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Masamune-kun no Revenge (Anime) add
Ah Masamune-kun no Revenge! Or what I consider a pale imitation of Nisekoi, but instead of having a fake relationship, there is a revenge story between the male and female MCs. In a few words, this anime is trash and it is not worth your time. But, with a greater analysis...

Story: 2.1/10

Well, I have to admit that Nisekoi's story also is kind of shit, but just watching the chemistry between the characters was a little bit endearing. In M-knR, there is not something like that and the plot is just mind-numbing forced melodrama. I also cannot understand why he would become even more terrible of a person just to take his revenge. Even if he got his revenge, none would ever like him anymore because he is a major jerk. As far as originality goes, this show has none.

And now to the icing of this disgusting cake:

Characters: 0.2/10

Let me show you what I think of each character:

-Masamune Makabe: A huge narcissistic jerk that I hope he gets karmic retribution. (If you saw Episode 8, you will know what I mean).
-Aki Adagaki (aka The Wicked Witch of the Show): A run of the mill tsundere who is just the unlikeable aspects of Chitoge in one person. Chitoge's mannerisms could be slightly justified because she is forced in a situation she hates to be in and she hadifficulties during her childhood which is explained later in the anime. But Aki is just a cold, spoiled, savage c*** who is clearly a nasty person that you must stay away from as much as you can.
-Yoshino Kowai (the Master): The person that helps the main protagonist who is completely apathetic and feels nothing about him. Basically, Kosaki Onodera's friend from Nisekoi, but with a kawaii upgrade and a stone-faced mask.
-Neko Fujinomiya: An exact copy of Marika Tachibana from Nisekoi. Basically, a beautiful and polite girl whose kindness is just a facade since she suffers from an illness and knew the main protagonist from her childhood. Even though I hated Marika from Nisekoi as much as I do not like Neko, she is actually the character that I dislike the least. Go figure!
-Tae Futaba (aka The Stereotype of the Class Rep): Kosaki Onodera but without a soul. She is just a walking trope with no character.
-Kojuurou Shuri: A pale unmemorable imitation of Hideyoshi from BakaTest. Just your typical trap.
-Masamune's mom: Why a loli mom? Only in Anime!

Overall, none of these characters is at least likable because either they are horrible persons or they are copies of characters already seen and done better in other shows. However, I feel a little empathy for Neko since she holds such a stance in her life even though she is sick.

Art/Animation: 6.7/10

I will admit that the art is actually fair to a certain extent, but it is generic as hell. And that sums up my thoughts about the animation.

Sound: 5/10

I did not like the op and the ost. The op was so annoying to listen to and read more
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Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
Let this be clear and try to get this off my chest before I get the hate. This is an opinion and I'll try to stay in touch of being informative. It may be a harsh criticism but keep in mind it's only one man's opinion.

Akame ga Kill is one of those shows that misleads the audience of generalizing what's is shown without stating what it is. Akame ga Kill was misconceptionalized as a "realistic", "dark",.........."MATURE". In actuality, it's your typical shounen action trope of the day. To be fair, the show is dark, but not as dark since you have unintentional comedic moments in the show that contrast from the show that it was trying to be. The artstyle, while not actually a problem, does prove why the show fails to be dark and gritty. Anything "good" about the show is nothing but pure enjoyment and character projection.

Akame ga Kill starts with our main character Tatsumi or whatever his name is (he's a forgettable character). He travels to the "Empire" (yes it is called the Empire, clever name for a city), and finds ways he can help his own village. Later, when robbed by Leone and broke, he encounters a benevolent wealthy family which holds a dark secret. That night, a group ofbassasins attacked the wealthy family and kidnaps Tatsumi and forced to join his group.

Now let's talk problems. One thing you may notice in the narrative that the characters motivations contradicts what actually led to a conflict. At one point, the Night Raid finds a target to kill but at one point we're suddenly at a beach episode which is massively common in anime. Another thing that Akame ga Kill fails miserably are the characters. Whether you like them or not, most are cookie-cutter generic anime personality traits ever to put on characters like Akame ga Kill. None have no personality other than they interact with each other so it matters either way.

The plot itself forces itself to have contrivances and plot convenience/device only to have the plot to keep moving. Also, for some weird reason, the show usually have "emotional hard-hitting" moments that supposedly be sympathetic or impactful but it comes as POINTLESS as they serve no purpose to the plot later on other than plot devices. This relates back to the characters, a huge downfall of the show itself. Little to no spoilers as said but a certain character dies after we been through a backstory...... At the same time. The kind of writing does not work because you're trying to invest your characters in an emotional standpoint but if you're deliberately kill them off at the same time, you're not taking your characters seriously.

Did I mentioned the writing of the script? Yeah, well to be honest, it does have potential but really, how many times we seen and hear these kinds of story without any interesting development to the whole premise. read more
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Oshiete! Galko-chan (Anime) add
(This review has been adapted from my blog/reddit thread. Spoilers ahead!)

When people look at me, they cannot believe that I love to listen to heavy metal.

The most recent disbelief actually came from someone close: my brother-in-law. We were talking about bands and music in general when I brought up Metallica, both my favorite heavy-metal band and my favorite music group ever. I rattled off some of my favorite songs – “Disposable Heroes,” “Blackened,” and so on – and he was taken aback at my adoration.

I don’t blame him for his surprise because, as an unassuming nerdy white guy, I don’t “appear to be” a fan of that kind of music. But that’s why we talk and listen to others in order to really understand them. In other words, interests, personality, and actions mean more than some jeans and a polo ever could.

And Oshiete! Galko-chan agrees.


Oshiete! (for short) takes a somewhat unconventional route: girl talk.

Make-up, breast sizes, and periods are the norm from episode to episode. For example, one scene has the girls checking out whether they should purchase pads or tampons while a later conversation has them discussing the difficulties associated with bra purchasing. Embarrassing discussions (usually posed as an opening question), but they provide a peek into a part of life that does not usually get publicly paraded.

Of course, the topics, while still stemming from the girls’ talk, do not strictly stick to just them. Earlobes aligning with nipples. The reason for varied bladder sizes between sexes. The absence of melanin in private places. All examples of Oshiete! continuing with the girl-centric motif while also broadening its reach into more semi-educational material.

In what can only be called a clever move, the anime also introduces a group of boys. They not only mix up the formula but also provide an outside perspective. Much of that perspective revolves around their libido-driven imaginations – they get excited when Galko talks about breasts being as soft as bread dough – but they help to accentuate the girl talk from the boy talk in a simple yet direct manner.

Simultaneously, much of the content, while serious or factual in its presentation, aims for comedy. Galko taking a euphemistic psychological test becomes a comedic scene when she gives her answer in an obliviously sultry way. Or Ojou mistaking a “rubber” for a bracelet as opposed to a condom puts her in quite the promiscuous-sounding situation.

And as can be gleaned from almost every example, sex has a lot of prevalence. Otako bringing up a “long-held belief that lips represent a person’s genitals,” an intense love scene during a movie, and one of the boys seeing the (to them ironic) white panties of Galko when she bends over to pick up a dropped pen. Sexual but contextual – these are boys and girls going through high school. So having material related to their natural, hormonal feelings only makes sense.

Besides the motif, the comedy, and the sex, Oshiete! even contains a prominent theme: It’s what’s on the inside that read more
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Hyperdimension Neptunia is one of the few "based on a game" anime series that I really, genuinely enjoyed. That being said, you may not enjoy it as much if you're not at least a bit familiar with the game series (the creators seem to assume that you are). For clarity, I'll break this into the standard 6 sections.

Story - 7/10
While this anime is based on the game series, this is essentially a standalone plot. The characters and villains are the same, but this is NOT a direct adaptation of any of the games.
It's largely episodic, with a few longer story arcs spanning multiple episodes. This all flows quite well if you're familiar with the series and the characters; otherwise it might be a bit of a struggle to follow at times. They had a LOT of canon material to work with, and while the pacing was good, there were a few episodes that left me asking "oh, is that it?"
It's primarily a comedy series, though towards the end it gets a good bit more serious and dramatic. This is a notable departure from the games, which tend to be lighthearted fluff all the way through (the only real tension in the games comes from the anticipation of an upcoming boss battle). The dramatic elements are done very well and contribute significantly to character development (which I will get into in more depth in the "Character" section). There are several moments that are quite emotional, which, again, is a departure from the normal tone of the series - if you're going into this expecting it to be exactly like the games you're going to be a little put off.
The last several episodes seemed to rush up to the climax pretty quickly, but overall it was a satisfying ending with no real loose threads.

