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icecreeaamm Jan 24, 2022 11:38 AM
HAHAHHA I can see your excitement. Are you going to rewatch the series? I feel like I have to before I watch it. I don't think i ever finish the series either. Though i hate watching some of the fillers and orihime always crying 🙃


I recently bought a CD player!!! 😬 I waited for a while hoping it would go on sale but it never did...I mainly bought it so I can play my kpop/krnb albums. Look at it ---> she's one of my favs, IU it's so pretttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Down the road, i wanna buy a vinyl record player. Just feel like right now it costs so much upfront to own one :'(
icecreeaamm Jan 24, 2022 11:22 AM
LOL funny when you say have a safe holiday...I actually got sick few days before Xmas. Sure and behold its...covid hence the late reply. Honestly, I'm still dealing w/ lingering symptoms of cough. Hopefully you don't have to deal w/ stuff like that but basically it was circulated here like crazy! I ended up catching from a friend of mine when I hosted potluck. I first felt body fatigue then the cough came and I was done for like 5 days at least where I just didn't do much. It was also snowing here so I was in no mood to go out and enjoy the snow 😢 (i wanted to make snow angels!!). I think it took me at least 10-12 days until I felt better to go out. It's been weeks and I haven't really seen friends/anyone until last week or so. It does feel lonely 😢 even though my husband and I were both sick at home. So yeah...Xmas was cancelled w/ families so I haven't seen them since. And don't get me started about my brother basically told me he doesn't want to see me until mid-next month when he comes back from his vacation b/c he doesn't want to get sick from me LOL i'm like i'm not even positive anymore...but okay. I was looking forward to celebrating his bday as well. So I went from being mad > upset > okay now. just going to live my life for now and not let that get to me. How was your holidays and new year? 😬

Talking about Morbius, i saw the trailer! I'm so shocked it's jared leto. I was confused b/c i thought since he's already doing DC as a joker they wouldn't want him in marvel but i guess he's that great of an actor? OMG SPIDERMAN!!!! I teared up...😢 I wasn't expecting aunt may to die. And andrew garfield's part was so touching when he caught MJ T_T how do you not cry at those parts. Spiderman was soooo goooooddd! I bet you teared up being the avid Marvel fan that you are. What did you think of the movie? And jeez your story about purchasing tickets sound crazy LOL there's no pre-purchasing from like months before? I waited few weeks after and tried to avoid any spoilers. But after the movie ended, i went into a deep hole LOL of watching the explanation to the movie like all the things I missed on YouTube and then started watching any tom holland/andrew garfield interviews. I finally saw eternals on disney+ and thought it was okay...felt a bit anticlimactic? Glad I didn't see that movie in the theatres.

And yesss!! The pics work this time. 😬 ooooo you got the good pics!!! I like that spicy noodle carbonara version (though I don't use all the sauce). I haven't seen the choco crisps but yum! LOOOOL idk why i feel like growing up I thought pocky was so good but as adults now I feel a bit disappointed. Is it b/c our taste buds changed? The regular turtle chips is good though! Really??? I actually like their taiyaki only the matcha flavour though. LOOLL you're right though, it is grocery mart ice cream. Don't you have korean cafes over there that sell fresh taiyaki? omg I didn't know they had that kimchi flavour ramen - tbh i recently found out that brand's kimchi is the best LOOOOL sad to hear the kimchi ramen didn't live up to its expectation. HAHHA omg your reviews are hilarous. That's too bad you didn't get good snacks. Here are some that are pretty good imo -'ve seen the parasite movie right? Have you tried making the instant noodles w/ steak bites? You should try it! recipe here. I'm curious to hear about the last two drinks on the right - are they alcoholic?

Hhahahaha for sure! If you ever come here, I'm down to show you around and places to eat. 😬 There's actually so many different cuisines and the food scene is so diverse.


Nah I'm not much of a Halloween person except last year I did for fun. I always wanted to cosplay and attend animecon but I still haven't done that yet. Did you ever wanted to cosplay at all?

LOOL awwww about the girl liking your comment. Damn that hits hard. I'm glad I'm not a guy I feel like it's difficult to date. But then there's like a friend of mine who has girls jumping on him left right and center which I don't understand (nice guy but not good looking imo). Or maybe it's a generation thing...seems like the younger gen girls love to initiate or have flings. 🤷‍♀️ LOL so marisol wants to work with the same department as you?? HAHAHA you're about to have your own HAREM!!!! ooo the girl you have a crush on sounds chill! I bet a lot of guys hit up on her. So did anything more happen? did you guys go for movie together as an "entourage"? 🤔

Are you an old man now LOL AHHAHA aging from the past two years? That's silly you have to present "positive" first. LOL by the time you get that, you infect a bunch of people at work then. Weird. Over here, if you're positive you can leave the house after 5 days and go back to work which i think is too soon. Is it same over where you're at? On a side note, my floor lamp died so i went to ikea to buy a new one. I guess there's supply shortage across ikea (not sure if it's just here) 🤷‍♀️ but i basically bought a new floor lamp without light bulbs LOL b/c they don't have any in stock. But i thought hey, it's the last floor lamp in stock i better buy it before it's gone too!

Holyyy your massage set LOL you really splurged on yourself which is nice (much needed from your crazy work stuff)! Wowwww...the foot massager looks so nice. Worth it??? I have a similar neck massager too! HAHHAA wall-e, except your version is much classier. HELLO! w/ a wine glass in hand? hahahah I've been looking at this eye massager. I know it sounds weird LOL but it might work? Ooohhh i saw hawkeye, thought it was pretty good.

I haven't tried going to the theatres alone but hmmmm smart move on your end to ask her ;) do you ever dine out yourself then? in restaurants? I always wanted to and feel comfortable doing so. Idk feel like it'll be a good self confidence booster to enjoy a meal alone and feel comfortable WITHOUT looking at the phone.

oh wait, you were going to watch cowboy bebop the live version? I can't take it seriously LOL

Talking about matrix...i've actually never seen it. 👀 (don't hate on me!)

LOL kirsten dunst is pretty but i think emma stone is so much more attractive! Part of it is her personality too.

I finally saw Dune in the theatres but i felt like I'm missing a lot of context, maybe the 2nd movie will cover it. The main guy is good looking and I'm starting to see him in more movies.

Acupuncture is great! I'm starting to be able to fall asleep during the sessions. I only feel the initiate jab but inot so bad. I honestly have no idea how many needles they poke but there were some on both arms, my chest, head, legs and feet (this is where I feel the most pain). Supposed it's all connected to the inner parts of the body. Idk how it works over where you're at, do you have benefits at work? where they cover a certain amount for you whether you go for massage, acupuncture or dentist?

Maybe it's b/c you drink coffee w/o eating anything? Acidic? Oooo is it cheaper for you to buy on amazon? Or do you have those nespresso shops? When they recently had their sale I bought their holiday set including the advent calendar, I still havent opened all the dates yet LOL so behind. I'm not lactose but idk certain combos like milk tea gets me going LOL on a side note, i don't eat breakfast and barely eat lunch so my acupuncturist recommended that i have a snack or try drinking coconut water for lunch. I've bought some from costco but haven't tried it yet...

Wait what, what does that mean your gums are starting to recede? That happens? 😮 holy that's an expensive set of electric toothbrush. I'm surprised you didn't get the sonicare set. I thought the charcoal thing was a fake hype thing. I was looking into this not sure if you have it over there but it's like whitening vials. Or i was thinking of looking into japanese products like this - wipes.

Omg can't believe you got both shots back to back LOL I still haven't got my booster yet. People are just starting to get boosters here. The same friend that gave me covid got her booster right after and she got covid symptoms again. So I'm going to wait another few months until I'm feeling 100%.

icecreeaamm Nov 24, 2021 11:39 PM
Hey!! 😬 wow you have a good memory! I was dressed up as kiki from studio ghibli movie, kiki's delivery service. Looked like this --->
I had to look up reddit to determine what colour dress she's wearing b/c in the anime it looks like a Navy.colour (apparently they use Navy instead of black so the colour shows up better in the animation even though they're portraying black) but witches wear black. 🤷‍♀️ did you celebrate Halloween?

