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February 27th, 2023
Anime Relations: Death Note
It all started in 2009, we had animax on cable and they had cool anime after 20:00, I also watched FMA and Inuyasha there, Nana too. I think I just browsed the tv channels and I suddenly see some weird anime with an unknown art style, it had dark pallets and stuff and the designs were cool, I never saw something like that in my life.

I was sharing the room with my sister and she didn't mind me watching anime, she preferred reading more. I stayed on animax to see what the hell will happen next, from what I remember, it was Light planning stuff with Ryuk, the atmosphere was tense and serious then it hit me when Naomi Misora died, it was then when I understood what kind of show that was and it charmed me immediately.

For some reason, the anime just continued on and on, I knew that one episode was 25 minutes but Death Note just never ended. After some time it actually ended with the biggest twist I saw in my life, Light managed to kill L and brought justice in our world, Misa didn't die and they made him look all cool and all in the rain like he was the conductor of an orchestra. Even my sister stopped reading to watch it and she also liked it. I was happy that I could watch so much content and it was only after 2-3 week that I found out what I watched was some condensed movie of a 30ish episodes long anime.
In true animax-style Death Note restarting airing and they also made promos out of it, it was good for me because I barely understood how the hell did Light get the notebook or why was Misa that important or other plot points but did I start the anime? the answer is no. I was a rebel sorta in highschool and I continued to act like one after that, in my mind there was no need to watch it because I already knew the ending but because I was also an idiot I couldn't get pass the feeling of wanting more Death Note.

Watching the beginning of it was a chore because I just wanted to go to the juicy parts, the only good memory from this period I have with it is the bus incident, in my teen mind I considered so cool for Light to do justice while on a date with a hot girl, I was really impressed, in fact I wanted to see the actual date, them going to a cafe, a movie, do stuff you know? But to my surprise, it never happened. So of course I dropped it for I had no reason to watch stretched version of something I already considered a masterpiece and my best anime experience since FMA.

Now to set things straight, why did I love that show? because I agree with Kira's justice. The existence of that notebook encompasses every thing that I ever wanted in life in order to make it better. All my life I was surrounded with injustice and I was always the type who was very direct and blunt, I never cared about small talk, I was do it or leave it kinda guy and I had the megalomaniac fantasy of saving the world by getting rid of the bad guys but I didn't know how, hence this Death Note, it looked like the best thing ever and watching this guy who was smart and cool do the thing I wanted was perfect, there was nothing that I could've asked more, maybe a hot steamy sex scene with Misa but I kept that in my imagination, anime will never show that.

So yeah, this show appealed to me because I am insane when compared to the general populace and I can't blame them for thinking I am crazy and thinking about killings and stuff. I feel like this was also the first anime where I was 100% in tone with the main character and I understood all specifics about Light's justice and Death Note's mechanics because usually I can't be bothered to follow the plot and all, I just watch an anime/movie, I find it cool and that's it, ask me about some specific events after 2 days and I couldn't explain but I could always explain the Death Note rules and Light's plan when he killed Raye Penber.
Death Note was in my head and I liked it even though it was a mixture of beginning episodes and the "recap" so to say. And yes, I didn't know there was life after L, I thought the anime finished with Light's victory, there was nothing left and me not having internet sure helped in my delusions.

In the fall of 2009 I started college and because I had spare time and internet in my dorm, I somehow started getting into anime more, I discovered MAL and so on. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there's this guy N that comes for Kira after L's death, I was shocked, how come someone defeat Light when he has the police with him and 2 Death Notes?
Important to mention that animax showed the japanese movie of Death Note when L beat Light, of course I watched it but I didn't agree with it, Light was kinda lame and losing like that was more lame so I just deleted it from my memory.
College was damn annoying but I found breaks for anime and like I mentioned above, me being dumb meant that instead of watching new anime, I rewatched stuff I already knew, as in Soul Eater, Inuyasha, FMA, Nana and Death Note. My theory was: "why would I watch stuff I don't know anything about? what if these anime are bad and I waste my time? there can't be anything better than Death Note so I should just watch Death Note because I never saw the anime and maybe this Near guy is cool, I wanna see how Light kills him."

I started Death Note seriously from episode 1 in February 2010 and what a ride that was, I watched it when I could but usually at night, if I had more free time I would have finished it in 2 days straight, it awoke something in me I don't know why, it just felt different than when I tried to watch it in 2009, now I was paying attention and enjoyed every second of it, it was one of the best anime experiences ever and to my surprise, the show never felt boring or slow, it was perfect and I started to believe it was better than the special I saw first because of the small details and the important scenes were satisfying because I waited so much for them. Then N arc started.

