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"Deji" Meets Girl
3 TV 12 SHORT. An Okinawan hotel staffer encounters a reclusive male idol who ran away. Had serious potential, but at only 18 minutes long, it was just a tease. 12-31-21
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.hack//Legend of The Twilight
4 TV 12 At least this one didn't try to be more serious than it was supposed to be.
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3 TV 26 Watched some of it fansubbed, the rest dubbed on YTV. MMO premise was interesting but it turned into a long talkie show.
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6 Movie 1 SHORT. Trippin! Effectively shows a mental breakdown. Used at AN17's Anime Speedtune. 05-28-17
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3 TV 13 The most unique show of 2017. First ten episodes are all by different directors, but that means no consistency. 3 > 2 > 8 > 7 > 5 > 6 > 9 > 1 > 10 > 4. Ep3 war great as a standalone due to its direction. But the last arc was disappointing. 11-24-17
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5 Centimeters per Second
8 Movie 3 When I finished this I sat in awestruck silence for a few minutes. I wish it could've been double the length.
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86 Eighty-Six
7 TV 11 Grimgar vibes. The main 86ers came off as too normal, with attitudes that seemed as though they were raised in a perfectly regular environment. A show is only as good as the antagonist, and the Legion didn't come across as intimidating. 09-19-21
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86 Eighty-Six Part 2
8 TV 12 r/anime 2022 awards: Drama shortlist. 09-10-22
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91 Days
8 TV 12 This was everything I wanted Gangsta to be and more. Angelo's revenge was carried out masterfully as he manipulated everyone around him. Didn't like the open ending. 01-08-17
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A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
7 TV 24
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A Lull in the Sea
8 TV 26 So pretty. A little sad that the best girl didn't win. While the story resorted to too much on the supernatural side to resolve things near the end, thus making it fall short of a true masterpiece, this one's definitely a gem. 09-06-15
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A Place Further Than The Universe
7 TV 13 With a heavier approach, this show would've been an all-time great. Music was the show's largest weaknesses, as it didn't convey the grand adventure as well as it could have. But in the end, we're treated to a bit of everything, and it worked. 06-08-18
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A Silent Voice
4 Movie 1 I should've liked this, but it lacked finesse. Interactions felt unnatural, and Shouko has no depth to her character other than being strangely attracted to Shouya. The intentional blur effect was disorienting. 07-02-17
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A Sister's All You Need
5 TV 12 First appears as a more grounded version of Eromanga-sensei. But this is actually a decent show if you look beneath the lewdness. Gives a better peek into the competitive light novel and manga industry. 01-12-18
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A Thirty-Year Old's Health and Physical Education
3 TV 12 10-08-14
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A Whisker Away
6 Movie 1 Some may be put off by the active main girl, Miyo. I felt that she was believable with actual personality flaws, which felt fresh compared to the typical boring leads we see in romances. Climax felt childish, but still a good watch. 06-17-21
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A.I.C.O. Incarnation
3 ONA 12 Suffers from too much exposition instead of showing what's going on. The Yuzuha sub-plot, which was a sad excuse to make up a villain, didn't have to be in at all. Watch ID-0 instead. 03-15-18
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Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika
1 OVA 10 SHORT. This was horrifying in every single way. A contender for worst anime of all-time. 05-10-21
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Adachi and Shimamura
6 TV 12 Excellent visuals. Shimamura sees her current friendships as fleeting, and has accepted that as part of life. This related to me well. Needs a season 2. 03-10-21
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After School Dice Club
7 TV 12 A couple of years back, I used to go to a FLGS once a week to play children's card games, but we also played the occasional board game. Then real life got in the way, and I stopped going. This show came very close to rekindling that board game itch. 02-13-20
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After the Rain
5 TV 12 Played it too safe. I was expecting the drama to go nuclear. But it didn't become ambitious or daring, instead wasting time with SoL moments such as the father spending time with an old friend who did become a successful novelist. 09-25-18
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Agitated Screams of Maggots
4 Music 1 SHORT. It's a nasty song with nasty lyrics. But the video captured the song perfectly. Used at AN17's Anime Speedtune. 05-28-17
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9 TV 12 It's not just about reversing the typical boke/tsukkomi roles. Every character was awesome. I usually don't score no-plot shows this high, but I'd seriously take Aho Girl's hilarious rapidfire delivery over most other shows. 10-05-17
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Ai Yori Aoshi
4 TV 24 First girl wins. Ugh.
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Ai Yori Aoshi: Enishi
3 TV 12 Why did I bother watching this?
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5 TV 12 Standard Key tragedy but only the main girl, Misuzu, matters. Has one of the most famous OP songs of all time.
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Air Gear
3 TV 25 We'll never find out what happens. All the fights relied on superpowers rather than real skill.
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Air: The Motion Picture
6 Movie 1 Yes, the movie is better than the TV show.
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Akame ga Kill!
7 TV 24 It's still hard to believe that this is from the creator of Yuki Yuna is a Hero. Akame Ga Kill is clearly the inferior work, but it's still worth your time. Just drown out all the salty tears of the manga readers and you'll be fine. 01-23-15
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Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor
4 TV 12 First two arcs were good. But then it became trash. disappointment. This one was wasted potential as it fell back to one-dimensional villains. Enjoyable, but it squandered everything that set it apart from other magic school anime. 09-28-17
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Akebi's Sailor Uniform
7 TV 12 Misses the upper echelon of SoL anime that have outstanding dramatic or comedic elements. But as a simple school SoL, it still presented a very unique experience with its high production value. 04-30-22
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Akiba Maid War
8 TV 12 r/anime awards 2022: Comedy FINALIST. I ranked it #4, and it got 7th. 02-26-23
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Akiba's Trip The Animation
5 TV 13 Love letter to the otaku fandom. Middle episodes had a fandom of the week format. Some of them fell flat (radios, PC master race), but others were well done (Street Fighter). I'd be gushing over the card game episode, but Watamote did it better. 09-23-17
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Akudama Drive
8 TV 12 Absolutely slick production. Fight scenes weren't ufotable quality but they were more than adequate. It's hard to mess up lightsaber action. It was probably expected, but the blurring of good and evil as the story unraveled was an absolute delight. 08-18-21
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Alderamin on the Sky
4 TV 13 Better than No Game No Life but this was still a show about a lazy character who is inexplicably a strategic genius without any sort of effort required. 11-25-16
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Alice & Zoroku
5 TV 12 I'm so confused. There were a lot of things going for it, but the whimsical Wonderland arc was a miss. It could've explored the effects of the Dreams of Alice on a grand scale, but instead we just got a random schoolgirl coping with her power. 09-10-17
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Amagi Brilliant Park
6 TV 13 A bundle of fun with the three mascots as the highlights, but it fell into the trap of introducing way too many characters with not enough screen time for most of them. 02-13-15
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Angel Beats!
6 TV 13 08-25-13
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Anima Yell!
5 TV 12 Very happy and positive. Unfortunately, production value was disappointing for a Doga Kobo show. Not once do you see a complete cheerleading routine from start to finish without the use of heavy stills and pans. 05-21-21
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7 TV 12 Shows off the anime club's love for the hobby very well, to a better extent than many other shows. A bait-and-switch happens near the end, but this left a unique mark. An underrated gem. 02-05-18
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Animegataris: Yuku Toshi, Kuru Toshi
2 ONA 1 SHORT. Doesn't add anything to the main show. 04-26-21
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Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
9 TV 11 This show is so emotionally manipulative. But I fell for it! 10-11-14
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4 TV 12 I used to hate this show, but have come to appreciate its use of overexaggeration. Uses shock deaths to cover up a garbage story. 08-23-13
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Ao-chan Can't Study!