Omg thank goodness you told her! Did she freak out? That's so scary when people are messed up like that to create fake accounts...hence why I started privating my account. 🙃 whaaat you didn't ask her what she's been up to? Would've been a nice segway to getting to know her more 🤔

Damn weekly professional massages LOl sounds like you need a personal massage therapist. Do you also see sketchy massage places where you're at? Over here it's pretty obvious...they're the ones w flashy lights👀 but that's messed up about your coworker taking advantage of the system. Does he have medical proof? Or can they let him go or what? 🤷‍♀️ and isn't it time to hire seasonals soon? So you should get help soon right for black Friday and Xmas shopping coming up. I feel like black Friday deals aren't that great this year 😢 I'm only buying nespresso pods LOl!

Yeahh we're able to cross now but the shitty thing is they're making people pay for covid test before the border and coming back. 🤦 so there's no point of going. I took few days off recently and just spent it here.

There was also crazy flooding in one of the nearby cities last week 😢
so a lot of homes are gone and some relatives I know had to evacuate. Some animals died in the flood and shortage on milk (?). And then there's stupid people hoarding grocery stuff and so we're back to empty shelves 🤦 they had to put a poster up to say a limit of how much you can buy for certain items. And there's gas shortage too so some people started filling up Jerry cans and stealing others gas off people's car 🤷‍♀️

LOl reserving movie seats is a luxury!! Before we had to line up and hope we get good seats 🥲 unless we pay few bucks more for better sound. Idk why we had to wait for a pandemic to hit that reserving seats should be a standard 🤦but I guess w the hold method a lot of people just snuck into other movies. I've tried myself and got caught 🥲 plus I suck at lying so I watched dark Knight twice..I was trying to sneak into pineapple express so yeah that was years ago. Oooo the vibrating seats I mean they're nice and does help you focus on the movie more but it's more expensive 🤔 I would rather forgo that option. Do you go movies w friends or alone?

Talking about movies or shows, I saw hellbound (new Netflix series) supposed to be the new hype after squid game but it was BAD!!! Like I was so choked I wished I got my 6 hrs back 😵😤 so don't bother watching it if you are planning to. They needed to work on the story and characters better...

I felt the same way too! Venom 2 was a let down...felt like it was more for families or kids to watch 🤷‍♀️ yaaay spiderman I can't wait! I'm shocked that you've managed to not see the trailer at all. Who do you like more as spiderman? For couples I really like Andrew Garfield and Emma stone 🥰 I haven't seen eternals and will have to see that. Would you say it was as good as shang chi? I haven't heard much hype w the eternals.

Oh wow! I was planning on watching dune after hearing so many good things about it and how it came before star wars 😮 what was lacking you felt? LOL understandable that you don't want to watch 9 hr series and agree, it would probably be better if they shorten it to a movie. It was unique in terms of the colourful and interesting sets. But yeah there's something about Asian drama or movies that when they have Caucasian actors they come off a bit weird like stiff acting...🤷‍♀️ do yeah you're not missing much!

Ooo surprised you haven't to a Trinidad wedding. Is it because your families are spread out? Or they don't live where you live?

Oh whoa thc gummies! I haven't bought anything here at the dispensery (you also need doctors note on why you need it). So it's not as accessible here but it is more so than before. The closest thing I use is sleep gummies to help me relax before bed because I felt myself thinking too much. I also went to acupuncture recently and she said how I look chill on the outside but my body is very tense or anxious(?). 🙃 not sure if sleep gummies is what you're looking for

Nah I have no interest in cryptocurrencies or those doge coin. Just because I don't have much knowledge about it. And it sounds like a lot of people are just gambling, or that they're losing money more so just to jump on the Hype bandwagon 🤦 some people I don't get how they invest in it w/ debt they need to pay off...but that's another story

LOL those emojis😂😂😂 you still have lots of time before you need to get checked

Don't judge my tapioca that's what I usually get LOl 🥲 or just get the brown sugar pearls so it's coated w a sugary taste.

Wait why Do you get the poops? 😂It's not like there is milk in it? Or is it because the coffee is really strong??👀 That's so weird because I get The poops if There's maybe some dairy in it. 🤔 I love my nespresso machine! I tried using other name coffee pods and still can't beat nespresso coffee pods. Are you lactose? LOL or just those coffee pods? Can't stop laughing at your comment 😂😂😂

Wow, can't believe your cousin said that. And told me to stop smoking crack. LOL. I mean, I remember I saw a post on it on Facebook so thought I will let you know because you like one piece so much. I'm having a break with one piece at the moment. I feel like I'll need few years to catch up. But at least I know some more characters that are part of the crew now. I still find chopper weird when he's an adult deer. Still blows my mind. 🤯

Yeaah it's expensive not sure how much is it over where you're at but it's about $6-7k? Nah I don't whiten my teeth. I heard the stripps thin out your teeth so I leave it as ugly ass yellow at times (from all the coffee) 🤦 I did come across Japanese whitening teeth wipes but haven't got around the chance to buying it online. There's also this it's like a vial you use. I was thinking of trying this one out. Good to know that the charcoal was only a hype b/c I saw that on Facebook a lot! It's weird feel like as we're getting older my teeth is more sensitive to sweets. Do you feel the same?

Omg yes I saw the Travis Scott thing all over 😢 so sad that people died and that he's a shit starter 🤦like whyyyy didn't he help...but your cousin and friends are fine though right? Must be traumatizing 😢

icecreeaamm Nov 24, 2021 10:36 PM
LOl why can't you go alone to the Asian grocery mart? They probably don't care what you're buying hahaha 😂 You guys have interesting names out there. Over here, we have korean market like h-mart (don't ask me what it stands for) and popular Chinese supermarket T&T (again I don't know what it stands for LOL). But thats where I'm able to get my Asian products. Did you buy the fire spicy noodles w the chicken logo?

The links don't work 🥲 shows an empty white box on a blank page. I've been watching Japan vlogs again 😭😭😭 I want some legit ramen and kobiniya food!

What's the pink packaging one? 😮 oooo yess boss coffee is a classic! LOL it didn't meet your expectation? Personally I like Craft Boss Latte better. If you find it, try that one! It's in a bottle.

I would skip grocery mart bbt, go to the legit bbt stores instead. Do you also have chatime, coco, gongcha and xing fu tang over there?

And here we are already end of November!!! Do you have Christmas plans? Or any vacation days you're taking? Or are you dealing with retail nightmare? On a side note, I sold my ikea Xmas tree I bought last year...friends and family made fun of my tree saying it looked bare and skinny 🥲 so this year I bought a new flocked tree w pre-lit lights. If my place was bigger, I would decorate are the whole place. ✨

icecreeaamm Nov 24, 2021 10:25 PM
Wait's going to be a live action?? Wtf LOl I had to rewatch that twice to process what was happening. I showed the video to my husband and he cringed hard...😖🤢
icecreeaamm Oct 14, 2021 9:48 PM
Wow no wonder they are slacking off LOL! It's like free vacation days. Or you can say you have a headache? 😦 Not sure how things work over there, do you get benefits? Like physio/massage covered? If you are, should definitely get your back checked!

LOL I just went to Ikea the other day and got excited over laundry hampers...I was waiting forever for it to get in stock. 😂 I was thinking to myself, wow I'm at that point in my life that I'm excited to replace mine.

HAHAHA so the conclusion was that the korean girl wanted to sell stuff to you at her booth? Why are the girls around you so confusing? LOL! It's so weird for her to tell you that out in the open...but also in a way she's telling raul this means nothing? Awww seems like he's a good guy. I hope she's not playing hoping to have two guys around her. This MARISOL girl is plaaaaayinggggg!!!! *RED FLAGGGSSSSS*

On a side note, one of my friend's found out his gf was cheating on her and tried to lie about it. I already told him to stop dating young girls b/c they don't take relationship seriously and just wants to be taken cared of. So anyways, not worth going through girls w/ red flags (or pink flags - aka soft warning signs)!


