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Cowabunga Jan 25, 4:19 PM
Oh I see. Tbh, when I initially asked you bout it I was expecting only a few paragraphs about your experience. Didn't expect you to have a diary. Tbh, I don't hear about people writing diaries much nowadays, unless it's work/project related. Scientists, both social and natural science ones, usually keep diaries.

That happens with most languages, I think. Hence why you always sound foreign even if you achieve fluency.

Cowabunga Jan 25, 3:28 PM
Like what, a blog you posted online? If so you could just send me the link and I'll check it out. But it's OK if you don't want to share since it might have personal details.

I feel like Japanese phonetics aren't that complicated, despite some words having different meanings depending on the pitch tone you use.

Kanji is the main reason why I've never bothered with Japanese. I'm not sure what Japanese grammar is like, but from what I've read, it's not as grammatically complex as, let's say, German.

Korean in comparison would be easier due to Hangul being a pretty simple alphabet, but the pronunciation is harder than Japanese.

As for Chinese, gonna guess that's the hardest one.
Cowabunga Jan 25, 2:55 PM
Btw, I recall you telling me about going to Japan a few times. How was/were the experience(s)? Did you get to see a lot of the country? Sounds like it must have been fun.

Did you attempt to learn the language? Was it hard?
Mochi_Man Jan 21, 9:59 AM
Yeah lol. He's been reading that stuff for over a decade so I guess he still wants to read the rest of it.
Mochi_Man Jan 21, 9:46 AM
Think a decent number of those are shorter books like young Jedi Knights but he has read a lot. He started the NJO this last year too.
Mochi_Man Jan 21, 9:35 AM
He's read like a hundred star wars novels but none for warhammer.
Mochi_Man Jan 17, 7:03 PM
Amazing how people find these glitches in a game like that
Mochi_Man Jan 17, 12:56 PM
Will check it out later
Cowabunga Jan 16, 1:36 PM
Oh that too, definitely. Sadly, anti-intellectualism is also a thing among younger generations in many other places. But I guess in the USA it's worse. It's a strange thing how a country so powerful and rich also has large differences in levels of education, literacy, etc. among its people. Making good education rather hard to access to a large chunk of its population also doesn't help. And they also seem to give too much airtime to politicians and other people who believe in completely crazy things and are anti-science as it gets.

That too, definitely. Since I live in a small country without a very powerful entertainment industry due to our low population, we naturally gotta import a lot of foreign content, since their production values are way higher than our stuff. So we don't view foreign products in such a sceptical light as they do.

I guess I can see why some Americans would feel like they got a kick in their pride with all the anime that airs there nowadays. No idea how many, but here, I'm pretty sure it's 50/50 when it comes to anime and American cartoons ratio wise.

And well, some Americans don't like the idea of possibly losing the number 1 superpower status. China will eventually surpass them economically, but American culture will still dominate for a long time. China doesn't seem to export its media much. I guess because ti's a dictatorship and a lot of its media probably is loaded with propaganda, so non-Chinese wont' take to it so easily.
Cowabunga Jan 16, 1:07 PM
Yeah, but France and Italy are two exceptions in Europe. The two oldest anime/manga markets in Europe. If I google, let's say, and 80s anime/manga series like Kimagure orange Road, I'll get links in Italian and French. And if I search for videos of it on youtube I'll get several episodes in the Italian dub.

I know that our dub of DBZ was dubbed straight from the French dub of it. Mr. Satan is called Hercules and Piccolo is called Satan's Little Heart. Weird.

I wouldn't say my country is a huge market for anime/manga or that we were all over it in the 80s. Although we did get Speed Racer and Captain Tsubasa and Saint Seiya. But DBZ was the one that stopped the country. It was almost like a football match. I know people who in the 90s would cut class to watch the newest DBZ episode, even guys who were already 20 years old. This sounds nuts nowadays, but in 1996 DBZ seemed like the most epic thing ever for people here.

Funny enough me and my brother never cared much for DBZ, but it's uncommon to find someone aged 35 and below here who doesn't rever DBZ. Plus, the dub was heavily localised. They made a lot of jokes that only people from our country can understand. Some aliens were given accents from a different part of our country, for example. And man, Freeza sounded gay af. DBZ and Lion King were the first successful cartoon dub here. Up until the early 90s all cartoons and anime were subbed here still. Nowadays only cartoons like Simpsons, Family Guy,Archer, etc. are subbed here still.