Art - 7/10
The art in this show is pretty true to the games - the characters' outfits are spot-on, the backgrounds are done well in the familiar Gamindustri style, and the animation is for the most part fluid and good-looking. It's in a pretty standard cutesy magical-girl genre style, so if you like similar styles (KyoAni comes to mind, though their animation is quite a bit nicer) you'll probably like this.
The character designs are wonderful - though they're essentially identical to the designs from the games, so this anime isn't breaking any new ground here. I suppose the creators get points for keeping things exactly on-model. The characters are all distinct and memorable, and really, you can't go wrong with cute anime girls.

Sound - 8/10
Important to note for this section, I watched the English dub. This is because I previously played the games in English and I quite enjoyed the English VAs. This series has all the same VAs as the games (except for IF, who has a different voice - at first I didn't like that it was different but her VA does a good job with it and I came to enjoy it by the end of read more
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One Punch Man (Anime) add
One-Punch Man is like a parody of anime superhero that we usually see. superhero usually come from ordinary people who areweak then train hard or experience strange things that can be strong. In the anime usual super hero, hero usually lost first, then at the end suddenly issued a silver bullet and opponents were defeated. There will not be anyone like that in One-Punch Man. saitama, the protagonist has been strong from the beginning and can defeat the enemy only with one o'clock. The first hearing must be confused. Then how how to beat him? ifthe direct opponents lost no fun then? .. nah, this is the uniqueness of this anime. Even though it looks simple but there is a very intriguing fight because a lot of super hero characters in this anime. In fact, there is the association of all .. One-Punch Man offers a story more interesting than any other super hero anime too seriously. cool fighting scene tilled typical madhouse. Built also different atmosphere when saitama show innocent face and as he alternated serious face. Anime is certainly going to give you something different from anime - the usual superhero anime you watch. And again the second season of the anime will be released in april later. So do not wait.
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Sup' everyone my name is Aya and I'm here to bring you a review of Re: zero starting life in new world from zero commonly known as Re zero. And as before my last review this one doesn't contain any spoilers so don't be afraid reading. Just to make sure that this review is subjective and thus only includes my personal opinions and no offense to those who likes the show. It's okay if you love it.

So, Re zero, one of those most anticipated animes of 2016 and loved among many people. It received many praise from the start of the show.
So, is this worth the watch? We'll see.

Story 1/10

The story is focused on our main protoganist Natsuki Subaru. Subaru is just living one of those boring normal life and suddenly gets transported to a world that he much doesn't know about. He actually gets transported to a world where all these things you see in a fairy tail exists. It seemed pretty interesting at first and i thought more interesting things will come up. Sadly it disappointed me. Why did he get in that world? How did he get there? Who sent him there? Nothing about this was explained. Let's get to story again: when he got there he found himself with some bad guys and as usual like all the animes Subaru is saved by a random cute girl named Emilia who has lost something precious to her and starts helping her find it. Same old cliche crap.

And then after events Subaru gets himself in trouble and thinks he's dead but then founds himself back in the timeline where he first came in that magical world or whatever you wanna say. Then that encounter with emilia brings all sorts of trouble to him dying in the process multiple times and then comes back to the saving point. By saving point I mean when you save in game and die then come to the place where you saved. It just doesn't make sense why this happened to Subaru. They didn't even explain that. Thus there is nothing interesting or alot about the story cause nothing was told or explained as the story progressed.

Why Subaru got there? How does he have the power of returing back to the save point when he dies? Who and what is this ''witch'' that is mentioned multiple times in the story? Who are these other characters that disappeared and what they want? What is this magical/fantasy world? What was subaru back in the earth? Just what the hell is this show? Nothing was told. It jsut adds more characters and then make them disappear later on just to add up eps and this anime almost doesn't do anything afterwards. This is just a horrible example of magic and fantasy anime. And so overall the story of this anime is complete garbage.

Characters 1/10

The characters in Re zero is nothing but moving bodies and that is how it just seemed to me. There read more
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Durarara!! (Anime) add
Durarara really captivated me as an anime... why?
First of all, the story although it seems to start all over the place is all connected to the city of Ikebukuro, and that got me hooked. It had slice of life elements but watching more, I found out it wasn't slice of life, it was all connected... everything had a reason.
The art and sound as well, for a 2010 anime the opening and way the art was conveyed really allowed me to feel a connection to the anime.
Overall 9/10, this is very good and I recommend it to anyone whos looking for a little action, comedy, and amazing character development.
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Pupa (Anime) add
This show should have a negative enjoyment perhaps a -10/10 would suffice.
Now to try to attempt to review this show without spoiling it. Which, honestly, isn't a big deal, but I'll try not to. First off, twelve episode series (not that bad) but four minutes in length for each episode. Not the worse thing until the realization that it is trying to be more serious and dark. Not only does it fail to set this mood, but instead I found myself grinning to the incestuous dialogue (like "parts of me were sliding down her throat"). The premise is not bad, heck I dare say interesting, but with such poor execution, I could not take it seriously. Not to mention the cliche characters(the brother looks like every other male protagonist subtract black hair). All of this bundle together makes my enjoyment less than zero, because I really want to love it. As I said, an interesting premise, but the short episode length decimates any chance of setting it up properly.
The one good thing about Pupa is the art. I do enjoy the art style (hence the 7), it did a good job of taking my attention away from the horrible-everything-else. Alas, its not enough to save this show.
Overall, an interesting premise with poor execution. The art style is good (in my opinion), however the awkward dialogue along with the poor characters and very fast-paced story telling, makes me hate this show.
One final note: each episode is three minutes taking out the intro and outro, therefore the entire anime takes only half an hour to watch, so I still recommend you watching it. If not for enjoyment, then to see what makes an
anime bad.
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Akatsuki no Yona (Anime) add
About half way through this series I though I'd give it an overall 7/8. When I finished it, I found that they sill haven;t released season 2, and guess what. I'm not almost caught up with the manga.

This is now a 9 overall.

As the story progresses it really does get better and better. Literally my only disappointment is despite it's great reviews, it hasn't been renewed for a season 2. I find that very odd. It has all the makings of becoming a long, well known shounen like Full Metal, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail etc. It's up there, it really is.

It begins with a betrayal which is what leads to the MC becoming a strong and determined person. However, even in the betrayal story there is a twist. It seems there are rarely any fully evil people, which is the idea I think.

The romance element is subtle enough to not ruin the fighting and action part of the story, but strong enough to give you that cute little feeling in your stomach. All the guys are hot too, which is major bonus (Y) :')

They do a great job of building up on their backstorys as the show goes on. I find longer shounen like this time do that very well. They don't give you all the info in one go but enough to make you understand what's going on with them.

The comedy is brilliant! IT kind of reminded me a it of FMA and One Piece comedy. It helps break up the tension very nicely and makes you love the group even more. I enjoy that Yona doesn't want to remain a damsel for long and forces the guys to let her practice her combat skills, even becoming a formidable fighter.

This is 100% worth a try. With only 24 episodes in the anime until renewal, it's not a massive commitment that will take forever to get caught up to date either.
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ChäoS;Child (Anime) add
Good horror, impressive atmosphere, the single issue possible is the synopsis, depending of what happen after this episodes.
For those who hated Chaos;Head because the plot twist came from nowhere, their is some chance it is not the case with this one. At this time it look like more constructed, and I have already an idea about some futur plot twist. And, as in Steins;Gate I hope every things will take sens in the end of the anime. But it is already largely better than Chaos;Head.
There is a global guiding light, and it look like people don't forget their main goal ( in Chaos;Head they forgot it after 4 episodes ). And the synopsis is really good, and there is already some very strong scenes ! Maybe not as good as Steins;Gate ( not sure till it is not ended, depend if things are all explained before it end or not ), but clearly at the same level than Robotics;Note with an Universe looking as the Chaos;Head one.
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Beautiful Bones - Sakurako's Investigations is a really great show. Now to be honest I haven't really watched very many Strait mystery anime, Paranormal mystery yes. I've seen plenty of those. But a straight Mystery with no supernatural elements. This is new Territory for me. And I found myself Thoroughly entertained. I never thought the answer was too simple. Or the outcome to complicated. But you never know... Someone else my watch this call everything and call it boring. But I highly doubt it. This is a series that has light hearted moments that make you smile, heart pounding moments that have you on the edge of your seat. Worried sick for the characters, Thought provoking moments. and well a couple pretty damn dark moments as well.

Hey if your still unsure about weather or not you want to watch Beautiful Bones. Check out my video Review and Discussion for it. No major spoilers!

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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Anime) add
"In every age, in every place, the deeds of men remain the same"
"Lay your heart upon the sea of stars"
"Somewhere there's a dream in my heart, in the skies of love"

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a magnum opus, a grand spectacle that is hidden well in the anime universe, a diamond in the rough reaching a pinnacle of the "greatest" anime of all times. I have to respect LogH because naturally, it has a reason why it is top of it's game. Of course, we have to see that the series is clearly OVERRATED and highly praised but it is for a good reason. Many adore it and many don't, Legend of the Galactic Heroes isn't your anime series with various cliches to hook any average anime watcher. However if this show can keep you hooked through the end then prepared for its epic gloriousness.

