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Jun 18, 2022
Trigger Warning for Suicide Attempts

Josou Danshi to Menhera Ojisan is pretty much what the title suggests: A depressed 30 year (that doesn't really look anything like 30) falls in love with a high school crossdresser he finds online and they meet up to have sex. They end up meeting more frequently, but after losing his job the older mans depression takes over and he tries to kill himself.

The story is rather unconventional, a little more on the dark side and not the typical cheesy BL some might be used to. There are some time skips, which make the story move along fast without getting read more
Apr 24, 2022
Yoake no Uta tells the story of a fantasy world where so called Kannagi with special abilities are born in each village to protect the people from mysterious creatures that come out of the sea at night.
One of the villages boys Alto becomes interested in the secluded living Kannagi Elva and decides to help him out as a servant.

The stories premise is very interesting, while still leaving a lot of mysteries and answers to be uncovered in the future. The story focuses on those mysteries and the roles the protagonists play in this world while the romance is more of a slow burn. However read more
Apr 11, 2022
The manga Shouta, Kimi wo Aishiteru! consists of three different BL short stories being
1. Shouta, Kimi wo Aishiteru!
2. Itazura na Cream Pie
3. Amattare wa Inu mo Kuwanai

Shouta, Kimi wo Aishiteru!
The story about Shouta, a young japanese guy that just happens to meet a beautiful foreign dude. He is immediately attracted to his good looks and they end up in a steamy one night stand. From that point onward they start a relationship with each other which comes off as rather unnatural and sudden.
Shouta doesn't have much of a character and is mostly swept along.

read more
Apr 5, 2022
Definetely not a story for the faint of heart!
Don't go into this if you can't stomach some like.. Really messed up shit.
Trigger warning for like pretty much everything you can think of.
Light spoilers ahead in this review.

Kedamonotachi no Jikan is about Airi a young model that gets kidnapped by a stalker to imprison her, physically and mentally torture and rape her on a daily basis.

Airi has the will to endure and escape this hell but she and her kidnapper eventually bond over their traumatic past and a kind of stockholm syndrome scenario ensues...
[spoiler end]
read more
Apr 3, 2022
Trigger warning for Incest, Suicide, Murder, Blood

The new head of the family finally holds his wedding ceremony after an assassination attempt left his older brother dead and his soon-to-be wife disfigured. The "faceless wife", constantly covering her face with a veil, is not accepted by the family and a lot of rumors make the rounds...

The suspenseful story manages to keep you reading and slowly unravel a series of mysteries as the main character seems to suffer from amnesia and tries to figure out the truth about what really went down during the assassination attempt.
There are a couple of interesting twists and turns that read more
Apr 3, 2022
Honya no Yagi-kun tells the story of a young goat boy who works at a bookshop.
In this universe of animal people herbivores and carnivores usually live seperated from one another and goats aren't even allowed inside of bookstores since they have a knack of chomping down on paper. Despite all of this Yagi-kun has managed to get employed at a bookstore owned by a friendly wolf. On top of that Yagi-kun seems to have a special ability of being able to differentiate different books by taste. He can even get affected by handwritten notes depending on the person...

Despite this interesting premise there is read more
Mar 25, 2022
Ousama to Alpha to Puppy Love is a BL omegaverse manga that is mostly wholesome and fluffy romance.

The uke ends up having a one night stand with a king from a foreign country due to him forgetting his heat suppressants. His previously established character of being a virgin, not wanting to settle down and focus on his career and getting into politics is almost immediately thrown out the window by this event and is barely mentioned ever again.
His other character trait of him being a clean freak is forgotten about whenever it is convenient and has no consequences on the story.

He ends read more
Mar 21, 2022
The manga Totsugimasenkara is about a young boy that gets sent to a bridal contest by his family. The contest is being held by a well-known alpha family to find the best partner for the young master of the house.

The manga plays in the alpha / omega universe. I'm not too versed with this kind of genre but it felt kind of redundant and like the whole story might as well have been a normal boys love plot.

The uke acts more like a typical tsundere with not being interested in the contest/planned marriage at all but quickly changes his mind. There are read more
Mar 19, 2022
Trigger Warnings for: Rape, Drug Abuse, Minor character death

A wonderfully cute, wholesome and vanilla hurt and comfort manga.
The characters are relatively memorable and well written for a oneshot. Very few typical BL chlichees. The story and relationship development are cut a little short at the ending and a sequel or at least one more chapter would have been nice. We are left with a couple questions/plotholes due to it being a oneshot. I easily could've seen this being 2-3 volumes to tie everything up neatly.

The art style is decent. There aren't really any spicy scenes.
Overall a good and quick read read more
Jul 15, 2021
First up: I haven't read the prequel but it is absolutely not necessary to do so anyway, since the story deals with two different characters than before.
Also a trigger warning for mention of abuse and rape.

The story deals with a doctor (Tonou) who is told by his boss to look after his son (Ichii) as a private patient who had just recently broken his wrist. Ichii seems to be taking advantage of this, enjoying the special treatment and asking Tonou for this and that...

The story has a very typical BL chlichee storyline with using misunderstandings, non-communication and rape as drama elements. The characters are read more