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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Feb 20, 2017 1:21 PM
Re-watching 25/148 · Scored 9
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
Dec 23, 2016 1:13 PM
Completed 39/39 · Scored 9
Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine
Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine
Dec 2, 2016 12:08 PM
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Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Dec 18, 2016 7:15 AM
Reading 59/366 · Scored -
Sep 23, 2016 10:59 AM
On-Hold 347/? · Scored 10
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
Aug 4, 2016 9:42 PM
On-Hold 56/? · Scored -


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Echelon Jan 13, 6:11 PM
Died laughing for like a minute straight.

I can't believe I found this as fast as I did, the original from 2010.
[AHQ] Yu Yu Hakusho - 062 - Toguro's Full Power

SunWukung Jan 2, 6:48 PM
Happy New Year!
Echelon Dec 26, 2018 1:54 PM
I thought the old dude who betrays you in 6 was horrible, but he's apparently some legendary actor haha. Think they might get a bit too caught up in the famous people thing... I think the main guy in Project Judge is some current hot star as well or something.

Yeah admittedly I don't know much about the whole Panzer series honestly, though I've been a fan of the OST's for years now. Some seriously killer stuff in all of them.

Fugo was the guy I wasn't feeling at all. Not to mention the color of his outfit is like straight up puke green and just looks terrible. But this last episode alone is already turning me on around on him, like it did on previous characters haha. His stand seems awesome... a loose cannon with a hilarious flaw. Kid Buu? lol, some angles reminded me of Freeza a bit, but then not so much in other shots. Another thing I have to praise about this part so far is that every single enemy is just far more striking than anything before. Even down to their own designs and motives, they feel way more fleshed out and interesting than the average random goons in the last parts all around. Sure I can't remember the endless names in this franchise, but like the cool red coat guy in Narancia's intro 3-parter was freaking great and now this mirror dude seems really cool too. It's like every random enemy in part 5 so far is Hol Horse caliber.
Echelon Dec 25, 2018 6:58 PM
Makes me almost wonder if there were some artist/licensing issues for use of those covers outside of Japan? I don't think I've ever heard that though and it was just other territories thinking this or that looked better... and yeah USA covers tended to look like crap. All the classic anime covers getting turned into Hercules and Xena shit, lol. I had the Panzer Dragoon Saga cover in my mind but that one for the original I haven't seen as much... definitely a downgrade.

I still laugh a lot how everything magically fell into Kiryu's hands in 4. Key characters happily washing up on his beach, etc, lmao. I always liked Haruka but she probably had the writing in another crutch as well in the long run. Just a huge shame that Y6 couldn't have been the MGS4 and Old Snake for Kiryu. Yet at the same time this series seems to retcon itself sometimes or the endings, as dramatic as they can get, don't even seem to matter at points. Another timeleap and they could probably pretend Y6's ending didn't really matter, lol. But yeah it's probably way better to leave Kiryu alone at this point and start doing some spinoffs. Frankly I'm shocked now that I think about it that Majima didn't get his own solo game or something. He seems even more popular than Kiryu in some polls I've seen I think. And he's got no baggage so you could do whatever the fuck with him, haha.

Good point about the Tojo Clan too though... it's gotten a bit comical how they also always have to magically tie into everything. lol

Speaking of Panzer Dragoon, did you hear they're getting remakes? I guess source codes being lost and key staff having passed away have kept this series dormant, but maybe some people are willing to tackle it now. Orta on the Xbox was hard as hell from what I played, so I never managed to beat it and unlock the original. I've always been most curious about Saga though, so I wonder if there's a chance that one could get a remake too.
Echelon Dec 24, 2018 8:04 PM
Yeah, maybe it's a mix of the canon story and new original stuff. I'm sure it could be good.

"Brutal Legend" lmao. Don't quote me on this, but I thought the Hara art was still there with a reversible cover. Been a lot of reversible covers this gen which is cool (guess they need to make these manual-less boxes worthwhile huh?)... but yeah I'm not 100% if that's the case here.

