
I know that I had too much enjoyment compared to quality of the anime but somehow I just really, really liked it ^^ You will see many deaths, some quite brutal!!, traitors, cannibals, blood and such. I understand why this kids/teenager anime had many censored versions, it is not for the faint of heart. It is without any doubt a Shounen anime, it is about manhood, brolove, bravery, honor and all the good qualities of masculinity and that is what makes it good and enjoyable!

All the rainbow faeces of the Unicorn - the good things
- There are probably a lot who wouldn´t like this fact but I like this anime for its brutality and seriousness and its old "philosophy" of manhood where bravery, strength and intelligent were the most important thing for a mans honor, the key of knowing when to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. I love it for its classic heroic theme.
- Few canines animes out there and especially serious ones.
- The opening soundtrack was for me really perfect for this anime!
- Even though the plot of the anime was indeed TOTALLY predictable somehow its focus on the interactions between the characters made it still enjoyable and not boring.
- It is a totally old school anime! ^^

All the hurtful.... cringe! - The cons
- The anime is old, it is from 1896 and not from a "big" studie, so don´t blame it for its old art, repeated frames and old music. Either you hate it or don´t mind/love it ^^
- The anime changes from episode 6-7 where people might be thrown off or they don´t like the start and don´t watch until the anime turns.
- The plot was totally 100% predictable, you know from the very beginning that Gin is going to defeat Akakabuto, but it is more about the how than if. :)
- There are a few plotholes and questionable plot choices... Try not to think too much about it :P

again this anime is not for everyone for quite understandable reasons, it is brutal but somehow it all turns out for the better ^^
I had as a kid only seen very few episodes so I had a little nostalgia but not that much which should really affect my review ^^
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Shounen Sarutobi Sasuke (Anime) add
Very much a kids movie from the past, seemingly inspired by western animation. If it was not for the unusually dark tone you could mistake it for a early Disney movie. On that note, the English dub is about as good (or bad) as the Japanese voice-over for those interested. If you for some reason plan on watching this with children I recommend 8+, or they will have nightmares; some of the more intense scenes go on for a bit too long. The movie is well paced and varied in terms of plot and other events. As far as children's movie's go it should not be too much of a chore to watch.

How is the movie for adults? While the movies darker theme might be attractive for 8-12 years wanting to feel more "grown up" for an adult it is not very impressive. That said, if you have a morbid sense of humor you might find pleasure in watching this. This aspect of the movie is very much unintentional, but personally I found hoping for the painful death of cute animals and winy brats throughout the movie to be hilarious. Some of the scenes in the movie are also just plain weird, adding to the unintentional humor aspect of the movie. The bad voice acting and ugly animation could actually be considered strengths of the movie, if watched for comedic reasons.

There is no way to really rate a movie like this. It is a typical "so bad it is good"-type movie. I can not say I recommend it either, even though I personally found it funny.
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Boku no Pico (Anime) add
Some seen things cannot be unseen. One of them is a nail-biting story about adventures of a boy called Pico and his internal struggles. In shounen shows heroes concentrate on becoming stronger for the sake of saving the village or even the universe. But Boku no Pico is a really outstanding series. It's about mental training, self-acceptance, confidence and overcoming intolerance of disparity, espiecially other sexual orientation.

The story is so complicated that it's hard to follow the plot in the first place and you'll need to rewatch in order to understand everything or really pay attention to the screen. Consider the symbolism. For example, vanilla ice cream means denying homosexuality and seeking replacement which is tolerated among people.

The script is very well-written and there aren't even minor flaws. However, better prepare some handkerchiefs because emotional impact will make you cry a lot.

But I haven't told what's the story's about yet. Basically, it's about boy named Pico. Pico lives in a small tradionalistic village where homosexualism is mocked at. One day he meets a man who will change his view on the world forever and begins his journey.

The characters are well-constructed and relatabke. Each of them is unique and has his own personality and inner struggles. The development and growth are amazing, even if it's only one episode. For me, Pico's evolution from a timid boy to a sexually confident man is one of the most memorable I have seen. By watching Boku no Pico the viewer learns empathy and tolerance. He experiences the emotions felt by characters by himself.

The soundtrack used in anime is masterpiece. The tracks vary from the happy ones to sad ones and let the viewer understand subtle emotions felt by characters which is overally helpful because due to complexity of the plot it's difficult to notice every detail.

The voice actors portray characters' emotions faithfully and thanks to them it's a lot easier to understand the hidden emotions and word.

What I value in the artwork is the contrast of its' sweetness with mature themes. Characters' designs are detailed and really well-done. They show their innocence and craving for being loved.

Boku no Pico is pure brilliance. There aren't any downsides in this show. It's utterly flawless.
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To start off, this anime is very enjoyable. Its fun, amusing, sad, lovely, romantic; its all of those. To me, this anime is a 10/10. Something about its charm, and just how the story played out. By ep 3 I was hooked. I don't know how I originally found this, but I'm glad I watched it. In my opinion this is a must watch, I stayed up until 4 am because of the cliffhangers. I was crying by ep 11; I have to admit, when people lose their memory, or forget each other in anime, it makes me sad. The only other anime's I've cried during was Owari no Seraph & Tokyo Ghoul. But, this one, was different. I didn't cry because it was sad, but because what could happen; I didn't know if it would be alright. I spend about 20 minuets while downloading ep12 thinking about what could happen. Just, please, watch this anime; you wont regret it. (Unless your only into shonen naurto ripoffs)
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One Punch Man (Anime) add
The true hero arrives!

Story is bare bones. Meet Saitama, holy crap he's strong, episodic problem of the week and it gets punched hard. There is no epic story line or grand quest to save the world. Just an average guy being a superhero.

Art is amazing. Madhouse really went all out with this one. The fight scenes are glorious. The sheer impact and destruction of the attacks are the best I have ever seen. In stark contrast, the comedic scenes are so intentionally poorly drawn that it sucks the excitement away instantly. This is a very good thing. To be able to switch gears from awesome battles to a dopey moron instantly is extremely hard to pull off.

Music is very good as well. The opening is suitably epic for the strongest hero and the battle effects really bring it together. The ending is a bit underwhelming however. I'm almost convinced it was purposefully boring.

Characters are one dimensional. Saitama is a hero because he likes it. That's really it. There's not going to be any character growth. No gut-wrenching decisions or actions that shape his viewpoint. What you see is what you get. Minor characters see his actions and may start to reflect on how to improve themselves, but this is never highlighted and has no bearing on the show.

Enjoyment varies for every viewer. Saitama is going to win every fight, without a doubt. There's no trace of tension or anxiety in the show. Some people will find this boring. Others will watch for the comedy reactions of the background characters. This isn't a show that's going to appeal to everyone.

Overall its a good show. With a better story and stronger characters it could achieve greatness. But for now it stays an impressive visual work that deserves a chance.
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Mai-HiME (Anime) add
The first images I saw from this anime made it look tamer than it actually was; there were girls hugging and smiling, even looking happy while summoning what were their “childs”: some machine creatures that came to their aid whenever they were in trouble. From the very first episode, though, there are some foreboding events that clearly indicate to the viewer that this isn’t some happy-go-lucky magical girl anime. The machine “childs” lend to that effect. Unlike the cute and whimsical creatures that magical girls from other anime have, here are these large and intimidating animals made of metal that resemble birds and other things. Rockets and cannons are cool, aren’t they?

The few times that Mai and her friends had some respite between fighting “orphans” (the name of the evil and destructive monsters) were probably the most enjoyable. The anime wasn’t all about fighting. After all, Mai had just arrived at a new and seemingly luxurious school (super large and filled with numerous facilities) with her brother, so it was imperative for the setting to be built. Mai had a job and made some nice friends and ran into other girls who could see the HiME star. There were a lot of characters introduced, though I only remembered the names of the ones that had a big role in the story. It was fun to see the mesh of evil-fighting and school in the beginning, though. Obviously with childs as big as trees and larger, it was extremely difficult to cover up damage from battles. Plus, it was hard to keep secrets for so long as the orphans became more prevalent and dangerous.