8 TV 12 Surprisingly wholesome. Very light on the ecchi. The guy is super nice and gets doubts as to whether being nice will actually pay off. Despite being half-length, it accomplishes more than many full-length romcoms. 07-07-19
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5 TV 24 r/anime 2022 awards: Drama FINALIST. I ranked this #4, and it got 3rd. 02-26-23
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Are You Lost?
6 TV 12 The gross-out edutainment humor is at its peak in the first two episodes, and the final episode. Despite all the gross-out skits, the character interactions were handled well enough that I was smiling after every episode. 11-23-19
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Area 88 (TV)
3 TV 12
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Aria the Animation
4 TV 13 S1. Started off slowly, and there was way too much focus on the cats. By the end of S1, the three girls didn't have much of an identity and were interchangeable for the most part. Weakest season. 07-06-15
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Aria the Avvenire
6 Special 3 I wish there could be a S4 with the new singles, but it was a miracle that they got the old cast together one last time. 01-07-17
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Aria the Benedizione
8 Movie 1 Fantastic ending to the Aria franchise. Mega feels. 08-07-23
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Aria the Crepuscolo
4 Movie 1 414878 Sequel to Avvenire. They disrespected Tomoko Kawakami's legacy by recasting Athena. Along with the jarring character redesigns, this one didn't have the tranquil Aria magic that I so fondly remembered. 08-29-21
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Aria the Natural
6 TV 26 S2. The "growing the beard" moment (opposite of jumping the shark) is when Aika changes her hairstyle in ep18. The writing noticeably improves after that point. 07-09-15
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Aria the Origination
8 TV 13 S3. Switched from 4:3 to 16:9 which improved immersion. Final 6 eps is the payoff for slogging through the previous 48. Excellent ending, but I wish the show had been tighter and cut most of the filler leading up to it. 07-11-15
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Aria the Origination Episode 5.5: That Little Secret Place…
4 Special 1 Filler episode where Akari plays hide and seek. Akatsuki brings nothing to the show, so this is forgettable. 07-11-15
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Aria the OVA: Arietta
5 OVA 1 Between S2 and S3. Passable episode, but with its increased budget, this got me hyped for S3. 07-10-15
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Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest
5 TV 13 Ultimate wish fulfillment. The best of the worst qualities in isekai. All the worst, tryhard edgy writing, but it's so outrageous that it works. 10-19-19
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Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Season 2
4 TV 12 Hajime's edgelord attitude in S1 was reduced, and the whole season felt like filler because of the labyrinth sidequests. So despite the improved production value, S2 felt weaker overall. 04-06-22
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6 ONA 6 SHORT. Vivid imagery and a deep dive into the psyche of those who are unsure of themselves in Harajuku, a district in Shibuya. Given my affinity for TWEWY, I could dig the visuals here. 12-31-21
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Artiswitch Picture Drama
2 ONA 5 r/anime awards 2022: Drama watch. 02-26-23
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Ascendance of a Bookworm
6 TV 14 A plot device is introduced that allows Myne to negotiate for treatment. It could've ventured off into something about making the best of what you've got left. I'd love to get invested into this story. But the web novel is nearly 700 chapters long. 01-04-20
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Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 2
4 TV 12 Watched for r/anime awards. Bit of a downgrade from S2. 02-26-23
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Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3
3 TV 10 r/anime awards 2022: Drama FINALIST. I ranked it #6, and it got 8th. But it WON the public vote! 02-26-23
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Asobi Asobase - workshop of fun -
9 TV 12 Hanako was insane! Reaction face overload! A mark of great comedic writing is the setup time towards the punchline. Asobi Asobase does this very well, and will use past references in order for an even greater payoff in later skits. 12-08-18
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Assault Lily: Bouquet
2 TV 12 This show was obsessed with explaining the intricacies of how their magical abilities worked. It didn't even provide the guilty pleasure of laughing at poor animation. Everything was awful, from the fight scenes, to the story, to the girls. 06-13-21
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Asteroid in Love
3 TV 12 A CGDCT with 14 girls, so no depth. Made some questionable choices like early graduating 2 of the main cast, and lumping in three unrelated Earth Sciences together instead of just focusing on astronomy. 05-09-21
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Astra Lost in Space
7 TV 12 Doesn't know whether to be a slice-of-life adventure, or a serious survival drama. But then episode 9 hit and the serious half became pronounced. Conveys the power of friendship and forgiveness better than most other shows. 10-03-19
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Attack on Titan
6 TV 25 First few episodes were amazing. Then it predictably went to filler. I don't blame them for milking the cash cow for as long as possible. 11-05-13
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Attack on Titan Season 2
5 TV 12 It's still a cash cow, and with that, it means that it'll be drawn out as much as possible. I did laugh at the nonchalant reveal that Reiner was the armored titan, as anyone with a brain would've known by now. Dialogue and pacing were still off at times. 09-03-17
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Attack on Titan Season 3
6 TV 12 Best season of Attack on Titan yet. Loved the political intrigue. 04-07-19
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Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2
8 TV 10 Yes, it's worth the hype! We finally get the real Colossal and Armored titan fights. Suffers from some pacing issues but this was completely worth it. 07-02-19
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Attack on Titan: Final Season
8 TV 16 Gabi was the main character instead of Eren. She turned from a prideful recruit to a broken shell, and this was done more convincingly than Eren's breakdown during S3P1. Successfully and masterfully blurred the lines between good and evil. 03-28-21
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Attack on Titan: Final Season - The Final Chapters
8 TV Special 2 Great ending to a great show that had only a few uneven moments. Not a single weak season except for season 2, but that was still a decent watch. 11-05-23
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Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 2
7 TV 12 First 6 eps were spectacular. The peak of the show, and perhaps the entire series, was the episode with the start of The Rumbling. But then it destroyed its momentum with 5 eps of exposition. We didn't need to hear about the Azumabito again. 04-03-22
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Aura: Koga Maryuin's Last War
6 Movie 1 Unexpectedly dark drama. While the table temple at the end was outrageous, along with half the class being delusional, the rest of the movie was very much enjoyable. 04-10-15
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Azumanga Daioh: The Animation
8 TV 26 The original classic school sitcom. Its deliberate pacing and numerous oddball skits still make this a great show many years later.
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Azur Lane: Slow Ahead!
2 TV 12 SHORT (8-min). Plenty of big-boobed girls, which is rare in CGDCT. But this is strictly for Azur Lane game fans. For everyone else, you're better off watching one of the many other full-length CGDCT shows. 04-22-21
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B: The Beginning
4 ONA 12 Multiple personality syndrome. The story of Koku (the winged monster raised through genetic splicing) and Yuna was a complete miss. The murder mystery was much stronger, and B would've been a great show had it just focused on that. 03-08-18
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2 TV 12 362807 First 7 episodes were fantastic. Last 5 episodes were pretentious pseudo-intellectual drivel aimed at defining what is good and evil. Terrible ending. 11-04-20
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Bacterial Contamination
4 Music 1 SHORT. I'm not a fan of Vocaloid, but passable visuals. Used at AN17's Anime Speedtune. 05-28-17
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Baka & Test - Summon the Beasts
4 TV 13 08-26-13
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BanG Dream! It's MyGO!!!!!
