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elnino02 Yesterday, 8:34 PM
> 456 watchlist? you're stacked
Well, I'm the type of person to add 10 titles for every single one I finish. And there are a ton of great films.

> i see you've gone back to writing film reviews
Yes, it's actually been a bit difficult - I find myself struggling to freely express myself. I feel quite rusty tbh. Wonder how I managed to churn out a few long reviews a year or two ago.

> loved The Seventh Seal and Good Morning
Thank you so much! The Seventh Seal felt very personal, very different from the 'classic' I was expecting. As for Good Morning, it's so clever and adorable, it was so easy to write about. I would have written a review for Paris, Texas, but I just didn't have it in me - I was a bit of a mess after watching it. Great film for sure.

> that's a heavy statement
Is it tho? All of Miyazaki's films are varying levels of amazing (except maybe Howl). The Boy and the Heron (such a ridiculous name, isn't it? Screw Disney for localising the original title 'How Do You Live') just didn't click with me at any point.

> though Ghibli peaked way back 2013
You're probably referring to The Wind Rises, but I have high expectations for both it and Kaguya-hime. I think I'll watch Ponyo and then jump straight into them.
mistahee Yesterday, 6:27 AM
lol, I can assure you the Saraiya Goyou rewatch was on my agenda for a while. But yeah, that alongside the other stuff we spoke about before are def priority from her. So much to get to.

Damn, good luck! I'm sure you'll be done by the time you read this though. Texh isn't really a show you binge or rush anyway; my initial watch and eventual revisit each took a month in total to get through. The most rewarding slowburn, imho.
blickrella May 27, 12:13 PM
it is!!!! :)
yesKiri May 27, 1:59 AM
> i think mortality and tragedy in excess were necessary in the delivery of its story.
I can agree with this, which is why I think it's important to understand the context -- the inspiration -- behind the manga. But well, engagement is not something one can (fully) control :') Same comment about your second point. Yea, I didn't see it coming either and it adds decently to his character. Oof, Hotaru no Haka is one of my old ass inputs where I was way more clueless about everything than I do now, lol -- another one I can't thoughtfully comment on. I'd say this though: I found it boring and it didn't *feel* like a story made for you to invest in for me at the time, which, considering that Takahata made the movie as a political piece (?), probably wouldn't change much had I rewatched it now; though I can see myself appreciate (and understand) it better.

> i suppose with Ono, it's more or less a coin-toss
Still need to confirm this for myself, but I'm honestly not that interested in reading her manga (save for Not Simple) as opposed to watching their adaptations -- so, yes; audiovisual accompaniment is much desired.

If being classy was a crime, ACCA would've been executed. At first, I wasn't sure if I enjoyed watching it due to how subdued it is and the restrained demeanor it placed on itself; yet I kept going anyway, only realizing how much it grabbed me by the 3rd episode -- it's a show that creeps on you and rewards the attention you give it. The dialogue has such a well-balanced tone between casual-heartwarming and serious-weighty, the ubiquitous languor atmosphere placing importance on each scene evenly; political conspiracy concealed in plain sight but knows when to reveal its cards, first and foremost establishing the landscape of where it will unfold so the viewer could take in the complexities -- speaking of: the design and art directing characterizes its districts well, distinct but never out of place, tied back to "unity in diversity"; the spirit(s) of Dowa's people manifest in the visual: the surroundings and buildings, from what they wear to their contours.

I dunno if this applies to her other works, but I noticed while watching ACCA that Ono is more interested in conversation than action (even mundane ones like walking), which could be the reason she doesn't pay much heed to details and complexity in her art and storytelling -- I think this makes adapting her works tricky because it requires a specific sleight of hand to make a dialogue centered anime work: the placement of the camera and cuts, work around with composition to make her minimalism compelling, and a pleasing aesthetic to keep the eyes on the frames; Natsume Shingo and Madhouse nailed it all, making the show flows seamlessly despite (possibly) no change made to the manga which leaves obvious transition between chapters carried to its structure (which isn't necessarily a problem but it could be jarring if not handled well). I'm not crazy about it (yet? lol) but it's a fine show, indeed -- Jean is literally me, Nino has so much swag, Lotta is adorable, those breads are mouthwatering, and Shadow and Truth has been on loop in my head for days.

i've always assumed you had a knack for writing based on how you respond and present your profile (i can't explain this, it's a hunch)

(it's the eye for conciseness and neat aesthetics -- don't tell him i said that)
sheaswee May 26, 4:22 PM
As confusing as expected. I'm honestly not sure where to place it. All I can currently say is that I love the colours and the soundtrack.

