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May 22, 12:23 PM
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Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai de
Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai de
May 22, 6:52 AM
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El Hazard: The Magnificent World
El Hazard: The Magnificent World
May 21, 2:39 PM
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Blood Lad
Blood Lad
May 21, 2:41 PM
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May 21, 2:39 PM
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Giant Killing
Giant Killing
May 21, 9:39 AM
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-Airin May 23, 8:17 AM
it's pretty much the same here >.< at least one person will be home. if it's my younger brother it doesn't really bother me though, cause we're pretty close and he usually just plays games on the pc with his friends.

oh, i remember worrying about that too... i really hate it, especially cause the teachers' rooms usually have air conditioning and better heating in the winter as well. -_- You are definitely right.

yeah, that's true. But i mean that i think it's more important to have a general idea of the distance than knowing the exact number, in a practical way, if that makes sense :p
-Airin May 22, 1:41 AM
you're so lucky you get to be alone at home often, i very rarely have that chance to relax. someone always has to be around >.<

hmm, it starts to cool down around October here as well or late September. Same here! that just adds to the reasons why i hated high school lol. my college has air conditioning as well, so even though i have exams in June, at least i know i won't have to deal with the heat while i'm there.

it's alright not to know the exact number though, right?
Agdevolution May 22, 12:43 AM
Hey sorry for the late reply.Nice to meet you.How have you been doing?.
-Airin May 21, 3:01 AM
ohh, this has happened to me too, it's so annoying >.<

I understand, school is really stressful...I hope you get more used to college and you feel less stress during your second year. You should definitely try to relax and have fun now that you have more free time. ^^ Thank you!

yes, i remember that you told me you had a great time, when we talked about concerts. oh, such a cool mom! :3

ah, i wish it was like that here too. It rains sometimes, but the heat is pretty bad already. :/

i usually get standard quality headphones, nothing too good or bad, but i'd definitely like to try something better one day too. I really can't stand the really bad quality ones, i'd rather not listen to music than use those :p

yes, i googled it and Autumn comes from the latin word autumnus.

exactly! it's just crazy, i don't like having to picture these things in my head. i wish people didn't have so much hate inside them.

oh gosh, it really is confusing x3 but once you get used to it and start to associate the numbers with the sizes or the temperature, i've noticed it gets a little easier to understand for foreign people, at least in my experience with it.
KushHaze May 19, 11:16 AM
Thanks for the Fr!
-Airin May 16, 4:03 AM
oh, you're finished already? i have exams next month ;w; did you enjoy your first year in college?

oh, i understand, i hate teachers like that too...i don't understand why they teach if they don't like answering questions. it's good you got a good grade though, congratulations on that ^^

that sounds really nice, U2 is your favourite band, so you must be really excited for that! Imagine Dragons is a nice band as well, i hope you have fun there ^^

that's good, the mild weather is the best. here the summer hell has already started though x3

oh, i see :o that will be a great gift, yes! listening to music with good quality headphones is awesome ^^

yes, autumn and spring often last only one month each and it sucks :/ but yes, of course that's better.

both words sound nice in my opinion, but Autumn sounds more unique.

that's true, i can't watch the news anymore, it's just too sad :/

it's okay, it's not ridiculous x3

-Airin Apr 26, 2:11 PM
hey, i'm sorry for the late reply, how are you doing?~

oh, what are your plans for the summer? ^^ and what's up with that teacher that's being an asshole? D:

you're right that the snow looks beautiful only when it first lays, once people start stepping on it, it gets really dirty. did the weather warm up over there? it's really hot here in Greece these days, it's basically summer.

ohhh sending you my belated birthday wishes ;_; i'm sorry i'm so late ;__: Did you have fun on that day?
I don't like that school starts during Autumn either, it gives me a reason to feel stressed during my favorite season of the year. but i honestly still prefer it over Spring. I almost always feel burnt out and unmotivated by the time Spring comes, i'm not sure why though. i really wish these seasons lasted longer too >.<

i'm not sure what the difference between these two words is, i only learnt to use "Autumn" cause my English teacher preferred it. not very nice of her, since "fall" was easier to spell for the 8 year old me x3

warm weather without humidity really isn't that bad at all, so California must be nice. Seems like the whole world is going through a crisis honestly, so i don't know if it would make any difference if you left America ^^"

Are you the only ones to use Fahrenheit? it's true it causes a small confusion at first x3
moho96 Apr 2, 10:22 PM
thanks for accepting the add XD
-Airin Mar 28, 9:18 AM
no worries, i understand~

How are you doing now?

it rarely snows here, so i'm kinda jealous of the snow, though i understand it can cause problems. Getting some time off school because of it doesn't sound bad though, haha .w.

I don't particularly like winter, too much cold is just as bad as high heat. But i honestly hate summer. I just can't stand hot weather, it's so draining and it irritates me to no end. Spring is fine, i like how everything blossoms in Spring and the weather becomes milder. Autumn is the best though, it's just the perfect weather for me. I love the cool breeze it brings and the cloudy sky.

It's good to live in a country where the climate is mild and doesn't reach any extremes. Here in Greece winters are mild and summers are way too hot for my liking. But part of my "frustration" with summer comes from the fact that i don't own an air conditioner. :p Just a fan can't do the job here, when the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius. The humidity in my city makes things even worse. Sometimes when i visit my relatives in Athens, the capital, i notice that the hot weather there doesn't bother me that much, just because of the lack of humidity in the atmosphere. It's a lot more bearable.
-Airin Feb 28, 3:19 AM
oh, that sounds really bad, it's good you're doing better now though o: does it snow a lot where you live btw?
miserable? hmm, i guess it's really cold there ._. do you prefer the summer over the winter?
-Airin Feb 26, 7:18 AM
then talking to natives is the best way, if you're able to find them lol. you may have good knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, but in the end constructing a sentence to express your own thoughts during a paced conversation is the real challenge x3

i'm sorry to hear that ._. i don't particularly like college either, though i certainly prefer it over high school.

thank you! are you feeling better now?
HasenJagd Feb 26, 4:13 AM
you're welcome, i just like maknig new friends :)
-Airin Feb 13, 1:53 AM
that's true. it's just that you have to get used to learning ideograms and remembering their meaning that makes it sound hard, cause they often look similar to each other. >.< 10,000 words, hmm, now i wonder how many English words i know :p

oh right, manga should be good too. much better for getting started, indeed. just keep in mind that sometimes the language in manga and anime is different from the way Japanese people speak in real life x3

you don't have much time for anime, do you?
Unurag Feb 11, 5:35 PM
You're welcome