Till this day I don't consider that arc bad because N already had enough info about Kira and used his forces better than L and it was Light's small mistakes like the money throwing event and not creating more Mikami-type characters to fight in his stead that ruined him.
I never understood why Light would set up the meeting when he could've just plant bombs in his car, he could've told Mikami to try the Death Note beforehand (just kill some random dude to see if it's the real deal), Light could have planted a camera on him or where ever in order for Misa to see N's name, I can think about 30 strategies to kill Near with ease but Light couldn't, was it disappointing? well, in my opinion N wrote Mikami's name in the Death Note and Light's entourage was full of traitors, call him evil and all but he never killed the police near him unless it was really important but I won't talk about that, it doesn't matter in this context.

In the end, all that remained there in that dark room was me and some sad song. I binged the last 3 episodes in my last day at college before returning home for summer vacation, the funny thing was that from my calculations, the last 2 episodes of Death Note would air on animax (yes, they kept on airing that) at the time I was supposed to be at home (I still didn't have internet at home or a laptop) but I was afraid I would miss it so I finished it with the help of my pal who let me watch at his pc that night.
It was the natural conclusion, creators are afraid to cater to a minority of the fanbase, I learned that the hard way, I think those years were great in Japan and Kira did his job superbly, sure he lost against Near but his legacy will go on. When I returned home, Death Note aired as expected and I watched those 2 last episodes, it had amazing scenes and it filled me with joy. That was probably the catalyst for me to continue searching for that anime, an anime that will raise these kinda feelings in my heart. Not saying that all need to be with a Light-like character, just something that'll be fun.

Few months passed and I couldn't get Death Note outta my head so I started the manga in fall 2010, the good thing was that I bought a laptop with the money I worked for it, the college computers were lame and I really needed a laptop for my studies and why not watch anime while I'm at it? Getting into manga was damn horrible, I didn't know what's the difference between a chapter and a volume and I had the wrong idea that if I don't search and inform properly I would miss pages/chapters/volumes, like I said above - I am an idiot.
I won't start talking about the reading experience because it was boring and uneventful, took me roughly 2 years to finish it, damn manga was super annoying, one chapter felt like hours and there were just the characters talking, I tried to spice things up by listening to the OST while reading it, it was better but still almost impossible for a newbie like me.
I finished it in 2012 somehow but to be fair, it was as good as the anime, I liked N arc more in the manga because as slow as it was it gave us extra info about his tactic and I can safely say that Near was smarter than L in the sense that he knew what he was doing and was very direct, he had a purpose and never faltered, I respect Near even though he defeated my hero, his justice was stronger than Kira's, nothing to do about it, pure and unadulterated justice.

I still think about Death Note and Misa, I just bought a picture of Misa by the way, I keep it on my shelf. I think about Light's strategies and how could he have defeated Near and how could he have used Takada better, did Light bang Takada in that room? did he bang Misa? stuff like that. What I can say it that I hope a Death Note doesn't exist in this world because I will certainly use it for my justice.
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February 20th, 2023
Only stuff where the romance plays the most important role, all shoujo manga have romance but it's useless to list everything I read just for the sake of it.

3D Kanojo
Ao Haru Ride
Fukumenkei Noise
Cat Street
Hot Road
Strobe Edge
Dengeki Daisy
Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte
Beast Master
Kimi ni Todoke
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December 19th, 2022
- Worms Armageddon New Edition
- Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines
- NieR Automata
- Danganronpa
- Danganronpa 2
- Danganronpa 2.5
- Danganronpa V3
- Muv Luv
- Muv Luv Unlimited
- Muv Luv Alternative
- Saya no Uta
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September 10th, 2022
1. 7 episodes adapting a violent ANR = 94 (9+4=13), the sign of 13
2. 9 episodes adapting the manga 1:1 = 96 (basically 9 two times), perfect for the occult of SnK
3. 12 episodes going full ANR = 99
4. 13 episodes going even more full ANR = 100 (100% Rumbling and the 100 years mentioned in Attack on Castes)
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August 25th, 2022
Hair - Inoue Orihime
Eyes - Makima
Nose -
Lips - Charlotte Roselei
Tongue -
Teeth -
Voice - Ranka Lee
Ears - Deedlit
Neck - Souryuu Asuka Langley
Boobs - Seras Victoria
Hands -
Waist -
Bellybutton -
Ass - Zero Two
Nether Region - Kotegawa Yui
Thighs -
Shins - Utsugi Mikoto
Ankles -
Foot&Toes -