While the anime does hint at having darker tones starting from the beginning, it surprised me that there were a lot of themes that took on a negative twist. Some were a little bit much or didn’t have enough time to develop. I had a hard time sympathizing with the characters at some moments.

For example, to pay the price for the power of being a HiME (one that can control the Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment), one must sacrifice something very special, and the price to be paid if the child dies in battle is quite dire. I couldn’t take it very seriously because the anime made it so dramatic, and it was unbelievable to the other characters as well.

In addition, Mai spent time a lot of time being sad and I felt that it was difficult to understand her pain because she stopped herself from telling almost anyone at all. Her position as a big sister made her a strong character, but she also kept her feelings to herself so that she did not look weak. It looked like she was supposed to cry by herself, but even when she talked to someone just a little bit about her emotions, it seemed vague. Her character perpetually seemed lonely and unreachable.

One other thing I should mention is that there is a bit of fanservice in here, made very easy by read more
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What's the difference between the original GBF and GBF Try? GBF (especially the ending) makes my heart cried a lot, while GBF Try (as a whole) makes me cringed a lot.

The reason why you want to watch this is most likely you want to see more of Mirai and Fumina's (or Gyanko too if you like her) tits, that's it.


I personally watched Try because i watch GBF and i watch this OVA because i watch Try, and i regret it. Try is already so wrong in the first place, and this OVA still keeps it. It's too.. shonen. Really. A lot of screaming, a lot of exaggerated beam, and thick plot-armor.
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Plastic Memories (Anime) add
As I write about so many anime, the premise here is interesting. The story takes place in the not-too-distant future, and humans have developed androids (giftia) whose only difference from humans seems to be that they have a lifespan limited to 9 years. Tsukasa, our main character, starts working for an agency who retrieves giftia whose lifespan is almost up, since if that time passes, the giftia lose their memories and "humanity" and become dangerous.

As I also write about so many anime, the premise is not fulfilled. Plastic Memories does, in fact, do a worse job than average, because as it turns out, the premise is just a thin bait-and-switch. After an interesting first episode, and a wee bit more sfnal content in the second, the plot becomes bog-standard romcom. I resented that, especially since the romcom wasn't even remotely good.

Story: dreadful. This could have explored some really interesting concepts, fascinating issues to think about. And I don't actually include "can a human find true love with an artificial life form" because otaku the world over have already proven that indeed, grown men can fall in love with 2D characters with whom they don't even have an actual, personal relationship. That's not particularly interesting to me. But what place artificial lifeforms might take among us in general, in what ways they would differ from us, what we might have in common, in how far we could understand each other, what rights androids might have, whether we might have to protect them from ourselves (and us from them) -- so much rich, fertile soil for thought.

And if one wanted to deal with death instead or in addition (so as to properly jerk some tears), that too would be a legitimate story -- what does it do to somebody to know exactly when they will lose their partner? Is the pain worth it? The story tries to get into the last bit, but it is doing it so clumsily that I couldn't appreciate it. When we first meet Isla, she seems emotionally stunted, especially in comparison to other giftia, who are basically indistinguishable from humans, while Isla actually feels like an android. But we later find out that it was Isla who started the practice of allowing humans and giftia emotional closure upon retrieval. So why is she so totally clueless when to comes to both her partners? It makes no sense.

Pretty much none of the sfnal elements make sense either. What, we can create fully emotionally functional adult androids in a lab (something that takes humans at least 18 years), and we can load up an android with a new OS = personality in a day or so — but we cannot pull their memories back out? How do we manage the imprint then in the first place? And what's with the ridiculous idea that the androids go nuts? read more
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
This was a pretty solid little show. However, I began to notice a lot of the problems the show had as I thought about it.

I'll watch any anime where the protagonist is not in highschool. I'm almost 30 and i'm long past the point where I relate in any way to kids in high school. I'll watch high school shows if they are stylistic or getting rave reviews, but I usually have been avoiding them lately. When i found out the show is about a 29 year old who has to go back in the past to stop a murder, I was intrigued.

The plot is pretty simple and is paced and handled very well. The only reason I gave it a 7 was because the ending was absolute bs and too convenient. Also, I thought the show should have handled some of the questions Satoru would have had- how long do I have to be my child self again? Isn't it terrifying that I have to relive all this shit I've already done?

It also affirmed the whole "you can be an antisocial apathetic otaku and everyone will love you". This is Satoru's character and like a lot of anime where boy saves girl, the whole town praises him for saving them all, even though he doesn't have an ounce of charisma.

I did like: the art, the overall entertainment factor, and it's somewhat mature handling of child abuse. Worth watching if you've gone through your backlog and are looking for a newer show.
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Glasslip (Anime) add
I think Glasslip have an unfair rating on MAL of about 5.5... because seriously, this shit deserve less than that. Like every anime, they have their pros:

+ Great animation, like every anime from P.A. Works

Yeah, that's it, now the cons:

- Terrible directed, too much screen time to meaningless stuff
- Uninteresting and unoriginal plot
- Bland and forgettable characters
- Some dialogs are so bad that becomes an absolute cringy festival
- 90% of the time you won't know what the hell is going on. Not for the story complexity, but all seems so random that it's ridiculous
- Almost the entire cast have no reason to be there at all
- Unrelatable characters, and most of them are totally obnoxious
- Every chapter becomes more and more boring to the point that is unbearable. Clicking to "Next Chapter" becomes a true challenge to your dignity
- I would like to say "wasted potential", if it had one
- The "romance" is forced as fuck
- The "supernatural" thing never was explained

I have around 20-30 more cons but i think this aberration don't deserve more words. Don't waste your time like I did. The only reason i would recommend this is for a truly reference of how things can go horribly wrong.

Rating: 3
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Days (TV) (Anime) add
As a former high school soccer player, it brought me good memories of how it felt to play soccer at that age. I like the fact that the main char is gaining the respect of his teammates by his extra hard work. I have only watched 3 episodes but I enjoyed them very much. I will keep watching this anime until it finishes.

The animation is pretty sweet, at some stages of the soccer match it looked a video game and in some way realistic, the motion of the characters when they shoot is also very good.

The main character is very funny, is not the drama and the hard working and the rough moments he has been or goes through.

I have recommended this anime to some friends and I will keep doing so.

it's a solid 8 for me.
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12 hours ago
Space☆Dandy (Anime) add
Space Dandy was surprisingly good, after watching cowboy bebop my expectations for this show were very high and the show delivered. It had me laughing out loud at times, and feeling sad at others Each episode was different and yet all played out very similarity. The bad guy would chase the three protagonists around each episode without the main characters even knowing. The fan service in the show came in the form of a resteraunt called "boobies" which played a major role in the show, and Dandys love for the resteraunt was hilarious at times. The shows characters are all amazingly three dimensional and you start to care more for them as the show progresses. And to top it all off, an amazing soundtrack, cowboy bebop follows a jazz theme whereas this follows a Hawaii theme which I thought was great. The art design was beautiful and at times the animation blew me away. Overall I really enjoyed the show and would recommend it to any fan of comedy as a genre.
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I can't understand what he's saying either. I don't speak Japanese though.

A married couple and their everyday antics. The husband is a hardcore otaku, the wife is not. Does not sound like much to work with, but for an anime that runs 39 minutes in total, it worked fine. It relies heavily on references, which may lessen your enjoyment, depending on how many you get. The parts when the two show true affection towards each other were very cute and heartwarming, especially the last episode.

This anime is VERY simplistic, to a degree where I must say it doesn't look very pretty. Sometimes it is more noticeable than others, but for a comedy short it doesn't hurt too much. Episode 11 goes slightly into bizarre territory, which was interesting.

