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ryzxgum 4 hours ago
yeah pretty much, most of the early movies aren't that special tho. i'd say movie 10 (strong world) onwards are the ones most worth watching
VanillaChocolat_ 5 hours ago
Thank you :-D (If this was sent twice or more I'm sorry!)
ryzxgum 5 hours ago
you always could but i wouldn't recommend it, i think you'd have to have watched/read at least some of the series even though the films aren't canon. aside from knowing who the characters are, their importance, abilties and connection to each other, i think you might get put off by the level of goofiness that people who watched the series have come to like
VanillaChocolat_ 5 hours ago
Your profile layout is set up very nicely!
glizzygoat Yesterday, 9:08 AM
That's an honor to hear from you. I'm glad to see you enjoyed Franz Gordon; besides "The French Library"..."The Art Teacher" is also good but in my opinion, not as great as "The French Library". Either way, they are nice to listen to on a rainy day.. gives off dark academia vibes. I assume you like listening to classical music?
mistahee Jun 6, 10:52 PM
Yeah, it's only been two days so still have a bit of a fried brain. Hey, I recognise the stack. Must've been ages ago since I've last seen it. Digging the aesthetic as always. I'll try to get through them when my immediate list is running low. Or if I get impulsive. Whichever one comes first.
glizzygoat Jun 6, 8:36 PM
Wow, I didn't expect you to remember that about me.

It's nice to see you again, I hope you're doing well . Your profile is beautiful as always. You never fail to amaze me, it's like everything about you is aesthetically pleasing. If I have to be honest, from the beginning I always thought the way you present yourself as a whole is quite seductive and alluring.
glizzygoat Jun 6, 8:18 PM
leuscius said:
are you pinktoast by any chance?

Haha yes, what gave it away.
mistahee Jun 6, 9:00 AM
Yup, you know it. If you've got some tragedies to recommend, anime, manga or otherwise, that'd be nice. I've been consuming lots of sweet stuff to alleviate my broken head during exam season but now that it's over, I should be good lol.
mistahee Jun 6, 5:00 AM
Yeah, your point with EoE's symbolism being more of a visual accessory is an apt comparison to Children of the Sea's climax and the general "wtf is going on" feel of it. Another apt comparison the latter, imo, would be Akira with the cataclysmic body horror that is the climax which, funnily enough, also suffers a similar issue of being a rushed adaptation.

In spite of my complaints, though, the cataclysmic ending of the film and climaxes of that nature in general, tragedy or otherwise, is exactly my thing so...
elnino02 Jun 6, 1:31 AM
mistahee Jun 5, 9:13 PM
Yeah, it has. I found my reaction to it a bit mixed, taking into consideration its gorgeous production, as expected of Studio 4C, and the exploration of ecology, the mysteries of life and humanity's insignificance in the universe was interesting. That being said, the last 20 minutes felt like EoE... with fish. It felt esoteric and I was simultaneously stunned by the visuals and COMPLETELY lost. Perhaps that's the point? The subtle storytelling didn't really do it for me, either, since there wasn't much personal connection on my end.

I hear the manga's a better product overall, though, since the film supposedly removes a lot of context.
elnino02 Jun 4, 11:02 AM
I think you underestimate yourself. Your general aesthetic, appreciation of beauty not adhering to the norm and clear articulation make quite the impression - I'd go as far as to call it contagious. It's a compliment.

>impressive use of color and spatial depth too
Yes, yet again, you've found a way to express what I was struggling to put into words myself. All the little details, textures, colours, etc. gave the setting a realness in terms of space and depth, I suppose that's partly what moved me too. All credit to whoever brought it to life, there's unmistakable talent there.

>there's inherent charm to silent films that tell a story not of words, but solely of gestures and ambiances
Classic case of actions speaking louder than words. Rain Town's story of abandonment and being welcomed into a family again was perfectly realised too.

>i'll still probably do it though. the screen direction went crazy on this one, it is so hauntingly beautiful
If someone were to ask me why I like Shinbou so much, I'd probably point them to Cosette. I do love 3-gatsu and Monogatari more as they are highly polished works aptly directed to maximise their messages without ruining the identity of the source material, but Cosette overflows with the deranged experimental visual style that I find addictive, and I think you could legitimately get drunk on this one. Every once in a while I come across anime that give my love for the medium a new lease of life - this is one of them.

>good luck on the internship and your endeavors man
Thank you, and likewise!
elnino02 Jun 4, 9:17 AM
Hey man. I had a little time to spare and decided to update a few tags that were bugging me. Rn, I'm just taking a look through shorts and stuff on my PTW.
elnino02 Jun 3, 7:32 AM
My vacation started a week ago as well.

>imagine my concern when i did not see you here for what, like 4 days straight?
Well, my laptop broke down, so I didn't really watch any anime. I did come online once the past week to log a manga I had completed. But I'm back now.

>fun, isn't it?

>ironically, i used to avoid shorts and ovas altogether because i didn't think they'd be worth the count
Honestly, this sounds exactly like me before I started conversing with you. I used to exclusively watch commercial series and films till some time back.

>tell me your thoughts
I watched Rain Town and Cosette recently (I know Cosette isn't a short, but I still wanna talk about it). I thought Rain Town was remarkably well-made for a short - the backgrounds, animation, sound, etc. were quality and the story itself was simple but its wistfulness cut deep. Really enjoyed it.
Cosette was one of those that I can't help but love. It's a very basic idea, but the lengths to which the anime goes to get what its trying to say across makes it quite the memorable affair. I'd consider it a highlight of my experience with this medium.

>you officially back?
Yeah, but I'll be taking it easy on the animanga front for the foreseeable future. I'm doing an internship atm (that's actually what this 'vacation' is for) and also brushing up on some stuff for interviews that'll take place in the latter half of the year. I think I'll stick to SOL and shorts and stuff for now.
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