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Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
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Boku no Hero Academia the Movie: Futari no Hero
Boku no Hero Academia the Movie: Futari no Hero
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xchyssa May 2, 9:25 AM
Okay let me rephrase that when I was a young kid around 6-8ish years old. I watched DBZ, cowboy bepop, eva, pokemon, digimon, etc. on tv with my brother. I'm close to him though the world of anime and it's practically our main bonding of sorts. But we kinda follow few different stuff now except for naruto (it's boruto now), one piece, shingeki no kyojin, and berserk.

Well just take your time. I have those moments too, where I don't watched any anime at all.

Good luck out there Ascius! I'm waiting for your comeback! Just ping me anytime, friendo! Take good care of yourself and... Physics! :D
Mimurona Apr 30, 1:10 PM
Well...every username represent one way or another.
Mimurona Apr 30, 1:07 PM
"Whiteout Shadow"

That sounds philosophic enough
Mimurona Apr 30, 12:33 PM
Maybe its random....but I'm curious and can't be helped.

Your username...have a meaning?
xchyssa Apr 29, 11:32 AM
About the mecha stuff, well, my big brother is a gundam fan and he's also the one who introduced into the world of anime, when I was really young. I mostly know few stuff about gundams though him. I'm not picky about the genre of anime, actually I almost watch everything except for the pervy stuff of course. I'm very patient, compromising, and open to try new stuffs. I got a feeling you've seen every mecha that I watched so far. Haha. So I'll rec other stuff (mostly recent releases):



If you have questions about these recs, ask me anytime!
xchyssa Apr 25, 10:43 PM
I love every photo of physics! Thank you so much. Gaaaaah. Great friendo, you have done a great job!! XD
xchyssa Apr 23, 10:19 AM
For me, music is an expression and an instant mood booster. If I want to be sad, I'll listen sad songs. If I want to be happy, I'll listen happier songs. Of course, it's also an escapism to me as well. I think most people does that anyway.

Yeah, probably weird, if you're not used to or familiar with the whole anime/manga world. But to me, as an enthusiast of anime, nah! It's cool and fine. Seriously, you're not the only one in this site or even the whole world itself. Keep doing what you love!

HAHA. Okay, if typing a super long one would make you feel better, then feel free too! XD
xchyssa Apr 22, 7:46 AM
I'm glad you did really take your time and listened to the whole album. The album itself was my summer anthem last year. Especially, goodbye soleil, ti amo and frutti tutti. Wow. It made you think of mecha. That's an interesting insight. I only know 1 hit song of duran duran, and obviously it's the most popular song. Hehe.

Oh I see. In my case, I just let where my music interests take me. Whether it's on YT or spotify. I can't believe you used to listen to kpop once too. Lol. You don't seem the type to listen to those kind of stuff. Haha. But yeah, in a way most of us go through that unexpected music route.

It's alright tho. We all have busy times and rough weeks. Just take care of yourself first! And of course... Physics too. Huehue.

Yeah. It is shorter. I am impressed. Lol
xchyssa Apr 18, 1:27 AM
Thanks for the unconventional greeting of yours! I appreciated it very much!

Those are some kind words, friendo but okay, thanks again! Huehue.

About Phoenix, I know info as little as that and same goes from the other bands I've listen to. Lol

And as for the japanese music recs, I don't really listen to jpop/jrock these days aside from the stuff I've heard from anime OP/EDs, so it's quite a refreshing experience! I kinda see why you would dig up way to the japanese music side. I mean, I acknowledge their rawness in sound and; music knows no boundaries and always transcends in language. You don't have to really understand the lyrics and it's all about how music/sound itself speaks to your heart and soul. Actually, this might sound surprising but I did have a short kpop phase back in a day. Lol.

Sorry for the late reply. I just wanna listen properly to every recs before I could compose this comment. Honestly, among of them, I like soutaiseiriron the most. Hehe.

It is readable as hell, don't you worries. Lol
xchyssa Apr 15, 5:47 AM
Just not particularly used to it, I guess lol. But I don't mind, just be you instead. Hehe

You could say I don't really dig into it that much than most people would do for their favorite bands. You know, all the enthusiasm, the news, trivias, all the lyrics, and etc. I'm overall pretty chill about it and because of that, I'm most likely to forgot that particular song came from this album and probably mixing up everything in the discography, or totally forgetting the song's title but knows its rhythm and certain lyrics the instant I've heard it. Lol.