To start off this review, Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a space soap opera, spanning 110 OVAs with a collection of side stories and 2 movies. The anime boast a very vast complexity of its world and characters which folds a very rich and deep narrative ever put onto an anime. Legend of the Galactic Heroes is also rich in dialogue, which is cleverly written and relies heavily on the dialogue since it is the main highlight of the show itself. Granted, it can bevery tedious how the dialogue relies itself for exposition but the dialogue is so dense that you'll be stuck glued to the seat watching military officers talks of politics and the others for strategic battle formations.

Our setting takes place around the 36th Century, near the vastness of space and time. For 150 years, two opposing factions, The Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance, face off in a grueling, intense, and violent battles of which will rule, Dictatorship or Republican Democracy. Here we introduce our two main characters, Reinhard von Musel later Reinhard von Lohengramm, an aristocrat brat notorious for his military genius as he rose through the ranks of at a very young age of 17. Yang Wenli, a historian wanting normal life to teach history but with no money to pay for his college funds, he joins the Free Planets Alliance to allow them to pay for his tuition. Branded as the natural military genius in military tactics, he was well renowned as the Hero of El Facil, praised and sometimes feared by his comrades.

Other than the main characters, the side characters actually serves purpose in the main story as they are given in-depth characterization in which they hugely impacted the story. Characters like Julian, Mittlemeyer, Reuenthal, Fredrica, Anne Rose, Hildegard, and numerous side characters matters in Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

The space battles in Legend of the Galactic Heroes aren't your typical over the top shounen, but it stays in touch with the grounded read more
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Yuri!!! on ICE (Anime) add
After watching the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2016 and some Youtubers reactions to it I decided to give Yuri!!! on ICE a go. At first I quite liked it, then it became less and less enjoyable with every episode...

I generally don't watch sport animes nor BL so the show was new to me in these aspects, but did not capture me in the slightest because of these elements.

Let's start with the sport aspect... For the first 5 or so episodes it felt like I was watching the Olympics. I did not really understand how difficult the performances were but it felt good to see them. After that it just became more of the same with more and more forced personal struggle. The last 2 episodes were really really boring because of this....

For the BL part it felt like it was there to be there so our main character could improve for a reason and that's all. It was obvious from the start but there weren't enough screen time for it to feel entirelry right with me when the establishment of the relationship happened. There were tears, anxiety, happiness after that but all of it felt forced and it got more screen time than necessary...

The story was like this: Get somewhat familiar with the characters > Competition > New characters > Competiton > New characters > Competition and that's all. Because of this the characters were vague for me. All had some kind of a dream but nothing I would remember after some days. Especially Yuri's character was bad. It was all over the place. Agressive, submissive, brave, cool, crybaby, anxious, etc. Inconsistency in it's finest.

The art and animation was alright but a lot of short clips were repeated more than once. I did not like the skating bits however. They felt too much like cheap green screen parts from older live action movies with unmoving backgrounds... The character designs compansated for it though, they were quite good.

The one part I praise is the sounds. The OP and ED were good especially the OP as far as the music goes (The animation for them was kinda meh...). The songs the skaters were skating to were diverse but enjoyable and really set a mood for the skating. The voice actor selection for the skaters were really good as well amd they did a fine job with their lines.

The last thing I would like to rate is the fanservice. It was definitely for the female watchers. Asses, musculine (half-)naked men, shiny and tight costumes for the performances, and some close up lipshots...I still can't get over those....

All in all it was watchable, even entertaining to some degree. I expected far worse than what I got because of the Youtube reviews.
I wouldn't recommend it to everyone but if you like ice skating or shipping male characters with each other then give it a go.

Btw I'm a straight man in his early twenties with an acceptance to homosexual relationships. Maybe someone can better understand this review read more
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Kokoro Connect (Anime) add
I think this anime is pretty good and fun to watch. The conflict really exciting and tense drama romance passable. Munkin can I tell you a little. At the beginning, they seemed just ordinary teenagers. But, these supernatural phenomena forging them to continue to change and become more mature. Five of them so you can understand what the other felt by his friends in the gang was well, can mutually accept what when several secrets revealed, encouraging each other even if one of them jatoh too palace. Their friendship was really tested, because usually in a particular phenomenon in the relationship between them change tenuous. But they do not want to give up the same fate. They did not have a perfect solution for every problem, but keep trying with everything they Milki within each until finally Heartseed come and announce if the phenomenon stops. (If Heartseed already feel satisfied, then the phenomenon stops) Obviously, a great character development could not be built if the characters themselves do not have anything interesting. Yep, that's the power of the next three characters themselves.
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Bloodivores (Anime) add
I gave this anime 9/10 and i think it deserves much more then other people gave that anime only because they score high only the "mainstream".
In my opinion anime have really interesting plot and its good variation about "vampires". Yes bloodivores are basically more science related vampires. Anime is based on Chinese manhwa and i dint read it so i cant and i will not score this anime based on how "true" it is to it paper original. Story is great trust me only sad thing is it doesn't advance that much and ends in "cliffhanger" so the second season maybe will be made.
Animation is really god but its not beast I've seen, would be great if characters and background would have more details. And if we speak about characters they are really good, maybe not so awesome deep but they have they story and secrets.
Sound and music in this anime is medicore, dont get me wrong its not annoying its just not getting "into ear".
I really enjoyed this anime and i think its one of better anime in last season so just try.
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Kemono Friends (Anime) add
"Where Am I?"
What's this? Why am I enjoying it so much? It looks terrible, if you take a still shoot from any scene it'd seem like it was a shitty CG art made by some random amateur. Maybe it's this world created with a very minimal population, the feeling of a fairly big enough environment where everyone has a happy life with happy events and happy friends but for some reason something seems to missing be, somehow there is a feeling of emptiness in this land of cute animal anime girls and microbiomes. There are big rivers with destroyed bridges, tall mountains with abandoned stores, long and lonely empty roads, etc.
Japari Park is a world in where animals seem be the only inhabintants, and in these place the same animals interact with creations made by men(buildings, vehicles, books, etc.). They adopt human traits and seemingly create a culture of their own. Some create, and others destroy. Some want to find secrets about the wolrd they live in, and others just want to have a good time. Dispite being a vast place with some few living in it, Japari Park seems like seems more lively that it should have to be.

"Where's Everyone?"
Humans build great monuments, create beautiful pieces of art, and try to rationalize everything in this reality; but they are physically weak compared to other creatures, they lack qualities that other species had gained through evolution. And when we don't compare ourseleves to other animals, we compare ourselves to others who we think are better than us. But what if there was no one but yourself, animals, and all that was created by previous inhabitants of the world? You'll try to find your place, try to find answers of who you are. As a modern human, you were raised in this enviroment of comfort in where your kind controls a vast amount of natural resources to sustain themselves. As an isolated human, there are things that only you can understand that other species don't(if they could talk there might be chance that they would praise you), and that's what will make you special from other kinds of animals.
"What kind of animal am I?" is the question that that Bag-chan asks herself frequently and it is also the main focus of the first half of the series, and when she finally founds out her identity as a human, there a rises a bigger question: "What happened to all humans?". For some reason this question gives a me chilly feeling. The fear of extinction is some how rational(Right?). If sunddenly everyone was gone but yourself, you'd probably want to know why is that. Some people may have already compared this to "Life After People" with cute anime girls, but I can't stress this enough.

"What Will Happen at The End?"
By the time I'm writing this, the series hasn't really ended yet. So probably the resolution of this series might be something related to some random magical event or read more
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Tenshi no Tamago (Anime) add
Mamoru Oshii, the same creator who made the critically acclaimed Ghost in the Shell, was uncertain why he made this OVA. Upon the OVA's release, people gave speculations about the OVA's of what's the theory behind the idea of Tenshi no Tamago. He stated himself that he doesn't know the whole meaning behind the OVA thus leaving the viewers interpretation to run wild and provide their own unique theories. That's Tenshi no Tamago as a whole

To start this off, this movie isn't for everybody because the OVA convey heavy religious symbolism and lacks of any dialogue with an exception of 5 or 10 entire lines of the movie. If you're uncomfortable about religion, don't watch this movie as you get turned off by this movie. The movie is meant to be visually artisitic in terms of narrative which it has done in psychological aspect. The movie unintentionally hooks you in with gorgeous backgrounds that reminiscent of many painting that brings meaning to life if that make sense. Of course, the whole movie is an entire painting brought to life with heavily philosophical ideas of religion passed on. Oshii was studying religion at the time even Christianity by the time when making the movie himself.