Girls with parts that could possibly get in the list
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July 10th, 2022
Anime Relations: Hoshi no Samidare
Episode 1 - Chapter 1, 2
Episode 2 - Chapter 3, 4, 5
Episode 3 - Chapter 6, 7, 8
Episode 4 - Chapter 9, 10, 11
Episode 5 - Chapter 12, 13, 14
Episode 6 - Chapter 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
Episode 7 - Chapter 20, 21, 22, 23
Episode 8 - Chapter 24, 25, 27
Episode 9 - Chapter 28, 29
Episode 10 - Chapter 26, 30
Episode 11 - Chapter 31, 32, 33
Episode 12 - Chapter 34, 35
Episode 13 - Chapter 26, 37, 38
Episode 14 - Chapter 39, 40, 41
Episode 15 - Chapter 42
Episode 16 - Chapter 43, 44, 45
Episode 17 - Chapter 36, 46, 47
Episode 18 - Chapter 48, 49, 50
Episode 19 - Chapter 51, 52, 53
Episode 20 - Chapter 54, 55
Episode 21 - Chapter 56, 57
Episode 22 - Chapter 58, 59
Episode 23 - Chapter 60, 61, 62
Episode 24 - Chapter 63, 64, 65

- Episode 1 skips the panty shots (it will remove all throughout the show)
- Episode 2 skips the romantic comedy event with Hiwatari
- Episode 3 changes the sequence of events a bit, Yuuhi uses his wish for his grampa after he fights the golem when he gets a phone call from his cousin, then we get the hospital scene with all the family gathered
- Episode 4 removes the Hiwatari scene from ch10, the dream sequence from ch11, the magical marie figure talk at the bar
- Episode 5 removed Yuuhi's illusions of seeing Sami in sexy poses and Ludo's line about the Owl after Hangetsu died
- Episode 6 removed Magical Marie episode and Sami talking to Yuuhi in dream world (from chapters 15, 17 and 19), also the Hiwatari scene. It also removed the plot scenes where Mikazuki makes advances to Sami. Another thing removed it Yuuhi's metaphorical chains representing of his fear
- Episode 7 removed Mikazuki's college fight with a judoka, Magical Marie episode, Yuuhi and Sami's training scene and Yuuhi meeting with Animus randomly
- Episode 8 removed Yako's meeting with Mikazuki and the others and both her 2 meetings with Kanamari. Nagumo's meeting with Kanamari (from ch25). It adapts only the beginning of chapter 26 and some scenes are modified to tie the plot. It also changed the scene with Nagumo's case when he beat that criminal and the police boss
- Episode 9 changed Yuki's punching herself to her slapping herself
- Episode 10 modifies chapter 26, the scene where the 3 talk happens at the inn from chapter 30 and it skips Tarou and Hanako's flashback
- Episode 11 skips Shimaki telling the knights his theory about Animus having 12 golems in total, it skips Sami's meeting with Animus (ch 33)
- Episode 12 skips Anima seeing Hisame after leaving Sami's room
- Episode 13 adapts Tarou and Hanako's flashback when they get the power (ch 26) and some scenes to tie things up
- Episode 14 lacks in battle choreography a lot, Yakko's powerup should be grander
- Episode 15 skips minor lines of dialogue
- Episode 16 modifies the Yuuhi-YaKo scene, in the manga they go to her place to talk, it also removes Shimaki's golem use of grenades and Yuuhi's dream sequence
- Episode 17 adapts only bits and pieces from ch36 to tie things up
- Episode 18 removes Yuuhi's dialogue with Animus after he makes the jump on the road
- Episode 19 removes the "shadow of death" part and Anima's fate explanation
- Episode 20 skips minor lines of dialogue
- Episode 21 adapts the first 8 pages of chapter 58
- Episode 22 adapts the first half of chapter 60
- Episode 23 adapts the lather half of chapter 60; Anima's explanation is too vague in regards to Sami's wanting to destroy the Earth
- Episode 24 adapts everything alright but chapter 64.5 is skipped
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June 2nd, 2022
Proof that the actions and the plot were miracles compared to pre-Eren speech.
Miracle per this explanation = something that negates the in-universe laws established in the fictional world of Shingeki no Kyojin. For example: an eldian transforms into a titan when injected a certain spinal fluid – a miracle would be like an eldian injected with said spinal fluid won't transform into a titan never ever..
There were no miracles in the story, only pure and unadultareted tactics, figting, drama and terror logical to the constructed world of Isayama's fiction. Of course, 3D maneuver gear isn't logical per our world but it works in fiction and it is boundaried by certain laws, like they need fuel (one that is specific to Paradis and it is very strong high quality to the world's) and all that. Also the deaths are comparable to our world's standard (you shoot one in the head, he dies) etc.