Well, as for books... hmm, actually I'd say that's a problem everywhere. People read less and less nowadays, because there's so much easy entertainment to pick up out there with colourful images that require less effort than picking up a novel. But I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that part of the stigma surrounding anime/manga in USA might be due to them having fought against Japan in WW2. Yes, nowadays both nations are friends diplomatically speaking, but you know how these things are. It's not like it was just a little fight both had with each other. European nations, even those who fought in WW2 on the side of the Allies, didn't exactly interact with Japan directly since well japan is very far away. It was the Koreans, Chinese ,etc. who felt the wrath of Japan the most. So yeah, there's less historical beef and aversion of us towards Japan. And most European countries are not that powerful politically on the global scale, so this means most European nations don't view Japan as a rival. Keep in mind that Japanese companies were buying some American companies in the 70s-80s and that sports rekindled the tension between both nations.

I know that France and Italy both have very nice relations with japan. Japanese media has a very idealised view of France, for example. They also seem to respect Italy and Germany a lot.

Just my two cents. Might be reaching a bit, but who knows.

Cowabunga Jan 16, 12:27 PM
Oh I didn't know that at all. That it was huge in China. Well, that explains it, then. I'm gonna guess a huge chunk of its sales are from Japanese and Chinese fans alone.

Anime/manga seem generally popular all over Arabic speaking nations and Southeast Asia. Also Latin America. In fact, on this website you can find many users from those parts of the world.

It's hard to fantom because I live in Europe like you, and end up always having a bit of a Euro-centric view of things.

Anime/manga isn't that huge here. Not extremely niche either. But the only ones everyone knows are DBZ, Pokemon, Saint Seiya and Captain Tsubasa, really. It's not hard to find young people into anime/manga online or at universities, but about 70-80 percent of people I've met of my generation don't care for it overall, from my experience. They're like "oh chinese toons? don't know anything about them".

I don't think being an anime/manga fna is that bad here, though. When I read personal anecdotes of anime fans online claiming to have been bullied or made fun of for liking anime in HS it really perplexes me. I was far from being popular as a teenager and a lot of stuf I liked made my peers think I'm a dork, but anime/manga wasn't one of them. In fact, most of them barely knew what it was beyond the popular titles I mentioned in the above paragraph, so it's not like they had much room to make fun of me for it. And it's not like I went around throwing Japanese terms randomly like anyway.
Cowabunga Jan 16, 12:15 PM
It's funny, though. One Piece seems to generally be considered the best of the big 3 shounen, but Naruto seems to be more popular overall. I wonder if it's because One Piece started at a time where pirating manga and anime was still not an easy thing to do. I mean, good luck streaming anime in 1999-2003. While Naruto debuted in the West around 2006 or so at a time where more and more people had broadband at home and places like youtube were already around. I'm sure 90% of non-Japanese OP fans would first found out about OP when it was already ongoing for several years. And considering how slow paced and huge the series is, I can see it being daunting to many potential fans.

One Piece only aired up until the Alabasta arc here. Half the episodes were in Japanese and the other half were horribly dubbed. And this was already in like 2009 or so. You can find One Piece manga at stores like FNAC, but at other bookstores you're more likely to find Naruto, Bleach, etc. manga than OP.

I think OP's manga sells better worldwide than naruto's though. I was shocked when I looked at the numbers of sales of OP manga. over 400 million copies sold worldwide. I'm gonna guess a lot of copies are sold in Japan and USA alone. Perhaps Latin America as well. Because for such a high.selling manga there's still many people who barely heard of it or know exactly what it is.
Cowabunga Jan 16, 12:03 PM
Apparently the anime has been adapting 1 chapter per episode since Ennies Lobby already. Hence why it's slow paced. Tbh OP doesn't have that many fillers. Heard nearly half of Naruto's anime consisted of fillers. I remember people back in the day complaining about how Naurto had a full year of filler episodes, jesus.
Cowabunga Jan 16, 11:24 AM
Hmm, that probably cuts out and chops a lot of the background music though, no?

I keep reading that many people just switched to the manga, but I'm way behind on it. I'm right at the beginning of Skypiea in the manga. And don't want to take a huge leap to Punk Hazard on it. But I also don't want to read it all the way through up to it.

I'm so out of touch with things nowadays, anime being just one of them, that I wouldn't even know what to pick up next.
Cowabunga Jan 16, 11:04 AM
Well, I am indeed watching One Piece. So I don't know if you can say that I'm back to watching anime yet.

It sure gets slow after the time-skip, though. It's always been a rather slow paced anime but I've heard one of the latter arcs was stretched to over 100 episodes even, damn.