Kyousou Giga (TV)


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Synonyms: Kyousogiga (TV)
Japanese: 京騒戯画
English: Kyousougiga
German: Kyousougiga
Spanish: Kyousougiga
French: Kyousougiga
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Type: TV
Episodes: 10
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 10, 2013 to Dec 19, 2013
Premiered: Fall 2013
Broadcast: Thursdays at 01:30 (JST)
Licensors: Discotek Media
Studios: Toei Animation
Source: Original
Genres: ActionAction, FantasyFantasy
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.701 (scored by 5285552,855 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #12052
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Popularity: #1235
Members: 190,231
Favorites: 1,987

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Both have plenty of frantic exaggerated action. The kinds of things we wouldn't see from regular people and yet there are emotions that are deeply familiar. A sense of belonging, wanting some place to call home, universal kinds of longing in all the craziness. 
report Recommended by fiore777
Kyousougiga has more action than Mawaru but these animes share several similarities: - Unique sceneries and colorful animation trace an intricate plot that starts as utterly confusing, until the end where explanations finally arrive and the riddles are solved. - Both are plots filled with symbolism, rabbits, a fruit that connects two people and Alice in Wonderland references. - The main message is "bonds" and the true meaning of family where a character disappears and returns later; also it is presented an unconventional affection between two siblings. Great soundtracks and Voice acting...and there are many other similarities which are not mentioned here due to spoilers. M.P. has  read more 
report Recommended by Orulyon
Matsumoto Rie. Those two words, more succinctly and more definitively than any other, link Kyousogiga and Kekkai Sensen. Fairly new to the anime game, Matsumoto is quickly proving to be a very talented director with a distinct style and Kyusogiga and Kekkai Sensen are the biggest proof of this. Set in fantastical alternative versions of real cities, both anime are brimming with creativity, feature a colorful cast and boast an impeccable visual direction. Beyond the superficial level, they also have thematic similarities, with familial bonds and the notion of sacrifice underlying the actions of the characters.  
report Recommended by metamorphius
-Fun and quirky animation. -One of the main characters is genki. -Thrown/transported in a magical world. 
report Recommended by OhShin
I think that "family bonds" is one of the things which make these two quite similar with a quirky, normal, but different setting. Both are quite touching but also have their turn of fun. Similarly, they're also manageable in length and don't drag out, making it well paced and interesting. 
report Recommended by leo22334455
-Badass females -Top notch animation and BGM -Strange city with demon citizens along with humans -Male monk/monk like character who is close to FeMC  
report Recommended by VioLink
-Badass female leads -Special weapon -A mystery surrounding certain characters -Artwork/animation that stands out -Both are in a city that is important to the plot  
report Recommended by VioLink
Weird animation and storytelling, supernatural overlapping with reality, and a love story that persist beyond time and species. 
report Recommended by ninryu
It's hard to believe that Trigger had nothing to do with Kyousou Giga yet it very similar to anime produced by that studio. I would describe it as something that trigger could do if they focused on plot instead of going crazy 99% of the time. If you like Trigger animation style you should check that one out because usage of animation for comedic effect and overall no brakes while drawing policy almost identical. Also events of both series are taking place in city, so I couldn't help but compare Animacity to Kyoto. 
report Recommended by Wannasauna
Despite a completely different plot, premise, characters and style, somehow I just feel that if you like one, you'll like the other. Both series have very colourful artstyles which make the universes unique. The characters are elaborate and fun it their own way. Creative storytelling makes both series very enjoyable (but confusing in the first few episodes). If you like short quirky anime then you should check this one out. 
report Recommended by abitofsalmon
The non linear filming, the love of a town, unique people that make it up and the same feeling of I don't know what's going on but I love it anyways 
report Recommended by orphiic
While there are some differences between TTGL and Kyousou Giga, they honestly aren't *too* different from each other. They both prove that family conquers all, and they both excel in the way that they present that point, going over the top in every aspect of it. Both of these shows are definitely worth the watch, and if you liked one you'll almost certainly like the other. 
report Recommended by SteepledClock
Very bright and colourful and deals with Japanese mythology and quirky and weird animation and characters.  