Explaining the manga miracles after Eren's speech

124 is logical, the soldiers fight against the titans to protect Paradis, Shadis defends the recruits for a 2nd time, people die, titans are killed like in Trost
125 makes no sense because Hange will never choose to approach magath, they are well established enemies, her purpose would be to meet her soldiers that she commanded before the walls broke, she is the leader. She doesn's know magath or his personality, he has the power to kill them on the spot with Levi so weakened and she knew that the marleyans hate Paradis and after what Eren did in Liberio...
Connie had no reason to kidnapp Falco for his mom, he matured after Liberio, also, he could've said so in the beginning to Armin, something like: "hey, if we capture a shifter, let's give it to my mom", why didn't he thought of that? Well, we know he's dumb but in the midst of the chaos, he wouldn't have prioritized his mom for stopping the titans in Shiganshina
Armin wants to get Falco back to convince gabi, reiner and pieck to ally with him to stop Eren but that can't be done when they killed berthold first. When does the cycle of hatred stops? It stops with Armin because he doesn't wanna die, he has stuff to do, but what stuff exactly when Eren can't be stopped
126 comes and Levi wants to kill Zeke but he already knows that he made contact with Eren, Levi follows orders, he can't kill zeke literally, he can't get to him, his alleagiance is Paradis and has to protect it, Erwin gave his life for the island and Levi will do the same, the war is over, Levi can kill zeke after Eren destroys the world
Ragako scene makes no sense, Connie was so devoted to turn his mom back to human but he chose not to in the spur of the moment. He turns from the egotistical guy (out-of-character) to a guy who wants to stop Eren (also not-in-character with the previous chapters when he ran to save his mom), you may say that 2 bads = a good because he returned to ol' Connie but why wanting to stop Eren now after one page?
Pie scene makes no sense, also, where was Hitch headed? A harbor? What boats? Annie meets the only people who would need her, Connie and gang while returning from Ragako (miracle)
There is no way that the skilled soldiers won't notice the cart titan, they knew she survived, they fought yesterday and why keep that trials out in the open when Floch killed some guy inside a building in the previous chapter
In one day, Connie, Armin, Jean, Mikasa, Hanji and Levi decided to stop Eren because they thought his method is wrong even though they have no real reason or equipment to do that. Keep in mind that they killed people in Liberio, they built their army and infrastructure for a day when they can fight against the world and the world declared war on them but Hanji makes a 180 turn in one day. She knew the danger of the Rumbling, a small Rumbling would also kill civilians, how is this different? I tell you how, a full Rumbling saves Paradis, their goal. How come there is no emotional damage from Hanji's point of view about the previous killing to get this far? Did she forget about Kenny's squad? Were all those sacrifices meaningless? Why can she bear the killing of her own islanders but can't do that for some people who want to kill her (the world)? (miracle understanding and Eren uses too much force when Paradis was almost annihilated in Trost)
127 shows Jean's Path, staying inside the room gives him his true ending, surviving the war and living in Paradis with Mikasa and we know he stayed in that room and never listened to Hange cause we saw it in the first pages. The manga never showed us the future happenings, that is merely Jean's Path and could have been altered because of his point of view, what we know for sure is that Eren is destined to die after 13 years because of the curse
Showing Jean leaving the room to join Hange is another miracle because he wouldn't live so happily in Paradis if Hange's plan works and they kill Eren. Also Mikasa asks "how are we going to stop Eren?" and Hange says "first we need allies", now is this the real Shingeki no Kyojin? And in the end they leave for the obvious place where thte Azumabito and the boat are and Floch conveniently didn't kill any.
128 is the most important in making sense of my theory and undertanding what is fake and what is real in the manga. Hange says while looking at the ocean and making some calculations that the Rumbling already reached the continent of Marley, the cities were annihilated
Kiyomi defeating a top soldier like Floch makes no sense, Azumabito being all alive makes no sense.
129 shows a panel that will be used in 131 with the titans destroying a city and leaving only a small dillapidated wall which sticks out, that is real because we encounter it in the future
Gabi shooting Floch makes no sense when we have Kenny's team in the picture and how they fought
Who destroyed the train of reinforcements? All the alliance people were stunned when they saw it, the train basically blew itself up and no soldier could even come there when it was about a kilometer away (another miracle)
Falco became a powerful titan and saved the day (miracle)
Shaddis randomly came and helped Magath to blow out the boat with some random explosives, where did they get that? Why was it so efective? How come no one shot them? (miracle)
130 shows us the past represented in black for a few pages, then it shows the present when Eren attacks the allied fleet. Now it starts to make sense, Eren vs the fleet is not in the past because we have white on the sides of pages but remember how Hange told us about the Rumbling and we see the smoke reaching the continent? Whenever the manga had these kinda events, it was specified like 1 day ago, 10 years ago etc but not now because we have Eren and we see the point of view of the allies. Eren pledges in his mind that he will destroy them all. You may argue that we never saw black in chapter 123 but that was already established as flashback because the narrator was Mikasa and she started the panel with her inner monologue.
131 jumps from past to present, we see it in the black-white use and now we see the panel from 129, that wasn't Hange's imagination, no one knows how that might look. That panel was simply forshadowing for the Rumbling, we see the same forshadowing in Griescha's book and in ED 2 of the anime
Eren scenes end with Armin being in Paths and trying to talk with him but Eren has shadows on his eyes (that will be very important later) compared to the freedom panel where he doesn't have shadows and he's happy but Armin is not near him, he's in Paths. Eren was happy that his plan succeeded and talked to a fake Armin just like how he imagined talking with ramzi. Again, we see Armin in Paths with a different Eren.
In the last page we see Eren with his eyes closed because he was dreaming of freedom and wanting to avoid the cruelty of his deeds
