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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Feb 20, 1:21 PM
Re-watching 25/148 · Scored 9
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
Dec 23, 2016 1:13 PM
Completed 39/39 · Scored 9
Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine
Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine
Dec 2, 2016 12:08 PM
Watching 10/47 · Scored -
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Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Dec 18, 2016 7:15 AM
Reading 59/366 · Scored -
Sep 23, 2016 10:59 AM
On-Hold 347/? · Scored 10
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
Aug 4, 2016 9:42 PM
On-Hold 56/? · Scored -


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Echelon Yesterday, 5:55 PM
Have you ever beaten Maximum Carnage? I haven't played it in ages but for some reason I remember it being really hard, in a way like it's got those weird gimmicky stages in between the cool beat em' up ones, or maybe you only get a single continue or something. I know when you get further you play as Venom I think. But yeah I'm not sure if I've ever beaten it. Always liked it though.

I really don't know how much more Europe can take. Sad stuff.
Echelon May 22, 6:21 PM
lmao just stumbled on these:
Echelon May 22, 5:58 PM
You get 3 lives, but 5 continues. But you're probably right and the 5 continues is unique or something... it's a weird random number you usually don't see haha.

I'm excited too. I'm hoping for darker Lynch again, him completely unchained, and assuming that he will have more control over this season, but who knows.
Echelon May 21, 7:58 PM
Contra with health? haha yeah that sounds really lame. I like how you can't bump up the lives in this one either, but you do get 5 credits compared to the 2-3 in the others.

Brawny is the robot. He seems pretty fun but I think the downside is that his line of aim is pretty different. Like right away in the first level there's a few parts with some barrels/cars in the way that he can't shoot over, but I think all the other characters can. I got stuck on the Research Center with Ray, then got through it the moment I tried Sheena again haha. She seems perfect. The wolf man... wtf? ... he seems pretty awesome but probably Dante Must Die mode with his big ass sprite and weird short range weapons. This and the branching paths definitely gives it some awesome replay value.

Let me know if you watch it. I definitely want to but I'll have to wait for some downloads or something.

On another note, Alien Covenant was trash.
Echelon May 21, 8:32 AM
Yeah it's really strange how I grew up without being exposed to Contra or Castlevania much. Just accidentally sidestepped them or something. Better late than never! I'm definitely surprised to see a lot of positives about the later Contra's, I was kind of assuming they're bad. But yeah most of them look and sound awesome. Contra Rebirth looks cooler than Castlevania Rebirth visually too. Is Uprising the one where the player is running on spinning helicopter blades for one part? lmfao, I randomly saw that in a CGR video when I was looking them up the other day.

This morning I went for the Colonel Bahumut path and game over'd on the transformer boss after the boat part, fighting off the three robots separately. I was doing terrible in the "Save the Research Center" stage 2 as well for this path, still not used to that one. I like the Deadeye stage a lot more, I love the highway chase fight even if it's super easy. And I love how before that the hover bike turns into a mechanical ostrich in the second half of that part for... just because? Why not. But then it's even funnier that your character is just flat out sprinting down the highway in that 3D boss part.

Hard Corps pretty much feels like straight up Bubblegum Crisis and such haha. I do think I like Contra 3's alien level more than Hard Corp's though, even though I like the Hard Corps Red Falcon and alien heart battles more than the Contra 3 final boss, the Contra 3 alien level had like ~5 bosses compared to Hard Corps' 3 or so. But the Hard Corps one had some throwbacks with the weird alien hole things that were in the original.

Super C was amazing. I think it's pretty weird I don't see it talked about much. It's basically just 8 more levels of Contra so you can't go wrong. I beat this one in only two nights casually, but this was after beating Contra so my skills were kind of ready for it. It definitely had some awesome bosses and cool parts. Some of the levels were a bit more creative than the simpler straightforward ones from the original game.
Echelon May 20, 4:50 PM
Guess that adds up.

Man I don't know if I can even say, 10/10's across the board haha. The simplicity to Contra and Super C is something to love. They've got longer simpler levels that are fun. I'm not sure what secondary stages I liked more between the first person-esque Contra levels or Super C's overhead stuff, but both were kind of cool. Not my preference, but not bad. Operation C was surprisingly legit for the GB and had all new bosses and a weird goofy ending.

But Contra III and Hard Corps... holy shit. They were pretty much straight up boss gauntlets from start to finish. The third stage in Contra III gave me a lot of trouble, but from there it was smoother sailing. Was still a game over per every new level though haha. The final level is insane. I played on Normal too and I hear Hard is like another experience. I did hate the 5th level though, the second overhead one. Just a lame gimmick and annoying ass boss that wasn't really cool. Godly music, pretty much straight up Aliens/Predator.

Hard Corps was more heavy metal and seemed self aware, which I loved, but I like how Contra III felt a bit more serious and daunting. That said Hard Corps had me literally jumping out of my seat or shouting out gibberish with some close hits and shit, and like this one took me the longest to beat. I was rocking Ray for awhile since he was like the standard Contra guy, but ended up liking Sheena way more. It took awhile to get used to some of the different mechanics, like toggling directional aiming on or off which was useful for bosses, and you literally have to master the slide by the end of it and I did end up liking it a lot. I ended up beating the B path, which I think is probably the coolest one too since it has the iconic alien final stage and the "Red Falcon" alien final boss was super cool. I still want to keep playing it a bit for the other paths, but they don't look as cool and the Colonel Bahumut stuff is just weird haha. The VIRTUAL ZONE boss and that long boss chase at the end of level 4 were some tough spots. This one had BY FAR the hardest first level of them all. You're in war within 2 seconds of starting, lmao. I would just keep reseting the game if I couldn't get through it without getting hit. I thought the OST was amazing.

Not sure I can say just yet. The first two are amazing, but I do think the 16bit games will probably leave a bigger mark and will be more interesting to keep replaying. What are your favorites?

It's really cool how different Konami's stuff was across the SNES and Genesis. I still can't decide if I like Super CV4 or Bloodlines more, but I love how both Bloodlines and Hard Corps have kind of a rougher edge to them.
Echelon May 20, 3:37 PM
Also dude since we haven't talked much on this front in a while, in the last week and half or so I beat...

Super C
Operation C
Contra III
Hard Corps

God Status reached!
Echelon May 20, 2:52 PM
lmfao, I've seen that before but it wasn't in my favorites... fixed.

Does Info Wars seriously have higher numbers than like, even Rogan? Whom I think hovers around the #1 podcast spot.
Hannes_Wurst May 14, 5:15 AM
Hey I try to bring the super Robot genre back but with some changes.
I am only 21 years old, so if everything works fine I will have many years of time to become a better Artist.
The medium of my choice is Comic/manga and maybe Motion Comic/ Animation someday.

I am motivated and I mean it serious.
Everyday I do my studies of anatomy and draw some hours.

I think we super Robot fans arent many so we have to connect.

If you can give me advice or cool ideas please send me a message.

I hope my english isnt too wrong because I am from North europe.
AnimeHonor May 3, 5:27 PM
makes sense
we are both offended.
AnimeHonor May 3, 5:22 PM
im offended by your homophobia
AnimeHonor May 2, 7:13 PM
SunWukung Apr 21, 1:05 PM
I've watched some series of the Brave saga and are nice to me. Well, Da Garn is good, Fighbird not so much.