LOL it's funny the way you described the bed is all to yourself so the weight is even hahaha. I do miss when I used to hog the whole bed to myself. :')


As we're talking about COVID stuff, borders are opening next month!!! That means I can finally drive down to the hit up trade joes! 😅

feel bad about the woman's story you talked about and sucks that she caught COVID herself ☹️ It's actually pretty crazy here like the government is really controlling the situation. I think generally where I live, the province has a high vaccination rate but they are making it mandatory for people in the health care field where you have to be vaccinated or you're laid off / be on unpaid leave. That includes staff that already fully working remote at home and those on maternity leave. I feel like that is a bit much if they're not coming to the office anyways or that they're mostly at home why force them to leave the house?


Yeah our version of theatre chain is Cineplex and the second one would be Landmark Cinema. I feel like there's so many options and I can't tell too much with the Dolby experience vs regular... We also have AVX and that costs a bit more but at least that lets you book our seats beforehand. Tickets here range from $14.25 - $25. We have this thing called VIP which is only 19+. There's a lounge area to chill out before the movie and they also have servers bringing food to your seat (nice reclining seats). Omg how is venom 2? I'm planning on watching it this month. I was trying to book tickets for the new james bond movie but that one is sold out... It sounds like tickets over where you're at is so much cheaper!!! 😩

Wow just checked out your IMDB, your highest rated movie is Dune? I haven't a lot of the top rated ones on your list. Btw did you watch squid games?? It's super hyped right now! I liked the set and stuff but I feel like some parts are still cringy...let me know what you think! I honestly thought alice in borderland was better.


Shang Chi - I thought it was too hyped?? I thought Tony Leung shined in the movie! Like he carried the emotions and different perspective as a villain. The scenes he had with his wife was amazing. I thought simu liu was lacking in expressions, maybe he needs more acting experience? Idk... like growing up I knew the actor, Tony Leung for hong kong movies but I had no idea he was that amazing! Yes! Him and Fala chen are well known. Same with the grandpa guy that was training awkafina. k i still find that last scene of simu and awkafina leaning on each other by the water so weird LOL i can't imagine romance between them aahhhhhh


I think with COVID, people are going to want to have smaller weddings I feel. More intimate anyways! And the wedding would be less about the people and more for the bride/groom. Surprised you haven't of the traditions, maybe b/c it's the bride's side of things? What's the wedding culture on the trini side?

Hahhaa thanks for the belated anniversary message! I appreciate it. We've been married for 3 years now! My wedding was a blur-ish. I remember leading up to the day I was so stressed I was getting pimples. I didn't do much traditions but the night before I had to go to my parents place where my aunt combed my hair. Every comb she did, she had to say something to wish me well in my marriage and then she also put on a hairclip with greenery that I had to put under my bed. My parents were trying to get me to sleep at home the night before the wedding but i said no (the whole idea of groom/bride can't see each other until the day of). I'm like everything is moved out, why would I sleep at my parents place? LOL I want to be comfortable instead. And then the day of, my husband dropped me off to my parents' place to get ready with my girls while he got ready w/ his guys. The only tradition we did was the "tea ceremony" where the bride/groom has to kneel down on the pillow and serve tea to parents/grandparents and then in return they would wish us well and give us red envelope w/ money! I skipped the whole garter/bouquet toss thing. The cool thing I did was my husband and I surprised everything w/ a choreographed dance hahaha mind you we're not like dancers but we like to have fun. So we just grabbed choreo from random videos and meshed it together. Looking back I still can't watch the video LOL makes me cringe b/c I was off beat also.


That sounds so nice!! to rent a house and chill out by the water. It's like a nice simple getaway. Did you get anything for your sister? Is she younger than you?


LOL you caught me there! A mix of household stuff, supplements and beauty. I can PM you the website if you're interested / curious. It was actually my husband who had the entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to make side income outside of his full time job. He eventually connected me to business partners he's been working with and so I decided to get into it as well. It's not easy but the past two years we've been getting more creative with building our customer base. 😊


Holy...50s?! Seems a bit late for regular prostate check up then. I thought guys had to get it checked in their 30s? It's so weird how it's not a normal thing to have full body check-ups here. I thought it was only in Asia that they do that.

HAHAHHAHAA I love the emojis I was paying the price the next day 😱🚽💥 Aww that's so cool!!! Naruto themed ramen. wait...did the bbt you get, was the strawberry powdered? I'm going to judge you if it was LOL not legit bbt! The only powdered bbt that is good would be taro (purple). Don't you have like brown sugar bubble tea over there? The bubbles / pearls are brown sugared up so there is flavour! Or at least that's what we have here.

LOL thanks...i appreciate the photo tip but yes I had to learn it the hard way and my brother won't let that story go. He reminds me from time to time 🤦‍♀️ Nope it wasn't snowing, just really cold LOL


LOL but your 6 ft!!! at least you can shoot far... WOW I'M CLOSER TO THE GROUND LOL why you gotta say it like that. Now i feel like I'm so small... but anyways I haven't been sporty anyways. I've been going to the driving range here and there. Learning how to have the proper posture is tough and requires so much patience!

AYCE = all you can eat! A lot of AYCE places have closed down due to COVID :( less group hang outs = less AYCE

That's true! There's a lot of really good Asian restaurants here! The best ramen place here in Vancouver is Hokkaido santouka ramen. 😬

What is that maru chan package? I've never seen that before. is that like white people ramen?😐 I think common instant noodle here is like shinramyun?


NICEEE!!! omg I have a nespresso machine too! It's a game changer for better coffee at home. 🤤 Ooo which pods do you like on amazon? I still feel like nespresso pods are the best and strong flavoured. I've tried others like Caffitaly (cheapest but taste aight), Starbucks (taste okay), LaVazza (pretty good!).

I actually bought sakura matcha one time.....and I still hvae no idea what sakura tastes like LOL!! Think i just got scammed to pay a bit more hahaha but the packaging got me of course.


I've picked up OP again after a while. I kind of stopped and started watching korean dramas - Move to heaven. It's heartfelt and touching! think they were nominated for Asia Content Awards.

the animation for deltarune looks cute! what do you call that like pixel bit art looking? I feel like I've been so busy with friend gatherings whether I'm having friends over or just hanging out. On a side note, I got invisalign recently so I've been eating less! First few days I wanted to shoot myself b/c I was regretting and mad how it was so difficult to put on my so-called plastic "teeth".
icecreeaamm Sep 12, 2021 2:45 PM
LOL! that gif explains a lot, like you rose from the dead? 😂

Wowww! Sounds like you've been busy and I'm sure it hasn't slowed down. Are you guys still short-staffed then? 😦 Wait if they are taking up to 10 days worth...are they getting paid though? Jeez, did you get your back looked at by physiotherapist? It's scary like one bad posture can fk it up. Your coworker sounds ungrateful lol like she put on the situation herself...🤦‍♀️ LOL sounds fun new people, that means new girls for you to meet 😉 HAHAHAHAHA are the new staff usually young people working as they're going to school? Or it really varies? Btw, any news on the girl at work? the one you were talking to often

I actually just went to Ikea yesterday LOL I'm trying to declutter my home so that it doesn't look like a junk yard...🥲 Trying to buy laundry basket storage so it doesn't take up so much space. I wish they created a small standing desk the ones they have are massive. On a side note, do you guys get discount when you buy stuff? I know some stuff is cheap already. And do you recommend buying mattress there? I feel like I can't trust their quality for that. 🙃

What is AMC's movie pass? 😦 Is AMC like another theatre chain? You said you grabbed Shang Chi tickets, how was it?? I'm gonna watch it on Tuesday so I'm hoping it lives up to the hype. I also am excited to see some of the actors I recognize from Hong Kong dramas I used to watch as a kid.


