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September 17th, 2021
I got this ending when I accidentally entered the Paths and I met Isayama, then I saw the story unwind.
It happened on a Thursday evening when I dozed off. This really is peak fiction.

Everything is after chapter 138:
mikasa kills eren
friends transform into titans

new and improved chapter 139
- ymir sees mikasa killing eren but she goes like: eren, I will save you
- ymir calls on the parasite to unite with eren and revive him like last time
- flashback when we see that the parasite absorbed king fritz's will to destroy and multiply. While ymir had the power of the titans, her descendents got the will of the devil (king fritz), that's why there were wars after fritz, because the parasite wanted to and he had the power of the titans. Ymir was a good founder but the wars started after her when her descendants got the will of the king
- the little girl was not ymir but her little daughter who got the royal blood from fritz and the founder from ymir
- what we saw were the memories of ymir but just like in eren's case with his father, it was sheena who saw the memories of ymir and forgot who she was
- reiner is fighting the parasite till he is killed by levi (surprise attack, insert youseebiggirl), he was controled by sheena
- the parasite unites eren's head
- sheena removes mikasa and she kisses eren
- sheena tells him that he has to eat all of the shifters if he wants to remove ymir's curse
- armin, mikasa, pieck, gabi, falco and annie regroup
- eren regroups with levi and levi lets him eat reiner
- eren can still do the rumbling because he has in him zeke's blood
- sheena modified him to have zeke's blood in his body but in a few days the blood will combine with eren's and he won't control the titans
- eren restarts the rumbling

new chapter 140
- levi kills pieck, she let the others run away and chose to fight, eren eats pieck
- eren destroys the world while armin creates a strategy to kill him
- armin allies with the rest of humanity
- eren tells the eldians outside of paradis to flee or die
- eren talks with mikasa in paths and tells her that he will return home if she kills annie
- mikasa attacks annie and kills her, she runs with her spine to eren, eren eats annie
- the alliance attacks eren's army
- levi kills falco while he was trying to protect gabi, eren eats falco.

new chapter 141
- the alliance is destroyed easily, eren fights armin and defeats him, they talk, eren eats armin
- sheena tells eren that now he can control all of ymir's powers because he has all of ymir's essence in him
- eren sees fritz in paths and says to him that he'll kill him and destroy his will
- the parasite which was manipulated by fritz is now manipulated by eren who doesn't have much of the royal blood so that's why he can command it for peace and sheena can't
- eren says "I'm free" and kills fritz
- eren announces eldian victory via paths
- eren removes the curse of ymir, eldians are free
- the paths disappear, sheena disappears
- eren tells mikasa to kill him in order to live as a legend in the minds of all eldians, he also regreats that he killed so many innocents
- mikasa doesn't wanna do it, so eren goes one more time to paradis to talk with historia
- eren sees his and historia's child and he decides to name him grischa
- mikasa kills eren at his choice, the news already said that eren was killed while fighting the alliance
- paradis sends envoys to the world to check up on the eldians, the non-eldians were wiped out
- all eldians live in peace
- propaganda pro eren spreads out
- the yeagerists sware loyalty to the queen
- all peace in the world
- the final panel is someting that happened in the eren-historia scene, eren embraces the baby and says to him: "you are free", we only see eren's back

I don't really know the length or if they really were supposed to be 3 chapters, the splitting is from myself, of course stuff happens and action and talking but can't put my finger on the duration of things.
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July 28th, 2021