It was nostalgic coming back to Berserk. Though I have my issues with it, I think it stands as a fantastic example of character drama. Guts and Casca breaking down each others' walls barely stood out when I first read it. But seeing it now with that soundtrack made the whole thing for me.

It plays in a great scene between Schnee and her father. I don't remember what episode that was, though.

Edit: it's in episode 8
mistahee May 25, 8:59 AM
That's flattering. Thank you. I'm not sure I'll take them to MAL, however. I'm just too lazy. AL is also too convenient when I consider the fact that I can quickly write something then just dump it in the comments afterwards.

It's really vibrant which is consistent with ACCA's visual language; it's really nice. Reminds me that I need to rewatch Saraiya Goyou soon...

I assume it's inconsistent because of your schedule or something? Regardless, yeah, will be looking forward.
blickrella May 24, 9:44 PM
your account has so much aura
torturetech May 21, 11:39 PM
i have to agree with that, i'd like to believe every experience is worth it in some way. also your profile lists are great (and very aesthetically pleasing) too, there's a lot there i've been meaning to get to for ages. guinea pig 1, 2, and 5 are great. 4 is very tonally different from the rest, but it's fun. lucky sky diamond is only unofficially a guinea pig film, but it's way better than i remembered. it has this really unique dreamlike feeling throughout, which is all i remembered of it when i watched unsubbed several years ago. didn't realize it had nearly any plot! i'm genuinely very glad you asked this and i thought about it again.
elnino02 May 21, 6:08 AM
You'll find that I'm more active on letterboxd these days. Films have caught my fancy lately. I'll come back to animanga sometime, not sure when tho.

As for the Ghibli film, I didn't care for it. Miyazaki's worst work imo. Still, I caught it in theatres, so that's a dream come true for me.

Beautiful ACCA layout btw :)
sullix May 20, 3:01 PM
omg your profile looks really nice, it's acca-themed ♡
i'm literally talking about this series with a friend, i think you could do a better job convincing him to watch it.
and heya lucius, it's been a long, long while! i'm kind of back (for now) anyway, but how're things?
exams week huh, you must be busy. well, i wish you luck! :)


The Girl from the Other Side

ohh, really excited to read your blog of this. the art of this ova is lovely ♡
the acca blog looks great, too. you're like genuinely the biggest acca fan i know!
mistahee May 19, 6:51 AM
So I've been caught... Only been writing for recent watches since I really like the anilist comment system and it's convenience, though I hope to get to more priority stuff such as top favourites or something. Hoping they don't come off as, er, nonsensical at times.

Btw, the ACCA stuff goes hard. The profile looks really snazzy.

Oh, and I'm looking forward to the Texh blog.
yesKiri May 19, 3:30 AM
Soon. Old habits die hard. I drafted the answers below months ago and am just trying to finish them now, so sorry if they're underwhelming -- it's really been a while.

For Cocoon, I personally found its approach in portraying the loss of innocence dull and thin, specifically in how it used mortality and extreme suffering to drive the story forward; a narrative tool I can't get myself to sympathize with. From the "cocoon" exposition pages in the first chapter, I could pretty much guess how the manga would play out, and the rest of the chapters were me guessing which minimally characterized character would die next and how -- its predictability sorta undermines the message and emotional core Kyou proposed. I can respect her intent, basing it on a real-life event (Himeyuri Students) to give a sense of verisimilitude and weight to the subject, but it didn't work for me.

