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atKatlin Yesterday, 8:38 PM
Agree^^ Well, im just a beginner in games. Hmm havent tried it. I wish you would do that >_< Havent watch anime lately but Im waiting for Mob Psycho 2 to be finish. I did celebrate. Thank you^^ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too :)
AnimePixelz Jan 16, 11:22 PM
Sorry for the late reply!
Hmm just travelling and shopping I forgot aaaa owo
Oh no! What happened ripppp
Bambi Jan 16, 1:50 AM
That's weird, I thought they'd assume you had one seeing you'd already had a university degree haha. Biology is probably the most enjoyable (and easiest) science subject for me too, though I guess anything computer-related is always in demand and pretty well payed I think? I just feel really comfortable and at peace in my own space. Is your job in Munich (sorry if you already told me and I've forgotten).

You could always jog to work (image how long that'd take and how sweaty you'd be). Yeah, I try to keep in mind my distance it actually makes running less boring that way. Today was really hot again so I decided to exercise indoors today on my treadmill!

I see! People always say Glasgow is a really nice place. Oh really? I think Norway is even dearer than Sweden. Australia is really expensive too sadly.
Bambi Jan 14, 12:34 AM
Well it was enough to get you into uni so that's all that matters. Did you always want to do computer science at uni? It sounds like you still go out with your friends and that though? As long as you're not completely ignoring them then it's fine. That's true, I think when you find the right time you won't mind prioritizing them. Well I don't really live right in the middle of the city and I don't think I'd absolutely love living there. I mean, it's nice to visit but I'd rather live a quieter life.

Yeah, probably something like that! Plus it's easy for me because I don't work, I can totally see how hard it'd be to regularly exercise if you're working full-time. It's hard for me some days even! Today when I ran I felt like I had more energy than yesterday for some reason but I think it's because it's not as humid. I think our perceptions of cold weather is pretty far! For me, 18 degrees is really cold.

True, there has to be a logical explanation to this lol. I'm not really sure what countries in Europe, I'd like to visit England/Ireland/Scotland and that and visit old castles. Scandinavia also sounds nice and Switzerland sounds nice too!
Bambi Jan 13, 7:57 PM
I actually went better! I just didn't want to disappoint my parents by going bad and stuff, plus because I knew getting into uni wasn't easy. I don't think most people live very exciting lives though and the right person will be able to relate to your hobbies and bond over the experience. I guess in a way I don't think life has to be exciting if you have interesting people in it that make you happy. Ultimately, we can't really escape from the harsh responsibilities of daily life which are preventing us from doing 'fun' things, but having special people by your side makes it a lot easier. I don't hate Sydney but I guess I'm pretty used to it so it's hard to be in love with it I guess?

Yeah, I really don't know why that is but I'm sure there's a simple scientific explanation for it. What makes exercise really hard for me is the heat! Especially humidity. It's been a really hot summer so far and I'm not looking forward to exercising in the remainder of it.

The weird part is, I remember the person was the same age as you... weird. Probably just America and Europe, although I'd like to go to Canada as well and visit New Zealand again.
Bambi Jan 13, 7:07 AM
I suppose it's the same in most countries. I remember really stressing for the exams because they scaled you really harshly. What makes you think you're boring irl? You probably just think that and are being silly. Any particular reason why they dumped you? Maybe the girls were extroverts and weren't used to a more introverted guy? I'm not sure how many international students we have, because Sydney is quite multicultural anyways so it's hard to be sure if they are Australian citizens or not. I'm glad she liked Sydney. I kinda have a fear of spiders so that's probably why my reaction is stronger. Also because it's likely the spider in the web is big and venonmous too.

I definitely have more energy some days than others. I think it could do with hormones and such, because when I have my period I have less energy lolol. Never pushups because I c-can't do them properly (don't have enough arm strength I guess) but they mostly just revolve around butt and stomach exercises I think? I just do them for like 15 mins or so.

