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KTKore Jun 16, 10:07 PM
I definitely agree that the moment would have been more impactful if we didn't know he was dead for so long. Any idiot would have realized that. I guess Togashi was going for a cruel reality type deal where he had Gon keep saying "we're gonna make Kite normal again" when the audience knew he was dead a long time ago. But any chance of that impact was lost on me because of how long it took to get there. I guess that's a running theme in CA...decent ideas crumbling under taking too long to reach the point.

It COULD have been a decent deconstruction of the typical shounen arc, but it failed by ironically having too much typical shounen stuff in it haha. And too little of the things that would gave made it a decent deconstruction. Literally everything other than Chimera Ants in HxH is a real deconstruction of the genre. Its what makes HxH what it is. Chimera Ants was the complete opposite of that lol.

I can see why people would like the narrator. Even I thought it was cool for about 2 episodes. But then I just wanted to see some cool action and have him shut up. But...he never did. I had to listen to both the inner monologues if the characters AND this narrator talking over the entire episode for nearly the entire palace siege. I was so unentertained lol. It was rough man.

The Zoldyck family rocks. I'm happy they keep popping up here and there. One of my favorite things ever is badass old men lol. Zeno and Silva are amazing. Guys like Muten Roshi when he hulks up and gets serious on the battlefield. Monkey D Garp throwing canon balls with his bare hands. Love that kind of stuff. Netero was amazing. I wish he could have died in an arc I enjoyed more. But I will admit his final fight and moments were really cool.

Bro I can't believe how much JoJo rocks. I never in my life would have thought I would be giving a 10 to a JoJo's Motherfuckin' Bizarre Adventure series but here we are. It's so over the top and goofy. But Part 3 just hit the bullseye and ascended into greatness. Gonna have to add some characters to my favorites list now as well as adjust my top 10. Who knows if you'll love it as much as me. It could possibly be seen as an acquired taste. I know a couple of people said they couldn't get into it because it was just too much. Which I can totally get. Especially with Parts 1 and 2. But Stardust Crusaders is where everything feels just right. Can't wait to hear your thoughts in it when you get around to it.

Avatar will become amazing stuff. No worries. Season 1 is good but it's mostly world building and character and relationship building. Planting the seeds for what's to come. Each season gets exponentially better. The last season was incredible and it had a perfect ending. I love what they did here. They had a plan and they stuck to it. It's the One Piece of American animation. An air tight amazingly told story from beginning to end.
KTKore Jun 11, 1:54 PM
It's really dumb that the 2011 anime skipped the introduction of Kite in the beginning. But either way, they did end up showing every thing even if it was out of order. He was in half of the first chapter in the manga. Maybe the fault lies with me...since I didn't give much of a shit about Kite or cared if he died. So seeing Gon's reaction to a character that I didn't care about like that seemed whack to me. I don't put any fault on the anime version for that. Togashi just failed to make me care much. It would be like if Gohan cried for half an episode because Android 16 died and then transformed into a parody of himself. lol

I fully understand the point and all, but execution is important and that did nothing for me.

"Also I loved the transformation in a what-the-fuck-is-this way. It's no more goofy than SSJ3 imo lmao. That episode was great, you can't change my mind haha."

Haha, I'm not the kind of person to try and change someone's mind about something they liked. I think it's great that you do. It's just a fun discussion at the end of the day. I'm happy I can have a reasonable discussion with a reasonable person like you about our difference in opinions. It's hard to find people you can talk to about stuff like this rationally lol.

We could keep going back and forth about it. I have a lot of things I could say about your reply and I'm sure you would about mine, because at the end of the day, this arc is weird as fuck. It's not bad in a sense that it has terrible writing, or that it's incoherent or nonsensical. It did have a theme and a point to it, I just feel like it executed its point awfully, and took too long to GET to the point. By the time King started playing that game with Komugi I was already dying lmao. Lay the foundation for the theme at the beginning and then slowly build toward it. It was a good idea. It would have been great if the other Ants who turned good first questioned if what they were doing was right. Why they were killing humans, why they were blindly following orders, and to have them slowly transform into characters I cared about. Basically, if they had character arcs that were as well done as King's. Sadly King was barely doing anything until LATE into the arc, and I was left with a bunch of other characters I didn't give a damn about for the rest. Oh well.

