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LudaOtaku Yesterday, 3:18 PM
Yeah you told me about the computer, I did not know you where still using it though, you have a nice sister that let's you use her computer for so long xD
Anyway, as for the fm, if really, submit a feature request, maybe they'll end up implementing it, that's how things work.
Auxoran Yesterday, 4:32 AM
eyw goy
LudaOtaku Yesterday, 12:01 AM
In my opinion the mistake is to believe such features are necessary. If the authors did not implement them despite being very basic and simple to add, then that's probably a good reason to believe it doesn't really matter that much.
joey101937 Mar 27, 4:37 PM
The author of ZnT lined out how he wanted the anime to end before he died, which is why ZnT actually has a conclusive ending. legend of MM! was another one i would have really liked to see finished but the author died there as well. Legend of the Legendary heros was amazing but it got canceled unfortunatly.
LudaOtaku Mar 27, 3:08 PM
You know, it's 2017 maybe but I'll ensure you that having paper notes is often a life saver when you run out of batteries, I still use paper notes extensively, be it at work or at home, it's just that much faster to just take a pen and do whatever you want even if it looks ugly thant to have software for everything, especially for making graphs.

What you are looking for simply does not exist, and there surely is a good reason for that :O I have to admit I was frustrated a few times because of such things, but still now I belive such features are worthless next to lightweight programs.
joey101937 Mar 27, 2:52 PM
Yeah very sad, I would have loved to know how it ended
LudaOtaku Mar 27, 2:48 PM
Mh, you haven't checked Ubuntu's nautilus file manager, have you? It allows formatting drives, and has windows-like pie-chart dispaly for free space and all sorts of small nifty features. Not only that, but it also supports FTP and other protocols to which Windows' explorer would just look there saying "wtf is that I don't understand". (Did I say window's explorer has features it's not supposed to handle, like I don't know for windows 10, but in windows 7 it also serves as the control panel, which... obviously is a FM's job...).

I'm pretty positive gnome-base/nautilus would work well for what you want, but then you have to accept all the extra dependencies (on my system there are about 60, including useless crap like dbus, no need to tell you why I hate such software).

You probably are looking for what I like to call "intermediate level software" (software that's not for beginners but not for power-users either), the issue is that it does not exist, as people tend to never stay in that category for too long. Either people stick to easy-to-use stuff like nautilus, and disregard the bloat, or they go for lighter alternatives. That does not mean you have to give up on the GUI, I'm just saying you'll eventually realize that the terminal is that much more efficient, and that such trivial features are really not necessary (I mean how often do you look at the disk's free space ? And also you can hand-draw a pie chart on a piece of paper after reading the output of df -h / if really you need a visual feedback).
LudaOtaku Mar 27, 2:23 PM
gnuplot does that, and here's how to plot directories
Okay admittedly there's some scripting to do, but not too bad either.

A more user-friendly and somewhat better looking terminal disk usage viewer : sys-fs/ncdu

If really you don't find anything you like, just tell what you want and I'll write you a small script that does just that, I'm sure you're not the only one looking for such a tool, and I'd enjoy making it (I mean, as long as I don't have to write an entire file manager :p).
LudaOtaku Mar 27, 1:52 PM
Also really, I was just proposing something but you don't have to know to script to display a pie chart you know haha, just find some tool that does it and you're done.
LudaOtaku Mar 27, 1:52 PM
Yeah but GUIs are targetted at new users, not so much at people who know more, usually you don't want to have GUI-focused linux distros or else you'll end up having something like Ubuntu that complains almost daily about "Sorry, there was an error, do you want to report it ?", while giving you absolutely no hint whatsoever about what actually happened and letting you fix it yourself :B
joey101937 Mar 27, 11:02 AM
the author died before a season 2 coudl be made, unfortunatly.
joey101937 Mar 27, 11:01 AM
ayano kannagi from kaze no stigma
LudaOtaku Mar 26, 3:45 PM
sudo is as dangerous as you make it, if you are not allowed to use sudo then you can't remove the root folder, depends on what you have in /etc/sudoers

Technically users that are allowed to use sudo know what they are doing, and no it makes the system more secure really, because if you don't have sudo then the only way to run commands as root is by using su and knowing the root password, that's dangerous on shared systems, whereas with sudo you can not only avoid having to give the password to other users, but you can also set which commands are allowed to be run as root.

As for file managers to me ranger is way more than enough, I rarely format drives so having to use cgdisk once in a while and then mkfs.ext4 or whatever does not bother me at all. As for pie charts you can make your own, just run "df -h /" and you've got yourself the percentage of disk used, just pass it to some pie-chart plotting script and boom. In my opinion knowing the percentage, still.
LudaOtaku Mar 26, 2:53 PM
You won't find any FM that has a format option (or it will be bloated), because that's not a FM's job x)
LudaOtaku Mar 26, 2:52 PM
No it's because the guy is as dumb as it shlouldn't be permitted, first he ran firefox as root (for fuck's sake, WHY), then he had flash player (who needs flash nowadays ?) and he also had the root folder's permission set to his own UID. Man it's like going in the middle of a favella and saying "hey look I have a lot of money".