Another very important point, when there is a cut between Eren (real events) and the alliance (fake events) we see a bird, that bird is the connection, Eren is looking at this fake world through the eyes of the bird, the fake world is the miracle world created by Armin in Paths with the illusion that he's right.
132 and we already see the miracles, the first panel wasn't Odiha, it was the same harbor Eren destroyed in 130
Floch suddenly reappears only to be killed, how did he survived that and if he was so powerful why didn't he create a plan to kill at least one?
Our people randomly see the Rumbling when it was shown in the past that the smoke was so intense you see it from thousands of kilometers away
Hange kills a titan which is impossible when we see that the titans' steam is so hot it melted the allied boats
133 and Eren calls the alliance in Paths but he doesn't speak, we only hear his voice and that is in tune with his character, then we see a small Eren and Ymir with shadows, those are fake, they shouldn't be there, the alliance being adults meant that Eren would have to be an adult too. The explanation is simple, Eren from real world communicated to the alliance though Paths
If you look at the founder in 130 you will see the white wires that controls the small body whereas in 133 you see black wires
134 shows Historia giving birth anf people dying in the Rumbling, this will be important later
we see Zeke throwing projectiles towards the alliance who just free fall and no one died, that is impossible cause in shiganshina, zeke killed all soldiers except for floch in only 3 rounds (miracle). The we have the idiocy of them landing on his middle body and not near the neck, that would waste us half ov volume 34 because they wanna blow up his head, if they were so smart to land on Eren without dying how come they couldn't land near his neck?
135 and we see Ymir looking at the alliance, further proof that this world is fake
Ymir calls out all former shifters to fight which is impossible cause of of the 13 year curse, it could only make sense if that happened in Paths, all eldians are in a state of "living" there, all are connected, the dead and the living, that's why we can see them here
Annie making Falco's titan fly is impossible and Falco can't be that good in controlling it
136 and Armin is eaten but for some reason the alliance are sure that he didn't die so they only have to get the okapi titan to pull him out
Armin goes to Paths, how can he go there and in the same time be not eaten? Because he will escape in the next chapter. To explain more, Armin should have had his spine eaten by the okapi 100%, Eren was swallower by bearded titan in the past but he was about to get digested and lose his spine but he quickly transformed. Armin just went to Paths, goes to show that it was all in his imagination and gues what, he only meets Zeke there (a guy who lost the founder power)
137 has zeke rambling and we see the dead eldians from his past and they have shadows and they don't talk, this is not thte Paths
some titans ally the soldiers which is impossible for they were at Ymir's command
Armin gets out with no problem
Zeke comes out and he lets himself get decapitated by Levi, he couldn't do that becdause he lost the Founder, he's not in control
Ymir called 100+ shifters to fight but she never called one to defend Eren's neck or just to throw away the explosive after Pieck placed them
Why did the Rumbling stop after Zeke was killed? It was Eren's founder body who had the blood of zeke, he can control it with no problem, hell, even the parasite could have taked Zeke's head and do his thing
Apparently the parasite has the power to revive people like Eren but can't fight against Reiner
138 has the biggest holes in the manga, the parasite escaped Eren but Eren survived and transformed into a collosal, this is just impossible because Eren's body was out back, he should be dead and without the parasite he can't control the founder.
We see Mikasa's dream, then we see a dove, then we see Eren with the marks of titanisation saying please forget about me. The symbols are clear, Eren gave her the perfect dream when he stayed with her at the cabin, then he died because of the curse, the marks appeared to show us that Eren became real and he morphed from dream Eren to the real Eren who is doing the Rumbling, that's why he has short hair, then she says see you later like in chapter 1, she says that because she understood that the cabin dream was just a dream.
139 the last chapter, the magnificent last chapter, normaly we consider that the conversation happened in chapter 131 and only now Armin remembered, well yeah except for the fact that the Paths don't work like that, the fact that Eren showed Armin all of the world and they morphed from kids to teens tell us that the we were in Armin's dream and Eren there was just Armin's Eren, the undecisive kid that didn't know why he did the Rumbling (where there is a fact that we know 100% why he did it)
Eren couldn't have known precisely that 80% will die cause he died after the battle right?
The alliance people return from titans to humans but they have all their clothes, stuff that's impossible
Again, they see dead people which never happened in the manga, they were referenced and shown as a symbol but they never interracted as they did here
Mikasa traversed the ocean to burry Eren's head how exactly with no existing boats or food?
Ymir loved Fritz yet we see a Path where Ymir saves her daughters next to Eren's speech about her
We see the cities in the future rebuilt and that tower where Onyankopon was shown, that is impossible for the Rumbling was there in chapter 134 and Eren was still moving, this is exactly like in Odiha's case
Humanity recovered in 3 years? We see no damage and happy people everywhere, no violence, no armed mohawks trying to act cool, no post apocalyptic world
Again we see a dove wrapping a scarf around Mikasa and Eren leaves that dream world, we know 100% it's a dream world for in 3 consecutive panels Mikasa becomes younger, that can't happen and can't work in the manga, only in that dream world, humans are shown to act like that. For example, imagine Eren at the start of the manga when he was in the house and Armin was screaming for him, that makes sense for Eren undertood he was in stuck in a dream world and he returned to the real one but still, that world was closed (his house and he could morph there to teen Eren or whatever, the fact that characters morph shows how this is a dream, like in 131 with the freedom panel but Eren immedaitely escapes and we see him inside the founder with his eyes closed).
Paradis is destroyed, Armin's plan worked for like 1000 years maximum but let's not stope here, look at the rubble, that shows that Shiganshina was destroyed at least two time cause the rubble is different, it's in the same position, the same point of view but the rubble is differen meaning that Paradis had another war and another one which ended the same way, the cycle continued. This basically destroys all that the manga was supporting previously