The whole setting takes place in a post apocalyptic world with no apparent name. The world is vastly dim, vacant with a void of life, giving a feeling of dread when you first experience Tenshi no Tamago. There are only two characters in the entire movie, a young girl who finds an egg and becomes overly protective and extremely fond of the egg and a mercenary who has an unclear motive of what his ambitions were but each of them carries a symbolic meaning to their entire characterization.

Now in most of generic story telling, amensia is mainly common to serve as plot device to cheaply give tension and ruins the experience. That's not the case with Tenshi no Tamago the two characters purposely forgotten their objective and uncertain of their own goals on what they'll achieve. To give a quick representation, the girl represents a strong religious faith of blindly being optimistic and the mercenary is somewhat of an anti-christ although he has no malicious intent towards the girl but has a realistic mindset of what he wants to do with the egg.

The movie is a masterpiece of conveying a mysterious atmosphere, void of life and sets the mood where you feel uneasy as you're done with the movie. Without any dialogue, the movie makes it self into an art form, expressing religious beliefs and convey a very ambiguous message as stated before, it's up to the viewers interpretation of the movie.

This underrated psychological/dementia 1985 OVA classic is worth watching due to it's masterful storytellling due to it's wonderful visuals to tell a narrative
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6 hours ago
Tamako Love Story (Anime) add
this is the only Movie so far in my anime watching life that made me fall asleep after 20 minutes of it its sooo boring not to mention it has no resolution what so ever so they confess and that's all what hapens after that is Ouji still going to Tokyo no body knows this anime leaves a void if wasted time all people should watch is the last 5 minutes of and maybe the first 10 the rest is boring sry but after watching Kimi no Na wa love story films have to try as hard in my eyes or at least have something interesting in them
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Seto Kaiba made this whole film worth watching for me. If it wasn’t for Kaiba just being Kaiba I would’ve clocked out of this movie a long time ago. However, while I did like this movie focusing primarily on Kaiba having to deal with the loss of his rival. There was some serious WTF!? moments in the movie. Honestly, the salt of Kaiba was way too high in this film, forcing him to go through extremes just for one more shot at his rival. All in all if you ignore some of the gaping plot holes in this film, it can be a pretty decent watch, especially if you have been a fan of the original Yu-Gi-Oh. I guess the main benefit of this movie is can get the younger generation to know the original Yu-Gi-Oh, since most of the younger audience will probably only be familiar with the newer Yu-Gi-Oh episodes. This film did manage to play on the Nostalgia well, but not good enough to ignore some of the fatal problems with the movie and it’s characters
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7 hours ago
Toradora! (Anime) add
I thought OreImo had taken the cake for how much rage I could feel during an anime. Turns out I was wrong. Toradora is the single most infuriating experience I've ever had.

I would write an objective review but I simply can't write this without including the sheer pain I felt watching this atrocity. If you want some more objective stuff, skip to the next point down. I have kept this review spoiler free.

• The Definition of Insanity

I hate this show. I despise it. It went from generic, to boring, to anticlimactic all the while keeping me infuriated. And it left me with a lingering feeling of hopelessness, confusion and still anger. And yet I watched the whole thing. And yet I enjoyed the story in a twisted way. My entire essence of being is bamboozled.

So, let's get this out of the way first. Don't like tsundere? Please God do not make the same mistake I did. Skip. This. Anime. The MC is a doormat for most of it, though better than some, and main-side character, Taiga, is full on tsundere.

The first few episodes set up the premise, doing so in a way that made me think, eh why not let's see how this goes. But I should have seen the signs and just stopped there before I went so far down the rabbit hole I felt I had to reach the bottom.

Instead, I suffered through a good 10 episodes at least of constant tsundere that made me want to claw my eyes out, and yet I still kept on watching. There's not much to say, any memory of the plot stored in my brain had been fused out by the rage I felt. It was lots of school stuff and relationships and backstory and was painfully slow and boring. I suppose I have to admit it did acceptably story-wise, though characters acted infuriatingly at times. I suppose that comes with the genre.

After getting through the middle of the show, things start heating up. Plot points everywhere, drama drama drama. Also tsundere, I don't think I mentioned that yet. On the bright side, Taiga warms a bit as the show goes on, like any not-trash tsundere should. Not that any tsundere is ever not trash. We have multiple characters that could be romance interests, attempts at hooking up, lots of exploring why that isn't happening, that kind of thing. Honestly the plot here drew me in, helped by the fact that Taiga was toned down.

The ending was... weird. I felt like it was trying to teach me a life lesson, but all it succeeded in doing was make me yell at my monitor that I would give the show one star if it went where I thought it would. It didn't, but the ending episode is pretty much a huge plot twist moment made, I hypothesize, precisely to infuriate me, specifically. Just a little bit more blood pressure after 24 other episodes of pure vain bursting. Then, in the last read more
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8 hours ago
Kuroshitsuji (Anime) add
Kuro is my guilty pleasure. It has many shortcomings and I recognize them all, but it will forever hold a very special place in my heart. My crush on Sebastian Michaelis was the reason which pushed me into anime, and I will forever be grateful to Kuro for that.

Surprised to see so many positive reviews; thought there would be more criticisms. Anyway, set in Victorian London, the anime is a visual delight. It does lack in quality from time to time, and the plot is all over the place (it begins with Sherlock style episodes and then quickly forgets about solving crimes and focusing on other issues).

The highlight of the series for me (as is with 99% of its fans) were Sebastian. Then there's the very cute (but bratty) Ciel, Seb's relationship with Ciel, Grell and even William. Hahaha. Bassy's sass is to die for. Don't watch it for the plot (there's not much to it). Kuro does shine in bits and pieces, but who cares?

Michaelis more than makes up for every flaw in the series.
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8 hours ago
Tokyo ESP (Anime) add
Tokyo ESP is focused on the struggles of high school student Rinka Urushiba and several others who are granted esper abilities from mysterious fish that enter their bodies. While making sense of their unique predicaments, Rinka and her comrades have to deal with an enemy organization trying to organize an esper resistance against humanity by using the mysterious fish to force people into becoming espers.

My thoughts on this series as a whole are a bit mixed. The series starts out like Berserk and Ga-Rei: Zero where you are tossed immediately into the main conflict of the series without any buildup before the second episode takes events before said conflict starts off to show how it got to that point. I've started to get irked when titles pull this type of plot structure off because it risks turning off first-time viewers of the series who have no clue what they are in for. But setting that gripe aside for now, the second episode and onward do a great job for the most part at establishing its characters and building up its plot to show the characters reacting in varying ways to gaining their esper powers. Established characters have their motivations explored for how they utilize their newly acquired esper powers and why they protect or oppose humanity utilizing them. The series also explores the origins of the mysterious fish that grant espers their power and how this knowledge is being abused by the enemy esper organization. In addition, the animation for the series is quite impressive with highly-detailed scenic shots and character designs, as well as fluid and smoothly animated action sequences that are a treat to see in fights that break out between espers and/or military and police forces.

Setting aside praises, the series does come with its fair share of issues. Being based on a shounen manga series, the idealist bent that many titles of the demographic have in presenting their characters has a bad habit of coming up quite often throughout the series. This is quite notable with our series lead, Rinka, who seems single-mindedly interested in upholding justice and being a hero, which makes her character seem two-dimensional and hard to connect with as a result. The series also gets in the bad habit of seeming to get a bit too preachy and heavy-handed with the whole "being a hero" belief in opposing the enemy esper organization at large. Not helping matters is also the inconclusive ending as another enemy appears to enter the conflict with little established about them and still being at large, a typical issue with many anime given the title's manga source material was still ongoing at the time Tokyo ESP began airing in Japan.

Overall, Tokyo ESP decent plot structure and buildup in focusing on how its major characters respond to gaining esper powers and what side they will take against an enemy esper organization, that gets somewhat marred by the typical idealist bent that many shounen titles fall into and its inconclusive ending. read more
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9 hours ago
Hakushaku to Yousei (Anime) add
I watched this whole bloody thing bloody thing because it was only 12 episodes and I was hoping it would get better.

I began watching because literally, I liked the look of the character I was after a nice romantic storyline, which there... sort of... was?

I felt like there was no natural progression and there wasn't a clear difference between when the characters first met and how they felt at the end.
I had to ask google to explain to me the storyline because it was very choppy and seemed to miss out some essential information that probably would have made it flow better. I have a feeling the manga probably tells the story better.

Egar the main characters is using Lydia at first to get this powerful sword to prove his status in the world as since losing his parents, he has lost that. Eventually he falls in love with her. It sounds like a cool transitional romantic story line that many anime use as a base - you know, began with no feelings, progressed into love because one of the characters is just so kind they can't help it? Well! The problem is, Edgar is so flirtatious in the beginning that it isn't easy to see when his feeling become genuine. His flirting is borderline creepy too and slightly abusive. Although he never forces her to do something she doesn't want to, he looks as though it's a huge effort to make that decision.

