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Jul 10, 9:45 PM
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Jul 10, 9:45 PM
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Cop Craft
Jul 10, 12:48 AM
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Neko ga Nishi Mukya
Neko ga Nishi Mukya
Jun 28, 9:29 AM
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Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland
Jun 20, 11:12 AM
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Jun 6, 12:06 PM
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papsoshea Jun 26, 10:54 AM
Thanks, dude!
Black_Sheep97 Jun 23, 11:59 AM
Yeah I agree with this definition if it's contrived, forced or out of place then the plot convenience is detrimental
Black_Sheep97 Jun 23, 7:30 AM
First I would like to know what you consider a plot convenience and what you consider a flaw? I think it's important we understand each other's standards before progressing any further.
Black_Sheep97 Jun 22, 1:21 PM
Regardless I try to convince you why these aren't an issue and why they aren't poor writing ? Cause that's what dumb fanboys without anything better to do will do. But if you feel annoyed or irritated i would go any further so please tell me if that would be the case.
Black_Sheep97 Jun 22, 11:47 AM
I don't believe a plot convenience undermines anything as long as it is delivered in coherent and logical manner. But since it's beem awhile since I've read this arc i would like to re read it in order to not sound stupid in this discussion.
So far the issues are:
1. Ray in the opening chapter
2. Sister krone and the pen
3. Norman seeing the fence
4. Ray getting picked over Norman
5. Them waiting till they tell Ray
6. Telling the other kids
Did I miss anything out? You would think I'm a fan boy you would be right and hopefully I can provide some valid arguments and engage in a proper discussion.
Black_Sheep97 Jun 22, 10:08 AM
Hey man I'll admit it's been since I've read manga for the promised Neverland and i read your review and i don't mean to sound confrontational but the flaws you pointed I believe have a plausible explanation behind but they are convenient but not to the point where they were contradictory of character and became dues ex machina. I believe both the adults were given a fair amount of characterization that made their actions understandable while still sinister. I would go into it further but I wouldn't want to piss you off.
Kampfarsch Jun 15, 11:25 AM
I like how you dont really say anything good about sao:alicization in your review but still rate it 10/10
inim Jun 11, 11:23 AM
Meh. Any suggestions for legal karma whoring? I already learned you must not plug them in forum postings.
inim Jun 11, 9:48 AM
Thx for the upvote, I am just going trough the slightly frustrating experience that after having worked on it for really more than one day, it only makes it to entry 2 on page 3 :) MAL mechanics seem to have weird and wonderful ways, I am a nobody and can't expect miracles I guess. Enjoy your student life!
inim Jun 11, 6:30 AM
I do want to stay in the back in the discussion of the "Re:Zero vs. Shield Hero" poll, thus I answer here. The reasons why I think it is not really Isekai genre and relations to other, fantasy genre shows are covered in my review which I do not want to shamelessly plug in forums. If you are interested in my own opinion, I wrote it down using my heart's blood :) Our ordering of the related shows is diferent, as expected, and your taste is as good as mine. Thanks for sharing it.

Finally, I would expect you like Re:Zero. It has more shounen type action than SH while still having a world with politics and intrigue as a backdrop. It lacks the road movie the middle part of SH is, though. As I prefer road movies and epic fantasy over Shounen, I prefer SH.
papsoshea Jun 7, 10:43 PM
People like to think that Naofumi develops, but he just becomes more stagnant, if anything. Basically, the story justifies everything he did in the first 3 episodes and swept it under the rug. But his incel issues carry on for the rest of the show until the present. And the way Raphtalia is by the end of episode 4 until the present is the result of her being condition and groomed that way. The only females in the show that are shown to be "good" in the eyes of Naofumi are the Queen (who praises him just for the sake of plot) and those who "willingly" submit to him. If the idea is for him to be polarizing all the way to the end, then how can the audience find him relatable? How can the audience like him? What is the story trying to say about his adventure/journey/character arc? What's the message? When you start asking these questions, you arrive at the point that the answer is smut.
Ryuseishun Jun 1, 7:43 PM
Your honesty in your Alicization review is amazing :D
weeabootakbankai May 20, 6:54 AM
What I founding interesting, is that the co-founder did the same thing for Re:zero. They also have more member than SAO.
Last year, I met a toxic user who goes by the name of "kill all sao fan" (luckily he got his profile ban)
weeabootakbankai May 19, 5:45 PM
What you think of this club? Also, their club picture have nudity( which is childish).
SteCasseKing Apr 24, 12:21 PM
Ah ok! Thanks for Answering for my question!