4 TV 13 While I appreciated the darker take, every girl in this show is unlikeable. The mystery of Crychic's disbandment isn't unveiled until the final 20 seconds. Didn't care for how the eccentric guitarist Raana was a magic pill to solve MyGO's drama. 04-08-24
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Banished From The Hero's Party, I Decided To Live A Quiet Life In The Countryside
6 TV 13 Despite the awful episodes in the middle, and its bipolar writing, this was better than it has any right to be. It tackled numerous ideas that aren't usually found in isekai or fantasy. 01-10-22
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7 TV 12 10-19-14
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1 TV 11 362411 Ending is one of the worst betrayals. Just like the Krusty Krab training video in Spongebob Squarepants, the show ends in the middle of Takumi's second pitch to the rival school's best player, something that was setup for 5 eps. 01-06-17
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Battle Doll Angelic Layer
5 TV 26 My first real anime!
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7 TV 12 Writing and characterization was fantastic. The show spends plenty of time exploring the complex inner thoughts of the main characters, thus giving serious weight to the flawed dichotomy of herbivores and carnivores co-existing. 04-06-20
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Beastars 2nd Season
5 TV 12 The climax should've been glorious. Legosi should've involved the drama club in exposing the killer. I expected a glorious confrontation. But instead, the drama club didn't matter, and the mafia didn't matter. The final "eat me" scene was absurd. 04-03-21
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4 Movie 1 Watched at ANYC. More virtual reality garbage from Mamoru Hosoda mixed with a poor re-enactment of Beauty and the Beast. Ending of pure fantasy. At least it was better than Summer Wars. 11-21-21
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Best Student Council
5 TV 26
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1 TV 51 I watched 2 dubbed eps on YTV and that was enough.
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Bibliophile Princess
3 TV 12 r/anime 2022 awards: Drama shortlist. 02-26-23
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Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story
6 TV 13 r/anime 2022 awards: Drama shortlist. 11-07-22
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Black Bullet
5 TV 13 Guilty pleasure of 2014. I liked this more than I should have. 10-13-14
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Black Lagoon
7 TV 12
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Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail
7 OVA 5 08-20-13
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Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage
7 TV 12
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1 TV 366 Tapped out after 5 eps, knowing it had over 100 at the time.
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5 TV 12 Maika's awkwardness was well played. The dynamic between Akizuki and Kaho was nice, and they should've had more scenes together. Dino's act got old real fast, and most of his routines were just forced comedy involving him apologizing repeatedly. 03-23-18
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Blood: The Last Vampire
3 Movie 1
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Bloom Into You
4 TV 13 It seemed like things were gonna happen. But the second half of the show is all about preparing for a play at the culture festival. And then the show ends before it happens. 01-28-19
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Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan
4 OVA 4 It's offensive gross-out humor. I thought it'd be forced and unfunny, but it's short and worked just enough to not be tedious. 03-13-15
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Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan 2
4 OVA 2 Watched with Dokuro-chan 1. 03-13-15
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Blue Spring Ride
4 TV 12 It was just getting started. Oh well. 12-23-14
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Blue Thermal
2 Movie 1 r/anime awards 2022: Drama watch. 02-26-23
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Boarding School Juliet
3 TV 12 This romcom isn't very good because it's an attempt to cater to the shounen demographic. The couple doesn't have much synergy. Everything is resolved through yelling and fights with zero choreography. Why do elite school shows suck so much? 06-24-19
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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
3 TV 76
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Bocchi the Rock!
6 TV 12 r/anime awards 2022: Comedy FINALIST. I ranked it #8 due to poor juror debates and overall juror bias. It won both the jury and public vote, unsurprisingly. 02-26-23
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BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense.
3 TV 12 Compared against the other two "defensive" isekai anime, Cautious Hero and Shield Hero, this is clearly the worst, and that's because the other two actually have a real plot. 09-29-20
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Bottle Fairy
5 TV 13
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Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki
5 TV 12 Tomozaki claimed he wasn't blessed with the charisma and was unfairly handicapped. Throughout the show, he changed. He put in the work and he became a better person. But the show still had the "read the LN" ending. 04-14-21
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Build Divide -#FFFFFF- Code White
6 TV 12 The final few games gave everyone their own time, and were quite impressive. It's too bad that the antagonist was rather plain. Certainly not as good as Selector WIXOSS, but it's the best dark card game show since then. 08-18-22
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Build-Divide -#000000- Code Black
5 TV 12 First half was weak, and the characters were annoying, especially the edgelord MC. But the second half was a shocking turnaround, as the show explored the MC's past and why he must fight his sister. 02-01-22
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Bunny Drop
7 TV 11 Rin felt too perfect, but it wouldn't have been as good with a more spunky and obnoxious kid. I don't think it's possible for anyone to actually hate this show. But it leaves you wanting more. 03-19-18
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Bunny Drop Specials
6 Special 4 See "Bunny Drop" for capsule review. 03-19-18
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Burn-Up W: On the Case & In your Face
4 OVA 4
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Can I Make Your Ears Happy in 180 Seconds?
7 TV 12 SHORT. My $6000 headphone rig was born for this! The ASMR itself was below average, as the voices overpowered the environmental sounds. However, when combined with the visuals, it made for an experience unlike any other. 12-31-21
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Canvas: Sepia-iro no Motif
2 OVA 2
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Cardcaptor Sakura
6 TV 70
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Carole & Tuesday
4 TV 24 362240 The show became woke and political in the second half, and it became a blatant allegory for 2019 USA. I loved the songs. The production value is great. But I just wanted a fun music show without political overtones. 10-20-20
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Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious
8 TV 12 Went in expecting a second-rate Konosuba, but got a special show with two brilliant, emotional episodes to cap it off. Did Seiya's overly cautious nature schtick get a bit tired at times? A bit. But it had a great blend of comedy and heavy. 01-01-20
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Cells at Work!
6 TV 13 The pathogens lacked depth and the fights were shounen-esque, but the absurdity of the setting and the solid performances by KanaHana and Maeno make this a very fun watch. One of the best anime edutainment shows I've seen. 12-05-18
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Cells at Work! CODE BLACK!
7 TV 13 It's a bit preachy at times. But it'll make you think twice about your vices, which resonates far more than the happy-go-lucky environment of the original Cells at Work. 03-20-21
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Cells at Work!!
6 TV 8 Season 2. More of the same. Aired at the same time as Code Black, which ended up being the better show. 03-16-21
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3 TV 13 Another low-budget fantasy. The script was like something from 90s anime. Besides the MC's guardian, we're not given compelling reasons why each teammate joins the party. The villains were one-note and we're not given much reason to root against them. 07-13-16
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Chaika -The Coffin Princess-
5 TV 12 Started off promising, then turned very average as the fetch quest progressed. Unlike Seraph of the End, there was actual fighting. Last two episodes were a mess. 09-22-15
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Chaika -The Coffin Princess- Avenging Battle
4 TV 10 This was so rushed. Gaz being revived was super predictable, but his demise wasn't. I didn't expect Gaz to get One Punch Man'd. Unfortunately, being the ultimate villain for only a single episode is super weak. 10-07-15
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Chaos Dragon
2 TV 12 What if Fullmetal Alchemist's creed of equivalent exchange and Akame ga Kill got together for a one-night stand of rough sex? You get this. 12-21-15
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2 TV 13 Yuu travels the world and steals powers from everyone, because he decides he knows what's best for everyone. He's no better than the terrorists. He even steals the healing power of a Peruvian girl who is helping her village. Disgusting. 11-05-15
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Chidori RSC
6 TV 12 The sport of beam rifling is extremely boring to watch. Thankfully, the show is completely aware of this, and fills the time with a flurry of amusing situations. It's not gut-busting humor, but a more subtle approach that just works. 03-05-20
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Children of the Sea
3 Movie 1 Stunning cinematography. Unfortunately, they forgot to put in an actual story. Things were left abstract and unexplained, as they wanted to keep a mysterious aura. But that meant the characters were left as shallow husks. 06-09-21
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Children of the Whales
4 TV 12 The first two episodes were promising... and then PINK HAIR BOY came. The MC was a bystander. Just another over-the-top villain, and PINK HAIR BOY got resurrected for no apparent reason. 02-01-18
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7 TV 12 r/anime awards 2022: Comedy FINALIST. I ranked this #1 due to a juror's passionate essay on it, though I think Spy x Family was the best show of the lot. It got 4th. 02-26-23
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Chio's School Road
6 TV 12 Not as good as Asobi Asobase, but this was a pleasant surprise. The "best friends" dynamic of Chio and Manana sell the show, and they're joined by a good supporting cast. 06-12-19
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7 TV 26
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CHOYOYU!: High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World!