Lydia also only progresses the tiniest bit towards falling for Edgar and it's kind of frustrating.

There is little character development for the others also.

I really could go on. I kept up with this anime till the end as I was curious about the storyline.
Meh. It wasn't the worst thing I've seen. Ones I REALLY don't like I drop after a few episodes
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9 hours ago
Psycho-Pass (Anime) add
This is a short and spoiler free review.

Psycho Pass had a great premise and it could have been an excellent series, if only the writers had focused more on the technologies of the future and how they were misused by people for their own purposes. However, the technology took a back seat an the focus was mostly on solving crimes, which in essence doesn't make it any different from other crime/detective animes.

The biggest drawback of this show is its characters. Except 2 villains, NONE of the characters have any character development. They are fairly one (or is it two?) dimensional. The female MC (Akane Tsunamori) is fuking annoying. How the fuk did she even manage to pass her psychological exams (I'm assuming they had those) when she's so fuking naive and stupid? How can a police officer have the luxury of maintain such ideals, seeing the type of people and crimes her department deals in?

From what I've observed, this is the biggest drawback with the female characters in anime -
They're either tsunderes or unbelievably meek/naive/stupid/gaily/feminine women who don't seem to possess a brain. I guess the men in Japan fail to realize that women can, in fact, be.....*gasp* multi dimensional creatures that can't easily be put into boxes.

Akane was the WORST thing about the anime. And she isn't even cute. Why do people call her that? Her doe eyes add to her "naivety" and made her appear even more unattractive to me.

PS. She did pretty much nothing in the anime. Remove her from it and things would have progressed EXACTLY like they would have. Another useless female "protagonist" by make animators. What a surprise.

PPS. The other two female characters were meant to be eye candy. They too had no roles whatsoever in the series. At least up until season 1. Because that's when I stopped watching Psycho Pass.
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Kuzu no Honkai (Anime) add
Story (9)
The plot is interesting, unconventional and well paced. I enjoyed it a lot, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Characters (10)
We tend to present ourselves in ways that make us look more socially acceptable than we are. Kuzu no Honkai is a good reflection of this. The characters look like ordinary, mild mannered individuals, and yet, they think ugly thoughts and behave in scummy ways. This might sound off-putting to some people, but it’s both realistic and fascinating. Although they look like typical anime tropes (the aloof dark-haired girl, the generic bishounen), the characters are all startlingly human.

Art (10)
The art is beautiful, with clean lines and nice colours. What makes it really stand out is the symbolism hidden inside. For example, the inkblots in the ED depict sexual imagery in a surreal, artsy way, similar to what you would see in a Rorschach test. You can see Hanabe’s side profile emerge from a splotch that looks suspiciously like a bright pink vagina, which is pretty... interesting. Everything is left open to interpretation, and these kinds of touches help add a whole new dimension of madness and perversion to the show.

Sound (7)
The voice acting was good. OP and ED are both decent as well.

Enjoyment (9)
Hell, I liked it so much that I went ahead and finished the manga. The characters can be scummy and sometimes they behave in ways that make you want to tear your hair out, but this show is definitely worth a shot.
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10 hours ago
Tsubasa Chronicle (Anime) add
Before watching this anime I'd heard CLAMP disliked it as an adaption and pretty much disowned it later on. After watching it myself I find it veeerrry obvious why; this adaption is just plain BAD.

The animation is cheap and nasty looking. The characters are often off model, there's very little movement and the colour pallet is sludgy and washed out.
There's filler and padding up the wazoo. I get the feeling the writers were trying to ape Card Captor Sakura and expand upon the foundations built in the manga. Inside they stuffed episodes with scenes and conversations that go nowhere and add nothing. One actually damaged a later reveal by stupidly giving away the answer to an important mystery.
The music is generic at best and used very clumsily. High enery (or at least as much as this anime could manage) fight scenes were scored with slow, peaceful tracks while ordinary conversations had dramatic tracks. Why?
It didn't solve any problems the original manga had and instead actually made them worse.

My advice, stick with the manga. It's far from perfect but SO much better than this.
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11 hours ago
Youshou (Anime) add
midnight strike force is one heck of a hentai but only since of its humorous dub, i would have never had an interest in it if the dub wasn't done in such a comedic manner i didn't watch the sub but i doubt this was the official script' it was quite hard to find the dub but then i just searched up "youshou dub" and it came up (yay), i was quite pleasantly surprised this hadn't had a review already and i feel privileged to be able to write the first review of this on mal

so basically it had a pretty complex (for a hentai) plot since these three chicks were assigned to find out where missing dead bodies were going at this hospital and it was basically this evil woman who's body was decaying and wanted a new one but all the bodies weren't working or something like that bit who goes to hentai for a plot anyway pffft

I'm not an avid watcher of old anime so i don't know if this is good for when it came out but it wasn't bad, i was pretty surprised by who the cum was drawn like it was clear and i didn't realize it was cum at first since usually cum is thick and creamy like

im guessing sound adds voice actors and shiz so yesssss it exactly what you'd expect from a dubbed old anime, ugly voices and terrible voice acting but i script like damn idk if the actors made it up themselves like in ghost stories but it felt like they did

such classics as girl who can kick ass, girl who can fold things and do magic and last but not least the girl with glasses that's smart, what makes them so great is just the shear ridiculous of them like im prone to cringe at cliche stuff in anime and this is straight up mocking it which i just adore

enjoyment:10 /overall:9
i really god damn enjoyed this and i think its a great example of a "so bad its good anime" ut would be hilarious idf you watched it with your friends

also the actual sex scenes were nothing special tbh as i said this was a hentai with a plot and usually hentai with plots don't have as many sex scenes
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11 hours ago
Shiki (Anime) add
I can't tell you the last time I've watched through a show consistently. I think I finished Shiki in two days. I won't give away any spoilers though!

First, I'll point out some common themes you'll see throughout this show: death, anxiety, ethics. In a weird sense it had me questioning myself like when I watch Death Note. The psychological thriller aspect is definitely here.

The story progresses really well. Since it's only 22 episodes, there is only so much story to cram into Shiki. Each episode builds off of the previous one and you're always wanting to watch more.

The art was decent. I'm a sucker for more flashy and colorful design, but I think the art was appropriate for the story of Shiki. Be warned, this show is pretty gorey. I caught myself looking away a few times.

The soundtrack is amazing. The composer did a great job fitting it with the story. The music will definitely trigger and have you cry at those moments.

Characters jump back and forth, so it's hard to consistently keep up with one. I think this is part of what makes Shiki so fast paced for me.

Overall, I recommend this show. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Today, 5:38 AM
Otaku no Video (Anime) add
Ken Kubo was just your ordinary Japanese college student. He had a beautiful girlfriend, a passion for a sport he was genuinely talented at, and a satisfying life with little to no problems to worry about. Everything was going just fine for young Ken, when he ran into an old friend from high school who’s dedicated his life to a surprising hobby. Tanaka, having put on a generous portion of weight since their last meeting, has fallen into otaku culture, a certified never never land where adults turn their backs on conventional society to pursue every possible facet of an underground counter-pop-culture revolving around obscure, esoteric subjects such as animation, idol singers, special effects movies and even military paraphernalia. He initially raises his eyebrow at such juvenile fare, but soon finds himself slowly being sucked in, and before he knows it, he gets in way over his head and begins to change on a drastic level, losing both the respect and affection of his girlfriend along with any hint of his old social life.

Having left everything behind, Ken quickly realizes that the only direction he can move is now forward, so that his newfound passion doesn’t have to be a dead end. Instead, he dedicates his life not only to experiencing otaku culture, but changing it, and becoming one with it, so that he may one day become one of the greatest otaku the world has ever known. With the help Tanaka and the rest of his nerdy, passionate friends, Ken Kubo begins to climb the ladder of success as a content creator, overseeing the production of model kits in both Japan and China, all of which is a part of his grand plan to unite all of the otaku of the world in harmony under his rule as the Otaking, leading up to his grand ambition, a future theme park called Otakuland! But when his best friend turns his back on him and sells him out to hand the company over to the least expected person imaginable, will Ken be able to land on his feet, and will the otaku of the world ever live to see the day where they’ll be respected by society?