Return to Shiganshina - Shingeki no Kyojin
Theresa of the Faint Smile - Claymore
Kyoto - Rurouni Kenshin
Shin - Hokuto no Ken
Holy Emperor Souther - Hokuto no Ken
Ken-oh - Hokuto no Ken
King Piccolo - Dragon Ball
Dark Tournament - YuYu Hakusho 26-66
Namek - Dragon Ball Z
Cel - Dragon Ball Z
Buu - Dragon Ball Z
Saiyan - Dragon Ball Z
Androids - Dragon Ball Z
Agent of the Shinigami - Bleach 1-20
Soul Society - Bleach
Arrancar - Bleach
Witches' Forrest - Black Clover
Koganei Village - Sumomomo Momomo 20-22
Rewinding City - D.Gray-man 9-13
Invasion of the Black Order - D.Gray-man 95-103
Tower of Heaven - Fairy Tail 33-40
Battle of Fairy Tail - Fairy Tail 41-51
Grand Magic Games - Fairy Tail 151-203
Tartaros - Fairy Tail 234-265
Benizakura - Gintama
Shogun Assassination - Gintama 300-307
Aincrad - SAO
Mother's Rosario - SAO
Alicization - SAO
Pain Invasion - Naruto Shippuuden

Setouchi vs Suruga - Keijo
Duelist Kingdom - Yu-Gi-Oh 1-40
World Cup - Yawara
Meisei vs Sumi - Touch

The Laughing Man - Ghost in the Shell SAC
Individual Eleven - Ghost in the Shell SAC
Steel Lady Nanase - Kyokou Suiri
The Great Saiyaman - Dragon Ball Z
Boogiepop Does Not Laugh - Boogiepop wa Warawanai 1-3
Sailor Moon
Tsubasa Cat - Bakemonogatari
Weekend - Witch Craft Works
Sakurada Reset
Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise - Black Lagoon
Escape from Shinto Teito - Sekirei
Auctioneer - Ex-Arm
Operation Ragnarok - Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu 41-



Kou Empire - Magi
Magnoshutat - Magi
Final - Magi
Alma Tran - Magi
Theresa of the Faint Smile - Claymore
Pieta - Claymore
Ophelia - Claymore
Rreturn to Shiganshina - Shingeki no Kyojin 72-84
Bomb Devil - Chainsaw Man
Agent of the Shinigami - Bleach
Soul Society Rescue - Bleach
Arrancar - Bleach
Thousand Year Blood War - Bleach
Koganei Village - Sumomomo Momomo
Ultimate Duel - Sumomomo Momomo
Invasion on Fairy Tale - Rosario+Vampire S2 43-66

Cultural Festival - 3D Kanojo
School Trip - Aho Girl
First Part - Aku no Hana
Rock Horizon 1st Concert - Fukumenkei Noise
Prison - Prison School
Kazane Hiyori - Sora no Otoshimono
Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise - Black Lagoon 22-37
El Baile de la Muerte - Black Lagoon 44-76
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June 14th, 2021
Classifications are made judging by:
1. Ecchi
- the amount of ecchi
- type of ecchi
- character designs' hotness
- how far they go
2. Personal impressions (ecchi doesn't matter)
- if I enjoy the story developments
- if the anime is complete (or at least a story arc that completes something)
- type of show (full comedy. romcom, action)
- overall enjoyment

*I won't add shows that have only a tiny bit of ecchi and it's not appealing compared to the others (Monogatari, Kiddy Grade)
*I won't add shows that have nude chicks just for the sake of it and don't engage in usual ecchi situations (Kill La Kill)
*Listed here are franchises, that means TLR has only one entry

★★★★★Prison School
★★★★★Sora no Otoshimono
★★★★★To Love Ru
★★★★★Ishuzoku Reviewers

★★★★Sin Nanatsu no Taizai
★★★★B-gata H-kei
★★★★Golden Boy

★★★Asobi ni Iku yo
★★★Hajimete no Gyaru
★★★Queen's Blade
★★★Manyuu Hikenchou
★★★Nande Koko ni Sensei ga
★★★Cutey Honey

★★Hand Maid May
★★Honoo no Labyrinth
★★Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken
★★Valkyrie Drive Mermaid
★★Samurai Girls
★★Bikini Warriors
★★Dogeza de Tanondemita
★★Killing Bites
★★Kandagawa Jet Girls
★★Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai
★★Yuuragisou no Yuuna-san
★★Rail Wars
★★Buttobi CPU
★★Fairy Tail OVA
★★Kagaku no Yatsura
★★Kyou no Asuka Show
★★Papillon Rose
★★Minna Agechau

★Body Jack
★Saekano Flat OVA
★Kaguya-sama OVA
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May 23rd, 2021
Can be simple references or it's just that major stuff happen when 9 and 13 appear in our eyes. Heavy use of numerology and some crude interpretations. Heavy spoilers.

