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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
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Mob Psycho 100
Mob Psycho 100
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Initial D Fourth Stage
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
Aug 4, 9:42 PM
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Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Jul 17, 12:48 PM
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Kidou Senshi Gundam: The Origin
Kidou Senshi Gundam: The Origin
May 21, 9:31 PM
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Echelon 7 hours ago
You know me and my sci-fi bias, but I honestly might even like it more than System Shock 2. After you briefly told me about your issues with narrative and Bioshock, I'm worried what you'll think of SS2 haha. It IS the same director and a pretty similar style. But maybe it'll work better for you. It's just a real testament to me that I think Thief has one of the strangest and coolest worlds ever, even some sci-fi in there. I like to call it neo-gothic, kind of like Quake. I just can't praise it enough. Thief 2 at its core is more of the same if that's enticing to hear, like I said the graphics get a nice boost and the story is a bit different, but the gameplay is exactly the same. Which is great for me.

I've been curious about The Dark Project vs Gold. I think some key items are in different spots and some levels might even be slightly different. Also interesting to see how it flows without the extra levels, but I would miss some of them. I think Gold is favored but I have seen some random fans around online off and on that claim they like the original version more. It's weird because I think a Gold version of 2 was planned as well, but they closed shop after that released so it never happened. It doesn't seem like it was unfinished or anything, but maybe there was a few cut levels.
Echelon Yesterday, 6:14 PM
Well I kind of mentioned it earlier in my rankings, not to spoil it, but you go back to the Cathedral. So yeah...

Mage Towers baby. I've always been a huge fan of levels like this in Doom, Thief here, and old FPS's in general. It's like a large boxy map with its main floor base but has massive towers and a lot of verticality. No idea if that makes sense and I probably can't explain it, but yeah it's just quite possibly my favorite level in the whole thing haha.
Echelon Yesterday, 4:25 PM
The level design is something I loved, you just don't see stuff like this anymore. You do have those hand drawn maps, but yeah haha. I guess I didn't mind too much since it was level based and by the end of the levels I felt like I knew them really well. Jumping in with zero story had to have been awkward for sure, glad you eventually stumbled upon this info. I just totally forgot about that issue.

Yeah that was my guess about the higher difficulties, just increasing the max loot you had to find. So I'm assuming 2 works the same, maybe even moreso since it's less caves/weird levels and more buildings and cities. It is pretty cool to check out some other people playing through levels though. I won't deny that I had to look into some stuff from time to time.

Isn't that level cluttered with monsters? lol, those weird big dinosaur-like ones were freaking wack. The zombies piss me off since they aren't really a threat, but just get in the way.

Best drunken voices ever haha.
Echelon Aug 24, 7:28 PM
Okay that's cool, yeah probably not a big deal if you can easily figure it out and do it that way.

2 has the same style of cutscenes though so I'm thinking it did have a similar issue. So yeah maybe just check around before starting that one. You'll love the upgraded graphics. I mean it's still the same engine, but if you play them relatively close together like I did it's cool to see the bump. Thief 2 was the last Looking Glass Studios game I believe, it sounds like it barely got released before they closed doors.

So... the main villain 2 is absolutely amazing to me, but he'll throw you off at first. His voice is downright hilarious. He sounds like ... I'd say a character you'd get out of Twin Peaks haha. But as the game progresses, I started to find him to be frightening, because the performance is so convincing, he sounds like a legit lunatic. But what's even crazier, is that Garret's voice actor does his voice too. It's fucking crazy, I don't even know how I discovered that but I never would have guessed. I think you'll have some laughs knowing this going into it like I did.

That's one cool thing that 2 does over 1, has a recurring villain character throughout most of it. Kind of like SHODAN.

Have you seen any of the humor yet in these games? Sometimes the guard conversations are hilarious and even fourth wall breaking. Taffer!

Safe to assume the game clicked with you at least? I had a good feeling you'd like it if it sucked you in.
Echelon Aug 24, 6:23 PM
Man you're killing me haha, I guess I'm making it worse by telling you have awesome and vital these are. There are cutscenes both before and after every level.