Now that I explained all these miracles, it's time for a conclusion, Eren gave the alliance the miracle of a victory, the perfect dream because he didn't want them to die in a harsh way, it was his way of atoning for his sins and we'll explain how this dream plot makes perfect sense in the world of Shingeki no Kyojin and alignes with Eren and Ymir's story.
It is well established that Eren did the Rumbling to kill all except for Paradis islanders, that is his reason and anyone is free to stop him. Fact is no one can because we see the alliance diyng in the anime when Eren busted the walls. Pieck, Gabi, Falco, Magath, even Floch were caught by the rubble and no one could have survived that, well maybe the shifters but Eren had control of them so he could have just controlled them to die.
Eren says in Paths to the Alliance that they are free to stop him, that's why he doesn't control them but it's false, he only told them that to keep them energetic for the fight cause he already took the liberty out of Zeke and controlled him, he also told Historia that he would wipe her memories if she wanted to. Eren won't stop at nothing to achieve his goal.
So taking it literally, there was nothing that could stop Eren but because the manga was about these characters too, we have to get into their minds and understand them a bit, let's see how sad they are and what did they achieve int heir dreams instead of dying a pathetic death.
So looking at the characters that were in the dream and what happened to them psychologically:

Mikasa went along with the alliance in order to be near Eren, she also got the cabin dream and understood that this was also a dream, that's why she could kill Eren with ease
Jean, we know he survived and chose to stay inside the room instead of allying with Hange, the Jean we see in chapters 132-139 is Jean from the perspective of others.
Connie here was the guy who tried to be friends with his enemies, to accept them, nothing more, nothing less, he fought with them and he liked that
Annie had her dream of being with Armin and she saw her father once again, she had some moments to accept her evil deeds and became a better person
Reiner had time to atone for his sins and he managed to fulfill his dream of saving the world
Pieck fought with her friends and saved the world
Hange managed to be a good commander and she also died in battle like all past commanders. Remember how useless she was before Rumbling? Now look at her
Levi only wanted to kill Zeke and he did so in the most exaggerated scene ever, we explained that up, Levi was a sad man, a man who lost everything but he only wanted that and Eren gave it to him
Magath succeeded in saving his nation and also he befriended Shadis, he died in battle as to atone for his sins
Gabi became the hero she wanted, she shot Floch and all
Falco flew as he dreamed he would in chapter 91 and he saved Gabi
Floch lived his dream of being Eldia's savior, he did the exact same things as Erwin did, remember the speech, he also died in battle and he fought till the last ounce of life. Of course he would have that dream when we know he is a coward, remember the war in Shaganshina, remember how he never acted when alone, he didn't even call out griez when he insulted Sasha but now he's unstoppable
Armin is very easy to understand, as all alliance members, we can't possibly know when he died but we know that he had the dream. Armin chose to be against Eren probably to atone for his sins and because he didn't wanna become a murderer, keep in mind that he also had teh collosal who was in marley possession for 100 years, he was very influenced to stop Eren. All these miracles happen cause his mind can't comprehend a good ending for him, that's why the train blows up, Zeke hits no one, he is eaten yet survives. Armin ca't find a way but he's still adamant that Eren is wrong, his dream can give him so much. The collosal fight is also a miracle and a throwback to when Eren beat Armin and he could even move, now he punched him and he defeated him. He thank him in Paths that Eren became a murderer because he was already lost, he didn't know what is good and what is wrong and he inserted all those lines to fake Eren in order to feel better about himself cause we know firsthand how Eren felt (chapter 131) but Armin never knew that Eren hated the outside world.