Things are work have been busy!!! I find myself working later b/c I want to meet like the demand of people. And also in health care, we're struggling with job vacancies ☹️ so I feel bad for the staff and want to help the recruiters as much as I can. Even though it's been 1.5 months I still feel like there's a lot I don't know still. But my manager has been super nice and reaffirming that I'm doing well and can't imagine doing stuff w/o me. I'm just super glad that she's encouraging and involves me in things. Can't help but feel a bit hard on myself on living up to expectations of people (think it stemmed from stress on my last job). And it's crazy, I had like previous coworkers reaching out to me how some have left the company as it became profit-driven and less for the people. So it's sad to see 😕

On a good note! I was busy during late August as one of my husband's close friend got married. I felt like my weekend was taken up b/c she had a mehndi night (the bride is Indian so it's like a bridal party) and a surprise bridal shower the next day. Let me tell you I felt so awkward because I've never gone to a mehndi night so I didn't know what to expect or the culture. Everyone showed up wearing their sari (super pretty and extravagant) but I don't have any friends to borrow from so I just wore like a floral dress. And then I also came from a family BBQ gathering so I wore sneakers...idk why I didn't think to carry heels or something 🤦‍♀️ it was interesting to see how their culture is. I felt bad as some of the bride's guests last minute cancelled on her so she was stressed and then other family members were busy grabbing food when they were doing an important ceremony 🤦‍♀️. It was chaotic. But the surprise bridal shower on the other hand was a lot of fun, we had it outdoors in the park so people were passing often and asking questions. The MOH and bridesmaid made it look like Pinterest style. Looked like this -->
There was also lawn games and sangria w/ charcuterie board. And I liked that it was intimate like maybe only 12 of us or less? So yeah then the next day, my husband and I went to their house to be their witnesses on getting married on paper (need witnesses for legality) and then an officiant came over as well. It was intimate and touching to see them be officially husband/wife. 🥲 And then later on the week was their actual wedding and it was small, maybe like 25 people? So that whole week my mind felt like I was occupied by their celebrations LOL

Then the weekend after, I celebrated my wedding anniversary and went out to Kelowna w/ my husband. The place where all the wineries are at. I was surprised didn't know they mostly had white wines. But it was really cool! I discovered this winery that had mead wine. I've never had honey wine before but it was so goooooddd and they had a mulled version too. But yeah my activities were pretty tamed I didn't do anything outdoor crazy activities. At first I wanted to go parasailing but then the weather wasn't great. 🥲

And then outside of that, I met my brother's gf for the first time and that was through dinner as a whole family. And I felt bad for her b/c I can tell how nervous she was haha. So yeah it's been quite busy on my end. Did you have any celebrations? Or birthdays to go to?


The fires have toned down but there are still smoke in the north. When I went on the Kelowna trip we had to reroute to avoid highway that was blocked off. Oh shit, yeah I felt like I was living under a rock when I later heard about the whole Taliban thing. It's really sad to hear about the people. I tune out of news as I already hear a lot about COVID stuff. On that note, we're actually implementing COVID passports here where we have to show that we got vaccinated when we enter restaurants/concerts/gym and pretty much anything. People are quite divided here people hating on others that are not vaccinated. I feel bad b/c I have friends who aren't vaccinated and it's not that they're against but they either want to wait for results or that they don't want to feel pressured to get it. With the new situation, it's almost like forcing them to get vaccinated or lose your freedom then it gets kind of gray b/c what happens to one's human rights then to choose? So I'm all for people's choices as long as they still obey the rules w/ wearing a mask. Not sure how your situation is over there.😕


LOL I know eh like we know we should eat healthy but then we throw on junk food in our stomach hahaha. Wow that's good! I actually take digestive enzymes daily too before a heavy meal or sometimes carb blockers if I remember, to inhibit some of the sugar/carbs I'm about to eat. My husband takes fibre powder too on a daily as well (I have yet to build that habit)! I actually sell the brand of supplements I use. Would you be interested to try some if I ship it to you? 😮

Wow you really do have a sweet tooth. Brownie sounds so good right now LOL with ice cream...yummmmmm!!!! I'm a big ice cream/gelato fan so that's like my way of getting sweets. Not a big fan of eating chocolate/candy by itself. I think I'm a bigger savoury/chips fan. Sorry to hear about your uncle, it sucks to have diabetes and to take pills for it 😢 Talking about sweets, my dad has a poor habit of drinking a can of coke daily with his dinner meal. I also developed that habit as a kid where I shared a can with my brother growing up but glad I kicked the habit as I grew older. And what you get yearly blood work?! I don't even get that LOL I feel like you only get blood work if it's something I need to get checked not like a regular thing. Wowww you hater 😭 you just haven't had good bubble tea. Do you dislike the bubbles or taste?

Wait what does that mean you drive w/ intent? LOL like you're focused? Sounds like you drive like you're fast and furious 😂😂😂 Man you should've seen me in a smart car, it was a company car but I would rip that thing LOL the only shitty thing is that it's pretty slow when you hit accelerate. I drove my brother in it once and he was like why are you driving like this LOL I'm also not so savvy with the you'll probably laugh at me but I struggled w/ the condensation that was happening in the car when it was winter. So I didn't know what to set the fans or whatever to, I was in a rush and trying to get the car warmed up and drive. So I had the windows rolled down which got rid of the fogginess and picked up my brother. And he was like why do you have your windows's cold and he laughed at me since 🤦‍♀️


Oh shit, I aint' watching midsommer LOL I know it's a horror!!!! trying to trick me!?

I heard mixed reviews of Loki but since you said it's good, I'll check it out. I just watched the movie Worth yesterday as it was 9/11. I didn't know much about the victim compensation fund but it's crazy to assign people to a math equation...have you seen it? It's a good watch.


The tip of the shoe was flopping open and closed every time I walked. LOOOOL! HAHAHAHA you should definitely get new shoes for yourself. Do you have basketball ball player moves you really like that you try to replicate? I can't play the game but I do enjoy shooting hoops. it's funny b/c my husband said my posture is better than a few of our guy friends. I guess my high school basketball training days helped. I still can't imagine how I played b/c of how short I was (still am). The jersey would literally be so long that it's almost to my knees. And then I'll be playing against these tall girls who would like elbow me. 🥲

I don't have to know the fucker exists every 10 minutes. I get it, you're in a relationship 👹. LOOOL this.

Wowww supercon?! I haven't heard of it. Is it bigger than those comic cons? Hmmm maybe she asked b/c she wanted to see if you'll be going and maybe bump into you? Not sure why 🤷‍♀️ did you end up finding out what that was about? There's like no huge events here. 😭 I was supposed to go to a concert yesterday but it got postponed to December. On a side note about covid that upsets me is that think it was last week, there were COVID passport protesters infront of few hospitals to protest. 😢 Which I felt disappointing to hear and upsetting for the exhausted hospital staff who are working so hard to save people and yet to protest infront of where they are. I understand if they protest elsewhere but not in front of hospitals at least.


Ahhh yes...buffet 🤦‍♀️ LOL I forget. Idk here we call it AYCE. Well the owner made it part of their uniform to wear maid and butler outfits 🤷‍♀️ the server didn't complain about the outfit just about the music choice. Idk would you work there? LOL

YUUMMMM RAMEN!!! The nostrils were in full drainage mode after that 😂😅. ewww LOL there's so many good ramen places here if you ever come to Vancouver. I feel like ramen tastes best on a rainy day. 🥰 If you eat instant ramen, this one is pretty close to a legit bowl of Japan ramen.
Now I wish I had bought a luggage full of instant ramen when I was in Japan 😭 One thing I really want to collect is those Starbucks merch, have you seen those sakura themed ones? They're so pretttyyyyyyyy and they also have really good themed frapps


WHAAAT zootopia series!? I actually had no idea. I hope they keep the adult humour in there. Nope I haven't watched soda pop movie yet, did you??? I started watching Nisekoi as I haven't seen it before, I'm enjoying the light hearted humour romcom so far😂

Ngl, I stopped OP for now. I think the filler arc I was at was getting boring 😢 will need to pick it up again. I saw that OP is going to end!!! Are you shocked? Not sure if you're reading the manga also. Good news is bungou stray dogs is having a movie!!! I really liked the anime series.
icecreeaamm Aug 6, 2021 12:24 AM
LOOL!!! Am I your child? 😂 My first week was pretty chill, I was glad that my manager is slowly looping me into things and walking me through some of the projects. I don't feel stressed at all (or yet!). The team is quite small only myself, manager and another girl (casual position) are working on marketing together. It's been kind of eye opening for me in terms of how the culture is like at work (in a good way). For example, we did a values sorting cards exercise where you organize a list of values into three categories - most important, important to me and not important and then whatever you have under important to me, you need to resort to either most important or not important. So you have a clear picture of what values are true to you and common themes. So at work we had a team discussion on it and what are some of our common themes. In all honesty, I did the exercise the night before like 30 mins before I went to bed and was not expecting a full depth discussion the next day LOL but if you're curious, my themes are (at least what I think) hope (being optimistic), loyalty (being reliable and following through for others), relationships (with family/friends/strangers), growth (in all areas of life) and self-acceptance (this is a tough one for me). You can try doing it also! Here is the exact same one I did -

Do you do any of team building activities like this at work? Or any personality tests?