Maybe just stop at the The Sword one you stumbled upon there. I feel like this might sour your experience a little. I guess if you really care, but the story/world was something that really hooked me in and gets increasingly cooler. Might be weird experiencing it a bit fragmented like this. Gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

PC master race?

I played the GOG versions.
Echelon Aug 24, 5:31 PM
Fuck dude, I meant to ask because this is apparently a big issue on modern systems. Man, I hate to say you've really been missing out. You can probably just look them up on youtube to where you're at, but no wonder you haven't had anything to say about the story/cutscenes/Garret. I thought the visual style was super cool too.

Googling around it looks like a bunch of weird solutions. I thought all I did was download some random weird file, like a dll or something. But I knew about it before going into it (maybe a perk to researching how to get high resolutions and such for old games if you haven't been doing that?) But people are talking about having to delete the folder and fresh installs, so I don't know what to say. Hope you can figure it out or just watch them on youtube. You definitely should.

The Sword is amazing. How it transforms and twists around, damn it was so cool. You never ever see anything like that in anything else thesedays. It really stood out to me, along with the weird ass humanoid bug enemies.
Echelon Aug 23, 7:15 PM
I love you James. I've never said it to anyone else before, but I love you. Tears.
Echelon Aug 23, 6:34 PM
Resident Evil save room?

I wish I could find my favorite dark/intense track. Do you have the episodes downloaded? Maybe I can pinpoint another time it pops up. Episode 13 was insane, "Checkmate". Evil Leo is back!? Yeah I'm seeing it as one big season, though it's just easy for me to say "season 2 etc" since that's how my download is organized. I see episode listings have it listed both ways count wise, lol.

I had an issue like that with some claustrophobic / jail like level. Not sure if it was the Thieves Guild too or not. But I just remember that level taking forever and being lost. Maybe it's easy for you though? I can imagine a players experience can vary pretty wildly. That's interesting the difficulty seems to boost up the AI perhaps, didn't really consider that.
Echelon Aug 23, 9:53 AM
I love Ben Horne's slow descent into madness haha.
Echelon Aug 23, 8:01 AM
Fire Walk With Me being darker definitely has me pumped.

I agree the Horne stuff has been consistently great and I enjoy the mysteries with Josie and Harry. Even the goofy romance with Lucy and Andy has been fun. More Hawk is always awesome too haha. And of course Cooper is still the best. I really hate what they did with Leo's character though, I would rather not see him at all than this. It was amusing for a minute, but then... damnit. I liked him a lot in season 1 haha. I think the James romance is just starting... some new blonde girl just popped up.

Thief 3 is still really good. The main issues with Thief 3 and Deus Ex (2) Invisible War is with the shitty engine that was built for the Xbox first. There is also a hub world in Thief 3, but it doesn't take half an hour to navigate down the block, no climbing shit and stuff. But it's still broken up into a lot of loading screens and really fragmented. I think I mentioned it, but like a single map in Thief or Deus Ex, would be ~5 sections in Thief 3 or Invisible War. With greater technology came... dinky maps. lol, both are kind of a bitch to get working on PC too, but I had a blast replaying them on Steam a few years ago. They definitely slip up on things, but were mostly made by the same people still so I think both games still had a lot of heart to them. It was cool how the engine had physics, a bit before Half-Life 2 popularized.

My only knock on Thief 3 is that it dives way more into the lore of the thieves and in the process of doing that... kind of ruins some of the allure and mystery to them that I got from the first two games. There's some cliche' tropes too. But yeah, it's still the same Garret, same voice, same composer, mostly the same team, etc, it's definitely worth checking out.
Echelon Aug 23, 6:09 AM
Missed your other post...

Yeah The Straight Story was fantastic. Really loved the vibe and the touching story. Emotional and fun for sure. It was so simple but effective.