The anime doesn't have an opening, the ending is kinda cute, fitting for the odd but loving couple. Voice acting was pretty good, though of course they don't have much time to shine.

Hajime and Kaoru are very cute together, even when they totally talk at cross purposes (I don't know if that's the correct English version of "aneinander vorbeireden", so I apologize if it isn't). I could also sympathize with Kaorus backstory, as most people probably will (if they passed their teens). The side characters weren't that strong, I would have preferred to see more couple time instead of them.

There's only one thing I'd say this anime could do better and that would have been to have longer episodes. I guess there wasn't enough source material, but there is a second season, which is at least something. The best about this wasn't necessarily the comedy but the cute moments (which made me a little envious). I was happy to see them happy and the ending was a wonderful conclusion.

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Yesterday, 6:37 PM
Toradora! (Anime) add
Coming across Toradora at first the few episodes might throw you off, but don't be fooled. This anime is one for the ages.

Every main character in this anime goes through a development. There might be a time when you don't like so-and-so but that will change. The anime itself has a pretty interesting art style to it especially during the more serious scenes and one certain scene near the end.

The music and sound are both great. The music fits well even the typical anime music found in every show fits well.

The only biggest flaw is how they failed to incorporate the light novel completely making for a less-than-perfect but amazing ending. The show itself is great. It does have a very comedic tone at the start and a very dramatic tone in the end and it really does play off itself, its character, and its setting very well.

Bottom Line: This is probably one of my favorite romance animes and Probably one of the best I've seen in a damn damn long time. I wish I could see more of these characters. I really do since honestly? They are just all so enjoyable and lovable.
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Psycho-Pass (Anime) add
I have this immense list of anime to watch, ordered by a formula based on MAL rating, MAL number of ratings, IMDB rating, and IMDB number of ratings. Psycho-Pass was in the top 20 but you know that feeling when you want to watch something further down the list even though those higher up are probably of better caliber? I just wanted to see Psycho-Pass for some reason, probably because it featured in a recent best anime fights video I found on YouTube.

I was floored. You know that feeling when you're watching a live-action film that's so well-filmed, with superb cinematography, that you can just tell? Like when you're watching Godfather or Fight Club or Inception. I got the same feeling with Psycho-Pass. The camera movement. Damn. How the screen blacks out quickly, intentionally. How the camera moves back and forth, pans in and out, to zoom in on characters' stricken faces or to fade in and out of a character's consciousness. Slow motion. The view of the glimmering city. The dried splash of blood on walls. The sudden burst of organs as caused by Dominator. The dismal rain. The interplay of shadows and light on human skin. The welling up of tears. If you saw Guilty Crown, also a product of Production I.G, you saw something beautiful, something scintillating. Psycho-Pass is more dark, more grim. For oh my, for this is the work of someone serious.

Rape in the first episode. Dismemberment, beautification of mutilation, treating humans like prey in a hunt, all to follow. All the work of human beings whose Psycho-Passes become clouded. What is a Psycho-Pass? It is a generated number that represents the potential criminal intent of a person. The higher, the more likely he or she is to commit crime. At a certain point he or she is dubbed a "latent criminal" and is taken to rehabilitation facilities, essentially prisons, where they cannot harm society. Is this system, known as the Sibyl System, perfect as society has called it? For a system to decide the careers of young men and women based on their personalities and abilities, to leave individual human decision out of the equation, is this right? Of all the anime I've seen so far, Psycho-Pass creeped me out the most. To think that some people out there can do such things, and think they are right in doing so, is horrifying.

The police force consists of two types of officers: Inspectors and Enforcers. Inspectors are the "shepherds" who are in charge of the Enforcers, "hounds" who were former Inspectors whose Psycho-Passes became too clouded or latent criminals given a new lease on life. These are the ones who look for latent criminals on the loose, face their lurid crimes, and judge them with the Sibyl System-created Dominator. For a latent criminal, this gun is set on paralyze mode, and for the more criminal, on decompose mode, which reduces them to smithereens. One of the questions new Inspector Akane Tsunemori faces is the nature read more
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Durarara!! (Anime) add
This was one of the first anime I watched. I loved the show and the plot. I sometimes rewatch episodes of the whole series. My most favorite character would probably be Erika or Walker since they enjoy each others interest. I always rewatch that one episode where they were going to torture the guy for kidnapping their friend. My least favorite character would be Nasujima for being a perverted teacher. I never really understood Izaya for being a protaganist or antagonist but it was interesting to see how things turned for his side. Saki was there to encourage Masaomi and stayed by his side. I really wanted to see more about Saki though. I hope they would create a movie or at least an OVA for Durarara SH.
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Apart from a few funny lines and visual gags, this OVA, like most, was just filler garbage. Nothing really too special or worth-while about it apart from some tiny character developments for Megumin.

Lots of fanservice that detracts from the overall ideas behind the show. Not much creativity put into the premise and the story falls flat more than once. This is backed up by a messy structure that jolts from premise to premise.

If there's one positive thing to say is that the physical humor here was better than a lot of the main shows. As stated before, Megumin received minor development with a small look into her past group endeavors but that doesn't provide enough to save a horribly meandering story.

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Dance with Devils (Anime) add
(This review has been adapted from my blog/reddit thread. Spoilers ahead!)

Dance with Devils describes itself pretty well. There are devils and there is dancing. Less dancing than devils but still.

I cannot speak much about devils. (I have already talked at length about the Divine Comedy.) As for dancing, I also cannot speak much. There is one detail about dancing, however, that will always stick with me: my father’s “signature move.”

He told me that, if you cannot dance, or if you want to but want to avoid embarrassment, you simply do the “cabbage patch.” It is rather simple, really. Make fists out of your hands. Put them together – still as fists – as if you are creating one giant fist. Finally, bob your shoulders and gyrate your fists. There. You are doing the cabbage patch.

The question becomes, which is better, Devils or the cabbage patch?

My money is on my father’s advice.


Devils is what the anime industry calls a reverse harem. In simple terms, one woman is chased after by multiple men – the harem-ers and the harem-ees reverse genders. The concept closely mirrors the usual harem type despite this simple role reversal.

For example, the first seven episodes are individually dedicated to a specific character. Rem demonstrates his strengths at Ritsuka’s grandfather’s home in his episode. Shiki gets an episode to display just how creepy he happens to be. And Roen gets an episode, too, to show off his acolyte status.

But the events therein do not happen normally; this anime is not called Dance with Devils for nothing. Rather than act, the characters act. They sing and they dance and they fight, providing the audience with theatrical performances. Do these performances serve a purpose? Well, yes and no. They do add a bit of uniqueness and emotion to the situations, making them feel more like plays that are being played out. But they do not technically serve the narrative; the events could have been played out normally without affecting the plot.

Not every performance involves just one of the members. Sometimes Ritsuka takes part in a duet with another. Sometimes members of the cast sing with each other. And the second-to-last episode has every love interest taking part in the song – a necessary development given the harem and the conflicts between the characters. It takes a while to actually get to this point, but, thankfully, Devils did.

Where the anime falls apart is in everything that surrounds the theatrics. Ritsuka laments that “all these things keep happening around me” because of the grimoire within her. Yet almost every direction the plot takes relies solely on Ritsuka’s inane decisions. She is constantly told to wait somewhere safe, to follow the orders of the people protecting her, and to generally not seek out trouble. In response, Ritsuka chooses to ignore all of these orders.

These blunders result in her repetitively requiring help. That is, the entirety of the narrative hinges on Ritsuka making the most asinine of decisions possible. One instance has her at a read more
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Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
If there's one thing that really bugs me about all people, it's when people complain about one thing just to turn around and do the exact thing they were crying about.