3 TV 12 I knew this one was a stinker 2 minutes in, as the only thing sillier than one OP main character is SEVEN of them! But I eventually warmed up to the idea of prodigies starting a revolution, even though the evil empire would obviously stand no chance. 01-20-20
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3 TV 12 Good romances establish synergy between the couple, so that you root for them. The Yuzu/Mei pair doesn't work, and neither do the side pairs in later episodes. Three girls fall in love with Mei, but Mei has the personality of a rock. Come on. 05-07-18
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5 TV 23 08-27-13
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Clannad The Motion Picture
6 Movie 1 08-27-13
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Clannad: After Story
8 TV 24 Sure, the ending was real cheesy. But this is rightfully considered Jun Maeda's magnum opus. 08-29-13
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Clannad: After Story - Another World, Kyou Chapter
6 Special 1 08-29-13
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Clannad: Another World, Tomoyo Chapter
6 Special 1 08-29-13
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Classroom of the Elite
2 TV 12 Pretentious trash. If the school is so hard to get into, why even have a class D at all? Half of the show is spent defending the worst student. The other half is a silly jungle outing. Ultimately, there's no real reason why class A is a big deal. 10-19-17
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3 TV 13 Half the show wasn't needed, and the execution was flawed for almost everything, including a cheesy villain who could've killed the hero many times over but didn't. 05-25-16
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3 Movie 1 r/anime 2021 awards best suspense nominee. This was just a cheap imitation of To Your Eternity episode 1. To Your Eternity came later, but this shouldn't have been nominated at all. 01-21-22
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Colorful: The Motion Picture
7 Movie 1 The best part about Colorful is the family dynamic. I think it's one of the truest family dynamics I have ever seen in anime, and you can't help but feel for Makoto's mother as she tries to make her son happy over and over again. 10-17-20
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Combatants Will Be Dispatched!
3 TV 12 Konosuba was a good show because the characters are endearing and all of them have their moments of glory. But here, all the characters except Six seemed useless. Alice as the straight shot deflated every scene she was in. 12-18-21
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Comic Girls
7 TV 12 The timing of each punchline was so good, and the characters were so enjoyable. Adult skits gave me Azumanga Daioh vibes. An outstanding CGDCT show with actual depth. 08-12-18
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Comic Party
4 TV 13
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Cowboy Bebop
6 TV 26
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Coyote Ragtime Show
4 TV 12
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Cromartie High School
7 TV 26
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Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon
8 TV 25 Despite the last few episodes being a trainwreck due to the asspull in episode 22, I still had a blast watching the rest of it. The character development was great, the OST was pleasing, and at least one yuri couple survived at the end. 04-15-15
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Crossing Time
5 TV 12 SHORT. Slightly better than Tsurezure Children due to the creativity, though it obviously suffers from the short format. 09-20-18
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Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!
2 TV 12 All the poor qualities of old-school magical girl shows. It's more of a parody of Lucky Star than anything because they go into the most mundane conversations. 12-16-15
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D4DJ First Mix
5 TV 13 08-20-21
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Dagashi Kashi
7 TV 12 Very competent SoL, and learning about all of the different exotic sweets was fun. A small, tight cast made everything smooth and endearing. This show portrayed more genuine love and excitement about the food it featured than Food Wars. 11-21-17
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Dagashi Kashi 2
5 TV 12 Half-length episodes, sad! Hotaru played the disappearing act for half of the season. The show was better without her, because the episodes were more than just dagashi history. Saya didn't get any closer to Coconuts, so they're still a dream ship. 06-12-18
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Daimidaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire
6 TV 12 10-20-14
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Dance Dance Danseur
8 TV 11 r/anime 2022 awards: Drama shortlist. 02-26-23
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Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc
5 TV 11 See "Hope" for capsule review. 10-30-16
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Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Future Arc
4 TV 12 See "Hope" for capsule review. 10-30-16
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Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Hope Arc
4 TV Special 1 Felt like someone's fanfiction imagination gone wild. None of the DR1/DR2 cast died. The DR3 cast is mostly dead but you don't care about them because they never had a video game. By the end of it, I wasn't in despair, but was sick and tired of hope. 10-30-16
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Danganronpa: The Animation
5 TV 13 09-27-13
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Day Break Illusion
4 TV 13 We never find out who exactly is the puppetmaster and his goals. If they still fight, does that mean there's no hope for the damned? And why did Cerebrum want to mate with Akari? We'll never know! 01-10-15
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Deadman Wonderland
3 TV 12 04-18-14
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Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody
3 TV 12 Didn't expect this to be season 2 of In Another World with a Smartphone. Another dull isekai show with a completely bland MC. 05-15-18
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Death Parade
9 TV 12 Wow. This was fantastic with only a single weak episode. Gripping psychological stuff. Every bit of the show's execution was masterful, from the pacing to the background music. Watching it dubbed was also the correct decision. 06-09-15
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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
6 TV 26 Fight scenes look great, and it's nice that Tanjirou sustains actual damage during battle. Unfortunately, two annoying sidekicks were introduced about halfway into the show and they sucked out most of the seriousness. 12-27-19
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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Movie: Mugen Train
6 Movie 1 Watched after S1. There were still the typical shounen tropes, like lots of yelling, and long death speeches. But with such a high production value (except for the CG flesh), this is a blockbuster that doesn't disappoint. 04-27-21
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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc
8 TV 11 S2. Just when I thought ufotable couldn't perform better than what they did in Heaven's Feel, I got dazzled again. Writing was average at best, but it's carried by episode after episode of sakuga. 04-07-22
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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc
3 TV 11 What happened? Junk arc with junk characters. Didn't feel any emotion compared to the first 2 seasons and movie. 07-25-23
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4 TV 12 It's kinda worth exploring if you can accept that reading ero is healthy. But otherwise it's a mediocre slice-of-life show with few laughs, as it emphasizes everyday life. 01-18-15
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Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju
5 TV 12 Despite properly closing the tale of Kiku, I felt S2 was much weaker. Yotarou's voice was ANNOYING. There was more harping from the characters about how rakugo is so awesome. Sorry, still not a fan of the artform. 09-16-17
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Devilman: Crybaby
8 ONA 10 I was aware of the original Devilman story, so when I heard this was going to be a modernized but faithful adaptation, I knew how it was going to end. That didn't exactly soften the blow. The last three episodes were absolutely masterful. 03-12-18
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Diabolik Lovers
1 TV 12 I watched this hoping to see the main girl get revenge on the vampires, but she got Stockholm Syndrome! 01-08-14
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Diamond Daydreams
5 TV 12
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Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater
8 TV 12 401654 Hina doesn't automatically succeed. She hesitates and fails. A lot. But the show is still very iyashikei. By the end of the show, Hina has experienced significant character growth, and enjoys being in a club that she was averse to in the beginning. 05-11-21
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Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!
