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Otome Dori (Anime) add
Every hentai enthusiast that loves good art should watch this series. The sex scenes and animation is 11/10! Even if you don't like young girl with older men sex, it still tantalizes the senses =03. I LOVE NTR, and this series is steeped in it. If NTR is a detrimental factor, I'd subtract an extra point off of my score, but still worth a watch for the animation alone.

There's not much to the story... I mean, its a hentai. If you're watching it for character development, you'll be disappointed. And again, its NTR, so that's about as much as you should expect for this series.

For a vanilla version of the same style of animation, Nudist Beach(no not Kill la Kill Nudist Beach =02) would be a perfect recommendation.
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49 minutes ago
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (Anime) add
Do you know the genre of anime known as 'magical girl'. If so, you are probably thinking of Sailor Moon, a cutesy trash that is only capable of repelling a lot of people who are not part of its target demographic. 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica' is another magical girl anime, but unlike most magical girl anime, it is pretty dark. but still, is it worth watching? Let's find out.

Story - 4/10:
While this may be the best part of Madoka Magica, it's only because it differentiates from other magical girl anime and brings in darkness and pain. Other than that, it is a poorly executed story.

Art - 2/10:
While the real world animation and art was pretty decent, nothing unique, the magical world animation and art was just unbearable. Everything in the magical world was just straight up 2D nonsense, even the witches were reduced to 2D. I get that the witches were evil and they were the epitome of all the darkness in the anime, but seriously? Why did they have to go to a level so low for this?

Sound - 1/10:
And wow, most of the soundtrack actually followed the cutesy magical girl anime trend, and believe me, the soundtrack was godawful. The Opening theme, 'Connect' by ClariS may possibly go down as the worst anime opening in history, yes it was that bad. The only non-cutesy ending, and the best of them, 'Magia' by Kalafina, was mediocre, at best, as it was really disjointed, making you want to stop where the anime episode actually ended.

Character - 2/10:
Most of the characters in this anime was just outright bad, apart from a few moments. The one I disliked the most out of all the magical girls was the anime's main protagonist, Madoka Kaname, who was just, useless. The best character, and the only one I liked was Homura Akemi, who had a cold-hearted attitude towards Madoka and actually appeared badass that way. Too bad she eventually disappointed.

Enjoyment - 3/10:
While I admit that there were some decently badass fights and some memorable moments (e.g., Sayaka going psycho), this anime still fails to deliver.

Overall - 2.4/10:
In conclusion, I highly recommend you stay away from this anime. If you want better anime that uses magic, you should try Fate/zero and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV series).
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Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
The best экранизация of all anime world я считаю.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
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I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
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I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
I love 21 серия very очень дуже.
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Gakuen Handsome (Anime) add
This anime is the ultimate meme of the season, basically a masterpiece.

Story - Kid transfers to school and everyone likes him. He has his own harem of pointy chin dudes. A++ story, basically every harem ever.

Art - Mm... yes baby, pointy chins are very very beautiful. Rock those pointy chins and stab someone with them maybe. That art deserves a 10/10. It's amazing. I could never draw like that, and it's one of my many factors that contribute to me laughing so hard about this Annie May ( Ha, get it? Annie May. ). Humans totally move like that in real life and we're all creatures who move in slow motion.

Sound - Finally at the moo-sick. From what I can tell in every episode, this is an Annie May about handsome men and there's no other song that describes that better than the opening or ending song. You can't watch this anime without handsome men with pointy ling long chins.

Character - 10/10 All the characters are cliche and stereotypes of any BL or harem characters are spot on to a point where I couldn't stop laughing.

Enjoyment - 10/10
From what you can tell, I definitely enjoyed looking at the handsome men. Pointy chins are like.

Overall - 10/10 Masterpiece, highly recommended for otome fans and those who love harems and yowie-owie ( whoops, I meant yaoi ). Really well done for a parody.
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Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
Kimi no Na Wa is currently my favourite anime. I have seen A LOT of anime (Even though my profile may not show a lot on anime. Dont worry, Im slowy going through the lists) and I tend to be quite picky with them. If there are small things, I tend to take it out of proportion. Kimi no Na Wa tells a supernatural, romantic story about two high schoolers who meet through a very strange way. From here on, a beautiful and sad story is told.

The story itself is easily a 10/10. The way Matoko Shinkai progresses the story allows all the viewers to understand it. There have been some movies that are pretty hard to understand; they confuse you but Kimi no Na Wa was clear, understandable and purely beautiful. Movies, well for the most part, contain cliffhangers that make the viewer imagine what happens to the characters once the credits roll, or perhaps even have endings that completely disppoint the viewers. I dont want to spoil anything but I will hoever say this. Kimi no Na Wa has one the best endings I have ever seen. I remember when I saw the numbers of the movie time reaching the end, I was panicking becuase at the point I was at, I thought "I swear to God, if this movie ends just like 'that' Im going to absolutely lose it!". Kimi no Na Wa did not end terribly rather, it was beautiful and I couldnt have asked Matoto Shinkai to end it any better than that.

Matoko Shinkai has been known for his work to has stunning art. Some of his works off the top of my head are 'A Garden of Words" and '5 Centimeters Per Second'. These had amazing art and Kimi no Na Wa, I can tell you did not disppoint. The art was too good. I found myself having to rewatch scenes because I was too immersed in the art that I missed what the Characters were saying. The scenes were so smooth. This 'unreal' art is nothing like real life (Well obviously) but what I mean is that Matoko Shinkai took unreal to another level. The shadows and lighting was at a glance, unreal but it just did stick that it was unreal. This doesnt really make sense but it was so unreal that it was so real, if you get the gist of what I mean.

The sound was great.In the opening of the movie, one of the main characters, Mitsuha was doing a bit of a voice-over. The sound of her voice was 'resonating' in my ears (Though this may just be the work of my godly headphones). Needless to say, there were no cracks or errors that ruined the experience of the anime. Now I saved the best for last. The soundtrack. The soundtrack was produced by RADWIMPS, a Japanese rock band. The soundstrack was absolutely stunning. I really likeed how the main focus of the music was slow and (somewhat) read more
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TWO OUTCOME I WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED .... ONE Lelocuch KILLS HIMSELF .... TWO Lelouch BECOMES EVIL and takes over as overlord and does the exact thing he was fighting all this time ....

AT least one of them happens ... guess which i would have preferred.... enjoy ....... You want a longer REVIEW WTF myanimelist ... This is my review so SUCK IT! .... as follow up to the First season I EXPECT everyone to know where things are heading .... another war, more melodramatic characters fighting one another ... its pretty cool to see the knight of Zero fight the knight of One ... apparently during this encounter Zero trumps One ... APPARENTLY! ... anyway IS this long enough NOW!!!
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Nagi no Asukara (Anime) add
Story (6): The story was kind of boring in my opinion. It centers around strengthening the bond between the sea and surface humans. The anime contains all the typical "cultural festival" stuff commonly seen in slice of life.

Art (9): The art style is unique. Very blue color that has to do with the sea and heavily saturated. Very pleasing to the eye.

Sound (8): The music makes you want to sleep sometimes; its used in the most dramatic or sad scenes.

Character (5): All of the characters are fine, but it contains the annoying love triangle (love rectangle?) Kind of confusing when all the characters are confessing to each other. Obviously everyone is oblivious.

Enjoyment (7): It could have been better.

