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Fleure Oct 19, 9:16 AM
V Baman for the Chancellor of Europa (minus Britain LMAO)
avelys Oct 13, 9:38 PM
your comments never fail to baffle/intrigue/amuse me. idk how you do it. maybe you should get into radio hosting. i would pay to listen to your rants/monologues. would be very interesting. and PLS america isn't that bad... just a slight outbreak in wild clowns.... i'm sure nothing is in the water making us all go crazy. we're all good.

when are u entering politics? Baman 2020. Vote for prez.
avelys Oct 3, 8:13 PM
baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaman whats up, dude? whucha been up to/watching?
ExpertoCrede Oct 2, 6:42 PM
Gundam reminds of JoJo in some ways. There's the main JoJo, the Bro-Jo (otherwise known as the Zeppeli), the rival (the Char counterpart), the (sadly, but not always the case) annoying girl, the big bad (Dio, Kira, Pucci, Valentine, etc.), etc. But out of all the characters I listed, Noa is definitely the one I pertain to the most. There were many instances where I would get into a fight with someone they started or told an annoying person to shut up, much like How Noa slapped some sense into Amuro. I can't seem to take Seed seriously, though. I like the concept of friendship between the characters and I wish I could find something like that where there weren't large amounts of possible yaoi/uke and seme/shounen ai vibes between the characters, but I can't seem to take the show seriously. It's not just the stock footage that bothers me, but the awkwardness with the transitions between scenes. A few examples would be (possibly) Murrue's body and her giant bouncing boobs and Lacus' top falling down a bit while she is playing with Haro and I'm like:

It's really awkward.

Also, the Matrix Path of Neo was played on the PC, which is why the ragdolls go hectic after they die compared to the console versions.

But as for the friendship theme, I usually want to find a lot of dark and mature themes that shows take seriously, rather than B.S. their way through. Stuff like relationships, human nature, depression, beauty, sadness, loneliness, guilt, suffering, pain, mental illness(es), survival, war, science, philosophy, etc. are things that I tend to like and very few anime and manga have that sort of thing.

Why do you like the mecha series so much, despite the fact that it was the majority of most anime between the mid 70s to the early to late 00s? I'm not judging you for liking it, I'm just wondering why you like it so much? I'm not too big on mechs, but I prefer realism over badassery, much like Silent Hill over Resident Evil in a way. What I mean is that Silent Hill focuses on normal people with issues just like everyone else (up until 4, though Shattered Memories was somewhat of a redeemer to the franchise) whereas Resident Evil is all about being a cash cow and following B-movie clichés just for the sake of profit. So, in a way, I like anime and manga that focuses on people and what they go through in life, rather than toughing it out for the sake of the plot.

And let's not forget those so-called trolls that proclaim that Cory in the House is anime, or that with the combined forces of Johnny Test, Bee Movie, Shrek, and Cory himself you get a show based on that.

I can't seem to imagine a realistic WWII anime because nobody would seem to get it right, especially with that new one with the magic girl as a power source for a machine or something idk.

ExpertoCrede Oct 2, 9:50 AM
I was also looking up some Gundam characters and I can't help but relate to a lot of the old ones like Amuro Ray, Bright Noa, and Setsuna F. Seiei. I know the latter is somewhat recent, but the former two I relate to a lot. I tend to be under a lot of stress and distance myself from others and have excessively high standards and expectations of other people. People say I have a "dark presence", which is why people don't want to talk to me because they think I'm mean and scary.

And I can't help but say this but this may be a bit cringe worthy. Apparently, there is a series called Five Star Stories and the new manga looks like it took some notes from Jehuty of Zone of the Enders fame. The reason why I say cringe is because...well, this:

The art style reminds me of the old Arslan Senki anime adaptation based on the Yoshitaka Amano art book covers. But then again, I like unique art, but whenever I say that's a man, I think about this:
ExpertoCrede Oct 2, 9:27 AM
ExpertoCrede Sep 30, 8:27 AM
They made an anime for Starship Troopers btw. I guess anything that made an impact in today's society would be rated highly, just as how Slam Dunk motivated Japan to play more basketball. I can't say much about Gintama. I'm more of an action/drama person so chances are I won't get into it. Also, what's with those old threads referring to you? I mean, look at one of the posts the user made:

"I'd let him cockslap me." - AugmentedTurnip

Also, you should check out Chavez's profile. He seems to have some good LOGH fanart.
ExpertoCrede Sep 23, 7:59 AM
Perhaps I should get more books based on politics, religion and science. By saying redpilled, do you mean that the users are extremely pragmatic to a fault?