3 TV 12 The main qualities of a CGDCT show is whether everything is cute, there's good comedy, and nothing is stale. Unfortunately, this got stale fast. The fight scenes had zero tension because you already know the MC is going to one-shot everything. 01-15-20
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Digimon Adventure 02
1 TV 50 They grew up, but the show still sucks.
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Digimon Frontier
1 TV 50 Noooo. It was on TV. Drop drop.
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Digimon Tamers
3 TV 51 The best season of Digimon I watched on TV.
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Digimon: Digital Monsters
1 TV 54 Watched some eps on TV as a kid.
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Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?
2 TV 12 This show just doesn't know what to do. It's not funny enough to be a good comedy. All the fights end in one hit, so it's not a good action show. There's not enough ecchi. And it's not exactly a harem, either. 11-29-19
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Domestic Girlfriend
7 TV 12 Something always happens every episode because nobody knows how to close a door. Solid ending because Hina got what she deserved in the end. Very nice melodrama. 06-26-19
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Don't Hurt Me, My Healer!
5 TV 12 r/anime awards 2022: Comedy shortlist. A very acquired taste in comedy. If you can stand the tsukkomi role of Alvin, then this will be a pleasant surprise. This style of talkative humor connects more with older fans. 10-23-22
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Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro
7 TV 12 Quickly backed off from the bullying to become one of the best romcoms I've seen. Senpai's growth was remarkable. The final episodes left the development in limbo, as it was another dreaded culture festival arc instead of pushing the romance further. 06-26-21
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Dragon Ball
1 TV 153 Watched some eps on TV. No thanks.
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Dragon Ball GT
1 TV 64 Once again, watched a few dubbed eps on TV. Nope.
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Dragon Ball Z
2 TV 291 Watched a bunch of dubbed eps on TV. So terribly paced that the best way to watch it now is through bite-sized clips on YouTube.
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Dragon Goes House-Hunting
6 TV 12 Despite the low budget, the show made up it by having slice-of-life heart. The house-hunting gimmick evolved to have whole episodes switching perspective, thus avoiding staleness. The hidden gem of 2021 Spring. 07-07-21
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Drifting Home
8 Movie 1 r/anime 2022 awards: Drama shortlist. 02-26-23
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Dropkick On My Devil!
4 TV 11 Jashin does develop over the course of the show, but everyone else seems stuck. About a 60% miss on the skits. While nothing special, this is an adequate timewaster comedy. 01-08-19
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Drug Store in Another World: The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist
5 TV 12 Slow isekai. It didn't try to do anything special, but everything felt so cute and relaxing! Noela and Mina were good bubbly characters. The skits in the second half were better. 01-14-22
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Dynamic Chord
1 TV 12 The "concert" clips are rehashed over and over with some of the worst animation you'll see. Lovely use of pans and zooms to mask the lack of animation. 02-15-18
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Eden (ONA)
4 ONA 4 Another post-apocalyptic story where the MC needs to search for the rest of humanity. A simplistic story never provided enough emotional investment for this to stand out in any way. 05-01-22
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ef - a tale of melodies.
8 TV 12 ef S2. If you're wondering why this is a 8 while ef memories is a 10, it's because Yuuko's story was butchered. Play the visual novel to find out what really happens.
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ef - a tale of memories.
10 TV 12 ef S1. The visualization of seemingly mundane conversations elevates the experience to one that's arguably better than the visual novel. A masterpiece, and stands out on its own without S2 (Melodies).
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1 OVA 2 Joke boobs.
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Elf-ban Kakyuusei: Anata dake wo Mitsumete...
2 OVA 4
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Elfen Lied
7 TV 13
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6 TV 12 The real star of the show is Mao, the demon lord who rejects her destiny in favor of her new life. Main cast is one-dimensional, and the show isn't super funny, but there's something about it that made me smile after each episode. 07-01-19
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Engaged to the Unidentified
2 TV 12 Awful romcom. The gimmick of some of the cast not being human was entirely wasted, as none of them transformed. There's no progression, the skits weren't funny, and most of the Mashiro/Konoha arguments were senseless. 05-22-21
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9 TV 12 I can see why some people disliked the final 2 episodes, but I thought it was inspiring. This show is a legitimate masterpiece, with cinematography well beyond anything else I've watched. 04-15-16
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Eromanga Sensei
3 TV 12 If the show had stuck to Sagiri coming up with escalating schemes to further her ecchi drawing skills, maybe this would've been something special. Instead, the show was about Masamune getting a harem. 09-13-17
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Establishment in Life
5 TV 12 r/anime 2022 awards: Drama FINALIST. I ranked this #3, and it placed 7th. 02-26-23
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Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone
5 Movie 1
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Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance
6 Movie 1
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Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo
1 Movie 1 Won tickets to a theater screening of this. Walked out.
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Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time
5 Movie 1 Provides absolute closure to Eva. Out of the 3 endings, it's the most happy and unambiguous. But I'm not sure it satisfies those who wanted action, or those who wanted an acid trip. It's just... sanitized. 01-19-22
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2 TV 12 It's not the worst anime of all-time! There's an actual (terrible) story and an ending. And the show does deliver some sexy android action scenes. It's a paradox: had this show been animated better, I likely would've passed on it. 04-10-21
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Expelled from Paradise
5 Movie 1 The lighthearted "buddy flick" tone wasn't bad, and it reminded me of how some older anime have become endearing. But I feel it could've been much stronger had it taken itself more seriously. 02-06-15
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Fastest Finger First
5 TV 12 It's a quiz bowl anime, done in shounen sports action style! I typically dislike the style, as every play is explained after the fact, but one thing stands out here: you can play along! 10-14-17
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Fate/Grand Carnival
2 OVA 4 r/anime 2021 awards best short show nominee. Trash just like Kaginado. Never got into the FGO rabbit hole, never will. 01-21-22
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Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
5 TV 10 If not for all the nods to the Nasuverse, this would be a remarkably average magical girl show. One great fight and a bunch of average ones. I'll be watching S2, but this is really only enjoyable for Nasuverse fans. 03-31-15
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Fate/stay night
6 TV 24
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Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]
7 TV 12 Highest production value I've ever seen in any anime. Started off with a huge bang with some outstanding battles, but then fell under its own weight after the Illya encounter. 01-06-15
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Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Season 2
7 TV 13 This show didn't have any of the thought-provoking complexity of Fate/Zero. Sloppy writing overall, but still very enjoyable. Watch if you want to see Kirei and Gilgamesh get what they deserve. 07-20-15
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Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage Flower
6 Movie 1 Decent first part, though some parts were a little confusing as it has been years since I last experienced Fate/stay night. The Shirou/Sakura relationship felt lacking compared to Shirou/Rin in UBW, and scenes were disjointed. 04-28-21
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Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel - II. Lost Butterfly
9 Movie 1 This was fantastic. This is the part where the story hits its stride. Sakura's descent into darkness was gut-wrenching, yet fascinating to watch. 04-29-21
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Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel - III. Spring Song
8 Movie 1 A very satisfying finale, though it lacked the emotional punch of the second movie. But the fights were the prettiest! 04-30-21
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Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works
5 Movie 1 There's no reason to watch this now that there's UBW TV. 11-26-13
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6 TV 13 11-24-13
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Fate/Zero Season 2
9 TV 12 Watched dubbed. Kiritsugu's flashbacks of how his well-meaning but futile idealism shaped him into a broken man were a perfect contrast to Saber's insistence on chivalry. This is the peak of the Fate franchise. 11-25-13
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Figure 17: Tsubasa & Hikaru
6 TV 13
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
3 Movie 1
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3 Movie 1 This is about the consequences of being cowardly. I couldn't root for the main couple, as despite the multiple iterations, neither character successfully grows up and faces reality head-on. 02-18-18
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2 OVA 6 ...It's a show. Watched all 6 eps but I'll pass on the sequels, Progressive and Alternative. If this hadn't aired on Adult Swim it wouldn't have its reputation at all. 01-06-21
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Flip Flappers
