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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
Yesterday, 1:59 PM
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Sep 23, 10:59 AM
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Berserk (2016)
Berserk (2016)
Sep 18, 11:45 AM
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Sep 23, 10:59 AM
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
Aug 4, 9:42 PM
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Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Jul 17, 12:48 PM
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Echelon Sep 29, 4:03 PM
Goddamn Umbrella Chronicles just keeps going lol. Never noticed until playing this, but rapid firing the R1 button gets painful pretty quickly. I'm having to do the side missions now to hopefully unlock the fourth episode.
Echelon Sep 28, 4:23 AM
That's basically what I got out of Symphonia and Graces F... so yeah I'll need to see a good story in Tales before I believe it haha.
Echelon Sep 27, 7:06 PM
Well now that unsells me on Vesperia haha. I guess if you get to Xilia before me I'll be curious to hear how it is. I was just going to flip a coin between that or Tales of Zestiria. Just seems unlike you to maybe get into this series haha, it's always seemed like second or third tier JRPG territory to me, despite having good polish sometimes and amazing battle systems. Who knows though, I've only covered like a third of the series so there could be some gems in there.

I might be more interested in checking out the new Star Ocean's sometime first though. But I've also heard really mixed things on the newest one. Supposedly 4 on the PS3 is the most sci-fi of the series which could maybe win me over. I hear both have good battle systems, but everything else might be iffy. Just googled to confirm Motoi Sakuraba is still the composer on 4-5 as well so that's awesome since I'm a big fan now, might be another perk haha.

Man I wish Quintet were still around. Nothing quite like their and the weird Enix niche' of the 8/16bit era's.
Echelon Sep 27, 5:40 PM
"someone tells me it actually has good writing and characters on par with PSX classics"

*Hilary cough* How much do you trust this person? lol. There can be an RPG with perfect gameplay but if the story is dooky I'll burn out. That's my issue with half this series. They pump them out yearly now too so it's hard to imagine they are really that good. The ones I mostly played:

Tales of Phantasia (SNES emulated) - beautiful game and seemed fine, but I got stuck somewhere and stopped
Tales of Destiny - The encounter rate was insane, didn't get far
Tales of Symphonia - The one I played the most, but I can't tell you any specifics so it seems forgettable
Tales of Graces F - Was playing this off and on for like two years when I got into the PS3 more. The story and pacing brought it down after awhile, but the cooking system was atrocious too. You basically have to constantly micromanage materials and cooking for battle items/mechanics in between every single battle... not a fan of extreme micromanagement like that. Same with the character skill system, but you could set that to auto... not always ideal though.

The cooking thing seems tied to the franchise but they all seem different. So I wonder how some of the others are.

My curiosity is always there though. For whatever reason I just keep hoping that one will finally grab me and I'll finish one. I hate not finishing games, so I've got some major unfinished business with this series. I might check out Vesperia on the 360 out next since it's probably the cheapest and heard good things. But I also own Tales of Destiny II (US, technically Eternia I believe), and I can't even remember how I got a complete copy or I just grabbed it online years ago... but it's extremely rare now and goes for $150+ lmfao. So... I'd feel like a real asshole if I don't give this one an extra fair shot and a good chunk of time. Visually it looks a lot cooler than most of them to me though so I'm crossing my fingers.
mdchaos Sep 27, 4:20 PM
Yeah the new shadow warrior is really excellent. It's probably my favorite Shooter of the 2010s so far. New one is more of it's own thing compared to the original, with a heavy focus on Sword combat. The gunplay is still really good being similar to painkiller with having alt firing modes, which is funny cause Flying wild hog were Ex Painkiller developers.
mdchaos Sep 26, 4:53 PM
You playing the reboot of shadow warrior I take it?
Echelon Sep 26, 2:18 PM
I guess you cut off series easier haha. I don't think you played some of the later Silent Hill's either?

I jumped back into Revelations 2 again today to play some more, pickup some trophies and more items in the game. It is pretty fun and kind of classic Capcom-ish in that all your stuff constantly carries over when you replay levels and stuff, so that's always cool and makes collectibles fun. I guess there's two different modes for the entire campaign, some time attack thing and then an invisible mode where all enemies are invisible (I think some of the others like the original had this, or maybe that's just a REmake HD unlockable). The level variety was pretty cool in this one. RE6 has a lot of cities and huge open levels that feel super strange, but this was all on an isolated island. Cool mansion near the end. I guess I'd recommend this one over RE6, but yeah... lol.

