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Jun 3, 2024
Preliminary (11/? chp)
Trigger warning for: kidnapping, nudity, suicide

Okada-san is going out with Kyoko. He is head over heels for her and would do anything to make her happy which might be buying her favorite pads, barking like a dog and possibly commiting crimes?
But there are a lot of secrets and mysteries surrounding not only Kyoko but also the other people around Okada...

The series goes dark pretty quickly and deals with a bunch of messed up protagonists. It's intriguing and keeps you wondering what's going to happen next. At this point I feel like the story might end up being exciting and dramatic or fall completely flat ...
Feb 27, 2024
I was looking for an age gap BL manga, found this and honestly this was pretty much what I was looking for. The first two chapters+the last one (the title story) is about a young boy falling in love with a priest and coming to visit him just to be close to him.
Second story is another age gap story with a middle aged yakuza and the last one are two guys from the same school.

Because it's a oneshot the stories develops rather fast but still manages not too feel forced. I really liked the characters and could easily have seen this as a little ...
Feb 23, 2024
This wholesome and slightly romantic about 30 pages oneshot is set at a school where mostly yankees (delinquents) and otaku are enrolled. One of the yankee girls seems to have a sudden interest in reading BL stories after seeing one of the otaku read one and she ends up reading together by his side.

The art style is very modern and clean. The story is wholesome, sweet, short, relaxed and clear.
I could actually see this oneshot as a slightly longer running series since the characters are set up nicely and form an interesting relationship.

Overall a short read for someone who likes some soft, calm romance and ...
Feb 16, 2024
Mixed Feelings
"The SCP Foundation started in 2008 is a fictional secret organization fostered by the online collaborative-writing wiki project of the same name. Within the website's shared universe, the Foundation is responsible for capturing, containing, and studying various paranormal, supernatural, and other mysterious phenomena unexplained by science (known as "anomalies" or "SCPs"), while also keeping their existence hidden from the rest of human society."
So says the wikipedia article.

Based on this concept this anthology is compiled of short stories by various mangaka each telling the story of an SCP.

This manga can be both enjoyable for SCP fans or people that would like to know more about some ...
Aug 22, 2023
Innocent wo Kegasu Kiss is a BL love story about revenge, anger, innocent love and hope for the future.

The story revolves around the young Prince Sirius who is seeking help from Ombra to find an herb to help his dying friend. Hoewever he doesn't realize that they have known each other for a long time while Ombra plans to exact his revenge and killing the prince...

The plot unfortunately comes a little short in this oneshot although it is not a bad one, the characters and world have plenty of depth and you start rooting for them. There are some dramatic elements that are a little ...
Aug 9, 2023
This manga tells the story of a young woman called Nana who kills her abusive husband to finally break the cycle and attain freedom again. However the next day her husband stands in front of her again as if nothing happenend and the story evolves from here...

The manga was very suspenseful, a mysterious dread enveloping the whole story as we deal a lot with the inner conflicts of the protagonist. I honestly feel that this manga would have done better were it a little more fleshed out, 2 volumes doesn't make for a very in-depth storytelling of course. Still it kept you on your feet ...
Jul 31, 2023
A rather short oneshot that I can only assume sets the stage for the full release manga by the same author.

The sci-fi setting is rather intriguing, due to the page limitation we don't get too much information but more than enough to make us interested in more details. You can tell that the author has thought about the world and the characters in it. We are already introduced to multiple storylines of the characters, motivations and worldbuilding.
A oneshot that definitely sets the tone for further things to come and makes you interested in more.

The art is not very standard and pleasant to look at. Very ...
Jul 27, 2023
Gyutto shite Eve is a classic romance manga that includes two stories (the title story) and "Happy Love Again".

The first story is about the middle schooler Kokomi who has a crush on her classmate Haruki who seems rather rude and uninterested in girls.
One day her beloved stuffed bear Eve starts coming to life and wants to help her out romancing Haruki.

Happy Love Again tells the story of Highschool Girl Toko who got dumped by her boyfriend but quickly finds love again with a good-looking hairdresser.

It's difficult to get too deep into the stories without spoilers since they're rather short but unfortunately both story and characters ...
Jun 21, 2023
This cute and fluffy oneshot in a high school setting deals with a delinquent character and his just newly transfered classmate.
The newly transfered student tends to use a fake smile to be liked by everyone while the delinquent student gets avoided due to his bad reputation and scary looks. They end up meeting by coincidence on the school roof and realize that each other might not be just the way they seem...

The story is very cute and romantic, has a touch of comedy and no drama. Since it's a rather short oneshot there's not a lot of time to develop any story but the ...
Jun 4, 2023
I'm a big fan of autobiographical manga and this one is no exception.

The mangaka tells of her struggles with german supermarkets and missing ingredients to cook her favorite japanese dishes.
This is a fun read if you are either interested in cooking japanese dishes (in a European style) or in different cultures and their differences.

The art style is very cute and simple. The recipes also show photographs of the finished dishes but the black and white manga print makes them a little difficult to look at.

The manga is filled with cute little anecdotes about life in Germany and with a german husband but the main ...

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