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Steins;Gate (Anime) add
Story: Everything was pretty great, except for one part i feel could have been done better but whatever. Not much i can say that hasn't already been said. In fact this review will probably end up being useless but whatever. Int he end the story gets a 9/10

Art: Whitefox lol what more can i say? - 10/10

Sound: As good as everything else - 10/10

Character: Novels usually have pretty good characters and this is no exception - 10/10

Enjoyment: only some hardcore elitist who watches nothing but shit all day would hate this, if anything this show may be to elite for even them. - 10/10

Overall: lol if it wasn't obvious - 10/10
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Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara (Anime) add
Shokugeki no Souma returns after an extremely successful 1st season... and it is just as entertaining as the previous edition.

Shokugeki no Souma has been one of my favorite series for some time. Why? It's because it so damn entertaining. Where it might lack in the story, it makes it up for its consistent entertainment found in every single episode. That's not to say the story is bad however, as I find it quite fun and solid. Don't like ecchi? Well, as much as others like to say it, the show isn't ALL about those ridiculous 'foodgasms'. It also involves a good amount of emotions, fun 'battle'(cooking) scenes, and decent amount of development. In fact, I'd honestly like it just as much without the foodgasm scenes. The amount of effort and detail they put into the food and cooking is enough to make even the viewers craving for the food. And all things considered, this is how you do a proper cooking anime, making viewers hungry for more and more.

The animation in the 2nd season is just as amazing as the first. Although having a slightly rushed first episode, it manages to pick back up the original pace without too much dragging and rushing. he fast-paced cooking scenes are animated so fluidly and the whole show is just an eye-catcher in terms of the characters and the food.
Unfortunately, it does get rushed a bit in the later episodes again, but not too much. This kind of problem could have been fixed if the anime was 2 cour but unfortunately it isn't.

Like the first season, the music is one of my favorite aspect of the anime adaptation. Along with the animation, it just adds so much more to the scenes, especially the cooking scenes. Also really liked the fact that they still kept a couple of great osts from the first season as well. OP/ED are worth checking out as well, although I still prefer the 1st season ones.
The voice acting is great, but nothing too amazing i'd say. Each VA's fit their roles well, and big props to the VA's who had to do the foodgasms, because they sell it hilariously well.

Moving on, the characters look like your typical shounen stereotypes. However, the thing that makes me actually like these characters are that every single character are just entertaining to watch, as in no annoying characters whatsoever imo. The character interactions are great, and it does have a good amount of developments throughout the story. They have a bit of depth in them, and all of them are just really likable. For me, the best part of the series is the protagonist, Yukihira Souma. He is such a smooth MC: not annoying, boring or anything of that matter. He's the one that brings all the comedy, entertainment and the intensity of the show together. At times he's just straight up ridiculous and silly, but he also has this serious/badass side, and that's when you know shit is about read more
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
Story: Dank as fuck homes. This show is both thrilling and heart warming to the point were this is not just a good anime but a good form of media. If the story to you is cliche the fair enough But for me the plot was just icing on the cake for all the amazing set pieces and characters introduced. Its not amazing or original and by no means do i except people to feel that way but the dialogue and set pieces bring it along way. Its hard to explain but there's something so surreal at how the narrative itself draws you in. - 8/10

Art: Great. Nothing more - 10/10

Sound: Surreal and peaceful, just as it should be. - 10/10

Character: The main character is alright. Everyone else steals the show though, the cast is great and i enjoy them all. -7/10

Enjoyment: I liked it a lot, what more can i say m8.- 9/10

Overall: Um i'm tired so i'll just put 9 and call it a night. great show and you should watch it for sure. Unless your to Elite lol. -9/10

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Haikyuu!! Second Season (Anime) add
Although Haikyuu does have some merit. It's ultimately tedious to watch. I had to force myself to keep watching for the majority of it. It's drawn out way too far and covers little of any actual relevance. Before this I was biased against sports anime, now I am more so. The story presents a zero stakes story line in a manner where they expect your excitement and would hate you for not being so.

In summary, what I am saying is that this show produces nothing of merit to keep you engaged. The story-line is overly dramatized and comedy non-existent. After a while it has become tedious, and knowing a third season is planned, this must be said.

I regret watching this. Just because the reviews are good, doesn't mean the show is.
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Ange Vierge (Anime) add
Ange Vierge: Final Review

Ange Vierge is an anime very loosely associated with a Japanese TCG. At the time of this review, there's also some manga material available for those interested.

The idea behind AV is somewhat simple. There are 5 worlds, each that produces a fairly typecast sort of person. For example, the Black World has lots of dark atmosphere, wizards, vampires, etc. There is a fairy world, a human world, a cyborg world, and so on. At some point, these mirror earths starts being in danger of colliding, and its up to magical girls to save them

Story: 7

Around the time the 5 earths started being in danger, girls with special abilities were discovered and treated like rock-stars. "Progress", is what they are called. They are basically girls with powers that could kick super ass and fly. "A drivers", another type of special girl, are girls who lead the teams of Progress from a command center, and link with girls from their squads to increase their powers.

These girls are assigned missions to fight weird Ourobouros, who kinda look like big black wangs. Between battles, they laze about naked and complain to each other or have soapy fights in the showers. There's also something over an over-plot concerning them sparring and fighting, as it releases energy back into the universe, which keeps the worlds from colliding somehow.

There's also an acceptable amount of Shonen-esque melodrama about getting stronger to be special.

So we have a few simple steps.

1. Take military girls, angel girls, robot girls, fairy girls, gothic girls, and angsty teen girls, throw them together and explain that they are all from different earths, and use them to form battle groups.

2. Give them a rank up system so there is a clear pecking order.

3. Make them naked a lot.

4. Once everyone settles in for a fan service Yuri fest with wiener monsters, you bring out the plot twists, when an event happens that turns the group on it's heads.

Art: 9

This has great art.

It's really nice to see all the different girl flavors blend together. The character designs are really good and the animation is solid. Usually, in a B list title like this, they draw you in with good art for a bit then slowly let the "sliding screens" take over. Not the case here. It's been solid every episode.

That said, in the first 2 episodes, Fan Service was everywhere, and they handled the censorship really poorly. It's the only reason I don't rate the art a 10, even though it has all the deep saturation, color palettes and softer lines I like in my anime.

Sounds: 8

Good music and VA. I have no complaints here. End song is great.

Characters: 7

So far, the characters are what they are on the surface. Robot girls are cool and calculating. Fairy girls are cute. Military-planet girls are hard-ass battle freaks. Black Magic girls are showy and sultry. Earth girls have determination and grit and plucky resolve.

There's a good read more
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This is the absolute pinnacle of vanilla hentai, it just doesn't get much better than this. Animation is stunning, even better than some AAA anime. Leave it up to Raika Ken, the savior of the hentai industry. The story itself is 10 in comparison to other hentai because it follows four different routes with each different heroine so everyone wins but they're not shallow dolls like the doormats you see in Boku no Pico. In regards to the sound quality and music, it's comparable to Supercell! In general, the production values are insane! Pink Pineapple really outdid themselves this time !!!!! 100000/10!
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Considering this shit has to be really drawn out to be posted prepare yourself for the dankest re:zero review.

Story: Pretty good except for the things that were not resolved because its a fucking book series m8. if you think theres a lot of un-answered shit then you should probably learn japanese and read the whole book series. If you dont do that then its still pretty good until next season , if it gets one. -7/10

Art: Whitefox Bruh. What more can i say -10/10

Sound: Whitefox again m8 -10/10

Character: Suburus kind of a prick at times and i disliked him at the beginning but as the show goes on like every other anime he gits gud and i liked him towards the ends. But he should have chosen REM. -6/10

Enjoyment: i liked that shit. not much else i can say other than its a fun and thrilling show that only elitist would turn away. -9/10

Overall: overall this kush is pretty dank. tis not the finest i've ever smoked but i would definitely smoke it again for a good time. Not to bad, bot to good but just right. -8/10

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Danganronpa 3 Future has become a mixed bag for fans for the franchise. Even when it was announced that it would be a anime instead of a game, there were doubts that this could be done well. What didn't help is that it would only have 12 episodes for this side alone. After watching it, indeed certain things in the overall narrative didn't quite click well.

Before watching this, playing DR: Trigger Happy Havoc, Super DR2: Goodbye Island of Despair and DR Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is required. Also, alongside Side Future is DR Side Despair, which viewers are meant to watch side by side.

First off, most of the criticisms stem from the format. This franchise started as a series of games that average at least 20 hours of gameplay. The ending of the series in one 12 episode series, an 11 episode series that ties into it, and a special that would only take up atleast 10 hours overall brought up some concerns. With at least 16 characters, even with at least 4 already known, the limited time along with the usual content of the series gave doubts whether the characters would be given a decent amount of screentime and characterization. Despair side picked up some slack in that regard by relegating time to give further exposition for the new characters, which also opened up problems as well for that series.

It also didn't help that at the beginning, the new characters come off as unlikable right from the start. The story starts off after the events of Super Danganronpa 2, in which Makoto Naegi, the protagonist of the first game and taking up the protagonist role again here, is being tried for his actions in trying to save the Remnants of Despair from being executed by the Future Foundation, and undo the influence Junko Enoshima has done to them. Now, Makoto, as a member of Future Foundation, it is reasonable for him to be held accountable for his actions that were out of his own sense of morality but were against the organization's as a whole. What was not is that the heads of Future Foundation holding him on trial weren't being reasonable in the slightest and are outright antagonistic towards him from the start.

