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Oct 12, 7:02 PM
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On Tuesday, Wave Studio announced on Izumi Matsumoto's blog that the mangaka passed away on October 6. He was 61 years old.

Matsumoto suffered from cerebrospinal fluid disease, stemming from a car accident when he was three years old. The disease forced him to stop working due to heavy headache, neck, and back pain. He suffered from general malaise due to the disease over the last few years. However, Matsumoto desired to return to work and continued to fight the illness, but was also worried due to a heart surgery he had several years ago. Last November, Matsumoto revealed on his blog that he had spinal stenosis. Matsumoto passed away in his sleep without suffering, according to his doctor.

Matsumoto is well known for creating the romantic comedy manga Kimagure Orange☆Road, which he serialized from March 1984 to September 1987 in Weekly Shounen Jump. Digital Manga Publishing released the manga in English digitally in 20 volumes between April 4 to November 26 in 2014. The publisher launched a kickstarter campaign in April 2016 to physically publish the series, and successfully reached its goal the following month.

Studio Pierrot adapted the manga into a 48-episode television anime that aired from April 1987 to March 1988, followed by two sequel films in 1988 and 1996. The manga also received an eight-episode original video anime, which was released between March 1989 and April 1991.

AnimEigo licensed and released the television series, original video episodes, and the first film with English subtitles in the 1990s. The distributor's license for the anime series expired in 2006. Discotek Media relicenced all three installments in August 2018 and released them in two Blu-ray sets in March and August last year. ADV Films licensed and released the second film in English with both subtitles and dub on VHS and DVD in 1998 and 2001, respectively.

Source: Oricon News
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Oct 12, 7:23 PM
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rest in peace always sad to see someone in the industry dies
Oct 12, 8:02 PM

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Rest in peace, Matsumoto-san. Kimagure Orange Road will always have a special place in my heart, as well as Ayukawa.
Oct 12, 9:57 PM

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Not familiar with any of his work but RIP.
Oct 12, 10:39 PM

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He may not have left a big mark in the West, but those who gave his works a chance will know that another real talent left the world.

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Oct 13, 12:36 AM

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I loved kimagure, I thought he would return one day in the industry
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Oct 13, 1:58 AM

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At least he went peacefully in his sleep. RIP
I'm no special story or anything. I'm just a manga that wants to be read, like you could find anywhere. But, if, for argument's sake, you were to adapt me into an anime series, it would certainly be....a tragedy.

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Oct 13, 3:21 AM

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Thank you for your immeasurable contribution to the manga art form, may you rest in peace.
Oct 13, 3:38 AM
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Rest in Peace, Sir.
Oct 13, 3:40 AM

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Don't know him or his works, but one look at the picture and I know what a good guy he was. RIP
Oct 13, 5:52 AM
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Haven't watched any of his work yet
But Rip sir
Oct 13, 5:54 AM

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I read Orange road last year. Rest in peace.
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Oct 13, 6:11 AM

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Thanks for Orange road, one of the best rom-coms for sure.

Rip legend
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Oct 13, 8:19 AM

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I am glad he passed away peacefully in his sleep. He suffered a lot due to his illness. To those who are curious how good KOR is, I can assure you it is one of the best romcom manga you will ever come across which has aged finely like a wine. Madoka Ayukawa is considered the original tsundere by many. I read a lot of manga but KOR's ending is something that I will never forget for decades to come. The manga world has truly lost a gem. May he rest in peace.
Oct 13, 8:33 AM
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"Matsumoto suffered from cerebrospinal fluid disease, stemming from a car accident when he was three years old."
Damm, so he always had this problem and ended to be the death of him, it is sad to love talent and the loss of human life is always sad, but he was still only 61...

May he rest in piece.
He could have lived way longer if it was not for that BS he had since 3 years old.
Oct 13, 8:45 AM
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Rest in peace. I'll have to watch Orange Road one day. I've always wanted to watch more older anime. I appreciate his contributions to the industry.
Oct 13, 8:46 AM

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While I am not familiar with his work it is always sad to see someone die. RIP
Oct 13, 10:03 AM

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Damn...I love Kimagure Orange Road.
R.I.P. :(
Oct 13, 11:32 AM

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rest in peace sensei

only a few have watched his works to this day; nowadays seems to be fear for the bases of anime.

Oct 13, 2:05 PM

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Rest in peace. He was around the age of my parents too.

I was planning to watch Kimagure Orange Road for the longest time.
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Oct 13, 2:40 PM
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Rest in Peace Mr Matsumoto.
Oct 13, 4:12 PM

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Sad to hear because Kimagure Orange Road had such a profound impact on me during my teenage years and remains one of my all time favorite works. He was fighting that condition for a long time, difficult with the more recent relapse as well due to the accident. Equally as sad as when Ayukawa Madoka's seiyuu Tsuru Hiromi passed away. Painful that such great, talented people are passing so soon.

I'm glad that I was able to participate in the recent KOR Kickstarter, I'm sure it gave him some good vibes to spread the love of his work to new fans. Rest in peace.

Oct 13, 5:07 PM

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RIP, Kimagure Orange☆Road is probably one of the first anime I've ever heard of and yet have never been able to get to.
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Oct 13, 10:35 PM
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Rest in peace Matsumoto sensei.
Oct 13, 10:59 PM

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Sad to see him go, rest in peace.
Oct 14, 1:43 AM

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Rest in peace Matsumoto
Oct 14, 5:01 AM
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R.I.P Matsumoto. I haven't read your works, but I know how influential it is, thank you for being you.
Oct 14, 5:57 AM

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This is heartbreaking. I'm am glad however that he had a painless death. Such a tragic life. I haven't read his work but this news hit me hard.
Oct 14, 9:24 AM

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Rest in peace King
Oct 14, 12:14 PM

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Wow, after all the pain he went through... at least his passing was painless.

Rest in Peace.
Oct 14, 3:27 PM

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He was still young, it´s really sad. I still haven´t read KOR, but I always found the art pretty. Rest in peace.
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Oct 15, 5:40 AM
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Rest well Sensei.
Oct 15, 5:44 AM
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Rest In Peace Sir.
Oct 15, 7:09 AM

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Rest in peace. I watched the anime earlier this year. I enjoyed his work. Madoka
Oct 15, 7:17 PM
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I completely loved Kimagure Orange Road. Rest In Peace Sensei :´c
Oct 16, 7:18 PM
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I'm stunned by this news. My condolences to the family and friends.
Oct 17, 2:09 PM
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welp.... the car accident killed him 58 years later it seems RIP Matsumoto sensei
Oct 17, 5:59 PM

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What terrible news.
Every time someone like him dies, the whole world of anime/manga loses a star.
R.i.p. Sensei
Oct 19, 5:54 AM
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Rest In Peace,Sir
Oct 19, 5:59 AM
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Rest in Peace Matsumoto-sensei. Thank you for everything you give the people.
Oct 19, 6:00 AM

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I just realized he died exactly 1 week before his birthday. His death was announced on his birthday.
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