Oshiete! Galko-chan

Please tell me! Galko-chan

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Alternative Titles

English: Please tell me! Galko-chan
Synonyms: Oshiete! Gyaruko-chan
Japanese: おしえて! ギャル子ちゃん


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 8, 2016 to Mar 25, 2016
Premiered: Winter 2016
Broadcast: Fridays at 22:30 (JST)
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Studios: feel.
Source: Digital manga
Genres: Slice of LifeSlice of Life, ComedyComedy, SchoolSchool
Duration: 7 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.131 (scored by 5664656,646 users)
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Ranked: #30702
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Popularity: #1080
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Favorites: 445
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Mar 25, 2016
LeaderTGW (All reviews)
Absolutely loved it! Perhaps one of the best underrated shows of winter season, Galko-chan totally came out and dominated the other shorts this season.

Now, Oshiete! Galko-chan isn't as wild other shows that discuss boobs, sex, etc and I think that works out fine because with Galko-chan it has a more natural feel to it. None of the episodes feels like its' going to be too over the top or just plain ridiculous, although it does have it moments of course.

Story/Plot- 7.5/10

Honestly, the show really doesn't have much to offer in story/plot. I mean everything is explained in the intro song so you pretty much get read more
Feb 27, 2017
Amazing_Grace (All reviews)
When my sisters enter high school, there are things I'll want them to know, and there are anime I'll want them to watch. One of those is Madoka, because it's about giving yourself the power of happy endings. One of those is this show.

The girls on this show talk about their bodies. They talk about it lewdly, naming specific parts, but also honestly and realistically, in a way I would expect from highschoolers. They don't have big sit-down speeches with older family members about periods; they talk about breast size and water physics. They don't make fun of the size of those breasts, either-- the read more
Feb 4, 2016
RilakkuLina (All reviews)
Where do I begin with how impressed I am by this short comedy?

I admit, I'm biased-I like shows where cute girls do cute things. Though these certainly aren't Lucky Star moeblobs. It's basically the same concept, but the stuff these girls talk about remind me of what I would talk about with friends. Bodies are weird, okay, and there's nothing wrong with wondering if curtains always match the carpet.

Story: Not much real story. But there was a moment that surprised me-in the middle of the silly skits you'd expect out of a short SoL comedy, there was a surprisingly real moment. It was read more
Mar 25, 2016
Vene (All reviews)
~Multilingual review, English & Español: Please tell me! Galko-chan~

Long enough to cover everything that need to be covered and short enough to be interesting, that's the 'mini-skirt rule', and this anime follows it perfectly. However you're still behind a school's desk, or you already left them far behind in your past, I'm pretty sure you all overhead, at least once, a "girl's talk" your slutty girl-classmates did. Leaving aside the disappointment developed when you find out your crush wasn't as pure as you thought, it was sure an embarrassing moment overall.

I once overhead my girls classmates talk about how big a famous singer's genitals were, read more
Apr 14, 2020
Agent_Redacted (All reviews)
At first glance I thought that this show was going to be the same as the one I've seen several times on Hanime. But I was wrong. Oshiete! Galko-chan was simply a fast-paced comedy show about a good-natured bitch and her friends.

It's a really funny show that lightened up my mood in 84 minutes. This anime doesn't really have a story. However, as a person who was bored 84 minutes ago. I find this show very helpful.

A simple anime with hilarious comedies that makes me laugh occasionally. I don't usually see things like this because I mainly watch anime for the story. But read more
Mar 25, 2016
mkzxwing (All reviews)
Best described as "a nice little anime", with the focus on "little" due to episode length. The characters are pretty lovable, colorful and well thought out, but the lack of good comedy (and by that i mean stuff that actually make you laugh and not just smile or chuckle), story (and therefor its progression), relationships and romance as well as each episode being only 7 minutes long kind of ruins it.