I see why. Though how come whenever I come across manga rating websites, Historical, sci-fi, and psychological stuff like Berserk, BOTI, Vagabond, Punpun, YKK, and Rurouni Kenshin come out on top? Is it because of their literary themes?
ExpertoCrede Sep 21, 5:26 PM
Whoa. That's enough to wrap around my head for days to come. Now I know why they called you the (former) mod of good taste. It's because you know so much about everything that it'll take you days to explain everything that happened in history. What's your opinion on members overall of the forum? I'm mainly talking about the cliques that people tend to form, not the users themselves.


ExpertoCrede used LOGH fan art.


"Haven't seen the other two yet, but I guess I'll give them a shot sometime. A lot of the older mecha series can be pretty cool, I doubt I'll find many more gems like Votoms and Dougram, but I might as well try a bit."

That reminds me. Last time I checked, I remember coming across an anime called Gasaraki. It's very old, though it's set in a post-apocalyptic setting.
ExpertoCrede Sep 18, 7:26 PM
I've heard about those theories regarding Rinoa being Ultimecia and Squall dying.

I have not heard of the Enuma Elish, Jesus inspired by Egyptian Mythology, etc. Since most people say the Bible is the inspired word of God, people tend to edit it a lot to their whim. It does make sense in hindsight, though. Angelo Moroni was a bit of a weirdo coming up with his own religion and believing that an angel visited him. I can't say much about the crusades. It's just a matter of history. But also, how and where do you come up with all of this information? Where can I find it?

As for Rome and Greece, I can see why they went downhill. After Julius Caesar's assassination, Rome became an Empire and many people struggled to win the power of the entire city. Even Claudius struggled to keep Rome together due to his physical disability. History does have a tendency to repeat itself, especially when it comes to rebellion in Japan. I can't say much about Atlantis, though. Bosina and Göbekli Tepe sound very interesting. I've yet to learn more about anything really in life. The most recent thing I've done regarding research was the composition Der ring des Nibelungen and got up to the Die Valkyrie part because I was busy cleaning up the house.

Drakengard 2 isn't a terrible game, nor is it a good one. The combat improved over the first, though there was a lot to improve regarding the story and characters.
ExpertoCrede Sep 17, 6:04 PM
I don't know. If there were more JRPGs like Dragon Quest, I might delve further into the subject. But now, chances are my most played games on Steam are going to be these:

Fallout New Vegas
Crusader Kings II
Europa Universalis IV
Total War (specifically Rome, Medieval 2, and Shogun 2)
Warhammer 40k Dawn of War
Dark Souls
Civilization V
Melty Blood/King of Fighters Series
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

I played Final Fantasy VII and VIII and felt that they were such a let down, especially with the terrible music Final Fantasy VIII has on PC. I'm not really good at modding outside of Nexus and a few games, so I'll just pass it and move on. I thought that Final Fantasy would interest me again, given that VIII was the one that emotionally impacted me with it's characters and music, though the story and main villain could've used some improvement. What about The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky?

I'm really not in the mood for any preachy Christian crusaders, because 1: They're annoying and 2: They're crazy. Just because God wills it doesn't mean you can just kill people in the name of God. I mean, God hasn't done a thing that has benefited the world after he created it. He makes people's lives miserable and he's tried to destroy the world rather than save it. As for turning the other cheek, I always felt that that was a head scratcher because the Bible is notorious for making mistakes, especially in its' own quotes. Besides, if there were to be any brave crusaders, then there would have to be a dying pope having a vision and the crusaders would go on an exodus. As much as I like the concepts of Medieval warfare, I have to say that Ancient Rome and Greece were far more civilized, which is why they were the first and last mark of civilization, in my opinion, because of how we always borrow everything from them and that we never tend to create anything ourselves.

I'm surprised to hear that you played Drakengard, especially the first one. I never actually played it, but found out about it when I was 11 when I heard that giant babies came and killed everything. I revisited the game by watching it on youtube last year and wrote an essay about it on Attachment theory, since the plot was too convoluted that it was difficult to keep track of what was going on in the characters' psyche. Don't buy the third Drakengard game. It is obviously the worst and fails to live up to it's potential. I liked how the game took a lot of risks, such as delving into taboo subjects such as gore, incest, pedophelia, etc.
ExpertoCrede Sep 16, 11:31 PM
Violence sells. Innovation rarely does. What’s your opinion on the Final Fantasy series? Is it any good? Is it worth playing? Sounds like you’re up to the Dragon God. Just make sure not to get attacked when stealthily approaching the ballistas.

Have you ever heard of the God Delusion? I’m just wondering because a lot of those books from those 3 authors sound similar to what Dawkins wrote.

