Goblin Slayer

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Japanese: ゴブリンスレイヤー
English: Goblin Slayer
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 7, 2018 to Dec 30, 2018
Premiered: Fall 2018
Broadcast: Sundays at 00:30 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: White Fox
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, FantasyFantasy
Theme: GoreGore
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.421 (scored by 679757679,757 users)
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Ranked: #21782
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Popularity: #127
Members: 1,133,152
Favorites: 7,480

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Unlike most fantasy anime, both shows present realistic/raw thoughts and emotions of the characters who find themselves thrown into an unfamiliar fantasy setting. Both shows also possess darker themes and as such would more likely be appreciated by a more mature audience. 
report Recommended by Brother-Kai
Pilot episodes similar with a group of innocent people and violence. -They both have bloody violence in a fantasy setting, with Goblin slayer's being more traditional with guilds and adventurers. -They are made by the same animation studio - White Fox Would recommend both if you are looking for an entertaining violent anime. Don't watch with the intent of getting invested in the characters/story. 
report Recommended by gotmarth
Similar universe, but Goblin Slayer is more serious and graphic. While Danmachi focus on every single character, GS tries to focus on the protagonist and his story/adventure. 
report Recommended by Rogernarok
Fantasy setting, team of adventures, nudity and gore. 
report Recommended by DarkDragonAC
I'm surprised im the first one who made this suggestion. Goblin Slayer is so much like Berserk. Just like Berserk, this is another Brutal, Dark fantasy with Blood, gore, rape, and a pretty cruel world. The leads are also very similar in the way that they are both are ruthless and motivated by revenge. They both show no mercy to their enemies and both have a very dark past. They are also not that good at socializing with others. There are more examples that i will edit once more episodes come out.  
report Recommended by SSJR2
Both shows feature very cautious heroes who win through being prepared and not fighting "fair". Goblin Slayer is less OP and there is less comedy, but the serious scenes in Shinchou Yuusha are reminiscent of Goblin Slayer. 
report Recommended by Timewinders
If you like Goblin slayer you will probably like Berserk as well. Both have some pretty dark moments and are basically about combating evil. The main characters are both clad in armor and both let there fighting do the talking. While you may start watching berserk and notice that Guts is not as scarred as Goblin Slayer, I would just say watch the first season and then you will see where I am coming from. Without trying to spoil berserk in any way I will just say that by berserk season 2, Guts is a lot more like Goblin slayer in many ways. If you have  read more 
report Recommended by qwestchinmark
Shows about a dark fantasy world where bad things happen to good people.  
report Recommended by karton_realista
In both, the story takes place in a heroic fantasy type world, and is centered around monsters. The two MCs are very similar: they're overpowered, have dubious morals, and their real face is never shown. They also both help people for their own benefits. Then, they have a group of girls who swoon over them, but never took interest in it. Because of that, expect some gud fan service. also woah violence 
report Recommended by MONOII
Both shows have got a simple minded male MC. Their social skills aren't the best but they have the charisma to make them the leaders of their group. Also, both shows are dark and have got a lot of gore. 
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
Both feature MCs that want to eliminate the monsters that have been terrorizing people. Goblin Slayer being Goblins Attack on Titan being Titans 
report Recommended by Demonic_Nemesis
-their similar ranking of hunters (adventurers in GS / Demon slayers in KNY) 10 ranks in both . -they are both about the protagonist hunting monsters as in demons or goblins for killing their loved ones. -even the names are similar (Goblin / Demon ) Slayer :) -Goblin slayer is more gruesome and gory than Demon slayer , but they are both not that disturbing if u ask me. all in all if u liked demon slayer i definetely recommend checking out goblin slayer ....  
report Recommended by SWFTY
both MCs are reserved and stoic, a bit dense, low-level by the guild's standard but highly experienced adventurers, both MCs have their face hidden under a helmet/ mask for almost the entire anime. goblin slayer has a party, undead adventurer adventures solo 
report Recommended by Chika_tetsu
Fantastic aspects of both worlds align. We have guilds, magic systems, a medieval-like age. Training matters, and the results of battles depend more on strategy than on the amount of power. Goblin Slayer is in a certain way a non-isekai alternative, much more action-focused and less gamified. 