People who take little interest in actually learning something for once take the assumption that just because a show is a shounen adaptation, they take the quick handed assumption that it's generic trash that shouldn't be touched with a ten foot pole. Funny, because a high majority of those people also have a nasty tendency to cry and complain about anime stereotyping. Give a round of applause if you know someone like that.

I'll admit, I didn't see much in Akame ga Kill. However, I was actually pretty surprised by the way the anime presented itself.


This is where I was quite nervous. The show has a "monster of the week" feel during most of the show and many people find that by itself quite dull, including myself. While parts seemed repetitive, it was relatively okay. It's also got your generic underdog story, but with a little more maturity. The plot itself was handled decently.

ART: 7

While the show puts on another normal looking anime face, I was quite surprised by the level of badass art and scenes there were. Sometimes the show has a quick pan of a single frame of a character in an intense moment and the amount of detail was very, VERY cool.

The gore in this anime is also a toned down version of Kill Bill, but it certainly has its moments. Not even the main characters are protected, are they?


Can I just copy+paste a response here? Same deal with most of my reviews. All I hear is generic sword fighting sounds, but the intros and outros were pretty damn cool.


This is kind of where a lot of users complain, including myself. While a lot can be interpreted from the actions of the characters, that's kind of the issue. We as viewers shouldn't have to interpret things about the characters when we are literally hanging over their shoulder for 24 episodes. The main character constantly experiences the loss and consequences of being in such a direct and violent regiment, but he always seems to laugh it off most of the time. What I interpreted was that he was trying to hide/relieve himself of the guilt and sorrow by burying it under joy and laughter, but most of the time it just seemed out of place. A lot is also not revealed about the state of the characters and a lot of them are like emotional traps. An enemy of the group is presented as both a girl seeking revenge while dealing with her sorrow and as a maniacal crazy hag with a really stupidly overpowered dog. Who knows how you'll see her.

But, there is some positive here. If you connect closely to characters like I do, be ready for an emotional roller coaster. The show also strays from the idea that the main group read more
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Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
<Before i start the review. i want to let you know that i mainly focus on slice of a life anime's. I will be reviewing all the slice of a life anime's i've seen so far, so don't mind adding me as a friend if you are just like me a big fan of slice of a life anime's and want to discover more>

Just finished clannad review. And now it's time to jump to Clannad After story.
The monster anime serie that turned strong man into a cry baby. If you haven't cried i give up on what could you make you cry.

The story continue's the story of the orignal clannad serie. After 25 episode's of preparing for this serie. i though i could handle it. Boy what was i wrong. It start's with the classic clannad formula. They are helping friend's that are in trouble and after a few episode's the real story begin's. They finish school. And start becoming an adult. It suddenly stop's where the main story goes about. The friend's are having their own life now. And it now focus on tomoya and nagisa. And i have to say. It's not easy to be them. The problem's that show up aren't no longer the ''highschool'' problems anymore. And as kid's that are struggeling to become adult. It's really rough.
The story get's more and more depressing. And that affect's me also actually. Keep in mind i was watching this in one straight line. so 24 episode's without sleeping , laying in bed with my ipad and eating snacks and drink ofcourse. And when some depressing music kick's in. And some sad music played. I looked around. To the trash i made while watching this serie. And started to think about my own life. About regret's i made during my school year's. That i alway's wanted to become adult. But now i am adult. I miss those school day's where problem's weren't a big deal. And somehow i missed the first season of this serie where they were on school. When something show's up where you can see a flashback. I thought about the happy day's in this serie. I have to admit. During watching this serie i didn't just cried allot and loud. But i also felt depressed. Now i finished the serie. And i hear the dango song. Or just think about it, it just gave me goose bumps. This is not just a serie. But it's art that play's with your mind. It is that i can't give a higher rank then a 10. But here's a 10 for the story.

This is one of the most important thing's that made me love clannad even more. Don't get me wrong. I'm not here to fanboy this serie. But there's one thing i noticed while watching. (specially at the end) Imagen that this serie start's really bright. A young guy that's on school. And when you look at he's eye's in the read more
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Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom (Anime) add
Do you know that moment when youre starving and order a pizza ? Then that pizza arives in 2 hours time with moldy cheese ? Then that pizza stinks up the whole house ... BUT then out of nowhere it turns into a delicious pizza but you decide to throw it away cause you arent that hungry and make yourself a sandwhich .

This anime started amazing and promising , the characters had unique personalities , emotions were shows and exegerated and you would fall in love with a character or two but then at around episode 7-9 it all goes downhill , recaps with 3 minutes of confusing plot at the end , same 5 music being repeated over and over again (wtf was that orgasm music for??) characters just acting like a complete idiot for basically 26 episodes not to mention , this anime has one of the worst logic ive seen in my entire time of watching anime ... Even hentai would make more sense then whatever this garbage is .
Story 2/10
Music 2/10
Art 7/10
Overall garbage but id give it a 2/10 because im generous .
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Yesterday, 4:10 PM
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime) add
I put off watching Re:Zero for a long time solely due to the hype surrounding it and the barrage of notifications I received regarding each completed episode. I never watched Sword Art Online nor do I plan to, and the "new world" genre of anime seemed a bit childish to me, although I did enjoy No Game No Life regardless of the setting.

The level of depth and character development present within the 21 episodes that have currently aired is tremendous. With a time travel/life reset anime, that power can so easily be abused due to poor writing. The protagonist Subaru could easily destroy his relationships in one iteration of his life to gain information, and complete a perfect "run" after killing himself. Rinse and repeat and you have a generic time travel anime in a video game fantasy world ruined by repetitive story lines, solutions, and subpar character development. Each time Subaru lives and dies, there is progress, but the psychological effect of dying and seeing all emotional bonds created within that life destroyed is mesmerizing to watch as we witness Subaru turn into a hyper-positive go getter to a broken, but more complete character.

Anyone who says this is a generic time travel/harem anime aimed solely at Otakus clearly has not watched the series or watched it with such a negative mindset that only the bad stuck out. Characters are dynamic and are constantly changing, seemingly throwaway characters develop throughout the story and with each episode their personalities continue to shine through.

I give this Anime a 10/10 and recommend it to anyone, anime lover or not.
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Guilty Crown (Anime) add
Do you remember when you used to scare your older sister when you both were kids? You didn't want to hurt her or anything, but you were entertaining both yourself and her. That's great and all, but I think if you actually wanted to hurt her, strip her down a little bit, and to mug her all at the same time, then you've got a good representation of Guilty Crown.

Guilty Crown - one of MAL's many wish fulfillment anime for 12 year olds. This time, you get a little less of the random crap than shows more notorious for their actions such as Sword Art Online, but it's still not that good.


Where it could've been executed greatly even with similar anime story-wise, it kind of failed. By a lot.

What could've been as simple as "Even though the civil war currently breaking out is dangerous, the biggest enemy will always be the virus" plot + superpowers, it was executed not on the level that I wished it to. You as a viewer are literally given almost everything you need to know from episodes 1-3 and it can be very sudden and difficult to take in the absurd amount of mostly unnecessary info you don't need to know. If you can get past that and actually understand most of what is being said in the anime (such as myself), you won't find the story half bad even though it is more convoluted and broken then it lets on.

ART: 3

If it wasn't for the stupid amount of fan service constantly bombarding me, I actually would've given this spot a decent score. It looks relatively generic but the fact that boob jiggles and ass tips are shown almost every 5 minutes is terrible. The show at least knows its own boundaries and slows it down a lot in spots where drama and tension is high, but some of the stupid stuff those girls' chests were up to was getting into some Matrix level stuff.

But, I don't really have authority to complain. I knew this was a 12 year old's wish fulfillment anime going in; I should've expected this sort of thing to happen.


Ehh, another generic "Sword Fighting Sounds Pack Edition #5", but the outros and intros were pretty rad. What's with music producers and having a bad tendency to sell their products for bad corresponding anime? Very disappointing, but there's nothing I appreciate more than music that I enjoy so I don't forget the show as "plain generic horny kid trash".