The game Drakengard uses demon names from the Goetia to their full potential, and there are a lot of themes regarding incest, murder, cannibalism, and pedophelia.

I’ve watched Angel’s egg a couple of years ago and I’ve got to say that it’s quite interesting.
ExpertoCrede Sep 15, 5:45 PM
What's your opinion on the manga Kingdom?
ExpertoCrede Sep 15, 2:49 PM
Yes, I noticed Warhammer using Arthurian mythology, as well as Egyptian, hence the Horus Heresy. I can’t help but think that the “comedy” element reminds of that Ye Olde Terry Pratchett humor like Yoki being inspired by Loki and that old firecracker trick he keeps talking about. The Fimir sounds like something out of Norse Mythology. To be honest, I never got into Warhammer because I felt that it was your generic over the top manly power armor strategy game, but boy was I completely wrong.

Fallout 4 is garbage. It proves that Bethesda can’t do an RPG right, though that was more of a reminder to audiences that Fallout 3 was also proof of that. Skyrim and the rest of the Elder Scrolls games are also pretty bland, with the exception of Morrowind. How far are you in Demon’s Souls? I never played it because I never got the chance. I recently beat the Taurus demon and am up to the Gargoyles, though they keep kicking my butt, especially with Solaire. I haven’t played Crusader Kings II, yet. Though I have played Rome Total War and it’s mod Europa Barbarorum on mac. However, I couldn’t save the game or my progress, so it was pretty pointless. As for Fallout New Vegas, I installed a bunch of mods. It crashes every 20-30 minutes, but it’s ok. At least Julie Farkas isn’t a big oogly eyed frog. But then there’s this Freeside prat where most of the NPCs have completely swapped bodies. For example, one Npc would have a white head but a black body. This even happened to Npcs like Simon, the Silver Rush entrance guard and Jean Baptiste-Cutting. But then again, I’m level 14 so I’m going to raid the place once I get orders from the Brotherhood of Steel, which I won’t be seeing for a while. I’ve yet to get the unique OP weapons like the Ranger Sequoia, the all american, This Machine, Riot Shotgun, 12.7 smg, and so on. Mostly small guns because, like the Mojave, energy and big weapons are rare.

The Star Wars EU had more bad points than good. Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords did the entire Star Wars mythos justice by deconstructing the common tropes found within the series, such as how the force is neither good nor evil, but a primordial matter used for many different purposes. I also like the Dark Fantasy atmosphere within it. I haven’t had that kind of atmosphere ever since Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, though it didn’t work well on my Windows 10 PC. I might have to give it another chance.

I can’t say much about societies, but I know that people today take Freedom of Speech for granted. What did those three authors do that were considered controversial? I know one of those authors wrote a book that became a Robin Williams movie, but what books are being burnt? Why do you want to see the end of Kali Yuga? Do you consider yourself to be a Hindu? I won’t judge you for anything, I’m just wondering?

Did you know that Osamu Tezuka made a manga of Crime and Punishment? It was held up in a Russian museum and one of the critics said that:

"Demonstration of such comics is possible, but Russian people should not study the works of Dostoevsky on the Japanese comics”

Rather than make a prolonged and stretched out title, I think words of power like the words you see on a Resume should be used rather than cater to a bunch of horny obese neckbearded otakus, NEETS, or Hikikomoris. That is why Light Novels, with the exception of Overlord and Baccano, are complete garbage. They lack any literary prowess compared to the likes of Teito Monogatari or Battle Royale. I’ve only read a bit of Battle Royale, though I figured that it would be best to compare Light Novels with Japanese literature, rather than western literature where we have the likes of fantasy and sci-fi writers such as Martin, Cook, Erikson, Hamilton, Reynolds, and Bujold. If Miura took notes from Moorcock, look at what we can get if Japanese writers wrote contemporary fantasy inspired by even the likes of Norse and Greek Mythology, which is what laid the groundwork for western fantasy. But for your title, I can imagine Dante summoning his guitar Nevan, which is charged from the heavens, hence the Electric Boogaloo.

To be completely frank, the only good Robotech series was Macross. The ones with the motorbikes and everything else except for Nyan Nyan girl sucked. I even like Gundam 00 because Lockon, Sestuna, and Tieria remind me of Roy, Rick, and Max.

If you want a fully translated version of Part IV, go to mangasaurus. I’ll send you the link:

But then again, Nihil novi sub sole.
ExpertoCrede Sep 13, 12:27 PM
I don't mean to sound weird, but are you enjoying the conversation we're having? I'm just wondering because I don't want to bother you or anything.