Akari Watanabe

Fuufu Ijou, Koibito Miman.
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Fuufu Ijou, Koibito Miman.
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Akari Watanabe (渡辺 星)

Birthday: December 25

A gyaru and the main female protagonist of the series, who becomes Jirō's partner during the couples training. While Akari portrays an extroverted and confident nature, deep down she is actually very sweet, shy and kind towards her friends and loved ones. Her goal is to become the partner of Minami in the training, and she will do anything, even act like a well-behaved newlywed with Jirō. However, as the story progresses she loses her crush on Minami and falls in love with Jirō for real. Now, her new goal is to become an actual couple with Jirō but struggles to put her feelings into clarity, as well as dealing with Jiro's own insecurities.

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Voice Actors
Oonishi, Saori
Sheppard, Lindsay
Mendoza, Rose
Haruno, Mari
Portuguese (BR)
Vieregge, Julia