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todd2580 Feb 12, 2022 6:35 AM
(But action? They can't do action at all. Taboo Tattoo didn't work partially because the source material is garbage, but also because J.C. staff used terrible muddy sound effects during action scenes that ruined the fighting aspect of that show. The same is true of One Punch Man season 2. For one, the sound design in this show is horrendous. The same muddy, unfitting sound effects that I remember from Taboo Tattoo have returned in OPM. The punches lack the oomph needed to connect with the viewer, the building/concrete/rock destruction effects sound like someone tossing some pebbles, and the fire effects (Genos' engine boost sound effect especially) lack the necessary impact to feel satisfying.)

that isn't on the anime studio it's on the sound director which in the end it isn't his fault since the schedule was bad also j.c staff did worked on action shows before (even the first very anime they did was an action ova) a certain magical index , Shakugan no Shana and danmachi and even tabbo tattoo had good action in its first two episodes sadly it didn't keep up that because the schedule was tight as most modern anime that tries to work as fast as possible for streaming services since 2015 to now.
Ashhk Nov 24, 2021 11:58 PM
Happy birthday! :)
Cypress- Nov 10, 2021 6:38 PM
Cool, thanks!! We need to talk more!!
Cypress- Nov 9, 2021 6:00 AM
What was your MAL user name before you changed it to MooFC? We chatted for a bit back in 2019 and early 2020 but I can't remember what your old name was.
MG20010604 May 25, 2021 12:45 PM
ok because too much comments
neamhnaid Mar 30, 2021 7:19 AM
ive never seen better bnh review than yours great job !:)
SunlitSonata Jan 26, 2021 1:07 PM
Yeah…………’s pretty clear Sunshine was rushed. I like being in the vibe of the game a lot more than actually doing the objectives. It holds well visually for an 18 year old game, the camera was definitely improved from 64 and the movement controls WITH FLUDD can be very fun to play around with. But I swear one of the hardest parts was literally just moving up on a rotating gear praying you won’t slip off into the death pits, or getting the chucksters to not throw you to the death pits.

I do get Galaxy being too easy (I died a lot as a kid but during a recent replay I got 99 lives before the halfway point), but I think the level design is excellent and a significant step up from Sunshine’s and for a new player like you, is constantly surprising. It’s a very zen game to play for me. So many levels have distinctive atmospheres and soundtracks while still tied to the general space theming.

Out of curiosity how many stars did you get in each game? When replaying 64 and Galaxy, I got every Star but for Sunshine I got to Corona Mountain, got 100 and that’s it. If you hate the game now imagine 100%-ing it. Two of the most busted sections (the Pachinko machine and the lily pad in poison water) are optional challenges. The Blue Coins, what with them being scattered in individual areas with no tracker of how many are in a particular level/mission, really inflate the Shine tally, and unlike Mario 64 where you can do almost any mission to gather the 100 coin star and still complete the level, some Sunshine missions don’t even have 100 coins to get so you can have 80 in your inventory with no choice but to exit the level, and even if you do get 100 you’re booted out of the level. Also Sunshine forcing you to do the first seven missions in every world to reach the end, rather than 64 and Galaxy letting the player choose which 60-70 stars you want, is a comparative sore spot. Galaxy lets you replay the game as Luigi if you do the final boss again with every star, but Sunshine just leaves you a shitty postcard. Intend to buy 3D World + Bowser's Fury? That game has a ton of content and I really doubt you played the original on Wii U.

Danganronpa 2 is my favorite of the series since I think as a whole it has the strongest individual characters and cases, but most fans agree that Case 3 is easily the worst one, just like in V3; thankfully the quality rises after that in the second half of the game. The Danganronpa 3 anime follows off of the first two games, in two series meant to be watched as they aired. The reception to this anime is……………….mixed to say the least, but V3 doesn’t directly follow off the endings of the first two games.

Breath of the Wild is a game that’s very much up to your own decision, presumably in response to Skyward Sword never letting your hand go for hours upon hours, but something that really helped make a statement. Health or Stamina, the sidequests, weapons, Shrines, Divine Beast storylines, the memories, whether you even want the Master Sword? So much of it is organic game design that lets you make choices and discover things with your eyes. The difficulty curve is in reverse for the most part aside from a few specific challenges but building yourself up to that point when you’re ready to tackle Hyrule Castle will still take work and involve getting into risky battles for high tier equipment.
DsMasterBR Nov 25, 2020 11:26 AM
Heyo Bubbles! Happy birthday!
Ashhk Nov 25, 2020 4:39 AM
Happy birthday! :D
SunlitSonata Oct 27, 2020 3:04 PM
Still in college for two more semesters. Over the summer I’m potentially getting an internship at a company my uncle holds a high position in, so right now I’m just trying to finish it off.