On top of it all there's more fanservice than the short episodes can or should be made to handle, but its mostly well placed so it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb as in read more
Jul 14, 2020
SgtSalamander (All reviews)
Oishite! Galko-chan is a quick, fun anime that certainly doesn't disappoint. It begins with a safe, but still creative, concept and just knocks it out of the park from the first episode to the OVA. You'll also learn a fair bit, which was quite the surprise, though some of the high-school rumors were already very familiar to me. The simple story serves as a nice, clean vessel for the characters to have their adventures. The art is very appealing, and is a perfect fit for a slice-of-life school anime. The world has a higher than usual amount of detail and care put into it, which read more
Sep 9, 2016
Alan_Albatross (All reviews)
Reading some of the other reviews actually makes me wonder what the fuck even is this community that I'm a part of. But whatever, although the story is nonexistant and pretty much everything is average - 10/10 best anime ever! Saw only 1 episode :)

Nah, what I really mean is that this show is very average and not worth your time. The only enjoyment you could ever have from this is looking at some really awkward poses that the characters are drawn in for some reason. Then again - their soulless eyes will dry up your life energy, so maybe not the best idea.

I read more
Aug 24, 2016
_LorDNiCo_ (All reviews)
Review: Oshiete! Galko-chan

Story (4/10): This anime has no framework or a single plot to follow on but rather focuses on the daily lives of a gyaru, an otaku, and an airhead. However, the characters and their use of comedic relief in each episode is quite entertaining to watch. Each episode is episodic filled with humor of the female genitalia. The jokes were dirty and playful and every once and a while, a smirk or two came across my face when watching. Putting humor aside, each episode was amusingly very informative when learning about female genitalia. With humor mixed in with educational facts, those two factors read more
Jun 1, 2016
nanakox21 (All reviews)
NOTE: This MAY contain spoilers!

Story 5/10: No plot. High school friends hanging out with each other.

Characters 6/10: No character development. But you get a sense of how they are and how they interact with each other. There are some funny and perverted/sexual moments of references. Galko is constantly late for class and laid back. She is known to have large assets. Ojou is kind, and bubbly. Otako is a bit monotone but chilled.

Overall enjoyment 5/10: It was okay. It can be boring at times, but in the beginning of the anime, they introduced some of the other characters and gives them a brief introduction. read more
Mar 27, 2016
MissOtaku1997 (All reviews)
I really like short anime because they are straight to the point.

This anime is just a time waster, and that isn't a bad thing. I really liked getting to know all of the characters in the series, even the perverted boys.

Galko is funny, and literally physical appearance goals! (but that's just me), and Otako is extremely relatable. She's snarky, smart, and cunning! And Ojou reminded me of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh.

Anyways, this anime is just a lot of fun. A great example of stereotypes, friendship, and even a bit of sex ed.

I recommend this anime to anyone wanting to just kill read more
Jun 6, 2016
LegendAqua (All reviews)
Girls talking about their bodies and it's has some comedic charm to it?

Oshiete! Galko-chan is an anime short mainly about Galko voiced by Azumi Waki the gyaru, Otako voiced by Miyu Tomita the otaku and Ojou...the ojou voiced by Minami Takahashi and they for the most part get into conversations about their bodies. Oddly enough this actually works as the three main cast members of the gyaru, otaku and ojou have somewhat "playing against the type" sterotypes of their sterotypes. Galko is actually shy and gets nervous when talking about ecchi things, Otaku is actually very talkative and teases Galko ALOT with comedic misunderstandings and read more
Jan 23, 2019
IvivinPigeon (All reviews)
Galko is not a bad show and I certainly enjoyed it. It was funny and broke taboo and sterotype alike! But I couldn't help but feel it was a little gaudy. The art style is varied and pretty, but it isn't put to stupendous use. The jokes, while kinda informative and wholesome, got stale after a bit. I think this is one of the better short anime out there, but nothing you can't pass on.