It's reasonable that one or two would make claims that he's a traitor, but it's the opposite in that only a few aren't immediately jumping to conclusions, and the majority already made their decisions about it, hinting that the trial would have been against Makoto from the start, if things didn't go to hell before it properly started. It's stupid. The audience knows Makoto was acting on good intentions. To have the new characters from the start be against him would already make them less receptive. However even after they get trapped and put into a killing game, many of them still act unreasonable as they read more
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Tsumamigui 3 The Animation (Anime) add
In the dying throes of the hentai industry where Collaboration Works, Pixie, Suzuki Mirano, etc. have all turned to shit, there comes our savior Raika Ken bringing in quality works from Pink Pineapple and T-Rex almost every month. However, while this series has beautiful animation, I was disappointed by the fact that there was too much fucking legitimate plot in this hentai. If you have noticed the Raika's other series like JK Bitch where there's nothing but 15 minutes of hentai, this one has an actual story where the protagonist NTRs his brother but gets NTR'd by a blonde guy who gets NTR'd by his own dad who gets NTR'd by.. etc. Like whoooaaa that's cool and all, but come on.. save that budget wasted on plot on more H-scenes instead. Other than the overly melodramatic story killing the mood, series deserves a 5 at least for having one of the best animations of all time.
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Kimagure Orange☆Road (Anime) add
Kimagure Orange Road (KOR) is widely regarded as a classic but I am absolutely bewildered as to why it is given such as a high honour. While it starts of seemingly fun and quirky, it soon becomes a tiresome chore to sit through. This is largely due to the episodic nature of the series. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with an episodic series but you have to make sure that your story can fit this type of format. The plot of your standard episode goes like this: The main character, Kyosuke is in love with the mysterious Madoka but he is currently “dating” the bubbly Hikaru. Kyosuke is too cowardly to confess his true feelings, he makes a terrible mistake (usually involving breaking the heart of one of the girls), and he has to fix this problem within the remainder of the episode’s runtime. Rinse and repeat this scenario endlessly and you have Kimagure Orange Road.

The anime makes many attempts to be dramatic and serious to develop the “epic romance” between Kyosuke and Madoka but this doesn’t work when status quo reigns supreme. The two characters almost confess their feelings to each other after going through dangerous ordeals but pretend nothing of the sort ever happened in the very next episode. The series slams the reset button whenever the credits roll. This makes more than half the episodes completely useless, with their only role being comedic fluff. Calling it “comedic” is probably giving KOR too much credit though, because it isn’t funny at all. In fact, most of these “jokes” are related to sexual harassment and cringe worthy moments. KOR revolves around constant misunderstandings and lies, or degrading the characters for a joke. Many fans of the series attribute the spontaneous and rash decisions the characters make to them being impressionable teenagers but I don’t buy it, the characters aren’t just young and therefore stupid, they are *just* stupid.

KOR frames its romance as “nice guy” Kyosuke slowly changing the delinquent Madoka into a “good girl” through the power of love while being besieged by the love-struck Hikaru. This is all kinds of wrong because the story believes Kyosuke to be righteous when he really isn’t, Madoka must be “fixed” by this kind of man, and Hikaru is an awful person. Hikaru’s role is to be an obstacle between Madoka and Kyosuke officially getting together. Kyosuke overcoming Hikaru and finally winning the “prize” named Madoka, is the deeply sexist message scattered throughout the series. Kyosuke is a sack of shit. While Madoka is an interesting character even if she is an idolised Mary Sue, it doesn’t help her when she’s in love with said sack of shit. This obviously isn’t how Matsumoto wanted Kyosuke to be perceived as. He sympathised with Kyosuke and he is written as the good guy. The fans, the majority of which are male, did the same and many admire Kyosuke. This entire series is Matusmoto's wish-fulfilment and wet dream. And the large number read more
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Nichijou (Anime) add
If you watched Nichijou and came out alive, you're immortal. Congrats! Deadpool would be proud. (writing from heaven)

But more seriously

Story: 10\10

Why bother with an extravagant story with potential plot holes when you can make do with following the main characters in their daily antics?

Sound: 10\10

Both openings are awesome. You'll probably find yourself rewinding and listening to them over and over again before actually watching the episode.

Art: 10\10

The art and animation are magnificent. The simplicity of the art mixed with the sometimes violent animation (explosions and whatnot) make for an excellent and unique combination.

Characters: 10\10

Yuuko - The silly but cool main character of the series. Most of Nichijou's jokes run around her.

Mio - The not so silly second main character of the series. She's a funny and cool character, but don't mess with her yaoi or she'll raging demon your ass.

Mai - Third main character. Calm and aloof girl.

Hakase - The cute young professor with a lot of whims, but impossible to dislike.

Nano - The smart and mature young girl who is actually a robot created by Hakase and is trying to blend in as a normal girl.

Sakamoto - The talking black cat who has a fair share of moments to him. Don't remind him of his previous owner.

Enjoyment: 10\10

Wished it had more episodes. A LOT more episodes.

Overall: 10\10

Okay, let's see... Awesome and endearing characters that can be related to, growing and evolving in everyday's life and learning the value of friendship. Awesome art, animation and soundtrack. Unique + golden antics and comedy that can make you laugh your ass off without the use of the tool called fanservice. If that doesn't deserve 10\10, I don't know what does.
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Log Horizon (Anime) add
When Log Horizon wasn't getting on my nerves it was putting me to sleep, it was sold to me as a fantasy world anime done right, with excellent world building, and a vast cast of interesting and likeable characters. Sadly I found this couldn't be further from the truth.

The first issue is that Log Horizon makes up its rules not on what logically makes sense, but what's convenient for its narrative. First of, in this fantasy world you can make food from a drop down menu or buy some made from an NPC, however these foods have no taste, now raw ingredients have taste, and so do meals made in the same way you would do so in the real world, though you need the chef subclass to do so. The reason why this is the case is never explained and is merely a contrivance to set up a major sub-plot early into the show. If the logic is that the menu made food doesn't have any taste because it goes through an "unnatural" creation process, why is NPC made food also effected by this. If you need the chef subclass to make food with flavor, why does everyone have the power to make food via a menu, also on that note why there is a chef class is never explained either and have a maid subclass come up later makes even less sense.

Early on we find out that all the characters take on the appearance of their in game avatars, Log Horizon really wanted to have it's cake and eat it too in this instance. All the low level players happen to be children, who all coincidentally made child avatars, which look similar to their real life selves, and everyone elses appearance match both their personality, and gender. Knowing this it would make a whole lot more sense if you simply took on your real life appearance, however then the show wouldn't have an excuse to have some players be cat people, who all coincidentally are fine with no longer being human and even love to role play twenty four seven. One could argue for suspension of disbelief here I agree, though it didn't need to be written in such a way. It could be that you take on your real life appearance, with the exception of specific non-human traits and it would of worked just fine. Even so these other races and traits never really add anything to the show and are never really explored, so I have to wonder what the point was.

Log Horizon isn't even consistent with its rules, it's established that if you attempt to fight inside a city, incredibly powerful guardians will spawn until you cease fighting, outside of cities you can kill other players however, they will merely infinitely re-spawn back in the city. It's also established that a guild exists that forces inexperienced players (who all happen to be children for some reason) to give their experience potions read more
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We wanted something a bit light hearted and fun, so tried out this show.

Cakes, school life, time travel, intrigue. All mixed up in bucket with cream on top. Can't but help think it is a little bit "Bill and Ted" but with millefeuille.

Airing natively at 7pm , having furigana above kanji and with the after credits educational content this show seems to be aimed at pre-teens; but it is just messed up enough (e.g. quriky anachronisms, the "where did that come from" dramatic medical tension early on, gratuitous gun violence) to hold our interest. Not completely sure if we are laughing with it or at it, I think with it. All this despite uncomfortable aspects like a what should have been 40 year old but depicted younger Benjamin Franklin flirting with a school girl.

The opening is not it is strong, but it has a nice chibi closing.
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Note: Before watching this please play through all three Danganronpa games (1, SDR2, and Another episode). Also you should watch the future arc episode with the despair arc in broadcast order. Watch future arc ep 1 then despair arc ep 1, and so forth and so on. Watching the two series in this order is very important as Despair arc develops some of the characters from the Future arc.

Danganronpa 3: Future arc is a sequel and essentially a finale to the Danganronpa series. Whereas the counterpart Despair arc is a prequel to the entire story, Future arc details the story after the Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic event in human history. It reintroduces the killing game shown in the DR series prior, except this time, in the real world, without any school rules. There are completely fresh batch of characters, some whom we eventually see fall.

Future arc centers around the main survivors of the events in DR1, along with the division leaders of the Future Foundation. The leaders themeselves had thought that they already caught the traitor, but little did they know they had already fallen into the real traitor's trap. To make the matters worse, this time the killings don't end in a class trial as it did in previous games. Instead, they have to find the traitor and kill him to end it once and for all.
The story is basically kill or be killed. Unlike Despair arc which starts off with a more light hearted tone that constantly evolves into a more brooding tone, Future arc starts off with a darker tone straight of the bat. The first couple of seconds of ep 1 essentially shows how the world has become since the Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic event in human history. And throughout, the episodes are just constantly filled with tension as the characters try to somehow find a way to survive.
Future arc also manages to weave in characters from all three Danganronpa series. Whether it is a whole episode dedicated to them or if it's just a couple of moments, it is still fun to watch the rest of the other game's cast after their events.
A problem with this kind of a setting though is the pacing, which was noticeable in Future arc. One episode could be filled with new events while the next could be slightly disappointing and rushed. However, the still lingering mysteries about the traitor and the NG codes (the only "rules" in the killing game) kept me hooked throughout. Some plot twists were also something I didn't think was going to happen, ever. But props to Kodaka for being the absolute madman. Some scenes and twists got extremely dark very, very quick.