That's a fair point to make. I mean, I don't intend to stop recommending She-Ra to people, since I personally found a lot to admire in it, it lacks the easily seeable acclaim as something like Avatar or Gravity Falls (as in I love those too, but most people know those) and I think some of my other friends I’m suggesting it to might like it more than you. But just because it stuck to me doesn’t mean it’ll stick to everyone. While I've seen more than enough genuinely awful anime I have contempt for, there are numerous anime series I’ve watched that I can acknowledge are generally well-made, well-plotted and accomplished the goals they sought out to do, but they didn’t stick with me. I even acknowledge on Anilist that a couple of the shows I gave really high scores to aren’t in my favorites because they didn’t stick with me as much as the ones I chose, but they are well-made enough to give them props. At least you found things to like and could appreciate. It's not like I pushed say, RWBY on you. You'd probably find loads of things to object to there, even beyond the animation quality, and many things that last the entire series.

Good luck getting a Switch back in order. Hope for the best.

I only had very vague memories of seeing a few episodes of Teen Titans on Cartoon Network as a kid, but given how it’s still in conversation years after, I thought I’d buy the complete series to see, and the results for the most part were mostly pretty good and occasionally real great.

Followed now!

PS: When you said Hordak in the last message did you mean to say Horde Prime? Because Hordak himself lowkey had a pretty solid character arc and his relationship with Entrapta was pleasantly surprising for me.
SunlitSonata Oct 17, 2020 3:37 PM
Side note, I just finished all of the original Teen Titans, and for the most part, I liked it a lot.
Sure, Season 1 has a couple hokey episodes, Season 3's plot arc isn't very good or engaging, and Things Change is completely unnecessary to everything (the show could've ended one episode earlier and no one would have complained) but the rest of the show ranged from pretty enjoyable excitement to genuine investment around Season 2 and 4's plot arc. Lot of creative episodes, fun character moments and mostly exciting action. It really should have ended at Season 4, since I think that was the most definitive ending with the highest stakes. Season 5 was still my third favorite for its tighter plot and focus on side characters, even if the emotional drive is a bit flimsier. Slade's a pretty awesome villain that sells every line, and Trigon has a fitting menace, but other plot villains (as in, not the episodic ones) like Brother Blood and the Brotherhood of Evil were comparatively bland/detached, except Madame Rogue, she's a neat villain, highlighted in one of the show's best episodes "Trust". Other favorites included How Long is Forever, Betrayal/Aftershock, Haunted, Bunny Raven and The End.
SunlitSonata Oct 13, 2020 8:01 PM

And Breaking Bad is pretty sublime and only gets better and better with every season so yeah great choice. Hilariously my roommates and another MAL friend are watching it at the same time! So many iconic moments and excellent character coalescing. When you get to The Fly episode you’ll have to decide whether you think it’s one of the show’s best or worst.

It’s possible to transfer save data through profiles if you have another Switch. Or, you could just, temporarily buy their online service so you can get your save data back through the cloud via signing back into your Nintendo account. If you don’t have to immediately trade in your old one for a new one, you can use this method below. I got a model in early 2017 and have been lucky that drift has rarely affected me, as I’ve used the Pro Controller more often than not. Sunshine is an interesting game; curious to see where you'll stand (just really don't go for 100%) On Mario 64, Bowser's final fight may not be great, but I think the final level, Bowser in the Sky, is fantastic. Sadly Sunshine's final level is surprisingly bad, but the rest of the worlds are nice to run around in.

Crash 4 isn’t on Steam yet, but given N.Sane Trilogy is on there and Activision loves money, it’ll probably only be a matter of time. Of those gimmick levels you mentioned, the only one that returns in Crash 4 is the jetski for portions of two stages, but it works more like the Crash 2’s Hang Eight level than the ones Coco got entire levels for.
SunlitSonata Oct 12, 2020 9:40 AM
Thoughts on Crash Bandicoot 4 now that I've "finished" it. I definitely liked the game a lot; clearly tons of love and passion for it. But trying to get the collectibles can be incredibly straining if you chose to do so.
SunlitSonata Sep 21, 2020 6:11 PM
SunlitSonata Sep 19, 2020 10:53 AM
On the downside, I finished the newest SAO season and sadly didn’t like it very much. It had its highs, but there was too much wasted potential and frustrating aspects to like it further:

On the upside, we’re finally getting Progressive adapted!
I’ve read four of the books at this point, and while they’re far from perfect, they’re better enough compared to the original Aincrad that if Progressive was the original SAO anime that came out in 2012, the backlash would be nowhere near as severe.