report Recommended by aella_antiope
"Sorry if you find any typo, english is not my first language." Mainly, in these two series one can notice similar environments. They focused on the japanese culture and its myths, you can see monks, parallels worlds and almost anything can happen there. This is why this serie is a really great recommendation, for the variety of topics that cover in each chapters. Two short series that can enjoy in your free time.  
report Recommended by Almonds
There's something similarly zany about the rides these two shows can take you on. They feature very unusual but somehow believable characters in worlds that don't quite feel right. Gradually learning the mysteries of their worlds and characters is a delight. They both have very unique art direction that lends itself to the mood. Lots of abstract story moments that take some time to digest. If you are in the mood for something a little bit unusual, both of these are trips worth taking. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Both are surreal with unique, but beautiful art. Both main characters have secrets and powers they aren't sure of. If you liked one, I'm sure you'll like the other! 
report Recommended by livingdeadash
The protagonist Akko and Koto have similar energetic personalities that help them persevere. The action also has a similar amazing fluidity and motion to it. Little Witch Academia is a far simpler story, but they both contain ultimately uplifting themes, and should be watched.  
report Recommended by MariSan28
If you're familiar with both, you'd see that these two are notably similar. Concepts rooted in Eastern spiritualism, otherworld/doing something with that otherworld, powers, youkais, etc etc. Cool visuals is a common feature too. However, KnK is the much inferior version. 
report Recommended by Lanz
Both series are about people who go into other worlds, where humans coexist with other species of intelligent creatures. The two animes have a very colorful and gorgeous animation. (There are also similarities between the protagonists of both animes, but it would be spoiler...) 
report Recommended by Mindshelter17
Both worlds prevent things from being damaged and will rebuild itself. Both shows also reference other mecha anime, though Kyousou Giga isn't actually a mecha series. 
report Recommended by Calabre006
Comedic nonsensical adventures that break the laws of physics, all encapsulated within a narrative that focuses heavily on symbolism and familial relationships. Very fun and surreal, and have unique art styles. Not to mention, the animation quality is great for both! 
report Recommended by Enivlens
Kyousougiga and Touhou have pretty similar settings - they are both sealed "fantasy fridge" mirror worlds which are inhabited by both humans and youkai, and this is reflected by the character casts in both series. Both also touch on Buddhist cosmology as the gods are not always authoritative over humans. If you like the supernatural aspects of Kyousougiga then Touhou would be right up your alley, and vice versa. 
report Recommended by Lobinde
A beautiful depiction of a damaged family. One of the most creative, joyful, and heartrending anime series of all time. 
report Recommended by delta5
On the surface, these two are completely different in terms of genre and purpose. But when I started Id:Invaded, I just couldn't help be reminded of the initial chaos and randomness that Kyousougiga exuded and the similar fresh and mysterious atmosphere. It also helps that I thoroughly enjoyed both, not only in terms of the plot itself, but also in the amazing animation, directing, and ost. Seriously. both ost and insert songs fit the anime of both so well that it enhances the experience as a whole. Also, while more prominent in Kyousougiga, there is an underlying theme of family which was a welcoming surprise  read more 
report Recommended by csteele
Both shows are very colorful and have amazing backgrounds. Both are worth watching if you like fantastic visuals. 
report Recommended by Cozye
Both focus around a ya cast and have this edgy and strange feel to them in the story,art and animation and have a supernatural setting to it to and focusing on a unusual world included in as well too. 
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
The two shows have the same message (family/comradeship) and both shows has a lively and enthusiatic visuals and whimsical color palette. 
report Recommended by Cosmicblaze454
From a conceptual level, Kyousou Giga and Zoku Owarimonogatari take place in a "mirror world." If you are interested in stories focused around the peculiarities of a mirror dimension and its relationship to the protagonist, either of these anime may be worth checking out (although if you've watched Kyousou Giga first and are looking into Zoku Owarimonogatari, it would probably behoove you to watch the shows within the Monogatari series preceding Zoku in order to have context to the characters and plot.) Additionally, alongside having a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humor and characters and settings with supernatural traits, the themes of both are uplifting, so  read more 
report Recommended by Lamity
Okay, so hear me out. These two plots are COMPLETELY different when you hear about them: Kyousougiga is a story about a strange family of gods and revolves around a man who was able to make his paintings come to life while Hinamatsuri is about a telepath who lands in a yakuza man's house and inadvertently becomes a sort of daughter to him. But the strong themes of found family is so strong in both of these animes. That's how they both shine in their own genre and how they become so heartwarming. Hina and Inari are both people who hold TREMENDOUS gifts of power but  read more 
report Recommended by needfoundfamily
They give similar vibes of alternate worlds/realities that were created and revolve family dynamics and relations while also trying to leave the world. both are very visually beautiful and give off similar vibes and feelings  
report Recommended by kx2x
Both shows have strong female leads with strong symbolism, humor, and action.  