That being said, it is good to see shows willing to tackle a broader variety of topics including things that are usually hushed up as inappropriate. While the topics didn't read more
Jan 9, 2019
Rasta687 (All reviews)
I was watching this for the 2019 Anime Challenge while still a Novice as I found this series short to watch.
'Oshiete! Galko-chan' is a slice of life, comedy and school anime and you can expect what's it going to be about. I thought it would be a good way to kill time (While procrastinating) to watch this show. Actually, the teaser of this show caught my attention.
This anime is good for early teens as most of the characters portray them. This comedy series revolves around their nature and how they discover themselves. As a guy, there were few things I learnt about the opposite read more
Feb 11, 2018
SomeMoron (All reviews)
*Completed for the 2018 Anime Watching Challenge: (89) Watch an anime adapted from a Digital Manga*

Going into Galko-chan, I had zero expectations. I was expecting another mediocre slice of life anime. Thankfully, despite my incredibly low expectations, the show turned out to be pretty damn funny.

I think the primary reason the show works so well lies in the length of its episodes. One of the biggest problems with the slice of life genre is that trying to make mundane, everyday interactions entertaining enough to keep the audience's interest for 20 minutes is a difficult feat. With Galko, each episode is approximately 7 minutes, meaning that read more
Aug 15, 2020
3miL (All reviews)
[ It started with boobs and ended with friendship ]

There isn't really much story as it's mainly about the daily lives of different kinds of people

They talk about seemingly dumb and random topics which end up being really helpful. It's a good way to use the anime medium to express unspoken facts and inquiries people have had about them. I only watched it casually for the lols or to have something to turn me on but I ended up discovering something meaningful, especially in the last episode where it gave an almost Oregairu-esque vibe to it. Breaking stereotypes, I love it


Not really that picky with read more
Jul 11, 2020
kikiyamaa (All reviews)
I enjoyed binging this within a day, i would've loved to see it grow as a recurring web series because I am really drawn to the day-by-day conversations this anime contains. like gyaruko, i also have a uhh uncontrollable sense of language at times. and im just an all around pervert, i gained some very interesting facts from the episodes. one thing i'd like to point out are: the characters. there are so much you can cover within 7 minutes, but what got me interested was a tiktok showing the green pigtails glasses girl. she's plus-sized, promotes healthy body image, and is shown to having read more
Oct 19, 2016
ShySorcerer (All reviews)
Hey folks, this will be a review for Oshiete! Galko-chan. You know when you have a craving for some food and then pig out on it until the thought of eating any more sickens you? That's what this show does to sexual interest.

The story is really straightforward. Three girls attend a high school class in which they will talk about something perverted. Generally they will be presented with a question like, "is it true that girls with larger boobs have larger areolas?". The girls will then discuss it as if it came up in natural conversation. Generally Otako uses the topic to pick on Galko, read more
Jul 3, 2017
rantaroscoochie (All reviews)
I didn't expect an anime about girls talking about their genitalia to be this good.

Story: This anime is episodic, so it doesn't really have story (unless you count "3 girls talk about their bodies" as one.) This works really well though, because the episodes are only 7 minutes long. Trying to put plot development in a 7 minute episode is like trying to put your dick in someone's clenched butthole. If you force it in, you might be able to cram it in. However, you will never be able to put it in properly (amazing comparison, I know). 7/10

Art: It looks decent. I think even read more
Feb 15, 2017
Abnf (All reviews)
I don't know how to write a review, so I'll jump right into it. Note that I use a weighted system, as follows:

Story: x/10 * 2
Characters: x/10 *2
Visuals: x/10 * 1.5
Enjoyment: x/10 * 1.5
Sound: x/10 * 1
Total: x/80

Story - 4/10 * 2 = 8/20
There's very little story to this. Most episodes revolve around some sort of rumor that is introduced at the beginning by the narrator. Later, there is an attempt at an actual story, but it is executed too late, and fails quite miserably.

Characters - 3/10 * 2 = 6/20
The characters are almost all extremely one-dimensional, except for Otako. Galko is defined by read more