JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

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Synonyms: Dai San Bu Kuujou Joutarou: Mirai e no Isan, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3
Japanese: ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 スターダストクルセイダース
English: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
German: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
Spanish: Jojo´s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders
French: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
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Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 2014 to Sep 13, 2014
Premiered: Spring 2014
Broadcast: Saturdays at 00:30 (JST)
Licensors: VIZ Media
Studios: David Production
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, SupernaturalSupernatural
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.101 (scored by 870484870,484 users)
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Ranked: #4982
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Popularity: #114
Members: 1,227,338
Favorites: 22,320

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Two classic shounen series. Hunter x Hunter and Jojo Stardust Crusaders takes on the adventure theme and brings together a show chronicling characters' journeys. The main male protagonist from both series are strong, resilient, and deep down cares about people he befriends with. In particular, they have a connection with their parent guardian. Both series has a lot of action with supernatural abilities involved and fighting spirit. I recommend both series for fans who are looking for a show with engaging storytelling. 
report Recommended by Stark700
JoJo is a series that has been heavily influenced by many titles, such as FotNS, but it has also had an influence over other series. The most obvious of these influences is the concept of 'Stands' and how similar - tarot cards and all, but thankfully without fusion - it is to 'Personas' seen in the Persona series. Whilst the moment Jotaro put a gun to his head instantly reminded me of Persona 3, rather than superficial aspets, it is more just the basic concept of a person having another self that fights for them - linked to tarot cards reflecting their combat abilities -  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
On ajin they have a creature that can become like a stand. While ajin more hated on the stands, because they are more hard to control and can go berserk. jojo they are used for more on the good and isn't really known to the government and or police.  
report Recommended by Lord_Valzin
Both series are very good shounens, have similar powers (Stands and Oversouls), extremely charismatic characters, supernatural stuff and very good fights with many twists. 
report Recommended by Loalder
This is the closest you can get to Hokuto no Ken. Manly men, punch barrages, heroic sacrifices, brutal non-stop over the top fighting, ridiculous battle techniques, and the main character is basically Kenshiro. If you are a big HnK fan clamoring for something similar but nothing seems to fit the bill or hit the spot, Jojo is the answer you've been seeking. 
report Recommended by Kellhus
Strong characters fighting the gifted vilain of the day in a manly or inventive way. Both share similar humors. 
report Recommended by Mucharetsu
I’ve watched the first four parts and the first 24 episodes of the fifth part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and only one episode of Shaman King (2021)...but it really reminds me of part 3. Both have similar fighting styles and both give me the same feeling. I can tell that Hiroyuki Takei was inspired by Hirohiko Araki. I’d say if you liked any part of JoJo, more so Part 3, you’d like Shaman King (2021). 
report Recommended by SebCyrSC2000
Both main characters have a cocky, stubborn attitude that shows off their strengths and intelligence to out wit the enemy. Meeting up with new characters who get into conflicts with the main character but helps train and guide are protagonist to later on become companions to fight a much bigger evil. Both series have great action/comedy plus good character development as the stories unfolds. 
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
Both series tells about a adventure around the world (from Japan to Egypt in JoJo and from East Blue to Raftel in One Piece). Similiar fightinig abilities and the main characters have both a funny grandpa who has a lot great fights in the past. And in main crew of both are a Frenchman who is nice to ladies.  
report Recommended by Joseph-Jones
These animes are similar in the idea of calling upon another entity, either servant or stand, to aid in combat. In addition, both Fate/Zero and Jojo have beautiful color palettes, amazing writing, and great music. Not to mention that the action within both animes is phenomenal!Lastly, viewers can really feel engaged watching both animes. The scenarios presented in both animes are well thought out and make a viewer really think about how the event will play out and what tactics the heroes will employ in order to achieve victory.  
report Recommended by flapjack48
These animes can unify humor and fights in the best way possible. Well-designed muscles, powerful fights and lots of blood. Also, they are adapted from mangas of the same epoch. 
report Recommended by Z_Tetriminos
Both series have brutal non-stop over-the-top fighting, are more like classic shonen than modern shonen, have a similar main protagonist (Ryuko Matoi and Jotaro Kujo) and main antagonist (Ragyo Kiryuin and Dio Brando), and have similar powers (Kill La Kill has Goku Uniforms and Kamuis and JoJo has Stands). 