Oh boy and I thought Owari no Seraph contradicted me. Whoo boy the questions.

Why is Inori a singer? Why is the main character and his friends' names all sound like normal items? Does Shoe and Soda have a secret friend named Broom I'm not aware about (that last one was a joke, it's actually Shu and Souta, but whatever I thought it was funny)?

Most importantly, the main character is presented as a socially awkward kid. We get it, he's read more
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New Initial D Movie: Legend 3 - Mugen (Anime) add
When it comes to culturally significant, iconic media, purists are often concerned that any origin story or adaptations run the risk of trying too hard to reinvent the wheel. Initial D is no exception to this rule. The Legend Trilogy has faced a considerable amount of criticism. Much of this was focused on the removal of Eurobeat from the score and soundtrack, and it was argued that it took away the essence that was Initial D. I will argue tooth-and-nail against that because the final installment of the Legend Trilogy proved that the essence of Initial D is the character development of relatable hometown heroes. As far as origins stories are concerned, the Legend Trilogy is a phenomenal example of a modern adaptation that is in keeping with the origin story while appropriately improving the visuals and highlighting nuance of character that wasn’t shared with viewers before.

The story follows Takumi Fujiwara on his ascension to street racing greatness. Instead of glossing over his complex personality, or the nuanced relationships he has with others around him, Mugen dives head first into the intricacies of a young man’s life and how he deals with the ever-changing landscape of his world. Fujiwara finds himself embracing who he’s becoming as a street racer and forces him to confront the reality of the future beyond driving without a care in the world on his home course. Through this, he bonds with his father; a relationship that has shown little depth in both the original manga and anime adaptation. We, as viewers, get a front-row seat and better understanding of the romance he has with his then-love interest. While his friendship with his Akina Speed Star brethren remains as consistent as it always was, Fujiwara’s budding friendship and appreciation for his street racing constituency is explored in a way it has never been before. As Fujiwara grows, we get a true glimpse of how observant he is of his surroundings and his knowledge of self.

Artistically, Initial D has always grown with the times. As technology improves, as does the artwork of Initial D-related media. Gone are the days of poorly constructed 3D models of classic Japanese automobiles. Vehicles look real in the Legend Trilogy because they are. Advanced cell-shading techniques have given way to an immersive experience that truly shows off the direction of anime for the future. The characters’ facial expressions are individual to their personalities and add a layer of depth and understanding to who they are as individuals. Picking up where Final Stage left off, the roads and the surrounding landscapes look absolutely stunning, even during the street races in the twilight hours. The original storyline was done justice with this modernization.

The voice acting is solid, but foreign. Viewers have grown accustomed to 16 years of consistent, recognizable talent. Having new actors, though talented, makes a few of the characters feel foreign. With the lack of Eurobeat, the Legend Trilogy feels like a separate story entirely, at times. I have no personal qualms read more
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Clannad (Anime) add
<Before i start the review. i want to let you know that i mainly focus on slice of a life anime's. I will be reviewing all the slice of a life anime's i've seen so far, so don't mind adding me as a friend if you are just like me a big fan of slice of a life anime's and want to discover more>

Legend say that ninja crowl into your house to cut secretly union's while watching this serie. Other legend's say that dokter phil doesn't know how to answer it. And allot people cried harder by clannad then titanic. It is a true legendary story. Where i think that the creator's looked at their previous serie (kanon) and think. How to make the perfect story to make people cry an ocean. I will review Clannad and Clannad after story seperate instead of what i do normaly reviewer more season's at once.

The startup is very slow. We got our mc. Tomoya. That ever more down then the average emo. I can't blaim on him. If your father is an alcoholic and your mother died. And then the legendary word's from nagisa follow's at the button of an huge hill they climb every day to their school. But also standing at the begin of becoming adult. It took around 6 try's to find myself enough patience to go through the first 10 episode's. Then i finally found the comfort zone and understood what this story is about. And how it work's. There's some mysterious atmosphere with the girl and the green robot. Who are they? Why does it show sometime's. The story is a bit meh actually. Yes i cried. Yes i laughed. And yes it was really interessting and you want to find more about the backgrounds of various girl's that join's in the story. But what i didn't like is that the story that make's the start to make the ''ultimate'' after story. Take pretty damn long. It's like it's made with someone that has ADHD. First it's about the 2 mc's becoming friends, and the female mc (Nagisa) want's to make a drama club. While they are trying to archive that. Other person's pop up. Have a problem. They solve it (around 3 ~ 4 episode's ) And then they continue on their journey to make the drama club happen. And then again a new character with a new problem pops up. It's key's classic formula. Because it's based on a visual novel. But still. It take's a bit to long sometimes. Anyway's the story (fiirst season) is worth an 8.

I gave this a 10. Because they really paid attention to detail. And this is my favorite kind of style. I'm sorry if people don't agree. But yeah. here you go clannad. The first 10 from me :3

When i hear clannad i hear ''Dango , dango , dango...'' It's been stuck for year's in my head. As the same with roling tide's read more
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (Anime) add
(6.5/10) - If you are curious about the point system I use to grade shows, check my profile for more information.


Konosuba is most likely the last anime i'll be watching this summer. In a way, that makes me happy. Its a very light-hearted and breezy show that I honestly don't want to critique too heavily. At its core, its just so likable and easy to watch. However, I wouldn't be a hardass if I didn't tear up a likable show like this every so often, so lets get into it.

Much like this show, i'll keep this review breezy and to-the-point. But not before I explain the concept of comedy.


The very base idea of a joke is something that makes someone laugh. Something told through a story with a funny punchline that subverts expectations and causes a response of happiness. Put simply, this is exactly what a joke should be.

Jokes and comedy in general live on unexpectedness. Something called "subversion." If you think back to any funny joke, the punchline is always there to subvert some sort of expectation. Whether its making something dirtier than you originally thought, or stupider, or more random, or darker, everything in humor is there to be unexpected at its core.

I won't delve into ironic humor which is obviously become so big recently. But that's it. To prove my point I typed in "Funny jokes" on google and the first website I went on was titled

I clicked the first tab I saw and the first joke I saw and what I read the following :

A grasshopper walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Hey, we have a drink named after you!"
The grasshopper looks surprised and asks, "You have a drink named Steve?"

Is it a good joke? Well, maybe not. Its a very overdone joke at this point, but it follows every format that a joke does. It had a setup, a delivery, a punchline, and a subversion of expectations with that punchline. You expect a grasshopper not to have a name but man, his name is STEVE! Fucking hilarious! Or, at least it was at some point.

So the more we see a similar setup and delivery, the more unfunny a joke becomes. The less you get surprised when the punchline has an animal saying his name is "Steve". That subversion element is gone and the joke is no longer funny. It becomes a cliche.

But still, I see so much television out there that strives on comedic cliches in bad and good ways. In a bad way, there is television out there just checking off a checklist of "cliche humor that is sure to make someone laugh", and then in a good way, there are shows out there that use cliche humor AS the setup to a more clever or ironic punchline.

With that in mind, i'll get into Konosuba.


[PART 1] : The theme

This is a fun little show. I won't waste your time by giving you read more
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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (Anime) add
<Before i start the review. i want to let you know that i mainly focus on slice of a life anime's. I will be reviewing all the slice of a life anime's i've seen so far, so don't mind adding me as a friend if you are just like me a big fan of slice of a life anime's and want to discover more>

Ahh. I remember as a kid that i alway's stared out of the window while i was sitting at the backseat in my car. Using my imagenation to see a guy running and avoiding obstacle's. And it's basically this anime in a nutshell. Chuunibyou is a really cute anime with LOADS of fantasy.

