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Bayek Dec 5, 6:54 AM
Yeah, I have to put my foot down on keeping messages shorter. It pains me, as I love to expand on my thoughts, but it took me 8 hours (on and off) to respond to a message yesterday. Going to try to keep a 30 minute policy. If I can't send it within 30 minutes, it's too long.

But hey, at the very least I've never struggled with filling up page requirements on papers!

I get nostalgic about Skyrim around this time of year. As much as I'd love to play it, I just can't anymore. I actually feel sick when I try to play now. I've had great memories with it, but I literally clocked over 500 hours into it and have done quite literally everything on it. Just gonna have to wait for The Elder Scrolls VI.

I really wouldn't want to be one of those parents who's completely out of touch. I think we have a powerful advantage in that respect as we've grown up with gaming and anime. I'm more open to trying new things and getting involved enough to know what would and wouldn't be okay. And since I also know the various rabbit holes that are out there, I'm more aware of how important it will be to serve as a guide when I start to learn their interests (albeit this is still hypothetical and a LONG ways away as far as I'm concerned).

I'm busy for a few more days but come Friday I'll have a pretty chill schedule for the rest of the year. Hoping to completely lose myself in anime during that time.
-Airin Dec 5, 4:11 AM
you are welcome~

i understand, cause i really want to learn it one day too!

Oh, i'm glad to know it has gotten better :D and yeah it's amazing how 2016 was bad for everyone x3
hmm, 2017 was actually a very tough year for me, but it's also the year i met someone important for me now. So in the end i am grateful for it. ^^

-Airin Dec 4, 8:15 AM
i wish you good luck with it ^^
it's not an easy task, but if you really want it it becomes a lot easier~
Bayek Nov 29, 1:32 PM
Hey didn't mean to sideline you again. Got swept up with Thanksgiving and just wanted a break in general. It'll probably happen again around Christmas. I hope you enjoyed as grand a feast as I did.

Yeah I knew the name change would be a big confusion. I've placed disclaimers where I can, but it's always a tumultuous process. I'm not a fan of name changing though, so you can probably rest assured as this is my first and last one. And yeah, it was "Ratohnhaketon." Both my old and new one are characters from Assassin's Creed.

It's very hard for me to keep comments/messages short. I just love to ramble on and on. But yeah, it does get overwhelming when you're trying to write 4-5 essays per day to keep in touch with people.

Starting from scratch is always the safe bet. If AC1 doesn't turn out to be your cup of tea, however, I would still strongly recommend trying Assassin's Creed II. The game underwent a massive revamp and that's what started its infamy as a major franchise. I'm not very familiar with Nintendo gaming at this point; aren't major games modified for Nintendo consoles? Either way, hope you enjoy Skyrim. I still remember first playing it in November 2011 and what an incredible experience that was.

Heh, 12 isn't too young these days. That's the average age for Call of Duty players (oh yeah, I went there). But anyway, I think if I have kids I'd let them start playing M games around 14. I remember playing GTA behind my parent's back at that age and it felt like such a thrilling taboo.

I've actually got a huge lineup planned for December. Going to be rewatching some big shows like TTGL, Mirai Nikki and Mushishi. I even got the entire first season of Mushishi (which is, btw, a masterpiece) on Blu Ray for $20 at some retro gaming shop.
-Airin Nov 28, 5:22 AM
yeah, it's easier to learn a language you are exposed to a lot. I might never have the chance to use French either, but i like learning languages and since i had the opportunity to learn it, i went for it. And yes, the opportunities to speak a foreign language are far less, and it's also more difficult when you already get anxious when you have to speak to other people :p

this happens with teachers unfortunately, nothing we can do about it :/

that's what i think as well. Kanji represent words, not letters. There are so many, it's insane. Not even the Japanese themselves know them all. i've read about Japanese grammar and it does indeed seem quite simple if you get the hang of it. As a non native English speaker, i gotta say English grammar is not way too difficult either though. That's just what i think now. The pronunciation is indeed easy, you just say exactly what you read. English pronunciation is quite hard, on the other hand, like you said, you just gotta memorize it. .w.
Abid Nov 25, 3:45 PM

my dog is INSAAANELY protective, i'm glad about it, though, i live in a rough area and a strong dog is needed xD

what breed was your dog, again?
Vastman Nov 25, 10:01 AM
Sent the request!