report Recommended by Domayv
Both shows contain similar attractions, with spiritual forms specific to each user, who are able to provide either offense or defense. In both cases as well, the protagonist is unaware of their possession with said entities but is quick to get used to them  
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Both have a main character who has a consistent (or at least mostly consistent) power, uses it to solve problems. A few episodes in the franchise are almost literally the same as Yu-Gi-Oh! "Season Zero". 
report Recommended by Eksevis
Both anime are based on manga written by Hirohiko Araki. Star Platinum's design is even similar to Baoh. While they both have different stories, they both focus on the main protagonist that uses a special superhuman ability to fight against powerful evil opponents that threaten the world. The biggest difference between the two is that the main protagonist in Baoh transforms into a superhuman monster to fight against evil while in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, the main protagonist uses Stands. If you like one, you should enjoy the other.  
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
If you love satisfying punches and bulked up men, then you'll might love these two anime. 
report Recommended by Amin-kun
Both featured supernatural beings that bring chaos to the world, enemy/enemies of the week style (Stands and Clow Cards). Both main characters (Jotaro and Sakura) use their powers (Star Platinum and Sakura Cards) to defeat all enemy targets (in JoJo Part 3, the MC must defeat a stand user by "retiring" them while in CCS, the MC must capture them). Plus, there are sidekicks who are helping them to finish their mission (JoJo Part 3 has Joseph Joestar, Jean-Pierre Polnareff, and Noriaki Kakyoin while in CCS has Keroberos, Tomoyo Daidouji and Li Syaoran). The difference are: JoJo Part 3 appeared first in 1980s than CCS  read more 
report Recommended by The_Anonymous28
The Autumn Selection tournament arc is abounding in JoJo references, and executes them to great effect. It could be subtle, such as when a character anticipates his opponents' next move as menacingly as a JoJo villain would. Or, it could be as blatantly obvious as opposing dishes manifesting as Stands to "Ora-Ora" it out, just as Star Platinum would against an enemy stand. In addition, there's a lot of third-party exposition-dumps occurring from the sidelines and opponents explaining themselves in both series. In my opinion, Food Wars does this a little better than JoJo, because it makes me appreciate the science behind cooking a lot  read more 
report Recommended by Dewelleric
It contains the same muscly testosterone part 3 contains an i recommend it whole heartedly  
report Recommended by TheRunfast4
You could see ridiculous plot twists in almost each episode for both series though unlike CG, JoJo probably didn't take itself seriously 
report Recommended by mhkr
If you liked or did not like the OVA, you should check out the newer adaptation by David Production. Sure the colors aren't as accurate to the manga like the Ova is in some parts, but the story is told much more faithfully to the original manga. Also the dub is better than the OVA's dub. 
report Recommended by LSSJ_Gaming
These are two of the most unique Jump titles, and there isn't quite anything like them. But if you liked Jojo, there's a high chance you'll like Undead Unluck too, because the Negator abilities will remind you a lot of Stands with the complexity of the powers and the creative ways in which they can be used. Also the plot revolves around adventures in different parts of the world, the characters have clear motivations and both series share the same studio. 
report Recommended by GreatestSaltboy
Both shows follow similar storylines centering around a group that goes on an adventure of sorts in order to save their ill family member. Both shows also deal with problems from outside, as well as intrateam problems  
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Lot better in terms of story, characters, and plot. Really bad ass protag and amazing group that rivals that of Dragon Ball.  
report Recommended by Botan-Chan45
It's same levels of ridiculous as JoJo, except without most well read muscly guys beating the sh*t out of each other 
report Recommended by MyStormm
Both are typical shonens, Both have characters with unique power and both have similar power of Stand = Appetite Demons(Toriko). 
report Recommended by Plvangam
Both Road Anime -Jotaro going to Egypt to cure Holly -Takt going to New york to cure Cosette  
report Recommended by ahctpac
Jojo's bizarre adventure literally says it in the title but mob psycho is more bizarre than a lot of the parts in my opinion it's a funny show with a great story and a (somewhat) original one at that. I'm sure everyone who watches the first season would love it. 
report Recommended by pewwnews
both are shounen series. both have great fights. 
report Recommended by darius068
Think about it. Instead of stand-users, in initial D we have car users. MC will pull epic 200 IQ moves against his opponents in each battle.  