The animation is great and the action scenes are fun to watch. The art itself was also a good point from Future arc. Like the tone, the color schemes of Future arc constantly stays on the darker color, unlike Despair arc which slowly transitions from lighter to darker. Also to read more
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Clannad (Anime) add
Now, you came with high expectations, everyone keeps telling you to watch this "Masterpiece", telling you that this is the best romance, sad story, best character development you will ever see in anime, so, is it?

Not a chance, not even close, poor writing, looks like a soap opera written by some middle school girl without any kind of imagination or creativity, if i could describe this anime in one word, i would choose the word potato, because that's what this anime is all about, a sad story about potatoes and their everyday life and how some of them end up deep fried, i won't say anything else, this is about it, don't watch it, don't waste your time, if you keep telling yourself to watch this piece of garbage, watch "Wolf and Spices", thank me later.
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History of physics - the anime. An edutainment show through and through on magnetism and electricity.

Story - 7

Girl's father went missing. Girl discovers father's time travel machine and goes back in time to find her father with the help of her neighbours. Evil organisation is hunting down her father as well. Not the most original plot, but it's a mere device to explore the history of science in every episode, with a real life explanation of how the theory works at the end of the episode after the credits.

The writer made it as close to history as possible, and kept the small details (Things you never knew you never knew) like Michael Faraday forgetting to credit Davy and Wollaston for his thesis, Ben Franklin arguing with the local pastor over installing lightning rods on churches, and Thomas Edison marketing the first commercial toaster as CEO of GE. I'm giving the writer props just for the research alone.

That said. This isn't just science. This is history AND science. There are some parts which only adults will understand and make little sense for modern kids like Mari, like the existence of uneducated black slaves in 1800s America, and the suppression of heretical scientific discoveries by the Pope before the Enlightenment era.

Art, Sound - 6 (Fair)

Standard fare. Nothing particularly good or bad stands out.

Character - 7

Nothing too annoying in the beginning considering the main characters are just children. Over the series, they learn the value of hard work for different motives altogether, and how hard work applies to everything in life. MC starts to like science but she's bad at science. The message is clear. If you start loving something but you're bad at it, just start learning and you'll get good at it.

Another kid likes football but his grades are bad, and he got banned from football until his grades pick up. After some whining, he picks himself up, studies hard to improve his grades and learns how awesome it is to play all the football he wants without adults breathing down his neck over bad grades.

Overall - 7

I'm giving it an solid "7" just for this breath of fresh air in the anime industry which lacks educational shows like Time Travel Shoujo. I'm hoping this show will encourage more anime studios to start developing more educational shows in the future.

It's a passable family-friendly show to watch with your children if you've studied physics in high school and want to show them how science can be fun too. In fact, after every show, you should go to the local store, buy the same stuff they used and conduct an experiment at home and watch your kids go "Woah. Science." It'll make the world a better place for science.
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Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime) add
I had initially started this anime to engage in the custom of yelling at Shinji to get in the robot. It only took half an episode from me to completely reverse that.


The storyline is very good, very imaginative, very interesting. The plot is very motivating and doesn't stall a lot. There's a bunch of action in the series and a lot of twists and turns in the plot. There's a scene where I actually gaped at the screen in disbelief. I legitimately had to rewind a little bit to make sure my eyes were indeed seeing properly. A majority of the series has the same formula: insert mild issue between the characters and/or possible solution for upcoming Eva battle, Angel descends, Eva unit deployed, Darwinism prevails. The reason I rank the story as a 7 is because I found the ending unsatisfying and rather cheap. Like they didn't know how to end the series. Don't expect the ending of Evangelion to be like Gurren Lagann.


Awesome! Beautiful, but not afraid to be gory.


Very good. Voice acting is very good and appropriate. Soundtrack is great. The use of "Fly Me To the Moon," as the theme of this anime is... strange and dreamlike.


So let's talk about Shinji. Shinji is not your hero in this series. I've heard lot of people complain about Shinji because he's a whiny pansy, but I feel the series really makes you sympathize with him. There's a lot of really good reasons for Shinji to behave the way he does. He's some poor 14-year-old kid thrown repeatedly into emotionally traumatizing scenarios due to his uncanny ability to fight in an alien-killing machine. He probably has the world's most pathetic motivation for doing the things he does, but the series gives you opportunities to understand him.

I enjoy how Asuka and Rei are kind of like foils for each other.

Each character is uniquely psychologically messed up. For reals. A friend of mine and I joked about the application for NERV having a questionnaire like: (1) Have you lost at least one loved one? (2) Do you suffer from bouts of depression? (3) On a scale of 1-10, how much angst would you say you have?

Favorite character: Honestly? Eva Unit 01. That thing is a beast.
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After a long wait we finally have both parts of the popular Danganronpa saga.
Zetsubou-hen is the second part of the end, while it works as a prequel is recommended that you finish the second game.
The story follows the characters of the second game(Goodbye Despair) in their lives in Hope's Peak Academy before being trapped in the second Koroshai(Killing game) and the lives of everyone before "The Most Biggest,Most Awful,Most Tragic event in human history".

The story stars off as a bit of a Slice of Life anime and its humour reminds a little of Ouran Koukou Host Club (or Shingeki Chugakkou) exaggerating every single situation the characters find themselves in.
The characters are pretty good,all of them have the same personalities they had in the second game,althought the ones that get more screen time are Chiaki,Nagito and Hajime,the other characters stand out in the little moments they have,allowing them to be a comedic relief.

The character development is noticeable in every episode,especially the relationship between Chiaki and Hajime,which grows every epidode in a more different way than the rest of the characters.
There are some characters from Mirai-Hen in this one,too.And they show how they became who they are in the future arc.

Overall,I had a great time watching the show,it has great comedy(sometimes it's,a lot!),the ambientation(Hope's Peak) it's somewhat cheesy (that thing is has almost everything and they show just the classrooms and a fountain....well done). The sound effects and music are pretty awesome,but Mirai-Hen has actually better music.

Finally,I recommend this anime if you're a Danganronpa fan(you're really gonna enjoy the references to the other games!).If you're not,you might as well give it a chance(especially if you're looking for an anime to laugh about).The pop culture references are actually well done for everyone to understand, it's aproppiate for every audience(almost...kinda),the story has its serious moments and somewhat sad ones(or at least....they try to be sad).

To make it short(if you made through everything) it's a great anime not just to kill time, it has a lot of things to offer and it's one of the only anime show that I can say for sure that I care more about the characters than the story .

Thanks for reading......I'm not quite sure how to finish this so I made this really long.....

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Ling Qi (Anime) add
This is based on a chinese Manga(Manhwa). It is actually really good(THe manga) but the anime adaptation kind of ruined it with the voice actors and the weird art and the change in the original plot. this anime can be qualified as Shounen-Ai but it is more on the relationship of a master and his servant though they do have to kiss sometimes for the special skill to work on the servant(Can't say it or I will spoil it). But if you are interested in this, I advise you to read the manga because Chinese manhwa are colored and it is really awesome.
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Log Horizon (Anime) add
Log Horizon is actually the first show I ever watched that's built around the concept of being stuck inside a game, preferably an MMORPG. It's certainly not the first fantasy show I've watched, and also not one that's based on a certain game (which Log Horizon isn't), but I'm just throwing this out here anyway, mostly because at first, Log Horizon was inevitably compared to similar "stuck in the game" shows like dot Hack or Sword Art Online. I throw this out now, so that you won't wonder why I won't compare Log Horizon to either of them -- I simply have no basis for comparison outside of some minor information about either of the two.

This might also be why Log Horizon chooses to dispense with the "if you die in the game, you die for real" angle in the first episode; it simply isn't happening. Characters who fall in battle simply revive in a chapel, seemingly no worse for wear. In its place, we're pretty much served the mystery of how everyone ended up living inside a game, because nobody among the main characters know, and, naturally, panic and confusion spread among the captured players, each choosing to deal with that in their own way, whether that be flaunting guild influence or resorting to stalking and PKing.
In this world, Shiroe actually represents something of a rising trend in anime; the intelligent, resourceful male lead who doesn't just rush in without a second thought, expecting everything to just sort itself out if they just believe hard enough. Granted, I'm taking all the technobabble and "strategy" in this show with a pinch of salt, but he still gets the benefit of the doubt simply because he considers his options before doing things. Problems and its solutions aren't always a simple matter of just beating through them with whatever weapons he has at hand. The show reveals him to be a college graduate, which at least lends some credence to his level of intelligence... as presented by the series.
The idiot role is mostly filled by Naotsugu. Not as much because he's incapable -- he's a level 90 character, like many others among the main cast -- but because he tends to be the butt of most of the jokes. During much of the beginning, he's liable to say something perverted, which earns himself a knee or a foot to the face from Akatsuki, the third part of our main trio. Akatsuki is actually a bit of a curiosity, because the first time you see the character, you see a fairly tall male assassin character... that speaks with a female voice. Having played with their team before, she simply didn't really speak a whole lot, if at all, so when their residence in the game turns somewhat permanent, the first thing she does is to request an appearance-changing potion from Shiroe. Like Shiroe and Naotsugu, she's a level 90 character, meaning she's easily as capable as the others, but since her voice read more
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Sakamoto desu ga? (Anime) add
What happens when you take a high school setting and add perfection itself, only second to God? Haven’t you heard? Sakamoto happens.