4 TV 13 Pure Illusion is insanity. There are no rules, and the first half was disorienting enough for me to all but give up on the show before it turned around with a focused final five episodes. However, only the main storyline was resolved. 04-10-18
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Flying Witch
3 TV 12 This was way too mundane for me. The main character only flew on her broom 3 times in the whole show! Almost fell asleep. 12-24-16
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Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
4 TV 24 It started great. Loved watching the foodgasms. But this is a shounen anime, and the worst property of shounen anime reared its ugly head: filler and stretching. 12-26-15
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Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko
1 Movie 1 Nikuko doesn't learn anything from her past. The preteen also became attracted to a boy for the sole reason that the boy has a facial tic disorder. Not because of anything else. This movie was all over the place, and I hated everyone. 06-06-22
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6 Movie 1 Watched at Anime NYC. What starts off as a fanservice premise evolves into a more nuanced look into the minds of two girls. 10-16-19
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Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
5 TV 12 r/anime 2022 awards: Prerequisite for Free: The Final Stroke P1. 02-26-23
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Free! Movie 3: Road to the World - Yume
4 Movie 1 r/anime 2022 awards: Prerequisite for Free: The Final Stroke P1. 02-26-23
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Free! Movie 4: The Final Stroke - Zenpen
5 Movie 1 r/anime 2022 awards: Drama shortlist. 02-26-23
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Free! The Movie -Timeless Medley- the Bond
5 Movie 1 r/anime 2022 awards: Prerequisite for Free: The Final Stroke P1. 02-26-23
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Free! The Movie -Timeless Medley- the Promise
6 Movie 1 r/anime 2022 awards: Prerequisite for Free: The Final Stroke P1. 02-26-23
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From the New World
6 TV 25 11-08-14
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Fruits Basket 1st Season
4 TV 25 Source was from the 1990s and I felt it. Slice-of-life skits were dull and lacking in wit. There were flashes of good drama, but they were few and far between. Tohru was unrealistically perfect. Didn't care about the repeated rat/cat rivalry smack talk. 07-08-21
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Fruits Basket 2nd Season
6 TV 25 Started off better simply because it moved away from school. The second half was where things started to get spicy. The final zodiac characters were introduced, thus leaving us with a smaller core that drives the main story drama in S3. 07-10-21
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Fruits Basket: Prelude
5 Movie 1 Katsuya came off as too perfect. I felt good coming out of the theater, but realized that the movie just did some masterful emotional manipulation in its short runtime. 07-03-22
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Fruits Basket: The Final Season
8 TV 13 I don't necessarily agree with how the curse was broken and how Akito's subsequent redemption was handled. But it was Kyo's past, the Haru/Rin story, and Yuki's closure that sold S3 for me. They were concluded in the lovely sappy shoujo style. 07-11-21
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Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life!
3 TV 12 Hiro was humiliated over and over. Despite that, I had hope that he'd give up on the game and be a little wiser. But he came back not to improve his real life, but to stop an NPC from dying. Why make this show so joyless after episode 2? 01-01-22
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Full Metal Panic!
7 TV 24
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Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory
5 TV 12 S4. Surprisingly dark. The first four episodes were real hype. But then we got two filler arcs because the writer wasn't ballsy enough to kill off any important characters. Weakest season, and no promises of S5. 08-15-18
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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
8 TV 13
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Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
9 TV 12 Absolutely phenomenal comedy with original and refreshing skits. It outshines the parent show.
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Gabriel DropOut
6 TV 12 This show could be a little off-putting if you're not into bullying comedy. Gabriel herself was outperformed by the two demons. Vigne and Satania were great! 01-22-20
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5 TV 12 The first half was an awesome buildup to one of the best climaxes I've seen in any romantic comedy. Episode 6 was epic. But then it goes downhill because the second half is an extended drag that doesn't resolve anything. Another read-the-LN commercial. 10-04-17
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Ganbare Douki-chan
6 ONA 12 SHORT. It's a lite version of My Senpai is Annoying. Cute workplace skits and some amusing rivalry from the co-workers, but no confession at the end. 12-31-21
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2 TV 12 The second half is one of the most botched and unfocused wrecks I've had to sit through. Absolutely nothing got resolved, and new characters and arcs kept getting added right up until the abrupt final episode. Fights were crappy shounen action. 10-28-15
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5 TV 13
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Gantz: Second Stage
7 TV 13
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Garakowa -Restore the World-
2 Movie 1 Almost half the movie was a detached infodump. I think what really soured the movie was the lack of BGM in many parts of the movie while the characters talked on and on. It just tried to cram way too much info into one hour. 02-12-16
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4 TV 12 An interesting premise brought down by the fact that it turned into a harem. It wasn't even a good harem because there were no real individual episodes on any of the girls. 08-23-16
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GATE Part 2
4 TV 12 Seeing medieval soldiers get machine gunned is only funny the first or second time. Final antagonists were bland. A popcorn timewaster, nothing more. 08-23-16
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2 TV 12 The way it played out reminded me of Air's Summer arc. Gekidol's twist into science fiction in the second half by discarding the MC could've been good if it completely devoted itself to it. But it kept flip-flopping and didn't stick the landing at all. 07-06-22
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Ghost (Music)
2 Music 1 Watched for the r/anime 2021 awards under best short film. Just a lyrics video with no real animation other than Suisei's skirt flapping in the wind. 01-18-22
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5 Music 1 Watched for the r/anime 2021 awards under best short film. Neat music video with a childhood friendship that ends due to moving. 01-18-22
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Gintama: The Very Final
5 Movie 1 I have not seen a single episode of Gintama. Watched this only to fill my r/anime awards checklist. The final third of the movie was the epilogue, and it gave me a glimpse, a small taste of the legendary comedy. I'll watch the show... some day. 01-20-22
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Giovanni's Island
7 Movie 1 It's a xerox of Grave of the Fireflies, complete with the younger sibling dying, but it has a more uplifting end that showcases hope. It has a simple tale to tell and it does it well, and I was impressed at the Russian voices. 11-20-15
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Girl Friend Beta
2 TV 12 The sheer size of the cast means that none of the supporting girls get any development. Couldn't get attached to any of them, making this a bland slice-of-life show. 03-04-15
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Girlfriend, Girlfriend
7 TV 12 Hiroyuki ended Aho Girl for this. It's not Aho Girl, but it's still an above average comedy. The MC is completely aware yet stupid at the same time. Everyone else is so dumb, but so persistent, that you can't help but root for them all. 09-24-21
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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2
7 TV 12 The dramatic development of Shino carried the season, but at the expense of Nagisa. Questionable production and not as hilarious as S1, but this had progression unlike other romcoms. 02-05-24
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Girlish Number
4 TV 12 Showing the cynical side of the anime industry was interesting, but that idea disappeared in the second half. There were too many izakaya scenes that meandered into everyday talk. Ended up very bland. 05-01-18
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Girls und Panzer
5 TV 12 11-10-14
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Girls' Last Tour
8 TV 12 Despite being surrounded by destruction, this is a show about hope. You feel a cathartic release as the girls hit milestones, such as baking for the first time, or discovering that fish can be eaten. Voice acting is brilliant. 01-10-18
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6 TV 11 It's very chill, with no overreactions or unnatural dialogue. As a music show, it feels sparse. Sparse OST, and there's only one song performed, but it's a home run. Could've been a little spicier, but at least there was a confession! 12-03-19
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1 TV 13 Please, please don't watch this show. I watched it because I was curious about how it was rated so low. I'm telling you not to make the same mistake I did. 10-08-14
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3 TV 13 Deep foundations, as we're given flashbacks to how the current situation came to be. Unfortunately, they came too little too late, as the main infodump happened in episode 12 of 13. No resolution and was a read-the-manga ending. 08-17-21
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Goblin Slayer
6 TV 12 Other than episode 1, it's very standard and safe. But the combination of an endearing cast, combined with actual believable battle tactics, made this enjoyable. 02-12-19
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Golden Time
8 TV 24 The melodrama was a bit amped, but I'm okay with that. Koko became one of my favorite deredere characters. Solid ensemble show made by the creator of Toradora, and just as good. 05-19-15
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Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!
