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Oneechan ga Kita
Oneechan ga Kita
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Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko
Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko
Feb 11, 5:59 PM
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Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Feb 11, 5:58 PM
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SQ: Begin W/Your Name!
SQ: Begin W/Your Name!
Feb 11, 11:46 AM
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-Airin Feb 13, 1:53 AM
that's true. it's just that you have to get used to learning ideograms and remembering their meaning that makes it sound hard, cause they often look similar to each other. >.< 10,000 words, hmm, now i wonder how many English words i know :p

oh right, manga should be good too. much better for getting started, indeed. just keep in mind that sometimes the language in manga and anime is different from the way Japanese people speak in real life x3

you don't have much time for anime, do you?
Unurag Feb 11, 5:35 PM
You're welcome
-Airin Feb 8, 8:57 AM
oh, that's something you have to memorize at first and then it becomes a habit, i don't find it too hard. i'm sure you'd have learnt it easily if your teacher had explained it properly.

alright, 2,000 is not too bad, is it? at least it's better than having to learn 10,000 >.< maybe you could learn faster if you tried to read books in japanese. you could read light novels if books are not your cup of tea, those are like manga. reading books helps me a lot with expanding my vocabulary in English.

oh, i honestly don't miss anything about high school ^^"

thank you, i've just been busy with exams c:

-Airin Feb 2, 1:17 AM
i will ^^

yes, it is a horror anime, but it only gets a little "scary" towards the end. if you have patience it's a great watch

i completely agree, i don't really care if a story progresses slowly. it always depends on the show. i haven't watched this anime, i'll check it out o;

lol? x3 it's so silly when they decide to change something for no reason at all. oh, i hate that too, mostly because i'm scared i'll start making the same mistakes if i get used to them :P

yeah, i'm kinda getting annoyed with it too. oh, that's the case with a lot of languages, Greek is like that too. but i imagine it is a pain to get used to it when your language doesn't have that. you mean the pronunciation of each word? i only find words with "y" hard to pronounce cause it's different for each word. i think the conjugations are hard to learn for every language and i believe it's something you learn mostly by experience and practice.

yeah, it's a completely different language after all. but at least you can enjoy the time you spend learning it, cause it's a language you like. i think i could learn the kanji, if i ever decided to learn japanese, but it would take me a loot of time, i'd have to learn them very slowly. yeah, they are 10,000 think? good luck x3 yeah, the thing with the verb is a little confusing >.< but i suppose you get used to it with practice?

oh, sorry to hear that :| i hope it improves as well. yeah, high school is hell so getting out of there is a good step :p

p.s.: sorry for the super late reply Dx
HikariJake Jan 21, 5:47 PM
Yeah, I was actually part of that petitioning XD But then I realized that I was too young to understand Xenoblade (this was years ago), and my older brother ended up playing the game far more than me haha.
Bayek Jan 17, 5:34 PM
Japanese studies, eh? I wish that had been offered at the colleges I went to. Got anything particular in mind with that? Whether it's traveling to Japan or just watching anime raw, I really would like to get to know the language better.

Yeah, high school breaks were total trash. But even with that said, I prefer Japan's school schedule. I looked it up a bit and I like the idea of beginning the year with spring. That idea of beginning anew at a time that represents the renewal of life is romantic.

No pressure. I tend to have certain ways of watching myself so sometimes a show that feels slow for one might be marathon material for me. Well, I usually save the social aspect of anime for seasonal shows anyway. For me, anime has always been a more personal pastime (which is why it's had such a powerful impact on my life).
HikariJake Jan 14, 2:31 PM
He played it in English. Most of the characters had very odd Scottish accents lol

I hear FE Warriors barely has any characters, and that most of them are clones. Have you heard that Hyrule Warriors is coming to the Switch btw?

