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Kilz Sep 19, 2:22 PM
Sorry for the late, was busy

I don't play Animal Crossing, and no was helping my mom with her job since they moved in-person to online last year. Everything is back to in-person with precaution and mandates for the safety of the staff and students. Well, you are cheating and it does go against their term of service after all. They give you chances to stop what your doing and if not, you lose your account. Grandpa is doing it the legal way.

Damn, well that is expected from weddings, your time is used without knowing especially if you are helping out. Does Canada do DST?

Yup, it's a great game well depending on the person

It's on my watch/reading list on here, just didn't get around to it,

Nope, I haven't been to the theatres since 2019 before the shit hit the fan and no I haven't
troilus_05s Sep 5, 8:59 AM
Heyy. I am doing pretty fine. How are you?
And sorry for the REALLY late reply!
Watching any interesting anime?
Kilz Aug 27, 4:34 PM
Really well the Atari wasn't all that popular here with the limited games it had especially the infamous ET game. I gave it a try back in 2016 (when it was bare-bones) when it was released, I didn't like it that much. I picked it up again in late 2018. Was very active in 2019. I barely played throughout 2020 (COVID). This year I picked it up again because I started spoofing. Spoofing is a 3rd party cheating app that runs Pokemon Go, you can use an in-game joystick to walk around and teleport to any place around the world. The catch is you can potentially (and it has happened to other players) have your account suspended and after 3 strikes, permaban. So far *knock on wood* I haven't gotten a red warning notice. Because of spoofing,, I was able to do Community Day and Events from my home. I am currently level 39 and about halfway to reaching level 40 which is the level cap but they increased it to level 50 now. The kicker is you have to do special requirement along to getting the XP needed to level up and it not that easy unless your a veteran player who played since day 1.

Congrats on you friend and i figure you were busy but i see you logged in on the 19th and I thought i was going to get a reply guess not lol

Me? I've been playing Ghost of Tsushima (which i platium at midnight today and corrently waiting for the DLC of Iki Island to finish, On in all I'm doing great, you?
doeman Aug 22, 9:48 PM

I'm Back 😤. It's been a hellish, grueling couple of weeks. I hope I don't have to go through anything like that again. Work has been ass 👺. Back-to-school has doubled our customer count and the delta variant has been "infecting" many of the employees, so they have to be placed on quarantine. I place "infecting" in quotes because some of these assholes tell HR they've "been in contact" with someone infected and by that rule we must quarantine them. Each employee gets a separate pool of sick time specifically for Covid. Up to 10 days worth, not including your regular days off, SO some of these fuckers were gone for two weeks. They can provide a Covid test, but even if they test negative, they still have to quarantine 🤷‍♂️. I hate it because you technically can't claim and prove someone is lying about their contact. On my end, I can only approve the Emergency Sick Pay (ESP) and move on. With how busy we've been and the lack of people showing up, I've had to do the job of 3 people. I stressed out my back like a week and a half ago and had to fill out an accident, incident report. I left early that day, called out the next and happened to have the 3rd day off. And we couldn't even ask other areas of the store for help because everyone else is going through the same thing. Fucking joke. You should hear the conversations I have with some of the people I work with. The ones you aren't "abusing" their ESP. We're all super disgruntled because we don't want to abuse the system in the same way, but at the same time there are plenty of people getting away with it. I'm sure of it. This one girl I know used up her ESP, regular sick time and PTO, THEN went on vacation to Colorado or wherever. She was complaining to me about how HR said that because she traveled, she needed to be placed on quarantine again, but because she didn't have any more hours to compensate, she "refused". Saying to me, "these idiots in HR think they can stop me from getting paid. I don't care if I traveled outside of the state, how am I supposed to get my money???". I looked at her in awe and just shrugged. I remember her disappearing for lengths on end, twice during the first Covid rising too. Coming back with sun tans and shit. Fucking cunt. She thinks she's fooling people, but she's not. She's just abusing the system that the company set for people who really do get infected and need that extra pool of hours to remain at home or god forbid, the hospital. It's just a crappy situation all around.
The back-to-school crowd is fizzling out now because school is starting up this week, plus all the people who were on quarantine are slowly coming back... with no more ESP to spare. Can't wait till they have other excuses to be off. We've also hired a bunch of fresh new people and I've been making it a personal mission of mine to train them myself, so they come into work with high standards and expectations. So yay, more hands on the floor 🙌!

