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Monster Musume no Oishasan
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Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen
Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen
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Yangire May 2, 3:56 PM
hehehe, i can relate. i fall asleep a lot if i try to read or watch somehing in bed. i can get rlly sleepy using pc as well tho :o esp if i'm not listening to music
hope things get better both over there and here already T^T i have sooo many things i wanna do~
responsibilities are overrated!
Yangire Apr 30, 4:48 AM
do heaters make you sleepy too? xD even when u casually turn em on to do other stuff while getting warm?
we have another lockdown T^T are you guys doing well now?
slack whenever u can, rlly xD
Grave_Digger_13 Apr 27, 3:32 PM
XD I like that color.

Is MDMA easy to get in a lot of parties? Speaking of parties, are there a lot of trance and electro music playing?

She's actually insecure about her own body and weight. I like how you say you can see the appeal now lol

Hey now, you are a grown man and can make that decision. You aren't hurting anyone by making that choice. You can leave respectfully.
Grave_Digger_13 Apr 18, 8:48 PM
Awesome! How about black with a little dark purple?

I am thinking about trying some marijuana. I know people that take it for chronic pain and sleep issues.

She wears baggy clothes because she doesn't want people judging her body. I can understand that. I like her body too but some people are waaaaaaaaaay to obsessive about it. It's as if they never have seen or touched tits before., But then again, some of them probably haven't lol.

What's stopping you from pulling that trigger?
iva- Apr 17, 8:22 PM
haha yes i did. i quite like computer science but i'm not very sure about leaving biology so i decided to take biology for now. i could also study computer science externally if i ever feel like it.
iva- Apr 17, 9:32 AM
ah i see. thanks for offering :) i was conflicted between certain subjects but after some thinking, i managed to make my decision.
iva- Apr 17, 5:28 AM
edit: idk what happened, the whole content of the message got deleted. nevermind lol. i just wanted to tell you to ignore this message because i think i managed to come to a conclusion about the subjects :)
Grave_Digger_13 Apr 12, 4:21 PM
I like the way the color looks actually. Would love to see a blueish version.

I need to get started on understanding notes first.

Didn't know Germany was strict about that. Psychedelics does have medical applications that are being tested in parts of the world, including here in the United States.

It really is a nice rack isn't it? I wouldn't mind having those rub all over my face. :) haha they're supposed to be saggy. Any woman with natural big breast will have them sag a little bit. Only fake breast stay up and perky all the time.

Is there anyone pressuring you to be part of it?
Grave_Digger_13 Apr 8, 9:15 PM
That sunburst color XD

Thanks for that link. I know nothing about reading music so that's going to be useful moving forward.

What about Psychedelics?

Haha. Well, Billie Eilish is quite top heavy if you know what I mean. People are way too thirsty about her though. I feel that way about Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. I don't see the appeal in either.

Yeah I don't care for church either. It's full of hypocrites
Grave_Digger_13 Apr 5, 5:42 PM
That's pretty expensive. Is that worth it?

Blue scales? What's that?

What is Germany's stance towards weed and ecstacy?

Are there any female celebrities who you think is overrated and can't understand why they are so popular?

Yes. Church may suck but they are a piece of history.
Yangire Apr 4, 11:56 PM
i am so tired of hospitals :c i just don't feel well in general lately and wanna rest at home until i do smth~
ooh your heater is one of those on floor :o dats cool! hehe :>
im so sick of it as well T^T
dw i'm worse than you with my homeworks and stuff phaha
Yangire Apr 2, 8:21 AM
it would be enoff normally but im super duper cold lately T^T i CANT warm up and my chest started hurting when i breathe xD even now im under 2 blankets! i can always steal ur heat tho mwhaha
phahaha dat happens with brains! hmm is it a feeling u have after corona or was it the same before too?
smhhhh lazy gatoo
but deal anyway xP
Yangire Mar 31, 3:22 PM
oki but u make the music :3 i want more guitar solos hehe. and for blankets we can use sheets or curtains!
your life "was"? wat happened to ur life? :o
oh i dunno, i should start counting the days from now on :>
Yangire Mar 31, 12:40 AM
wat i want hmmm
a huge bucket of french fries, a blanket fort and some good music!! x3
relatable, go fast and wrong with life hehehe
when will u send more uwu
Grave_Digger_13 Mar 30, 10:05 AM
What kind of guitar do you want next?

Do you have any tips on playing the guitar?

It's also more fun with alcohol. :)

TOTALLY. No but some of them wear light makeup.

I never go to church. I was somewhat forced to go when I was a little kid but I resented it. All I saw was a bunch of hypocrites rabble rousing.