5 TV 12 Isn't bad as a popcorn anime featuring skimpy magical girls, but it's nothing more than that. And that's a shame, because I think the idea had so much more potential. 03-03-15
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Goodbye, Don Glees!
7 Movie 1 r/anime 2022 awards: Drama shortlist. 09-20-22
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8 TV 24 Changing the format from mystery of the week to a long arc of political intrigue halfway through worked well. The ending was a bit too convenient, but there would've been outrage had Kujo died. 12-13-15
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3 Music 1 The low-definition effect to simulate nostalgia didn't sit well with me. As I never watched Pokémon beyond Johto, I didn't recognize most of the characters. 06-15-21
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5 TV 13 Starts off on the wrong footing, and there is staleness with the dialogue, which ended up having myself not lean heavily towards any of the characters. But a modern hand-drawn mecha show is a rarity, and the music was orchestral greatness. 09-27-19
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Grand Blue Dreaming
2 TV 12 The guys are naked... because they are! And look, someone accidentally sees them! Ha ha ha... not. Come on, the comedy is completely flat. 12-11-18
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Grave of the Fireflies
5 Movie 1
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Great Pretender
4 TV 23 For the first 21 episodes, this show was a masterpiece. Then it self-destructed. Fitting with the show's theme, it was one of the nastiest swindles in anime history, invalidating every episode that came before it. Final count: 0 dead, 0 people scammed. 06-15-21
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Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions
7 TV 12 All that buildup towards teamwork being able to do things that couldn't be done alone, but two of the last three fights were soloed and weren't shown in their entirety. Still a solid isekai. 07-01-16
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Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan
7 TV 26
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2 TV 12 It's one of the flattest comedies I have seen in a long while. Kohina's doll-like attitude and appearance isn't played for anything past episode 2. This is forgettable trash. Don't watch this show. 01-14-15
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Gun Samurai
1 TV 26 Most of this isn't even available in English. But the first episode was enough to see how pathetically bad it is.
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Gurren Lagann
8 TV 27 Watched dubbed. The Star Wars of anime, with Spiral Power acting as The Force. First 16 episodes make for a good kids show. But the next 11 episodes are an absolute epic. It's all deus ex machina, but it's so outrageous that it works. 05-01-21
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H2O: Footprints in the Sand
3 TV 12 Hirose starts blind, gets his eyesight back, loses it again, and gets it back again. The main girl gets killed and then gets magically revived in the final minute of the show. WHAT. 06-23-15
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Haganai: A Round-Robin Story's Ending Is Way Extreme
7 OVA 1 10-10-14
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Haganai: I don't have many friends
7 TV 12 10-10-14
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Haganai: I don't have many friends NEXT
5 TV 12 10-10-14
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Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
7 TV 12 Surprised me with its sharp and witty writing. It treated its missions more like everyday work instead of anything on an epic scale. Loved the bromance between Lin and Banba. 07-06-18
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1 TV 296 Watched some random eps on TV from time to time.
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Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite
3 TV 12
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Hanaukyou Maid-tai
4 TV 12
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Hand Shakers
2 TV 12 Koyori could've been replaced by a rock and the show would've been the same. Tazuma was MESH this and MESH that. 09-11-17
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Happy Sugar Life
10 TV 12 362331 The cinematography during the flashbacks and internal monologues was chilling. Not an easy watch, and though I disagree with certain characters' actions, the way the show presented their internal logic was nothing short of masterful. 02-15-19
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Happy☆Lesson (TV)
3 TV 13
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8 TV 26
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Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto
6 TV 12 How does a Gary Stu show become interesting? By being creative and switching viewpoints every episode so that the world is seen in all the minor characters. It did its best to avoid becoming stale. 08-23-16
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Heartcatch Precure!
9 TV 49 Used episode guide and skipped all filler: The ultimate refinement of the traditional children's magical girl show. Last 5 eps were epic. 01-04-16
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Hensuki: Are you willing to Fall in Love with a Pervert, as long as she's a Cutie?
5 TV 12 Surprisingly competent. In the end, the MC remains noncommittal, and the show is an ad for the light novel, but it was a fun romp, with some definite funny moments. 12-07-19
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Her Blue Sky
3 Movie 1 This doesn't hold a candle to Okada/Nagai's previous teamup, Anthem of the Heart. Poor execution of the supernatural elements, and a musical hook that was thrown away in the second half. 06-09-21
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Hey, President Trap-kun!
1 ONA 2 SHORT. No no no. Wherever you are on the political spectrum, you don't want to see his genitals. 04-11-21
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Hi Score Girl
7 TV 12 Absolutely shocked when the show presented real, genuine video games of the era. Real development happens for the three main characters, and the show manages to be very good despite having a dense male lead. 05-31-19
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Hi Score Girl II
7 TV 9 The love triangle got serious. Didn't completely stick the landing. But Haruo finally grew a pair in the last few episodes and did what most MCs couldn't. The most authentic gaming show in existence. 01-02-20
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Hi Score Girl: Extra Stage
7 OVA 3 Part of S2. 01-01-20
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Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway
6 TV 13 The drama of Sayu overcoming her past is compelling. But instead of using the show's backdrop as a positive effect on Yoshida's love life, both of his adult love interests were tossed aside to focus more on Sayu developing feelings for Yoshida. 07-06-21
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High Card
5 TV 12 Competent action show, though episodic until the last few episodes. Likeable characters though a bit campy at times. It did stick the landing, and I'm looking forward to season 2. 03-02-24
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High School of the Dead
2 TV 12 Rest in peace, Daisuke Satou. 08-22-13
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Hikaru no Go
5 TV 75
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Himouto! Umaru-chan
6 TV 12 S1. Ebina is so cute! Loved all of the otaku and anime references. Umaru being a total jerk was fine. Everyone being nice to each other would've just made this another boring school CGDCT. 05-24-21
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Himouto! Umaru-chan OVA
6 OVA 2 Part of S1. OVA ep1 is after ep7, and OVA ep2 is after ep12. Mandatory viewing, as it gives a proper closure to the season. 05-24-21
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Himouto! Umaru-chan R
4 TV 12 S2. Umaru's sharpness made S1 interesting, but she was essentially neutered in S2. There were hints that couples would form, but they were all teases. Worst of all, the numerous otaku and anime references disappeared. No real ending. 05-24-21
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Himouto! Umaru-chanS
5 Special 12 2-minute shorts to watch in between S1 and S2. The cast is chibified and dumped into fantasy-like situations. It's alright, but doesn't connect with the main show. 05-24-21
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Hina Logic – from Luck & Logic
5 TV 12 Doesn't do anything new or special. It's your run-of-the-mill CGDCT show, with splashes of magical girl and yuri. But it still has Doga Kobo's great production value. 06-19-18
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7 TV 12 First episode made me grimace. But then it suddenly got better. Most of the skits didn't involve the weak superpower gimmick. Anzu's skits in Hinamatsuri reminded me of Bunny Drop, and it actually outshone it at times. 07-20-18
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Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu
7 TV 12 Show handles the Bocchi's anxiety issues with love, care, and a lot of cuteness. Lacks long-term depth, but oh it was so cute! 10-11-19
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Hololive Alternative
5 PV 2 Watched for the r/anime 2021 awards under best short film. Detailed, crisp animation. Everything you'd want out of a trailer. 01-18-22
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4 TV 13 Decent first half that turned into a rushed side-character vignette mess in the second half. Miyamura's development felt too unnatural as he transformed from an antisocial loner to a socially confident chad. 04-12-21
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How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno.