This short but sweet comedy anime focuses on one gimmick only. Sakamoto being absolutely perfect in every situation, and his interactions with his classmates. It may seem like after some time, the anime loses its charm as the plot keeps on repeating, but fear not. The 12 episode limit keeps the pace steady. The story never gets boring or stale. Good soundtrack which incorporates jazz (obviously) keeps the anime smooth. The comedy is going to have you question “how does Sakamoto get out of this one” in second half of the anime. And it’ll keep surprising you and make you laugh. A lot. My only complaint is that the show for me lacks rewatching value once you’ll see how Sakamoto overcomes his situations in the most perfect manner possible. But for one time only it’s a great ride.

Production remains good. Animation looks great. Only flaws I saw were some CGI shots later in the series but they are so brief that you have to search for them in order to find them.

Voice acting is on point on the male side. The female side lacks a little but considering context of the show (females being mainly fangirls of Sakamoto and not having any MAJOR role in the story outside of trying to get his heart I can understand that producers weren’t trying to have vast and diverse cast)

Before you’ll know it, it’s going to be over. So don’t blink. You may miss some of this anime's awesomeness.
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Masou Gakuen HxH (Anime) add
This may be just another ecchi harem show with lots of boobs and other stuff thrown in, but at least, it's enjoyable. At least the main character fondling a woman serves a purpose. I've enjoyed it, but there's a few other shows of the same type that I like a lot more. Masou Gauken at least has more character development than others, especially for Aine; most animes of this genre never have a character that they try to develop as much as they tried with her. Most others out of the main group got some development too.

The action was horrible, but the action scenes could have had some better animation. They definitely put too much effort into making the hybrid scenes well animated, but they were a main part of the show, so whatever. There was no need for so much skin exposure either. I did enjoy the show overall and it had its upsides so a 7/10 seems fair here. I would suggest this to people who like the genre, but if you're another one of those people who watch these shows and just complain after an episode 2, learn from experience that you don't like the genre and don't watch it, since I doubt you'll be someone who'll enjoy it anyway.
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This review is also based off the game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. (Possible very minor spoilers)

The story is about how the characters from the game Danganronpa 2 became Despairs. So the story is about what happened before Danganronpa 2 took place and how they came to be Despairs. Which I think they have done a good job of trying to accomplish this, but I have a few minor disappointments. Besides that the story is very interesting. But in my opinion it felt a bit rushed.

The art is good and is it very true to the series. But with a few disappoints such as, Gundham Tanaka and Hiyoko Saionji's hair is different. Besides those few minor details, they did a great job. Chiaki Nanami is THE Ultimate Waifu, enough with this "Ultimate Gamer".

I really like the opening for this anime as it showcases much of Chiaki and its pretty catchy in my opinion. I didn't hear much background music throughout the anime, so there's nothing really I can say there.

The characters personalities have stayed the same as in the game, so no disappointments there. They kept Peko and Fuyuhiko's relationship between them secretive as they did in the game. They did a lot of these things, such as, Hiyoko's loathful attitude towards Mikan. Akane and Nekomaru's rivalry between each other and Kazuichis one-sided love for Sonia, etc.

I really enjoyed watching this series this season, definitely something worth checking out. I really recommend you watch a playthrough of the game or play it yourself before you watch this anime, it will make a little more sense if you do.
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Anime) add
Take note: This will encompass Moon, Moon R, and Moon S

Sailor Moon is highly praised as one of the major classics of anime today and I can see why. To get things off, first, this anime wasn't part of my childhood as far as I can recall, and I actually took major notice of this series due to the reboot of it in I believe 2014 or 2013. Whatever that doesn't matter, lets just get going. Okay, so you are reading my review thinking whether or not you should watch this series, the answer is a definite yes. I can say something, the large majority of the audience in this show is girls and that was the intended target, but if you are a guy, don't let that stop you cause this series is amazingly great. This show has great plot and character development for each of the sailor guardians throughout the series and the 3 or 4 arcs within the story. This show does contain a bit of filler, but that's something you can skip or watch, up to you. Some of the fillers are actually pretty funny, so just stick around for a couple. The art in sailor moon is what you would call classic or "retro". The art is nice and great and nothing too bad or too over the top, just right. Anyways, you should really watch Sailor Moon, it's a definite must watch for any true anime fan, you won't regret it. Also, another tip, if you plan on watching the reboot over the OG series, then just take note that the reboot focuses on plot development much more than the original series. Take care! Oyasumi!
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WARNING! The following review contains spoilers of the Danganronpa 3: Future Side anime but I’ve divided the review into 2 sections, one is spoiler-free for those who haven’t watched this anime yet and the other one is for those who have. Still, the review contains spoilers of the first game/anime, so before reading the review you MUST have played the first Danganronpa game or watched the anime adaptation.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen – Mirai-hen Review

Concluding a saga is by no means an easy task for a creator or producer, especially when that saga has earned the affection of many fans around the globe and is highly acclaimed by such a huge number of reviewers and magazines. This is the way Danganronpa 3 was presented, as the end of an incredible saga, the end of Hope’s Peak Academy trilogy -skipping the 2nd game being animated, yeah- and as a way to finally conclude their characters' story.
I must admit, as a huge fan of the videogames saga, that I was totally impressed when I first heard that Danganronpa was going to have an original-animated conclusion, and when I read that it was going to be a 24 episodes long I couldn’t help but feel anxious. Then, a few weeks later, it was revealed to be not a single anime with 24 episodes but instead 2 entirely different anime with 12 episodes each, one being called Hope Arc -which would effectively serve as the saga’s finale- and the other one Despair Arc -this one explaining everything prior to The Tragedy and being some sort of prelude to the first game and story of Danganronpa-. Still, these two stories, despite being set in different times, would complement each other so that you had to watch them together in order to understand everything better. This could be difficult to interpret if you haven’t watched this anime before reading my review, but I’ll explain that better later.
So, did Danganronpa 3 live up to the expectations? Was Kodaka smart enough to draw the attention of those who’ve already witnessed not one but two killing games and have seen what he was capable of? I’ll try to answer those questions from my point of view, of course, but before I delve further I must tell you some things you need to consider before watching both Future and Despair Arc; none of the arcs are meant to be watched as standalones anime -which means you need to watch them in this order: Future Arc Ep. 1 -> Despair Arc Ep.1 -> Future Arc Ep. 2 -> Despair Arc Ep. 2 and so on, and before watching either of them you ABSOLUTELY NEED to have played the first two games (or watched the first anime and played the second game) and have played/seen Danganronpa: Another Episode (the PSVita videogame). Otherwise, this anime will feel like an empty experience and you won’t enjoy it as much as you could if you have played the previous installments. Also, I’d strongly read more
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First things first. You need the play the two DR games (DR 1, SDR2) to fully understand and enjoy the two DR3 anime. If you were a fan of the first installment of the Danganronpa anime, you'll love the games, so please, if you haven't so already, turn around and play those two games (or watch a walkthrough) for the best viewing possible. DR: Another Episode is also mandatory especially for Future arc. Also be sure to watch both Future and Despair arc in broadcast order (i.e. watch future arc ep 1 then watch despair arc ep 1, and so on). There are parts where the story and characters might overlap, so be sure to watch it like that for better understanding.

DR3: Despair arc is essentially a prologue to the DR story. It centers around the 77th class of the Hope's Peak acadmey, who btw are the main cast of the 2nd game: SDR2. The setting, once so happy and carefree, turns into one of the darkest points in their history: a prologue to the Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic event in human history. As the title and premise says, don't expect a happy ending to this. Although it starts off like your typical slice of life school anime, there is a brooding tone that constantly evolves as the episodes contiunously progress, awaiting to become a monster that destroys the students daily lives with despair. This tone starts as lighthearted then transitions into a darker mood, eventually becoming something outright disturbing. Suddenly, the happy, slice of life school setting is no more, instead it becomes violent, bloody and despair-inducing.
One thing I liked is that they didn't linger or focus too much into the events the game already touched to an extent, like the Twilight Syndrome case. Just showing things in Hajime's point of view, and that was the better thing to do for the series.
One thing I would've liked was to see the 78th class just a bit more than a cameo, like their original interactions with Junko, but with the anime being just 1 cour, it's understandable that they had to leave that out.
A disappointing isssue was that he pacing is a noticeably off. I feel like 11 episodes for the 77th class wasn't enough in the end. If it could have gotten a little bit more time, and cut a little bit more of the fanservice, I think the whole tragedy and the aftermaths could have been done better.
(SPOILERS: For example, the scene of "her" death and the 77 class turning into despair could have used an in-between scene. Maybe one that goes more in-depth of how the class fully submitted to Junko. The skip between the death scene and the finale was too sudden, considering the two were a couple months apart.)

The animation of the characters are really fun to watch as a fan. Just seeing all those characters I loved so much from the 2nd game animated is just so exciting. I felt that one read more
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Uchuu Patrol Luluco (Anime) add
I'm writing this after watching Luluco a second time, and realizing that there's no way I can accurately describe this show with words.

I can break down various parts and give short descriptors, but there's no one episode that we can do without, no element that is gratuitous or that can be thrown out.

Uchuu Patrol Luluco: 10/10

You should watch this. It takes less than 104 minutes start to finish; shorter than most movies.

The pace is rapid, always moving forward, but Luluco never moves too fast or too short. The narration pieces feel more like the show talking it itself than to the audience- not dictating what the audience needs to know, but rather helping the very characters involved with the show keep pace with an increasing ridiculous and overwhelming world.

The art is simple in design, but complex in execution, emphasizing the nature of each character. It pears together characters who are related, and places them into classes that simply work well together. Most art looks complicated but feels lazy in execution; Luluco, as with most things, turns that concept on its head. One of the best examples is the repeated use of multiple perspectives on the same scene, including, at many times, reverse lettering.

