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Uchouten Kazoku
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Uchouten Kazoku
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Kyousou Giga (TV)
I think that "family bonds" is one of the things which make these two quite similar with a quirky, normal, but different setting. Both are quite touching but also have their turn of fun. Similarly, they're also manageable in length and don't drag out, making it well paced and interesting.
report Recommended by leo22334455
Both shows have very stylized art, a very similar atmosphere, and tell their stories in super interesting ways. At their core, they are both shows that showcase the value of family and what it truly means to be a part of one, whether by blood or otherwise. Characters are absolutely fantastic across the board, and both contain subtle mysteries that are fascinating to uncover. While I personally think The Eccentric Family is the best of it's kind, if you are looking for a slightly more over-the-top variant, give Kyousou Giga a try.
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Both shows have characters who simply live their lives, eager to make their daily lives as interesting as possible. Both shows are set in fantasized Kyoto. Also, there is a co-existence among human and non-human (e.g. tanuki, demon, tengu)
report Recommended by TeNShIkA
Supernatural and surreal with a japan-but-not-quite-japan setting and a center on family (relations between siblings, parents). A touch of politics/factions, battle scenes, ridiculous battlegarb/beasts, daddy-disappeared issues. Both have the slow and shocking reveal of complex family histories/legends.
report Recommended by toutseul
Family drama set in magical-realist version of Kyoto with character who appear human but do not act as humans do; they behave more in line with the traditional Japanese views on how gods/kami or spirits act. More or less reacting in similar ways to how people would, but with an oddly detached other-worldliness. Rolling along with whatever the world throws at them. Both shows feature character that are largely mischievous and nonchalant, yet keenly aware of and at ease with their own mortality. Lots of references to Japanese mythology.
report Recommended by Lemon
Both are fantasy adventures set in a city with a great story about families who arent humans and with high quality and original artstyle/animation.
report Recommended by DatRandomDude
- Both about family bounds - Both are set in realistic setting but involve more magical powers - Both are colorfull animes with a mostly light-hearted atmosphere - Yet both of them will tackle more serious issues such as betrayal - Both stories are close to tales
report Recommended by LittleRainKage