As probably every boy, the mc imagened in hes past that he's a hero. 'The dark flame master' *echo in the background*. And as probably every boy they later cringe about theirself. ''Why did i thought that i was a super hero'' And the mc try's to forget about that. Going to a different school hoping to avoid he's past. But ofcourse those thing's never turn out as he hope's. A cute girl with an eye patch has the same problem. But is still stuck living in this imagination. She try's to convince the mc to be the ''dark flame master'' again. I think it's a pretty cute story. But it's a bit over the top. It annoy's me sometimes when thing's are getting serious that it randomly changes to the dark underground fantasy world. That's a bit dissapointing. The lack of serious situation's didn't really made it easy for me to watch. Filled with humor and some cool scene's i give the story a 7.

The art style is pretty good. And i really like the art style. It's cute. and well detailed. That deserves an 8.

I love the intro song's. They are really fitting with the serie's. Also the bg music really fits. cute and funny. I give this a 7.

Oh boy. The character's. Uhm where to start? The mc is ok. nothing really stand out. But like i stated before on eye patched girls. This is one thing that annoy's me. And there isn't a reason why the eye patched girl is wearing it. It still annoy's me. Take it of you look more cute without it! Also the other's, A girl that prefer's to sleep alway's. A famous hot chick and the loly that adore's the female mc. The cast is good enough for a entertaining show. But it just doesn't stand out to other anime's. Yeah the silly fantasy's are funny. But annoyed me quickly. So that's a 6.

It was a decent story (I count this review as season 1 + 2) It was fun to watch. But it's just a story that excist in fillers. There's almost no progress. The character grow almost nothing to eachother. And that's for me important when there's a slice of a life / romance read more
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Narutaru: Mukuro Naru Hoshi Tama Taru Ko (Anime) add
This is gonna be a really direct review. This anime was a weird ride.
Spoiler free review!

Story (4/10):
The plot was interesting at first but none of it was developed, its like they forgot halfway what the series was about. Like who whas the girl on the dragon? for what purpose do dragon child exist? etc... There was actual good episodes like the last ones that had amazing escenes that fucked you up... like seriously, specially if you started watching this like it was a kids anime like pokemon or something.

Terrible art style, out of porpotion and terrible animation (you could be staring at someone´s face for like 5 minutes... they had a low budget without a doubt..)

The opening was incredibly good, the ending too.
But the music on creepy scenes was amazing, it actually makes you feel weird and into it.
Really good, I didnt expect it haha.

Weird ass characters, holy shit. The dialogues and scenes made me go "wat" so many times hahaha, but this made them interesting.
They actually werent that bad, they were just undeveloped.

Even tho, this anime was pretty bad, but I enjoyed it! The plot was interesting so far, too bad it was so badly made. The weird and fuckep up scenes where the ones I liked the most, it reminded me of Evangelion.
The name of the episodes where neat too.

The last rating for this anime was the hardest to choose (I was between 4-5-6) but anyways.
The kind of shitty anime that could have been something great.
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Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (Anime) add
Where do I begin with this one? I had such high expectations for this anime, only to be met with a disappointing piece of poorly written garbage. Soredemo Sekai Wa Utskushi is an abomination of utter cringe and forced romance. In my honest opinion I have no clue what the writers were thinking, heck, I don't even know if they were thinking at all.

Story: 2

Oh God, I actually might need a medical prescription after witnessing these writers try to create anything even close to a story. The story in this anime can be compared to a ship that broke down before the journey began, but decided to set sail anyway! There's absolutely no real, lasting conflict that is presented throughout the entire show. No main antagonist, no rising action, no climax, no nothing! It's like watching every filler episode from Naruto and expect the plot to develop, which is absurd. If you thought that this show was going to provide political warfare, wars, or even romance, then you are sadly sadly mistaken; All it will provide you with is a fast one to your nearest emergency room.

Art: 7

Now I have to say, despite the dreadful story, this anime certainly tries to correct itself when it comes to animation, and I used the word 'tries' for a reason. It's nothing incredibly special, but sometimes you might catch yourself mesmerized by the beauty and color of the environment. The characters aren't dull either, which provides them with a certain distinctiveness that's aesthetically pleasing. However, in general, the overall animation is only slightly above average. With only a select few scenes in each episode that make this production stand out, in terms of artwork of course.

Sound: 7

Maybe I'm being slightly generous here, because I absolutely dread the song that Nike sings to call the rain, which, may I tell you, has been milked more times than an average cow’s lifespan. I think the director thought we would really like this song, which probably explains why he clearly felt no shame in gracing us with the abruptly annoying soundtrack every other episode. Well, aside from that, the opening and ending songs were actually quite enjoyable, and I found myself singing along a couple of times. The anime soundtrack is also pretty decent, incorporating many instruments widely used in medieval times, in order to set the right mood. If only the scenes matched up with some of the tearfully dramatic music, I would have reveled it a bit more, because instead, I was left cringing to the point of actual, physical pain.

Character: 2

It's been a while since my mind has experienced this type of agony, but this show reminds me that it really hurts. I'm not sure how many migraines I got throughout the journey, but I certainly can't count them with one hand. What, just what in the name of sweet Neptune was the director thinking when he tried to develop these "characters". My cat has gone through more genuine development than every single read more
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Major S2 (Anime) add
This is the best season for your inner child that loves to watch overpowered characters and one of the best in terms of rewatch-ability.

The Good:
-The soundtrack and art are amazing as per usual
-This season dives deeper into the relationship between Sato and Goro, as well as introducing many important and likeable characters to the series
-Goro is very strong this season, however, his strength does not become annoying
-More focused on the baseball and not the plot, so it is rewatchable and fun

The Bad:
-There isn't much emphasis on the plot for the series as a whole (the story is still fun)

I loved this season, hope you watch it :)
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Eyeshield 21 (Anime) add
I'm writing this review just because I feel that need to voice my opinion out there about this certain anime. This is the first series that I've written a review for. Keep in mind that I've read the manga before watching the anime and will be judging this anime in two ways: as a adaption of a manga and an anime standing alone.

Story - 9: Well, the story is pretty much straight forward and doesn't require much explaining. It's about playing football. Well, it's more like a story of a small team getting bigger and grows stronger through the course of the anime. Maybe that's one of the reason that I love the manga so much. I could be over simplified this to much, so please correct me if you need to.

Art - 6: First, I'm comparing the art/graphics to other series. And it doesn't really stand out much with the bland graphics. Second, look at the manga and back at the anime, you can obviously see that the anime doesn't hold a nail to the manga. Yusuke Murata's art style is unique and impact-full. The character design was also done by this great mangaka. I'd almost scream with disbelief when I first saw the anime (an exaggeration, but I did blabber for 20 mins after and my brother had to threw a pillow at me to shut me up).

Sound - 7: The openings and the endings are enjoyable in my opinion. The sound tracks are well done and did a good job setting up the mood for the anime. It took me about 2-3 episodes to get used to the voice acting. It's not that the voice acting is bad or anything, it's just that spent way too much time envisioning the voices in my head while reading the manga. One of the reasons why I was quite disappointed when I heard Hiruma's voice for the first time. I would say that they could've done better with the voices.

Characters - 8.5: Since I've read and re-read the manga for about 6 times I really don't have anything to complain about the character designs. All of them have their own unique traits that are just perfect. Very memorable characters. And yes, I still remember Ishimaru, probably one of the best trick that was done with characters. (I won't say what is it, you'll just have to watch the anime or read the manga. The joke continued very nicely through out the series.) But I do have to complain about how the studio that made this anime ruined some of the character traits and making them very hard to enjoy. I do understand that they have to follow a certain amount time in one episode of the anime and sometime the manga is too short or to fast that they have to add a few extra scenes. I don't mind the filler scenes, but rewritting a character is unacceptable for me. They made Sena looks like a wimp read more
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Love Live! The School Idol Movie (Anime) add
I've talked about the first two series of Love Live. In both cases the results were fairly positive and I rather enjoyed the experience. I'm sure some of you are thinking, "but you're literally the biggest killjoy in existence, you aren't allowed to like things." I'm sorry, but that accusation is still hilarious to me. Putting that aside, the second series of Love Live ended with Hanayo getting a message and running off excitedly, followed by the other members of μ's. This film, released last year, follows that plot thread. So, does it lead somewhere interesting or will this be a waste of our time? Let's look.