I'd rank the arcs:

1. York Shin
2. 13th Chairman Election
3. Hunter Exams
4. Greed Island
5. Heaven's Arena
6. Zoldyck Family
7. Chimera Ant

Heard the current arc in the manga is awesome though. From what I've read so far, the set up sounds just as dark, if not darker than Chimera Ant. But apparently it's full of all the characters I like, is really elaborate and sounds awesome.

Hisoka is my favorite character by far in HxH. But this time around Illumi has really shot up there as well. Kurapika is my favorite of the protagonists, but Leorio has shot up this time around for me too. Then Killua and Gon.

I might check out Brotherhood first just because it covers the manga. I'll check out the old one after as an extra since it has its own original stories.

KTKore Jun 9, 12:03 PM
I'm not trying to negate your opinion at all, but these are legit questions I have:

"But the culmination of every story in that arc was really good"

What stories? We had King and Komugi. I'll give you that. I thought all of that was very well done and I liked the ending, even though I was too fatigued to care in the end. Gon and Kite? You just said Gon flipping his shit over that made no sense, which I agree with. So we can't be calling that a good culmination. Instead, it was one of the goofiest things I've ever seen. Aside from those two subplots, one of which ended in complete silliness, what else was there besides fighting, running around, and more fighting?

Besides King, no other Ant had a reason for suddenly turning to the good side. It just happened. Some of them who turned even said they couldn't remember their past lives. So WTF? And those who did remember their past were former underground NGL guys, none of which we give a shit about. Even that Gyro guy who had a whole episode dedicated to his backstory which turned into nothing. lol

I liked the Royal Guard. Neferpitou probably had the most development, and I liked her apologizing for what she had done but still being loyal to King in the end because that's what they do. So a point for that and a point for the King stuff at the end.

"As the Ants/monsters became more human, the humans became more like monsters."

Besides the Gon nonsense, what other humans became like monsters? They were all just fighting to survive. The closest you can get to that is maybe Netero, who forced King to fight after King was just trying to have a discussion. But King gave Netero no choice since he was still talking nonsense about ruling the world while only keeping certain humans he wanted to keep alive, and using the rest as food lol. Not exactly grounds for a rational and fair discussion.

Thank god I do like Gon and Killua, but I really didn't like their character progression here. I was talking to Hisoka about it the other day and he said Gon and Killua seemed more like they were in a relationship in this arc instead of friends lol. I couldn't agree more. It was super awkward and weird. Killua should never have to question his friendship with Gon, it was made clear a million times before this arc that Gon considered Killua his best friend. So none of that drama was needed at all. Killua was questioning things that didn't need to be questioned. Gon telling Killua "let's go" and Killua questioning what Gon meant by that. What the fuck?

Knuckle and Morel were great characters and I wouldn't mind seeing them around a lot more often. Those are the two things out of that arc that'd I'd accept. Since the Chimera Ants are here to stay, I hope whenever they are used again we can get some cool ones. Because as of right now whenever I see the term "Chimera Ant" I cringe. This idea needs to be redeemed lol.

I actually only saw some of the first FMA series when it was first coming out. That's something I need to see pretty soon. But I might just check out Brotherhood.
KTKore Jun 7, 8:53 AM
Hard disagree on all that.

The King and Komugi stuff was pretty good, but its impact was soiled by my hatred of everything else before it and how long it took to get there. Besides maybe Knuckle and Morel, I'm not going to remember any of these characters. All of those ants sucked. There was no enough material to fill 60 episodes. SIXTY EPISODES. I'm told that the pacing was around 2.5 chapters per episode but the pacing was still incredible slow. That's fucking insane to me. That last third in the palace seemed to actually never end. I was seeing the episode count go up and yet nothing was happening. It was literal slow motion. Every time I saw that fucking Octopus I wanted to die. How many chapters did he get in the manga? He got like 3-4 full episodes to himself in the anime. I would have been so upset if I was reading that knowing that a hiatus was over the horizon haha.

I feel bad shitting on this arc since it seems like you enjoyed it. But it's cool if you do. I hope he never makes another arc like this again. Normally he has so much good shit packed into a shorter runtime, like the Spider arc was full of stuff and it was 1/4 the length of Ants. I'm shocked at how dull and empty the Ant arc felt in comparison to everything else. It would have been cool if the main focus was on King and his growing affection for a human, but hot damn it took FOREVER to get to that point. Chop this arc in half, or less and I would have been more happy with it. Instead he tried to turn it into a DBZ arc about fighting and power levels and nobody will ever be able to carry a whole arc with that like Toriyama. It's almost always boring to me.

