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Matsumoto Rie. Those two words, more succinctly and more definitively than any other, link Kyousogiga and Kekkai Sensen. Fairly new to the anime game, Matsumoto is quickly proving to be a very talented director with a distinct style and Kyusogiga and Kekkai Sensen are the biggest proof of this. Set in fantastical alternative versions of real cities, both anime are brimming with creativity, feature a colorful cast and boast an impeccable visual direction. Beyond the superficial level, they also have thematic similarities, with familial bonds and the notion of sacrifice underlying the actions of the characters.
report Recommended by metamorphius
Both throw you right into the middle of a fantastical alternative take on a normally realistic setting (Kyoto in Kyousogiga, New York in Kekkai Sensen), and both revolve around large casts of characters in not-quite-but-almost slice of life stories. Neither one is too fond of exposition, preferring to take you right into the middle of things and just let you take in everything that's happening. Both have frantic pacing and great dialogue/character interactions. Also, they have the same director, and it shows.
report Recommended by Lindle
- The supernatural is treated as standard giving both series a feel of magical realism. - Full of mayhem and destruction, property damage and explosions galore. - Large cast of very colourful characters, all with wildly different designs, motivations, and personalities, characters you really want to find out more about. - Similar art styles, full of energy and unafraid of imaginative use of colours and shapes. - Set in bustling real-world cities and locales with rich histories behind the backgrounds (New York and Kyoto).
report Recommended by Lemon
Both have the same director. Thus, the styles are extremely similar. The director's style is very unique and creative, adding a ton of fun to the characters and setting, using interesting camera angles and character interactions to make the show more exhilarating. (These are the only full series she's done thus far.)
report Recommended by Hime-In-A-Box
Both have a very similar artistic flare and direction with a premise set in a supernatural-turned real city and an outsider protagonist with a unique power. Kyousou Giga is more colourful and comedic and contains a less linear story than Kekkai Sensen, but both revolve around backstory and worldbuilding intrique, as well as family-driven motives. Also, both have the same director, which is especially clear by the supernatural-creature designs and flashy action scenes.
report Recommended by Rarietty
'Controlled chaos' is how I would describe the feel of both these shows. However, both shows have beautiful visuals, fun characters and themes of families and odd relationships. Makes sense as they were both directed by the same person.
report Recommended by McNosky
Same director, who really knows how to fully inhabit the potentialities of anime as a visual medium. Both are a feast for the eyes (though Kekkai Sensen is more straight-up action and Kyousou Giga is…really hard to pigeonhole).
report Recommended by tennyson119
Both are diected by Matsumoto Rie. Her unique style adds a very distinct identity to both shows.
report Recommended by Niello