Farnese "The Devil Child of Vandimion, Wandering Princess" de Vandimion

Farnese de Vandimion

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Farnese de Vandimion (ファルネーゼ・ド・ヴァンディミオン)

Farnese is a noblewoman who led the Holy See's ceremonial guard, the Holy Iron Chain Knights. Since this position has been traditionally held by a woman, Farnese was appointed during her stay at the convent she was sent to by her father, Federico Vandimion.

A bit of a pyromaniac (and possibly a pyrophiliac), Farnese's habit of maniacally burning things she didn't like, along with her lack of empathy due to her poor upbringing provoked her to hunt down and burn supposed witches and pagans at the stake. This fueled a secret sadistic pleasure that she constantly tried to deny.

Voice Actors
Hikasa, Youko
Lindbeck, Erica