One of the first things you’ll want to know about Otaku no video is that, unlike most anime, it’s not entirely animated. A good chunk of it’s running time consists of live action interviews conducted in mockumentary style with different kinds of otakus, and these segments are spliced throughout the ova. I’ll talk more about those later, but more importantly, with only two 40 minute episodes and large portions of film that didn’t need to be animated, you might think it would be really simple to set aside a decent budget for the animation portions. And come on, this is Gainax, even a lot of their earlier works are more or less impressive in the visual department. this is unfortunately not the case, as read more
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When I saw the name SAO, I taught is going to be another disappointment after the release of two seasons. However, SAO ordinal scale improves in certain parts that keeps me going till the very end. But the show can be quite flawless in terms of plot and characters.
The story was quite amusing in the beginning where they introduced us to a whole new game that is full of new challenges that players have to face greater foes in order to be rewarded. But then you will feel that the story can be quite puzzling towards the end of the movie as there are some unexplained question that needs to be answered. And the whole antagonist plot is just something that is not too devilish enough compare to the other antagonist from the previous SAO anime films such as death gun. It can be a little bit predictable in someway especially towards the end. Well, the bright side of this movie is that the romance seems like a huge development as they focus more into the two main characters. On the other hand, the action sequence was superior great and stunning especially towards the end. The story is mediocre but at least it has great and solid action sequence moments. The emotional moments of this movie is quite decent enough but is not that great compare to season 1.
No doubt as the anime has wonderful and splendid arts. The art works perfectly fine with the characters especially the female characters in it.
Sound: 8/10
Well the ost is basically Swordland but they manage to have some new music that is much darker and there is more beat into it. And the ending song was perfect as much as I can say.
Character:6 /10
There will be light spoilers for the antagonist part about Eiji. Well there is no more harem type as Kirito and Asuna are together most of the time in the anime. The other characters like Sinon and Klein are great but there are bunch of annoying characters in it such as Silica, Yui and Liz. I just really hope that they reduced the screen time on this three characters and give more screening time for Sinon and Klein. About the antagonist, (There will be light spoilers in it) Eiji was a bad ass dude but then I could even predict that he was going to be duped or manipulated by the main mastermind which is almost towards the end. And they do not focus on him after that. They just throw him off like a piece of garbage as he was not important to the movie. I wanted Eiji to fight Kirito as the final showdown as Eiji was quite powerful in the anime. But then after when Kirito defeated Eiji almost towards the end, we get some strange final boss in the end just like Batman versus Superman where they throw in doomsday inside as the final showdown. The read more
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Kemono Friends (Anime) add
To begin with, if you have unfairly high expectations of anime and/or enjoyed Sword Art Online you probably won't like this. That aside, this anime is much better than the reviews make it out to be.

Story - The story is simplistic but it has huge degrees of charm which I can't really say for a lot of other anime of this type. Why is the story simplistic? Hugely because it was almost certainly made for children so reviewing it from an angry teenager's point of view isn't fair. Alas, the story involves animal personifications, known as friends by the show and a lost girl wandering Japari Park (A Zoo). They meet more friends and overcome small challenges on their way.

There isn't much more to it than that but where the beauty comes from is there is a lot you can speculate about the story which makes things appear a bit darker but you would need to watch for yourself to really get a feeling of that.

Art - The killer for 99.9% of people it seems. I'll admit off the bat, it's not perfect but it's not the worst. Kemono Friends is 3DCG and yes, some of the movements and what not are slightly awkward but when you get past this it almost gives a weird extra level of charm to certain characters? Take for example, the way Serval walks - she has what looks like an awkward swing to her arms when she moves but it almost becomes adorable when you are able to get past the "oh so unholy" art that people believe in.

Sound - The best part in my opinion. OP is great, character's voices are great, background noises are also great. Not much else I can really say about this.

Character - Just like the story, characters are simplistic but have a lot of charm. Each and every one is based around an animal (or a bag in Bag-Chan's case). This serves to teach about animals of the world to the point intermission scenes will show a certain character in their natural environment with a Zookeeper from real world zoos talking about the animal in question. This not only serves to educate you but also to a degree helps you understand the characters on a better level.

Enjoyment - Personally, I really enjoyed what is available to me at the time of writing (7/12). I'm very likely to watch it to the end as again, the charm really hits hard and I am incredibly curious about if the darker side that appears to be there will be touched on in the actual story.

Overall - Cute and simplistic 3DCG anime, definitely worth a watch if you're not expecting Sword Art Online Season 3 or something like that. It's strongest point is easily the amount of charm. Really recommend this.
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Today, 4:23 AM
Handa-kun (Anime) add
Despite of others saying that this show is a total disaster. I'll give this one a proper review.

Handa-kun failed to be a proper prequel for Barakamon and everybody knows that "but" succeeded as a pure "Comedy Anime Show" for having very good interactions despite of having unclear plot. I can respect that the writing here is not that good but the interactions are very decent. With good comedic timing + refreshing slice of life genre, you can almost compare the series to some shows like "The Disastrous Life of Saiki K", "Sakamoto desu ga?", "Daily Lives of Highschool Boys and "Nichijou" which are very very good comedy shows. So Handa-kun failed to be a proper prequel for Barakamon yet succeeded to be a decent comedy show. So for me, the show is not a pure disaster.

- lovable characters
- great interactions
- having the main strength of a pure comedy series
- decent comedy
- The show's execution on Handa's development is not that bad tbh
- the ending of the anime had this jazzy with strong modern tone to it YET being one of the most memorable "endings" of 2016
- Ending adding more characters evry episode is so powerful
- strong school/slice of life genre

- failed to be a proper prequel for Barakamon
- the art is less detailed
- writing is fine but not that great also

Overall 7/10 if you love the slice of life / comedy series, trying this series before Barakamon is a good choice! Finishing this fine quality series and then advancing to the more well Adapted "Barakamon" is better than watching barakamon > Handa-kun. Overall a good series as a pure comedy, not prequel. You'll enjoy this one :))

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Today, 3:38 AM
Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor (Anime) add
Fafner tries to be a good show but it is such an average typical mecha filled with forced, cheesy, and fake dramatical moments that despite it retaining some entertainment value and possessing a good mystery draw to uncover, this show is hard to watch. The drama is filled with cheesy lines and other additions such as forced tears and little to no sufficient character development to ensure viewers would feel anything during these emotional or dramatic scenes. During fights pilots often scream like maniacs and it can carry on a bit too long when they do. Only a few characters have any development or capacity to draw viewers in enough for form a connection. Most enemy characters have no sense of connection or development that result in enemies a bit too flat. The flow of the story draws little to no distinction who the enemies are and yet the islanders end up feeling like abused victims though they never appear to blame any of the enemies or have the will to resist or retaliate once they are face to face. Nothing really stands out as unique so about the series from other mecha or other anime.


*Untapped potential to be a much better anime
*A theme of resolution other than violence
*Though few, there are some likable and somewhat developed characters
*Imaginative look at an apocalypse futuristic setting in an alternate world
*Humans with unique gifted qualities perfect for facing the crisis


*Most characters totally lack any development or connection to viewers
*Dramatic and emotional moments are cheesy, fake, and forced
*Lousy non universal views of morals and ethics though done in a confusing conflicting way.
*No sense of consequences for bad decisions such as betrayal
*Poor story logic (mostly to do with poor emotional scenes, betrayals and behaviors of those betrayed, and non sensical lines that do not line up with previous dialogue, actions, or results.
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Today, 3:34 AM
Kemono Friends (Anime) add
Great work, not for the faint-hearted.

Colorful Artwork. pleasurable style of coloring yet feeble at some point.

Different plot on each episodes, you'll learn many animal trivia. delightful for those who love animals.

Cute characters.

Some may enjoy the CG and some may not.

Heartwarming yet at the same time inadequate kick to the story line.

Enjoying it so far.

Entertaining to watch.

"unique" breakthrough kind of anime.

Definitely made for Adult viewers.

Perfect to grab on spare time, break, or even holidays (Chilling)

May be strange for some people, but you'll get used to it pretty fast.

Overall 8/10 recommended for spring anime.

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Today, 1:56 AM
Hotaru no Haka (Anime) add
When I watch the beginning of this anime.I quite doubt this anime because the graphics are so old. Initially I was interested in this anime because the ratings were so high and I finally watched it. But after I watched it. I was so amazedat the story. This anime is about a brother and sister who are struggling to survive in the middle of a war between Japan and America. Every day fighter always come dropping bombs. The Japanese people can survive only place of refuge every day. The story began when the sister's brother wanted to go to places of refuge. But when he got dipengungsian. They should listen to the bad news that his mother was severely injured shows that in the end he died. Anime is served with a very nice storyline and also sad.
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Yesterday, 11:56 PM
Ben-To (Anime) add
So what to say: not bad, its shame there is no more but well.

Ben-To is excellent anime, at first i didn't understand why the all fuss about half priced stuff. But later i did understand. In world where you earn less, but expenses are great, half priced food is very appreciated. I love Bento, and i learn to make several different types of Bento myself, but of course ingredients still cost money,

I like the humor in this show, especially perverted one between Satou and that crazy perverted guard with batteries. The last scene where he show four large batteries , i laugh so much that it hurts.

