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Musekinin Galaxy☆Tylor
Musekinin Galaxy☆Tylor
Yesterday, 2:40 PM
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Sakura Quest
Sakura Quest
Yesterday, 1:29 PM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 7
Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart
Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart
Yesterday, 5:55 AM
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Sky Sep 19, 3:10 AM
Thanks my guy xoxox
gallivant Aug 24, 2:48 AM
second to last is one of my favourite anime battles of all time.
gallivant Aug 23, 10:16 AM
Yah, go on.
gallivant Aug 17, 8:54 AM
Last few episodes were really forgettable unfortunately. Overall an enjoyable watch.

Atom and Uchouten Kazoku turned out to be the best shows for Spring.
0megaX Aug 16, 9:04 AM
Finally :D
0megaX Aug 16, 8:17 AM
Can u see it now?
0megaX Aug 16, 7:06 AM
Thx for your help! I can see it now :)
gallivant Aug 11, 3:24 AM
Nah, it's on their blacklist thanks to it's rights being owned by funimation.

It's there though.
Cowabunga Aug 10, 10:27 AM
I see. Did you have any communication issues with them or is your Japanese quite good by now?

Summer... ir was 31C today. Gonna be 33C tomorrow and Saturday. And in June we had a heat wave and my city reached 41C. Ouch.

Extreme temperatures are a pain. I'd hate to live in the innerside of my country. Cold as hell in the winter and hot as hell in the Summer.

Well, to be fair Tokyo is HUGE. So I'm sure it has a bit of everything.

Ah right. I guess you like seeing girls wearing them, huh? :p
Cowabunga Aug 10, 9:01 AM
Yeah, man. I'm turning 27 later this year. I'm getting close to 30. Next thing I know I'll be turning 40 tomorrow and am middle aged. My youth is slipping away and it hasn't been that great thus far.

What did you think of Nagano and the locals?

If I went to Japan I think I'd go to Kyoto or somewhere with lots of old buildings. Places that didn't get bombed during WW2.

I thought by "fuck up" you meant you considered yourself not brave enough or something to take a big risk.

Customer service? Oh man, you'll deal with lots of annoying people and idiots.

Never had Japanese food myself, tbh. Yukata? You mean those maid cafés and other thematic food places? Eh that wouldn't make me that happy tbh.

Living in Japan? I don't think I could do it. No idea where I'd live if I HAD to immigrate, but I'd play it safe and settle for another Western European country.

Skype is garbage, imo. Facebook I only use to keep up with university stuff. Once I'm done with it I might get out off there.

Networking? I've heard that Twitter is the best social network for that, but then again I don'y use it, so I wouldn't know it myself. Discord is just a chat app that's meant to be a modern version of teamspeak and Skype combined pretty much. You have servers for all sorts of subjects and interests. Or you can just use it to chat with your contacts through DMs, just like people used to do on MSN, skype, FB chat, etc.
Cowabunga Aug 10, 5:19 AM
It's not that I stopped liking or caring about OP. I just got busy with other things and interests around that time and thus forgot about it. Oh well, watching OP by weekly episode doesn't seem like a sane option anyway. That anime has been going on since 1999 or so. I bet loads of people only watched OP for some months/years. I've gone until the Fishmen Island arc... that's like 400-500 episodes already. But man, I miss the days when I'd watch 6-7 episodes of OP a day. It was a hell of a ride. I was doing that in 2011-2012... good lord, was it 5-6 years ago already?!

I haven't watched anime in a long time. Not because I stopped liking it, but I just haven't been in a mood for it. I've been mpore into music and video games lately.

Ah where did you go to, exactly? Did you visit cool castles and temples? Ate nice food?

Fuck up? In what sense?

I don't think I could ever see myself immigrating. I used to say that when I was younger "oh I'll just immigrate ne day"... but that's easier said than done. Lots of people fall into that trap. It's one thing if I could land a good job abroad that I couldn't land in my home country, but immigrating to end up washing dishes at a restaurant? Might as well stay home. I know a guy who, after getting done with his bachelors, immigrated to England... he works as a barman. I dunno if he likes doing what he does or not, but if he couldn't find a job in his field anywhere then he should have just stayed home. At least that's how I see it. Maybe some people enjoy living abroad to experience a new culture and all, but I could never see myself as an immigrant, honestly. Maybe I just like an adventurous spirit or something. Anyway, it depends on the individual and I don't think the secret for me to achieve happiness lies in immigrating elsewhere.

Btw, not sure if I asked you this before but do you happen to have Discord?
Cowabunga Aug 10, 4:54 AM
Ah nakama... One Piece, man. haven't watched an episode of that since 2013. I have some to catch up on, I guess.

Oh right, you mentioned you were going to Japan. How was it?

Killing yourself?! I didn't know you were an unhappy person overall. What makes you feel this way? And yes, I know you don't mean that literally.
Cowabunga Aug 10, 4:29 AM
Comrade? What am I, a communist?! x)

Eh doing Ok, I guess. August is a rater boring month. You?
Cowabunga Aug 10, 3:41 AM
Hello, EratiK.
Rakudaikishi May 9, 12:36 PM
haha xD, well it's totally alright if you don't feel like joining! :) but you are always welcome if you change your mind :P