Overall (8): Disclaimer: This was one of my first anime (I'm still a noob I'm sorry). It kind of left a place in my heart. The first animes you watch always leave the biggest impressions., and Nagi no Asukara is no exception. I wasn't used to all of this love stuff (as opposed to now) and kind of wished some characters ended up with some others. I have now learnt to deal with the story how the authors wanted it. All of the above ratings are based on my impression after watching others.
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2 hours ago
Ibara no Ou (Anime) add
When i started to watch Ibara no Ou i didn't really have any expectations expect the fact that i probably going to like it. In the beginning everything was there a killer virus that turns everyone into stone and people who are put to cold sleep to wait a cure and suddenly when they wake up everything has gone haywire. The story started really great at the beginning but at some point in the halfway it didn't really go the way i was expecting and that somewhat turned me off. The story about how everything happened was for me somehow really rushed off. Still i watched it to the end and it was very good entertainment for the whole time of 1,5h even thou it could've done better. It really started good and to the end it just kinda dropped little.
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Pokemon (Anime) add
Pokemon how many times havent i wondered wether to call it an anime or just label it as a cartoon. Though i know Anime is any cartoon made in japan i have still had big reservance against calling it an anime though thats not what im here to review or say. I actually have to complain more on the fact that this site havent divided the different pokemon seasons up better since it sucks how they almost makes one write a mega big review. Eventhough i will do my best to review the different places or seasons that ashe/Satoshi went through to give whoever that reads this a better understanding.

I will review Kanto journey , Orange island and jotho journey seperate but i will still pull thoughts form the former ones when reflecting but i will form thoughts about any of these seasons and take a season that came after as example i will only take what was before not what will come.

The consept is great and the games made pokemon greater as it was even when i watched the series when i was younger. At that time i thought everything was great about this anime and it couldnt get any better. In a sence that was right but in another way no. Now that i have been exposed to the type of anime i wasnt able to watch at the time i can give a mostly objective view on this great childhood memory.

Kanto journey(the beginning one might say) : I loved the story as it went and i felt they really made ash stronger as he went. You might call his pikachu as slightly op at times but one cant deny what he had to go through to get there he went. Ash or Satoshi depending on dub and sub never slacked off on aiming for his dream of becomming a pokemon master and thats what the story showed all the way. The consept of evolution and the variations of it is unique to this series and is one the things that will define it as it gets bigger The variation of pokemon is also something that cant be pointed out too many times and how every pokemon is as different from eachother as we human are. Only thing is that there are things with it that will get repetive and annoying one of those being the endless team rocket who ruins episodes that has the potential of becoming great ones. They have a place in this first season but they at times take too much of it eventhough they are also fun to watch when you see the interaction between them. There are also some things which pisses me of greatly but if i talk too much about them it would spoil that which i should not.

Orange Islands: One might say this about every pokemon season that it fits the entire story of all three seasons but thats wrong. In Orange Island read more
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Amagami SS (Anime) add
Story (7):
A nice romance with 4 episode arcs. Each one focuses on one of the six heroines. Though some arcs are better than others, they all have interesting plot lines.

Art (5): I wouldn't sat much about the art, realistic rather than saturated.

Sound (7): Not many SFX because the primary focus is romance and not comedy.

Character: As with the story, each character has different personalities. I wouldn't go far to identify them has tsundere or yandere, but you will definitely see some of their inclinations.

Enjoyment (7): It was pretty good with the romance but not much comedy.

Overall (9): It depends on which arc you watch, but they are all worth watching. Make sure you watch the 25th episode. There is a secret lover!
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2 hours ago
Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (Anime) add
Story (6): Mostly slice of life. Some action but I wouldn't say much about it. The romance is the biggest part

Art (7): Again, art is nice and I like that chibi action, but not outstanding.

Sound (7): What is there to say about sound?

Character (10): OK WHO WOULDN"T RATE THE CHARACTERS PERFECT? Usui is my type: good at everything and there when you need him.

Enjoyment (8): I like it a lot in general because the jokes are funny and chibi moments are funny.

Overall (7): Overall, it is a pretty good watch for anyone who likes not straight up romance, but rejection until satisfaction
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First off, this movie presents a story that isn't connected to the main series at all. The only way it's connected is by the FMA tag and being about a new set of people who want to create a philosophers stone to save their town. This wasn't bad for a side story. The action scenes were great as always, the Elric brothers were still great characters, and the same alchemic truths from the series are still present. Despite the positives, I don't think this side story needed an 1 hour 50 minute movie to be explained. This movie is good, but it's not really needed for anything and if it was shorter, it actually would've been a slightly better movie. It earns a 7/10 the way it was made. You'll probably still enjoy if you're big into Fullmetal Alchemist.
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2 hours ago
Romeo x Juliet (Anime) add
I had mixed feelings about watching this anime because of the title and I thought it would just be another drama romance that drags everything out.

I was most definitely wrong, I watched this anime in one sitting and wasn't bored for a second of it.

Watching as Romeo and Juliet's romance continue made me want to ship them like mad.

The soundtrack for the series is outstanding and was brilliantly performed.

The story I have definitely seen in other places but they changed the typical plot for revenge into a exciting romance which I will definitely watch again and buy the dvd.
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2 hours ago
Nanbaka (Anime) add
A great wonderful anime that reminds me of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable. Sharp and crispy colors (colorful). The colors have a wonderful warmth that makes it visually pleasing especially the sparkles. Honestly this is the first anime i have watched were the sparkles just fit with all the visuals. Wonderful character designs. I bet there will be even more fascinating down the road. Very humorous with its puns and jokes. The comedy is very well balanced and too funny most times. Wonderful story that grabs your attention right in the first episode. i love the opening song because it sounds amazing with the guitar, the drums and voice well synced. Overall i enjoy the anime and would recommend it to anyone looking for anime to watch.
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Gakuen Handsome (Anime) add
(This review is incomplete and will keep changing throughout the anime. I’m simply writing it now to ensure at least one review is up that somewhat understands this show.)

Story: 3
Art: 2
Sound: 3
Character: 2
Enjoyment: 5
Overall: --

Ever wonder how lovecraftian creatures find love?

This anime is about (self insert)’s journey in the scary world of hot, long-chinned boys: Baramon High School. Boiled down, it’s a parody anime about commonly used BL tropes. Imagine if someone in the anime industry decided to create an official abridged series, and then proceeded to air it on TV in hopes that someone out there would get the joke. Basically, you’ll be playing a game of ‘spot the trope’ with every episode. If all that sounds fun to you, this might just be worth checking out.

The school of Baramon High is where all attractive boys are collected and gender is irrelevant, all seemingly shepherded by their principal Jirou Natsume. Your literal no-faced self insert moved in not too long ago to unexpectedly find himself on a quest for a romantic partner, and is put through one scenario after another to showcase their rather generic quirks. This story is less about a plot, and more about how many tropes can fit into a five minute episode without spitting it in your face too hard. Here’s just a few you’ll encounter in the first few episodes: A ‘cast full of pretty boys’, ‘if it’s you, it’s okay’, ‘chins that can split the moon’, ‘long-haired pretty boy’ and ‘only has same sex admirers’. That’s just the ones I can remember off the top of my head, so keep hunting!

The art, while clearly an intentional move, is hideous. Simply slowly jiggling your characters while having a mouth flap move feels and looks like it’s a tutorial for learning how to change frames in Flash. Furthermore, these simplistic loops are used throughout with short breaks involving scenes that look like scribbles, focused upon for far too long in what is a five minute show. The saving grace of this is that this IS actually how it’s meant to be shown; most jokes stemming from this child-like style, resulting in the score of 3 above. If you don’t believe me, then feel free to look up the tween animation used in the ED that also looks like it was made by a seven year old messing around with features on Scratch. The OP isn’t much better with quick still frames and a running loop that’s used throughout the whole show so far. The saving grace of artistic talent is the end-of-show stills, but even they can’t save what is eternally and intrinsically broken.