At least King looked cool though. Even if he was a complete Cell ripoff. unabashed Cell ripoff. Maybe even some Freeza in there too. Ridiculous. *laughs*
Rsurect Apr 1, 1:34 AM
thanks for your add back, how's it going?
KTKore Mar 20, 8:53 AM
I finished Avatar TLA with my girlfriend a couple days ago. Bro that show had no business being as good as it was lmao. It was amazing and I wish we could get more American shit like that.

I'm currently watching Korra now but sadly it's not nearly as good. It's got some good ideas but the characters mostly fall flat and it mostly feels meaningless. I don't like the main character at all and the plot is kinda boring. Still got two seasons to go though so maybe it will get better. But this feels like Sequel Trilogy Star Wars. It doesn't need to exist lmao.

Reverie was good but it felt like just the beginning. Funny that Toei turned 2 chapters into 14 episodes there with all the flashbacks. This is definitely end game stuff here. It was very mysterious and got my juices flowing. Can't wait to see more, probably when Wano finishes.

You think they're going to Elbaf? I don't know anything about Wano yet but I was talking to someone else and he thinks they're going there too. But I wasn't sold on it yet myself. But it's been a location that's been talked about off and on since the beginning kinda like Fishman and Wano so I guess I wouldn't be surprised. The giants seem to play an important role. I feel like the Fishmen will play a really big role in the end game too. They've played a large role since the beginning. Arlong being one of the first enemies, tying into Fishman Island, the Fishman and Celestial Dragon connection, Shirahoshi being an incarnate ancient weapon, Tom from Water 7 being a holder of ancient weapon blueprints, the stuff with the Sea Kings, the prediction that Luffy will be the destruction of Fishman Island, etc.

I heard a cool theory that I might agree with regarding the Fishman Island destruction prediction. After everything was over on that island, she still said the prediction will come true. Me and another guy I talk to about OP think that when the World Government is destroyed (by Luffy or those affiliated with him), Fishman Island is going to get uprooted since they're located directly below WG HQ. All hell is going to break loose for them and they will be forced to relocate. However with the WG destroyed and a new world order is essentially created with the end of the Celestial Dragons, the Fishmen will finally be able to live among the humans on land like they've always wanted. So Luffy will be the cause of the destruction of their island, but ultimately will also be the cause of their freedom.

Makes sense, huh?
KTKore Mar 10, 3:45 PM
Yeah, the beginning was fantastic and the ending equally so. But the middle 6-8 episodes with no progress and flashbacks to Releigh were absolutely draining. Snake Man is amazing but I wasn't as enthusiastic as i should have been for that. Can't wait to see it again though. The animation for that episode was so mind blowing that I thought I was having an aneurysm lmfao.

Oda probably wrote himself into a but of a corner with that part. Because he had three things on the begin with, the fight, the ship battle and the cake baking. After the cake was finished then it became just the fight and the ship battles. The ship battles were awesome but it was probably impossible to structure it in a way so that you could have individual fights like you would in a normal situation. Imagine having a few short character fights with Carrot, Brook, Nami and Chopper and Jinbei and maybe even Sanji without showing Luffy Vs Katakuri at all during those parts. Instead you would have a short fight with a Straw Hat and the ship progressing forward during battle. Those fights would have allowed for lots of change ups so you arent constantly looking at the same 2 situations for 21 episodes. But I cant think of any way he could have done that out at sea. The only other option would be to just shorten this part down. Which probably would have been the better option.

I'm gonna be watching this arc again probably in a month or so with my girlfriend so we'll see how I feel then. And we'll see how she feels lmao.

But yeah, I can do without fights that long. But at least that was the only negative with this arc. Otherwise it was amazing. Big Mom turned out not to annoy me as much as I thought she would and I even found it funny. She's definitely 100% better when she has her wits. If we do see her again down the line I hope there is no more hunger pang shit lol.

Crazy how this arc didnt really have any sad departures aside from Pudding. Whole Cake was pure enemy territory so they just ran for their lives. I was kinda surprised that the Germa 66 guys didnt really get any redemption either. They just had a common enemy for a bit but they were talking shit to the end, even Judge. Luffy wondering why he was "only saying good things" about Sanji was funny stuff.

How many arcs do you think are left? After Wano I can only imagine 2-3 left to cover. I think the revolutionary stuff will probably tie in with the ending. I wonder where the final battle will take place. Will only Luffy make it to the last Island or will he somehow lead everyone there and they fight over the treasure. Man, we really are getting to the end here though
This is nuts.
KTKore Mar 6, 10:27 PM

Holy crap that fight was a mixed bag lmao. I've never experience anything like that before. I understand the concept of the fight. It being a huge challenge, an endurance battle and a taste of the enemies that await them but maaaaaaaan, it dont gotta be 21 episodes though. Lmao. That was ROUGH.