Again i love this anime, it is shame there is no second season, but voice actors really did their job well, Emiri Katou, Hiro Shimono, Yui Horie and rest really did their best.
Do i recommend this for watching, yes i do. Although i like it, i give it 8, because its to short and some smaller things i didn't really like.
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Yesterday, 11:04 PM
Aku no Hana (Anime) add
Most people like to shit on this show's animation, but the truth is that its just different and while it took a while to get used to, i still loved the drawings. The story overall starts off interesting and you find yourself sympathizing with the main character, however towards the end we realize how much of a piece of shit he really is based on the decisions he made (somewhat spoiler). This is not an easy show to watch due to the cringe and stupidity of the main character and is exactly what you would expect from an anime listed as psychological. The plot twists are interesting and very entertaining, but overall it's just the main character who ends up being a disappointment. Don't expect much of a romance, the story is mainly centered around the main character, and if you will go deep enough, it explores the 3 main types of people depicted in Japanese culture. If youre looking for a romantic story, this is not the show for you, lets just say the ending isn't what we think it will be after we see the dedication saeki has to their relationship. (bit of a spoiler, watch the show to find out what i mean) Therefore in conclusion i wouldn't necessarily recommend this show to anyone but if asked about it i would say: "just watch it".
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Yesterday, 10:19 PM
Gosick (Anime) add
Wow... I finished the anime.... It's Really amazing! At the beginning, it was a detective story, then it went on becoming a story of love, a story of war and finally a story of life.

It is undoubtedly a unique anime. The story is set in between 1924 and 1929, between two world wars in a small European country named Sauville. A boy from the farthest east (Japan) comes to this mysterious country and becomes friend with a girl who lived her life alone in confinement and was treated as a mere tool to be used in proper time. She led a life never experiencing love. But after meeting the boy, she finally found happiness. But the war comes and separates themselves far far away. Will they be able to meet again? Yes!

Story - 10/10
A very unique story filled with mystery from first to last. The first half is all about solving cases. These cases are very interesting. The clues are there. Even you can try and figure out the answer! The second half is about romance, friendship and war. So, you are getting many different flavors. Although the story has many murders and deaths... It's dark, but realistic. It's not a dream world, but finally at the very end, the dream comes true!

Art - 10/10
Very pleasant, soothes your eyes. But at times dark also, needed for the story. The art is dreamy. I don't know how to put it in words, but I really liked it.

Sound - 9/10
The opening and ending themes were nice. Background music did great job.

Characters - 9/10
There are many characters involved who played very important roles. They all got sufficient development. The characters are very different from each other. I liked the variety.

Enjoyment - 10/10
From start to the end, I was brimmed with enjoyment. Gosick is definitely one of my favorites.

Overall - 9/10
Gosick is a Mystery, Detective, Romance, War genre anime. It did really well in these. I want to watch more anime like this. After so many disappointments, studio Bones finally became able to put out a great show.
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Yesterday, 10:11 PM
Nanatsu no Taizai: Seisen no Shirushi (Anime) add
This is filler. It is literally only filler.

The story doesn't pick up in any shape or form from where season one left off. At the end of the first season Meliodas absconded with Elizabeth and went off with the other Sins to Camelot sans Ban who went off to "explore the world". In this 4 episode series they are all still in Liones with no mention of leaving. Ban is still there, Gilthunder is way out of character, and Diane is a regular sized person for no explained reason whatsoever. The continuity with the first season is almost zero.

It's not uncommon for an anime to have filler... but this is literally advertised as a second season. And it isn't even close.
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Yesterday, 9:54 PM
Jitsu wa Watashi wa (Anime) add
May I just start off saying... wow I loved the art and the sound of this anime. The story was okay, and it was one of those almost skit like anime that never goes anywhere. A love triangle story where they just do the classic ping pong back and forth and no one can solidify a relationship. That is not where this anime shines. This anime shines from the funny and outrageous things that happen and the Faces that go with those scenes. Nothing like seeing a devil get whats coming by a human but the human has the smile of a devil while the devil has the look of .. ow I messed up ... forgive me. In all honesty that is why I liked it but I did think the romance was cute but nothing to write home about. Lastly I will say I plan on reading the manga if I get time, as the ending of the anime certainly leaves many lose ends. Which it did not seem like they were trying to leave as many lose ends as they did they just got rushed is more the feeling. So if your like me and want a more complete story I would say read the manga because from other sources the anime jumps around the manga so it is hard to pick up after watching. That being said it was still well done and I laughed so if your just an anime person I would give this a shot.
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Yesterday, 9:32 PM
ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka (Anime) add
As of writing this, the reviews for this anime are nothing but early impressions and so far, many video reviews cover up to the 6th episode at the very most.

However, the first six episodes build the characters, settings, and general pace of the show; these episodes only elude to a much deeper plot that is revealed in episode 7.

If I had only watched 1-6, I would give the story a solid 7 because while the pace is slow I really did enjoy watching. If you look closely and pay attention to the things that are said and the way characters look and act then you can start to see patterns and formulate ideas on how the plot may progress.

The art is nothing to get excited about, its good, just good. There isn't anything unique about it but there isn't anything that stands out as being bland or of low quality; the same can be said of the sound and music.

The characters are wonderful and they get enough screen time to show that they each have their own personalities and goals. Even with the less important characters that get maybe a quarter of an episode worth of exposure, the events surrounding them help to give much welcomed insight into their lives.

If you have a short attention span, this show is not for you but if you decide to stick with it enough to get to episode 7, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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Yesterday, 9:29 PM
Ryuu no Haisha (Anime) add
As a general rule, I find it distasteful to review an anime by equating or collating it to others. So while I make an exception in this case, please be aware that I am suggesting a likeness and not undermining the artistic integrity of either.

The tone of this special reminds me watching Mushishi. Not because the cavity spirits are referred to as mushi, but it's use of mystical realism, a style used in my favorite animated films such as Spirited Away, Wolf Children, and Hotarubi no Mori e. The dentists' approach to the mushi is similar to that of Ginko and the mushi-shi in their respective series. They approach the mushi as biologists, botanists, or entomologists. However, the introspective nature of these works makes both the dentists and mushi-shi out to be more erudite priests.

One should also care to notice that in addition to the crisp and lively animation (though the lip flaps are nothing special) there is a substantial use of CG, and it is utilized in such a way that suggests mastery over the medium. The lilting, spasmatic movements of the mushi makes them feel alive instead of the stiff, doll-like CG characters in other series. Another anime that combines a beautiful, unique art style with breathtaking 3D animation is the Summer 2013 series, Gatchaman Crowds. As a final note on the art and a final comparison to Mushishi, the color palette should be mentioned. Like Mushishi, its palette is full of muted colors and makes use of stunning whites beautiful shading, though it is less earthy than Mushishi.

The first scene had me worried at the thought of having to sit through another stale, uninventive military drama with fantasy elements, and I began having flashbacks to Youjo Senki, Shuumatsu no Izetta, and Gate. I didn't really understand the point of this opening scene other than to give the viewer some idea of just how powerful dragons are. But that could have been summed up by just saying, "Oh wow, it's a massive god-like dragon." The episode never does anything to forgive this other than by promptly moving past it, so it remains a small blemish on the show's face. Once the episode had moved past the military narrative, I noticed the art and sound design give off an air of surrealism, exuding qualities of space and translucence.

I was excited toward the end of the first episode as the main conflict arises from ideological dissonance that leaves the viewer ruminating over philosophical dilemmas and whether or not its right to berate the antagonist for their actions given that the dentists must be men and women of extraordinary moral resilience, and just the act of succumbing to fear lowers one to the ranks of normal man. And one of the things all wise men fear is an anxious man wielding deadly power.
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Yesterday, 9:26 PM
Hanasaku Iroha (Anime) add
I am not the biggest fan of Mari Okada’s character writing. I will give her credit. Her characters never feel mundane and many people can get emotionally invested in her cast, but those said emotions are delivered very clumsily. While she definitely isn’t the worst writer in the industry, i share a common criticism with many other fellow anime fans. And that is her heavy use of melodrama. What makes it even more inferior than other attempts at drama is that they usually stem from overused plot elements such as love triangles, characters falling in love too quickly and conflict initiating from that which is a generic plot point that we as viewers have laid our eyes on far too many times for comfort. As sentimental some scenes can be, Hanasaku Iroha is definitely one of her better works. P.A. works have had an interesting time in the last decade. They have had financial success with big hits such as Shirobako and Angel beats. And a lot of their other shows sell relatively well. However on the critical side of the spectrum they have had a mixed reception. It is no secret that they have formed an identity off of their illustrious backgrounds but the only anime that has been well-received by critics is Shirobako. Nagi no Asukara received a decent reception, and as for Angel Beats and Charlotte….that is another topic for another time (see what I did there). And where does Hansaku Iroha fit into all of this?

