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Mar 8, 2:09 AM

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During the premiere stage greeting of the Psycho-Pass SS Case 3: Onshuu no Kanata ni movie, a third season for the franchise was announced titled Psycho-Pass 3. New cast members were also announced, who made guest appearances without prior announcements, along with Naoyoshi Shiotani (director) and Tomokazu Seki (Shinya Kougami). The airing schedule of the sequel was not indicated, but it will air on Fuji TV's noitaminA timeslot.

Arata Shindou: Yuki Kaji (Fukigen na Mononokean series)
Kei Michael Ignatoph: Yuuichi Nakamura (Osomatsu-san series)

Psycho-Pass first aired for 22 episodes in Fall 2012, followed by an 11-episode second season in Fall 2014 and a movie in January 2015. It later received a three-part Sinners of the System movie trilogy this year, with its third and final part recently premiering on Friday. A re-edited version of the first season also aired in Summer 2014. The 2015 movie won the Newtype Anime Award for Best Film that year. The series has also spawned several video-game spin-offs, a novel series, and a manga series.

Official site:

Source: Comic Nataile

Psycho-Pass 3 on MAL
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Mar 8, 2:26 AM

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Hyped. I hope Kogami will appear there. Top 10 anime series to see only for 1 character lol
Mar 8, 2:26 AM
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damn milk that cash cow, hopefully Gen Urobuchi is the script writer again
Mar 8, 2:29 AM
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Only interested if Urobutcher is writing the script again. Best pretend that season two never happened.
Mar 8, 2:37 AM
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they just keep milking...
Damn I'm not a fan of Kaji, but Nakamura... TT

If he doesn't have a main role, I won't even consider this
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Mar 8, 2:43 AM

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Unbelievably random. People hated this show after S2. Why another season?
Mar 8, 2:45 AM

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Lets hope Gen comes back as well.

Either ways looking forward to this.
Mar 8, 2:49 AM

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anime with pathetic mc gets a sequel. of course.
Mar 8, 2:49 AM

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Unless it's written by Urobutchi, it's not worth watching.
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Mar 8, 3:08 AM

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The week of unexpected sequels huh. Anyway I look forward to this new season especially cause of Yuki Kaji. No Urobuchi would be sad tho, I hope he at least directs one or two episodes
Mar 8, 3:10 AM

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Yeah, Urobutchi better come back. Please be good.
Mar 8, 3:30 AM

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Haven't watched this yet, might as well just get on to it in the next few days!
Mar 8, 3:31 AM

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Will Urobutcher return for this? Hopefully it doesn't flop like season 2.

Mar 8, 3:55 AM

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hey look a lie
psycho pass only has 1 season why would they make a season 3?
Mar 8, 4:14 AM

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As much as I liked first season, the latter parts weren't that great imo. I'm a bit worried about this one, but still will give it a try.
Mar 8, 4:20 AM

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I hate to tell you this but Urobuchi is busy playing with his chinese puppets. He won't be back for the sequel.

I hope this sequel brings a satisfying closure on the overall plots of Psycho-Pass. The hype is probably dead now, so this sequel could be the last animated form of psycho-pass.
Mar 8, 4:20 AM

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if this ends up just another garbage like S2 and the movies then I'm done with this series.
Mar 8, 4:38 AM

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Well, If it's going to be like s2 then I don't want this but If Kougami is going to return then I'm in for it.
Mar 8, 4:48 AM
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Shinya Kougami needs to appear in this sequel. Not that I won't watch it if he isn't there, since Kougami isn't what makes this show great anyway.
Mar 8, 5:01 AM

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I finally see the Yuichi Nakamura x Gen Urobuchi collaboration? In my favorite Psycho Pass ?! Wow, I am incredibly hyped!
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Mar 8, 5:10 AM

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I Two Syaorans from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and TRC!!!
Mar 8, 5:26 AM

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Sakuha said:
jejehartadi said:
I hate to tell you this but Urobuchi is busy playing with his chinese puppets. He won't be back for the sequel.

lmao may I know what chinese puppets are you referring to?
Thunderbolt Fantasy. Google it. Iirc it's getting a third season.
Mar 8, 5:31 AM

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There's a Noitamina conference next week so I expect them to announce the seasonal premiere time for this. I'm guessing Fall 2019.

