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Sep 15, 2021
Mixed Feelings
(This is the sixth and final part of a series of video and written reviews called The Decline of My Hero Academy. If you haven't been reading through them and only want a review of Heroes Rising, stop before you get to the section that says "Decline of My Hero Academy Conclusion".)

Heroes Rising blew my mind because it’s kind of the opposite of the first movie. Whereas Two Heroes looked horrendous and like they threw most of it together in a month, movie 2 looks…good. Especially compared to the rest of the series. Where Two Heroes somehow looked worse than the series, Heroes Rising looks ...
Sep 15, 2021
(This is the fourth part of a series of video and written reviews called The Decline of My Hero Academy. Season 3 and Two Heroes are exclusive to Anilist for various reasons. @Bubblesssssss)

Season 4...Season 4 is where it finally sinks in, what My Hero Academy is. It's bad. The potential of seasons 1 and 2 added up to nothing. I talked a lot of shit about season 3, but at least I can say some of it is decent. Every episode of season 4 is bad except for 2. And any hope I still had left for the series was squashed up front with the ...
Sep 5, 2021
Mixed Feelings
(This is the second part of a series of video and written reviews called The Decline of My Hero Academy)

Season 2 starts off strong, with the best arc in the anime, the Sports Festival. Admittedly, a lot of why I like it is because it reminds me of my favorite arc from Naruto, the chuunin exams. Regardless, the Sports Festival is honestly pretty great. Tons of action and drama, a tournament of 1 on 1 fights, and most importantly: no villains around to distract Horikoshi.

Let's quickly run through the first 2 stages so we ...
Sep 5, 2021
(This is the first part of a series of video and written reviews called The Decline of My Hero Academy)

My Hero Academy's formula for success in season 1? Fun, loose tone. Solid animation and visuals. Characters that are loose enough to feel fun in a world that doesn't appear to take itself too seriously, which is for the best in a battle shounen.

What surprised me the most when re-watching was how fun and loose season 1 was. I had become so used to the tired and tedious melodrama and bland villains of the later seasons, that I had forgotten what made the first season good: ...
Jul 18, 2019
As it turns out I watched these by accident! Hulu lists Outlaw Star as 26 episodes because apparently they put the specials in at episode 16 and 23. So I guess I watched them without even knowing it.

Since no one else has reviewed this title, here we go:

The first special is titled "Demon of the Water Planet", and is designated episode 16 in the series. The episode did not air in Japan on TV Network, but aired February 5, 2001 on Toonami in North America. In this episode, the crew gets a gig to retrieve a cargo of Dragonite from the bottom of the water ...
Jul 2, 2019
There will inevitably be a lot of people attempting to diagnose what went wrong with One Punch Man season 2, but I think anyone could tell you why it doesn’t work. The obvious answer is the downgraded animation and confused direction, but there’s a bit more than that. Let’s just start with the biggest problem.

You thought I was gonna say the art/animation? Well, that isn’t the biggest problem with One Punch Man season 2. An equally big problem is the sound effects and sound design, but to drill down further it’s the studio. J.C. Staff has no idea how to do action. Don't believe me? ...
May 2, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Here is what is contained within this OVA: magical girls, several pairs of tits, blatantly stolen Pokemon sound effects, naked zombies, inflatable henchmen, raining blood, female catgirl power rangers, a giant mascot that saws someone in half with a chainsaw, a girl in a dark magician outfit from Yu-Gi-Oh except with what appears to be latex over her tits, and the main characters floating down a street flooded with blood in a lifeboat to end it.

To tell you the truth, I really don't wanna tell you anything about what this is. Spoiling anything would ruin it. How many words does MAL require for reviews? ...
Apr 29, 2019
Mixed Feelings

Yes, I know everyone and their dementia-ridden grandma has already reviewed this. So rather than just talking about what it is, we’re going to attempt to fix Zombieland Saga. This show had way too much potential to simply accept its failures and move on. That section will be at the very end before the conclusion.

Few things are more frustrating than wasted potential, and that phrase to me is quickly becoming synonymous with Zombieland Saga. This show had serious potential. From a parody perspective, ZLS had the potential to reach the ...
Apr 15, 2019
School Days (Anime) add

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure how good School Days actually is from an objective standpoint. After all, my rating for it is based partially on the fact that 70% of the people who watched it here didn’t understand it, and partially on its willingness to take a narrative risk that alienated the majority of its audience. Those aren’t the only reasons it got an 8, but context is important when I judge the value of something. The context of School Days is that it’s a slice of life show ...
Apr 1, 2019

Rather than writing a traditional start-to-finish review of the entire show, I’m going to show you my actual notes I took as I watched this show. Usually these become the basis for a full review as I preen the paragraphs to root out fluff and hyperbole, but this time I'm pasting my raw notes divided into 3 acts. That way, you’ll know exactly what it’s like watching the maddening stumble from genuinely good character study revolving around player-character dissonance; to plot-hole ridden, horribly characterized, nonsensically stupid shit-show that is Sword Art Online Gun Gale Online Alternative.

(there's a TL;DR at the end ...