report Recommended by _Daga_Kotowaru_
Both are focused on over-the-top characters and stupidly cool sakuga.  
report Recommended by OvileeDay
A group of students and adults have to fight spirits that most people cannot see unless they have an ability of their own to fight said spirits. Both shows also contain a lot of action and dramatic fates for some characters.  
report Recommended by azreiiiel
Both series follows a group of people who special abilities fighting other groups with similar powers. Both series see strange battles emerge from the matchups of different powers. 
report Recommended by newretroguy
Something you wouldn't notice until you've reached a certain episode in Summertime Rendering is that it's got a great sense of action during fights, and like Jojo, doesn't hesitate to explain every single circumstance regarding its system which could often lead to over-exposition but not like the level of apparently unrelated dialogue the latter reaches ("apparently" because while the anecdote seems very random it comes to play with the themes of the fights). Sometimes the enemy and heroes are evenly matched because of the amount of information they gather with each loop or during a battle, but they always look for that opening/flaw (The "event  read more 
report Recommended by ReSeinen
Adding on to jRad522's "Supernatural summons with their ridiculously dressed owners" I'd argue Karakuri Circus is also a story that talks about lineage or generations like Jojo. In a way, the tireless battle against Dio is similar to the Jin and Yin brothers-debacle of Karakuri Circus, a villain that lives through the body of others and counts with a horde of obedient underlings for our heroes to fight. Just like how ridiculous Jojo battles can get with stands, the fights between puppets and Automata can get as creative as the previously mentioned show, with one having to do with a guy carrying an entire merry-go-round  read more 
report Recommended by ReSeinen
Detatoko Princess and Stardust Crusaders are about a band of eccentric characters with supernatural powers trying to cross the world on an adventure with evil foes constantly trying to stop them. 
report Recommended by Third-Impact
Both are monster of the week action shows. 
report Recommended by ANT4
If you enjoy series about traveling around the world, each show has something to offer. A good amount of time is spent on different locations, mostly Southeast Asia. You'll see Ryu and Ken, as well as the Joestar group, travel to places such as Hong Kong and India. Some are unique to each series, like Thailand and Spain in Street Fighter II V, or Singapore and Egypt in Stardust Crusaders, to name a few. Either way, you'll see a variety of real world countries in both shows. Apart from that, both are action shows about fighting and companionship. 
report Recommended by EterTC
This might seem like a weird comparison but they reminded me of each other multiple times due to the formula that both series follow. They are both "monster of the week" style anime where each episode can feel like it's own story but although it follows the monster of the week style, there is still a main end game goal and they are always progressing and never lose sight of what they wanna accomplish. They both start out with the main protagonist meeting an individual (or individuals) at the very start and from there, the basic formula kicks in. These two can do a very  read more 
report Recommended by ManWild
It has great art, great characters, great story, and a great fanbase. 
report Recommended by Emossh
epic poses references to bands and music artists random at times 
report Recommended by male_humanoid
I know that this rec could seem strange since it seems that K-on and Jojo are in complete opposition, but I still cannot think about one without thinking about the other and here is why : - In both you follow a group of friend in their everyday lives. Jojo SC1 has a lot of slice of life moments (that makes everybody say it's boring while I greatly enjoyed it), you see the lifes of the 5 guys of the group doing their activity : that is travelling and fighting. In K-On you see the girls in the music club having fun. In both  read more 
report Recommended by hubertpivert
There are 5 characters in the main cast There are "enemies of the week" and one main enemy The main characters have "alter egos" with special powers necessary to defeat evil (Although, JoJo cast do not transform, but summon said egos) Both are old manga and old anime remade with sharp animation and bright colors. Also, note the 3d in both the openings. ps: Sailor Jupiter looks like Kakyoin, with wavy pink hair and green uniform.  
report Recommended by irasshai
If you are one of those thousands who watch this newest JoJo series right now, and you feel that there is something about it that you like, yet you can't put your finger on what it is exactly, here is a suggestion. Try watching Hokuto no Ken and see if you will get this same feeling. And you don't have to watch the 100 episodes long TV series, just check out the movie. Or you are one of those who watched everything Hokuto no Ken and you are lamenting the fact that they don't make anime like this anymore? Give JoJo's Bizarre Adventures a try, maybe  read more 
report Recommended by sindarfrom
I think the amount of bloodshed, the type of fighting is quite similar. The atmosphere being dark and the hero travelling, killing human-harming enemies are both common. The main action part felt quite similar but other aspects are very different but I have no doubt someone who watched one of them will like the other too. 