I agree what you said about quitting and finding something "better". I guess it's kind of like thinking the grass is greener on the other side. But the reality is, maybe you have responsibilities you have to deal with or that your situation isn't actually that bad but just need to shift to a positive/growth mindset. I appreciate your supportive/sweet words and will reach out if I need to ☺️ Something I realized myself is my tonality (sometimes I sound like 😐), so I'm trying to work on my tone so that when I share things it sounds more exciting/happy/life in my voice LOL 🙂


Omg you take 5 hrs to respond!? I guess plus you're multi-tasking...I think I take about 1+ hr? I'm like focused on typing though otherwise I can't write anything or lose my train of thought. Before I was struggling with how to add emojis so that probably took me longer LOL I think I'm getting the hang of it now.

Whoaaa I'm actually shocked that you said there's a mask mandate. I hope the cases go down and it's scary that more people are catching symptoms of it ☹️ The other day my cousin-in-law's gf had to go to the hospital for high fever (luckily it wasn't covid). LOL you know Trudeau! But here it's pretty chill, majority of the people are wearing mask when they're indoors even though they announced mask isn't mandatory anymore it's optional. When you're grocery shopping, people are still wearing masks and obeying the social distance. It's different in restaurants though, I see that there's not much social distancing anymore and tables are filled like before COVID times. People are back to mingling w/ friends! And no one really gives you the death stare for not wearing one or confront anyone 🤷‍♀️ I myself try to wear a mask at work and if I'm in crowded places like the bus. Otherwise, I don't really wear one. It doesn't help that it's so hot and having to wear a mask doesn't help. There's smokiness in the area from all the wildfire so the air quality is pretty bad these days.


LOL let's just say I'm better than my husband but not an expert. Filet mignon what? LOL that's some next level stuff, is that what you cook? 😂😂😂 That's restaurant level service. Luckily I have an air fryer, if I'm lazy I'll just throw frozen stuff in there to cook. On a side note, friends of mine had us over for dinner and tried to teach us healthy/simple recipes to make at home. I was so motivated that I went to Costco to pick up chia seeds and hemp hearts to add to my yogurt snack w/ blueberries and banana vs eating a bowl of cereal that has full of sugar 🤷‍♀️ I also had buckwheat rice/grain for the first time! I actually like the texture, a lot better than eating brown rice 🤢 do you prefer to eat healthy? or you just eat whatever you want?

Wow that ice cream photo did not help me at all LOL I'm starring at this at like 11 pm 🤦‍♀️ I also realized I have an emotional eating tendency with bubble tea (or what you call boba tea?). I recall my friend talking about this like a year ago and I couldn't figure out if I had those tendencies until yesterday. I had a team meeting video call and I had to present something at work then this coworker (who I met for the 1st time) decided to cut me off. And then the perfectionist in me started self-critiquing so then I ordered delivery for bubble tea to "comfort" myself. 🤯 Do you relate?


LOL it sounds like you have your AC routine down for your car 😂😂😂 damn if it's that hot it must be difficult to even grab the steering wheel at that point...and aren't people more angry on the road when it's hot? are you an angry driver? LOL


Wow! So you can do all the tricks on the snow 😦 LOL don't worry I am always at the bunny hill, I can relate on the bum falls. LOL I don't know why to picture that is pretty funny. You being stuck with your board and people walking past being like this guy 🤦‍♀️ very anime like. But omg you felt whiplash? That's scary...very lucky that you were okay and you look like you had fun snowboarding in Colorado 🙂

About snow...I know since I'm Canadian and I have access to the snow I should be really good or that I go often. But nope, I can't ice skate (even though my name has "ice" in it). You can find me holding a cone with kids skating past me LOL I tried to learn snowboarding once but the instructor was busy flirting w/ another instructor so I didn't get to learn properly. I tried skiing and thought that was okay but still that was ages ago.


When you say shutters, it reminds me of like zombie movies where you lock down everything. 👀 Must be like a ghost town when that happens.


About the volcano...I watched the video. I guess we're doomed either way LOL


LOL your obsession with The Witcher 😂 but damn that's some serious business you have homework to do - listen to audiobooks and watch the first season. Just looked up the poster, I remember it was super hyped when it came out. Idk I'm not that into the medieval times for like shows with people. Rather watch anime but then again, I didn't play the game so I can't relate. 🤷‍♀️


HAHA yessss I love Florence Pugh she has her own humour, I was going through her IG and she posts funny photos of herself too. Feel like she probably has a down to earth personality. And yes! Only true marvel fans stay and watch the post credits. We'll have to wait for Hawkeye series to come out! I recently got Disney+ and watched "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier". It was so weird seeing the winter soldier with short hair...😳


That's cool! Are you really into basketball then? With copying the poses or having air Jordans? LOL I only bought one hula hoop, think it weighs like 2.5 lb? I've used it like maybe handful of times from the last time I msged you. 🤦‍♀️ I've gone to few studio yoga classes but once things are better I would love to go do some intro hip hop classes for fun.


The funny thing about the holidays you mentioned that America celebrates is that I do see Canadians celebrating it but its like what happens in retirement homes LOL when they have so much free time and need activities to do.


Wait what!? There's another girl coming onto you now 👀👀 competition!! haha I'm surprised that since you've worked w/ her for so long that you don't hang with her or have her number. It's nice that you get to know her more like having deeper conversations than just work stuff. 🤷‍♀️ LOOOL that's so funny but who knows, maybe for her she's like he seems like a good guy and I want to talk to him more. Damnnn she's Korean!? 😍 You go get that kimchi 😂 it'll be interesting to see where things go and maybe one of you can is segue into your interests and for example, she might want to check out the event/place/movie/food together. Ta-dahhhh!!! More connections outside of work!


True and what if friends make fun of her🤷‍♀️ I do know someone who's name is Mizu (water) but she's Chinese.


LOL I kept seeing Simone's story on my newsfeed but I didn't look into it. I even saw Justin Bieber post about her and giving her props for choosing her mental health to drop out. It's a tough situation but I think she is still involved in the team events? I'm just waiting to watch diving. Kind of sucks I don't have cable so I'll need to look up videos.


HAHAHHA you're so funny 😂 but you might need your cousin to help wingman you 🤔 wow even 5-star ryokans sell out...jeez I guess b/c you timed it with the olympics? OOO it'll be really cool for photos in Kyoto. Or maybe you can even find anime scenes and replicate shots of it 😮 new video idea right here!

Funny thing about paying someone to flirt with the other day I went to this all-you-can-eat (is that a thing in the states?) for Japanese food and mind you the reservation online said dress code is business casual. But whatever it's summer, I'm going to wear whatever I want so we're dressed super casual and even customers were too. BUT the moment I walked in, the girl greeted me in her maid outfit. I was like 👀 what is happening here?! I thought it's supposed to be an upscale place !? LOL but anyways all the girls are in maid uniforms and guys are in butler...but the interior of the place looked upscale with the green velvety chairs and all. And then the music was playing Kpop 🤷‍♀️ I asked the guy about it and he's like don't even get me started on this 😤 b/c the owner wouldn't listen. Food was good but it was just so random?