report Recommended by OnlyOneZueiro
1. You can find goblins in both 2. The MC is overpowered 3. Races and classes seem pretty familiar to me BUT 1. Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken is an Isekai while Goblin Slayer is not 2. Reincarnated as a slime seems more of a comedy than a drama (I mean aside from the fight between demon lord and Rimuru, I didn't see any dramatic moments, meanwhile Goblin Slayer is more deep, dark anime, we all remember that scene from ep 1) 3. Smashable Goblins (When you say Goblin Slayer you mean rape, ugly goblins, etc. Meanwhile when you say Reincarnated as a Slime you mean waifu goblins that are actually  read more 
report Recommended by tachibanamitsuha
If you loved Goblin Slayer's seriousness and all-out violence, take the next step out of a fantasy world and into the ruthless world of a Samurai's life in 1600's Japan. Our main character in Shigurui is just as stoic, merciless, and relentless as Goblin Slayer, and the animation is even more gruesome. This anime takes a step up in maturity- and not just in rating. This anime is historical and as realistic as most anime get. Although much older than Goblin Slayer, the detail put into this anime is intricate, the animation, blood-curdling, and the story, much more toned for a older audience. If you've  read more 
report Recommended by tsukimiwandering
Both main characters are the silent and strong type Both are determined to meet their end goal no matter how many times they fail without rest Lots of gore Involves demons 
report Recommended by Eli_272
Both high fantasy shows with interesting premises and worldbuilding, as well a beautiful and cutesy artstyle that hides darker undertones and gorier scenes. 
report Recommended by JizzyBizzy
A band of very stereotypical adventurers including a priest, a dwarf and an elf set out on an adventure in a medievalesque land. They fight against fantasy monsters, especially goblins. The goblins looks more or less the same and have similar hierarchy structures in their race.  
report Recommended by Eziprez
basically the same but one is an isekai  
report Recommended by Rehaanc
Both series have nameless characters which eventually use their occupation or roles to be referred to. In spite of being set in a very different era & world, Akudama Drive sets the path of some Akudama who mean well, but are willing to kill those who get in their way of their mission/job. Just like the titular character Goblin Slayer for he kills goblins for the sake of saving humanity, Akudama Drive's Swindler kills whoever harms and exploits the Siblings for selfish trivial reasons. Bonus surprise is that one of the Akudama named Courier and Goblin Slayer are voiced by the same Japanese VA. 
report Recommended by RKThePartWriter
Similar that the world is overrun by monsters and one of the characters wants to exterminate all of them. Goblin slayer is a lot more... If you get triggered easily I recommend you prepare yourself if you watch Goblin Slayer 
report Recommended by Tazer_
A story about revenge, both protagonists have their lives consumed by it, and both are dark anime 
report Recommended by Furo6448
Similarities - Action fantasy shows that have very dark/mature themes - Incredibly strong, smart, and ruthless main characters - Evil antagonists that are relatively weak, but survive by being smart/cunning - Fast paced action with back and forth mind games between the protagonist and antagonists - Graphic depictions of r*pe, sex, violence, and gore - Characters questioning their ethics/morality 
report Recommended by bliubarry
protagonists as loveable as they are resolute.  
report Recommended by SliceofSlice
Antihero / (somewhat) Evil Protagonist, medieval times with magic / fantasy setting, a unique twist on a common setting. Both provide gore and target an adult audience. 
report Recommended by Leorid
Both are adventure anime with focus more on the action rather than the character development or personalities. Both are fast paced, have good character designs, and good animation. 
