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Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
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Pitohui (プトフーイ)

Pitohui (Pito) is a gun maniac and a professional GGO player. She comes off as a cheerful person, but she is brutal when it comes to combat. She always uses a different gun, and she always uses live-ammunition guns, even when hunting monsters.

Pito first met LLENN when she noticed her window shopping in a mall. She saw that LLENN was a girl and offered to treat her to some tea. The two got to know one another and eventually listed each other as friends. LLENN told Pito that she was looking for a new live-ammunition gun, so Pito took her to a shop and reccommended buying a P90. The two formed a squadron and would go monster-hunting together when thay were both online. Both of them made a promise that LLENN will someday defeat Pito, and they will meet in real life if she does.

Once, while hunting together, Pito informs LLENN about Squad Jam. She says that she herself can't participate this time, but she knows someone who can be LLENN's partner instead. Pito later introduced LLENN to M, and the two became a team.

Voice Actors
Hikasa, Youko
Iacobescu, Katharina
Clark, Allegra