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beloving Mar 12, 2018 1:33 PM
ooohhh i see some Reiji Snow in that list, i used to be OBSESSED with his songs. i rarely see anyone listen to him, it's a shame

i recognize most of the artists on the list but there's a few new ones as well, thanks for the recommendations!!! i'll probably love most of the songs, thanks
beloving Mar 11, 2018 7:40 PM
oooh i remember i maybe read a couple chapters of Stretch, it was pretty calming. but i can't focus on calming and slow-paced manga at all, even if i like them

well apparently Neverland doesn't have an action tag but in the later chapters it's very action based during some chapters. it's a very fun read

aside from manga/anime recs, i also welcome music recs. i like most genres but rap, indie, and lo-fi (not sure if this is an actual genre) are my favorites. i've been kinda listening to the same songs

beloving Mar 11, 2018 1:28 PM
Madam Petit is complete but it's not fully translated. it's only up to chapter 30 i think. it does have some elements of mystery but it's not the main focus, i would say it's mostly romance. the reason why i like it is because the setting is pretty unique, AND the main male character is Indian which i rarely see. overall it's a pretty basic shoujo manga but for some reason it's not annoying and feels refreshing. can't pinpoint the reason why but i feel like it's because the characters are likable and there's no misunderstandings all over the place

(you should still give Kusuriya no Hitorigoto a try though, the main heroine is SO cute and likable. her personality is pretty unique. you'll also like it if you like the male lead to be the one pursuing the romance, not the heroine. i personally love that trope but i know that not everyone is a fan)

i was also pretty surprised to find out that Cuvie was a hentai writer, i did not sense that in Kenrantaru Grande Scène AT ALL. there's not even a hint of ecchi or fan service in that manga. it's a pretty innocent manga about ballet so far, but i guess the art is pretty nice...and the proportions are accurate...probably the product of drawing hentai....i even wrote on her page" how in the world did she go from hentai to a shounen manga about ballet?"

i actually already read Ne Ne Ne (all i remember from it is that i was SUPER salty about them not showing his face) and was in process of watching Koi wa Ameagari, it was actually the last anime i watched before i went on the brief break. the art is really cute and the characters are likable but i'm really not a huge fan of big age gaps. it just makes me feel uncomfortable unless it's done in a certain way

if you're looking for a decent action shounen i really recommend Yakusoku no Neverland. it's really interesting and gripping, haven't enjoyed reading a shounen action manga so much in a while (probably since Hunter x Hunter). another shounen manga i've been keeping an eye on is Golden Kamuy. it honestly doesn't seem like something i would enjoy but i've been hearing so many good things about it. i'll let you know how it goes if i start to read it

(i welcome any recommendations, even if you don't think they're amazing. just anything interesting or refreshing is always appreciated)

beloving Mar 10, 2018 9:21 PM
oh god sorry for the late reply! i've been kinda inactive lately, haven't really been reading or watching anything. been kinda busy lately and also have been getting bored of anime/manga. and yeah of course i'd still be using it, it's a great set haha! :-) surprised you actually saw me in forums, i'm not too terribly active on there....hopefully i didn't say anything ridiculous lmao

as for shoujo, honestly i can't remember anything aside fromKusuriya no Hitorigoto as of "recently" (recently as in a couple months ago....). actually, apparently it's seinen but it feels like a shoujo to me. i've been REALLY loving that series, i even started reading the novels, despite poor translation imo. for the less recent shoujo reads (since we haven't talked in a while i don't think i recommended these before, but i could be wrong), i've enjoyed these:

Madame Petit
Usotoki Rhetoric

....aaand as i was making this list i realized the rest of the manga i was about to recommend were seinen, not shoujo...i guess i've been kinda enjoying seinen manga lately, without realizing it. i'll list them anyways if you want to check them out:

Kenrantaru Grande Scène (if you like ballet/dance/sports genre you'll love this, it's also kinda dramatic and interesting so if you don't like ballet you can enjoy that aspect. so far there's no romance, but i'm really hoping for a shoujo-ai twist, there's lots of vibes so far)


