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Aug 18, 2020
A quick and nice shotacon read, both for shota and android lovers.

The story just revolves around a man and his maid/sex robot. He plans to buy a 'shyness chip' to have the feeling of shame be implemented into his maid, since he keeps walking around the house completely naked, without a worry in the world.

The concept itself is interesting and the author decided to inclucde a ton of detailed information about how the android is build and how it functions.

The art style seems a little outdated/retro but is overall cute and fitting.

Overall a quick, neat read. Can't do much wrong here.
May 22, 2020
This Oneshot Volume consists of three different stories. The title story Kuchizuke wa Niji no Ue de (which is 3 chapters long and fills about 50% of the volume) and the stories Tenohira no Koi Mahou and Sotto Amai Kuchizuke wo which are both only one chapter.

The main story deals with a boy that attracts sunny weather and a boy that attracts rainy weather and their developing relationship. The story uses a couple of BL chlichees. The story is paced out rather well and doesn't come off as too forced. There are some drama elements but overall it is more lighthearted and includes a few read more
May 21, 2020
Apparently Manazashi no Hayagane was the authors first running series in a magazine. For such an early work I can already say that she did a pretty good job.

The oneshot manga is split in two parts and features two love stories: The title story Manazashi no Hayagane and Gouisshouni. The length is split pretty much 50/50.
Both stories are very similar in quality, hence why I won't go into too much detail about them.

Even though both stories were cut rather short due to the oneshot format the developing romance didn't feel too rushed. The characters are rather fun and cute. The story uses read more
May 10, 2020
The premise of this BL sounded like a decent plot for a oneshot. 'A forced marriage between members of two tribes. They have to get to know each other and learn to accept their differences.'
Unfortunately the story surprises with some (for BL) classic normalized rape scenes and even some depiction of bestiality.

The characters are written in a nice way and the love story does not come off too forced.

The art style is very pleasing and manages to switch the characters well between human and animal forms.

Overall it is a short and rather enjoyable BL for anyone who likes shapeshifting, younger Uke's (that are read more
May 9, 2020
Was looking forward to a neat, short fantasy story but was unfortunately disappointed by the mediocre story and art.

The art is nothing special and can even seem wonky at times. Action scenes don't seem very dynamic and the character design is low par.
A lot of classic fairytale characters from the Brothers Grimm are depicted as bishonen that don't have a lot to do with the original characters anymore.

The story was obviously cut short, has more of an open ending and introduces new characters up to the last second.

I wouldn't recommend this if you're looking for a short fantasy with a good story read more
Feb 9, 2020
The third Free Movie plays out very similar to the other two recap movies. This Movie, recapping the third season of the anime additionally shows a whole lot of new scenes though. We get a few cute background/past scene, comic relief scenes but also scenes that give a bit more context to the events of the third season and newly introduced characters. Especially the ending gives some more info about the upcoming sequel.

Most of the Hiyori/Natsuya parts of the season were significantly shortenend and might arguably be a tad hard to understand for anyone who hasn't seen the season. The rest was put together rather read more
Dec 3, 2019
Uchi no Musuko wa Tabun Gay (Our Son is Probably Gay) is written from a mother's point of view who suspects that her eldest son (Hiroki) is gay, since he is very bad at hiding things.

Each chapter usually deals with Hiroki dropping hints or stumbling over words to hide his sexuality while having interactions with his mom. The mother usually either doesn't address it or goes along with it, as she does not want to push him and eventually let him come out himself once he feels comfortable with it.

The manga is rather cute and fluffy and not too serious on the topic of read more
Dec 2, 2019
Odette (Manga) add (All reviews)
Super cute and fluffy manga!
The story is about Tae, an office worker and her boyfriend who is a cat-person. This fact is never addressed or explained in the manga, other people don't seem to mind but there are also no other cat people.
Every chapter is its own closed story, mostly dealing with a typical date day of the two and their charming personalities.
Tae is lively and cute while her boyfriend never talks.

Its a typical slice of life manga with lots of cute moments and a boyfriend with an even cuter face. A lot of the comedy is based on his expressions.

Unfortunately there have been read more
Dec 2, 2019
The second season of Bananya! Who wouldn't be hyped for this!
After ranking the first season a masterpiece I was really excited for this one.

Instead of in the human world/interacting with every day objects/life situations and sometimes even with humans themselves this season plays on the fictional Bananya planet. (possibly the origin story?)
Every now and then meowteors (nyagareboshis) will fall onto the planet and bestow the inhabitants with unusual items to interact with (usually items from the human world). As the first season, most episodes introduce a new bananya character (like the zombie bananyas, emo-bananya or my personal favorite the elder bananya).

This season continues to read more
Nov 29, 2019
The story is between Hakuyou (a wolf youkai) and Shouji (a newspaper reporter), who ends up taking in Hakuyou as he has nowhere to live after fleeing from his clan.

The story is quite good, as it deals with Hakuyou's past, him trying to get accustomed to the human world and Shouji slowly figuring out what Hakujou truly is.
There are a few typical BL tropes here and there for drama effect that make the characters seem a little shalllow, but new fans to BL might enjoy the cheesy nature.

The art is nothing special, though I enjoyed the mixture of human/yokai interactions in wolf form.

Overall it's read more