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Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Alternative Titles

English: Fairy Tail
Japanese: FAIRY TAIL


Type: Manga
Volumes: 63
Chapters: 549
Status: Finished
Published: Aug 2, 2006 to Jul 26, 2017
Authors: Mashima, Hiro (Story & Art)


Score: 7.791 (scored by 122910 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #17352
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Popularity: #9
Members: 208,266
Favorites: 23,070


Both have a similar character art style and talk big about friendship or "nakama." And both main leads are general idiots most of the time, both are great. 
reportRecommended by Karura
Both have the same author,and the artwork at the end is almost same as that in Fairy Tail. Great story with tons of lovable characters!  
reportRecommended by herlepras
Magic exists as a prominent element in both Fairy Tail and Black Cover. The main characters utilizes this during the story to accomplish a variety of feats. Both series also follows an adventurous tale where there's brewing rivalries, antagonism, and mysterious secrets. In terms of battle style, expect shounen action with magical mechanics.  
reportRecommended by Stark700
Been reading up to chapter 37; - The main character makes you think of Natsu in a way, with his friends somewhat resembling: Lucy, Grey/Gajeel, Juvia and Happy if you look at their relationships with one another. - Great fight scenes. - Some fanservice exists in this manga but it isn't it's a big selling point or a main reason to read this manga (which is a good thing). - Getting stronger to protect friends is a theme that has been relevant already. - Sudden power up exists like in FT but not whenever it would be nice to see, only in certain situations, not  read more 
reportRecommended by SD_CV
Both manga's have similar characters which in both manga's do quests to earn money, or just for fun. In Monster Hunter Orage there's more of a goal then in Fairy Tail, which varies from time to time. 
reportRecommended by Xadyu3000
Both mangas have a guy that can transform into a dragon (Natsu uses dragon slayer magic and Keel is actually a dragon in human form). There is a cute girl who uses other characters to fight (Lucy with her spirits and Ravi with monsters). "Blue" - the name of the water guy in "Buster Keel" is similar to Grey in Fairy Tail. Blue and Keel don't get along, just like how Natsu and Grey argue all the time. In both mangas, there is also a guild for information and work and levels for each job. In Buster Keel, the protagonist are all looking for  read more 
reportRecommended by ciq666
natsu the main character of fairy tail has many commons with naruto..also the story of fairy tail reminds me naruto..the way the characters help each other..etc it's a cool manga.. 
reportRecommended by Spirow
Both have: - Endless adventure based on the nakama powah and fights plus power upgrades. - A group of friends with powers with similar personalities (Ali/Natsu= energetic guy plus comic relief that gets fired up when its needed; Alladin/Wendy plus Lucy=A blue haired kid that seems weak but its not and its main goal is to make friends/ and is capable of summoning a helper(Genie/key spirit); Morgiana/Erza= serious and strong, fights like hell and has a tragic past related to slavery and bullying; Sinbad/Gray: Likes to strip a lot; Kougyoku/Juvia: has a crush on the guy that likes to strip and has the power of water, also  read more 
reportRecommended by Orulyon
The art in these 2 series is so similar that it makes you feel that Lucy and Natsu (appears around chapter 3) from Fairy tail are in school together. Also both series are involved with magic so they both should be a fun read if you are interested in that kind of theme.  
reportRecommended by Lylaaz
both are about mages..both are cool and mainstream. the art is 10 and the rumor is great,,,xD 
reportRecommended by rei-chan16
Instead of magic powers, you have magic weapons lol The fights, as well as the characters are very similar! The development of the story is also very identical! Many adventures and dozens of fights... Worth to give it a try! 
reportRecommended by RambaZamba91
Yoshikawa Miki was an assistant of Mashima Hiro when he was makin' Groove Adventure Rave, so that's what can see the evident influence that she got from him: The surprised faces, gags and the style of drawing (Macchi looks like Natsu for example) Natsu, Gray and Erza are like the yankees in Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (Adachi, Shinagawa and Izumi), and there are someone who has common sense (Lucy & Chiba), they are in an Organitation who helps people with troubles (Fairy Tail Guild, and the Student Council) Both mangakas, likes to draw werid characters (for example, the sun-face of Rave Ichiya, the girlfriends of Nerima  read more 
reportRecommended by ryuutargaryen
Both main cahar are strong and be in a jorney about to find yours masters and know new friends that be strong too, lol , both have a lot of funny and action, intense battles and super powers. 
reportRecommended by jackdevils
They are both Shounen Magazine titles,about mages,with very similar fights and comedy.Who like very much much manga about magic,sure you love both! 
reportRecommended by CodeSaint
Both have the same feel to them. Not to mention the main characters are similar. 