Innocent (i might have rec'd this already, i've read it a while ago)

what about you? read anything interesting lately? any genre works for me

Stein Aug 21, 2017 8:53 PM

Such great and important cartoons yet so underappreciated smh
sweetdrops Jul 27, 2017 1:20 PM
Hii!! It's been a while, yeah! How are you doing?
I did download the new ML game, but I've not been playing these last weeks... I think the game is okay, but it's currently a bit messy with its events and such and ; ; I'm still not completely interested, so we'll see...
I'm definitely looking forward that new SideM game though!
How are you doing with deresute?
desertrose95 Jul 8, 2017 10:43 PM
also the cute colors on your list omg.. like cotton candy.. its delicious TuT)
desertrose95 Jul 8, 2017 10:36 PM
I LOVE THE GRADIENCY OF YOUR PROFILE ♡(ŐωŐ人) makes me think of the sunset & a beautiful dp ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡ 100/10
Puppyshipper Jul 3, 2017 1:46 AM
Haha I did manage to watch some anime in the evening thogh. I loved watching some oldish anime on Japanese TV xD

I don't think I get why people love Shiny so much lol.

It was Disney which is why I saw it but I was so disappointed, the original is far superior. I'll hve to give Drive a watch at some point.

Well the new fairy tail drag in cry movie was coming out and it looked epic so I thought I'd give the series a watch and got into it and enjoyed it or some of it, some episodes I was bored or irritated. Currently reading the manga now since I've seen all the anime. Its enjoyable but by no means amazing, I like some of the characters and the fight sequences are pretty good but I only rated it an 8 I think, no where near the 10s people are giving the series.

I just don't see the point in China making Chinese anime if they aren't going to satisfy the fans with decent endings. I havent seen one Chinese anime yet with a satisfactory ending and saving it for possible sequels is a cop out.

Why have you not seen it? Lol you are missing out on life hahaha

I had so a noodles which was the best and tried omurice which was also good. I had Hamburg steak and this curry with a bear made out of the rice at a maid cafe. Tried takoyaki but it was vile. The amount of sweet stuff I tried outweighs the savoury though
Unowen Jul 2, 2017 2:14 PM
Thanks and yup!
Brucie Jun 7, 2017 6:59 PM
Thank you, i lik your profile picture. Very pretty.
Puppyshipper May 5, 2017 2:52 AM
Yikes, you sent this in March...and it's now May. Though to be fair I was in Japan when I received this message....I'm rolling with that excuse lol.

I adore Moana, Disney really shined. I think Shiny is my least favourite, it used to be You're welcome but I like that one slightly more. My favorite is How far I'll go, and the reprise version along with I am Moana and know who you are but I also love We know the way, that was the song that had me hyped for the movie. I also love Logo te Pate, it's fun to sing and dance to.
Yeah La La land was very disappointing for me, the ending really annoyed me most of all. I should have saved my money and just watched it on my flights to and from Japan since it was playing both times. I haven't seen Drive but I know of it and I adore Ryan Gosling. My most recent disappointment from Disney no doubt which always surprises me when Disney fails to impress me, was Beauty and the Beast, I don't like the remake what so ever. Have you seen it? I haven't been disappointed since Petes dragon remake which I hate, Beauty and the beast didn't fail as much as Petes dragon but it still isn't as good as it was made out to be.

Yes, it's been on my list a while and I keep seeing the dvd in store so I'll get around to it soon I imagine. I have no expectations for it, so I'll just have to be surprised^^ At the moment I'm quite into Fairy Tail and I'm watching this seasons airing anime though I keep dropping them. Fairy tail has the majority of my attention since there's so many episodes.

Aw that's so cute, I bet you were so happy to see her. Hope you had a great time

I was talking about the Twin Detectives one and the other one called Ling Qi which was the supposed Boys love one but it's really not in my opinion, just fan service. It's Chinese but they remade it in Japanese and I was hoping they would add more after the terrible way it ended but it seems to be a thing with Chinese anime never having a satisfying ending in anime adaptions.

Yeah, it's really weird but quite entertaining. Nanbaka feels like it doesn't know what type of series it wants to be though. So...have you watched Yuri on ice? Can I rant about how amazing it is to you now lol? ....Dying to own it on dvd!!