The music isn’t the worst, but don’t be holding your breath. The OP is the generic visual novel song with little to no creativity being closely followed by an ED that’s both out of place and hellish spawn in need of purging. The sound design of the actual show is surprisingly decent with atmospheric sounds and some character's themes not sounding read more
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3 hours ago
Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season (Anime) add
So my Review got took down because the admin or something said i didn't watch episode 4 and then he figured out that i did and said i could put my review back up. I still don't agree with the guidelines but i'll follow the rules because i have to.

Plot: The plot is about 3 friends named Ango Sakaguichi, Dazai Osamu and Odasaku and one day Ango goes missing and Dazai and Odasaku are thinking maybe he died or maybe he betrayed them but he was actually apart of a group named mimic that was watching the port mafia and Ango later betrays mimic and mimic is also battling the port mafia. 10/10.

Sound: The opening theme song is awesome! 10/10.

Character: So Dazai is now like a more serious character he doesn't make much jokes anymore Odasaku is pretty chill but if he gets angered he could be pretty destructive and Ango is a calm smart character. 10/10.

Enjoyment: I enjoy bungou stray dogs its a good show! 10/10.

Overall: I think its a 10/10 overall.

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3 hours ago
NHK ni Youkoso! (Anime) add
Welcome to the NHK is one of those anime that has the ability to really latch on and compel members of a certain audience; namely introverts.

NHK revolves around a college drop-out named Satou, who has no friends, no job, no plan, and certainly no girlfriend. He's perverted, introspective, anxious, paranoid, and at times, downright hysterical. His life takes a turn for the better when he finally leaves his room to confront his annoying neighbor. That neighbor, who incessantly blares techno music, is actually an old acquaintance of Satou from high school named Yamazaki. Satou also meets a young girl, Misaki, who wants to cure Satou of his reclusiveness through theraputic sessions - where she acts as the therapist and Satou as a patient - that take place in the local park at 9 P.M. every night. As the story progresses, the relationship between Satou, Yamazaki, and Misaki takes to the forefront of the plot, eventually leading to romance between Satou and Misaki.

The storytelling in this anime was awkward for me - it felt like it was an adaption of a visual novel, where each character had some sort of mini-arc and then we moved on to the next. I didn't really appreciate this aspect of NHK because that kind of story telling is much more effective in a harem setting - NHK is no harem. This leads to inconsistent development in the relationship between Satou and Misaki, and considering that their romance plays as a significant impetus in moving the plot, I see this as the biggest error of NHK. I was left baffled and dissatisfied with the status of their relationship at the end of the series.

Fear not though - I have many positive things yet to say!

NHK is able to draw parallels to the plot itself, and the harem scenario we see in today's visual novels. Yamazki and Satou design a "Gal Game" where an ordinary guy finds unconditional love from a girl who is quite frankly out of that guy's league, which is the prototypical model for a visual novel. They quarrel with each other about how such a scenario is impossible, yet the same exact thing is happening to our MC with the involvement of Misaki in his life. I find this concept witty and I applaud the author for adding in the irony. This anime never ceases to put a smile on my face for whatever reason, even if the whole thing isn't perfect.

NHK doesn't go out of its way to challenge its audience, yet it is never boring. Why? Because throughout NHK we as viewers really get explore psyche of Satou as he experiences love, hatred, success, failure, embarrassment, excitement, depression, joy, and so much more. Typical struggles that everyday people like you and I experience. Ultimately, we progress along with Satou as Satou grows as a person as he slowly learns to leave his reclusive lifestyle behind and moves on into the "real world".

There is no doubt in my read more
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3 hours ago
Gakuen Handsome (Anime) add
I give this Anime a PERFECT 5/'s why.......

Well the Story is just definitly a 10 after all it is very very original and not just your daily dose of trash harem.

The art is sooo damn beautiful and there are sooo many gorgeous pictures of the characters and the surroundings.Thats why i gave it a 10.

The music in this sshow is really something else!!It is kinda relaxing,thought-provoking and full of action at the same time!!So I gave it obviously a 10.

Every character has an other philosophie and motivation. These "Lifestyles" are constantly clashing against each other with the main character as the referee. Because of this process there is really much action going on in this series.My end result is the Characters are a 10/10.

Because of all the aspects that I named in my review so far I can say for sure that the enjoyment-factor in this series is a incredible good 10.

After adding up all the scores that I gave this show and thinking for a while i came to the certainly conclusion that this show, more than ANY OTHER SHOW deserves to be given a PERFECT 5/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope that my review was helpfull for all of you. :)
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4 hours ago
Gakuen Handsome (Anime) add
The Story is not good. It's not trying to be good, though, it's trying to be a parody, in which it is one of the best parodies of BL, harem, and general school life love stories I've ever seen. The art is horrific and I could do better with paint flip art in a couple of hours(no I couldn't but it looks good if I say I could), and that fact makes the show simply outstanding. I recognize all the tropes as a general fudanshi and a lover of school life yaoi, and it makes a damn good job making the whole concept of those kinds of love stories absolutely ridiculous.

And tbh, the voice acting isn't that bad, but the syncing is, like, gone because of the general lack of mouth movements as a result of the horrendous art.

10/10 would totally watch again.
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4 hours ago
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (Anime) add
"Oh my... what the hell did I just watch?" was probably my first reaction after watching the final episode of "Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou". Or as I like to call it, "Living With Incompetent, Horny Girls That Just Happens To Be Monsters". But hey, lets be real here. Just like the main character in this show, you would probably shove your p*nis inside anything as long as it has a pulse and somewhat classifies as a female.

I really have no idea what to say about this show. It left me quite frankly speechless, and I can`t tell if that is in a good way. So lets get this review started.

Now the story in this anime isn`t going to win any prizes. The main character, Kimihito Kurusu, is tasked with taking care of multiple monster-girls who, for some reason, all want to f*ck his brains out (hey its an anime okay? About horny monster girls. What were you expecting?). That`s basically the long and short of it. I`m not going to say a lot about the story, since it is, in my opinion, just mediocre, and not worth talking about. But hey, at least you now have a rough idea of what`s going on in this anime.

ART: 6
I really didn`t have a problem with the art-style in this show. The characters and backgrounds are pretty well drawn, and the animations are, for the most part, fluid. There were some scenes that weren`t as good as others, but I didn`t really expect much from this anime, and lets just say that I was pleasantly surprised by how... okay?... it looked. But if you are looking for an anime that pushes the boundaries of what`s currently possible within animation, you sure as hell ain`t gonna find it here.

To be 100% honest with you guys, I didn`t really pay a lot of attention to the different sounds and soundtracks that this anime had. I was too busy looking at all the boobs and the fanservice. But the sounds are all just... mediocre. There is nothing remarkable here, and you probably won`t remember the OP song more than a week after watching this. So, for me at least, it wasn`t worthy of anything more than a 5 at best.

The characters are really the bread and butter of this show. They are basically the only reason I`m giving this anime a 6 instead of a 5. Even though all of the characters are hopelessly in love with the main protagonist (for anime reasons), I still found them somewhat funny and enjoyable. They all have different personalities, which you can clearly see by the way they act around Kurusu, or as I like to call him, "Harem King". My personal favorite has to be the Lamia, Miia. Her quite frankly extreme love for Kurusu made for some pretty funny scenes, and I gotta admit, she made me laugh on more than one occasion. I also like her boobs.