Let's explain Ymir, we know she couldn't speak and we have no monologues of her because she didn't think as we all do, she was more reactive, she responded at feelings with feelings. Did she love Fritz? yes and no, she can't understand stuff like war and building bridges and stuff but the fact that she had 3 daughters with him and chose not to kill them outta rage gives to show that she never really cared about Fritz's doings towards her. She was his slave because she didn't know anything better, she was a slave to her life, she knew just to protect him and that's it, she never payed attention to his evil side.
She died cause she lost the will to live yet she still created the Paths to be connected with all eldians? That sounds like an inconsistency but not really, Paths were the ultimate state of being and she connectede out of her free will and sadness with all, she wanted connection and ties but because she couldn't do it in real life she wanted to try it at an emotional level, think about Human Instrumentality Project from Eva, the Paths were kinda like that.
When Eren came to her and talked with her, her shadows dissipated and she entered Eren's reality world, she connected with him, she cried. Now, let's think about it cause she doesn't speak, what was the agreement that Ymir had with Eren, what made her follow his path? It was the feeling that Eren gave her, she didn't understand the Rumbling or Marley or Paradis or thte 50 years plan, for once in her life, someone showed her how can she be free, renouncing of the founder was just the result for she connected with Eren and that meant that she was already free.
In that moment she was free to die, to remove that Paths but she stayed there only for Eren to complete his plan, both got what they wanted, Eren will save Paradis and will get his dream of destroying the world and Ymir got free of Paths cause she met a person who connected with her. There is no plot, no schemes, no foolong around in that scene, it was only feeling. People still don't understand what did Eren achieve there in those 2 minutes of hugging her cause they are blinded by the plot and action of the manga and forgot the love and the feeling.
Stuff is, Ymir agreed with Eren and there was no need to remove the titan curse, it will be already removed once she leaves Paths and she'll do that after Eren makes the full Rumbling, there was no need for Mikasa's love to fool her, Eren could have been killed by her earlier and he could have sacrificed Historia for that and we could have avoided everything about Marley and Zeke. The fact that he did all that was because he wanted to give the alliance a proper goodbye, to make them feel good about themselves.
Further proof is the form of Eren's founder, the titan is the true form of Hallucigenia, it looks exactly like the little animal we see in Zeke's explanation, it appears like that because Ymir doesn't control it anymore and Eren died when he tried to connect with Zeke. Think in this way: in that moment Eren convinced Ymir to let go of the Founder yet the parasite wanted to connect to a host to "keep moving forward", that's what it does, so because it doesn't have the will of Ymir it just creates its own form, then you apply Eren's will of destroying the world and we get the full Rumbling. Even if Eren died in real world, he is alive in Paths with Ymir and keep in mind that she can do anything with the eldians' souls, she accepted Eren's plan as explained above and let him control the Founder from Paths till the end of the world.
Ymir being a child in Paths, this is another point to the overall theory, Ymir died when she was an adult but she is a kid in Paths and we see her in the real world randomly appearing like in chapter 131 and when she looked at the Alliance and in chapter 138, the reason she appears like that it's because that's her point of view, that was the moment from before she was the Founder, the moment she liked the most. This is the same thing as in Eren's case in 131. This dream world blends in with the real world and experiences of Ymir and Eren, that's why we have these weird panels and these two looking like that.
Ymir's avatar in this world is child Ymir and Eren's avatar is the dove. We can't possibly know how the events transpired in the real world because of the flashbacks and the fact that Eren's point of view (from when the Rumbling happened and he won) blends with the alliance's point of view (from when the Rumbling happened and they stopped it) but we can be sure that some events happened the same, like Eren destroying the alliance's ships and him killing ramzi's people.
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March 7th, 2022

★★★★★ Bleach

★★★★ Hokuto no Ken
★★★★ Chainsaw Man
★★★★ Saint Seiya
★★★★ Dragon Ball
★★★★ Soul Eater
★★★★ YuYu Hakusho
★★★★ Claymore
★★★★ Magi

★★★ D.Gray-man
★★★ Otokojuku
★★★ Rurouni Kenshin
★★★ Orient
★★★ World Trigger
★★★ Enen no Shobotai
★★★ Black Clover
★★★ Gintama
★★★ Jojo
★★★ One Piece
★★★ Fairy Tail

★★ Naruto
★★ Inuyasha
★★ Nanatsu no Taizai
★★ Jujutsu Kaisen
★★ Kimetsu no Yaiba

★ Tokyo ESP
★ Boku no Hero Academy
★ Medaka Box
★ Hunter x Hunter


★★★★★ Magi
★★★★★ Claymore

★★★★ Bleach
★★★★ Chainsaw Man
★★★★ Dragon Ball
★★★★ Hokuto no Ken
★★★★ Soul Eater
★★★★ Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

★★★ Dandadan
★★★ Sengoku Youko
★★★ Orient
★★★ D.Gray-man
★★★ Tokyo ESP
★★★ Rosario Vampire
★★★ Cyber Blue
★★★ Rurouni Kenshin

★★ Toriko
★★ Ariadne

* One entry per franchize
* Entries are taken as a whole
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January 31st, 2022
Bolded episodes are the repeating episodes from season 1, now in LN order and how was intended from the start. S1 can be skipped if someone wants to watch in chronological order from the beginning. But don't skip any from S1 if you started in airing order.

