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Memor Jun 9, 2:16 PM
well I finished it but it was very good, I'm amazed at how much stuff there is to do ._.
I draw anime/manga style stuff, hoping to draw my own manga someday ^^
anything you've been up to?
charnel May 29, 9:09 AM
ofc girl BUT we agreed ages ago that your wedding is first
BananiSandwich May 21, 5:24 AM
the land of guns and capitalism babeyyyyy

oof how hot does it get there? its really hot here too we've got people doing mass prayers for rain
Memor May 18, 11:52 AM
ooh, that's a nice attitude ^^ I'm doing good, just been playing the new zelda game and drawing a lot. you? ^^
Shinah May 17, 2:18 AM
Did you pulled for kaveh as well? Yup but not so much lately, been kinda busy, you?
BananiSandwich May 16, 10:14 AM
been doing normal i think i reached my brain development cap already. also moving to a different country soon jhxvbjhsbc

wbu tho havent heard from you in ages 😭😭😭
charnel May 15, 3:15 AM
Minezz_ May 8, 9:29 AM
I'm doing well, thank you. How are you?
BananiSandwich May 8, 3:20 AM
Shinah May 8, 12:50 AM
Thank youu chyssa, hope you got ur husbandos as well!!~
Doctor-Doom May 7, 5:05 PM
I'm also saving up for Texas. I recently got Mlynar and invested a lot in him, only to find out he's super useless , surtr is better and still owns the crown

I don't think I'll catch up with you anytime soon, though. I play this game daily until my sanity runs out. For now, I'm only aiming for Mountain and Texas, and I'm not too concerned about the other characters.

I haven't tried HSR yet but it looks like a Genshin Impact rip off to me, so maybe I'll give it a shot after some time.
As of Genshin Impact, I haven't played it for a few months. I'm curious about it , lik do you see any end to the story so far? I'm also worried that HSR will take over Genshin Impact at some point.
Memor May 7, 3:29 PM
ooh, this is a nice surprise O-o
gigaparsec May 7, 11:49 AM
You never left cause you kept living on everyone's hearts :')

I'm glad the old gang is getting back in touch :>

I hope everything goes well for you! Except summer heat, there's no escape from that for us tropical fellows haha. Are you still in uni btw? :o
Doctor-Doom May 6, 5:17 PM
Yes thats me spamming clues xD

What about you ? You still play it ?
And have you tried honkai star rail ? You gonna shift to that game or stay with genshin impact ?
gigaparsec May 3, 4:48 PM
Wooooo chissu

Surprised to see you post on comments now xD does this mark the start of your big MAL return? 👀 I came back last month, I found Chaet around again and now you :D

I'm fine, just juggling with irl stuff and getitng in touch with MAL people as a distraction from all that xd

What about you? What have you been up to in life the past few years? :')
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