We open with the members of μ's learning that the next love live competition is going to have a larger venue than any before. With plans for it to be held at the Akiba Dome. In order to make those plans come to fruition, they're asked to go overseas as the winners of the last competition and gather interest. In the process, they find themselves riding a sudden wave of popularity, forcing them to question whether they really want to disband.

The biggest weakness of the film is that a lot of the main conflict is based on retreading through the ending of the second series and the questions the girls have to ask themselves do lose some of their impact.

That being said, overall, the film works quite well. The pacing is well done. The charm and fun of the series are very much present. Even the retreading does kind of work, given that there's a strong impetus for them to have second thoughts.


The cast doesn't develop all that much beyond where they were in the series proper. Which makes some sense, given that the film takes place directly after. The film's strong suit lies in taking these familiar characters and putting them in a new situation. Which allows some new facets to emerge for their characters and enables some strong interactions among them.


The artwork looks a lot like the artwork from the series.Which isn't a bad thing by any stretch. the dancing and musical numbers are vibrant, interesting and very nicely done. The characters look good, particularly when it comes to their costuming, and the backgrounds are nicely detailed.


I can't complain about the sound. The cast is made up of excellent singers who are also strong actresses. The sound track is as magnificent as you'd expect based on the series.


The film doesn't include les-yay to the extent that the series does, probably because they don't have as much time. However, they still have a good amount. Hanayo & Rin get a romantic moment. Niko gets seemingly jealous over seeing Maki act close to another girl. Niko, Honoka & Eri share a bed in the Honeymoon suite and there's just a lot of general intimacy among the girls.

Final Thoughts:

Love Live: The School Idol Film is about what you'd expect. It's a charming film with endearing characters, superb read more
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Akatsuki no Yona (Anime) add
While it starts off a little slowly, this anime (along with it's manga) has easily made it's way up into my top 5. The story is unique and the world is very well developed, something which I usually find to be a little lackluster when it comes to anime unless it's widely known and extensive (i.e. Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail, etc.). The characters are all very unique and, despite following certain tropes at their base that may be found throughout other series, they grow to become so much more complex over the course of the series, especially in the manga. Everyone that you meet is memorable and has a purpose to either the story as a whole, or even just a specific arc. It's an anime which I honestly did not expect to get so attached to in the beginning, but something about it is so endearing that even in the beginning during the slow-paced introduction there is always something that grabs your attention and makes you want to know more about the world and it's characters. The only thing I wish they would have changed, or should do in the future, is add a few episodes or make a season two as it ended at a relatively odd spot in the story.
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Chobits (Anime) add
<Before i start the review. i want to let you know that i mainly focus on slice of a life anime's. I will be reviewing all the slice of a life anime's i've seen so far, so don't mind adding me as a friend if you are just like me a big fan of slice of a life anime's and want to discover more>

Oh boy. It's been so many year's i've seen this anime for the first time. This was my 2nd anime i ever watched. And yeah since i decided to review every anime iv'e seen i should do this one also. So here we go !

The story is about a guy that ''find's'' a robot. That can't talk. The anime is really ecchi. But the plot is pretty interessting. While this story disturbing image's show up that the robot is hoocked up in some kind of dangerous place-ish lab. The owner want's to know what this all is. And what the origin of the robot is. In this story it's heavy pushed that he think he like's girl's but turns always differnt then he hope's. So pretty harem but the different way. In short. The plot is pretty good. But the ecchi part just made it less interessting. I felt like a pervy guy that watches robot ecchi stuff etc. But i'm sure there are allot people that don't mind this. It's pretty good. And the ending was also really well done. I give it a 7.

Oh man. when i looked this anime for the first i was amazed how good it look. Ofcourse now many anime's later i noticed that it's not as good as i remembered. But that's no problem. It's a pretty old anime. So i think it deserves atleast a clean 7.

The ending theme was disturbing in my opinion. I understand it try's to be cute. But i wasn't a big fan of it. But as the other ost it's decent. Sometimes a bit goofy. but it's oke. A fair 6 for this.

Yeah. It's actually pretty basic. The perverted guy. That's to shy to be perverted. And like's almost every girl he see's. And for the female it's a bit of a empty head. It's oke i guess. i give it a 6.

Even though this isn't the strongest serie i've seen. It made me watch the complete serie. It made me curious how it ends up. And that's something they did a good job. After finishing it i felt good about it. So a nice plain 7 for this.

Chobits, is a bit perverted. But a funny weird story. I would say , watch it if you are a fan of DearS. And like weird story's. I would rate this anime a nice 7 total. Thank you for the awesome time chobits!
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Charlotte (Anime) add
<Before i start the review. i want to let you know that i mainly focus on slice of a life anime's. I will be reviewing all the slice of a life anime's i've seen so far, so don't mind adding me as a friend if you are just like me a big fan of slice of a life anime's and want to discover more>

Ahhh. Another key made anime! I alway's like them. And will this serie hold up with the other great serie's? Well let's start !

The story start's really interessting. It explains the situation about our mc. And i kind of like idea. Instead of having hour's to wait about what you are actually watching. It just goes straight forward. This is the thing what it is about. And that's it. Well kinda. Because this story has some absurd twist's. That's not possible to find out ''by yourself'' They mention about the mc only has one sister. But dreams that he has another brother. So pretty mysterious. While the story progress you meet new people that has the same ''problem'' and tag's allong. Basicly a pokemon story. A wild pokemon get's caught. Doesn't want to tag along. Get's helped and then happy ends kicks in and want's to join. The most episode's feel like filler episode's. But it keeps the story interessting enough. Until the final episode come's up. It feels really rushed. Like the animators / creators thought . oh crap only 1 episode left! let's squeeze the rest of the story in this tiny episode. Even though it was a very good story. A nice 8 For this.

I'm a big fan of the way key's style is. Mostly very detailed. And the character's look adorable. And one thing i like to mention is that key alway's smashes their references into the serie. (Like can's of key coffee. And Dango's) A very good 8 for this.

The sound is decent. The intro song is catchy but that's it. None of the other ost's sticked up in my head. But fitted the situations pretty well. A 7 for this.

They are very well made. I love the ignorance of the mc. Thinking he can rule the world. As the female mc is very inteligent. But also a bit standard. There's the famous girl everyone loves, the 2 serious mcs and the idiot. Not very unique but really fun cast to watch. A 7 for this.

During the serie's i though it was getting boring. Like i'm watching pokemon. Thing's happend's. But not thing's that really make's progress in the story (except that some people join the group) But that's about it. Untill mid the story. It turns suddenly very dark. And i loved that. It forced me to keep watching because i was wondering. How are they going to solve this? So i enjoyed watching it. It was easy to sit through. And that's the most important thing. Here's an 8.

Overall. It's definitely a read more
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Hakujaden (Anime) add
4/10? What is this guy thinking? It´s a classic! If you just want to know why I scored it so low, read my thoughts on the movie's pacing. Otherwise, this is how well the movie stacks up to current expectations. Consider this a modern review.


The backgrounds are fine and together with the music makes for a relaxing setting but as many works from this era the humans look creepy or somehow just "wrong". Sure, modern anime can be generic and we would all like to see more creativity. However, here it is more the case of animation in general being in it's infancy and less about creating a unique style. The art is primitive and crude but to it's credit has a lot of charm. I wish I had the nostalgia googles for this one (no joke).