The sound is perhaps the least stunning part of Luluco. Still good, and still better than any use of sound in a non-trigger anime I've found, the short episodes combined with short sound bites mean that the end result is almost repetitive- though, by the time it becomes so, the show has already moved onto its final stages.

People praise character development often as introducing an interesting or unique character, but this show takes a different route, and instead has the characters grow throughout the show. Each episode changes the dynamic between the characters, and builds into the next.

This show is courageous. It parodies itself, while simultaneously reinforcing its own importance. A show must say something to truly be rated a 10/10, and Uchuu Patrol Luluco says it with a happy frown, or a sad smile. Everything feeds into the paradoxical message "everything is priceless" in both meanings of priceless.

Uchuu Patrol Luluco similarly falls into both meanings of the term 'priceless'. On one hand, it looks and feels a vapid, feel-good short about a middle-school girl. And on the other, it is a true gem of anime that can be watched anytime, anywhere, for a story and presentation that is nothing less than astonishing.
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Danganronpa is a great game. Dangaronpa 2 is also a great game. But Danganronpa 3 wants to prove to me that I'm wrong and that they actually awful games about brainwash, fake deaths and plainly stupidity. There is nothing great about a series of games in which the main villain just uses a brainwash video to make everything and everyone act the way she want, making them free of all charges and essentially destroying any dramatic effect this would have. That said, let's speak about Junko.

Junko is great. In the midst of a lot of colorful and excentric characters, she stands out as the most charismatic and also the most charming one. She was purposely made that way so we could believe that she was capable of manipulating and corrupting all the Ultimates and making them cooperate with her grandiose plan of tainting the world with despair. And so she used every weakness to manipulate them, as informed to the player in a piece of information in the game. But then comes lazy writing and everything now is brainwash. Kinda takes out the whole point of her character, huh? And so everything in the series. The Ultimate Despairs now are just brainwashed people without any responsabilites for their actions. The whole dilemna of "hope versus despair" is entirely meaningless if there is no clear logic behind their actions as Ultimate Despairs.

And really, I don't know what is more stupid: Kirigiri's death or she being revived. What was the point? I can't see any logic if not the writers purposely doing something completely stupid because they knew the game would never do it. Because that's the point of the game. All the death and dark twists mattered. They are important for the thematic construction of the games and its main message to the player. Everything was made that way so it's message would be conveyed with a strong impact.

I could go on and babble about the other problems with Danganronpa 3, but those are enough. They destroy everything that was build in the game just for a cheap fanservice with a forced happy ending. A lot of people are crediting this to Kodaka Kazutaka, the creator of the series, but he's just the supervisor, while the writers are actually Higashide Yuichiro and Kodachi Ukyou, the duo behind Gakkou Gurashi. It's difficult to say how much involvment Kodaka has, but being busy with V3, I doubt there is much to credit him for. And now I understand why he made V3 so it wouldn't have any connection with the previous games. No freaking way he could consider this piece of garbage as part of the game series.
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Hope arc is a terrible ending to an already mediocre sequel to Danganronpa games that is not only bad, but also weakens games' storylines, most notably Danganronpa 2's. It's so bad that I had to write a short review about it.

Note: vague spoilers

To keep it simple, Hope Arc is shameless and senseless mash of fanservice with predictable dialog where you already know what they're gonna say since the dialog between the characters themselves is either even more fanservice(things you wanted characters to say to each other since playing the game, of course here being forced and crammed into short repulsive scenes) or just your usual trope-filled conversations. Episode's plot progression only stops being predictable once it throws ridiculous deus ex machina in your face(that is also blatant fanservice), realizing it requires you to have zero integrity as a writer to write something like that and also not feel disgusted or ashamed by yourself(Kyoko)
The little bit of drama it has is corny and forgettable(Mitarai) and everyone gets a rushed closure, some more than others(Munakata) with a far fetched perfect "everyone lives happily ever after" ending(DR1 cast).

Best part about it is definitely the OST, but the best tracks are all from previous Danganronpa games so even in that regard it adds nothing, but at least it doesn't retract anything.

Now the worst part is the way it influences everything that happens in Danganronpa 2. In short, every single part of DR2's story loses any kind of impact it had since literally none of it matters to begin with.

So if you're a fan of brainless pandering(or aren't bothered by it), you should go ahead and watch the episode, you'll probably like it judging by the scores. Otherwise avoid like a plague, it's just gonna leave a bitter taste in your mouth every time you see second game's cast
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Masou Gakuen HxH (Anime) add
Category: Ecchi
Rank: Tier 1

Premise: "Suspension Bridge Effect" It's the rapid heartbeat and arousal when in state of danger. Named after it's discovery of friends and/or people of the opposite sex tended to get married right after experiencing a tall bridge crossing. When in danger your biological alarm kicks in as a form of a reality check, All living beings are meant to procreate. The phenomenon released chemicals inducing individuals to fall in love and a need to have intercourse after a hyper sense of arousal on a very aware state.

On Masou Gakuen HxH Episode 01. Hida, Kizuna and Chidorigafuchi are under attack by an alien mecha force; the heroine in question on a almost near death situation with an already state of danger both Kizuna and Chidori blush and simultaneously suffered from rapid and increasing heartbeats. All this while Kizuna touches Aine on a erotic manner arousing her and driving her to climax. After the "Heart x Hybrid" takes place the heroine is seen pressing her hand against her chest when Kizuna was talking to both Himekawa Hayuru and Yurishia Farandole on a flirty manner or at least is seen in such manner by Chidorigafuchi Aines eyes. The name of the phenomenon "Heart x Hybrid" which is later explained by the commander of "Amaterasu" name of the Japanese force against other world invaders or Kizuna sister says that "HxH" is not be outright lewd and/or actions but a state of synchronization between Body and Soul. This means endorphin s are creating the love state whilst the human body becomes aroused with lust. This directly results on the power up of the "Heart x Hybrid Armor" and / or "Magitech Armor" as it is referenced later on the show. A weapon which is the only weapon for humanity.

Twist: Although "Heart x Hybrid" grants enhanced abilities powered by the synchronization of Love and Lust. It uses spiritual energy as well as fuel, The state and power of "Magitech Armor" it's directly correlated to "HxH Points" who directly affects power output of the armor and ability to protect it's user.

If the Heart x Hybrid points were to reach Zero it would result in immediate death for whomever uses the armor. A fact that only the commander and/or sister or Kizuna "Hida Reiri" and Kizuna our MC knows.

Heart Hybrid participants experience the power up because they all have gone through body modification, They've injected invading alien Mecha core that seems to respond to a combination of Love and Lust. Normal women don't get a power up because they can't since they haven't been modified themselves.

Ecchi Builder: Kizuna must come up with unique ideas to accelerate healing on Heart Hybrid participants by doing lewd actions. This lewd factor absorbs the rest of the genres on a satisfactory way on which the lewdness facilitate battle engaging, Character development towards one another as well as opening up about their individual experience as human experiments growing up in order to fight other world invasion and halt humanity progress read more
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This hentai did several things right, I enjoyed it not only as material to relieve myself but the story also left me wanting to see more, you don't get that in most hentai. For the short of it I feel that one should not skip out on this one. The plot basically boils down to the main characters friend introducing her into the world of prostitution.

The story was really intriguing and made watching enjoyable. The story was coherent, I enjoyed what they did for the prologue. The scenes and lines delivered did not appear out of the blue. The story moved along well If you watch it till the end you will be in for a treat.

The Art, animation, and sounds were really well done. I'll admit that when I saw the introduction I thought that the animation was not going to be enjoyable but it proved otherwise. The background music matched the scenes well. The delivery made it an even more enjoyable experience

The Characters were enjoyable, the transition of the main character was well done. It didn't feel forced and it wasn't a typical "dick drunk" girl who was turned into a dick loving maniac and she didn't get addicted to one person in the end.

I really enjoyed watching this, I would recommend it.
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So Ra No Wo To (Anime) add
What is the Earth like three centuries after an attempted alien invasion? One answer is Soro no Woto.

Background: About three centuries before the show opens Earth had a high technological civilization, including partial negation of gravity. Earth was attacked by giant winged aliens. Either the aliens were driven off at great cost to the planet, or the war so devastated the planet that the aliens decided it was no longer worth conquering. In any event they are no longer around, save for a skeleton beneath a river, and much of the Earth is now a wasteland.

Present Day: Humans have reformed civilization but mostly at an early 20th century level. These new nations which rose from the ruins of the world tend to fight over what remnants of arable land and resources that still exist. Kanata, our main character, comes from a poor rural family. She joins the army and is assigned to the Unit which is comprised of our characters for the story, the 1121st Tank Platoon. Their assignment is to watch for any enemy activity from their remote post overlooking a wasteland at their far-flung end of the border. Its a good place to go to hide, to forget or to just get away from everything. All the Unit members Kanata meets have different issues/demons they are avoiding from their past (one of the more severe is PTSD from watching her friends burn to death in a tank). Kanata’s arrival is like a catalyst dropped into a beaker of solution: her bright, accepting personality touch each comrade in turn, and each in turn is then able to take a new view of their past and be uniquely redeemed from the largest regret in their own life.

I find quite a lot happening in this anime, much of it growing in the background and then suddenly popping into the foreground of the story. One of my favorite aspects is that the girls are operating an illegal still and selling brandy on the black market because their Army pay is never on time! There are hints at this through several episodes and then it is brought to the forefront and becomes the focus for the plot of one episode.