I`m gonna be completely honest read more
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
Boku no Hero Academia is a good choice for you if youd enjoy a series that tackles heroism and the traits a person should have in order to be an admirable hero. However it's a bad choice if you're tired a lot of the generic aspects of anime that are set in a school setting with a team of kids that train to become heroes and save the world for onesidedly evil characters. It's also a bad choice if you're tired of the bland shy bullied but selfless main character, who behaves like most average shounen protagonists, who start off as weak or incompetent, and steadily but surely grow strong as the series moves forward.

The story is something that was done a lot, or rather, the "kid wants to become the best at x but he's not good at it" aspect. Deku wants to become a superhero in a society where 80% of people have superpowers and he doesn't have any. But the manner through which the story executes its narrative and the character arcs of Deku are just well written, and despite using everything that is to be expected in this type of story, it's done in a way that presents most aspects in a really strong way.

For instance, Deku is indeed the "IF I TRY HARD ENOUGH, I CAN DO IT!" character, he's got that attitude. However, the story starts from the point where Deku almost gives up on that view of himself, portraying a chain of events where he has to wake up to reailty. But even when he accepts it, he finds that when someone was in danger, he couldn't just sit around and he had to try to do something to help. And he doesn't generically get powers out of nowhere in this scenario, like some might expect. He is seen as a hindrance and pretty much suicidal for doing something like this. But this whole scenario and everything that led up to it show what type of person he is. He is someone who couldn't become what he aspired because he simply was unlucky, that dreamt of it all along, and was shown the reality of it. And then this course of action leads us as to why he wanted to become what he became. It's because he wanted to make a difference, to help the people who needed help in those dire moments, as he admired people capable of doing so. And as a last attempt at denial, at denying the reality he's in, he tried to do what the people he admired thought they'd do, and tried to help and put himself in harm's way. From a psychological perspective, not a selfless act, but from a bystander's, it is definitely one.

What I'm saying by describing the character arc Deku went through is that the series has good character portrayal, and knows how to flesh out its characters. I could explain why the character arc of Deku is even better written than read more
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Barakamon (Anime) add
Its seems in the last few years, slice of life anime has become very very popular. Look at the current titles getting rave reviews: Amaama to Inuzuma, Non-Non Biyori, and Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari (Currently airing as of 10/2016). This one is no different than those and I would argue better.

Sei Handa (the townsfolk call him "Sensei"), is a gifted calligrapher that seems to have lost his way mentally. He punches a renowned critic and is sent by his father to a remote island to "find himself". Over 12 episodes his adventures with the townspeople and his self-discovery lead him to become a better person and finds that his real home is not in Tokyo but on the island.

Kotoishi Naru, the young girl our protagonist befriends has to be one of the cutest anime characters in recent memory even a bit mysterious as we find that she is being raised by her very busy grandfather so she ends up becoming the town "scamp", being raised by the village as a whole, she has taken a liking to Sei, and even misses him when he's gone. She is also filterless and with that helps Sei overcome some of his eccentricities.

This anime is very light, very cute and very very enjoyable. A must watch for all lovers of the Slice of Life Genre... 12 Episodes you won't regret! 10/10
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WWW.Working!! (Anime) add
Spinoff! Is there any word more thrilling to the human soul? Hi I'm Lancehot & I'm reusing a Simpson's gag from nearly 20 years ago to bring you a preview of www.Working; another pointless spinoff to a somewhat popular series that doesn't need to exist or be watched. Hey, if 4Korma webcomic writers can reuse the same tired jokes again & again, so can I.

After three seasons & a double length finale, the Working!! series finally came to an end in Spring 2016. While never the most popular of shows, it managed to retain a large & loyal enough fanbase to not only see the original series adapted to completion, but also an adaptation of its spinoff webcomic version before the dust even had time to settle. Which begs the question: Is www.Working a final thank you from the producers to the fans, one last opportunity to enjoy the setting of Waganaria? Or is it a cynical attempt to squeeze one last round of blu-ray sales before the franchise is consigned to history?

Judged on the first four episodes, I'm inclined towards the latter. After an opening sequence that seems designed to invoke a sense of comforting familiarity in the audience, as the new cast get ready for a new day at work, the series' first let down walks into the restaurant to ask for a job. One look at Daisuke & you know he's going to be the most boring type of comic main character: the know-it-all straight man who snarkily despairs at the shenanigans going on around him but just can't help but keep getting involved. Sure, Souta could come across as a bit of an annoying, pervy sap, but at least he seemed to belong among the weirdos he worked with. Daisuke by contrast is the smug insert character type who's there so the author can laugh at their own bad jokes.

The new employees almost all come across as boring, unimaginative archetypes compared to their forebears. It's hard the pick a favourite: The enthusiastic idiot (Hana)? The excitable idiot (Takuya)? The weird one (Sayuri)? The other weird one (Miri)? The rich bitch (Shiho)? Maybe the Sailor Moon impersonator (Rui) is more your thing? Or the funny returnee (Kouki) who can't speak but apparently thinks in Japanese? Really so far the only character who has come close to being an interesting screen presence is Kondou, the layabout single mum college student. Otherwise, despite the majority of episodes so far having been focused on character introductions, there's nothing all that interesting to say about any of them, or any reason to care about what their stories might be going forward.

It doesn't help that there have been some half arsed attempts to make parallels between the two casts. Hana, like Mahiru, is prone to violently lashing out at others. But Mahiru did so because of androphobia, a condition that made her working at a restaurant so impractical that it worked as a joke. Hana, meanwhile, occasionally hits people because...because Mahiru read more
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There's already been a few reviews saying how this show deserves a better rating, but I'll say it again: it deserves an 8 at the least. It was funny, clever, emotional, and thrilling. The plot twist at the end kinda fell a bit flat, but I couldn't have asked for a better ending scene. All of the characters were so beautifully written I was rooting for them and sympathizing with them, and yes, that includes the "enemies," i.e. the poor students feeling anger and hatred being manipulated. Zundar and Hireashi not included 'cause they were just weird little talking animals. I am so glad this has a second season (which for some reason, at the time I'm writing this, is only .12 higher and I'm sure with how much I absolutely loved this season I'll fall even more in love--haha, love--with the second) and I get the feeling if another magical boy anime were to be made, it wouldn't quite match up to this one.
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Koufuku Graffiti (Anime) add
Shaft makes a moe SoL anime about girls eating food. Theres not much else to say. There isn't much cooking involved, just mostly eating. There's some Shaft-iness sprinkled in like the weird camera angles and the neck stretch but otherwise its pretty par for the course moe SoL. That isn't a bad thing, though. The show is entertaining enough and the fan service is very tasteful and well done so glossing over it as a whole for slightly weak sounding premise isn't entirely fair. The only gripe I have is the same I have with most moe SoL anime, which is lack of spark. That's a whole different issue though. Overall, I liked this show and it's definitely more interesting than lots of other shows in the same genre which are solely for looking at and couldn't be more boring.
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Honestly, I don't know why people say to watch this in between episodes of the series. I watched it after and I got what was going on. Also, the movie is a lot better than the series, in my opinion. I can actually give this a solid 7/10 just due to the slow start and it didn't get really interesting until about an hour 10 minutes or so when the plot picked up. I only gave the series a 6 because of the good character development since only like 5 episodes were actually fun to watch and worth a re-watch; without the character development, it would've been a 4.

All that aside, this movie made a very good addition to the series; I don't think it connects to anything major in the series, but it proved that something good can be made involving the Cowboy Bebop characters and setting. The stuff with the nano-machines was interesting and it was nice to see why Vincent did what he did. There's not much else I can say without spoiling more of the film. If you like Cowboy Bebop, watch it. If you were disappointed with series, still watch because the movie is a lot more interesting.
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Ao Oni The Animation (Anime) add
First of all, if you are coming into this show thinking it's going to be a direct adaptation of the game, you're going to be sorely disappointed. Ao Oni The Animation is certainly a unique show from the same studio that brought us the horror classic Higurashi... and also Pupa. Instead of a direct adaptation, Deen decided to do a black comedy short series.