reportRecommended by Cainan
Two of the main-story related characters, Tasha and Natsu relate with very similar characteristics and personalities, especially their ability to grow stronger through their emotions, and they both have a partner whom they share a close relationship, like a close family. The main teams consist of a group that have known each other for a long period of time, at times being quite crude and violent with one another (Almost everytime, this is for comedic purposes), but in each group, the team are as close as family, willing to protect each other with their lives. [PS: If you haven't read Fairy Tail,  read more 
reportRecommended by MyVermillion
Same author, same drawing style, same kind of story: people with powers. If you're enjoying Fairy Tail, you'll enjoy Monster Soul for sure. They both look like they're the same series. 
reportRecommended by dnqw97dhqu9d
Both have over the top cute girls design, character that loves to slap each other in da face and mangakas who never remove sunglasses. FT is a bit power up heavy, but if it doesn't bother you, it could become your second favorite. 
reportRecommended by Son_of_Bob_Dylan
Fairy Tail was probably influenced by Saint Seiya's concept of different types of constellation and levels of them like bronze/silver/gold, while strongest of them (gold) related to zodiac signs. Both contains a lot of fighting, but Saint Seiya is muuuch more serious and don't have any ecchi elements. 
reportRecommended by Son_of_Bob_Dylan
Both are by the same mangaka, Hiro Mashima. The characters, comedy, and plot elements (a lot of magic) are very similar. Some places are similar between the two (Santa Claus Kingdom and Exceed Kingdom) as well. Also, obviously the art style (while Mashima-En is older stories than Fairy Tail) of both are very similar. 
reportRecommended by Asfaria
-both really funny -characters are both unique -both have awesome fighting scenes i also suggest the gintama anime and the fairy tail anime ;) 
reportRecommended by grenaderbombs
They both have a connection to dragons and Dragon slayers exists in both manga, both of the mangas also contains alot of action while Dragon nest is more intense action. while Fairy Tail is more a mix of comedy and action than Dragon Nest.  
reportRecommended by Kuroniiro
Both Fairy Tail and EToP are about kids going on an adventure. They have a ton of slapstick humour. Some occasional flirting may occur. They take place in very fantasy-like, surreal worlds. 
reportRecommended by Dalek-kun
It's all about dragons and magic in both world and in their own right. The dragons designs are both incredibly detailed and innovative in both manga. Of course, BOF is much more about dragons to Fairy tail's mage oriented story yet a dragon fan will probably enjoy both if not for plot, for these creatures. Fairy tail is an original manga but Breath of fire IV is adapted from quite a brilliant game and one of the best in the series. Both of them have a very important sub plot being the bond between the characters, BOF is more subtle about it yet everything that occurs  read more 
reportRecommended by Ravedragon
Both manga MC is a young boy who lives in a fantasy world, goes on epic quests, have epic battles, fire magic is his specialty & own a blue talking cat  
reportRecommended by spyda89
While reading Enen no Shouboutai felt like I was reading FT. There were quite a lot similarities when I thought about it -Fire typo hot blooded Shounen MC who get unusually powered up bcoz of their "nakama" power up -Fanservice when not needed -Short fights -Fast paced (at the start, FT was kindda fast paced with storyline and action) Owh! And both are getting a cross over soon i guess!  
reportRecommended by Omi_Elric
1) Both stories are set in a fantasy world 2) Both main character are very strong 3) Both main character are an important guild's members/ adventurer 4) Both manga/light novel have nice characters 5) In both worlds the magic are the most important thing 6) In both stories the "nakamas" (companions) are very important 
reportRecommended by Sherak
If you enjoy Fairy Tail then this story is something for you. Both stories gives you the same kind of vibe, a happy go lucky mood with the same enjoyable characters and a plot with action and humor combined. If you have read Fairy Tail i would recommend reading Zero too find out more about the background of how Fairy Tail come to be. 
reportRecommended by Legendmons
Its has magic elements and funny cast of characters in where everybody has a charm or characteristic that you may love or hate about them.  
reportRecommended by OtakuMangaGamer
Somehow they seem very similar, though there are principal differencies. Similarity: 1) Ayumi is pink-hared fire mage, she is really cool (or hot you may say), though her character is fuel. She is always fired up to kick someone's ass. When she fights, she usually begins with attacking, but if something goes wrong, she never gives up and is able to figure out the winning strategy. She is very similar to Natsu, although she is girl. Also she Loves food, so as Natsu, and is slow when it comes to romance. She is stubborn as well and hard-to-stop. 2) Friendship is great and noble and means a lot  read more 
reportRecommended by Jagory
After reading UQ Holder i found the manga quite similar to fairy tail -both have fan service -fights are short, with exceptions -are funny -but have serious fights  
reportRecommended by ironace
Both are action shounen comedies with storng element of caring for others. Both main characters (Zephyr/Natsu at the beggining) are alway running out of money and have to go on adventures to cover their life expenses. Both have animal-like companion (Sol/Happy). Both manga were made by same author and both have similar style of art. 