But that's the long and short of how my time away has been spent. Been really tired lately because of the workload and when I'm off, I'm usually gaming or catching up with my shows and/or movies. Movies are coming in hot btw and I'm loving it! 😁 Thank God for AMC's movie pass 🙏. It's almost a chore keeping up with everything I want to see. Plus, I'm swapping between like 5 games 😓. Whatever I'm in the mood for.

How have things been at work for you since we last spoke? Have you truly been able to grasp what your work entails yet? Or are the training wheels still on?

Btw, that link with the motivational link expired or maybe it's blocked by a login? "Page not found". We've done exercises similar at work, but they deal with how you feel about Ikea. I forget how it goes exactly, it's been a long time since I've cared about that stuff. My everyday job doesn't really use any of it, despite some higher ups saying otherwise 🙄.


Have the fires toned down? I don't see it much in the news anymore. And speaking of, I started filtering the news out of my recommended videos section on youtube. Too much negative crap happening in the world right now and I choose to be selfish and ignore it all. It all started when the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Unreal at how fast it happened. Now that entire country is going to be thrown back decades in time. Who's going to trade with them? What about the little freedoms the people had there? What about the women? They can't even walk the streets without being in a burka anymore. Women who had any type of respectable job have been replaced by Taliban men and girls probably won't be able to go to school anymore. It's a fucking nightmare and it makes me sick to my stomach that this is all happening in broad daylight. But what can I do, right? Nothing. It sucks and I feel for them over there. Even the foreigners who are trapped and still just trying to get out. All of it just puts me in a depressingly bad mood 😔.


I eat whatever I want (yolo), but I WANT/NEED to eat healthier. I ordered pizza and brownies from Dominoes earlier today and had half of everything... My fat ass 🤢. I feel gross even now, all these hours later. So my stomach survives the daily brutal onslaught, I've been taking Probiotics and Daily Enzymes every day since last year. One tablet for each of my usual two meals every day. Helps me digest better. I also drop a teaspoon of benefiber in my drink for my nighttime meal. So long as that drink isn't something carbonated. I get by ok. I don't feel like a couch potato because I have the job to keep me active, but I could definitely have a better eating diet and do some real exercise, ya know? ☹

So, since I was young, I've had an addiction for sweet things. I blame my older cousin. When we were younger, she use to travel down here to Miami from Toronto (the same family I visited for my first snow boarding trip) and then we both set off to Jamaica. Every summer during elementary school. Because of her, I eat something sweet with Every meal. LoL, what did I say earlier, I order pizza and what? Brownies. It never fails. If I don't have something sweet, I get noticeably irritable. Because her father who also ate plenty of sweets, she developed cravings for sweets and then that crap leeched on to me. He eventually passed because of diabetes, years ago. I only have one memory of him, but because of him I try to tell myself to chill with all the sweets. It doesn't really work, but somehow I'm still here thankfully 🥺. Every yearly doctors appointment, my blood work comes back just fine 👍. Probably because I've always been active and drink lots of water? Idk.
(bubble tea is overrated 🥴)


Miami being the hot and muggy place that it is, yes people are angry drivers here. But I prefer that to the slow grandma alternative. I drive pretty fast, but when some asshole flies by me, I just tell myself, "perfect, someone else who won't get in my way". I used to get pissy when someone blew by me on the road because I "know" I'm going faster then the majority, so why pass me like that? I took it as I was the one driving slow. But whatever, somehow I passed that driving phase of my life. Thank God. One less thing to be stressful over, right?
A couple months ago, I was driving to Dunkin for brunch with a girl from work and she said that I drive with "intent" lol. First time I'd ever heard that one 😂. Some of my friends and family don't like the way I drive 😂.

"I tried to learn snowboarding once but the instructor was busy flirting w/ another instructor so I didn't get to learn properly."
fookin LOL


Have you seen Midsommar? I highly suggest you watch that film. No trailers, no research. Just watch it. It's on Prime if you have a sub.
I only realized the other day the Florence was the star. She's blown up these last 2-3 years.
Ooh! Make sure you watch WandaVision and Loki too. Wanda is actually supposed to be the first one you watch, but it's fine. Falcon and Winter was my least favorite of the 3 completed shows thus far. Don't get me wrong, they're all worth watching, but the other two are really good. Especially how Loki ends. It sets up what I think the entire MCU will be dealing with for years to come 😱. It's that important!
Side note, I nabbed my Shang-Chi tickets last week 😆😆😆. I Can't Wait 😁🐉. And I've had several people at work tell me that the new Eternals trailer looks effing UHmazing. DON'T tell me anything. I don't want anything spoiled 👺☢. All I gotta do is get through these next 10 days and I can finally watch the next MCU movie for the new phase. Black Widow doesn't really count because it takes place in the past and doesn't progress the story.