I just remember someone on MAL from Germany who said it was free years ago... idk. Yeah I would like to go, but there are many other places I'd like to go as well.
Bambi Jan 13, 3:01 AM
What's the usual process you go through when transitioning from high school to uni? We have certain marks you need for the specific uni degrees you want to get into, which are based from the final exams you have in high school. LOL you weren't acting creepy were you? I really hate it when people ignore you, it makes me feel really insecure in the moment but ultimately I realise it's their loss. Idk, often international students have to pay their uni fees up front (because hecs loans are only available to Australian residents) so possibly the uni knows they can demand high fees and they'll afford it? This might only happen in Australia though. Oh gosh, I HATE walking through spider webs because it gives me a a heat attack almost. Just the feeling of the web makes my skin crawl.

Usually like an hour, but beforehand I do some other small exercises as well. Oh, I-I guess ><

I actually thought it was just always free in germany, is it free currently? My sister has some coins from when she went to america as well.
Bambi Jan 12, 8:44 PM
Oh they do that here in universities for popular university degrees, the course itself mightn't be hard but it's just in demand. Haha, that's like architecture where like 70% of the applicants are male. Same for engineering I think. Why did it go badly with the older woman? Living in dorms is quite expensive I think, like way more expensive if you were just renting an apartment near the university. Plus, not many people really live in dorms here. Like in American movies it seems like heaps of people do and it's just a cultural thing, but I think here, 80% of people living in them are just international students. We're more likely to check our shoes for spiders and not scorpions, especially this time of the year because I think it's spider breeding season. If it's not that bad to begin with I think you can grow out of ADHD, she might have even just had ADD which is the not as bad version.

I used to get a few pulled muscles here and there but I don't get them much anymore, probably because I've built up my fitness. Lol, perv.

Plus! University isn't free in Australia, you have a hex loan where a small percentage of your wage gets taken out of your pay every week when you earn over 55 thousand a year. Lol at first I thought you meant you payed in Japanese money but that sounds quite awkward yet funny.
Attackonfiller Jan 12, 5:02 PM
Well, we can't agree on everything xD. I think Kurumu and Darkness are still great choices though I can't get enough of either of them.
Attackonfiller Jan 12, 3:50 PM
Thx for accepting :) your top female characters list is honestly perfect.
Bambi Jan 12, 8:24 AM
Is economics really popular? (I hope this isn't common knowledge that it is). How much older were these women? Oh you silly! xD Yeah, although I wasn't staying in a dorm or anything like that! I don't mind online, especially considering I don't have to attend classes and wake up early for stuff. I don't have any specific embarrassing experience, but several that come to mind, so I'll spare you the details lol. Wait, what can appear in your shoes? My sister had ADHD growing up actually, through she's mostly grown out of it now.

That's nice to know! What were 'the other things' then? I see, luckily I haven't had any bad injuries though I feel like I'm jinxing myself now. Yeah, no doubt that's common, even happened with my older sister and I. What is it you love about tank tops?

Yeah, that's why I don't feel too guilty about it or anything. I mean, once I'm working I'll be paying heaps of tax and stuff. Pffft, I think so too. At first I thought you meant looks wise (although there are slight variances) I doubt it'd be easy to pick them out.
Bambi Jan 12, 2:59 AM
Though, does that mean you have more competition? That sucks, maybe you're into significantly older women though jks. I did my bachelors degree mostly on campus, it's more common to do masters online for some reason. Oh yeah... I feel like I'm embarrassing myself all the time. I have a lot of embarrassing memories I'd rather not think about. What would you say is the most humiliating thing that's happened to you? I like learning about dinosaurs, animals/insects, medical stuff, photo editing thingies/drawing techniques etc. You really seem to hate scorpions hehe, though I can understand why. You know most scorpions with big nippers usually have a small stinger? And vice versa. Maybe we both just have ADHD and have a hard time focusing on one thing! JKS!!