I mean a good one I really liked was Zootopia! that one had a lot of humour that was aimed for adults, check it out if you haven't yet. 😬 I saw a trailer for "Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop" on Netflix, I'm thinking of watching it. Have you seen it yet? it's an anime movie.
icecreeaamm Jul 26, 2021 11:00 AM
It's fine that you type long LOL I prefer to hear stories than short answers ☺️ plus, I appreciate the time you took to reply. I just started my new job this week! So last week I was pretty busy with handing over tasks to the new person (for my previous job). And then b/c COVID restrictions are lifted, I started seeing friends again. It was nice one of my friends came over to check out my plants and catch up. And then another friend was dropping by but ended up staying for dinner so I had do a makeshift dinner for him. I couldn't help but think damn I could've made the dish better LOL or like I should've vacuumed the house 🤦‍♀️

On a side note, MAL website is so weird! I wished the page was responsive. Your text goes over the box for me LOL


Jeez I honestly don't know how you can withstand the heat. I'm already like complaining LOL with like 2 months of heat here. But I do like that the sun sets later so you can do more things and also generally everyone's mood goes up. The heatwave is pretty bad, there's been wildfires every year up north 😔 so the gov.t actually announced state of emergency. I'm hoping it goes away soon as I was planning on going to the wineries in Okanagan. Do you ever get crazy smokes in Cali then? Sometimes we get it from all the wildfires happening. LOL! I forget, for Canadians we refer temperature as celsius so it's weird when you refer to Fahrenheit. 😂 Have you experienced snow before?

Nah, I'll just live without an AC unit. Save $300-400 and spend it elsewhere, plus it takes up space in the house!


LOL what you were disappointed? Idk the idea of hearing a hurricane possibly hitting you is scary. 😧 I guess you hear it so much you just get used to it? Yeah I do remember the hurricane Katrina that was bad...are there protocols like how you can keep yourself safe? See that's the thing about people going crazy to the stores, not sure if you saw in Japan during COVID people are so civilized they line up there. It's scary to think when shit happens, people are going to act selfishly instead of coming together as a community. 😔

Here in my city, we get small earthquakes and people are quite shocked already. There's been talks the past years about how my city was supposed to be hit w/ a big one soon. So who knows! The funny thing is I remember my parents talking about like if it does happen, we meet back home wherever we are. I was like how would we even get there LOL


Isn't The Witcher on Netflix? Unless I'm thinking of something else. Wait what, during a Black Widow movie will you think about work for a sec? But it's so captivating! I really loved Florence in her role as Yelena. 😍

I find myself spacing out and thinking about random things when I'm in yoga class. Like they tell you to focus on your breath, I'm thinking about what to eat next LOL instead of relaxing and controlling my mind. LOL you should try going for walks in the morning or at night (after dinner), it's quite relaxing.

LOL!!! Are you talking about those CrossFit classes? Where they make you go do circuits? Yeah, I don't think I'm fit enough to do that. It's like what they say, you workout to eat 😂😂😂. I'm jealous you can remain consistent with your workouts. So do you generally workout from home then? I was doing YouTube videos but then I got bored so now I'm just going for 20-30 min walks and if I skip out, I do hula hooping (I just bought it recently!). So we'll see how long I last.

Thanks for your kind message!!!!😩🎊 Yeah it's just crazy how things worked out and my ex-manager actually texted me how much she misses me as working w/ me was easy. But I'm really glad I'm not there anymore b/c the workplace was getting toxic and I found myself being so stressed. My husband said I was grinding my teeth a lot at night from the stress (a bit TMI - my period was skipping too). I get what you mean with dealing w/ employees, luckily I'm not in the front lines doing that. Just supporting the HR advisors/reps on recruitment marketing. It's only been a week but it's starting to expand my perspective on how many different roles there are in healthcare. For example, switchboard operator. I had to google what that job was lol

About the guy, who knows what happened behind the scenes to where he is now 🤔 definitely not sunshine and rainbows. I'd like to think that things will work out in the end even though it may not seem like it right now. Plus, I believe in karma! Whatever goes around comes back around.

HAHAHA Boxing Day. I think the only holidays people here are excited about is Canada Day (an excuse to party) and Black Friday/cyber Monday to get their shopping in. There are other stat holidays but people are only excited b/c they get a longer weekend or just being off work. Don't think we celebrate much here. Oh wait, there's Pride parade too though I don't think it's happening and I've never been one, would be fun though!

Omg you googled it! LOL wow so she's not a princess! Either way I think the name is a bit much.

Awww...the girl at your work may be waiting for you to take action. Also, giving signs isn't a bad thing is it? So she knows you're not just a "friend" but could be something more. You haven't given yourself 100% efforts yet to see where things could go with her. Isn't it normal to just hang out outside of work? Like grab a bite after work so it's not really hitting on her but getting to know each other more. Plus! More opportunity for you to see if you actually hit it off w/ her. And what if she quits work one day then you miss out on her on the what ifs. You can do it! Keep me updated~ 💁‍♀️

Actually! I had a high school friend w/ the name Emerald, I like it! It's pretty and unique too. Wow I actually didn't think about Emmy for short, good idea! Idk if you think the same way, but aren't you tempted to name them w/ Japanese names? Like it's pretty but then again it's weird b/c I'm not Japanese LOL like the names Sakura, Yuto...idk

LOL I didn't mean it that way! 😅 And I agree, personality and chemistry matters. Plus a pretty face LOL


I was thinking about that too! Like how are they hosting it and are there a bunch of tourists there. Are you watching the Olympics? I still don't know either but there's crazy videos where there's automated cars that athletes are using to get around in the Olympic village (?) and how everything is so organized/clean (not surprised). It sucks though that there's no audience and I heard like some top athletes didn't even join this year b/c of the pandemic. I only caught glimpse of the Olympics yesterday but there's a new category, skateboarding! I only saw the women's skateboarding and they were so young!!! A few of the girls were only 13 doing tricks and all.

Hopefully you get to use your flight credits on Japan! 😦 Damn you had your trip fully planned out LOL! Omg a ryokan, damn that's pricey too. I would love to go to ryokan in Hokkaido though! You don't have tattoos do you? Or I guess if it's private, then that doesn't matter. If not, is there somewhere else you guys are thinking of going?

LOL you know about the host and hostesses b/c you considered going isn't it!? HAHAHA jk


REALLY!? he's in your top 10? Idk I don't love usopp atm.😐 I was surprised even the side characters get development! At first I thought about skipping the episode as I thought it was a filler but when they showed Coby's development, I was like awww..🥺 I'm still watching the series slowly. LOL poor fans, two years with the same arc? No conclusion?! omg

I do want to see Tokyo revengers live action movie, the actors casted actually look like the characters! 🤩


Nope I haven't made use of Disney+ yet as I'm watching OP or Tokyo Revengers or my kdramas. Wait, do you get your marvel shirts at Disneyland then? I'm jealous how close you are and how you can go whenever. I haven't been yet 😭😭😭

Is Monsters at work a series? I wanna watch Luca, the animation looks pretty. 😍
icecreeaamm Jul 13, 2021 12:44 AM
LOL I agree, having an AC is luxury…I don’t even have one plus it takes up space and it really gets hot for few days. Just felt like buying an AC isn’t worth it. I know! People take advantage of the situation its like the whole toilet paper thing again LOL luckily the heat wave has passed but it’s been consistently 25 degrees+ 🔥(much tolerable than before so I can’t complain). Surprisingly, there hasn’t been any rain. Holy…this is what I don’t get, how do you guys deal with tropical storm? Is this like a normal thing? LOL like how are you guys supposed to prepare for this…👀

What! That’s what you think about in the shower?😂 I’m playing music 🎶 and practicing my vocals LOL (my poor landlord upstairs). I agree about checking out of work when I’m done. I try not to talk about it when I’m off b/c I find myself not saying anything positive about it OR I would just share interesting stories that happened. But what I found that has helped me mentally is going for walks in the morning. I’m not much of an active person so having a brisk walk for 30 mins or so has been quite meditative :) and less of a commitment compared to forcing myself to do a 30 min workout (YouTube). I was looking into a personal trainer and man…they’re expensive 😭

I think the last time I told you I was working casual job doing admin assistant. So I’m actually on my last week, I’ve been doing handover w/ the new admin they hired. I’m starting a new job next week 🙌 doing marketing for the HR department and I work for a healthcare organization. I’m excited and relieved at the same time as I finally have a permanent full-time job. I was kind of stressed out not having a permanent job and just going through the whole apply/interview process. And also because I was laid off beginning of the year, I couldn’t help but feel inadequate so I had to work on that and build my confidence. Asides from work though, I also make extra income by running an online business w/ my husband where we sell home, beauty and nutrition products!