DO NOT watch this movie with the English dub! This is coming from someone who normally prefers dubbed anime. The movie was marketed to children in U.S.A and as such the whole movie will be ruined for you by narration of every single little thing that happens throughout the movie. In fact, the English dub is so bad that it is actually becomes funny at times. But personally I do not enjoy laughing at movies, I prefer to laugh with them.

The Japanese voice acting, on the other hand, is decent enough but if you are a veteran anime watcher you might find it a bit distracting sometimes to have 50s over the top yelling in-between emotional scenes. This is only in some sequences though, for the most part the voice-acting and music successfully add to the laid-back atmosphere of the movie.

Story Pacing:

A lot of older movies have bad pacing. Every scene drags on for 3-5 seconds too long, but with this movie it is worse than usual. It really comes down to personal preference. The movie uses comedic relief in the form of an animal subplot, a festival and others. When it comes to the animals think "Tommy and Jerry" and you almost got it; a lot of running around and hitting each-other-type jokes. I normally do not find this kind of humor very funny but it goes deeper than that. I do not like comedic relief in my drama movies. It either takes me out of the experience or I keep waiting for the main plot to come back. If this is you as well, consider skipping this movie. I wish this movie was short & sweet, but it is not.


Looking past the bad pacing there is a charming movie hiding beneath it all. The mythical nature of the movie is also very interesting. I even got reminded of "Spirited Away" at one point. If folk legends, spirits and calm settings interests you, give the movie a try. That is, unless you (like me) know you dose off easily.
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ReLIFE (Anime) add
Even though ReLIFE is yet another high-school-set story of rather not-so-impactful-to-life moments and problems that our characters deal with, unlike others, it stays relatively glued to the ground in nearly all aspects (well, aside from the pill that magically makes you look ten years younger, duh), and never hangs on to a single problem for too long, nudging us to basically think the same thing we thought after all of us left high school: yap, everyone was right. High school doesn't really matter.

However, as it's rather easy to forget, everyone's problems top the charts in their own lives, as it's simply basic human nature, and we see ReLIFE play off of that rather well. Whether it's using one of its rather interesting characters or the rather depressing notion of "whatever I do for the next year quite literally doesn't matter because nobody will remember me", the anime manages to shift itself away from the run-of-the-mill high school stories that are entirely focused on the main couple battling through twelve episodes of awkwardness to finally be able to properly communicate their feelings (well, you know, mostly at least).

As it's the case with most slice-of-life romances set in high school, story's its weakest part, but not that terrible actually. The premise plays off of many people's fantasies, as our lives most-likely turned out to be far different than what we'd imagined in high school, so we often think about what'd we do different if we had a chance to do it again. It shows that fantasy, in a rather detailed way, and as such prompts us to think what would WE do different if we were put in Arata's shoes. It's rather simple method, but quite effective nonetheless, to engage your audiences. Other than that though, it's just everyday presentation of high school life, as seen in nearly all shows of similar nature. Pick a character, find out their inner instability, go through the painful process of "fixing it", and move on to the next. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with the formula, but most of the anime I've watched that followed it fell flat because they hung on to a single story for far too long. Although, to a certain extent at least, ReLIFE does the same, it manages to avoid the trap by having quite short, sporadic moments of drama that liven up the show, making sure they never overstay their welcome.

It's a success, really, when I don't skip a single scene in your anime, despite having watched several of these problems be presented in other series, so props. Still, however much praise I can give, it really is just another high school romance-like story. There's absolutely nothing different outside of the main character actually being an adult. But, even if you're tired of them, give ReLIFE a shot if that's your problem with the series. It might surprise you.

Production is what'd you'd expect from high school romances. Colorful, modern and crisp, with oftentimes dull animations due read more
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Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen (Anime) add
Just so you know this is going to ge an extremly one-sided review

That beeing said, let me start:

As a person, who has already seen the other seasons of the monogatari franchise, I could already kind of guess what will come to me.
Plus I had already read the book.
First I was a bit sad by the fact that there will be 3 Films and thought they will strech the story, but that was a completly unreasonable fear. They pretty much put every scene of the book, well... around the first 3rd of it, into that anime.
Of course they had adjusted it here and there, so it made an even better movie.

The art-style btw is something at least I haven't seen before, it is obviously pretty "shaft-looking" but they had, what I guess, CG-Background but the characters where animated by hand.
This is usualy something that would turn me off, IF the CG was bad, which it ISN'T!
Short: the animation is beautifull and gorgeous.

I really loved it 10/10.
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Pokemon XY&Z (Anime) add

We all know the story of Pokemon. We all know the general premise and formula that happens EVERY season for the last 20 years. I am writing this review largely to posit a thesis: That Ash Ketchum is the biggest fucking LOSER in the history of anime! ever! period!

So what makes Ash such a loser? Is it simply the fact that he hasn't won a championship yet? Nope. The frustration and disappointment that fans have felt about Ash for 20 years is actually somewhat complex and multifaceted. I will be counting the ways that Ash is the greatest loser in anime history and defending my thesis point by point.


Let's start with the most obvious point. He is 0-6 in the major regional championships. Pokemon battling is the main sport of the Pokemon world, so lets compare it to sports in our world. In the last 20 years while Pokemon has been airing, we have seen many improbable victories. They just NEVER happen with Ash Ketchum. Lets look at the last 365 days in sports!

The Cavs had never won in 40 years and were down 3-1 against the team with the greatest record in NBA history. Despite what all the sports analysts predicted, Cleveland won.

Leicester had sucked for 40+ years and were given 15,000 to 1 odds by British statisticians to win the English Football Cup last year. They won.

Serena Williams, who is basically the Saitama of Tennis, lost to an Italian player that 99 times out of a hundred even her distant rival Sharapova could beat blindfolded.

Portugal underwhelms at every World Cup and every Euro Cup. Everyone knew they were a 1 man team and when that 1 guy got injured, they stood ZERO chance against a vastly superior French team. It didn't matter. On that one day, someway, somehow, they pulled a victory out of their asses.

All of these losers found a way to win, but NEVER Ash Ketchum.


Ash is supposed to be great because he is friends with his Pokemon. BULLSHIT! What kind of friends would choose to backstab their best friend at a critical moment and lie down in order to foil their friend's life ambition?! Ash is the ONLY trainer whose Pokemon constantly disobey him and screw him over. This doesn't even happen to Team Rocket because they clearly have stronger bonds with their Pokemon (with the exception of James' Victreebel). It would be different if Cynthia, Lance, and the other champions gained their ranks through cruelty and ruthless training while Ash won a moral victory, but there is no evidence that Ash treats his Pokemon better than the strong trainers treat theirs.


Simply losing doesn't always make a character a "loser" in the eyes of the fans. It depends on HOW the character loses and what odds they were against. Let's look at fan favorite character Guts from Berserk. Guts is all time 1-4 against Griffith and hasn't managed to get anywhere close to getting revenge on that asshole in 25 years. read more
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Arcana Famiglia (Anime) add
As suggested form the synopsis this anime is about some mysterious powers and people wielding them. Now this is where people will go wrong, there is no fighting or any kind of battles. The entire anime revolves around how the Boss of these people is suffering from his too powerful power and how his daughter and two other kids (romantic relation intended) save him. Now this coming to characters and enjoyment I can very confidently its very close to ground zero. Rather than a mafia kind of background had this been a hospital kind of background it would have been more appealing.
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Yesterday, 12:21 PM
ReLIFE (Anime) add
So this is my first review, just bare with me, it will be short.
I simply loved this anime. I am still laughing at some of the moments in my mind. It resonated very well with me as I am also 27 and sometimes think about how easy and fun life was in high-school (though i don't know if i'd go back myself).Y
Basically it's a very funny, light and interesting story, the characters develop a little, and I would have loved to see even more of it.
You'll find it funnier if you are a quasi-adult yourself, but i believe everyone can enjoy it. Totally recommend it!
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