The PS2/PS3 era stuff with character model renders on the cover are so atrocious, lol. Always hated that Yakuza 3 one, it's super awkward.
Echelon Dec 23, 2018 7:31 PM
Random site note: I got really into Twitch this year, lol. It's like my new TV and I don't even bother with youtube much anymore. But did you know Mike Matei streams a lot thesedays? I'm glad I caught him playing Super Ghouls n' Ghosts a few months back because his hissy fits and couch slaps are fucking hilarious. Unleashes the real AVGN haha. As we've always suspected, he's legit and hardcore especially compared to James. He used to have a link to tough games he's beaten but I can't find it now. He beat Hagane (SNES) somewhat recently, does a lot of Zelda 2 runs, etc, he knows his shit on some tough ones for sure and his determination is admirable haha.

I'll never forget your drunk King's Field runs were the first streams I tuned into. lmao
Echelon Dec 23, 2018 6:55 PM
Seath's true form, haha. Love these KF tunes.

From Software going back to first person dungeon crawling would be incredible.

I watched some streams of Déraciné and it looked really cool. Didn't see any playthrough to completion but yeah, it almost looks like they went back to their adventure roots in ways. Not that I'm an expert on their back catalogue beyond Armored Core, but that's the vibe I get with this one. Apparently it's sprinkled with things possibly relating to Bloodborne, but I'm sure that's them having fun connecting some dots between games like they always do, but leave it up to our imagination in the end.

And of course as you always know, I'll continue to pray they give us Sci-fi Souls someday. lol, maybe something neogothic like in the vein of Thief/Quake would be really cool. Gritty dark fantasy with some technology melded into it.

The HnK combat looks really damn good and awesomely bloody. Gameplay wise it looks fantastic but I am a little worried about the story... apparently it doesn't follow the manga/anime at all and is an original thing, which is disappointing to me. There's a higher chance I'd dig this formula over the musou game it got last gen, but hearing it isn't the canon story did disappoint me a bit. And as cool as Kiryu's VA is... I don't know how I feel about him as Kenshiro. Kiryu has the stoic thing down but... he's a bit of a softy gentlemen in ways too. Kenshiro sounds a bit dead inside (rightfully so living in that dump) and I'm not sure he conveys that part, lol. Nobody can really step into Akira Kamiya shoes anyways I guess...
Echelon Dec 23, 2018 9:25 AM
Yeah I'd love to emulate Kuon eventually. Rule of Rose and some of that other rare PS2 stuff as well someday.

In ways I definitely do almost feel like Bloodborne is better compared to DMC and the "character action" stuff out there. But yeah it's still got just enough lite RPG elements, downtime in between the action with its awesome world and level design, etc, to set it apart from those. Yet it's certainly a different direction than Souls. For what they were going for they knocked it out of the park and I hope Sekiro does it again. I can't help but assume that eventually Sony is going to want that Bloodborne 2 money and Namco will want Dark Souls 4, haha. I'm glad From are still seemingly in control of doing whatever they want though. Best Japanese devs right now.

The QTE's and music in that driving video... lmfao. Man, yeah you've always deflated me on Yakuza 5, lol. I'll still have to try it out someday. But perhaps I would be better off hitting up Fist of the Northstar or Project Judge instead.

Trust me on Kiwami 2 though... it really did feel like the engine was refined just enough to be very noticeable. I liked the leveling up system in Y6 a lot at least, but I know what you mean about the combat. It never felt right and was too loose. It still has a looseness to it in Kiwami 2, but I thought everything felt way better. Even if the combos and heat actions are back to being a bit more limited, since it's an older game underneath I assume. It was more challenging as well for sure, but still nothing that'll make you sweat, easy stuff like all these games. Kiwami 2 seems like it has 5x more content than Y6... but bowling was still missing I believe for some reason. I like that they brought the cabaret club over from Zero, haha. Then there was that weird RTS styled thing from Y6 they carried over for Majima as well. I didn't finish these like I did the two businesses in Zero, but yeah. Shit ton of stuff to do for sure.

Even worse is how the riverside village area in Y6 had like literally nothing to do. It was a sigh of relief to see Sotenbori was the secondary area in Kiwami 2.