That and Chris' constant voice changes make it seem like he's actually 3+ completely different characters in the franchise. lmao

It was funny how the RE3 portion of Umbrella Chronicles was mostly new material and made up levels. There was only like two areas I could kind of recognize. I mean the RE3 level design itself isn't super memorable or good, but it made me laugh a bit. It was cool how on point Zero and RE1 were though. But yeah these bosses are frustrating playing solo.
Echelon Sep 25, 8:28 PM
I have yet to meet or see anyone else that likes RE5 but hates RE4, who knows what your reaction to RE6 would be. Nowadays I like to believe that a lot of people think it's just one of those games that's cool to hate and could bet that more than half the crowd that dogs on it hasn't even played it to form their own opinion. I gave it a shot and it's fine. T-Virus and classic zombie stuff was brought back in the mix of Las Plagus, so it had some cool monster designs again and bosses. I guess it's only diehard material at a 6th installment though and can see how it's not for everyone and is mixed like half the series, but yeah. It's decent and something I'd easily take over Gears of War and other modern third person shooters. But RE5 and Dead Space are leagues better for sure. Probably a lot of fun co-op like I'm guessing Revelations 2 would be as well, though they also don't really suffer being played solo.

On that note, Umbrella Chronicles actually makes me crave a co-op experience, but that's probably the whole rail shooter genre in general lol. Just feels a bit awkward playing something like this solo and with a normal controller. I wonder if Darkside Chronicles is a little more fun and balanced for solo, but yeah. It's been a decent romp on the side.
Echelon Sep 25, 4:53 PM
Did you ever actually play 6?

Yeah, I'll check RE7 out sometime. If anything it's that one that should be called Revelations or have some kind of other subtitle haha. Might be decent, but the naming is about as dumb as FFXI and whatnot.

For me, Mannequins =

Was playing through that part with a group of friends and we've never forgotten it haha. I think I'm going to finally replay it sometime this month or so. I predict it holds up well.
Echelon Sep 25, 3:12 PM
Cough drops, lmao.

Is part 7 the one that reboots everything?

Revelations 2's Raid Mode is actually really awesome. Re-uses a lot of levels from RE6 which is fine, but yeah it's really elaborate and seems like you could easily sink a ton of time into it. But I'll probably continue my RE marathon with other games. Overall this one wasn't bad, but still lower tier along like RE6, Zero, and CV for me. What it does better than RE6 is that you can get mods for weapons again and stuff, so that's more interesting than how much depth RE6's gameplay lacked (literally like all you pickup are health and ammo items, no customization like RE4-RE5). This one definitely had some cool enemies too and the combat was good. It's got a tag team thing going as always, I liked the young girl with Barry since she could see invisible enemies and things like that, so it was an interesting dynamic. Claire is paired up with Barry's daughter Moira whom was pretty annoying, but not nearly as bad as every new character in RE6 or Revelations 1... so she's tolerable. But I don't really see you liking this much so I'm just rambling haha. Maybe check it out for $10-15 or something.
mecharobot Sep 25, 2:32 PM
Yeah, I really like his design too, but it's just a past chapter from the crossover movie between W and OOO (I think). Some kind of miniseries would be really cool, though.
Echelon Sep 25, 10:26 AM
I'm guessing would 40-50 episodes be good for the other parts, each? I wonder how 4 has been doing.

I think I'd like to hear some better libertarians and their ideals. But yeah Johnson doesn't seem good haha. Something about him is TOO relaxed and nonchalant, not really in a good way. Almost kind of inherently smug too... like he somehow just slipped this far. I guess I'm behind on the podcasts so I'm probably out of date, is he even going to be in the debates? I still think it'd be good to have more people even if he seems dumb. lol

EDIT: Doesn't look like he's in?

So any bets on Hilary suffering another poor heat wave and passing out?
Echelon Sep 23, 6:09 PM
Echelon Sep 23, 4:09 PM
Mafia stuff? Is part 5 with the crippled JoJo? I saw that in one of the games last time my friends and I played it. I think my friend knocked on maybe the part 6 JoJo as being the worst to him, I don't think it was the crippled guy or the female. Not sure though.

Part 4 feels like an 8 to me. I know you and everyone are saying it has gotten way better, but yeah. I can just honestly say after letting 6-7 weeks stock up with some episodes, I haven't really thought about it much at all. Maybe this season is better at a faster pace though so a rewatch will be more fun. It never really got the juices flowing weekly like the last parts though. Definitely hope they keep animating the rest though and I'll keep watching. Easy to tell I'll love the franchise all around, but I definitely don't see parts 1-3 being topped for me.

Rubin seems cool, that was a very good episode. Stefan does a good job defending Trump. I wonder if Rubin has a podcast, it would be cool to get like one other in the rotation here to balance it out for me haha. I think you'd like Dan Carlin if you still haven't tried him. I can't really pinpoint where he'd land, but he's not a fan of Trump or Hilary. Also it was funny hearing Rubin knock on Gary Johnson, I think Rubin actually said he himself is a firm liberal, but he likes libertarian stuff and he's not the first outspoken guy of that side I've heard be against Gary. I would love to see Gary in the main debates though, even if he'll probably get squashed, it would be interesting.