01. The manga started serialization on 09.09.2009
02. Eren wakes up on the 13th page of the first volume
03. The tree had 9 branches
04. Ymir lived for 13 years after she made the contract with the devil
05. A shifter lives for 13 years
06. The are 9 Titan shifters
07. Eren completes his military training in 850 (8+5=13)
08. The anime starts airing in 2013
09. The manga ran through 13 years (2009-2021)
10. Eren emerges from Attack in chapter 9
11. At the end of chapter 13, Sasha appears cooking (tankobon)
12. The Beast Titan is introduced in volume 9
13. Our characters reach the ocean in chapter 90
14. The manga finished with 139 chapters (1+3+9=13) (we also have the 13 and the 9)
15. Isayama said in an interview that Sasha was supposed to die in chapter 36 (3+6=9) volume 9, she dies in chapter 105 (1+5=6) volume 26 (interpret this as two 6s). So we get 99-66 (a shift, a change but if you rotate a 9 you get a 6 and you're back to square one so Sasha still dies)
16. When Floch proclaims the first victory of the New Eldian Empire, there are 9 soldiers in the picture
17. Eren is 9 at the start of the manga
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April 8th, 2021
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March 28th, 2021
I started Noein back in 2015, don't remember why I picked it up, the artstyle looked boring and there was no big shot involved, no one was talking about it on MAL, I heard it was about time travel or different dimensions, some random SF wannabe anime with children as main characters. I dislike shows with kids, I was 25 back then, sure Digimon was cool but why waste time on Noein. And for some reason I downloaded and watched one episode a week, in those days I had no internet at my disposal so anime was a cool past time, I consumed Noein slowly but surely.

No surprises in the beginning, just a show about a 13 year old girl, not even 14 like Asuka, and the design didn't help at all, well, maybe because of that I payed attention to the plot (compared to Eva where I payed attention to Asuka's chest), but that didn't help at all. So there's a dude coming from another dimension and he looks very weird from an art style POV compared the the other characters, maybe to differentiate them but who even cares for that and he's not even that good looking, I swear, all characters look so ugly it's annoying but from an anime perspective because they aren't bland looking and they would look awesome in real life. This is one of the first weird things about this anime and that's why I was so attracted to it, it closed the distance between me and it by being so weird.

Every week I watched it and watched it and except for the OST with those amazing battle songs, everything was very hard to understand (not RahXephon level but close). I found it so mediocre, the plot is very easy but the characters are making it complicated, Karasu and the dragon soldiers came to this dimension (let's call it Earth) from Lacrima to capture the Dragon Torque which was inside Haruka, then they fight between themselves because why not, we need that in a story. And now Haruka will keep for the next 20 episodes Karasu as her bodyguard/love slave, and yeas, Karasu was Yuu from the future. Interesting concepts here though, Karasu is coming from a future when Haruka died, I think he was in his late 20s, damn! it was weird to look at them in the same picture, she also knew he was her cute emo Yuu and she really showed signs. But that's just my imagination talking, Noein was smart enough not to show sexual tension between Haruka and Karasu but it surely made the viewers horny.

At this moment I only payed attention to the randomness of life, incredible how the anime made a normal day look so interesting, I felt like I was there, I was in the room with the kids talking about SF stuff and planning things about quantum computers, why the hell are they talking about that, who the hell understands that gibberish, what was the plot? The dragon soldiers come again to kidnap Haruka, sometimes they manage but Karasu saves her, is this a rescue the princess story?