report Recommended by guddi
Top-tier psychological fights. A unique GAR art-style with: - angular character designs, - manly tears - and a glorious campy narrator making lengthy explanations with exaggerated metaphors and emphasis on the situation. A very good balance of smart/stupid. For example, at the beginning of some arcs, you will feel like the drama is overdone, the characters state obvious things with emphasis, which is made worse by the narrator, with a situation going nowhere, but actually, it is a very good setup for the following events to unfold in the witty cerebral fights, down to the sillier moments, who also set the mood for the bizarre situations occurring. I still get had very  read more 
report Recommended by Roruman
Cast full of muscular dudes yet with unique designs, the fights are full of bizzare ideas and over-the-top ridiculousness (in a good way). 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Psychological battles of sorts in bizarre settings. JoJo is campy while Psi is a parody, so they are different genres, but similar. Psi has references to JoJo, such as a Jotaro-lookalike in the early episodes, sound texts representing intense situations, characters spelling their character's strategy and thinking a counter to it, a glorious GAR narrator explaining concepts in a bombastic style, shorts arcs, a silent protagonist (mostly applies to Jotaro again), etc. Both are great anime, though JoJo is obviously the better one. 
report Recommended by Roruman
Both series are manly 80's shonen that have emphasis on traveling. The movie for Otokojuku serves as an introduction to the series as it contains very over the top martial arts, although only the movie has that road trip scenario. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure however focuses more on supernatural horror in its trip to Egypt. Both series contain stylish visuals & great music accompanied by a similar lead character being Momotaro & Jotaro who have a lot in common throughout the entire course of their respective long mangas. I highly recommend people to read/watch Sakigake Otokojuku & the following parts for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. 
report Recommended by THEAnimeHERO
Aside from having protagonists with similar personalities, Momotaro & Jotaro, both series focus on the 80's masculine spirit while containing multiple battles. Otokojuku features physical combat often resorting to fictional martial arts while JoJo is more horror themed with supernatural powers, however both are filled with very over-the-top elements as both authors may have inspired each other. 
report Recommended by THEAnimeHERO
A group of multicultural fighters team up in a GAR, over-the-top adventure involving bizarre superpowers/mechs. The team consists of an irritable badass protagonist, an idiot, a flamboyant character, a strong and silent character, a kid/animal, and an older mentor with a link to the protagonist. The main character fights to save one of their parents, which they can only do by defeating a great evil that they first have to locate. 
report Recommended by Lindle
If you menage to get trough the slide show that is the first season of this anime, Shuumatsu no Walküre (Record of Ragnarok) II features over the top fights similar to those seen in Jojo or Hunter x Hunter, which are all the rane these days, with each fighter having an unique ability used in unexpected ways in order to best their opponent.  
report Recommended by Crochax
I feel like the main characters and the general flows of the shows are similiar. You get a main character who suddenly aquires a power, both of them are flegmatic in their own way at times, but when needed, they fight with unfaltering resolve. The side characters have their own deep, most of them with a flashback of their own, explaining their actions. Also in both shows there are motives of journey, tournaments, ability fine-tuning, (few others but *spoilers*), but most importantly using one's with to overcome your opponent (even though i felt like JoJo was better at that.) Each of the shows has its own pace, with  read more 
report Recommended by Brutaller
Both have gory and epic fights with creepy/weird characters. However, the story in Parasyte is more serious and is not episodic, like Stardust Crusaders. 
report Recommended by SilverChariotx
Technically both series were originally published a decade from each other but contain colorful animation and multiple episodes of monster of the week. Go Nagai's violence found in Cutey Honey rivals that of Hirohiko Araki in his work of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. One is a violent magical girl and the other is a manly shonen but both contain the same amount of entertainment in their bizarre scenarios and enemy character designs. 