Considering how 2 ended, I was very confused about Kaoru Sayama actually making it out alive... that was a nice surprise. But then I had to look around and I faintly recall you maybe even joking about her being referenced off screen during a phone call in 3 or something. And yeah that's what I read again when I looked into it around online. I totally get why they didn't want to setup Kiryu with a woman for the games, but how they handled it after everything in 2 is pretty disappointing to me, lmao. Oh well, glad she made it out alive.
mdchaos Dec 22, 2018 1:04 AM
Have you played Xenosaga by any chance? That's a series that's been something I've been meaning to play and it seems like something I would play. I can't comment much on the xenoblade games, but they just seem kinda /a/ ish and not too appealing to me.

I've seen a lot of people who get into Armored core these days, tend to say they like the faster gameplay of for answer compared to other entries. though it is a reason I do wanna play it and I love white glint's designs.

Verdict day I've heard split things on, Some people like it others found it underwhelming.

Btw have you ever heard of Daemon X machina? It's literally a spiritual successor to armored core even having the same director as past games and shoji kawamori as a designer. I think it looks pretty metal from what we've been shown.

Also wondering if you're aware of SRW T and left alive as well.
Echelon Dec 21, 2018 4:58 PM
Also caught up on Yakuza, I just need to hit up 5 someday when the physical PS4 version drops.

I'll say it's incredibly easy for me to say Kiwami 2 and Zero are my favorites, I might even like Kiwami 2 the most. I'd say Majima steals the show for Zero and his arc was the best part about that one, whereas Kiwami 2 has that same level of quality for Kiryu. It's funny how my wacky order kind of worked out in the end, 2 was everything I wanted... pure yakuza/cop stuff and bigger in scope than the others. Ryuji Goda absolutely delivered on the hype I kept hearing about him going in, he was straight up the Raoh of this series. And then Kaoru Sayama is basically the best female character in the series by a long shot. I guess her VA was changed in Kiwami 2 which is a big deal, but since it was my first experience oh well... her new VA was Aya Hisakawa whom is top tier in my book so I loved that. The music was admittedly not as over the top and epic as the later games but yeah, that's like the only tiny nitpick I had I guess. Love how the 6 engine was a lot more refined and better here too.

Speaking of 6... should we pretend this one never happened? Cause that's how I feel about it. The ending was atrocious, side characters horrible and annoying (Yuta), and all this stuff for Haruka for her to end up like that? Man, this game rubbed me so damn wrong honestly. I'm kind of glad I have 5 to end off with someday instead, even if that one sounds iffy too... I hope it's better than this one. At least there's a lot more Akiyama I believe. 6 had some good villains and a Godly OST but that's all I'd give it.

I didn't go balls deep in Kiwami 2 though, played 4 of these games within two years was a bit much, lol. I'm interested in Project Judge and want to pickup the Fist of the Northstar game sometime but yeah, I need a huge break from these. lmao, glad you got me into them though.
Echelon Dec 21, 2018 3:53 PM
Haha, hated the despawning element of DS2. My reason for going to Ash Lake was just... "Hey I know how to get here now, I'll go early and get all the items!" which only works out for the beginning of The Great Hollow, since I think that's where the stamina ring is. But I had no idea those gecko's would curse me on the way down, the big Mushroom dudes were damn near invincible at my low level there, and yeah I got so fucked lmao. I don't know why I just fully assumed the dragon covenant bonfire could maybe warp me out of there, even before it officially can after Anor Londo. Boy was I wrong.

I thought I heard DS1's remaster had a few tiny quality of life changes, like you can now use X amount of souls to consume at once like the sequels, and maybe some other menu stuff. I guess it's not a huge deal. PC was 60/1080p but with the dsfix thing, ladders could crash the game if you slide down them. So I had to play the whole thing without doing that haha. To my eyes... the official remaster looks like it has improved lighting effects. But yeah who am I kidding, I'll buy it again on the PS4 someday.

I still love DS2... but it's definitely the weird step child. I'm just glad you know what you're talking about and beat the whole thing, so I can't argue. I hate when people don't even try it but cry "Miyazaki didn't do it" and stuff. My philosopher friend freaks out when I say I like Dark Souls 3 more than Bloodborne... yet I think of all the five games, he's only played some of Bloodborne and didn't even beat it. I can't take that shit seriously when people pull that.

