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LordSozin Apr 9, 6:15 PM
No, it was my fault for not being specific enough previously. A really bad habit of mine for being so vague all the time. But yes, I was in the same line of thinking as you in that maybe some original scenes that expand on Kyoko and Katsuya's relationship could've been a better utilization of its runtime. That's why I believe a movie should be a movie. However, one can also see that the focus was Kyoko and how her story ties up to the overall themes of the series. This is why I believe the scenes that focused on Kyoko were pretty good.
LordSozin Apr 9, 9:54 AM
Nah, on the fleshing-out part of the movie I was referring to Kyoko and Katsuya's story more so than the epilogue. The majority of the movie was Tohru's mother's story. The epilogue was fine as it was. Besides the whole age-gap thing I thought the focus on Kyoko was well done for what it was. It's just that I think the development of the relationship between Kyoko and Katsuya was lacking. Maybe that was why I felt a bit of disconnection from the film.

Whether getting rid of the recap or not wouldn't matter if everything else was done beautifully, I guess. Not really sure if that was the sole problem though.
LordSozin Apr 8, 4:18 PM
Hi CQ! How are you? I didn't expect a comment from you but I hope you're doing well at least.

It's been some time but I enjoyed the rewatch of Fruits Basket which partly attributed to the overall score increase for the entire series. I would say I got on board with the series' storytelling and really liked the narrative message behind it all this time. My previous gripe with the Fruits Basket as a whole was all on Tohru, tbh. It's not that Tohru is a badly written character, it was that I didn't buy into it back then. And I made it up my mind that she was a "bad" character purely from that standpoint. As I've expressed in my embarrassment of preliminary review of the second season from years ago and my notes to some extent, I just disliked what she was. And yeah, looking back on it, I was wrong. I was wrong for not looking beyond the surface of her character.

My feelings finally changed when the final season aired and it wasn't long after that I subconsciously knew that I had changed my mind about Tohru and that a rewatch was needed. So going into it this year, I knew I would enjoy it more. I guess the irony is that the very thing that I disliked about the series became the very thing that I loved. Besides Tohru, Yuki and Kisa Sohma were standouts for me. For Yuki, it was his character growth and for Kisa, part of it was her cuteness.

You're right. The age gap played into my problems with the Prelude movie and by extension, the whole series. But that's only part of it. For me, a movie is a movie. This means I expected a fully dedicated three-act structure narrative that comprehensively tells a story, its conflicts, its themes, etc. The prelude movie didn't do that. It started with a recap that took a good half hour--almost--which is understandable (kinda) but I thought it wasn't necessary. Those recap scenes from season 3 had no reason to be in the movie. By the end of it, I felt that the major content was either rushed or too short to be adapted into a movie and I didn't feel that it had the big impact that it should've had. Not everything was fleshed out, whether that's due to its storytelling or directing.

Well, that's only my perspective on a movie though.
PandanLeafSan Feb 21, 2:09 PM
LordSozin Feb 16, 9:02 PM
Ryuseishun Feb 15, 4:51 PM
LordSozin Feb 7, 6:00 PM
BatenKaitos Jan 30, 7:47 AM
Love your fav list
fausifahrial Jan 21, 8:57 PM
sama-sama, have a great day! :D
fausifahrial Jan 21, 1:52 AM
happy birthday! :)
LordSozin Jan 20, 9:10 PM
I see. Thanks for the insights! Well, the sentiments here definitely has merits when the common consensus on Light Novel series such this receives. I think I’m gonna follow your recommendation on this one and see what it’ll lead me to.
LordSozin Jan 20, 7:20 PM
That's understandable. I feel like MAL, on its own, is just outdated and a bit weird place for interactions in general. There's really no easy way for interaction at all on this site anymore--even through forums I just lost interest for a long time now. From what I've seen, engagement and close-knit mutual friendship are required for a constant flow of friendly interactions.

But I guess to move on to another topic, is it a good idea for me to start reading Monogatari Series: Off Season Light Novel even though I never touched the previous releases before other than the anime series?

(Just kinda got a bit curious considering the recent anime announcements).
LordSozin Jan 20, 6:28 PM
Extremely late but Happy Birthday, CQ! I hope you had a blissful birthday though. 🙏
Ashhk Jan 20, 1:28 AM
Happy birthday! 🥳
FrontierAK Jan 20, 12:03 AM
Happy Birthday !!!
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