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Both have the same author,and the artwork at the end is almost same as that in Fairy Tail. Great story with tons of lovable characters!
report Recommended by herlepras
The same artist, almost the same art. Both stories take place in the same world. Some characters (like the little dog-something plue and Heart Kurz the fashion designer) appear in both mangas. Actually I prefer Fairy Tail but Rave Master ain't so bad. I just got bored because there are so many chapters (almost 300).
report Recommended by droolled
Groove Adventure Rave (AKA Rave Master) is the series that Hiro Mashima wrote before Fairy Tail. Currently slightly longer than Fairy Tail, G.A.R looks less like One Piece, has a shorter anime adaptation, but still shares many themes with Fairy Tail, most prominently the strong willed main character.
report Recommended by Tobi2x4
both of them were made by the same person. both of them have a good story about adventure, friendship and love.
report Recommended by _R0GU3_
Both manga series are drawn by the same mangaka. They are both action/adventure/comedy. While fairy tail has more silliness and ecchi element, rave master has more romance and coherent plotline.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both mangas are made by the same person, some of the characters have similar appearances and personality
report Recommended by wishfuldays09
The one who drew both is Mashima Hiro! :D :D Both story focus on fantasy adventure shounen. The main characters are whom you can call stupid, strong, and caring for his nakama. The female leads both have mystery surrounding their past, and unique last names!
report Recommended by Mirajane22
So, They're really Similar indeed. Mostly by the fact that it's made by the same author, hehe (Hiro Mashima). The Characters are very similar, I recognize some character from Fairy Tail in Rave* Vise-Versa, Althought not being the same. They still keep they're similarities. It is highly enjoyable if you liked any of them. The stories are different for sure, otherwise it wouldn't be enjoyable. But if you watched one of the both and you're looking for more. Then you should certainly watch the other one. Thank you.
report Recommended by Kruh
Aside from the obvious relations between the two series (i.e. both are Hiro Mashima works), Groove Adventure Rave, or Rave Master in some regions, takes the Mashima art style and use of a wide variety of colorful characters and places them in an adventurous, comedic, and at times suspensefully dark save-the-world fantasy Fairy Tail fans would find both familiar and fun. Many concepts and characters/groups/magic designs in FT can be traced back to this series and its interesting to note how they are used both similarly and differently in each other to build the large and mysterious world Rave immerses you in. Also, for those who   read more
report Recommended by darthfrodo7
same author focus around magic groove adventure rave is more dramatic groove adventure raves characters are similar to fairy tail characters Fun!Freindship!Action!Adventure!Romance! groove adventure rave charecters have one main objective
report Recommended by DryClutch
Mainly its by the same mangaka. The art and the characters are quite similar in terms of looks and personality. One thing though is that both mangas have different plots which makes it all the more interesting. If you enjoyed Fairy Tail, you'd definitely enjoy Rave Master because they are both equally awesome in storyline and character developement ^_^
report Recommended by llRydonll
Both of them are created by the same author, and honestly, Rave is much, much, much, much better than the other. First thing first, Rave has a plot that actually fucking moves. It also has character with actual 'character'. And the best part: the girl isn't just there for your fapping purpose (don't worry tho, their boobs are still bigger than your dream). Don't get me wrong, Rave definitely isn't the best of the bunch, it's still pretty cliche and 'shounenish', but if I can I would just pretend that Rave is the only series that Mashima worked on.
report Recommended by KannaAyasaki
Same Author, Similar Art Style, Adventure Story
report Recommended by GamerSkull