Well. It's alright if you don't like Queen. Everybody has certain preferences.

I can't really answer that, but well. My mum thinks I'm harder to read and to understand. So, people closest to me would probably answer your questions more clearly about my unorthodoxiness or my eccentricity. The good thing about it is that I've found my sense of individualism in a way unlike most people.

Wow. I'm kinda surprised you've liked phoenix the most, but at the same time, I kinda anticipated it, well that song is truly an earworm for starters. And that song, is what brought me into digging their discography. And actually, that song is what made them broke into listeners of indie/alternative and eventually got the attention of Grammys, and won best alternative album for "Wolfgang Amadeus", the album where the song came from. And phoenix is a french band. They started as a full indie rock band for first 3 albums, then eventually evolve somehow into a indie pop band. Well, I think they suited to rock poppish songs. If you ask me. If you like 80s pop sound or new wave. Or just plainly missing some of that particular feel in the music biz right now. Then I suggest you check their latest album "Ti amo". Great 80s aesthetics.

Ok then give some of you're recs as well, sensei! Hoho.
xchyssa Apr 13, 8:22 PM
Wow. It's so long lol. I read your reply 2 times to grasp everything you said. And probably, I'll still forget to mention some certain stuff along the way. So in advance. Forgive me! Haha

I just feel like I'm not really deep into music. Or maybe.. just me? Anyways, I love everything about the beatles! Well I admit, at the beginning, I did started listen to the beatles because I saw a young photo of macca (paul) on one of their first few albums that I came across on a music themed coffee shop where you could play a vintage vinyl. Lol. But I knew some of their greatest hits (hey jude, let it be, here comes the sun) way before that. Tbh, I dig young paul mccartney. Lol. And for led zep, I always adore jimmy page's guitar skills and robert plant's platinum vocals. But it's freddie mercury of queen is my favorite vocalist ever. If I were to compare myself to a song, it will be "borhap", honestly. And I think you get the reason why in a way. Because you said I'm unpredictable and I think I'm quite the unorthodox and kinda low key don't follow the rules and the conformity. Well, look at my circle avy, its the best example.

As for taylor swift, her music came coincidentally to the time when I was emotionally vulnerable because of a boy. She did help me cope through her songs and stuff.

Oasis, coldplay and rhcp are great bands that I cherished since my earliest childhood.

Between you and me, literally you know a lot about music! Wah! Especially on classic rock! You like japanese bands too! That's cool. Like for reals! The only jrock bands that I really appreciated are flow and supercell/egoist. But I really like every jrock themed songs that I've heard from anime.

Honestly, I wasn't so sure what to rec so didn't bother in the beginning. Lol. So I guess I'd give you three songs from different modern bands, for now?

You got a point there! Lol

Mimurona Apr 13, 12:07 PM
How cute!
Mimurona Apr 13, 11:04 AM

xchyssa Apr 12, 4:12 PM
Thesis post... So I'm gonna put a reference or do an extensive research on comments eventually. Lol

I don't think I'm the best person you can talk about music and stuff but I'll try my best! Haha. In general, I always like pop, rock (especially some classic rock), synth pop and alternative/indie. Obviously, I like taylor swift. But aside from her, I mostly listened to bands like foster the people, chvrches, arctic monkeys, phoenix (a french band), two doors cinema club, blossoms, walk the moon, imagine dragons, the 1975, paramore, oasis, coldplay, rhcp, the beatles, and; a bit of the rolling stones, the smiths, aerosmith, and led zeppelin. I think I'm probably forgetting to state more or few bands but that's the most usual stuff I listen when I feel like it. Most hailing from the alternative/indie side and classic rock side. If you noticed.


P.S. Thanks for liking my rem set. Hehe. My comment section is also open to comment setto appreciation, in case you didn't know! Lol
xchyssa Apr 12, 6:38 AM
I don't know about that myself. But most I've seen are about anime, game, music, movies, meme or anything pop culture related.

It's alright tho, we all have certain curiosities and thoughts on certain subjects. LOL