1 The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00
2 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 1
3 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 2
4 The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya
5 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 3
6 Remote Island Syndrome Part 1
7 Mystérique Sign
8 Remote Island Syndrome Part 2
9 Someday in the Rain
10 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 4
11 The Day of Sagittarius
12 Live Alive
13 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 5
14 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 6

1 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 1
2 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 2
3 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 3
4 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 4
5 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 5
6 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 6
7 The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya
8 Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody
9 Mystérique Sign
10 Remote Island Syndrome Part 1
11 Remote Island Syndrome Part 2
12 Endless Eight
13 Endless Eight
14 Endless Eight
15 Endless Eight
16 Endless Eight
17 Endless Eight
18 Endless Eight
19 Endless Eight
20 The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 1
21 The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 2
22 The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 3
23 The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 4
24 The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 5
25 The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00
26 Live Alive
27 The Day of Sagittarius
28 Someday in the Rain

The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi
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September 17th, 2021
I got this ending when I accidentally entered the Paths and I met Isayama, then I saw the story unwind.
It happened on a Thursday evening when I dozed off. This really is peak fiction.

Everything is after chapter 138:
mikasa kills eren
friends transform into titans

new and improved chapter 139
- ymir sees mikasa killing eren but she goes like: eren, I will save you
- ymir calls on the parasite to unite with eren and revive him like last time
- flashback when we see that the parasite absorbed king fritz's will to destroy and multiply. While ymir had the power of the titans, her descendents got the will of the devil (king fritz), that's why there were wars after fritz, because the parasite wanted to and he had the power of the titans. Ymir was a good founder but the wars started after her when her descendants got the will of the king
- the little girl was not ymir but her little daughter who got the royal blood from fritz and the founder from ymir
- what we saw were the memories of ymir but just like in eren's case with his father, it was sheena who saw the memories of ymir and forgot who she was
- reiner is fighting the parasite till he is killed by levi (surprise attack, insert youseebiggirl), he was controled by sheena
- the parasite unites eren's head
- sheena removes mikasa and she kisses eren
- sheena tells him that he has to eat all of the shifters if he wants to remove ymir's curse
- armin, mikasa, pieck, gabi, falco and annie regroup
- eren regroups with levi and levi lets him eat reiner
- eren can still do the rumbling because he has in him zeke's blood
- sheena modified him to have zeke's blood in his body but in a few days the blood will combine with eren's and he won't control the titans
- eren restarts the rumbling

new chapter 140
- levi kills pieck, she let the others run away and chose to fight, eren eats pieck
- eren destroys the world while armin creates a strategy to kill him
- armin allies with the rest of humanity
- eren tells the eldians outside of paradis to flee or die
- eren talks with mikasa in paths and tells her that he will return home if she kills annie
- mikasa attacks annie and kills her, she runs with her spine to eren, eren eats annie
- the alliance attacks eren's army
- levi kills falco while he was trying to protect gabi, eren eats falco.

new chapter 141
- the alliance is destroyed easily, eren fights armin and defeats him, they talk, eren eats armin
- sheena tells eren that now he can control all of ymir's powers because he has all of ymir's essence in him
- eren sees fritz in paths and says to him that he'll kill him and destroy his will
- the parasite which was manipulated by fritz is now manipulated by eren who doesn't have much of the royal blood so that's why he can command it for peace and sheena can't
- eren says "I'm free" and kills fritz
- eren announces eldian victory via paths
- eren removes the curse of ymir, eldians are free
- the paths disappear, sheena disappears
- eren tells mikasa to kill him in order to live as a legend in the minds of all eldians, he also regreats that he killed so many innocents
- mikasa doesn't wanna do it, so eren goes one more time to paradis to talk with historia
- eren sees his and historia's child and he decides to name him grischa
- mikasa kills eren at his choice, the news already said that eren was killed while fighting the alliance
- paradis sends envoys to the world to check up on the eldians, the non-eldians were wiped out
- all eldians live in peace
- propaganda pro eren spreads out
- the yeagerists sware loyalty to the queen
- all peace in the world
- the final panel is someting that happened in the eren-historia scene, eren embraces the baby and says to him: "you are free", we only see eren's back

I don't really know the length or if they really were supposed to be 3 chapters, the splitting is from myself, of course stuff happens and action and talking but can't put my finger on the duration of things.
Posted by Catalano | Sep 17, 2021 9:22 AM | 0 comments
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