Still a big mystery why I can't get anyone into Demon's Souls. It's like outright intimidating to people I guess? I have several local friends who love all the later games and all but still didn't give Demon's much of a chance.

I'm a sucker for chanting in music myself but I know what you mean. It would be very very wrong to say Dark Souls/Bloodborne don't have some of the most dense atmosphere in gaming, but man... that ethereal void emptiness conveyed through Demon's never really fully emerges in any of the later games ever again. In ways I almost find Demon's more comparable to like Silent Hill 2 and stuff. And yeah, I totally think it's the Demon's composer and the sound design in general (all of Tower of Latria heh) that makes the magic happen. The Fool's Idol boss theme is still one of my time favorites but I bet if I showed any random person that track they might be like "Okay...?" haha.

It's interesting because I also still kind of feel like Dark Souls and Bloodborne are more abrasively dreadful and darker, Bloodborne the most violent as well... though admittedly I don't know if anything in the later games is as insane as the Astraea arc in Demon's and that hell pit. But Demon's is like a more subdued Jacob's Ladder-esque horror venture. It just seems kind of impossible to really put Demon's Souls into words and I love that about it. I don't think success has blinded From Software at all and Sekiro will be incredible too, but yeah... Demon's is like no other.

At least my friend Ex over at on that HRG forum played and beat Demon's this year or last. I still think he might like King's Field more and I'm not sure what his reactions will be to the later Soulsborne stuff, but I'm glad I got someone into Demon's.

Rambling aside, I have nothing to say about the Bloodborne OST. *laughs* It got the job done but doesn't standout to me at all much. Dark Souls 3's OST blows it out of the water. I believe that Yuka Kitamura did most the work with this one, I recall the earlier half having more Sakuraba tracks but then it's passed onto Yuka, which I thought was a cool way to handle it. - SO Sakuraba it's hilarious - Yuka, definitely more blockbuster Hollywood but I still loved this whole OST. Man.. "Striking" is how I would describe Dark Souls 3. From all the locales to the bosses, From had the tech this time to show off one of the best looking worlds ever designed. So many jaw dropping moments from start to finish. I'm glad the Bloodborne boss "phases" thing carried over too.

No more Western composers please thank you From. lol

mdchaos Dec 20, 2018 9:03 PM
I've played the first, project phantasma, master of arena, 2, and another age so far.

Loved the hell out of the first and master of arena the most. 2 is pretty good when it gets going and is solid generally. Another age is kinda weak sauce though.
I think the games made me appreciate shoji kawamori as a designer more than I already did and I think it has his best designs, especially nineball seraph.
The whole setting of armored core is also something I'm pretty into, it feels like a throwback to the days of votoms,layzner, and dougram with how it feels. The fact that it's post apocalyptic, is also a huge factor into that.

I'm planning to go through the rest of the games later, I'm looking forward to 3, silent line,nexus, and for answer the most out of the bunch.

I really enjoyed Xenogears a lot and I think that's probably my favorite JRPG and I've played a decent chunk of those.The game feels like an amalgamation of a lot of my favorite robot shows like dunbine, G gundam, Ideon, and so on. The gears were really cool design wise as well, my favorites being the welltall types and what not.

The 2nd disc doesn't ruin the game, but you do get the sense that you've been kinda cheated on some scenarios, but at least the story content is still there.

Echelon Dec 20, 2018 8:13 PM
Oh dude lmao...