Saraiya Goyou is an interesting one. I thought that the writing itself was solid, plot and characters I could see myself getting hooked on, but Ono's presentation failed to make those count for me -- words from my notes: "I didn't expect this to be one of the most uninteresting reading experiences I had. Everything from the dry art style, empty panel composition, matter-of-fact manner coupled with hasty narrative progression jumping from one thing to the next, never letting itself slow down so the reader can take in the moments and setting, are just profoundly dull; which is a shame because Ono's writing is not inherently bad, but her presentation prevents me from attaching myself to the story and caring for what's happening and what's going to happen next." I guess an example of what I mean can be seen in these two pages; it feels hasty to me, progressing without pause, not interested in building atmosphere or a sense of place that I think is crucial for the kind of story it wanted to tell -- I'll still watch the anime though.

It's not that I dislike their art styles; I liked Cocoon's fluid linework and simplistic design, juxtapositing innocence with the cruelty of war, but it was rather messy in parts that I felt reflected Kyou's still-improving artistic skills at the time, which becomes more apparent when you look at her other works after that like Mikako-san that, while still has the same sketchy, stylized quality, is more refined, less line used to depict its image gives a better flow and clarity; as for Saraiya Goyou, it's less of the art style itself, which I quite like and can see work in a different story, but how it's used in tandem with its other aspects that doesn't complement them in a meaningful way.

Oh, btw, good luck with your exams! Hope I'm not bothering you with this, lol. Also, banger profile as usual :)
torturetech May 17, 10:02 PM
sorry for the late reply. i don't, but i added some of my favorites to my profile. many are definitely trashy/lacking in substance but i hope you find something of interest :-)
liesollete May 15, 2:11 AM
mukha akong ligaw na kababayan na nawala sa landas lmao. i'll definitely try to get more into Filipino filmmakers.

I'd consider that a win! haha mahirap din kasi makakuha ng access sa filipino films, lalo na mga luma. if you're looking for links on where to watch them, just hit me up.

they made Jacob Elordi the poster child of the film

booringgg, char hahaha.
liesollete May 15, 2:04 AM
how come? i think it's common among philosophical professors to have theological backgrounds.

ah, I meant rubbed off in a good way. I had a Catholic upbringing—in fact I currently study at a fairly recognized Catholic school—but not too long ago I had my deep-seated doubts as well. I've only recently reconsidered my faith during a string of events from last year, and conversations with people, including a friend and this particular professor. real upstanding person, if I may so myself. and you're right, most philosophy grads that I know have theological backgrounds haha, it was the church that institutionalized philosophy as a discipline after all.

personally, i'd like to think i'm agnostic; which admittedly, becomes a problem when i reflect on my favorites that carry heavy religious symbolism (or strongly impose the presence of God) e.g. Angel's Egg, Nijigahara Holograph etc.

understandable, I respect it. funny enough, I find myself looking more into works with religious over/undertones—Through a Glass Darkly, Au Hasard Balthazar, Winter Light, and even Dostoevsky's The Idiot, to name a few. I would've dismissed these works before, but I've gained a newfound appreciation for them now. however, i would say it's more of an intellectual interest than a purely spiritual one. it's always been there, which is probably why i'm so enamored by the work you've mentioned (Angel's Egg), and even the rest of Oshii's oeuvre to some extent.

descriptive design. and no, it's a group thesis. sa revision sinosolo ko though haha

kumusta naman? haha I also have a nursing friend na nagrarant sakin dahil pabigat mga kagrupo nya; I would hate to be in her place. buti nalang solo ang thesis ko, kasi IMRAD lang naman ang pinapagawa. I've also just finished my revisions last Monday, pending na lang ng certification for originality sa research department, then good to go na for data gathering.

e-cigarette wasn't actually my choice of topic, it was our ex-leader's. yung akin sana about health programs and challenges nung persons deprived of liberty (PDLs), but it was rejected.

how come na-reject 'yung iyo? magandang topic nga yan eh, although if I would have to guess baka dahil more of a policy assessment sya and not medical per se? nevertheless, I think it's worthy of deeper inquiry.
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