Story: Since this is a short episode comedy series, there really is no overarching plot to speak of, and the actual plot of each episode ends in the characters dying in some fashion or another. To be fair, there's only so much you can do when your episode length is two minutes.

Art: As you can probably tell by the previews, Deen used a heavily stylized chibi art style for this show, which was a smart move as it compliments the comedic style while contrasting the black comedy. The animation is nothing to write home about. If you're expecting super fluid animation from this series... you're just going to be disappointed.

Sound: Ending is good... that's about all I can say about sound. They did use that stupid sound effect whenever they Ao Oni appears in the game which is a nice touch.

Characters: The characters are all pretty bland if you look at them separately. None of them really have any defining characteristics except for a single trope, with the only exception ironically being the monster itself, the Ao Oni. He's the best character in this show by far, and he doesn't even have any speaking lines.

Enjoyment: Here's where this gets interesting. Ao Oni The Animation relies on black comedy for its humor, which is a rather risky move since black comedy can be rather hit and miss. Luckily for me, I am a fan of black comedy and the first episode had me laughing out loud for quite a while.

Overall: Ao Oni The Animation is definitely a "Your Mileage May Vary" show. I recommend trying out the first episode (It's only three minutes) and seeing if you like that. As for me, I give this show a 6/10.
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Ouran Koukou Host Club (Anime) add
Ouran was the first anime I ever watched, and honestly raised my interest in the genre more than most other anime probably could have. I was a bit skeptical starting this, as the thumbnail was covered with flowers and seemed to resemble a typical romantic comedy, but not even 2 minutes in I was pleasantly surprised. I recommend this for everyone, even those who don't enjoy the rom-com genre.

The story is incredibly fresh and original. Featuring an androgynous main character, as well as an amazing supporting cast who the plot and storyline depend on greatly, it seems set up for the shenanigans everyone gets into. Ouran is an obvious play on other animes in the shoujo genre, but it's amazzing because of that fact; the characters aren't afraid to point out the absurdity of the episodes, with the main character (Haruhi) being well known for not understanding the other students. It's a reverse play on the stereotypical "notice me senpai" trope that is ever so common, and instead focuses on one more along the lines of "please stop noticing me senpai, I'm tired."

The art style in this was simply gorgeous. While I'm not a fan of the typical shoujo genre, I can rewatch this anime while in the same level of awe as the first time I watched it. There are a lot of gags that blatantly point out situations, as well as imagery representing some of the many problems the characters go through. Emphasis on many.

While I don't remember much of the background music, aside from Tamaki's piano, the main theme is such a catchy and well written tune that it can get me singing every time I watch this.

While the characters may seem to fit into the typical Shoujo stereotypes, this is completely intentional. In the first episode, they point out each character's most well-known and desired traits, and they constantly treat the genre as a joke.
I'm not going into depth to explain each character, but I will say this: each character has a designated trope they were designed to follow in, but each matures through the course of the show and proves that they are better than their one main strength.

I enjoyed this so much, Ouran is incredibly hard to beat in this category. I binge watched the entire show in two days over a holiday, and after completing it, felt the need to watch it all over again. The characters and plot draw you in, and the one season leaves you wanting more (I recommend the manga as well, it was created before the anime and continues where the anime leaves off).

While not a perfect 10, Ouran was and probably is one of my favorite animes, even after years of others. As stated before, I honestly recommend this to anyone. If you are curious about whether or not you'll enjoy it, my one tip is to try an episode. Chances are, you'll love it.
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Shelter (Anime) add
I just read a review on here that completely missed the point and is pretty highly up-voted, so I feel it's necessary for me to explain the reasons why this is a fantastic piece of art for those who don't understand.

First of all, the point of art is to express yourself. If you jump into any medium, that is what is happening. A person, or a team of persons, is expressing themselves. There are so many different ways to do this, but the way you do this with a story is by exploring something. This is key to my review, so I feel people need to have a short explanation of it. Some of the ways you can explore in a story are through characters, setting, and ideas. An idea story is a story that explores a specific idea. There is something that the author/artist wants to say, that they want to get across to the viewer.

This musical short is an idea story. The premise is set up immediately from the start. They show us her tablet and the fact that she hasn't received any messages for over 2000 days. Just from that short bit we know that we are exploring the idea of loneliness.

I don't need to explain to any of you why the visuals or sound is great. And those are more subjective. Story is subjective as well, but there are many ways that story can be done "properly" This short is a good example of how to set up a premise and deliver on that premise within a short period of time. There is only so much that you can explore within the span of 6 minutes, but this short manages to do it in a way that resonates with a lot of people.

Why does this sentiment resonate so well? Because most people have experienced loneliness in their lives. I hesitate to say that every person who ever lived has experienced it, because I find universal rules to be a bit too extreme, but I think it's safe to say the vast majority of people have experienced this. This short touches on that experience, shows what it is like to feel it, and makes us able to empathize with the girl in a very quick and easy to follow manner.

Now, the main premise of the story is one that is more subjective. But I personally find it very meaningful. At the mid-point we are shown various scenes of her discovering the world with her father. She seems to be rediscovering something that she had forgotten, and this is something many people can relate to. We all have people in our lives that brought us up, whether or not they did a good job. As she is watching the various scenes she realizes how much he went through to protect her and help her become who she is. Then in the final moments of the short we hear the main message. "You are never read more
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Denpa-teki na Kanojo (Anime) add
If you don't have what to watch,you can try this 2 episode OVA:
To be straight,I enjoyed this Anime because it has a lot of strong thriller elements but,to be honest,if you analyse the content,you can notice that the first episode is lacking something:a fitting end.The story was interesting and had a lot of potential but it still isn't ended properly.Speaking about the second episode ,it was much better and it made me hope there was a sequel .To keep this review short,I need to say that you should add this OVA to you your collecion but don't expect anything special from the start.
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Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season (Anime) add
A Bungou Stray Dogs (2nd season) Review (Flashback Arc)

TL;DR: A lot more dark and serious than the first season. Definitely a step-up from what the first season offered.

For the people who never watched Bungou Stray Dogs:
What’re you doing here? Go watch the first season.

“The people I've met back then made who I am now.”


The first arc is a prequel to the anime. It really shows you what happened in Dazai’s past, including the people that were involved in his past. What’s the best part about it though, it shows a darkness in which the first season is incomparable to. It’s a very large difference, but also an enjoyable one at that. There’s a lot more emotion put into this, and it’s not so focused on terribly dark humor in which the first season pulled often. I’m not saying there weren’t any serious moments in the first season, though. What has been shown to us is actually some very heavy stuff for this part of the “second season.” The story so far, in basic terms, is just an explanation to what happened to Dazai in the past and what he was involved in.

We’re reintroduced to Dazai, but only as the Dazai that he was before he left Port Mafia. If you’ve watched the first season, you should know what I mean.

If you haven’t, I don’t understand why you’re already this far into the review. Get out this instant.

Anyway, along with Dazai, we also see two more important characters in which I didn’t think I’d take such a liking any of them. Oda Sakunosuke turns to be a very notable character, as he actually plays large roles in this second season. Ango Sakaguchi is also someone who is part of Dazai’s past, but doesn’t have a role as big as Oda’s. But, they’re very likable characters. Other than these characters, there’s really the same people in Port Mafia that appeared in the first season besides a clan. Akatugawa, being the dunderhead he is, had gotten himself involved with the clan. That clan is called “The Mimic,” and they are VERY involved with Oda Sakunosuke. Gide is the most involved with him. I won’t say why though. But, if it weren't for Oda, Dazai wouldn't be who he is.