What do I like about this show? There's the characters, growing tensions with the neighboring kingdom, depictions of daily soldier life and training, issues with the mafia, challenges with getting an ancient high technology tank back into operating condition, and all backed up by good music and displayed on gorgeous scenery. This is also one of the rare anime that gets a soldier's life right.

I initially thought the script writer was talking about forgiveness for his chief theme, but he wasn't: he is talking about redemption, something more precious than forgiveness; and so Amazing Grace is the perfect recurring theme.

There is quite a lot to this show, and I encourage everyone to give it a try.
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This is the conclusion to the entire Hopes Peak Academy era. Where there is despair, there is always hope that will overcome your despair, no matter how long it takes, it will happen and you'll be a shining light in the future.

There will always be a slump in your life, but as long as you have hope towards your own future, everything will be alright. If you are backed into a corner in your life and you do something that you will regret for the rest of your life, that's when you should continue to have hope. Having hope could lead you to work hard, try your best. When in comparison, if you continue to sulk, feel regret and anger towards yourself and think about the past too much, you wont progress as much as you should. This is why there's always a light in the darkest of places.

What I'm trying to say is, hope will always overcome despair in the end and this is exactly what happened in the Danganronpa franchise. All of the characters suffered so much in this series, but in the end, they are standing strong, with hope towards their future. They have overcome their despair.

Now, if this isn't the perfect ending to this era of Danganronpa, then I don't know what is. This is a conclusion that shone brightly. People that expected something different, well I'm sorry but I don't know what you were expecting, a tragic ending perhaps? Well, I'd be lying if I said I never thought there will be a bad ending, in fact, I pushed that theory around a bit, but a few episodes ago, I was thinking, a tale about hope and despair should definitely end in hope, and it would be terrible for despair to win in the end. This is why I thought this episode was done brilliantly.

You can say it, not much happened in this episode and to be frank, that doesn't matter at all. It's because of this, that this episode was so good. This is just a great light-hearted conclusion to a series I hold very dear to my heart. It's everything I wanted to see, all of the characters I've come to adore being happy for once.

I am glad this is it's own entry and it doesn't mix with Side:Despair or Side:Future. Because of this I can give this entry a solid 10/10 and man am I glad.

Story: 10
Art: 8
Sound: 10
Character: 10
Enjoyment: 10
Overall: 10

I also have to note what fantastic voice actors are in this series. Brilliant, these are all top quality voice actors and I am damn proud of all of them. Props to Megumi Ogata for doing so much work for this anime, I salute you, voice acting 2 major characters, singing the ending song and for being so awesome in supporting this series. I hope to see such amazing voice actors in Danganronpa V3 - I can't wait for the announcement - We already got one and it's already a good read more
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LA is gonna change up the format for this review as well as Mirai-hen & Zetsubou-hen by making it a sorta of 3-parter due to the nature of how Danganronpa 3's animes were presented and since you've read LA's Mirai-hen and know what paragraph is next.

Before LA talks about Kibou-hen, LA will say that both Mirai-hen and Zetsubou-hen anime are something of a companion piece with each other giving off clues or events that transpired that lead it to how or when it happened. The obvious companion piece both these anime have is "trying to find the traitor" and why some of the founders are butting heads with each other in Mirai-hen and "how Danganronpa's franchise started" as well as some backstory on some of the newer characters in Mirai-hen for Zetsubou-hen and both arcs gives and feeds information to each other. For anime-episode order, you should/MUST watch by starting with Mirai-hen's episode then Zetsubou-hen episode then back and forth after that for "clarity". Kibou-hen is the finale so obviously watch it last...

So for a finale, it's extremely hard to get it perfect, anyone is gonna have a problem with it here and there and LA had some problems with it, however even with these flaws and "retcons", LA STILL liked it on how it went out on.

For what it does great, IT FINALLY told us some explanation as to Chiaki (the AI) anyways. Kibou-hen also gave us the vaguest hints towards BOTH of the previous arcs some final resolution which helped immensely in that regard. It was also utterly great in seeing Class 77B back and having some form of "action" in Kibou-hen and just seeing them again was greatly satisfying. Finally Kibou-hen really left on a GREAT note to the point of LA's statement in the Mirai-hen of "there is ALWAYS despair and hope, one can't live without the other and eliminating either of them will cause unintentional or intentional chaos" comes in fruition, but for an epilogue it was done greatly, sure slightly on the "happy ending" things with the little hints given even that can be overlooked, but in terms of character dynamics Danganronpa has solidified with it's characters had given, it makes A LOT of sense, that these characters were left how they were by the end of all this, anticlimactic or otherwise.

Time to bring up the flaws in Kibou-hen, as much LA wants to ignore it, from Mirai-hen's "is that it", it also gets brought up here as well for the "climax" of Kibou-hen, it was a GREAT gesture and brought resolution to not only to Class 77B but Mitarai as well, but it still felt slightly anti-climactic. The flaws LA saw in Kibou-hen, LA can easily say as much as the Kibou-hen couldn't dive into more detail to the rest little tidbits of both Mirai-hen and Zetsubou-hen or made an explosive ending LA was anticipating (LA will say that Zetsubou-hen really did that service instead of Kibou-hen), LA really liked this finale. read more
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Blood-C (Anime) add
When I first saw this, I has assumed it was not related to Blood+, after all there was no similarities aside from the main characters name. Which still remains accurate after finishing the series. Though the battle scenes where entertaining the show fell extremely flat. The plot reminded me of Cabin in the Woods. The pacing was incredibly slow, they could have made a movie out of this 12 episode anime and the movie would have gotten the same points across. The lore between Blood+ and Blood-C does not connect by any stretch, and I honestly believe that Blood-C might as well be it's own show. I could elaborate but that would risk going on into spoiler territory. Overall it is disappointing, and I wouldn't watch it again.
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This anime arguably was my favorite out of the whole season. After watching Future and Despair arc so many times, it was definitely refreshing to see all the old faces from DN 2 in their original clothing. It's biggest flaw was definitely the execution of the release dates, they should have put all the despair arc episodes after the future arc because then the plot twists could have been more dramatic. Also, Naegi was kind of overshadowed by all the other characters and the main antagonist was defeated too quickly. I would have rated this about a seven if not for OMG MUNAKATA IMPOSTER! but it definitely was still enjoyable.
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With both Mirai-hen and Zetsubou-hen ending, it’s now time for the final episode of Danganronpa 3, Kibou-hen to wrap things up. Although some things may just feel like pure fanservice and maybe the conclusion might be too hopeful for its own good, Kibou-hen managed to make me smile from beginning to end and never have I felt so excited and satisfied from a conclusion before

As you probably already know, this episode should be watched after finishing Zetsubou-hen and Mirai-hen since this episode serves as a conclusion for both series. But not only that, but Kibou-hen is the conclusion for the this Danganronpa universe, and the next Danganronpa game, New Danganronpa V3, will be the start of a new alternate universe. Taking place right from where Mirai-hen left off at, Mitarai’s uploading his hope AMVs (yeah, that’s how I look at it) to the entire world so that he can brainwash them with hope. Even though it might be with good intentions, he’s using tactics no different from Enoshima Junko. Now it’s up to the remaining survivors of the third killing game and the 77th class to stop him before it’s too late. Even though some things can get a little far-fetched and there are a couple of loose ends, Kibou-hen definitely lives up to its hopeful name and gives the franchise a satisfying and enjoyable conclusion. Story wise, it is what you expect would happen, but it’s executed nicely.
Story: 8.5/10

Simply put, this is fanservice for all the Danganronpa fans. This is everything we wanted and this is what we get. Seeing the 77th class again, back to their normal selves is immensely satisfying and enjoyable. Though it may be too coincidental that they’re all fine, but it’s still fun to see them in action. Kibou-hen has focuses more of the Danganronpa 2/Zetsubou-hen characters rather than the Danganronpa 1/Mirai-hen characters. This essentially feels like the 12th episode for Zetsubou-hen, taking place in Mirai-hen’s setting. Some previously foreshadowed plot-points and theories come into play in this episode as some surprising (or not-so-surprising) revelations happen.
Presentation: 9.0/10

Kibou-hen mainly focuses on its 77th class characters (Danganronpa 1/Zetsubou-hen characters). It focuses on their chemistry together and their special quirky traits and how it helps in fighting against Mitarai’s brainwashed soldiers. But what’s the most satisfying is that every character acts and feel just like how they would feel in Danganronpa 2. You’ll see Komaeda having hope-gasms, Tanaka acting like the chuunibyou he is, Souda trying to impress Sonia, Tsumiki taking way to damn long to finish a goddamn sentence since she stammers a lot, Pekoyama caring about her young master, Mioda using her god-awful music to take down some enemies, Owari eating a lot, and Hinata being the hope for everyone. The way Hinata was handled is pretty good. He’s just as caring as he was in Danganronpa 2, but he still has a bit of Kamukura in him, not just in powers but also in personality. And his new character design is a read more
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I'm torn. First of all, this is a terrible ending to DR3. It renders pretty much everything that happened in both Future and Despair Arcs completely pointless and continues to undermine the events of SDR2.

On the other hand, it's dumb fun fanservice and I'm a sucker for that.

Soooo... 6/10 is a compromise? This is horribly written and full of deus ex machina bullshit, but... it's fun. If you made it through the rest of DR3, then... might as well.