report Recommended by neongiraffes
Both have eccentric cityscapes and similar feels. Highly likey to be enjoyed by a fan of either. 
report Recommended by Chadrius
These series put an artistic spin on the exploration of character relationships through the use of symbolism. The use of aesthetically bright and eye-popping colors are prevalent throughout the shows.  
report Recommended by ryuurena
- "I don't know what's going on, but I like it and want it to continue" - contains quirky characters with their own problems (Kyousougiga being on the lighter end than Tekkonkinkreet) - animation and art style that stands out and is different than what you usually get in anime - surreal settings, themes and action sequences - eccentric cityscapes - doesn't explain stuff upfront, so as to maintain some mystery about the characters & of how things ended up in their state, and to let you think about it These are also one of those abstract shows and gave me: - similar overall impression of "scatteredness" of the story or the  read more 
report Recommended by r3gis
How life and art are related? Is it a good idea to blur the boundary between them? Neither title approaches these questions directly, but the creators of both definitely meditated on them. Needless to say that it looks most likely that the Kyousou Giga creators have seen Sennen Joyuu.  
report Recommended by GomenidAC
Both: dark fantasy, memorable characters with interesting connections, beautiful art styles, female protagonists, unique world-building, themes of discovery and family 
report Recommended by CatsCantSmile
Both Anime have a positive story about love. In Kyousou Giga it's mainly the family, in YOI there are more shapes of love. I can't find a villain in both stories, it's just about each character dealing with their inner problems. 
report Recommended by Ajuma
Both are stories about parents, and family, and loss and strength, and growing up and learning how to make a place for one's self to belong. They're both really touching and they have similar fantasy settings, along with a good dose of nicely done action. 
report Recommended by Chinato
Both are visually gorgeous, with hevay dialoge here and there and heavy action here and there. Though the dialog is more important in monogatari series, and the action takes dominance in Kyousou Giga. 
report Recommended by Zaraquiel99
At first, Kyousougiga and Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon seems to take place in a historical Japan, however they actually take place in a very complex world filled with magic/technology. Both anime can sometimes be random and difficult to follow; and they have plenty of action. Difference is that Kyousougiga tries to focus on a few characters, while Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon has a huge cast of interesting characters. 
report Recommended by Khalan
Both shows give off an eccentric and lively atmosphere, coupled with vivid, eye catching background art. 
report Recommended by Objective
A story about a teenager with a complicated relationship with their father, an absentee mother, and their hedonistic guardian, interspersed with religious symbolism. Oh, and at least one giant robot. When broken to its bare essentials, the series seen similar, however their execution is what makes them so vastly different. Evangelion received acclaim for its use of action, horror (of both the psychological and physical kind), drama, and some lighter comedy to tell a story that seemed almost realistic in its depiction of a child being thrust into that scenario. While Kyousou Giga isn’t afraid of showing its characters hurting, it never goes too far, and  read more 
report Recommended by Sohlaire
Both are quite crazy and have a similar theme of family running through them.  
report Recommended by Omasan
Colorful animation and a plot in which the protagonists have to save the world are some of the similarities between these two anime. Also, both strongly rely in the message of true friendship and the bonds of family. Also, rabbits are a main theme. Summer Wars is more sci-fi, where Kyousougiga is more fantasy, but both are very enjoyable. If you liked one, you will certainly like the other. 
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both are colourful shows with complicated and memorable characters, a big dose of surrealism and focus on psychology and allegories. 
report Recommended by bmw830
Both have similar genre's where there are two worlds one with demons and one with humans. Main female leads has extraordinary powers. Both shows are confusing and don't make sense and may take a rewatch to understand them both. 
report Recommended by Azixe
Though, both of the series are completely different. The only thing that's similar is that they both have really good animations that makes it look a bit "cartoony". Highly recommend it if you like amazing animations.  
report Recommended by kawaiinekolover