I imagine it was easier to handle in the manga at 15 chapters. But even besides the pacing, I would have still been tapping out at the end but maybe not as bored if there was more variety. But it was such a one-sided beat down for 21 episodes that was exhilarating at first but it slowly became exhausting. I would have liked to see Luffy get the upper hand a bit more than he did. He would literally land like one shot before it was back to the status quo again for whole episodes at a time before he got his next small breakthrough.

At least the ship battles had different things happening so I wasn't getting too annoyed with that so those parts were a decent break from the fight. But yeah.

I hope this stays as the longest fight in the series. I don't want anything longer than that again unless it's damn incredible in every way.
KTKore Mar 5, 3:00 PM

I found her more intimidating when she had a personality. After seeing her calm, cool and reasonable for so long, when she had finally had enogh of their screwing around, seeing her go after people with purpose and INTENT made her feel super threatening. Watching her with the dumb swirls in her eyes and just destroying shit like Godzilla monster over a cake isn't quite as appealing heh. But I'm not hating this part, nor is she on screen that much anyway. So whatever.

Yep, crew usage is one of my favorite things in this arc. Sanji has always been a top favorite of mine, so seeing him here has been amazing. I never expected to get another deeply Straw Hat focused character arc, but here we are and it's been incredible. But Nami and Brook have been the MVPs here. God, watching Nami get down and dirty on the battlefield again has just been awesome. Her being instrumental to the victory of them all is what I've been wanting to see for a long time. This has been her best showing by far and I fell in love with her all over again. And then Brook, who has been suffering since the beginning, finally gets his big moment here as well. I always liked him and knew he had potential to be cool as fuck. And he finally proved it here. This guy was big time in this arc. And he keeps on showing up too. Even Chopper has been awesome here. The current opening I'm on shows he seems to end up fighting Big Mom himself at some point which is insane haha.

I agree this Katakuri fight is one of the best in the series. Maybe I'll feel differently some day. Namek is my favorite arc in DBZ and I never had a problem with the length of Goku vs Freeza until my last viewing (which was like my 5th or 6th one) where it finally hit me and I was bored to death after Goku went SSJ when I never felt that way before. So maybe in a future rewatch this Katakuri fight might bug me too. But right now I'm enthralled. I have no strong feelings toward Katakuri at all, positive or negative. But for some reason this fight has just been doing it for me. Like I told Echelon, I think it's because of the challenge he presents to Luffy, unlike any other he's had since Sabaody. So I can't wait to see him overcome this and level up even more as one of the top guys on the sea. I equated this fight with Goku vs Jiren. Because even though Jiren was boring and lame as fuck, he presented a challenge to the Z Fighters that they haven't had in such a long time. So it was awesome to get that feeling of hopelessness again that was missing for so long.

Been loving Bege. He's been awesome more awesome than I expected him to be. I didn't care about him at all when he was first introduced at Sabaody, although his power intrigued me. Never knew this would be how it would turn out and he would be fucking awesome haha.

These Germa guys can suck it, but when they transform and start doing Super Sentai shit and having crazy ass fights, I'm fully invested heh.

Wano is sounding like it may be one of the best things ever. Can't wait.

KTKore Mar 2, 11:16 AM
I do that often lol.

WEDDING............. C A K E E E E E E!!!!!!!!

lol, I think I'm more disappointed than annoyed right now. Because right now I'm actually just finding it humorous. It's amusing listening to her VA try to find ways to top herself in saying the line over and over in more ridiculous ways. She was probably having fun heh.

But the disappointment comes from liking her personality before and then this happening and her personality is completely gone. She was powerful and threatening enough without this, so this literally had no purpose other than Oda thought it would be funny. I'd rather her have her personality back.

Luckily there's a lot of other great stuff going on besides that. Though even there, it's been fun watching how awesome Nami has been, and watching everyone try to navigate the ship to get away from her. It's not that often you see ship action besides traveling to the next location so this is a nice touch.

Then you got Sanji and Pudding baking the cake. Pudding is one of the best side characters in the series. A lot of the recent arcs have been rocking with side characters with people like Kinemon and his crew, Bartolomeo, Carrot, Caesar and now Pudding who may be at the top of the list. She just keeps getting better and her VA is one I'm gonna be looking out for. She's so good.

