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Aug 10, 8:15 PM
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Carnival Phantasm: HibiChika Special
Carnival Phantasm: HibiChika Special
Aug 7, 1:52 PM
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Carnival Phantasm: Illya-jou
Carnival Phantasm: Illya-jou
Aug 7, 1:51 PM
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Aug 7, 1:39 PM
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Aug 7, 1:39 PM
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5-toubun no Hanayome
5-toubun no Hanayome
Aug 7, 1:38 PM
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-Airin Aug 11, 3:49 PM
that's a lot! it's wonderful to have those things, so precious to look at and relive the happiest moments you had with them. As people say, even though they're gone, they always live in your heart and i believe that's true; they're there and you love them forever. We love our pets as much as we'd love a person that is darling to us after all.

i truly believe that all children should have the chance to be close to animals, especially dogs, for that reason. they make us more compassionate and respect all forms of life and nature. Especially now that people's attention has shifted completely towards technology and materialism, i think growing up with dogs can be very beneficial ^^

that's great to hear, really! Did you adopt her from a shelter? You'll get a cat too, that's awesome! I have two dogs and a cat btw, not sure if i've mentioned it before. Will that be your first cat? If so, you'll find out that having both a cat and a dog in the house can be very funny. Their interactions are so hilarious sometimes and heartwarming others, you'll definitely love it.

I'm sure he added so much color in your life, especially during teenage years, it really helps to have a friend that will always be happy to have you no matter what. And your new dog will add so many different colors in your life too; i love how dogs, like people, have different personalities and traits, each of them is so unique and i love all of them lol ;w;

to be honest, i don't really use the forums or anything else here other than the comments, messages and of course the info page for each anime, so that's all i need personally and i'm happy those were restored :3

My summer's been okay i guess, i went to visit my relatives in Athens for two weeks and that's pretty much the only notable thing i did. nothing wrong with that, i only wish i was in a better mood in general, as i feel a bit under the weather lately. Did you go anywhere for holidays? I hope you're not feeling stressed about going back to school soon.
Forgotten_ Aug 8, 7:16 AM
Hi ! nice to meet you
-Airin Aug 8, 4:44 AM
it's definitely a good thing you have lots of pictures and videos, after some time passes you'll see that it will feel nice to look at them and remember all the good times with him. You gained a lot from your friendship with him, dogs are so loving and accepting of us, they really are the best friends and teach us how to love unconditionally.

That's really nice, i hope she helps ease the pain and you make many happy memories with her. Is she a puppy?

Yes, it's good it's working now!
Raging_Berserker Aug 6, 5:15 AM
Hey bro!

Damn, I didn't know you replied to me back then!!! Certainly, I would have written a reply to you back. For that, I am sorry.

I will compose a proper reply right now. Let's take a look at your profile first. You probably got updates I haven't seen.

You haven't read any comics for me to speak on since that is my area of specialization. I haven't watched any seasonal anime in ages bro!

I'll have to directly ask you what you been doing since that time.

Since the last time we talked, I've actually been more open-minded about the comics I read. I'm tackling more genres than I normally used to. I'm way more receptive towards Ecchi and Comedic comics now. It's a work in progress I must admit. For TV Shows, I started watching Nikita around November of last year. It clashed with my uni activities, so I put it on hold around season 2. I definitely gotta finish that. Literally, that's the only show I've seen in the past year. For anime, I believe my 'Latest Anime Updates' will reveal all you gotta know about that. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

How did you proceed with the second season of Attack on Titans?

I've been away from home since last year September, so my time only lets me read comics when I can. To be honest, for the past 4 months or so, I haven't been reading jack! Funny thing is, I'm on my long vacation. I'll be resuming my final year around October. I've just been working and sleeping my ass off at home for 3 months straight. Even my social life is quite terrible at the moment. However, in the past 2 weeks, I've been trying to move around a bit. Outside of that, life has just been quite a ride. It is what it is at the end of the day. I'll leave it at that before I start typing too much.

P.S: Thanks for the birthday wish bro. I heavily appreciate it!!! Cheers!
Jotaronirvana467 Jul 26, 9:10 PM
Ukim Jul 15, 4:34 AM
-Airin Jul 12, 5:07 AM
oh my gosh, i'm so sorry to hear that ;-;-; i understand how you must feel, i've lost pets before :c Especially when it's your dog it's like you lose your best friend...Hope you stay strong and i'm sure all the warm memories you have with him will always stay in your heart and keep him alive there :c

I didn't abandon the site, i thought it would be down for good though :o Oh, that's a good idea. You can add me on Discord, so if something happens at any point we'll still have a way to contact each other ^^ the name is: airin#4485
Agdevolution Jun 30, 2:59 AM
I am fine now.You remain healthy too.
I am in first year of engineering.
College is fun and torture at the same isn't it.
-Airin Jun 29, 2:44 PM
hey ^^
i've been okay, how about you? i was mostly studying for exams, i'm glad i'm done with them now >.<
Agdevolution May 27, 1:26 AM
hey sorry for the late reply.i have not been healthy lately.
well are you in college or high school?
Nisx May 25, 1:15 PM
Thanks :)
-Airin May 23, 8:17 AM
it's pretty much the same here >.< at least one person will be home. if it's my younger brother it doesn't really bother me though, cause we're pretty close and he usually just plays games on the pc with his friends.

oh, i remember worrying about that too... i really hate it, especially cause the teachers' rooms usually have air conditioning and better heating in the winter as well. -_- You are definitely right.

yeah, that's true. But i mean that i think it's more important to have a general idea of the distance than knowing the exact number, in a practical way, if that makes sense :p
-Airin May 22, 1:41 AM
you're so lucky you get to be alone at home often, i very rarely have that chance to relax. someone always has to be around >.<

hmm, it starts to cool down around October here as well or late September. Same here! that just adds to the reasons why i hated high school lol. my college has air conditioning as well, so even though i have exams in June, at least i know i won't have to deal with the heat while i'm there.

it's alright not to know the exact number though, right?
Agdevolution May 22, 12:43 AM
Hey sorry for the late reply.Nice to meet you.How have you been doing?.
-Airin May 21, 3:01 AM
ohh, this has happened to me too, it's so annoying >.<

I understand, school is really stressful...I hope you get more used to college and you feel less stress during your second year. You should definitely try to relax and have fun now that you have more free time. ^^ Thank you!

yes, i remember that you told me you had a great time, when we talked about concerts. oh, such a cool mom! :3

ah, i wish it was like that here too. It rains sometimes, but the heat is pretty bad already. :/

i usually get standard quality headphones, nothing too good or bad, but i'd definitely like to try something better one day too. I really can't stand the really bad quality ones, i'd rather not listen to music than use those :p

yes, i googled it and Autumn comes from the latin word autumnus.

exactly! it's just crazy, i don't like having to picture these things in my head. i wish people didn't have so much hate inside them.

oh gosh, it really is confusing x3 but once you get used to it and start to associate the numbers with the sizes or the temperature, i've noticed it gets a little easier to understand for foreign people, at least in my experience with it.