Holy crap…wtf! That’s a crazy story to hear your friend, Andrew. I’m glad that things worked out better for him and not a downward spiral. But jeez, what a wake up call though. LOL why are you salty about it? I mean if you still hung around w/ him maybe you would’ve went downwards w/ him too, so you turned out for the better. I don’t even know any one close to me that does music that made it. 🤷‍♀️ I met one briefly and he was down to earth but struggling to do music full time though.

Do you normally celebrate independence day or is it an excuse to party it up? Wow…I’m jealous you can actually drink that much. LOL it sounds like you filled up your stomach to the brim. HAHAHA omg I don’t know how you still ate no wonder you had to deal w/ the aftermath. Yesterday I went to a brewery and had a pint, I was already struggling 1/4 way through. My low tolerance kicked in and I can feel my heart beating and by the time I finish the whole thing, I was getting tipsy.

Omg…LOL it’s b/c the way you said orewa was so random. It’s like the Japanese popped out of nowhere. Idk why it didn’t register for me that you meant that. 🤦‍♀️ that’s interesting, I feel like your middle name sounds more like your first name. Which one do you prefer to use? LOL I’m glad my name is what it is…my dad wanted to call me Anastasia at one point and my mom thought he was crazy and too extra. The idea was that he wanted an unique name that no one has. I feel like I would’ve been made fun of and compared to that princess movie lol and whoa, that lesbian couple though both C?! What are the odds, I mean sometimes I get called Cindy (which I hate that). So technically, the couple could’ve been cindy^2. Damn, things changed but did she remember you though? Or you’re just staring at her from a distance? LOL Wowwww MR.POPULAR, left right and centre w/ girls messaging you hahahaha but you never know, maybe Cindy has friends that are looking 😉

I do have baby names in mind! It’s kind of difficult like some names you like but then it reminds me someone I know and traits I don’t like or someone in the family named the child that name and you can’t really copy. But for girl, I would like Irene b/c there’s this really pretty kpop girl
and I also remember in elementary school I knew a Irene and she was super pretty as well. What are some names you have in mind?

LOL I’m so not tech savvy, I’ve been copying and pasting icons from your messages HAHAHA I still can’t get used to using Mac

That’s strange that they ask you that question and plus, I feel like it’s too early to fight in the relationship LOL isn’t it still honeymoon phase within the 1st year of dating? The girl that asked you within two weeks of dating is the one that is weird, maybe she’s used to crazy relationships…too much drama! I don’t have as much relationship experience compared to you. My husband was the only one, otherwise I was just going on dates and that was about it. What else have you learned from your past relationships?

Ooo you can start planning for next year! Are you planning to just stay in Tokyo and for how long? The last time I went was in 2018, I only went for 10 days and stayed in Shinjuku (didn’t know it’s the red light district wasn’t sketchy though there were a lot of host clubs around the area). I was pretty shocked how different the city was and not a lot of them can speak English. LOL the moment we got off the plane, we were struggling to find the right train. So my husband asked this Japanese middle age man for help and he just smiled and nodded. Turns out, we went on the wrong train and paid extra. That was when I learned, Japanese people are too polite to refuse to help lol. I was also shocked looking at billboards, I thought they were idols but they’re host/hostesses (?) The ones that sit at the table with you and sell drinks. Not sure if I have the right word. My husband wanted to go to a maid cafe and I said no lol I don’t think I can deal with the overly cutesyness. I went to gundam cafe (drinks was aight) and I’ve never really watched the anime so I didn’t get the hype. LOL my bad if you’re a gundam fan

Ohhh him!!! I’ve seen a few of his videos, he’s super chill. The other one I watch is Paolo from Tokyo, I like the way he films and he posts day in the life __ content. At first I didn’t like him with the crazy smile but I realized it’s just him and I got used to it LOL I’ve been watching his vids to fill my Tokyo travelling crave.


I agree the characters are well thought out. I was surprised, I thought OP was just silly humour and not much depth. I still can’t get used to usopp yet LOL jeez when you say the ep #, I feel a bit hopeless in catching up maybe in the next few years. Sure, I’ll ask if I’m stuck! Oh man..if you’re starting over might as well watch a new anime. Or rewatch hunter x hunter, shorter in comparison haha

Did you watch black widow yet? Actually I’m going to the theatres tmr (first time since COVID) to watch black widow so I’ll tell you how it is. Are you one of those fans that wear marvel t-shirt to the theatres? As much as I like marvel, I don’t remember the details of every character’s story. I just got disney+ recently and watched raya and the dragon, it was quite touching!

icecreeaamm Jul 4, 2021 12:02 AM
No problem! I believe you have a life outside of MAL :) I also replied late too, we had a crazy heat wave here where I could barely do anything (fatigue) and also trying to keep myself sane. It was bad to the point that people were dying, the emergency room was backed up, a town was burned down, people sold a/c and fans at high price and hotel rooms were booked up (people wanted the a/c). It was pretty crazy here…

Did you survive your 5 day work streak? Is that your normal schedule as well?

That’s true! I feel like there’s a balance, there’s some people you hang with you feel replenished and some you feel energy depleted. Holy shit that is disgusting…how did your friend think its okay to invite you guys over? Or did he think you guys were gonna help clean? LOL Wait…you still stayed at the house to watch the game!? I’m a germaphobe so that would freak me out.🤢 I like how you clarified who’s the slob, keeping your friend Steven innocent there hahaha. Are you still friends with them? That is some crazy thing you saw there…good thing you escaped!

LOL I mean you’re watching a game, what can go wrong?! Chill night with some beers and snacks…

When I do look back at the stupid stuff I did, it’s like embarrassing to think about but also don’t know how I missed the red flags. *facepalm* but I was lucky that nothing as crazy as yours happened. Talking about clubs, the city just opened it back up but at like 50% capacity so then my friend was telling me people are dancing like 6ft away. It’s kind of like…what’s the point of clubbing like that? LOL

I’m sure there’s other names to call it. But essentially I start getting red after a shot or even quarter way through my beer so I have to drink pretty slow (just to stay pink). And I can also feel my heart beating really fast. It happens with everything I drink that has alcohol. It’s okay, not missing much with the ciders its like alcohol soda. I’m more fascinated by the packaging of alcohol, like some wine bottles have pretty packaging. Idk if it tastes good but if it looks like there’s some tropical or floral print, I’ll buy it. LOL

Whoaaa what’s the meaning of Orewa? It’s cool though, very unique and memorable too. So you like to use your middle name, Brent instead? I’ll call you Brent then since you prefer that😄. I think I only met one other Brent in my life (except I don’t know him well). Cynthia, you can call me that! My last name is Asayo, taken after my husband but I’m open if you want to keep calling me ice cream LOL

On a side note, how are you typing this with emojis!? I find it hard to scroll back and read so I’m legit typing this on MacBook > Pages. Are you typing this on your phone!?

Ooo, I’ll check out Lumafusion. Seems like it’ll be easier to try to use than attempting Final Cut Pro. Have you heard of Davinci resolve? I saw my friend mention it and saying how it’s free and amazing to use.

Awww, thanks! I do like to post things/moments I enjoy but also weird/silly stuff we do (like those dance videos). He didn’t want to take part in it but it’s always funny to see the behind the scenes. I also enjoy dancing (not that I’m great at it). But yeah the account may paint a successful relationship but there’s also the bad/ugly behind (that we had to work on so nothing’s perfect). And yes! I’ve been trying to improve my scenic shots, helps to appreciate the small things more. I was thinking of buying disposable camera just to play around and be more open (?) With taking any shots without trying to filter them. I really love the Japan shots I took, I miss Tokyo T_T I’ve been on a binge on Youtube watching Tokyo travels.


Let me know what you think of Horimiya once you start! OOO I did see the trailer for Chainsaw Man, it’s one of the top mangas too. I’m excited to watch it even though I know it’ll be quite gory.

DUDE!!! You didn’t tell me I was going to tear up from watching OP wth. I was tearing up every other ep LOL I wasn’t expecting to get the feels T_T all their stories are so touching omg and one thing I find fascinating is Luffy/Zoro’s dynamic and how much trust they have with one another. Like Zoro does whatever Luffy does. I’m on ep 38 so I’m at the fishermen part and finding out nami’s story. What’s the latest ep # for OP?


