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Both have a similar character art style and talk big about friendship or "nakama." And both main leads are general idiots most of the time, both are great.
report Recommended by Karura
Similarities between these two shounen serialisations include: characters with unique abilitites which they oftentimes use for combat; the emphasis placed on comradery; and a vast world for exploration. Moreover, both share very similar art and narrative styles.
report Recommended by radiantfire
They are drawn the same way. There is a strong emphasis on friendship,the characters are enjoyable, and there is alot of humor. The fights are great and they do not drag on. all and all an enjoyable series that you should check out if you like shouen.
report Recommended by gdupninja
they both share similar themes of friendship and bonds. the also the art work is pretty similar as well.
report Recommended by nate23nate23
A pretty common recc. But it's true, although the story line is a bit different, almost every character in both series share a resemblence with each other, not only that, there are fights which can me compared with each other, and several scenes almost look the same. The art style does look a lot the same too, after Mashima's earlier work, Rave Master, his art style got more devoted (and improved) towards Oda's style/work.
report Recommended by Ilyaoh
The art work is similar as well as the humor, bonds between characters and fighting. ^^ I'm sure that if you enjoy Fairy Tail you'll enjoy One Piece and vice versa.
report Recommended by PenPeriwinkle
the relationship between the characters, the humor, the unique world and the depth of the world and the characters.
report Recommended by Wybock
Both series have similar art styles and similar senses of humor. Both have a lot of action and fun, however the action in One Piece is more engaging than Fairy Tail. One Piece carries a lot of human emotion as well, something Fairy Tail has yet to do.
report Recommended by Mokenda
Both have their own world (pirates and mages)and drawn about the same. Both have crazy power and action and both are looking for something. Both are pretty popular. They are both great reads.
report Recommended by goku5021
For those of you who are fans of One Piece, I highly recommend reading Fairy Tail. The author of Fairy Tail used to be an assitant to Oda(Author of One Piece) thus they share many characteristics, especially artwork. Both series have great fights with equally great character designs. All the great fundamentals of an epic Manga like One Piece, with a different plot and set-up, are all the ingredients you need for a good read!
report Recommended by Pwnobi
It's simmilar humor, so if you think One Piece is funny you will think that Fairy Tail is too. The main characters in these two mangas are alot alike, they are both rash, violent, loud and not so smart. This makes the manga very funny.
report Recommended by Snusgrus
Similar lead characters and art but there's magic in Fairy Tail while there's pirates in One Piece :D
report Recommended by Zell182
Like in One piece, Natsu is a very powerful guy and very funny. Either in One Piece and Fairy Tail, there are some guys (and Luffy and Natsu too) who have powers very cool. If you like One piece, you surely love Fairy Tail.
report Recommended by Althus
These too go hand in hand, they even look the same. All to do with Nakama and all equally hilarious. One Piece is a bit better in terms of plot, but Fairy Tail have more badass characters
report Recommended by buttybutt
When I read Fairy Tail it seems to make me think of one piece. They are both similar in some way or another. Main character never gives up on his nakama and doesn't realize when to quit... you know.
report Recommended by u8sand
both manga's have plots that have the main characters going on different adventures while aiming for a singular goal.
report Recommended by Mikasa_Ackerman
they both have similar themes of friendship and very simillar art work
report Recommended by shithousnik
The most similar mangas ever. The artwork is so alike, they have the same kind of epic battles, the main characters have the same attitudes and they will defend their bonds above any other thing.
report Recommended by BlindNoldor
Fairy Tail is One Piece with magic, bigger breasts, more fan service, and also not quite as good.
report Recommended by TheKindlyOne
It's got an awesome main character somewhat similar to luffy. It has a unique story arcs that will surely entertain you. It's very entertaining and will most likely keep you guessing. It can be random and odd at times (which is what keeps you guessing), but it has decent and relatable humor. The characters are all just as unique and interesting.It's a very creative and original anime that won't fail your expectations. It can be emotional and intense but that's what makes it so interesting. This is one of the top manga out there for a good reason. don't be hesitant to go and check it   read more
report Recommended by 5HAD0WFREAK
Both have really similar art styles for one. The initial main characters are really similar in personality and appearance. They also both have a lot of adventure and are about standing up for ones friends. The biggest difference is that one is about mages and one is about pirates.
report Recommended by HalibelTheEspada
Friendship and epic battles between different groups of people. That's wath these manga are al about. The main characters both belong to one of the strongest groups in the world. They embark on an epic journey with exciting battles and powers that will leave you shocked. They also contain a lot of (similar) humour.
report Recommended by Darkbow
Both series involve the bonds of friendship, with One Piece having the relationships between the Strawhat crew while Fairy Tail involving the relationships between the Fairy Tail guild. Both have a vast amount of characters that have interesting and unique backgrounds and different environments for the characters to explore. Both main characters (Luffy and Natsu) are extremely similar as they have the ambition to protect their friends. Both series have a large amount of action and use of supernatural powers.
report Recommended by yungs
There two manga both are action based. They have story arcs, and they both have a strong message of friendship.
report Recommended by potatokitty
-The protagonists are basically the same character -Both revolve around a family of characters with magical abilities or talking animals -Both have the same style of arc, which they don't usually stray from (Main character beats up main antagonist, side characters beat up side antagonists, everyone lived happily ever after until the next threat arose)
report Recommended by thelectricow
It's hard to like one series without liking the other. A cheerful cast of characters, most of which with supernatural abilities, going on adventures and defeating enemies through bonds with one another. Both have the power to make you laugh, make you cry, make you excited, and make you feel. My love for One Piece made loving Fairy Tail very easy!
report Recommended by iMustang
If you like friendship and adventure manga with air head protagonists you ll like both of these.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Similarr styles I perfer fiary tail but you might like OP.
report Recommended by HighBoltage