For some reason, it feels as if the art this second season took a very big step in the second season. There’s more of a sinister air to the story, and the art is actually matching it. Though, the OP and ED aren’t anything too special to look at. The art for the people are the same as last time, but it’s more of the atmosphere in which diverges greatly from the first season in quality.

The voice acting (AKA Seiyuus) are VERY well done in this season. Dazai’s seiyuu has more of a mature tone than he had last season this arc. A lot of situations the characters in general get into, their voice acting is phenomenal. Oda’s seiyuu is VERY notable here. Oda read more
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Story : 4/10
The story was too cliche, literally and it basically shows how 12 years olds go date and have relationships but I like the fact how they make everything innocent, like the fact that they say Yui just gets much more mature and not say she's getting menstruation for that.. and I ship Tsutsumi with Ayase (o3o).

Art : 8/10
I swear! The eyes becomes smaller and bigger for some reason. I promise my eyes aren't lying.

Sound : 5/10
The like the opening music but not the ending :(

Character : 8/10
Character Designs were cute. (because I'm a shota/loli-con) Personalities were fine, except for those other girl characters. (WTF, They're already being bitchy)

Enjoyment : 5/10
I mean.. It was funny (sometimes, mostly because I see them suffering [yes, i am a sadist, I laugh at pain of other people]) The one with ponytails, chose over the black haired boy but I ship ponytail girl with blondie.

Overall : 6/10
I don't like harems nor love triangles because I feel bad for the person who wasn't chosen choosen by the girl/boy. and too much youth.
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Short little special inserted after the performance in ep13 of tari tari and runs in parallel time until the ending. Probably worth watching if you like Tari tari.

Random personal rambling: I think i watched the tv series in 2013 and its quite an weird experience going back to this after 3 years. Makes me wonder why they bother making such a short after the anime's been done for quite a while. The short gets quite sentimental and reiterates the bittersweetness of graduation and parting ways, and it makes me wonder if I would've gotten sad had i watched it back then or perhaps that effect works better after the fact. Because, I was in university back then, and now I don't keep in touch with the friends i had back then i anymore, so in a way the timing in which I watched this short with 2 different perspectives time fits more appropriately.
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Diamond no Ace: Second Season (Anime) add
Since you came to read the reviews of the 2nd season i assume you ve already seen the 1st. (if not, well you are a bit of an oddball)

The 2nd season starts off with the defeated team that didn't manage to go to nationals. At first, it's rather normal for everyone to be sad about the 3rd years leaving because they were all extremely interesting characters, and it makes you wonder, is the 2nd season gonna be good without them ? Well yes it is! Even though the about to retired 3rd years aren't at the scene much, other characters get more scene time and a deeper character development. When watching the new team i wondered "was this guy always here?" but after awhile you cant imagine the season without the new characters.
This season puts more depth to the players emotions, instead of only polishing flashy moves you get to follow the protagonists mostly mental struggle. Even if you aren't into sports it makes you understand that not only physical training is important. Even though the main character isn't the sharpest pen of the shed (and his intelligence doesn't get any better) you can clearly see the character development in his own aspects. Off-course due to the 3rd years not being there all the characters are forced to grow (along with everyone's favorite Miyuki who becomes the new captain, a befitting title don't you think?) Well my personal favorite is Kuramochi and he plays a pretty important role this season!
I have never watched nor do i plan on watching a real baseball match, yet i loved this anime and i highly recommend it. I think if an anime makes you watch over 100 episodes about a generally not so popular sport and never be bored it's worth watching.
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Shelter (Anime) add
There's not alot to say in this short film. But It definitely looks beautiful and oh my, the feels!

Story wise, it's a bit straight foward, not too deep like the weird mememe type of short anime, but it's simple and definitely gives you the feels. The anmation is freaking nice, expected that it's short and they put alot of effort into it. Our main character is still simple and cute and it did make me feel bad like her. And the music, is so catchy, I could listen to this all day!

Overall, it's a short film with a simple but well executed story, great life lesson and the feels!
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Mayoiga (Anime) add
Mayoiga kills all your expectations. So disapointing. The idea is really interesting and could have been explored in a much better way.

When the anime begins, it holds your attention. Everything is so mysterious. A bunch of people inside a bus going to somewhere no one knows, no one ever heard. Everyone with the same wish: Forget about their traumatic past, but everything about this anime becames so bad after the first episode(or probably it was bad even in the first episode).

The main character is that generic cliche good guy(shy, positive no matter what happens), and he falls in love with a generic cliche good girl. The anime is full of generic characters. All of them.
The story is poor, the CGI effects are all horrible. Horrible plot twists too. I don't have any opinion about the end, because I didn't watch it. This anime was too much for me.

The art style is kinda cool, actually, it's simple, not exagerated. Great character design. Nothing extraordinary, just cool.

If you're thinking about watching Mayoiga, just don't.
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Medaka Box (Anime) add
Going into this I thought it would be a usual Ecchi anime, just fan service and not much story line at all.
But as soon as it starts, there's a story unfolding. Even if it is small, and not necessarily a proper story straight away, it's there which is what matters.
The plot lined out in the synopsis shows a pretty common way for Ecchi, but it has a twist that makes it interesting. It isn't the main focus so there's been effort put into other parts of the anime for people to enjoy if fan service isn't just what they want. There isn't really much of it either, so if you're just looking for Ecchi, this isn't a good choice.

If you like romance, there's some of that and good comedy too. Little bits of action are put in as well. The anime has a nice feeling to it. The balance between genres and what happens in each episode has a nice flow.
Watching the dub, the voice to mouth sync is a little off at some points but it's not a big deal.

Over all it's worth watching. It's entertaining and enjoyable. The action and plot quickly kicks in at the end, though in a bit of a weird way but it makes you excited to see what happens in the next season.
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
I'd start this review by saying that I strongly encourage -everybody- to give this series a shot, whether you are a shounen afficionado, a spokon lover or you even dislike anime that focus on music; this show carries an impressive dose of magnificence on its back, and I'm sure that it could change most people's way of aproaching life, in general.
"Your lie in April" has appeared before my eyes in a peculiar period, as I find myself completely immersed in the study of music to enter a conservatory; hence, I feel somehow deeply connected with the show, its characters and the events that they all live.
The backstory glows of a subtle, delicate light, narrating the life of young Arima Kousei, and his journey to rediscover the sound of his piano, lost in the past due to a series of tragic events.
The artwork is amazing, the soundtrack will make you fall in love with classical giants like Chopin, Debussy, and Beethoven (to name a few), the characters are rich, stubborn, passionate and immature; the whole package will leave you speechless by the end of the last episode.
"Was I able to live inside your heart? Do you think you’ll remember me at least a little?"
My answer?
Hell yes!
I guess it's a -once in a lifetime- experience, so I'm not even sure that I'm going to "hit reset" on the show, to quote one of the main characters.
Enjoy and let their fragile, insecure steps towards the "Spring of their lives" inspire you!
"Maybe there’s only a dark road up ahead. But you still have to believe and keep going. Believe that the stars will light your path, even a little bit."
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Shelter (Anime) add
Shelter, is it good? Definitely so.
I'm going to make this sweet, fast and simple, much like said anime was.

If you go into this expecting anything more than a music video, you will probably be disappointed. The video relies on art and music, but story and character development are nonexistent (I mean, why would they be present?).

The minimal bites of story given are what I'd call, a second helping. Shelter strives to be no more than a music video, but provides a nibble of story and a cutesy main character to follow as you listen.