It's kinda hard to write a substantial review for this because it's literally just 24 minutes of fanservice. Not the sexy kind, though.

lol hope
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7 hours ago
Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
Taking ‘put yourself in someone else’s shoes’ to a whole new level, the latest film from director Makoto Shinkai (5cm per Second, Garden of Words) is a heartfelt exploration of empathy, love and loss. Kimi no Na wa (otherwise known as “Your Name”) revolves around two characters, Mitsuha and Taki, who are caught up in a strange phenomenon that allows them to see into each other’s lives. Mitsuha lives out in the countryside while Taki is a Tokyo resident, which means the pair have a window into places they’ve never seen or experienced before. The strange moments they both go through naturally lead to conflicts but eventually their situation evolves into something much more profound. It’s funny, sad, horrifying, uplifting and mesmerising all in equal doses. Kimi no Na wa will reward you the more blind you go into the film. It’s a fairly simple story, filled with common themes, but elevated into something very memorable.

Shinkai has progressed beyond simply exploring concepts of love to actually writing interesting characters to express those ideas. By creating lead characters who have personalities that are actually integral to the story (Mitsuha especially so) Shinkai has managed to make something truly engaging, something that rewards you as a viewer. As a director he’s searched for ways to explore the boundaries around love but with Kimi no Na wa he’s infused enough life into the cast to make every emotional punch really hit home. There’s enough meaningful time dedicated to building thriving landscapes around both Mitsuha and Taki that Shinkai’s film doesn’t just look pretty, it is filled with wonder. Because of this he has delivered characters who manage to be equally captivating as the jaw dropping scenery they’re within – something I’m not accustomed to seeing from his films.

The story of Kimi no Na wa certainly has its predictable moments but I’m happy to overlook them because the narrative is executed so well. There’s enough new complications added to the tale as it progresses to keep it interesting and there’s sufficient foreshadowing to make reveals incredibly satisfying. Shinkai manages to make full use of both Taki and Mitsuha’s social circles to develop their characters and make their plight something worth our time. That’s something many anime TV series struggle to do, even with plenty more runtime up their sleeve to work with.

One of the most insufferable things watching any high school anime drama is how painfully overwrought things can get when it comes to characters expressing their feelings. While Kimi no Na wa comes close at times to overstepping the mark thankfully it manages to maintain a level of sensibility. The comedy and drama is balanced refreshingly well. There’s enough light hearted moments injected in patches throughout the movie to prevent it from becoming an over-emotional burden to sit through. It would be wrong to go so far as to call the handling of the drama ‘realistic’, but it’s wonderful to sit through something that doesn’t require the characters to inundate us read more
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Spoilers If You Have Not Watched It Yet!
While I am a huge fan of the DR3 Side:Despair and Side:Future (and just in danganronpa hell in general), Side:Hope was actually fairly disappointing to me. While I am very happy that all the SDR2 kids are alive and that everything went well, it just seemed too forced and I felt like the writing was pretty... bland?
I found the scene with Mitarai and him meeting his classmates way too short, I thought there would be way more than just him seeing his classmates again for less than a few minutes (honestly I was hoping more "angst" to happen, as that's a pretty good thing Danganronpa has got going on for characterization) Other than that, I love how some of the SDR2 ost songs were added in a few moments, and animation was great as well. It would have been better if it was longer, maybe 40 minutes? (I'm probably asking for too much though) Not the perfect ending in my opinion, but at least everything ended up happy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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So, Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Mirai-hen ends, what used to be a game, ends, so what can I say about this sequel??????????

Storywise, I gave it an outstanding 10 over 10, since the genre really did played out, as indicated, the plot was basically a hope vs despair theme as the first "Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation" ( don't include the prequel pls). And just like the frist sequel the story also played us audience as well, where one might think that the anime was more of a repeat of the first sequel , but was really almost fooled us, kudos to the creator: Spike Chunsoft, whoever he or she is. FU, FU, FU, FU!

Art, well I don't have much to say about it since the only thing that have change was the character's attire, I'm referring to Kirigiri, Aoi and Negai, the rest......well, except for Munakata, Tenga, Juzo and Chisa, who all wore the appropriate attires, were just too damned silly, and I can never understand as what up with Seiko wearing a dorky surgical mask, Miaya, being in a wheelchair, even thought she's an android, and,Gozu with that bull mask. However I'm giving a 6 over 10 for Komaru's fanservice, FU, FU, FU, FUUUU!!!!

Sound, it's a 5 over 10, since the seiyuu's who did the character's voice were still the same.....for the major character's that is. FU, FU, FU, FUUUU!!!!!

Character, ok, this is the part were a mensa member would wanna give the original creator Spike Chunsoft and director Kishi, Seiji a lotta lambasting for insulting talented people for using the term "super level", in fact they would see that the character's represent the kind of foolishness of not being able to tell apart as to what is , talent, virtue, slot, vanity, oddity and the bizarre, so let's group them:

Negai Makoto and Junko Enoshima: one is a specified as a Super High School Level Luck/ hope and the other is Super High School Level Fashion Girl/ despair/ psychopath weren't to be consider as such since their other title despair and hope are virtues not talent, also Junko is a loca, so she should be having the title super level psychopath. Negai, being this super level luck. should just be consider as "The Protagonist" without any of the super level bullshit.

Bandai, Daisaku and Yasuhiro Hagakure, whatever super level bullshit they are, are just a bunch of super level dorksters with no function at all........I can't say the same in the videogames, since I don't have such luxury of having it.

Munakata Kyouske and Juzo Sakakura, were nothing more than a bunch of super level bullies, whom themselves were against the others and eventually begun being against with each other.

Kizakura, Kouichi and Tenga Kazu, were just a couple of old geezers, that were meant for their grave.

Izayoi Sonosuke and Andou Ruruka, one is a treacherous manipulative bitch and the other is a protective read more
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The best 24 minutes of my life.
This was just epic, E-P-I-C.
Our Naegi working together (in a way) whit the man himself Hinata was just too much for me, it was perfect, the history to close the anime, Hope wins so fuck you Junko, and the ending, holy shit the ending, I cry, Hinata maked me feel sad, but then, our man Naegi didn't lose his waifu this time, lady Kirigiri stills alive, holy shit.
Danganronpa is, for me, one of the best stories ever adapted into an anime, people talk shit about it just because they want to hate, and is funny when they do it, they even insults the writer himself Kodaka, but then they add "I only watch it for Komaeda" lol such a loser (yes i'm talking about the user Hagikaze), those people don't know how to apreciate a great story just becuase is a litle diferent from the usual mainstream animes.
10/10 to Dangan 1, 10/10 to Zetsuboui-hen, 10/10 to Mirai-hen, and now 10/10 to Kibou-hen.
I just can't wait for an anime about Danganronpa V3, or even one about the complete history of Super Danganronpa 2.
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Re:Zero is one of my favorite animes for this year and maybe of all time i enjoyed every single episode i recommend everyone to see the full anime before criticise the anime i have seen many bad reviews about it since they judge the anime from the blood and violence well some of us don't and some have love for bloody animes and sorry im not very good in language so basically watch the full episodes then if you enjoy it you are welcome if you not then sorry everyone love diffrent animes love ones comedy ones action ones.etc really waiting for amazing season 2 of it and have a nice day everyone
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9 hours ago
Amaama to Inazuma (Anime) add
Lets be honest the plot was original enough to have a lot of good potential. A single father who is a math teacher. Trying to get over the sadness of losing his wife while trying to take care of his child. Sounds great doesn't it ?

Well it did. But then it became a cooking show... Yeah f*ck all the quality drama and tragedy that could have been the main focus we should instead focus on a father that tries to cook for his daughter with his student helping him. Oh jolly !

I wouldn't be this salty if the cooking was implemented nicely to the story while still retaining it's original slice of lifey feeling. But cooking is like a bored and horny old man that tries exhibitionism for the first time. It's just a sorry and revolting sight. If I wanted to watch a cooking show I would. But this anime is so poorly written except it's setting that it can't progress the story and cooking at the same time. So it just goes with cooking that repeats episode after episode. If you want a cooking anime go watch Shougeki no soma that still can progress the story instead of repeating episode after episode. I can't even watch this anime for their seiyuus like Rina Endou and her adorable voice (Hina from barakamon)
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I'm using my small introduction for reviewing both this and Future so you may see this twice.

I used to be a big Danganronpa fan. I got the VITA for the sole purpose of playing the games, when SDR2 was only getting translated by some random people on the internet and the first game had just gotten localized. I've spent a lot of my time on Danganronpa, analyzing it, doing fanarts, discussing theories with other people, reading the fan-translated novels, playing Ultra Despair Girls, and although it had some flaws, I really the Danganronpa series overall.

But when I knew that they announced an anime, I just had this bad feeling. Danganronpa: The Animation wasn't really good, as the quantity of episodes was just not enough for the hole plot and it tried to fit like 20+ hours of gameplay in 13 episodes of approximately 25 minutes. 20+ of gameplay, details, plot, characters, into less than 6 hours approximately of an animation. And obviously, the adaptation wasn't really the best. But I thought, "Hey, they won't make the same mistake twice. Besides, two arcs? That's a total of 24 episodes, so maybe it will be different!"

Oh, how wrong I was.

Both despair and future side just tried to throw in a bowl and mix a lot of characters, random plot ideas, deaths with no meaning, and terrible death flags that screamed "hey lol i'm gonna die now". One of the major things about Danganronpa that I liked was how ridiculous, yet interesting the plot twists were. Even if you expected some of them, it was interesting to see how the dots connected, the contradictions, the solutions, and the characters going through that trip to the truth. And sometimes the twist would make you go "holy shit", because you didn't really get to see them coming.

Danganronpa 3 didn't include any of those. Instead, the supposedly "plot twists" were so predictable, they basically screamed to your face "enjoy this characters because we are going to kill it". All the raising of death flags was painful to see, it felt like watching a Blue's Clues episode of how obvious everything was. A lot of cheap and mediocre tactics to get the ratings up, including unnecessary weird fanservice (although I kind of can let that pass because almost all animes do that), fake deaths of loved characters to keep the "cliffhanger up", and most of the "cliffhangers" were basically thrown out to hell next episodes as they killed the hype.

