Hana "Megane-chan" Adachi

Hana Adachi

Yankee-kun na Yamada-kun to Megane-chan to Majo
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Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
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Hana Adachi (足立 花)

Birthday: April 1
Height: 163 cm
Blood type: O
Favorite subject: everything
Interests: studying
Favorite food: everything
Disliked food: nothing
Favorite phrase: secret

The female protagonist of the story. Adachi is the class representative, and later, the student council president, who always hangs out with the delinquent Shinagawa. While she may appear to be the dutiful, respectful, and bespectacled class representative, there is more to her then meets the eye. In reality, she is a poor student, not very smart, absent-minded, oblivious and clueless in present situations, lacks common sense, and actually has great eyesight (her glasses do not provide any eye correction). She always forgets things easily like who's she's met before and stuff. Her strength and fighting skills left over from being a former delinquent overshadow these aspects. She lives with her weird grandmother.

Her past is a mystery, other than that she was fearsome delinquent in middle school. Even the mention of her name was enough to inspire fear in anyone. She is even able to influence a group of Yakuza gangsters to release Shinagawa and Nerima. She enjoys blaming Shinagawa for everything. Later chapters past 100, Hana turns out to have a younger sister in their rival Aaosuji Academy who has short hair, no glasses, no mole under her left eye and who is two years younger than Hana. Like Hana, her younger sister also appears to have a thing for Shinagawa, choosing to cut her hair to make herself look different from her older sister. Her brother also ran away from home to be with her like Rinka, but was told by Hana to live with Shinagawa instead. He's a genius who pretends to be a yankee.

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Voice Actors
Hikasa, Youko