I'm not into watching bball like I used to, but I play if I really wanna go outside and get some fresh air. I had some cheapy bball shoes that split open on me a couple months ago... I was playing on the court by myself mind you, but still felt super embarrassed. The tip of the shoe was flopping open and closed every time I walked. I never felt poorer 😱. All I was missing were some holes in my shirt and shorts. I've been using a pair of running shoes to play instead, but now that you bring up the subject I should really buy a pair of decent bball shoes. They've been invented for a reason, right?


Sorry to disappoint creamy, but I got nothing for you in regards to the girlies this time around. As mentioned at the beginning, work has been all work and no play these few weeks. I've barely seen either of them and when I do, it's strictly pleasantries. Then, back to work. There is this one girl who I've had a crush on for a long time though (I always have a story about some girl that's always out of reach 🙄)... She usually works overnight, as part of our LP team. If I'm leaving really late, sometimes I'll see her and we'll catch up and talk for awhile. One day last week, I ended up clocking out at 4AM 😭. The horror. I was finishing up some duties from my shift, but before I left I decided to help out the overnight crew in my area. They were shorthanded and I was feeling nice, so I stayed for a bit 🤷‍♂️. Worked in my favor because after I finally clocked at 4am, she was sitting in the receptionist office as usual and we ended up talking for an hour 🤩 (so I left at 5am instead 😐).
"but brent, if you like her that much and can hold conversations with her that easily, then why don't you ask her out somewhere?? stupid."
because, she has a 🤬 boyfriend. As usual. Strike another one off the list. The ones I have a crush on are always taken. Every time we talk, he comes up too. "I got blah blah blah for my bf" or "my bf this and that" or "my bf didn't want to watch *insert MCU show/movie here* with me"... Like, it's a reminder for me to not make a move on her. I appreciate when girls do that though. It's a subtitle, yet effective way to break a mans heart 💔, but I don't have to know the fucker exists every 10 minutes. I get it, you're in a relationship 👹.

You wanna know something weird? I got a text from a friend of mine 2 days ago. A girl who started working at ikea maybe two years ago. When I got promoted last year, I helped her move up as well. I recommended her to the visual designer department and she landed the position. She's super nerdy and has the same tastes we do, but I'm not particularly interested in her 🤷‍♂️. I just see her as a friend. Work friend really. We don't hang out of work or anything. That's it 🤷‍♂️. She texts me this passed Friday and asks me if I was going to this thing called SuperCon. It's a Miami comic book / anime / video game convention. I've been there twice already. It's a fun experience, but I've already had my fair share of cons between SuperCon and some others (including NY Comic Con). I wasn't sure how to respond, so I just said, "I don't have plans to, but I'm surprised they're allowing an in person event with cases rising. Hope masks are enforced 🤷‍♂️."
Didn't get a response back. Thought it was super weird, especially from her because she can get pretty talkative when you get her started... No "I was thinking of going but needed your advice on something", no "I was wondering if you wanted to go", no nothing. Just the question and my response 🤷‍♂️.
There's this really arrogant (and shameful) side of me that thinks she might have been asking me to go, but the way I responded completely shut her down? 🤷‍♂️ Idk. I'm probably going to be seeing her sometime this week at work because I work in the mornings and that's when she's around. So, we'll see what happens. (she's going to have to try harder than that if she wants to win my heart 😤💁‍♂️👑 hmph 😉)


oh good lord. It's called a buffet 🤣. Yes, we have many of them Cynthia. This is the land of the obese. Even when it's not a buffet, places here offer way too much food sometimes (ooh, this is something we've talked about before).
Wait wait wait. Is the owner making the employees wear maid and butler outfits? And they don't want to?
Quick anecdote - When my cousin and I went to go watch Black Widow, we stopped at a place by him that he says has the best ramen. I couldn't even make a decent comparison because I've never had real ramon before that. But holy shit, I went there and it changed my life. It tasted incredible 🍜. So much flavor in every sip. Some little mom and pop japanese restaurant. Japanese cooking in the back, couple of white kids who love Japanese culture out in the front serving and hosting. They had to say "irasshaimase!" every time someone walked into the place. I liked it a lot 🥰 and we're definitely going there again the next time we watch a movie up by him (this is Dale btw, Japan trip). Extra Spice Mayo flavor. The nostrils were in full drainage mode after that 😂😅.
Shang-Chi is down by me this time, but I don't think any of the ramen places will match where he took me. I've done a little research and asked around, but everywhere looks super mainstream. I'll let you know how that ends up turning out.