The the anime attacks me personally, imagine the weirdest coincidence, exactly like Haruka and Ai, I had a childhood friend and I got in an argument and so on and exactly like in real life, they too remain friends and make out in the most absurd and random chain of events. What did they do? they just talked. 99% of drama anime don't do that because it's boring but Noein isn't afraid of that, they talk and you can really see how human they look, the relationships were supposed to be realistic and they nailed it, I don't wanna bash SteinsGate but that anime is too over the top with the relationships, why would Kurisu continue to spend time with those losers, anyway, it doesn't matter, maybe I should've picked on a slice of life romance anime like Toradora but still, that was a romcom, it was supposed to make you laugh at the shenanigans that can't happen in real life. In conclusion, I'm bashing all anime in existence because of some random, unimportant and boring scenes in Noein, but why not, I was tired of the whole cliches on top of cliches and all that shit, they're good too, makes me enjoy it but I quickly forget about it but that's just my taste in anime and Noein tickled my fancy I din't know I had till then.

Even after the whole plot was resolved, it didn't really impress me, I was happy that Yuu defeated Noein in a manner that we all saw it coming, no one understood why or how was Yuu more "powerful", but in the end we got our happy ending, time to forget about it. The I made the mistake of rewatching it...

I was bored of my watching list so I said what the fvck, let's rewatch this to understand it better, it was a decent anime and I always felt it had more to offer and there were still mysteries in the show, did Haruka survive? did Karasu die, what happened with Lacrima and Shangri-La? what was that experiment? how come Kuriyama appeared out of nowhere after his dead body disappeared? who the hell was that old man if Haruka was supposed to be Dragon Torque?
I like SF shows and this time it provided, now I'll transform this post into a grand explanation of the plot and story elements because I like it so much.

- Karasu appeared in a random universe created by Lacrima as a control for their time experiments
- Haruka was the Dragon Torque unintentionally but it doesn't really matter

- Dragon Torque has the power of the multiverse, but it's just from an observational POV, Haruka can travel through different dimensions but only her essence, even if she changes the past/future she can't live in that time and she can only affect it from a natural POV (like when she stopped the flooding), she as a person can't do shit. How many iterations did she spend on that scene with her parents? the events changed but insignificantly.

- Lacrima wanted the power to erase Shangli-La and Noein who could manipulate the other dimensions, Noein was the singularity that affected the universes and destroyed them because he wanted to fin one with Haruka, but because it was a given that she would die all the time, he went mad and bored and simply erased them. How come he had that power? because he was basically the Dragon Torque in his timeline and Haruka wasn't, but in this timeline created by Lacrima, it was Haruka who was the Dragon Torque and not Yuu and let's go to the end of the anime, Haruka didn't die so there was no need for Yuu to become Noein

- And that's why Yuu could refuse to become Noein at the last episode, it's a story when the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end, cool concepts but hard to understand and it's also hard to like that but I loved it for some reason, I loved how it put me to think, how it made me follow the characters and search for sings of their personalities that might lead to something

- The old man was the literal representation of Dragon Torque and my theory stands because Yuu saw him too

In the end, what were Noein's themes? Why did I love it so much, the simple answer is that it's a story of people fighting adversity and changing themselves to survive in this cruel world. And yes, the world is cruel, we all saw that episode from Noein's memories with Haruka dead and we all saw Yuu's suicidal tendencies from the first normal episodes. I am not saying "oh it's so deep because Yuu was so emo or Ai's leg injury or Isami's delinquent future". It is good and deep because it makes the viewer (me) understand the meaning of the change from a psychological POV.