reportRecommended by abystoma2
> Both have groups of 'warriors' with different skills - that being either magical or talent based. > Both have medieval themes in costume design, weapons, architecture, landscapes, etc > Both have a large character platform introducing new characters nearly every chapter. > Both have good fighting scenes and art - where each panel is a pure joy to view and i find myself taking my time with each scene to take it all in. > Both have simple plots constructed to deliver action upon action, heros fighting vilians and victories & defeats. > Both have mild ecchi - big boobies, spray-painted costumes, etc 
reportRecommended by pennyiscute
it has the same sense of comedy a lot of action there both shounens and both the main characters are looking for someone & there also both supernatural 
reportRecommended by Sayanna
They both have a similar art style with a the main character wanting to become stronger. 
reportRecommended by covered-in-mist
Ral Grad and Fairy Tail are both set in mythical world where people have magic, and they both center around a quirky guy and his rag-tag bunch. Ral Grad is shorter and a little darker, but still cute and funny. 
reportRecommended by doomshuriken
In bouth are team's that complite missions and bouth teams are all than normal, but aspirin goes a littre more in extreme and comedy. And bouth teams doesn't know how to hold back so peoples normaly hate them after complition of mission, since normaly half of town is missing. And aspirin have worst possible personalitys for main characters. 
reportRecommended by jack4s
Lucy like Hana seeks her dream job, and also alike, they both find their dream job is filled with unrealistically bizarre characters. Both are fighting mangas, oumagadoki in a much more bizarre sense than fairy tail. Both are also Weekly Shounen Jump mangas. I would say that fairy tail is done better but oumagadoki is the more creative concept. Fairy tail has been making manga for a lot longer as well. Oumagadoki was made in 2010 
reportRecommended by DarkD1
Guilds, wizards, magic, comedy, cute talking pet sidekicks, missions, monsters and dragons. Very similar concept. 
reportRecommended by AfterGlow
I find these series very similar because of the MC's with dragon based powers, a lovely red hair, a weapon based user as one of the main characters and other stuff in it like demons and dragons. The major difference is that High School DxD is a Harem and takes place in 2 words, the modern and a fantasy one and the MC's personalities, also DxD mixes other mythologies in it to like Greek and Norse. 
reportRecommended by HollowIchigo58
theyre both really funny shounen mangas! i love them both even though theyre a bit different if you like fairy tail KHR is a great manga to read and i think youd enjoy it a lot! teehee! 
reportRecommended by luckystar1213
Soul Eater is a little bit darker, but there are some similarities, the art styles are very similar. 
reportRecommended by Em_Leingod
a lot of the characters seem similar to each other and they both have their share of Shounen manga cliches. Similarities - Natsu and Dohran are fighters who care a lot about protecting their friends and uses fire-elemental powers (not to mention they even kinda look alike) - Lucy and Anna are the fan-service female sidekicks who don't do very much and have problems that happen to their fathers (and they also kinda look alike) - same kinds of adventurous feelings and happy to serious moods Differences - Dohran takes place in a fantasy-like Edo era of Japan and Fairy Tail takes place in a fantasy world - No guilds in Dohran  read more 
reportRecommended by justice0
Taking place in a fantasy world, Fairy Tail and DanMachi adapts a story where magic and mysterious powers open doors to endless wonders. Both series' main male protagonist are eager to prove themselves to others and develops a variety of relationships with other characters. There is the concept of guilds that consists of factions of adventures. Both series also adapts a decent amount of action that mixes magic, swordsmanship, and other skills. Fairy Tail follows more of story arcs while DanMachi's story development has a more progressive pace. Recommended for fans of fantasy and adventure. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Toriko is like a more violent and mature version of Fairy Tail. Both feature weird looking characters with even weirder characteristics. Also, both have lots of fantastic animals and are shounen battlemangas.  
reportRecommended by Sleezy
Magic and Swords, what more do you need? how about humor? Got that. How about dragon slayers? Yes, got that too, both main protagonists are referred to as 'dragon slayers', (except Rain's protagonist actually DID kill a dragon.)  
reportRecommended by noirgrimoir
Although the aesthetic and narrative of these two serialisations are not that similar, they both share a strong emphasis on group battles. In Fairy Tail, battles are often between two or more guilds; whereas in Baka to Test, these are facilitated between two or more classrooms. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
For some reason as I read Double Arts, Fairy Tail came into my mind. The stories aren't at all similar (FT is about the random adventures of a guild of mages/ DA is about two people who have to hold hands forever as they look for a cure for a deadly disease) but I felt a similarity in them. I believe it was mostly the characters, the way they acted and reacted to things. Also the setting of them seemed to be similar and the art is somewhat. Still if you like one then you should at least check out the other one. 
reportRecommended by Yukine-chan
The main characters have special powers and allmighty friendship. They also have similar personalities. Both manga have action, adventure, comedy, fantasy and supernatural. 
reportRecommended by Chisa-chan