Zootopia was really good. It's actually getting a series on Disney+ early next year.
Did you see the Soda Pop movie? MAL has it rated pretty decently. I have Horiyama sitting on my comp, but don't know when I'll start. Also, OP is getting close to episode 1000... I want to catch up before then.. I want to be there live for that moment 😤.
And I hope you haven't given up on OP yourself yet??? 🧐
Kilz Aug 22, 11:33 AM
Still waiting on your replay :)
doeman Aug 1, 4:17 AM
Yay! Congrats on starting 🎉 (she's growing up so fast 😭🤧). How was the first week 👩‍💼💲? Are you transitioning smoothly? Do you have someone to shadow or are you just being thrown into it?
***And regarding what you say about work later on in your reply - It sucked that your prior job was stressing you out like that. As much as I want to tell people in positions like that (including myself) to quit and find something "better", the reality is life ain't a fairy tale like that. I can't just quit and expect something to land in my lap. I hope you've got better days ahead of you. It's much better for me as opposed to when I first started my position. Not what I'd call a dream job, but tolerable most of the time. But hey, if you ever need to talk about anything, I'm here 💪***

And I appreciate your time replying as well 😁. It takes time, like 2-4 hours (edit: 5 and a half for this one..) for me to fully respond because I get distracted easily. Plus, I'm jamming to my music and it's guaranteed that I get lost to the rhythm and lose my train of thought while typing 😂.

This truly is unreal. So many places were in the process of reopening, but the Delta variant cases are skyrocketing in locations that typically don't have high vaccination rates... FL being one of them... We just had 21,000 reported positives cases only yesterday! Our highest since Covid even begun 😑. I know people at work who caught it recently and it was most likely the Delta version. One girl said she was bedridden for 3 weeks! Body aches, trouble breathing, vomiting, the works. Now several cities are reinstating mask mandates. Our governor (one of Trump's buddies) is going out of his way to punish or prevent city officials and district reps that have high case numbers from making masks mandatory. Way too many people in FL are fucking stubborn and in denial. They won't and don't want to wear masks for whatever their petty reasons being. It's primarily because of that group, numbers are shooting up.
How is it over there now? Has Trudeau reversed any openings? Or has your city keeping the cases under control?

Oh? Are you the culinary expert in the house 😏? What type of 5 star meals do your guests expect? How diverse is the menu? Filet mignon, grilled lobster simmered in wine sauce, savory souffle's? I can make eggs and warm up some canned soup.

Yea, it seems like the links I posted surpassed the border of the comment box, but it seems to only be a problem while in com-to-com. On your profile it looks fine 🤷‍♂️. Next time I link you, I'll do it like this.


When I get in my car now, the temperature on the dashboard reads 105 degrees sometimes. I can't waste a single minute outside in that sun. I literally b-line it straight to my car, open the driver door and passenger door behind the driver side. Sit down, start the car and use the control center to open all the windows and crank the AC to maximum. Doing this exhausts all the heat in the car pretty quickly. After about 10 seconds I push that backseat door closed while I'm sitting in the driver seat and then close my door, wind up all the windows and put my shades on. Then while the AC is trying it's damn hardest to cool down the car, I'll pull down my sun visor. This is what I do every single time I get into the car. I have to. If I don't, the heat will melt me down before the AC even gets a chance to keep me cool. Sometimes it's so hot that the AC's cold air warms up before it reaches my face 😓. It'll probably take around 5 minutes for the car to cool down to a reasonable temperature, but let me tell you, those 5 minutes ain't a fun time.