It made me think about my past, my friends (it also had that "horrible" scene when Haruka is forgotten by her best friend from kindergarten), my choices in life, did I do the right thing? is my present self worse than it could have been? is the meaning of life just living? living and understanding why your present is like this and what do you have to do to make it brighter. In this aspect, Noein is like an exercise in thinking about life strategies. To give an example: in order to walk, you first crawl and fall and all that, in order to build stamina for playing football, you need to run/workout, in order to be a good kisser, you have to kiss a lot and so on.
I will be arrogant and say that Noein is an exercise like that, but for understanding life.
I mean it doesn't teach you values like friendship or respect your elders, they never say "oh this is good and this is bad", it's not in-your-face, it teaches you to think, do not abandon thinking about your life, you will make bad choices and you will do horrible things, the most important thing is to understand why did you do that and what is your life plan.
Keep in mind that it's a show about dimensions but our characters have to live in the Earth Dimension in order to progress as individuals. All of the others who played the different dimensional game, suffered and Haruka's death was the deterrent.
- Karasu was obsessed about Haruka and became a dragon knight, a failed human
- Noein obsession destroyed the multiverse and him as a human, he only wanted a present with Haruka
- Fukuro died and he never got the love of his life Ai
- Future Isami became a punk and probably in jail because he couldn't get over his parents' death
- Future Ai was a shell
- Ai Amamiku Hasebe was a "doll" of Lacrima
- Future Miho committed suicide
- Lacrima Miho had a child though but she was like Ai, good for nothing individual
- Atori was a revenge obsessed freak

Haruka survived, they "went" into a future when she won't die but she will still be the dragon torque because of that phone call, we know an adult Haruka exists but even Noein couldn't reach that, infinite possibilities (like Gurren Lagann). The future will be bright but they have to work for it, sure, she won't die in that crash but she may have a fight with Ai or break up with Yuu, it all depends on the choices and experiences.

And that's the story put it shortly, I was all over the place but the general message is written clearly, it is an anime which I learned something from and I respect that. My writing abilities could explain about 50% of why I loved it so much, the other half went to my brain and affected me subconsciously, it's a feeling and I am not smart enough to write so much feelings in english.

You may argue and say that [insert skeptic voice] oh, you just inserted your views and values on this random anime because it looks cool, the creator never thought of that, you can apply this type of thinking on almost any anime, you just have to write it in a cool way and over exaggerate the events in order to fit your theory.
Of course I thought of that, I also watched it in a period of my life when I had problems and doubts in regards to my life, but still, how come I never encountered an anime like this before to apply my views? (because of the doubts specified above but it's not like I didn't have problems before). Then, why didn't I encountered an anime like that or a better anime after I watched it? It's been 6 years (now in 2021) and 700 more completed anime and Noein remains in my heart. I never encountered an anime where I could apply these elements to their entirely. I don't think the creator thought of this but my experience is way more important.
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January 16th, 2021
My random attempt to draw a doujin manga, please read from right to left, it's because I read so much manga that it became a thing, I done it unconsciously.
The synopsis is simple, there's this idiot named Firicel doing stupid things, and his friends, these 4 pages we only get to see his childhood friend Ana and Firicel's mom.
Strong language here.

#1 Issue


Edit 16.02.2021 Just finished another issue, it's a bit more disgusting than the first but I think it's ok, I mean stupid and absurd, 6 pages this time.

#2 Issue


Edit 21.03.2021 Another issue is here, insanity is a normal occurrence in this story, a classmate of Firicel will make his appearance, I managed to draw 6 pages even though I wanted to finish in 4 but the lame jokes still came to me. Expect an occasional swear word and mild nudity.

#3 Issue


Edit 08.04.2021 Finished a weird story about mugs, it's the same humor of mine, rude and violent. Firicel is a nutjob.

#4 Issue


Edit 17.05.2021 Took a while for this issue, episodic as always, looks a bit weird because of my damn ballpoint pen, 4 pages though.

#5 Issue


Edit 16.07.2021 Sorry for the long wait, lots of stuff happened and also lots of creative projects in my list, wanna finish Volume 8 of the main series (that one actually has a plot) but it's fun to draw Firicel's shenanigans for MAL in english. A new character appears, I was thinking of writing some info about him but what a hell, this is Fish Story, no one cares about that, let's keep the absurdity to the max.