Glad to hear that you are well :) I've been full of cold lately which sucks and I'm missing being in Japan big time. Already planning my next trip next year lol.
Puppyshipper Feb 22, 2017 12:30 AM
An 8 is a pretty high score, maybe I should give it a go, or at least add it to my list to eventually get around to anyhow. There is some good movies that arent anime I agree, I think I might have seen Whiplash, not sure. The latest movies I've watched is The nice guys which was so fun to watch, Moana which is such a favourite of mine, I adore it. And la la la land which was such a huge disappointment. Yugioh dark side to dimensions but thats anime lol, still good though the American voices and acting had me cringing over the cheesy dialogue. Can't wait for the Japanese version to be uploaded online.

I took it off my list after you recommendation to do so, it sounds kind of generic so I dont think it will be a big deal if I dont watch it. I do plan on watching ping pong the animation though.

Some romance works and some doesnt. Yeah its what made the series enjoyable for me, the satire humour. Let me know what your thoughts are on girlish number when you get around to seeing it. Haha, I'll give that a miss.

Aw, cute. Sounds like a good time. Yikes I'm not good wth certain rides like that so I'm not surprised. Well I'm sure she had fun never the less, certainly an unforgettable experience right?^^

Yeah it was quite interesting, I highly recommend it, especially the twin detectives one. Its only 10 minutes long though each episode but man it needs a season 2. The other with the suggested more than anything bl hints is airing again but Japanese this time which I'm hoping they make more of because they leave too many questions for me to be marginally satisfied.

I'm enjoying Nanbaka especially season 2, I expected a light hearted comedy in a prison and I have this plot which gets darker each week. I thought you were going to watch it? I loveee Yuri on ice. You have to watch it! That's an order from hime-sama lol.

A belated merry christmas and new year. I can't apologise enough for the fact its taken me like nearly two months to reply. I have been super busy though, that's my excuse. Plus my holiday is less than a month away and I'm crazy frantic trying to sort things.

Hope you are well and that you had good holidays xD
Puppyshipper Dec 7, 2016 12:05 AM
Second time writing this since my tablet decided to die on me, so not impressed! Sorry about the late response yet again, I say to myself I'll reply once I read the messages but then I decide to do it later and never get around to it until like a month later. I struggled to upload it when I wanted to but I eventually got around to it.

Hmm I have so much on my lists as it is, I wonder if I'll get around to seeing it. How highly would you rate it? Udon just didn't do anything for me, I've gone off generic series, I like a real plot that I can get into. Yeah kiss him not me is average. The main character has started to annoy me at least in the anime. But I do like some good fanservice xD why do you think I won't like Shakunetsu no Takkyu? Um an award? I don't really have the patience to discover why it deserves an award but to each their own lol.

12-Sai is good, I'd recommend it. It's a little cliche and there's triangles with characters getting feelings for the main girls even though they have boyfriends which is frustrating but its cute. Takes forever to be subbed though. Yeah I'm up to volume 8 on the ajin manga and I'm bored, watched the first season of the anime and it didn't do anything for me, watching the second season and enjoying it more. I'm really enjoying girlish number and would definitely recommend it. I love the satire humour. Lol enjoy season 2 of Anitore, I just want it to end ahaha. I know I question why I'm still watching it everytime but it has some good episodes occasionally which keeps me watching like this week's was pretty good but next week's probably won't be. It's like hit or miss. Looking at my watching list I could drop a good majority because they aren't anything special I just haven't.

Aw I hope you can see and spend time with her soon^^

I've recently gotten into Chinese anime...watched two series so far and both have been awesome in different ways. One was quite good and had awesome BL vibes and I rated it highly but I'm watching the second one now and it's beyond's so mysterious about twins and people going missing and it's intense. Thought I'd let you know

Are you looking forward to Nanbaka season 2? I'm super excited. It got dark though, I thought it was going to be a lighthearted show and they sucker punched me with that backstory. Are you watching yuri on ice yet? It's perfection <3 I'm sure there's more to say but I'll leave it at that for now.

This was super annoying to write since I typed it all on my phone and it constantly changed my words -.- thank goodness I'm finished.
Cylico Nov 30, 2016 1:59 PM
Thank you. :)
Your username is pretty good too.
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