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Sword Art Online (Original Movie)
Sword Art Online (Original Movie)
Nov 8, 11:45 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Oct 29, 1:11 PM
Watching 2/10 · Scored -
Fate/stay night
Fate/stay night
Oct 28, 9:15 AM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 6
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Days: 35.7
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Mo Dao Zu Shi
Mo Dao Zu Shi
Nov 2, 1:55 PM
Completed 260/260 · Scored 10
Aug 12, 3:17 AM
Reading 15/327 · Scored 10
Tian Guan Ci Fu
Tian Guan Ci Fu
Aug 3, 12:55 AM
Reading 79/? · Scored 7

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aamy_02 Oct 14, 4:20 AM
thank you for accepting !!
yawnjun Jul 25, 1:06 PM
thanks for accepting โ™ก hahaha thank you i have a feeling i'll need it. i only just finished the first book today and i'll be going to buy the next one later this week! scenes like that don't bother me too much to read but i appreciate the warning, thank you!

i actually havent gotten to reading mdzs or tgcf yet! i've only watched the animes (and the untamed) but i have the first couple books of both so i'll be starting on them soon!

oh thank you, hahaha i didn't think anyone looked at them, i should probably clean them up a little lmao
norasabi Jul 16, 1:00 PM
they're so cute <3 :)))
kyonkyonkun Jul 6, 1:14 PM
thanks a lot!! uwu

its so dumb but… 2000s aesthetic, 2000s website i guess? XD i’ll have to just get used to it

ive seen that theres a priority in the details tho. couldnt i just use that? idk (i mostly used custom lists to separate by priority)
kyonkyonkun Jul 6, 6:35 AM
how do i add the tags? owo

ahh thanks!! idk if i’ll use one, i love the 00s forum simple look the basic mal profiles have :0 maybe i’ll use the magi or gurren ones in the thread tho. idk lol but thx uwu (i have given 10 to both, theyre among my favs and are retro enough to keep the aesthetic hehe. i love retro yeah)
kyonkyonkun Jul 6, 6:08 AM
no its fine!! i sent a dm because i wasnt sure if you should have convos on profiles or dms there :3

right :0 makes sense. i need to see after adjusting my list there (it added a bunch of things ive never read/view…) if it could work for me lol. and if not i’m staying there im already loving how retro it looks *__* xD (and its so retro that i can use xD and XD unironically LOL) and also because the ani forums are kinda like a desert.

even if its annoying how i dont have custom lists anymore ;__;
Zed_VII Jul 1, 9:12 AM
oh i hope you did well in the interview^^ and i see and well nothing much got holidays so wont go to school till september haha so yay and other than that i started an anime called the millionare detective its really good espacially the art if you like watching animes with detective types of people then i recommend it
-shoyo- Jun 27, 12:16 AM
Ty !!!
Jellybeanx Jun 26, 4:56 AM
Thanks for accepting my FR
Zed_VII Jun 24, 12:25 PM
hey how are you? its been long
Sanksimilian Jun 22, 5:17 AM
Ye, I actually enjoy it so far. i will continue watching the final arc immediately
Otaku_baka_dsk Jun 5, 4:28 AM
So far my favorite Jojo part is Stardust Crusaders, but in characters and story sense I'm liking Ougon no kaze more.
windyscar May 23, 6:54 AM
The final season is my least favorite too. But it feels like I totally fell for the wangxian bait, the donghua team is so evil. I was too emotional after seeing the final video with scenes from all seasons and xian yun song and rated it an 8/10 (โ•ฏโ€ตโ–ก′)โ•ฏ๏ธตโ”ปโ”โ”ป . Tbh if i watch it now i would just rate it a 6 max. It's my least fav adaptation out of everything that exists in the mxtx-verse. Everything was so rushed after the first season. I dont understand why they didnt give such a popular show more screentime! There is a lot of stuff happening in the novel other than the romance. Even untamed got 50 eps with 45 minutes. Donghua? Around 35 eps <25 minutes each. Ugh โ•ฐ๏ผˆโ€ตโ–ก′๏ผ‰โ•ฏActually i expected the donghua to follow the main plotline from the novel without many changes, but what we got was a bad anime adaptation of the final episodes of untamed. Again they made jgy the big bad, to help wwx & lwj shine more ๏ฟฃใธ๏ฟฃ jc going to seclusion??? what a joke. In the end, what they gave us was a poorly crafted wangxian fairytale. I hope it gets a reboot or something after a few years like fruits basket, i want to see a faithful adaptation so bad เฒฅ_เฒฅ
windyscar May 16, 8:34 PM
I bought mdzs vol 1. But ive decided to wait a while before buying the rest. I am hoping to buy a box set (if thats what they are called lol) with all volumes and extra merch.

Yes yi city arc เฒฅ_เฒฅ Donghua just rushed over the whole arc in like 2 eps?? i dont even remember. It was wayy better even in the manhua.
I like to read tragedy too. Erha and remnants of filth also have similar (or even more painful) arcs. I would like to recommend this novel to you if you want to torture yourself for absolutely no reason lol.
windyscar May 11, 10:48 PM
I couldnt get past first few eps of donghua. I will try the novel next.
Are you buying the novels from seven seas danmei?