#6 Issue


Edit 15.09.2021 The long awaited Summer Chapter, again it took too long to appear and unfortunately it may be the last issue this year, I plan to make a new doujin, one that actually has a plot beside the comedy. I have to try to make something else, don't wanna use all my energy towards Fish Story. Anyways, have fun.

#7 Issue

This issue comes in with a special playlist, so tell me, who has shit taste
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January 13th, 2020
Anime Relations: To LOVE-Ru
I started watching TLR because I was searching for some good ecchi, I love a good ecchi, everyone recommended me this so I watched it.
Truth is I was depressed after I finished Urusei Yatsura and that's why I wanted something trash and garbage, full of nonsense and dumb comedy, glad I found this because it has what I was looking for.
WIth no further ado, TLR is basically to my surprise a Urusei Yatsura set in the modern times (and not the 80s)
- alien girl who becomes main guy's gf because she wants it and whatever
- main guy loves a different girl who likes him too but the alien chick ruined all
- other girls appear and ecchi situations happen with main guy
- alien chick makes dumb inventions that never work
- alien chick can't cook
- alien chick lives with main guy
- alien chick's dad is a powerful warlord in space
- friends of alien girl appear throughout the anime and stuff happen
The only differences are that Ataru is a cool guy who wants a harem and makes advances on girls with no luck; and Rito is a dumb dude who wants to bang Haruna but is afraid even by his own shadow, he's basically a loser, but for some reason, all the girls flock to him.

I would have loved TLR if not for Rito, I mean, he's not that bad, but in this setting having a loser as a main character is too depressing and ugly for me, of course, I have no problems with people that like him, it's not like he's completely lost, he has his good scenes, but all in all I couldn't get over how boring his personality was.
Seeing how the manga was serialized in weekly shonen jump, I get the impression that the creators wanted it to be just like Urusei Yatsura, a romcom with aliens and high school shenanigans. Why? because it doesn't have ecchi in the beginning, maybe they didn't sell so much so they said: nya... fvck it! let's give the readers boobs, ass and accidental cop-a-feel on the crotch and time that by 100. The overall result is kinda good, the sexy scenes are a feast for the eyes.

I can't get over by how dumb Lala is. come on, your bf wants to bang another girl and you're like: wow, we're so friends! and so on, I mean it, Rito could have sex to Haruna in front of Lala and she wouldn't understand, can you imagine what would happen if Ataru was in place of Rito, Lala would have been Ataru's perfect alien gf and Luum would have killed Rito just for staring at Haruna in class. Saruyama on the other hand was fun to watch, he is the true protag in my opinion, funny and perverted guy with no luck with girls (only a milf catgirl though, but he refused her because Rito's idiocy is contagious).
1 Haruna
2 Yui
3 Golden Darkness
4 Mikan
5 the Nurse
Lala and the others are't even worth mentioning

Don't know why but I love the animation, the shots, the music, the overall atmosphere, all seem to be perfectly aligned and not double but triple checked, sincerely, this anime would have been fine even without the ecchi or the sexy parts, just high schoolers having fun, fvck the adult world of making money and putting food on the table, this is fun to watch and I really laughed at the jokes and shenanigans. And wtf was that magical girl episode? I think it was the best episode, it was out of this world. Oh, and the school festival episodes too were fun and those were the only episodes where Rito was cool.
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June 15th, 2019
Edit 15.08.2021 Proven False after the 4th movie

These movies are sequels to NGE in the sense of something happening before Eva 1.0, NGE and End of NGE may have happened differently before 1.0, reasons:
- The red ocean (LCL in End of Eva)
- The big eyeball like glow on the south pole (absent in End of Eva)