Supposedly, Despair side was about the class of SDR2 (which I'm not getting into as it may spoil, but if you plan on watching it, at least watch a playthrough of the game if you want to understand). It started fine, as most of the watchers are at familiar with the cast, with the typical cliche unnecessary fanservice, including a small ecchi scene, but not that terrible to throw it all to hell. But around the fourth episode, they started skipping stuff. Important stuff. Weird, unclear time skips read more
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Terrible ending.

Everything was cheesy and done for the sole purpose for fanservice, full of plotholes, contradictions to previously canon facts, that basically it feels like a 10-year old fanfic. I can't think of a worse way to end the Kibougamine arc.

Although I gave a longer review to the other arcs, I'll be shorter in here as it's only one episode, the ending of both arcs. The whole DR3 series (Future Side, Despair Side and Hope Side) basically just went, took all of the Danganronpa franchise, including the games, novels, spin-offs, and just threw it to the trash. Years of an interesting story building up, just to be thrown away by a crappy, low-budget anime made of cheap tactics for rating and money.

It's hard to give a review for this without spoilers, so if you really just want to look at a very cliche, out of sense ending, then this is for you.

Only good thing was the music.
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My only problem with being a fan of the Danganronpa franchise is that its fanbase can be, sometimes, toxic. If a very little detail is not of their liking, then the whole episode (or worse, the whole show) is garbage, and they sometimes can be hypocrisy incarnate. I'm not generalizing, of course, as I have encountered many nice fellows that also share my taste for this franchise and understand what Kodaka wants to say and do with his story.

Finding a perfect ending these days is a difficult task in almost any media. It's not that they are bad, but they leave with that feeling that you were expecting more, that things could have concluded in a much better way.

Thankfully that is not the case with Danganronpa 3. We can discuss a lot about the overall quality of the whole series, but Hope Side, as an ending to the Hope's Speak storyline, was how it should have been from the beginning.

First off, this episode explains a few things we were wondering about from the previous episodes. The creation of AI Chiaki was finally explained, the Cure W next to Kirigiri's corpse had a purpose in the end (oh Kodaka, you are so good with details), the fate of Class 77 after the New World Program was finally revealed, etc.

We also got some epic and memorable moments, such as the Class 77 fighting against the brainwashed future foundation agents and cooperating with each other, Nagito finally talking with Naegi (I waited for a moment like this for so long), the confrontation against Mitarai (which was meant to be emotional and NOT EPIC as some fans, for some reason, wanted it) was very touching, the little talk between Hajime and Chiaki was simply good (and necessary), and the final scene with everyone reconstructing Hope's Peak Academy, with Naegi being named the Director, was so relieving...

In the end, everything ended well. Honestly there's barely anything for me to complain about this episode. These "plotholes" some people are talking about are very minor details that can be easily explained if you just opened your mind a little bit.
And calling this episode garbage because it was filled with fanservice... yeah, duh, I mean, for starters Danganronpa 3 only exists as a fanservice! Kodaka could have easily avoided doing this anime and go straight for V3, but he wanted to end this whole storyline in a satisfying way for us... and that he did.

As for Danganronpa 3 as a whole... yeah, I admit there's a lot to discuss and complain about, but despite its flaws it was still an overall entertaining show that gave me many good and memorable moments. Both Future and Despair easily get an 8 out of 10 for me.

But Hope was truly an outstanding ending to the whole franchise, an ending I'll keep in my heart for a long time. I'll really miss all of these characters, but knowing that they are happy now relieves me a lot.

Now let's see read more
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This is the 24 minute finale episode to the entire Danganronpa 3 series.

It was a pretty good finale, but had some disappointing aspects just like the main anime.

The best part of the entire episode was definitely the DR 2 characters getting back to action once again. They're just so fun to watch, as always. I loved seeing the DR 2 cast interact with the DR 1 cast, in a less serious atmosphere this time around.

The animation and sound were about the same from the DR 3 series, and it's really fun seeing DR 2 characters in the Future arc setting. The soundtracks were good but I was a bit disappointed some of the osts from the games weren't used, especially the intro theme.

You know what, although there were a bit more issues with the anime than what I would've liked, just seeing the DR 2 cast back again and interact with the DR 1 cast made this episode great for me, even if "SPOILER" I didn't really like Kyouko being alive again. Thought it would've made much more impact at the end if she stayed dead. It kinda feels like Kodaka pulled out at the last second, and it somewhat made the NG codes and Bandai's death look cheap. But I'm sure some of her fans are happy.

It's a short, yet packed finale. The anime indeed made some questionable decisions throughout, but nonetheless managed to wrap up many things from both the games and the rest of the DR 3 anime nicely.
Finally, I thank you, Kodaka, and every other staff involved with the series, for bringing us the Danganronpa series to our home.

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I'm going to kind of melt in Future and Despair side, as they are intended to be watched at the same time, but I'm mostly directing my attention to Future.

I used to be a big Danganronpa fan. I got the VITA for the sole purpose of playing the games, when SDR2 was only getting translated by some random people on the internet and the first game had just gotten localized. I've spent a lot of my time on Danganronpa, analyzing it, doing fanarts, discussing theories with other people, reading the fan-translated novels, playing Ultra Despair Girls, and although it had some flaws, I really the Danganronpa series overall.

But when I knew that they announced an anime, I just had this bad feeling. Danganronpa: The Animation wasn't really good, as the quantity of episodes was just not enough for the hole plot and it tried to fit like 20+ hours of gameplay in 13 episodes of approximately 25 minutes. 20+ of gameplay, details, plot, characters, into less than 6 hours approximately of an animation. And obviously, the adaptation wasn't really the best. But I thought, "Hey, they won't make the same mistake twice. Besides, two arcs? That's a total of 24 episodes, so maybe it will be different!"

Oh, how wrong I was.

Both despair and future side just tried to throw in a bowl and mix a lot of characters, random plot ideas, deaths with no meaning, and terrible death flags that screamed "hey lol i'm gonna die now". One of the major things about Danganronpa that I liked was how ridiculous, yet interesting the plot twists were. Even if you expected some of them, it was interesting to see how the dots connected, the contradictions, the solutions, and the characters going through that trip to the truth. And sometimes the twist would make you go "holy shit", because you didn't really get to see them coming.

Danganronpa 3 didn't include any of those. Instead, the supposedly "plot twists" were so predictable, they basically screamed to your face "enjoy this characters because we are going to kill it". All the raising of death flags was painful to see, it felt like watching a Blue's Clues episode of how obvious everything was. A lot of cheap and mediocre tactics to get the ratings up, including unnecessary weird fanservice (although I kind of can let that pass because almost all animes do that), fake deaths of loved characters to keep the "cliffhanger up", and most of the "cliffhangesr" were basically thrown out to hell next episodes as they killed the hype.

The new cast was basically introduced to just fill the background. There was almost no major development except for a few things, but most of them were just to basically boost up the stage for survivors of DR1, specially Naegi, who doesn't really change a lot and gets very repetitive. And there was almost no development on characters, mostly just good designs but empty shells. They just tried to throw plot ideas that ended up read more
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Well t be honest I didn't thought Kibou-Hen would be memorable or even good,but here I am writing yet another review of this "Danganronpa 3" anime.

To start off,the episode lets some plot holes escape from the story,that means they left several things without an answer.

The special begings where the last episode of Mirai-Hen finished,with Mitarai leaving towards the Future Foundation roof to broadcast a hope message while the rest tries to stop him(though it's not clear why).

The good and memorable thing about the episode is that both Zetsubou and Mirai-hen cast really had some small interaction.

The art stays the same way as it was in Mirai-Hen,though with more powerful and vivid colours due to the nature of zetsubou-hen characters.

The music was as good as in the games,with an epic song during the character introduction(zetsubou characters). Although there were not original songs(except for the ending which was pretty good) they came at the right moment.

This is actually the hardest part, though I said in my review of Zetsubou-hen that I liked the characters,in this adaptation(although they still have their goofy attitude) they feel somewhat lazier(the way they're written) specially because they just had 5 seconds of screen time alone. The Mirai-Hen characters were kinda better,excepting for Munakata(who didn't appear for the majority of the episode) who at the end made kind of a good character. Asahina,the drugged genie and brat boy Togami didn't quite helped in the situation(except for the latter who did sent help).Overall,the characters were enjoyable and had a great appéarance but it felt that they weren't that needed(as for Zetsubou.hen characters) and the others didn't do anything to solve the situation.

I really enjoyed the special,though it would've worked better as a 40 minutes special(not like a fucking normal episode) to explain exactly how did the characters of zetsubou -hen ended up there. Or how did they reverse from Depair to normal teenagers.Or how were they able to go to the surface if they were undewater. Or where exactly did Munakata vanished to. Or have a really cool fight with Mitarai(those are just my wishes) and more. In the end,it was a really enjoyable ending with a lot of sentimental moments. The appearence of the 77th class was great and epic,though it wasn't needed. The epilogue,although it was short,it was meaningful to the Danganronpa series.
Overall,as a one part anime special,it did a great job. Although it could've been a lot better, it was a sentimental journey for al DR fans. Giving just a wonderful finale in the sentimental and character development part(just the epilogue),but as the rest of the anime tried to be "dark and grim"it felt kinda anti-climatic,but what really kills the special is its legnth.Although it doesn't feel rushed,it would've explained things better and give a proper introduction to the 77th class.
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