The smoke from the wildfires crossed the entire nation from west to east, but didn't really go south. NYC had some of their worst air pollution in history earlier this week because of the fires and guess what? I guarantee you, next year we'll be breaking those records again. Happens every year...
I just saw some news clips on youtube earlier today saying that some of the athletes in Tokyo competing in the sun (tennis, long distance running, etc) are collapsing of heat stroke 🌞)

Yea, I've seen snow a couple times already. First time was for my 18th birthday actually. I went to Toronto to visit some family, but to also snowboard. I was dying to see it, but I wanted to get the full experience. Not chance it on a trip somewhere and hope flurries would fall from the sky 🙄. I had a blast. I always wondered how snowboarding compared to skateboarding. I skated for a couple years. It's not wildly different, but balancing yourself on ice while LOCKED into a board is something you gotta get used to 🏂. Quick story - Something really scary happened during that snowboard trip. I was having fun the entire time. Falling on my ass, getting back up and trying again and again to conquer that kiddy hill 😤💪. Don't worry, I prevailed by the end of it, but I had a bright idea for my last slide down the hill. You see, there was a section at the bottom that had just enough snow built up to form this makeshift ramp. I took the conveyor up to the top of the kiddy section and aligned myself with the makeshift snow ramp at the bottom (I wasn't too good at turning yet 🤷‍♂️. I was having fun just going in straight lines, thank you 👺). Off I went! I get to the bottom and my skateboard instincts kicked in. I slid onto the pile of snow and when I reached the apex, I jumped with the board to catch some air and I caught a little of it. However. Upon landing, the front half of the snowboard pierced the snow on the ground first at this awkward downward 45 degree angle and wedged itself in there real tight. And because my freaking feet are locked into the board, my body couldn't dislodge from it. So picture that, the board is stuck pointing downward into the snow at a 45 degree angle and I'm still attached. With the force I hit the snow, there was a bit of whiplash with my body, but what scared me the most were my knees. Because of that angle, they were dangerously close to bending in a way I didn't want them to bend 😱. After the whiplash I quickly tossed my body so as to land sideways on the snow and just sat there wondering how close I was to having a really bad accident. That moment was always stuck with me.
I went snowboarding again in Colorado back in 2017 with some friends. My ass knew to be careful that time around. Luckily, I don't recall there being any makeshift ramps to even try it again, so thank god. Here's one of the pics from my insta.
Colorado snowboarding
What do you guys like to do in the snow around there? I feel like you're a really good ice skater 😉. I can sense it. You lap people around that skating rink, dontcha?


Well, aside from potentially getting some time off from work (though it may be miserable if there's no power), the lead up to a hurricane breaks up the monotony of everyday life. Everything changes, everyone switches into prep mode. It just feels exciting.
No one can force you to leave or protect yourself, but we do have tips and guidelines to adhere to. There's the usual food, water and supply prep. And then you can board up the house or place shutters. Back in the day, shutters weren't that common, so everyone had to board the windows up with wood. Now, we live in a time where installing permanent shutters is almost the standard. Pay that one time fee and all you gotta do is go outside the day before a hurricane hits and close/lock the shutters.

I don't recall how people reacted at the start of covid in Japan, but I believe you. People in America are entitled and rash. That being said, countries all over the world now, Japan included, have people protesting against masks and lockdowns because they're sick of it. I don't know what to tell them. The more people don't comply with masks and resist getting vaccinated, the more cases will spring back, hence longer covid lifestyles 🤷‍♂️. It's basic math, man. Deep down, I want to think that there are a few handful of people out there causing just enough ruckus to get the stubborn & ill-informed to follow along in their mutiny. As if their stubbornness serves the greater good. And all these sheep do is follow along and complain that things aren't getting better quicker 🙄. Humanity is a joke sometimes.

Vancouver getting hit with a "big one"?? You have major fault lines over there? The only "big" earthquake I have on my radar right now is yellowstone. God help us if a major earthquake goes off there and sets off one of those underground super volcanoes because that will set in motion life ending events across the globe.
Here's a 5 min vid explaining it. Sorry creamy, but looks like you won't be able to outrun that one. I'll be swimming to South America when it goes off 🏊‍♂️.