report Recommended by Aidayo
Similar type action and story line except this one has a harem  
report Recommended by Chimpoco
Both Goblin Slayer and Assassin involve sociopathic MCs who only care about the singular task they've been given. While they both take place in worlds of swords and sorcery, their settings are different enough to not keep the shows from feeling the same. A fun part of both stories comes from the fact that both MCs are outwardly OP in nature. While both are badass in presentation and execution this does not come from simply having the more OP skills or being overpowered for overpowered sake. Both are OP within their universes because they have a level of proficiency and expertise that allow for them  read more 
report Recommended by SaintJames012
Both shows are set in a fantasy world but with loads of gore and uncensored sword-cutting. They both contain women who get assaulted by monsters and/or bandits. Not recommended for kids! 
report Recommended by SummerADDE
Like others have said it's a dark comedy. Can't take it too seriously. If you like the grittiness of Goblin Slayer and the humor of Overlord you might like this. Plenty of dark humor and fan service. Enough character growth and twists in the story to keep it interesting. 
report Recommended by DagerFish
Both shows show how a bad fantasy RPG campaign looks like, but for different reasons. Chaos Dragon has some bad players (Urobutcher is not alone in this one), while Goblin Slayer would have one of the worst GM imaginable who promptly goes down the list of things not to do. 
report Recommended by YuriSpacePirate
There is one interesting aspect to both of those series that not much anime have - the characters have no names and instead are referred by name of their job/specialization. For example Hero, Priestess, Female Knight, Witch, you get the idea. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
In both anime you got a strong character who is fighting their enemies, but also with an interesting background. 
report Recommended by togarasi
both main characters slay things  
report Recommended by CrownlessHero
How is there no rec for Goblin Slayer? Besides the very infamous "Rape" scene and goblin killing present in both. Here are other similarities - An adventure, and good action to defeat the (bad guys/goblins) - Scenes where male MC fights to save or rescue a girl (Happens on many occassions, Alice, Asuna, Selka, Tiese, Ronie, Priestess, unknown elf and Cow Girl) - Medieval town setting with ranks and statuses (Knights, nobles, commoner, adventurers) - Male MC wields a distinct, powerful sword, has some "formidable skills, a finishing attack" and is strong - Male MC won't let past mistake and regret happen again, fights on and won't subject to the world  read more 
report Recommended by iamKetranLang
It doesn't sound very similar but when you heard it, its definitely sound similar especially some of the main cast. And instead of fighting goblin, we'll be fighting warcrimes 
report Recommended by ByTaste27
Both feature a girl with green hair, pointy ears, voiced by Nao Toyama. 
report Recommended by Theo1899
Both are dark fantasy anime with lots of violence, blood and gore. Both have a dark and moody feeling to them. They both have a character that hunts and kills super natural enemies. If you like one, you should the other as well.  
report Recommended by Genocyberfanboy
While the settings for these shows are different, they both have a similar tone and content to them. Both of these anime have an anti hero main character that kills monsters. They are also horror anime filled with blood and guts. I recommended both of these shows for anyone who likes anime with a dark atmosphere to them. 
report Recommended by Genocyberfanboy
While these two have a different setting to them, they both have a similar vibe. Both anime are filled with action, violence, blood and gore. Both have a dark and moody feeling to them. If you like one, you should the other as well.  
report Recommended by Genocyberfanboy
Similar art style , both main characters slay monsters to earn money , but Goblin Slayer is more brutal and bloody . 
report Recommended by Vinsmoke-Sanji66
Both series turn their genres on their heads. Shiled Hero, is NOT your typical cookie cutter generic Isekai anime in the same way: Goblin Slayer, is NOT your average fantasy anime with some unexpected twists 
report Recommended by nidoqueen106
Besides the usual sword and sorcery stuff that comes with a medieval fantasy setting, I couldn't help but think of Goblin Slayer several times while watching Chronicles of the Heroic Knight. The biggest overlap is the berserker Orson has an identical origin story to everyone's favorite goblin slaying mad man, only the Lodoss version is PG13. There's also a young priestess of a different earth mother goddess who takes the lead heroine position in the second part of the story.  
report Recommended by Hemorrhagician
Both anime have a similar advanture setting. And somehow they similar. 
report Recommended by -ODA-