report Recommended by THEAnimeHERO
Bros travelling the world in search of that thing they gotta find. Not many anime feature real-world location outside of the US or UK, so it's always exciting to see Afghanistan and Pakistan, or Singapore and India being featured. Lots of nicely animated fights and action in both, but have very different tone. With Shisha no Teitoku being more serious and self-absorbed, and Stardust Crusaders being more fun and fabulous in every sense of the word. Shisha no Teitoku is a steampunk adventure movie set in an world where zombies are commonplace and the bros are travelling around the world trying to get their hands on some important  read more 
report Recommended by Lemon
Both are modern adaptations of popular early 90s shounen manga which previously had only received an OVA series. Both are somewhat episodic and have many villains join the side of the hero after fighting with them. Both main characters are high school students who have a power which only they can see. 
report Recommended by Jerkhov
Broship road trips. In Supernatural the 'bros' are actual brothers by blood and in Stardust Crusaders the cast also travel by air and sea, but eh: technicalities. The point is, both series are episodic and revolve around male bonding as they travel; with only the occasional 'guest' female character welcome. Fujoshi bait. Stardust Crusaders does not take itself very serious (to put it mildly), in contrast to Supernatural, but many of the episodes/arcs have a horror theme--seemingly paying homage to numerous live-action horror flicks. And Supernatural is best described as episodic horror; complete with unusual-for-anime truly black shadows. So, the content is similar in that  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
The Powers in Big Order Called Order's are Similar to what Stands are in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Most Notably in Stardust Crusaders and Diamond is Unbreakable though Big Order seems to be more serious and JoJo is more Comical at times  
report Recommended by TwistedVivid
Both have time manipulation in them, and made by same studio. 
report Recommended by MikuOlliet
Both series are about a group of people with special powers going across the land to stop a great evil. The layout of both series are very similar as each story is resolved at the end of either 1 or 2 episodes, and feels quite repetitive, the character interactions in both series make them both interesting series which will hook you very quickly. 
report Recommended by Tatsunami
-Villain of the week type series -Lots of action -Alien(but not)- like creatures 
report Recommended by Xabla_
AGE Kio Arc is one to Stardust Crusader as the finale of the villains with the older protagonists supporting them. Kio-Jotaro Asemu-Joseph 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Trigun gave me some occasional Jojo vibes with it's villains. They are very over the top to the ridiculous degree. One villain has a flame thrower lighter with which he lights his "cigarette", which is basically just one of those fireworks sparkler sticks for kids, if that doesn't tell you that this show has "rule of cool" elements idk what to tell you. Very ridiculous, but very fun and cool in the same dweeby way that jojos is fun and cool. Most similar to part 3 in particular because trigun is mostly a villain of the week show were they're constantly moving from location to  read more 
report Recommended by okamikotori
Both have a very episodic form of fighting a different opponent every few episodes. The power systems are also very similar in my opinion; every time I see someone use their charyeok powers in god of highschool it reminds me so much of the Stand power system in Jojo.  
report Recommended by symbiotic
Both are about journeying packs recruiting other heroes and fighting a longtime nemesis by journeying across the land with ultra-violent battles. 
report Recommended by AnonymousYoshi
-both shows are repetitive and episodic (you can skip some episodes, it won't affect the storyline) -both shows have a horror(dark) theme and slow pacing -generic(forgettable) villians but its a fun to see the main cast beat them all -and yes they both fight for one woman (but remember if you love life, don't watch these shows, don't waste your time.) 
report Recommended by zal-visionary
Both anime focus on young male protagonist who travels the world in order to find a certain person. They both also have a group of likable friends. These anime have an unique and balanced power system, and battles are usually won using strategy instead of pure strength. Both anime are based on manga published by Shounen Jump. 
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Although they are set in different times, both anime focus on a badass main character, who must fight a lot of enemies, each with distinct and unique abilities, as he travels around to complete his quest. Both anime have a lot of action and violence, and an interesting cast of characters. Overall, they have a similar vibe and are meant for a similar audience. 
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Both have hilarious costume designs and characters you wouldn't even think of; along with the most fabulous and dramatic poses you could imagine.  
report Recommended by symbiotic
You'll see some random stuff in those both animes. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo takes the "random" concept in a comedy way, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure in an intentional weird way. While the first one is pure dadaist, surreal, absurd comedy, the second one tries to be serious and its really weird scenes seems to be logical when you watch them in context. They also share a manly main character and unexpected secondary characters. 
report Recommended by Animeiberico