2 TV 12 Ueno's not the problem of this show. But she must bounce her dialogue towards two very dull supporting characters. It's like a comedian speaking to a dead crowd. In the end, I've forgotten most of Ueno's inventions. 07-04-19
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How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?
7 TV 12 This could've gone wrong in so many ways. It could've gone the spiteful route and had body shaming. But it promotes so much positivity that I can't say anything too negative regarding its production. Great edutainment. 10-23-19
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How Not to Summon a Demon Lord
5 TV 12 Most isekai with an overpowered MC shows are dull because the MC was too wimpy to do anything with the girls. Diablo is still too wimpy, but the girls put the question to him by forcing the situations. And so this is trash you can watch. 12-06-18
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How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω
2 TV 10 S2 switched the studio and TV station. That meant the service all but disappeared. Instead of interesting arcs like in S1, here we got another "evil church run by a corrupt priest" story. Shera and Rem were reduced to token party members. 07-11-21
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Howl's Moving Castle
5 Movie 1
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Hug tto! Precure
5 TV 49 First 20 eps were good. Writing was strong and you could sense progress after every episode. But after Emiru and Lulu became Precures themselves, the show tanked in quality. 04-12-20
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3 TV 22 Can a mystery show work without any criminal cases? No. Without any stakes, there's little to care about. Why should I care about a bunch of stolen trinkets that could be replaced at a Dollarama? 08-29-19
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I Want To Eat Your Pancreas
8 Movie 1 Felt like a more mature version of Your Lie in April, where a cheerful girl befriends an introvert. However, Your Lie in April has much more time to work its story. Pancreas does what it can for a movie, and the ending still hits you with feels. 02-20-19
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I'm glad I could keep running.
5 TV 4 A simple story about not giving up on your dreams just because things don't go as planned. It's a pleasing watch, but there's only so much you can do in an hour. 07-25-19
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I've Always Liked You
4 Movie 1 Confess Your Love movie 1. The ultimate failure of the Bechdel Test. With no time to build up the pairs, this didn't feel romantic at all, and was just about building up the courage to confess. 05-15-21
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I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level
5 TV 12 Comedy was good, and the monster girls were cute, but every episode centered around Azusa. The monster girls didn't interact with each other in a more meaningful way without Azusa around. Nice sound effects. 01-17-22
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I, Tsushima
3 TV 12 SHORT. From the director of Pop Team Epic. Hyper-realistic looking cats but little else. Boomer Japanese humor. 12-31-21
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5 TV 12 The first couple of episodes dragged and spent too much time with the crew's mining activities. Eventually we're told how Rajeev came to be, but the second half felt like warp speed. 03-04-18
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6 TV 13 I still don't understand parts of the mystery. Kept its emotional distance from the viewer, but I liked it. And from someone who thought Inception was mediocre, that's a great outcome. 03-06-21
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Idoly Pride
5 TV 12 Fantastic first episode. The rest of the show couldn't live up to the potential, and everything was predictable. Tournament arc was weak. LizNoir got jobbed! But it still had decent feels despite playing it safe. 04-21-21
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If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die
6 TV 12 Main characters and the unpopular idol are all adorkable, and the show respects the wota fandom. Had the story been a bit more ambitious, it would've been one of the top shows of 2020. 08-18-21
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Ikebukuro West Gate Park
6 TV 12 Mature show. Episode 10 in particular was the best of the show, with one of the best approaches I have seen to deal with bullying and forgiveness. But the two gang war arcs weren't as interesting as the episodic mediation stories. 05-15-21
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Iketeru Futari
4 TV 16 Short
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In Another World With My Smartphone
3 TV 12 Ultimate wish fulfillment show. The big disappointment is that it's not his smartphone that matters; it's his omnipotent magic powers. Fails as a SoL because everything centers around the MC. 11-06-17
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In the Land of Leadale
2 TV 12 Another trash isekai that tried to pass off its awful writing as slice-of-life. Unlikable overpowered MC with no special gimmick. There are many better options to choose from. 04-13-22
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In This Corner of the World
3 Movie 1 A series of disconnected time progression skits from 1933 to 1946. 80% of the movie passed before the a-bomb dropped, and amazingly, it wasn't able to use all that time to form an emotional bond with anyone. How did this win so many awards? 05-02-21
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Innocent Venus
4 TV 12
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Interspecies Reviewers
8 TV 12 Sets a new gold standard for ecchi comedy. The amount of fantasy worldbuilding is well beyond that of many serious shows. Tastes are wide and varied, with the very first debate in the show setting up the entire premise. 04-14-20
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Interviews With Monster Girls
6 TV 12 By showing that the girls' conditions don't have much of an effect on their everyday lives, the resultant world seems idealistic. But maybe the show never wanted to be heavy in the first place. 10-12-17
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1 TV 167 Lasted about 15 eps. They showed this at Japanese school.
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Inuyashiki: Last Hero
8 TV 11 The villain had some complexity despite being a mass murderer. Writing was a little rough in the second half as the stakes escalated. However, the show was all about exploring what it means to be human, and it nailed that perfectly. 01-07-18
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Invaders of the Rokujyoma!?
3 TV 12 12-16-14
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Ippatsu Kiki Musume
3 TV 16 SHORT. Good concept of escaping from seemingly impossible danger situations, but this was so crude and low-budget.
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Iroduku: The World in Colors
4 TV 13 Hitomi finds a purpose in her life and is no longer an introvert by the end. But I'm left wondering why Hitomi needed to travel back in time in the first place. Were her current classmates so distant that she couldn't have bonded with them instead? 01-14-19
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Is the Order a Rabbit?
5 TV 12 Textbook moe slice-of-life. Comedy is light. Best girl is Syaro, the one who keeps worrying about how poor she is. Maybe they could've done something more with the talking puffball, but they never explain him. 03-22-15
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Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom
4 TV 12 384457 After 5 years, we got S3. But the CGDCT sub-genre has since become more complex. This show, despite looking better than ever, didn't grow up and evolve like the rest of the slice-of-life genre. 03-14-21
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Is the Order a Rabbit??
5 TV 12 Better than S1 because there's less focus on the furball Tippy and more on the main cast. The lighthearted humor is more abundant and there were several scenes that made me smile and giggle. 01-20-16
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