Well, is it something I'd be able to get out of you if I did pester or would you just end up getting angry at me? It's a shame you still feel it's effects though, even after this time. No it's not common in Australia, I actually saw a character in a movie I watched joke about it a couple days ago. Well I do have fancy shoes that hurt, but I would still wear them on special occasions. I can put up with the pain if they look good! I mostly just wear tights and tank tops.

It's actually more than I probably deserve for doing nothing (considering studying is my choice). I didn't buy any because it was essential to the recipe and we just came home from shopping. Making it was kinda a last minute choice. Lol, how can you tell the Chinese and Japanese apart!? xD
Bambi Jan 11, 11:58 PM
I'm sure there will be other job opportunities for you, it was worth a shot anyways. I think that's a pretty common fear, is there anyone you like at work who could be a potential partner for you? xD. Hm, I'm not really sure! I'm pretty good with dates and stuff but I think I've got a better long term memory than short. Sometimes though you need something to push you to learn, even if you do enjoy it. There are many things I enjoy learning but I don't regularly do it. When I think of the desert, I recall a location in a Zelda game! I think it was Skyward Sword on Wii. It was memorable because it was a hard level... Well there would be a lot of like desert spiders/snakes/lizards and other kinds of mammals. Many would probably be nocturnal. I haven't written in ages, but sometimes I go through stages where I like to write books. I have ideas but I never finish the book because I move on to another great idea.

*Curiosity increases* lolol, you're silly. How long ago did you have that injury? I bet your suit is actually the one your father got married in, and he just handed it down to you. I don't have a specific style, I just wear whatever I want. These days I often just wear my sports gear.

I actually get money just for being a university student I can save, but as I said, I spend it on clothes often haha. I actually made caramel fudge before, and the recipe required white chocolate but I didn't use it cause we didn't have any *cries*. I don't know Chinese at all, but I've had friends who are and there's quite a lot of Chinese in Sydney so I guess it's just a known thing to us. Most speak Mandarin though.
ampd Jan 11, 8:05 AM
Yeah dude I feel the same cause most animes are based in a high school setting and when they're aren't the anime is usually boring lol

But the comedy and in this gold and the characters are so good

Oops I meant full metal alchemist brotherhood lol and it didn't really click with me

Yeah there's not much guitar in it if I remember correctly lol but it's with a shot xD
Bambi Jan 11, 5:25 AM
Yeah I know... nothing we can do about it sadly. O-Oh I see, why is that? What are your biggest fears for the future, like marrying and having children and stuff? I think it works for me because I'm a pretty independent learner, plus maybe because learning Japanese isn't something you're forced to do you're more likely to slack off? Yeah, a cute girl like me better not be running alone at night ;P. Well in the desert, I could imagine it to be very easy to get lost. Everywhere would probably look the same and you'd lose your sense of direction. You might even sink into quick sand! That's true, I go through phases with things. I can be totally into them for a month or two and then I'm over it. I always tend to get back into these things though.

Lol, 'and other things ;P' you're making me curious now. Really? I find stairs going up to be the real killer, after all, you do burn more calories going up hill than down because it's more vigorous on your body, but it's probably just go to do with how your body is wired (old boy). Damn, you've ruined my vision of you in a snazzy suit. I am actually, it's one of my favourite pastimes both buying and looking for clothes online.

I'd imagined you'd been to quite a few countries in Europe, considering how close everything is. That's true, there's plenty of years left for me tot travel whilst I'm still young. Well, I'd have people I could ask but I'm just not sure whether they could afford it themselves and if they want to. It's fine, my sister actually likes white chocolate the best too! I love all chocolate. I do really like this one cookies and cream white chocolate you can get though.. That image of the hot chocolate and and snowy scenery sounds like a dream~ (not to make you jealous but I'm having hot chocolate right now). With Chinese, cantonese sounds more aggresive to me than mandarin.