Same ID of MAL, Vastman :)
HikariJake Nov 24, 12:01 PM
I am American haha, I'm on break too.

Nice! AoT S2 is kinda meh in my opinion. How are you enjoying it?
HikariJake Nov 21, 5:45 PM
Nothing really. How are you?
-Airin Nov 21, 4:18 AM
yeah, it has helped a lot. but it's also because i always liked the language and kept using it all the time, even after i stopped taking classes. i know lots of people that have a better certificate than me but are not as fluent, because after taking the certificate they stopped using the language. i read books in English, watch videos and movies in English, read articles, etc. The internet helps a lot. But on the other hand I'm not very good at speaking it, cause i haven't practiced that skill enough. i'm not very good at speaking Greek either, lol, i've always been better at writing

I took French classes for 6 years in school too, but i never studied it so it all went to waste. :P but in my defense my teachers were not very good either. i'm taking French classes again now though, and this time i'm taking them seriously ^^"

that's great! i'd love to learn Japanese, too. Kanji are definitely the trickiest and most intimidating part of learning Japanese. from what i've seen the Grammar is not too difficult if you keep practicing and you are dedicated, or at least that's how it looks to me. Reading should be quite hard though :o

Yes, it has ^^
Bayek Nov 13, 8:23 AM
Eh, I guess I'm doing well enough for a start. I didn't mean to cut off our earlier conversation, it just got hard to keep up with messages & comments and I let lots of things slide unintentionally.

What've you been up to? I just finished a two week marathon of the newest Assassin's Creed (which is absolutely awesome) and am finally turning my attention back to anime. Hoping to wrap up some unfinished business from previous seasons as I get ready for next month. I like to watch anime a little differently from the usual in the days leading up to Christmas, so I hope that's the launchpad I've been looking for.
-Airin Nov 13, 12:16 AM
no worries, i understand ^^

yeah, i believe standing at the side or having a seat which allows you to at least have some personal space is way more comfortable. standing in the middle of a pushy crowd though is the worst Dx

i think it's kind of a taboo topic everywhere, maybe to a lesser extent in some places and more in others. i'm always curious about shows or books that deal with this kind of themes. those that usually make people uncomfortable. .w.

i'm soo happy to hear that :o i started learning English when i was 8, i believe; 3rd grade of elementary school. both at my school and a separate (private) school for languages. But i think they've changed this now in Greece and kids start learning English when they are 6 years old. I personally believe that it's good to start learning a foreign language at the youngest age possible. 12 years old is not a bad age at all. In Greece kids have started learning their second foreign language by that age though xD
btw do you speak any foreign languages? and how are your Japanese classes going? :D

oh, there is Greek dub available for anime that are officially released here, which is almost always kids' tv shows and i don't bother with these anyway, haha. and yeah, I'm pretty sure the Japanese take voice acting very very seriously. :p
BlackFIFA19 Nov 12, 9:06 AM
Since youre planning Blood Sign, please dont be put off by the first chapters, or the first volume in general, it has a rough start, i loved it, but ive seen more then enough people not like the first volume, it gets alot better from V2 onward, and V5 is a genuine 10/10, all the people ive encouraged to read more after the first volume all came to love it
Vastman Nov 12, 8:37 AM
Yes i have Switch, can we exchange friends code?
-Airin Nov 2, 4:03 PM
hmm yes, i can understand that ^^

that's maybe too many people for me ._. a month ago or so i happened to go to a concert of an artist i don't even like (there was a festival in my city and i just wanted to go for that) and there were sooo many people i felt trapped so i just left with my friend after a while. ^^" maybe if it was an artist i'm interested in it would be different though, i don't know. and yeah, i hate crowded shops and malls too

i guess that maybe i was so not interested in it back then (i think i was 13 or 14 years old) that i couldn't possibly like the anime. i was just curious cause sex is always a taboo topic in our society.

there aren't dubbed versions in my language and i don't really have a reason to watch the english ones since reading the english subtitles is easier for me anyway. and no offense to any non-japanese voice actor but...they just can't do it like the japanese do. it just...doesn't feel natural :p