Yea, The Witcher has one season so far on Netflix, with season two coming out later this year, but the franchise originally started out as Polish novels. They've been translated to English over the years and then recently adapted into audio books. I'm currently on book 5 of 8. The series didn't gain popularity until the games came out though. Lol, The Witcher is in every medium apparently. They have 3 games so far, but the caveat is the games take place after the events of the novels, however they are not canon. Either way, it's because of the games that I got into the series in the first place. The third game, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt has countless awards 😑. I had to jump on board. I've had TW3 purchased on my PlayStation for like 3 years now and still haven't gotten to it because my stubborn ass has to experience the novels first, THEN play the games because technically that's the right order, ya know? If I'm going to play this legendary third game, I want to prime myself just right before starting it. Truth be told, I already watched a silent playthough of the first Witcher game on youtube. It didn't feel like anything that happened in that game spoiled anything for the novels, so I started watching The Witcher 2 game, but 20 minutes in and they started talking about events that happened "in the past". Not "The Witcher 1 video game past". Like, maybe something that could've happened in the novels. Something that I haven't listened to yet with the audible books. It's funny how things work out though because I put off watching the second game a couple weeks ago, so that I can catch up with the books. In that time, I've been lucky enough to purchase an Xbox Series X and now I can actually PLAY the game. The Witcher 2 is not available on Playstation, just Xbox and PC (mine can't run it). And of course, it went on sale like 2 weeks ago for $2.99 🤑, so I nabbed it. To make the deal even sweeter, CD Prokekt Red, the developer of the games said that The Witcher 3, a 5 year old game at this point, will be getting a free current generation update at the end of this year to coincide with the release of season two of The Witcher series on Netflix! Theoretically, that's plenty of time for me to listen the remaining novels, play TW2 and watch season one of the series before Nov/Dec. Sorry, that was a lot of Witcher lore you probably don't care about, but that's how everything is falling into place for me right now 😄. Btw, I had to check myself, but fyi, the Witcher series on Netflix is a loose retelling of the novels.

Nah, I was saying that despite me trying to think about Marvel while in the shower, work will somehow still take over the brain. And yes, I also loved her performance! Her character is super cute too 🥰 ("such a poser" 😂). Did you see the post credit scene?

I wouldn't say I'm "consistent", but I have my phases. I'm actually trying to get back into a light workout routine every night now. And yea, it was a crossfit class now that you mention it. I don't mind the work, but committing to a class is a bit much for me. I'd rather do these things on my own time and when I'm in the mood. Nothing beats shooting hoops though. Even if by myself. I'll go to the park sometimes and blast music on my portable speaker while practicing my shot. I prefer cardio over working out to be honest. What color is the hula hoop and how many did you buy? The more hoops, the more controlled your wiggles gotta be 😂, but I'm sure your core will get a good workout from it. Look into belly dancing as well 💃✨. You might like that.

Man, that shit sounds boring af 😂. You're holding back. Forget holidays with just days off. As a proud citizen of Canada, what days of the year are you looking forward to??? We got Valentine's Day, the spring break period, Saint Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. Those are the major ones I can think of that the US as a whole celebrates more or less. They're reasons to go out, celebrate and spend money. Murica's gotta have their denizen's supporting that all-important economy, amirite 💰?

That's actually an interesting and realist perspective. What IF she did leave... I don't have her number or instagram or anything. Granted it'd be possible to just ask one of her friends for her number, but then I'd look like a desperate wimp who couldn't confront 👺. Duly noted. As I mentioned before though, I'm still not technically looking for anything right now. I like the freedom, but it'd be a shame if I didn't become closer friends with her. She is nice company from what I've been able to gauge thus far. In any case, this other girl who works in her area has been weirdly friendly with me lately 😶. She's been with the company as long as I have and I'd go as far as calling us "work friends", but it... usually... stopped there. How do I explain this. "Almost" every time I've seen her in the last 2-3 weeks, we've been having longer that usual conversations. Longer than normal for just "work friends". I don't have her number or anything. Strictly work. 2 days ago, we spoke for about 20 minutes while my team was running the closing duties. I was helping them until I saw her. I just wanted to communicate where we were at and how my team could colab with hers for some end of day priorities. One subject led to another and there we were, just talking about... stuff 🤷‍♂️. Ok then, nothing too out of the ordinary there, at least for recent times, but then she comes back to my area to tell me that she was leaving work 😦. I was in the middle of something and she caught me off guard when she said that. My walk kind of stuttered and I looked at her a little confusingly, not sure of what she meant when she said that. Like, was she saying that she and her team was leaving or was she telling ME that SHE was leaving for the night?? This has never happened before. Why would it? If you're done for the day... then just go? Lol, she had no reason to tell me this. At all 🤷‍♂️. Also awkwardly, when she said that, she started slowly walking away while glancing back at me like 3 times. My brain was so into work and it felt like it happened so fast that I said something dumb like, "Ok, see ya!". The fuck. That response has been bothering me a little these last two nights 😅. And I'm not gonna lie, she's been on my mind a little more than usual because of all this. What am I saying, she's never been on my mind before any of this 🤷‍♂️. Anyway, she's pretty cute. Korean. That Asian persuasion can be deadly mang 🥵🔥🐍. She's into the whole Japan and anime scene, so right off the bat we have common interests, but I need to see what's going on with her. I don't know if she's just being friendlier than usual or my receivers are registering the wrong signals. There's a science to this creamy! I mustn't rush anything, less I damage the relationship 👺.