Wow 6% not bad at all. LOL what are the coincidences where the game is also on sale hahahah

No biggie! Just thought I would share the lo-fi playlists if you’re feeling it one day. Since it’s summer, I’ve been listening to more upbeat stuff.
icecreeaamm Jun 24, 2021 8:12 PM
Whoooaaa that's a first. So you forced yourself b/c of peer pressure as well and to fit in socially? I only drink once in a while and can't drink much or else I get the asian glow and now I realize that I'm actually allergic lol I just drink less now and enjoying wine more now. No hard liquor for me bleh LOL you're hilarious, pina colada is definitely yummy! I'm guessing you like ciders then? Or have you tried bellini? One of my favs, it's like a slushy drink with rum, sparkling wine, peach and sangria. Looks like this >

It's good you realized it early to filter out people who aren't positive influence in your life. I had to learn to stop talking to certain people too just realizing when I stopped trying, they stopped too. Felt like i was one-sided too much.

LOOOLL!!!! well if i was some random I probably would be those instagirls with thousands of followers but I don't. I think it's also hard b/c we didn't exchange names LOL what's your first name? Yeah I change every now and then with setting my profile private or not. It's weird I realized when I do set it as private, I get a bunch of fake bots messaging me it'll be like steve012 or something with 100ish followers and some photos trying to hit me up. So it made me worry someone was gonna steal my photos and do the same.

Not sure if you saw my comment but my husband liked your video too and thought you'll be a funny guy to hang with haha. Where do you even teach yourself to learn that? I'm thinking of learning how to edit videos but don't even know where to start like it doesn't have to be fancy. Ahhh, I see so that's your rockstar life LOL wait so how does my IG paint a picture to you?


Hmm i didn't think that deeply about Mikasa and I guess we'll find out. I'm more curious to know if Eren likes her at all or his mind is too busy to even think about that.

I watch new anime maybe just the hype ones to see what's up and I'm open to most genres (I was surprised myself I watched a sports genre - haikyuu) except horror or anything that deals with sexual assault freaks me out. I guess i was traumatized from watching a drama as a kid so I can't. Wow lovely complex...I think i only read the manga didn't watch it. Can't remember now. Maybe you'll like horimiya! The animation is beautiful and the characters are likeable just don't watch the OVA.

Btw, I started watching one piece. I recall watching few episodes here and there b/c it aired on TV dubbed when I was a teen. I was surprised that's how luffy met zoro.


LOL gameboy advanced, oh my! Did you have a Nintendo ds as well? HAHAHHA you know taxes, it's like 12% here. What about you? I have no idea about taxes in the states.

YES lofi girl LOL that's a classic, think she was the first one i saw. I think the playlist is on Spotify too > I listen to this one. I like this too - or coffee shop vibes
icecreeaamm Jun 20, 2021 3:53 PM
I think I get what you mean, it's just you're more open now. LOL I'll call you out for lying if you said there were no physical expectations like that's the first attraction then personality after. I'm past that point too with the constant drinking...that was like an early 20s phase definitely don't want that in your partner. Ohhhh shit LOL why didn't she say anything!?! She gave you mix least now you know LOL but isn't it confusing though like some girls wear rings on that finger or some don't even wear it when they're married. It's a funny story to tell now LOL! did aria like you!? :O

Your efforts will be recognized! Wow, I just checked out your first video it's pretty funny and really well done. I can see you getting popular on TikTok plus it's creative too. You look like you party lots at least in your past photos hahaha maybe start small with a short clip? versus creating a well done video on ig. I'm curious to know if that guy actually works/worked at ikea. Btw, I followed you!


Ohhh I see, hmm maybe I'll just stick with the anime for OP to avoid movie spoilers.

But don't you think Mikasa likes Eren though not only out of her obligation? Did you ever see the live action AoT? LOL I remember watching it a while back and there was some weird shit going on with Mikasa and Levi i think.

Okay, I still have to watch BtW on my list. I recently finished horimiya, romcom as I was looking for something light to watch. The animation is so pretty and the characters were funny too. Before that, I was watching twin star exorcist which had an interesting storyline but then after I stopped I couldn't find myself picking it up again to finish it.


Nope, I haven't gamed in ages. The last time I played was with friends on steam playing left 4 dead and mind you, I'm not great at it LOL so I'll be the one screaming in the calls for help. Actually I lied, I played overcooked last haha.

The game looks so cute!! Wow the game has been around for a while. I've never heard/seen the game. The music I like! Something I would leave on as the background or lo-fi playlists. it's so relaxing and pleasing to look at
icecreeaamm Jun 13, 2021 8:52 PM
Haha yeah it's always interesting whenever i share w/ people how we met but mind you, we used tinder in its early days before the super swipe (?) came in and all the cash grabbing options. Ahhh that makes sense, you want to see how they're like first. I didn't know I would meet the one on the app either, I was just looking for a relationship (not the best platform for it) but didn't have any options around me. And the funny thing is, when we first met each other we didn't look like our photos either haha like I was scrubbed out from studying as I was still in school then and he came riding his motorcycle in nursing gear and moustache. So what are some traits you're looking for in a girl anyways?

I can't remember it maybe miami that I remember early covid days the young peeps were partying it up. Yeah it'll be tough to get people to follow the mask rules as everything is kind of done w/ the pandemic. :S at least people are getting vaccinated?

That's interesting! Did you start at Ikea as a sales associate and then worked your way up? That's cool though that there are growth opportunities. I feel like not a lot of people go into the career they studied for anyways. If you didn't stay, where would you have gone to do? LOL I wish I had that many steps, I'm jealous. My goal is to do 10K steps haha I've only been walking from my dining table to the kitchen or to the washroom *facepalm* but I am trying to follow 10 min workout youtube vids. I recently bought a bike as I needed to learn how to ride one (don't judge lol). Btw have you seen the ikea tiktok guy that rants about customers? the guy is pretty funny, I'll send it if you haven't seen it.


LOL make OP sound better than I thought. If it's bad, I'm going to hold you accountable! There's one piece movies too right? Does it connect to the anime or side stories?

LOL I never saw games of thrones after hearing the incest stuff but I get what you mean how they killed off characters. True, I forget they're human b/c apparently their vertical equipment should be super heavy and then there's like levi and mikasa just jumping around no big deal LOL the character that bothers me is eren b/c i can't understand him w/ the change lol but I guess I have to wait for next season

So much to watch!!!!! I just looked up burn the witch, why is it only 3 eps so short! Does the story even feel complete?
icecreeaamm Jun 10, 2021 9:58 PM
LOOOL okay, the odds of that are really low. I think my chances would be higher if I said maple story. But no, I met him on Tinder (classic) haha

Whoa so quick! I'm still waiting on my second dose, supposedly this month. Where are you located? Are restrictions lifted then? Same! I'm in Vancouver and restrictions are still here to stay, people are still wearing masks and we finally can gather with up to 6 people in the house now. It really affected the restaurants as they weren't able to dine-in but allowed patio seating (kind of stupid really). But yeah, I'm lenient if I'm around people I know but if it's strangers I'm a bit hesitant. I kind of like that people are wearing masks, especially on the bus.

LOL! I think it's balance right? I'm glad you're healthy and you still got your job. What do you do for work anyway? I think for myself I got to focus on self-care and just taking time to go for walks or work out at home.


Is One piece full of fillers though? If it's like bleach then I can't deal with that. LOL I don't think I can watch anything dubbed except for adventures of jackie chan.

WHAAAT! I'm shocked you hated AoT, I was surprised how different the anime was and scary at the same time. So you read the manga as well? I was sad when the potato girl died T_T

I think maybe b/c the anime was drawn so well? I really like nezuko, just the way she's drawn. She's pretty! I remember reading that, I was shocked LOL the movie wasn't that great...felt like it was lacking character development really except the fire guy lol (whatever his name is)

Isn't jojo bizarre an old anime? YES! I saw my hero academia, you know at first I thought it was ridiculous but I started to like it after haha. LOL I think if you want to finish naruto you gotta rewatch from the beginning. Nope I haven't heard, what's the genre for burn the witch? I just started tokyo revengers to see what the hype is about. So far the main guy seems like a support to me.
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