This is where my first PC run almost ended. If you want the worst nightmareish idea ever... go to Ash Lake as early as possible, so way before you can warp out. Also you might notice I got Cursed there and I had no cure. And for some reason I remember thinking that if I could reach the dragon bonfire in Ash Lake, maybe that one warps you out... nope. The hydra miniboss there was killing me in like one shot and I remember it being pure luck running from the dragon covenant bonfire to the other one in Ash Lake. Then climbing UP out of The Great Hollow was just freaking ridiculous. This is like the hardest "custom" level/scenario I accidentally cooked up in DS1, lmfao. I seriously remember thinking I soft locked my run there and it was game over. I was sweating buckets when I got out into the safe haven that is Blighttown... then had to run to the bonfire in the sewers there. lol
Echelon Dec 20, 2018 7:54 PM
I guess Neuromancer might be most well known for predicting internet related things, or maybe Lain/Matrix themes too perhaps. The tabletop game Cyberpunk 2020 came out in 1988 so that's actually pretty late even compared to anime OVA's and stuff. But yeah Neuromancer really seems like the one essential thing I need to read that's probably up my alley. I want to give Dune another shot someday too, definitely sounds weirder and darker than Star Wars. I'm so pumped the BR2049 director is doing two movies last I heard, hopefully it pans out and we get a nice saga of two big space movies from that guy.

Did you finally find like an anthology of a lot of his works? I remember trying to find something like that months back but didn't see much. That would be ideal since like you said, most of his writing is short stories and not full blown novels from what I've heard.

First off how's the PS4 remaster? I think you played that version.

But yeah I replayed DS1 -twice- back to back around this time last year. The perk to Steam is easy screenshots... I should have taken some of my character stat pages though: Link - hope that works

So yeah true story, my second run was an Int build as well and I killed Gwyn in like two seconds. I seriously wish I had the PS4's video recording ability when it happened because my mouth hit the floor. I know he died in two moves. I did probably one or two Crystal Soul Spears and also had the Crystal Homing Mass (4 orbs?) setup... I remember him doing his intimating lunge, I stop and freak, then he like jumps again and died in the fucking air when my homing orbs hit him. You blink and you would have missed it. lmfao... man it was pretty glorious since he was such a pain for me my first time years back. On my first PC run though I did really good all around. Pretty sure I cheesed Manus with the fat armor, no regrets. But I rocked the Dragon Rider Armor mostly in the second half, instead of the Silver Knight set like I did on the PS3. I even got some extra achievements this time and did a ton. I took the Master Key for my Int character and did the trick of going to Blighttown real early for that red mage-esque armor and a good catalyst. It was pretty amusing being a glass cannon. I still want to try a magic character in Demon's someday haha. And I plan to do Int/Hex or something when I replay DS2 again someday. I bought DS2 and DS3 again on PC for some replay excuses. It was honestly pretty easy to adjust to the Xbox (One) gamepad for DS1.

It feels weird that I haven't touched DS3 since we both played and platinum'd it. It was amazing how I was able to jump back into Bloodborne after DS3, after putting Bloodborne down for a year or whatever unable to defeat Laurence on whatever the NG++++ we were on... and then I did it after DS3. But yeah I haven't touched these two since then, so I think it's going to be incredible and fresh when I get around to them again. I've probably beaten Demon's the most and then DS1/DS2 a few times over each and know those really well now.

I still don't hesitate about liking Souls over Bloodborne, but it's still comparing 10's to me haha. Hopefully Sekiro is another one.

That's funny you specifically mention the Crystal Cave because I had a similar reaction when I replayed that area. My first time through was unforgettable. But with the replays last year it was like... wait, that was it? That area is literally like, two tiny sides to the invisible bridge section and that's about it. Those weird ass giant sea shell enemies before Seath were a pain, I recall farming them for some Titanite Chunks or something. Visually the area is stunning though but yeah, it was shockingly shorter than I remembered. I might like the first half of the game more but I don't know...

Demon's is still the best.

Also something you'd appreciate, I got possessed again earlier this year and got the platinum for REmake. So I literally did like everything possible in this game, beat realistic mode, beat it without saving, speedruns, knife only run, etc haha. Fucking insane. Truly "mastered" it.

One of my favorite games ever so what can I say... this one, DMC3, and the Soulsborne stuff remain my favorite platinums.
Echelon Dec 18, 2018 4:43 PM
Sounds pretty awesome. How about Neuromancer, I forget if you've read that one? 1984... so Blade Runner beats that one too by two years. I wonder if the whole "cyberpunk" blueprints that Ridley Scott laid out were mostly just an accident really. A dark dirty big city but with lots of neon lights, computers, and weird clothes everywhere... haha. I wonder if he's ever really talked about his major influences for that and Alien.