The premise involves 16 year old Matsumae Ohana, a very eccentric and wild teenager who resided in Tokyo with her single mother. Due to circumstances her mother and boyfriend run away and leave Ohana on her own. She is forced to live in an inn known as “kissuiso” which her grandmother runs. Hanasaku Iroha is primarily about Ohana adapting to her new lifestyle while also helping her fellow staff members in dealing with issues that can be problematic in an inn. At first glance, Hanasaku Iroha looks like a generic teen melodrama that everyone is accustomed to seeing from Mari Okada. There is definitely no shortage of drama. The majority of the conflicts the characters face are all drama based and involve common plot threads that have been seen countless times. The drama on its own came off as very hit or miss, ranging from genuinely heart-warming to disgustingly melodramatic. Thankfully, the latter only really ever occurred once. While most might look at the series in this fashion, Hanasaku Iroha is primarily more of a story about searching for dreams, adapting to a new life and conflicts that arise in a working environment. This is what it should truly be assessed on as it is these core themes that really drive the plot along. In the first half of the show it was mostly dedicated to exploring how one can familiarize themselves with a new lifestyle through the lens of the main character Ohana. Okada did transport this to read more
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Yesterday, 9:13 PM
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 (Anime) add
Well R2 is another trainwreck plot deviced over the dead of a 'mayor' character.

As well en R1, R2 worwide scale events, politics, military-ops, are not much more than a very laconic set-up that stand for the sake of a few characters to interact with each other.

All of that in pompous military and aristocratic costumes.

The models are pretty/beatifull/hot, as one should spect from clamp, and has characters that 'pull the tirck' in a good way.

i should recognize that even tough i personally enjoy this anime and acept that has value in the story setting and characters... well, all of it is packed and cramped so much to really be decent in any aspect of it.

Pretty dramatic and intense in nature, R2 is somewhat fun to watch. Specially if you enjoy 'service time' host by clamp, (bless to them), which is present all along, but has not many replay value tough.

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Yesterday, 9:10 PM
Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
This movie. The Shinkai bomb.

We have all seen romance stories. And I will be sincere, this is not the most innovative movie, judging by it's romance alone. Yet, somehow, the slight supernatural aspect of it, coupled with (though not necessarily very strange, new, or, again, innovative, but relatable thanks to that though) extremely lovable characters and just altogether a really nice execution of comedy/drama, and it's kinda' bitter-sweet taste makes this movie SOOO MUCH more...

I thoroughly recommend you watch this movie if you have the means to do so. If not, get that Blu-Ray when it comes out. This just needs to be watched in HD, just like Kotonoha no Niwa. I shall watch it at least 2 more times, when I get a chance to do so.
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Yesterday, 9:03 PM
Psycho-Pass (Anime) add
Psycho-Pass is a brilliant crime thriller with impressive philosophical and psychological elements. The series is a modern detective story, but also a thought experiment that brings to life the age-old debate of individual freedom versus security. Each of the main characters represents a particular philosophy. Akane Tsunemori, the rookie inspector, is a utilitarian who reluctantly supports a futuristic society devoid of personal liberty. The serial killer Shougo Makishima believes in an extreme humanism that praises even the worst human crime. The seasoned enforcer Shinya Kougami tries to negotiate both philosophies, without success. The anime forces the viewer to think about issues that are relevant to our day and age, while still preserving the action and suspense of a crime thriller.
I should add a note on the anime' art. The animation is impressive! It's one of my favorites.The art gives the series a modern, noir feel. Dentsu, the production company that worked on Zankyou No Terror was also involved in the series.
I would recommend Pycho-Pass to anyone. The only problem some people may have with the series would be the violence. The plot involves serial killers and human violence, so there are some fairly intense scenes. With that said, I think the show wil appeal to a lot of people, even those who are relatively new to anime.
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Yesterday, 8:58 PM
Gantz:O (Anime) add

Gantz-O takes place in Osaka, Japan, while it is under attack by various and violent monsters who kill indiscriminately. The people fighting these monsters are common civilian plucked from near death by GANTZ, a mysterious black orb inside an apartment. After the rules of this “game” set up by the orb are clumsily explained by the other characters, our protagonist Katou is whisked away on his first mission.
In Osaka besieged by chaos, the group will attempt to survive as best they can by relying on their own strength. Unfortunately, this strength does not amount to much and as such only Katou takes charge to face the monsters and save civilians miraculously still alive in the mess.
The problems in this narrative setup are twofold: Katou is a complete novice and doesn’t really understand what’s happening to him, but the people who could be supporting him are completely passive for a large portion of the runtime. What he does is admirable, but the overall feeling the story leaves you with is that it could have been so much more had capable characters banded together instead.
Salting the wound, we are presented with a large group of characters who seem particularly adept at managing the game’s challenges, but they come with their own baggage of problems. The narrative for example is content to use these characters simply for padding the kill count and nothing more.
Compounding these issues is bizarre pacing in which action scenes slow down to a crawl for characters to talk it out while a monster waits a few feet away; and seemingly random inter-character developments that could amount to sweet life changing moments if they were actually backed by something of substance.
Overall the story is disappointingly empty and instead of leaving us with the feeling of wanting more, it leaves us with the feeling of what could have been.


(Viewed from Netflix – art design only)
The movie makes use of CGI for the animation, and the result is quite excellent.
The textures or materials used for rendering surface details are all high fidelity bar a few handpicked examples (which are due to reuse itself on various proportions). Reflective properties accurately handle reproduction of the various materials things are made out of, such as stone, metal, wet or the almost titular latex suits.
The various effects that populate the picture such as smoke, debris, sparks, blood sprays or sci-fi weaponry effects are also expertly made and perfectly integrated in the environments. Each will appropriately obscure, obstruct, or on the contrary create or modify the lighting due to its presence.
The lighting is also well rendered with even the tiniest of glowing things having some form of specular reflection on its nearest neighbours, and the more global illumination never lets the picture get too dark to see.
Skin and character faces are probably the only noticeable minor downside to this animation production. The overall style aims for a realistic look that it achieves quite brilliantly, but the more stylized faces do not seem to mesh as well read more
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Yesterday, 8:48 PM
Hashi no Mukou (Anime) add
Rate of 5 (average)
English Subtitles

-plot:killer ending (hahaha). I am laughing at the joke not quite so much on the ending.
-audio: no static or unpleasant noices from sound.
- art: could have done without the multicolored fog. It made it hard to see what was going on.
-plot: was a tad confusing. For it went back and forth between the past and current.
-backstory of the main character seemed a tad rushed. Yes, there was back story but there should have been a touch more.
-back story of the other characters were either limited and/or confusing.

In Honor of the recently fallen Director Suzuki, Seijun. He was a historical figure in anime Lupin only makes sense i do a review of a historical anime.
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Yesterday, 8:22 PM
Masamune-kun no Revenge (Anime) add
if youre a fan of cliche love stories then masamune kun no revenge is for you.

story: 8

the anime is still ongoing with its 7th episode but the story is actually good.

art: 9

i love how the anime was created, kudos to the mangaka and the animators.

sound: 8

the OP and ED of the anime is awesome, it leaves a mark on your ears that everytime you'll hear the song playing, it actually tells you that this song is the opening song/ ending song for masamune kun no revenge.

characters: 9

the character design for this series is the bomb! I love how the characters were created, from masamune-kun to adagaki san to all other characters in the series. I love aki adagaki's personality. it totally reminds me of nisekoi.

enjoyment: 8

the series is still ongoing but as of episode 7, the story is actually fun to watch.

overall: 8

the series is still ongoing so i will set my overall rating 8 because i find this anime good to watch. i will give an update to this review soon.

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Yesterday, 7:40 PM
Death Note (Anime) add
At first, I wasn't interested watching this anime just because I think this one's really overrated by viewers. Yet, once I started watching the first and second episode of this anime, I was really into this show. The story was amazing and very addicting.
The first part of the anime introduces to us the abilities of the main character (Kira) who can kill a person by only writing his/her name on his notebook. It was simple, but gets more and more enthralling once they introduce a couple of new characters that puts the show unstoppable.
I really like how the author creates Kira, as he is probably the smartest person in Japan, thus he thinks himself as a Deity that no one should dare to oppose him. The conflicts within him and all the good stuffs later in the anime makes this show the one you can't miss.
Overall, I rated this anime 9 out of 10. The soundtrack, characters, and plot was amazing. Only the art though it is still good, I feel like it needs a little more touch yet it gives the dark and gloomy theme which is really appropriate to the anime.
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