Yeah, although it has a dumb name: Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. I dunno why it isn't just called "Berserk: Band of the Hawk", or better yet, Berserk Warriors lol
Shirosune Jan 9, 2:37 PM
Hey, t-thanks for the friend request >///<
HikariJake Jan 8, 6:59 PM
Huion Kamvas GT191

Sweet! I have Metroid, haven't played it in months though because I got stuck. As for Mario Odyssey, I played a bit on my brother's Switch when he was in town, it was pretty fun. I also saw him play a lot of Xenoblade 2, and damn is the voice acting obnoxious lol. It seemed cool, though. And the fanservice is nice :P I'm assuming FE Warriors is like any typical Warriors game, but those can be enjoyable if you love the characters (I've played Hyrule Warriors and Berserk Warriors and loved both of them).
Bayek Jan 8, 3:44 AM
Well first off, Happy New Year! Only one week in and I'm feeling revitalized already. Back into anime and started a new workout regiment to kick off 2018. Feels like I'm finally back where I belong. How about you? Start or fail any New Years Resolutions? I have a "no cursing" resolution I do for fun. I usually break it in less than 24 hours though...damn!

I bet Trump is excited for that. Double the mayhem per tweet. Unbelievable! Unbelievable!!

Yeah, college definitely lets you get more time to collect yourself. In my last year of high school, I started to burn out and felt the senioritis kicking in by December.

Well if you're ever open to the idea, I like to watch anime with MAL pals from time to time. It makes a bit more interesting and adds a social element to what I usually prefer doing alone. Feel free to let me know if you're ever interested.
HikariJake Jan 7, 3:44 PM
Christmas was pretty great for me too, I got a new drawing tablet; it's a pen display, meaning that it's like another monitor that I can draw on. It's pretty sweet. What games did you get if you don't mind my asking?
-Airin Jan 6, 2:55 AM
no, i don't have one unfortunately .-.

yes, very happy and fun. sometimes you just need this kind of show. she is, indeed :3 i also like Yagami and Yun (mostly for her voice >w<) and the rest of the characters are also very nice.

that's because during its first episodes it's more of a mystery, psychological, slice of life kind of anime whereas people expect to see horror. the horror only comes later on. for me this sort of build-up of the story definitely worked, but some people are more impatient.

yes, that too. especially when i was new to anime and didn't listen to the voices at all, i didn't understand loots of things x3 now i'm even able to find mistakes in the subs (sometimes). which doesn't mean i know the language of course, it just means you can't really rely on subs.

that's true, but i'd say the language itself seems more difficult than Japanese to me. maybe because i hate nonsensical rules and grammar and French is so damn full of it. -_-

those are good goals and not too overwhelming. hmm, mine is to draw everyday and also keep trying to build a better mental health. those are the goals i have for myself ^^
HikariJake Jan 3, 8:41 PM
It's been so long since I've been active on this site--nearly a whole month since I've logged on at all... Well, I guess I just wanna say hi, now that I am here. Lol.
How was Christmas for you?
-Airin Jan 3, 2:42 AM
that's probably why you have a longer winter break ^^

oh, that's a lot of games indeed :o so you have a Switch? :D

yes, i've heard so as well.

I didn't expect to like New Game that much. It's such a simple show, but the comedy is very nice, the fan service is not annoying, the characters are quite memorable and it has the perfect amount of moe to lift my mood when it's needed x3 Hifumi is so cute, she's probably my favourite as well, cause i can somewhat relate to her being so shy irl and kinda weird :P

From the New World was a punch in the stomach. definitely one of the best anime i've ever watched, though i understand why lots of people drop it during its first episodes.

yeah, it's very different when you know you'll have a lot of opportunities to use it. one of the reasons i'd like to study Japanese one day is because i love contemporary Japanese literature. i'd love to read the books in their original versions; a book loses a lot of its style when it's translated. that's what motivates me to study French too :3

thank you! ^^

Happy New Year to you too!! Do you have a new year's resolution? :3
-Airin Dec 30, 2017 3:21 AM
oh, i see :o i have a 2-3 month summer break (usually two months cause i have exams in September), 15 days for winter break and 15 days for spring break ^^
what video games did you get? :3
is Blood+ good? i've only watched Blood-C and it was kinda ridiculous with all the gore x3
As for me i'm currently watching New Game! and From the New World. this is probably the first time i started watching two shows at the same time.
good luck with your Japanese, it's great that you're so motivated to study! o;

i'm good overall, just relaxing, watching anime, studying for my exams next month...;w;