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Feb 13, 9:46 AM
Anime Relations: Clannad: After Story
First and foremost, my scores are not comparative. In other words, an 8 for K-On does not carry the same value as an 8 for say Cowboy Bebop. I will never compare one series to another, this makes my scoring easy to follow and is simply a way to gauge how much I enjoyed something.

When it comes to anime, I'm fairly easy to please. I won't jump out and double thumb up 10/10 anything that looks good, but I'm not going to pick apart something if I enjoyed it enough.

One of the main factors I use in rating something is what I can take away from a series. After I complete an anime, I usually spend time reflecting on it before I add a score to it. Sometimes there will be an "FS - 7/10" or something like that in my tag section, that means that's the first score that came to mind when I finished it, but isn't my final verdict and is more of a way to help me sort out my thoughts later on.

My scoring system:

10 - Truly life changing. I loved it. I unconditionally accept everything about it despite any potential shortcomings in production or narrative. It draws out the best of both worlds and demonstrates the pinnacle of anime as an entertainment medium as well as an art that inspires, motivates, and teaches. In addition to doing its absolute best in entertaining me, there was a powerful message, theme, or thought that had some sort of significant, noticeable impact on my life, my beliefs, or my perspective. Every time I come across a masterpiece, I’m reminded why anime is my favorite hobby as well as one of my greatest passions.

9.1 to 9.9 - This is a special rating I'll insert in the tag section of select 10s and some 9s of significance. This is just to get a better idea of how I felt about an anime, since I round up or down in many cases. If the tag section is empty, then I'm in agreement with the whole number score.

9 - The greatest demonstration of excellence, it entertained me to the fullest. It did what I consider its best job in its respective genre (hilarious comedy, heart wrenching drama, heart pounding thriller, etc etc). This is the highest score something can achieve purely out of enjoyment, although that’s not to say I can’t take something bigger from it. Even if an element of it is masterful (story, characters, production quality, etc), I reserve the highest honors of Masterpiece for the most personal experiences.

8 - Exceptional. It went well above and beyond the call of duty, surpassing the basic expectation of goodness. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it may have made me think twice about something or see things from a new angle. Even if it didn’t, it’s a testament to going that extra mile and I won’t forget it.

7 - My standard level of enjoyment. Since I love anime, most of what I watch falls into this category or higher. It was fun and I don’t really have any complaints unless the opportunity to do much better wasn’t realized. Maybe I learned something new from it, but ultimately this is just about having a good time (or bad time if it was sad!).

6 - Although not the end of the world, it’s a score I seldom wish to see. Perhaps it was lacking in some way, didn’t grab my attention or wasted a fair portion of potential. In any case, it was still mildly enjoyable and possibly even borderline good. I liked it, but to a lesser extent than I had hoped for.

5 - Meh. Aside from one or two redeeming qualities, it was a fairly underwhelming watch. It was either easily forgettable or something I could have done without. In some cases, a show can earn this score by starting off strongly and ending on a bad note. Maybe it did some things right and fell short in other areas. Either way, I’d probably recommend watching paint dry over this. Rather than dislike it, I was indifferent towards it, which is not something I’m looking for in my anime.

4 - Sub-par and disappointing. This is when something falls from grace and transitions from indifference to distaste. I don't have any strong feelings towards it, I just didn't like it and felt it either wasted too much potential, was lacking as a whole, or was just a flat out unpleasant experience. Or hell, maybe it was so bad it was funny and redeemed itself from falling any further.

3 - Did Dante forget that there was another circle in hell? It doesn’t get much worse than this. There were literally no redeeming qualities and it wasn’t even bad enough to laugh at. This is the lowest something can score under normal circumstances. Nothing personal, just business.

2 - Now it’s personal. Disgusting, garbage, repulsive, obscene. I’m sick to my stomach. This is an abomination towards art and a sin against humanity’s rights to creative thinking. Something should be dropped, beaten with the ugly stick, throw into a ditch, buried alive, and nuked repeatedly before this happens. I made the mistake of sitting through one of these and will put my life on the line to ensure it never happens again.

1 - This crosses the line and transcends all of my negative feelings. For something to earn a 1, it has to literally offend me in all aspects of the word. It rots my eyes, savagely cannibalizes my time and energy, and has a disgusting and warped view of entertainment. Forget articulating my thoughts, forget thoughtful criticism. Just flat out FUCK YOU.
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