LOL, the first name I went to was Sakura 🙄. I think it's beautiful and like that it means cherry blossom, but it's probably so overused in Japan 🌸. There's also Yuki, which means snow. I learned those things from anime. I dunno how I feel about naming my child after I learned something from anime 🤔. Plus, unless she's half Japanese, I'd feel a little weird naming my daughter that. Would she even like her name knowing that's it's Japanese, if she isn't Japanese? Hmm.


I think a young Japanese boy won the gold medal for skateboarding. Yea, this year is weird because of the pandemic. I wonder how many people are winning medals because competition has been thinned? Like, this prodigy USA gymnast Simone Biles pulled out of every competition she enrolled in and it's giving other people a chance to get golds now. She usually nabs them. The media is eating that story up and she claims that the pressure of this year has been getting to her so she dropped out 🤷‍♂️. A friend of mine was saying she should be penalized because that's a spot wasted on the USA gymnast team. She should've dropped out before even going. I think he's partly right. I mean, there's no way of know how you're going to feel in the future, anything can happen. But I think she forfeited after her first competition. She landed her triple flip spin thing like trash and all of a sudden she doesn't feel good. Idk, I don't really care tbh 😅.

I don't have any tattoo's, but my cousin does. Something Zelda related. Either way, I don't think we were going to go to any public hot springs, but shiieettt, if some Japanese girly girls wanted to hit one up, they'd be going with me only while his ass can sit in the tiny private one back at the Ryokan alone 😂🧖‍♂️. We haven't had that conversation yet about what to do if Japan is a no-go next year 😞. The time is drawing near where we should start planning ahead and reserving some of these hotels/ryokans. Believe it or not, the Ryokan we got last time was like our third choice because so many of the 5 star locations were sold out 😱! We actually wanted to reserve this place that was north of Kyoto, straight up in the mountains, sharing hot springs with the baboons and shit. Rural af. It's like in anime when the kids get to go on an excursion to train or study in those super country hotels for something big upcoming. Alas, we didn't get a chance to book anything like that. Our place was located in Kyoto near a river. In a way it wasn't that bad because the cities' right there, ya know?
Hell no, those hostess clubs are a waste of money imo. Imagine paying someone to flirt with you. I know all of that because I saw a documentary(?) on them years ago. Probably during one of my phases where I watched a lot of Japan related media on youtube. Also saw an anime based on hosts and hostesses. Forgot was it was called though.


Yea, it's easy to think something is irrelevant, but OP is pretty good at shoveling in canonical content into what may seem like 90% filler. I could've sworn I added Tokyo Revengers to my list. Just did.

I'm sure the prices of Marvel shirts (or anything really) are 3x more at Disney World than anywhere else. I have a couple websites I buy shirts from and some brick and mortar's I can hop into. Hell, Walmart has a decent selection of Marvel shirts.

Monsters at Work is a series. It takes place after every other piece of Monsters content. It's actually pretty good. Disney+ is doing a pretty damn good job at simulating the movie experience onto the small screen. I'll give them that.
So, I can't remember if I said this before, but it's really hard for me to watch some of those new Pixar/Disney Animation movies. They're geared towards kids too much. I can't enjoy them... Too childish and unfunny. I miss the days of movies like Shrek. A movie that's for kids, but definitely also for adults 😄.
Kilz Jul 27, 9:49 AM
I don't know, I'll ask my friend who lives there lol

Seriously you never saw an Atari before but an NES? Heard of that game, tried it (on the Switch for the Retro games), and didn't like it all that much lol. A bit of both, I beat the game and cheat afterwords. If I restart, which I rarely do or my data got corrupted which happened to my emerald, and boy I was pissed because I found a shiny Swablu. I use cheats to speed run through the game. I also use cheats to activate past events that you could only get through special items.
Waves02 Jul 24, 4:48 AM
Kilz Jul 18, 2:53 PM
Sorry for the late