Sure it may be superficial, but we live in a superficial world. Many wouldn't have even bothered otherwise. Expecting anything else is just being an idealist.

If you're looking for something to kill a few minutes, this is a delicacy. Cute and fun, it provides simple enjoyment.
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (Anime) add
Alternate histories are a very peculiar genre, one which I quite like. As someone who enjoys history and politics in general, it is quite entertaining to imagine how real-life events would turn out differently, and to what extent fiction diverges from reality. In AH circles, there is a term known as the "POD" or "Point of Divergence." Fiction correlates from reality in a fairly coherent manner up until this point. To what extent history changes depends on the writer. Some series such as Bioshock and Wolfenstein drastically diverge from real life events, explaining divergences with quantum mechanics (Bioshock) or advanced technology (Wolfenstein). Using a non-videogame example, writer Harry Turtledove adopts a similar approach to alternate history. One of his most famous novels is "The Guns of the South." In it, an South African extremist organization known as the Afrikaner Weerstandbeweging (a real-life white supremacist faction) utilize time-travel to provide the Confederacy with modern assault rifles. While this is a very silly premise, the ramifications of modern AK-47s in the 19th century are portrayed very realistically. This is something shared by all 3 IPs.

Code Geass on the other hand, takes an entirely different approach to alternate history.

The POD begins with the Celts fending off the Romans from the British Isles. British history goes quite well, with Elizabeth I later siring male heirs to the throne. However, the primary POD is the failure of the American Revolution, otherwise known as "Washington's Rebellion" in-universe. The USA never existed (thanks to Benjamin Franklin betraying the real-life Founding Fathers), leaving Britain as the supreme military power. French autocrat Napoleon Bonaparte kicked out the British from Europe, resulting them in conquering all of North America and South America. Meanwhile, Napoleon establishes a pseudo-European Union composed of Europe and Africa, with a smaller ambiguous Middle Eastern nation surviving. China manages to gain immense foothold in contrast to Japan, wherein China conquers most of East Asia. Since Commodore Perry never established contact between America and Japan in the 1800s, this left Britain (now called Britannia) to establish relations. And by "establish relations," I mean invade Japan to exploit it's own natural resources and people for Britannia's own benefit. When the series starts, Japan has undergone Britannian colonization, with systematic attempts by the Britannians to wipe out Japanese culture by means of racial segregation and social darwinism. As the opening narration states, the very name of Japan itself is stripped down to a mere number: Area 11.

Enter our protagonist Lelouch Lamperouge, formerly known as Lelouch vi Britannia. One of the former Britannian princes, his mother was tragically murdered during the Britannian invasion of Japan. Seeking revenge, he calls out his father, the social darwinist Charles zi Britannia. Clearly not in the mood to provide answers, Charles discards Lelouch's demands. Lelouch goes into exile as a student in a affluent Britannian school. In the years following the Britannian occupation, Lelouch gets caught up in a firefight between Japanese nationalists and the Britannian government. During this skirmish, he read more
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Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (Anime) add
Where do I start with this one? I know, it is GOD AWFUL. Now I don't know what I was expecting when i started but what i got was... not even bad. That's a insult to bad anime. This is on par if not worse than "School Days". Yeah I said that. The main Character has about as much personality as a Cardboard Standee of a Brick. The show is oversexualized to the point where even hardcore fans of the ecchi genera are turned off. The plot is non-existent. And there are scenes that can be considered borderline rape. Have I finished this? No. Do I plan to? Hell no. I have seen some bad stuff. None of it as bad as this.
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Yesterday, 10:17 PM
Shinreigari: Ghost Hound (Anime) add
Seems like I've been giving no shortage of "10" ratings lately, and Ghost Hound was without a doubt worthy of. I first started watching it years ago, but never committed to finishing it for reasons unknown. Starting from episode one, I once again found myself intrigued. Cringing at frightening scenes, and enjoying the overall story. I like to keep my reviews somewhat brief, but with this piece, it will be hard on the account of the many tides it takes you through.

Let's start with the best aspects of the series. The animation was captivating. The style and color patterns were exceptional, but the animation was at it's prime during the "scarier" scenes. These "scarier" scenes are worth watching alone. They were truly unique to Ghost Hound, and I haven't seen anything similar to them. While the art was great, the sound had to be the best aspect of this piece. It was consistently accurate to the situation at hand, and flowed flawlessly with the story. Speaking of, the story was great in many ways. It seemed to cover most major genres in one way or another. The concept was again, unique to the series itself, and typical cliches took a rain-check as well. I'll button up the positives by noting the satisfying ending, all though adding a bit more wouldn't have hurt.

Well, time to pick out some negatives. The biggest blemish I witnessed had to fall in the execution portion. Parts and pieces of the story seemed to fall out of relevance or get scrapped all together. More could have been done throughout the story to fill these gaps without trying too hard. Also, certain characters seemed to be convenient pawns, while offering little to the story itself. I'll draw the curtain on this segment by again touching on the ending. More could have been done. With the last scene especially.

Overall, Ghost Hound was a powerful, easy to watch series. I never really got bored, and enjoyed every episode. For whatever reason it I highly recommend watching it in Autumn, just feels like the proper time. While it did touch on every genre, I'd fit it most under mystery/thriller, so if you have a particular niche for those, definitely give it watch!

I give Ghost Hound a mighty 10/10 shrine steps
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Yesterday, 10:16 PM
Shelter (Anime) add
Shelter Review

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”

Shelter is very different from your normal 13-23 episode anime. You only need to invest 6 minutes of your time if that to watch it. So rather than be an anime, it’s like a heavily narrative based music video. Thus, making a review for it means you have to approach it very differently than you’d judge a regular anime. I won’t get into the much heated debate of it being considered an anime or not, also because it’s on MAL, thus reviewable material.

I suggest that you have already seen the video before reading this review, as there will be spoilers. There is a summary at the bottom if you want a quick summarization of my thoughts. This will be a lengthy analysis/review of Shelter (in fact, this will likely take a lot longer to read then it would be to watch).

Right from the first frame, Shelter dazzled me with its beautiful imagery, art direction and atmosphere. Within the first 5-10 seconds, all three of these elements help create a narrative and mood.

The imagery used here is extremely effective and a masterclass in conveying narrative, making good use of recognizable video game iconography and other commonly known current day technology (Tablets, Virtual Reality, etc) to relate and communicate with its audience (especially since it’s on YouTube). A great example is when Rin gets some PTSD flashbacks to her past. By touching a swing, bittersweet memories resurface of her on the swing with her father. More importantly, I love the small detail of the swing being one of, if not, the first time we see her reaching out and touching something that isn’t a tablet or piece of tech. It shows a sort of escapism she is participating in, something all the more relatable. Additionally, this relatability helps connect to the audience who may often do the same (like myself).

The art direction is what so eloquently frames the gorgeous animation done by A1 Pictures and scenes to enhance the presentation. There is no wasted frames or scenes, as everything connects together to help quickly build its world. Shelter doesn’t try to be abrupt or overly obvious with the narrative each scene is supposed to convey, elegantly building each scene on top of each other. It’s clear that this is a sci-fi setting and I think this was a brilliant choice. Many of the scenes where Rin is alone is all done in technologically advanced settings (Virtual Reality, Spaceships, etc), even when her father is nearby. It is almost always scenes done away from tech that gives her the simple, but cherished memories (at a shrine, doing dishes, etc.). This helps create emotional attachment and sympathy for the Father’s and Rin’s dilemmas, which I will discuss a little later.

Regarding atmosphere, the way it largely takes place inside her own room helps build this feeling of claustrophobia, read more
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Yesterday, 10:00 PM
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Anime) add
(no spoilers)

I havn't seen as much anime as many people here, so i'll give a different perspective.