My theory is simple, Shinji is repeating in 1.0 something that he has already done but it's not necessarily NGE, it's a different timeline created after he became god when he initiated 3rd impact. In End of Eva everything is resolved, so you can take it as the real end. But here we have these glitches like the ocean and that glow.
Let's dig dipper, in 2.0, the movie is different that NGE, we have characters behaving differently like Asuka (she even has a different name Shikinami), Rei (who cooks) and Mari who has only one conversation the whole movie, with Shinji of course. We get other developments (we all know what so let's get to the point), Shinji initiates 3rd Impact so he can save Rei but Kaworu comes and stops it.
Flash forward to 3.0 and we get that abomination, but what happened? it's simple, GOD (First Ancestral Race) wants to punish humanity because they created God (Shinji) before 1.0. We get these stuff about GOD (the true god) in NGE:
- Fuyutsuki says humans created Evas in the image of god and he may be furious
- Yui talks about an angry god
- SEELE talks about an angry god and they they want to be one with Lilith
- Gendo talks about god
- We get all these references of an angry god in the 3.0 soundtrack lyrics
- There is no religion in Evangelion, not a reference on shinto, christianity or other, all of the christian symbols are there because "it looked cool" (Anno didn't have time to invent a religion so he took what he could from christianity and judaism and some abrahamic religions), the rulers of the world know about the true GOD so they worship him, we don't get hanabata, new year's eve shrine visits, Misato doesn't even have a shrine for her father in her pig's den of an apartment, she wears the cross which is the symbol of this Evangelion world religion.

So, Shinji is stuck in an unending universe because GOD is furious and wants to punish and destroy him, Shinji became powerful as GOD and this is blasphemy. Think about the First Ancestral Race who scattered the seeds on planets differently on purpose in order not to coincide on the same planet, they need/want life to exist but they don't want another GOD. But he doesn't know. It's impossible for the movies to be set in Shinji's mind or a perfect universe that he created after End of Eva. After that cataclysm, the world can't be rebuild so quickly. Reasons:
- Misato wouldn't be angry with Shinji for any reason
- Asuka would never say: "I can't believe he hit a girl"
- Asuka would have never destroy Eva 2
- The way the choker moved when it activated on Kaworu was a reality breakdown which can't happen in Eva universe

All this universe is meant to make Shinji breakdown, to lose focus on what's important or what happened really before 1.0, did he save some of humanity with his godlike powers? did he take them to another realm to protect them from GOD until they emerge out of LCL? who knows. In 4.0 Shinji can possibly have to fight First Ancestral Race. I don't know how, but it may be something like Gurren Lagann, flashy and reality warping stuff. 3.0 was so bad, so ridiculous, so retarded because it may be just another episode of this saga, take it as a different story arc, there are other characters:
- Edgy Misato
- Short hair Ritsuko
- Moe pink hair girl who's Toji's sister
- How did they convert Eva 1 as a ship with no tech at hand?
- Why is Eva 2 a shape shifting dog?
- No umbilical cables on any Evas
- Rei has no Lilith in her, just look at her (Lilith is already combined with Adam as per my explanation above, even Adam is different in 1.0, that is just a carbon copy or something)

The themes in the rebuild are different than NGE, why? because they aren't sequels per se, so because we already got out hedgehog dilemmas, depression, social anxiety and so on, now that smiling bastard (Anno Hideaki) wants to give us something else, so I think 4.0 will elucidate the overall plot and themes. Maybe we'll get just some action flick, or the myth of Adam and Eve in anime form with Shinji eating the "apple" and Asuka becoming the mother of metaphorical humanity. Maybe it's a huge symbolism for human existence and how they procreate, what does the child get from the parents, what can the parents give to the child because they are separated (they aren't in the LCL), let's say they have a kid in the future before 1.0 happened and GOD messed up with them, and Shinji and Asuka want to repeat the world in order to get better and protect him/her. KIMOCHIWARUI? why did Anno spread that stuff about morning sickness?

I have more stuff to write but because 4.0 is not here yet I won't say more, if it really will be a fight against First Ancestral Race, I'll gladly try to expand more, but for now it's just a conspiracy theory.
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