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Youjo Senki
Youjo Senki
5 hours ago
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High Score Girl
High Score Girl
Yesterday, 10:09 AM
Watching 7/12 · Scored 7
Youjo Shenki
Youjo Shenki
Aug 16, 3:07 PM
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Free Kisses
Free Kisses
4 hours ago
Completed 5/5 · Scored 7
Pochi to Tama
Pochi to Tama
Today, 6:14 AM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 5
Idol-kun wa Koi wo Shiranai
Idol-kun wa Koi wo Shiranai
Today, 6:11 AM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 6


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Fuchsia May 21, 5:00 AM
Sorry for the late response!

Does Persona count as a jrpg? I played through 3 and 4 recently and enjoyed it quite a bit :p

I don't know much about photography, nor art, but I think that illustration can bring certain qualities that photos cannot.

What is it that you don't like about dramas/shows in general? Not that it's a bad thing, but I don't think I've come across someone that outright dislikes such.

My younger brother also used to have trouble reading books, but I had him ease his way in to them via manga, then shorter books/light novels and on to longer books.

When I first started I also had a bit of trouble, heck, I used to hate books through most of high school D:

Perhaps you shouldn't give up on the medium so soon..

There's also audiobooks if you really really strugle.. I've also heard of a service that let's you seamless transition between audiobook and ebook, maybe that could help.

Do you listen to much music?
Fuchsia May 17, 8:20 PM
You know, around these parts I have quite a few epithets. One of which being King of question, another being king of recommendation. :J

JRPG huh, I don't know if I've ever played such a genre. Though, I hardly know what that genre is in the first place, so maybe i have but I didn't realize it.

An essay question huh, well, they're the best kinds of questions so I'm pleased by this.

You like abstract stuff?

Why do you think that people should draw what you can't photograph?

Well, as for me, my primary hobbies include reading novels, watching asian drama and listening to music. Nothing too amazing there.

Do you read much?

Fuchsia May 16, 11:22 PM
Well, one thing is for certain, that sure is an interesting thing to like :p

And yeah, might want to get yourself checked out if you bruise that easily..

Games huh, what kind do you play? The only game that I play these days are league, though I will occasionally boot boot up the ps2 or gamecube to go back to some of the classics.

Design huh, what do you like about art? and what are some of your favorite examples of art?

Fuchsia May 15, 6:13 AM
What are your legs bruised from? Oh, and i'd be curious to know what you like about the bruised leg aesthetic : 0

Do you have any hobbies outside of anime/manga?
Fuchsia May 15, 5:54 AM
I like your aesthetic.

(Bruised legs though? What's up with that?)
Ayato-Hiragi May 13, 6:25 AM
Oh cool!
Ayato-Hiragi May 6, 3:45 AM
How did you celebrate?
Ayato-Hiragi Apr 23, 4:00 PM
Happy birthday!
Ninyanin Mar 31, 9:52 PM
Yoo, sorry for taking so long to reply but I have no internet and data barely works here so ye.. I hate it lmao Today I'm also starting working, hopefully I will like it enough lol I currently live with 5 more people, it's kinda hectic and they are all way older, so I can't wait to get out of the house tbh I also sleep in a bunk bed that's too tall, has no safety whatsoever and is kinda dangerous ngl But other than that, all's good lmao

Ehh, I don't think therapy works for me, especially when you go to therapy, you feel better and then you go back home or whatever and nothing has changed. So if the circumstances don't change, it's same old cycle every time. Even now that I'm far away from home it still messes me up, because I'm still dependent and I can't cut ties. What's basically going on is that I had a shitty childhood, then in middle school it all really got to me and up until I left for uni my mind was not in a good place, and now it has gotten better but I'm relapsing sometimes. And also all this gave me other issues, like being emotionally immature, not being able to distinct my feelings, messing up all my relationships and other good stuff like that lol

Ehh, I don't use social media like Instagram and stuff, it makes me too anxious. But everyone does nowadays, so I might open up a new one again at some point. Couple years ago everyone used facebook here and it's still popular. I have one but rarely log in, I just use the messenger app, cause everyone has it. I know people abroad use whatsapp and snapchat and stuff like that, but here not really.

