Hikasa, Youko

Given name: 陽子
Family name: 日笠
Alternate names: Yoko Hikasa
Birthday: Jul 16, 1985
Website: http://hikasayoko.com/
Member Favorites: 12,115
Hometown: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood type: O
Height: 157 cm
Sports and Hobbies: fashion, basketball, softball

Co-hosts the popular weekly radio show Odoroki Sentai Momonoki Five (おどろき戦隊モモノキファイブ) with Nakamura Eriko.

Married in 2015.

Profile: imenterprise.jp

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Recent News

Seiyuu Yoko Hikasa Announces Marriage

Seiyuu Yoko Hikasa Announces Marriage

Yoko Hikasa announced via her official blog that she got married earlier in the year. She did not reveal the identity of her new spouse. Her notable roles include Mi...read more

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Adanos94 | Apr 11, 12:25 PM
Very good voice actress and singer.

Meriu | Mar 27, 12:36 PM
Incredibly talented voice actress, one of the GOATs

kurosaki_NaRUto | Mar 22, 10:54 PM
Hello Makima

Slimsith | Mar 18, 8:43 AM
Thank you for being the soul of Alicetaria February.

nishant0 | Mar 7, 5:36 AM

Stacias | Mar 1, 8:26 AM

custardloaf | Feb 12, 6:03 PM
I'll forget that you actually Rias if you voicing makima. Goated

tsundereharasser | Feb 12, 8:48 AM
Natsuo's wife is awesome </3

Collins89 | Feb 8, 8:34 PM
Came here from Cue and was surprised to see how many roles I know her from!
CUE is awesome to have all the young VAs get to see a true professional.

CQLLIST | Feb 8, 5:46 PM
Ara ara

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