Hoping this will be an improvement over season 2.
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Mar 8, 6:36 AM
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Oh? On God? Looking forward to it
Mar 8, 7:30 AM

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holy moither of god this i am looking forward to great to see another sequel for this.
Have yet to see the three SS Case Movies T_T
looking forward to it, i thought s1 and s2 were both very good
Mar 8, 8:10 AM

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YES !!!!ive been waiting for a new season for years! I hope some of the old characters make a return

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Mar 8, 8:11 AM

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Well I wasn't planning on watching season 2 or the movie but I guess I'd have to now if I want to watch this.....
Mar 8, 8:13 AM

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My hype levels depend strictly on Urobutcher's involvement. I absolutely loved the original but the second season was garbage.

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Mar 8, 8:25 AM

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I'm hype, I like both season 1 and season 2 (yes,season 2 too, not everyone hate it,amazing?)
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Mar 8, 8:29 AM

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Friend has been wanting me to watch it for ages, that’ll give me an excuse to watch
Mar 8, 8:59 AM

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Pray for animation and art quality like the movies.
Mar 8, 9:08 AM

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Here's hoping it's better than S2 and retain some quality like the movies!

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Mar 8, 9:09 AM

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Like Tsugumomo, this was also super unexpected. If it's more like season one and nothing like season two, I'll look forward to this.
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Mar 8, 9:43 AM
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Sure, Season 2 may not have been anything like Season 1 but was it really as bad as all of you make out to be god damn
Mar 8, 10:31 AM

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I liked season 2 as well. Looking forward to season 3.
Mar 8, 11:39 AM

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Just bring back kougami and i will consider watching this new season,he was one of the main reasons why season one was good whereas the second season was a major letdown all because of that annoying girl mc.
Mar 8, 12:33 PM

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Eh, I can support it. Looks pretty cool. I loved the first season. The second season was okay. I still need to watch the SS movies.
Mar 8, 12:43 PM

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I'm very happy to see that this series already gets an announcement for a continuation. I didn't expect this sequel that early, let alone directly after the premiere of the last movie.
Mar 8, 1:07 PM

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if its anything like season 2 i pass
Mar 8, 2:55 PM

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jejehartadi said:
Sakuha said:

lmao may I know what chinese puppets are you referring to?
Thunderbolt Fantasy. Google it. Iirc it's getting a third season.

Can't blame him if he's too busy working on that. Thunderbolt Fantasy is awesome.
Mar 8, 4:54 PM
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Fuck yeah! Definitely looking forward to this.
Mar 8, 7:12 PM

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So hyped. And ofc they bringing big name seiyuu there.
Mar 8, 7:27 PM

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Hey, this is great for fans of the series. Congratulations to them!

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Mar 8, 9:02 PM

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If Gen Urobuchi isn't directly in charge of this season like he wasn't with S2, then no thanks.

No Booch, no buys.

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Mar 8, 11:11 PM

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S1 was amazing and S2 was fine eventough it wasn't as good as the previous one. Definitely will try watching this and if looking at the poster... it'll be a totally new character? so Akane's role is finished?

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Mar 9, 6:47 AM

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If Gen Urobuchi comes back as the script writer, then I will be hyped.
Mar 9, 7:28 AM

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I felt the second season was almost like a rehash of everything that worked on the first season and played it too safe. They should have never left Urobuchi out of the picture when they were making it.

If he actually returns to write the third season, I might give this series another chance to watch again.

Mar 9, 9:00 AM

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> No Tsunemori in the cover
> No Chadgami
> No writen by Urobuchi

Even worse than S2.
Mar 9, 10:09 AM

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Did not know that we were getting new characters =o I just hope that they're not annoying like Mika was
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