Welp, if I had a better pc, I would like to try out more games. But that's not in my plans atm. Lool, Die Antwoord are currently having trouble with a scandal and from what I've found, Ninja isn't that innocent.
Ninyanin Mar 23, 6:06 AM
I mean ye, two years ago I would never think to work in that field. So it was good in that aspect. Also dem, I'm glad therapy worked for you and now you do things you enjoy and feel enjoyment as well. I haven't felt like this in a looong time now and whatever therapy attempts didn't really help. Makes me kinda wonder if it's just how things are supposed to be. And ye, I get you, when I was studying theatre I could at least look how I wanted to. Thanks, I wish the same to you °^°

Ye, I completely understand you, although it kinda depends, for some people it tends to bring a burst of creativity, but in general it does cause really low motivation. Sometimes low self-esteem plays big part in it as well, I tend to give up everything I start cause I don't feel like I'm good enough.

I see. Welp, I don't really listen to a lot of japanese music to be honest, but I've heard of lynch. before. And video games, I have only played/ play nintendo ds, some ps1 and some LoL. And some other visual novels and stuff, but ye, I don't consider myself even a casual gamer.
Ninyanin Mar 22, 3:49 AM
Ye, I think I'm starting to figuring it out. It's just that I feel like I've wasted two years of my life studying something completely different, theatre btw, and other than time wasted money as well. But ye 2 years or to be precise 1.5 years is way better than 5 years which would have been if I stayed in uni. So ye... Now I'm pursuing a bartending career but if you don't have connections it's difficult to start off, so I'm going the long way of acquiring knowledge and starting off with similar jobs lets say. So ye, that's why I'll be working as a barista for a while. I also did some coffee and bartending classes couple months ago to make up for the experience I don't really have. I did work last summer at a similar position as well, so I guess that helped too. But ye when I'm donzo with this job I'm planning on getting an associate's degree on tourism and hospitality and get into bartending in hotels and stuff. So ye, after getting that and working at hotels for a couple of years I will hopefully be able to work at an actual cocktail bar and be however I want to. Cause for these jobs now I had to remove all my piercings, keep my hair natural and well not really be how I want to, so it's not really something I would like to do forever. Dream job is doing what I like but also being how I like.

Oof, that's really a problem in general, thinking you're bad so you just give up. I hope you don't have it in other aspects of your life as well, because it definitely sucks so much.
I never really tried playing anime openings before, beside driver's high by l'arc en ciel, great teacher onizuka intro. But I do like playing songs from the Gazette or L' Arc en Ciel, they have good bass lines for sure.
Lol even if you take lessons, bad motivation won't go away unless you want it too. So ye, good luck with that °^°

What kind of music do you like other than anime ops?
Ninyanin Mar 21, 1:31 AM
Heyy, sorry for taking too long to reply, real life stuff has been keeping me busy heh.

Lol Light :') I hate him gahahaha But it's okay :P My fav is probably Matt, although he doesn't appear much, especially on the anime. Also Mello kuku But ye, those two and probably Misa's shinigami, I totally forgot the name welp

Yes, I know what you mean. Sounds really good to be honest. I was actually studying something artistic as well but dropped out this January. It wasn't something I really wanted to do in the future and I would had to be really into things and different social circles to get a job, so that wasn't what I wanted. And I don't really want to move abroad either in order to find a job. So ye, I dropped out and now I'm starting anew I guess :') It has been more difficult, but things will get better soon I hope.

Oooo nice :O I've been playing for a while and pretty much learned by myself. But I know how to play guitar too and I had someone teaching me guitar so ye, it was really easy. But ye, it's not the same thing or same technique and stuff but I love bass a lot more, playing comes naturally. Playing along to songs you like does help you improve and also improvising. Do you know music theory stuff, like chords, melodic scales and stuff? Those help with improvising a lot. Other than that it's practice. There is a pc program called guitar pro which is really good and you can find zip collections of lots and lots of songs from all sort of artists. It helps a lot both with guitar and bass.
Ninyanin Mar 18, 6:52 PM
Thanks a lot, it's from this artist:

Samee, Takumi is the worst omg I mean, I really don't like Takumi so I was hoping you would answer that lmao
And now, next question: Favorite Death Note character? (o-o)

Also dem, you study design, that's really cool :') What kind of design tho?
Ninyanin Mar 18, 3:43 PM
Hello :o I see Nana in your favs, so that's a good thing :') Who's your least fav char from Nana?
GrocerJack Mar 4, 1:47 AM
you draw really well