I've heard some things about the length of this Katakuri fight. I'm pretty relaxed with pacing usually. Nothing in Dressrosa bothered me at all so hopefully it's the same here. The start of it has been incredible though. So fucking hard hitting, and this has been one of Luffy's biggest beat downs. Feels weird seeing him get wrecked like this, especially by his own attacks. Haki has added a lot to how badass a lot of the fights are now, especially when it's still just fist to fist action. Virgo vs Smoker in Punk Hazard is still one of my favorite examples of that.

Overall this arc has been fantastic. The Sanji stuff has put it above a few of the higher tier arcs in the series, although it's not going to reach top 3 for me which is still Dressrosa/Marineford/Water 7-Enies Lobby for me. WCI feels more around the Alabasta/Sabaody level, with the Sanji stuff putting it a bit above. And of course with the incredibly high stakes on the line. So this would probably be #4 for me. It's been a shitload of fun and the most unique arc in the series by far.

KTKore Feb 29, 12:09 PM
I don't even like this for one episode, let alone for however long this goes on for lmao.

I was really liking her before this though. She was not like what I was expecting. To be honest, I was expecting her to ALWAYS be crazy and irrational. So when I saw she wasn't and that she had a calm side and seemed very normal at times with interesting goals, it was a pleasant surprise. This hunger pang shit is the fucking worst though. Really unneeded and takes away from her character so much.
HisokaHajime Feb 25, 7:37 PM
It was 2002 when I watched S1-S3 and then the series ended in 2007. So that's how long. Most of it is still clear as day though. Sunday nights were exciting when that theme song clicked in. I'd rank it somewhere on my top 15. Maybe in the 13-15 area. There was so much hoopla about the final scene when it first aired. I have no problems with it. It's the perfect way to show his paranoia. The last few seasons probably flow better watching it all together. HBO started stretching things out a bit and the gaps between seasons got longer. Then they broke up the final season into two chunks. Which is way more common these days heh.
HisokaHajime Feb 25, 1:18 PM
I got to experience The Sopranos both ways. I blasted through seasons 1-3 right before S4 started airing. Then I watched it as it came out the remainder of the way. It's such a great and influential show. TV dramas really started stepping up after it became such a huge success. It's not a perfect show, but very easy to ignore any of the flaws in the later seasons. I guess Tony's son is the weakest link. Always felt like he was miscast and such a turd. I think my favorite episodes is in S3 when Christopher and Paulie are tracking the Russian guy in the snow lol.
Echelon Jan 17, 6:44 PM
If you really enjoyed it, that's cool. I always jest a little, but this arc nearly sabotaged my love for this series for years. Getting back to reading THIS? In between massive breaks was torture. There were countless cliffhangers with that fucking OCTOPUS character. Are you kidding! The art looked atrocious so often as well, even Gon himself was a stick figure at times. Togashi was trapped in his own nightmare. THIS arc is the longest of them all in this great series? Well, hopefully not for long now that we've finally been freed from these shackles for years now.

When I rewatched everything in 2018, I jumped to the 2011 version for Greed Island. Then all I watched for CA were those two episodes when the Spiders fuck up some bugs. Then got into the Election arc. It's downright hilarious how there was literally nothing of value lost by doing this. Know a detail with Gon and a certain big shot Hunter and that's it. This monstrous, overly drawn out enormous arc did nothing for this series and that's what I hate the most about it. It didn't move the needle in any way. King I don't even despise, but I don't give a shit about him or boogers either. Their endless little drama effected nothing else. All this arc accomplished was that Togashi now has a new little race to use if he ever wants. But seriously, suddenly this arc is like the most dramatic, the darkest, and intense, acting like it's all on the line now! But then you take a view of it from a blimp and nothing here mattered a damn iota. lmfao

This arc really showcased that if HxH was only Gon and Killua, it'd be no more than a 7 in my book and nowhere near my favorites. I guess it's a huge plus to go into this endless arc as fans of them. I like them a lot, but not THAT much to have the weight of the longest arc on their shoulders alone. All I can say is that King and his goons should be thankful that Kurapika, Hisoka, Illumi, Spiders, and new characters... were all on vacation, otherwise CA would have been shorter than an anime opening song if they were involved. lol

The current arc is the best thing since Yorkshin... and could even be the best. Somehow, it just became HxH again from the Election arc and on.
Echelon Jan 15, 6:01 PM
Should've been a YYH arc.

No Kurapika, 0/10.