To me, it seems this series was meant to a trial of a few different ways of anime creation.

1. The art

The art, in all but the characters, was closer to water colors rather than traditional animation. This turned out beautifully.

There were other minor changes as well such as smoothed panning in certain scenes, but these were much less noticeable.

2. The genre (?)

This series combines a fantasy with slice of life elements. I haven't seen series that has done this well before. Instead of focusing only on action, this series spotlighted character development as well. It did a fantastic job balancing these.

Characters: 10
All had faults and strengths. This made them interesting to watch interact. The interactions were superb as well.

Story: 9
Could have been better. This is where the slice of life elements retracted. However, I get the feeling this was only set-up for the main arc.

Sound: 10
I enjoyed the op and ed every time i watched an episode. I watched the dubs and they weren't bad nor good. The other sounds were clean and added to the series overall.

Art: 10
As I mentioned before, this was something new. Turned out beautifully in my opinion.


MOOD: 10
Most reviewers missed the mark. The other parts were fantastic, but the Mood is the real reason you should watch Grimgar.
Mood such as this is formed when all other elements compliment each other perfectly; it's how you feel when watching a show. For being only twelve episodes, it was better than most long running others who have time to build mood. I can't explain it more, but I'm sure you've felt good mood before.

Give this show a chance. You'll regret not doing so.
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Yesterday, 9:46 PM
Log Horizon (Anime) add
Living in the Database.

The story is a basic stuck in a video game premise. Instead of desperately trying to escape and survive the game, characters make the most of their surroundings. Death isn't permanent and life is pretty chill. Which means the story can focus on the players relationships with each other, the NPC's, and the nature of the world of Elder Tale. The story however does suffer from a bit of a pacing problem. The ending felt like it was dragged on. I think the show would have done better if it ended before the scale festival arc. Additionally, I found it kinda odd that the first season ended with a small build up to the already announced season 2.

Satelite does a pretty good job with the art. Looks like a game with a bunch of comic relief moments. Nothing damning or spectacular.

Sound is pretty good. Solid opening and ending. BGM is fine as well.

Characters are a huge part of the show. Got lots of rotating characters, which means they move in and out of situations as needed or called on. Screen time is divided pretty evenly between major and minor characters. Having so many characters generally means that we don't get to see them all developed. Most characters have a recurring gimmick or two and little else.

Enjoyment is fairly high. Log Horizon manages to make and solve a fair amount of problems in 25 episodes. They addressed several interesting issues that players would have in a game and added some social aspects too. Action is a bit lacking, but this isn't a very big deal. Surprise! The main character is a support class. Also, several dangerously furry romances. One involving a khajit and a young girl.

Overall a good show. If you like video games, specifically MMORPGs, give this a try. It might change your perception of game worlds and yourself as a player.
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Yesterday, 9:35 PM
Love Live! Sunshine!! (Anime) add
I give this 9 ? Really ? A school idol story with being shadow by u's and i give it 9 ?
Here my opinion about this series :

1. Story
Protagonist, Chika, willing to form a school idol group in her shool because she like u's and want to be them. Following then with same problem with series before, school will be closed out because not many student come to study in their school. After all, Chika get 8 other girls and form Aqours to compete in Love Live.

Well, the story itself make you wonder "is it copy paste from first Love Live series ?". But, they make good story in this series. The school closed case give more logic in this series, because they're live in small city and many family want their child to study in prestige school. Their recruit system also good, not forced like in First Love Live.
And what are supposed they do ? They compete in Love Live like we know, but hey the result was not good. And they're not give up (like Honoka, sorry to mock you but i still hate you), still doing their job to getting better and paid off in the end. I also love their passion, not to win Love Live for first, but just get 1 vote and enjoying their performances.

Standard but good story telling after all.

2. Art
For first impression (not in anime), I'm not like it. The first love live had more good looking girl like Umi, Maki, and Kotori. But after one episode, i'm getting used to the art, and make me like it more. Art style was same like first love live, but sunshine's art feels more real for me.

3. Sound
Soundtrack was great, i like all the song.

4. Character
I love all character. Chika being the great leader is most improvement from this series. And other character was lovely too. They even often make a joke about other member, like Yoshiko and Riko antics. I hope i can see Hanamaru read a book again if they plan to make 2nd season.

5. Enjoyment
This series is my most beloved from Summer 2016. I can't describe my enjoyment waiting one week just to watch this series. It's kinda sad I couldn't see Yohane any more now.

Overall, this series was my great pleasure. They are embodied that title "Sunshine", they are bright like a sunshine and keep thier enjoying life.
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Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! (Anime) add
STORY: It's basically a slice of life -- with comedic scenes. It literally explores art club problems (as the title promises).

• Usami-chan - She is mature, Tsundere, gets easily jealous, and loves Uchimaki but she denies it in public.
• Uchimaki-san - He is an OTAKU! Draws 2D girls and calls them Waifu and is a very talented artist.
• President - His real name wasn't mentioned in the show. He is a 3rd year student who is lazy & just sleeps in the club room.

OVERALL: Theme song is catchy. It inspires me to do more art & join their art club. I still pray every week that Uchimaki will draw something else that IS NOT a WAIFU!
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Shelter (Anime) add
Wew, that top-rated review tho. Here's my two cents on Shelter.
Fair warning, some spoilers considering the length

It's a very pretty video. Virtually every frame looks breathtaking and the virtual world looks vibrant and colorful, especially when you contrast with the darker and grimmer reality, which still manages to be beautiful.

My biggest gripe, and this is probably from my inexperience in the medium, is how hard the minute details of the story are hard to follow with such a dense story cramped into 6 minutes. Everything happens at a rapid fire pace with virtually no dialogue. However, to its benefit, it's only 6 minutes, so it's novel plot is certainly worth a rewatch and possibly looking at a summary afterwords.

The music, given its a music video, it's very pleasing to the ear and helps add to the very heartwrenching story, especially if you read the lyrics. Electronic may not be everyone's cup of tea but it works in tandem with the plot of the video

Should you watch it: absolutely! It's a lot to grasp in 6 minutes but worth every watch.
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Amaama to Inazuma (Anime) add
There are so many words to describe this anime, but the one word that comes to mind is Precious.
This anime is precious in so many ways from the cuteness Tsumugi to watching a life of a single parent by watching Kouhei (Tsumugi's Father).
The artwork is just cute and bubbly, which fits the anime perfectly!
The overall sense of this anime is Precious because I am starting to see the build up of the characters. Being able to watch their journey together and seeing it become something more than just a typical Slice of Life story is something that will hit you with the sense of "Love" not only for the characters but for the anime itself!

Would I recommend this anime? My answer: 100% yes
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Yesterday, 7:47 PM
Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
I absolutely love the story. The story is not cliche despite the beginning few scenes make you wonder is it a generic body switching ecchi stuff. No, it certainly has amazing story. It is not predictable, it is not too complex, it is not very straight forward either. It is real, so warm, so memorable.

The art is amazing, the overall atmosphere is touching and real. I have been to Japan. The details of the anime is so well done that left me wonder have I really been to this particular place. The illustration of their everyday lives feel so real and the road, the apartment, the school, all look so real.

The characters are likable and cute. The MC is like everyday student but the way he reacted after the sense of loss, the effort he put into chasing after the dream simply touched me. FC is cute, not to say she has attractive looks, just that she has cute personality.

I ended in tears several moments in the movie. I can say I'm touched, I haven't been so emotional for a very long time. This piece of art certainly deserves my 10/10.

I really enjoyed this. I would definitely recommend to all my anime friends who wouldn't mind to ride the emo train.
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