I think that does cover everything except Twin Peaks now. I can maybe agree with your order there. Inland Empire and Wild at Heart can probably flip flop depending on the mood, but I would put The Straight Story above them. Dune is definitely last. Now that I've had time to let some of it sink in from last year, yeah... Mulholland Drive seems to speak to me the most as the best. But Eraserhead is very close, and both Blue Velvet and Lost Highway were amazing. That top four there are super heavy hitters that I need to get. I'll be very happy if Fire Walk With Me is that level.

As it stands I'm feeling iffy on season 2 though, hate to say it. I bet the tranny is what you disliked here? haha. I'm up to episode 12, The Black Widow. I'm all for seeing more of these characters, but season 2 just seems really directionless and most of the new characters I haven't really cared for, outside of like Gordon and the one armed maniac. If I broke them up, season 1 is probably a 9, but I'm not sure about 2 so far. Hopefully the last chunk improves like you said though.
Echelon Aug 23, 5:53 AM
Good luck with the Thieves Guild haha, let me know how it goes.
Echelon Aug 23, 5:47 AM
It took me about a year off and on to finish Thief 4. Maybe you're laughing already. I want to give it a fair 6/10, but it's in the "for fans only" range and the short version is that Dishonored absolutely destroys it.

The good, is that the world design, art direction, and all that is outstandingly good. The music was solid too. I love how both the Thief series and Deus Ex pretty much only have levels in the dark at night haha. That kept this tradition going. It had another good asylum level. Some cool puzzles and ways with how you interacted with stuff. The atmosphere was solid.

But the story was dreadful. A plague. Rolling your eyes already? The new voice for Garret wasn't as good and his partner whom you're trying to find most of the game was just a stupid character I felt no remorse for. It has some scripted moments where you're forced to run, explosive AAA styled sections... very few and far in between, but this shit has no place in Thief.

Sadly the real issue is the gameplay itself. The sound design is terrible and how vital is that for a stealth game? You can never really pinpoint exactly where a guard is by footsteps and such. Also if you get caught, it's virtually impossible to run away and hide, which to me is annoying as fuck. In the originals, Dishonored, or Deus Ex, you can usually get away and then backtrack to retrying where you slipped up. But you're basically fucking dead here.

My biggest issue however is the verticality and how awful it is. Like the original, you can climb stuff, and there is a lot of rooftops and whatnot used here. But the game design is terrible. You can basically never tell when and where you can climb or jump up to. Here's a roof that's like half a foot above you... maybe you can climb it in one area, maybe not in another. It's very inconsistent. Another insane issue I have along with this, is the hub world. The hub could have been very cool and has tons of side missions and things to do, except the hub is broken up into about ~3-4 different sections with loading screens, and the level design is SO overly complex it's annoying as hell. Try to imagine, there are two streets with buildings in between... you can't just walk through some hallway to get to the other street. Instead you have to rope arrow up somewhere, climb some buildings, open up some windows and go through apartments, 10 minutes later and you might finally be on the other street! Okay great, except in terms of a hub design where you're constantly moving back and forth between areas, this is annoying as shit. And the windows were often the loading points, so it just felt so fragmented in such a terrible way. If the hub city was one seamless location, man that would have been much cooler. The main levels don't really have this issue, but you go back to the hub after every mission and there's no stuff to do in it and new areas to hit up, but this was such an issue.

So basically to beat it the last time I finally jumped into it, I said screw the side missions and dealing with the hub portion and just focused on the main story missions. I think Steam says I got like 15 hours or something, but I remember one guy on RB had like 50, so the side missions are very extensive and there is a lot of content. But it was just too annoying navigating. I couldn't tell you anything about the story or characters, it was so forgettable. It's a shame, because the game looks downright beautiful, but it's just way too flawed. I could maybe replay it someday, but I don't know why I'd bother when I can replay the others and Dishonored instead.

You asked...haha. It's the same devs as Deus Ex Human Revolution, which is also flawed, but definitely a better product. It sounded like Thief 4 was scrapped over a few times, had really bad dev team chemistry, and was just destined to be a mess. Lots of great ideas with faulty execution.
Echelon Aug 22, 12:45 PM
The Straight Story was incredible.