At least you don't live in Australia, there are a crap ton of spider nests over there and you can literally see it

for high-end ones, yes but you can find one really cheap, unlike back in the 90s. In some homes yes ACs are common. Yeah, Adults get a wrench and open it up. Nope no cops and when they do come, we just open it up again. Not really, we are using it to stay cool and also you wouldn't be saying that if you were dying from the heat lol

Forgot to add the Atari 2600 to the list, actually, the atari and NES belonged to my brother but he gave them to me. There are 3 other variations before it becomes the 3DS which spawned more than once to the point of the 2DS which is the 3DS without the 3DS feature. I actually thinking of buying one. Not all anime-based games are going to turn out good like the game. No I never played them because I only bought and updated my DS in order to keep playing Pokemon and nothing else. I know there are other great games but thats the only reason i got a DS in the first place.
Shuidee Jul 17, 2:10 PM
Hey :D sorry I just saw your reply! yep it's been awhile I hope things are well for you too ;)
doeman Jul 16, 12:39 AM
I'm sorry, I have NO idea how you can live without AC 🥵. I "think" I may understand where you're coming from though because the west coast is known for its' crisper air than the east coast (it's humid and muggy here 10 months of the year, especially in FL). Plus, you're much farther north than I am. You may not need it most of the time, but shit it'd be nice to have when it "does" get hot, ya know? When I vacationed to LA back in 2017 during October (when it's still hot and humid af in south FL), the weather was SO nice 🏝. It was in like the early 70's for the entire trip. That's unheard of down here. Not until maybe December or January at least when the cold fronts really start to creep their way down.
I'm glad the heat wave passed for you guys. I was hoping you were safe because news of whats on going on in the west is nation wide. It seems like every year we're breaking record temperatures and fires. I saw a map of all the simultaneous fires going on at once a couple days ago and there were at least 50. Like what?? Mostly in Cali, but still. Also, what did you mean by "it's still consistently 25+ degrees here". There's no way you're living in 25 degree weather during the summer.
I took a second to google ac units and apparently there's a group designed specifically for mobility. They're small, so maybe consider getting one just to have. I don't know what kind of prices will generate for you after clicking the link, but I'm getting $300 ($377 canadian) and under. Not the end of the world. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. I sound like a mom.

Hurricane season is from the beginning of July to the end of November. Basically it means that it's possible for a hurricane to form during those months (it's almost half the year lol). The reality is hurricanes (or tropical storms for that matter) don't really start popping up until August to October, so you can chop two months off of the official date range. Tropical Storm Elsa passed us and restrengthened into a hurricane and hit somewhere on the NW side of FL. Idk, I stopped paying attention after it missed us lol because I was disappointed. I wanted time off from work 😂.
It's a wild experience when a hurricane is projected to hit you. No one really cares about TS's because their just "really bad" thunderstorms. Hell, even category 1 hurricanes (goes up to cat 5) aren't taken seriously by some people. I didn't when I was younger 🤷‍♂️, but that's because I didn't truly understand their awesome power...
In 2006 south FL got hit by a "strong" cat 1 hurricane. A hurricane you might have heard of for it's infamy in what it did to New Orleans, Louisiana after passing through FL. Hurricane Katrina. Katrina was projected to turn slightly north of Miami, so I was kind of relieved because the strongest part of the hurricane, the wall surrounding the eye, was originally headed in our direction. After Katrina rolled over us, I found out the next day that the hurricane made a sharp left turn as soon as it hit land and barreled over South Miami. Not only that, it upgraded into a weak cat 2. I couldn't believe it because I'd "been though" cat 3's and 4's before. It's just that I was never in their direct path. The key difference is how close you are to strongest winds and rains, aka the eye wall. I went through the worst of a "weak" cat 2 and it changed my life. I was anxious that entire night it hit. Yes, of course it had to hit us in the middle of the night when you can't see shit going on outside. God forbid your window shutters tear down of your roof gets blown off 😱⚡... Thank god that's never happened to me. Look at this monster after it passed us. It's the friggen size of the state!

When a hurricane is project to make landfall somewhere, you better hope you're in the know earlier than most because the stores are going to be completely packed with people buying supplies. Water, batteries, canned food, petroleum tanks, etc. Every single gas station will run out of gas before the next day. The hope is that the hurricane eventually steers away and you miss it's direct path. It also doesn't hurt if your employer covers you before and after a hit. One of the benefits of working at Ikea in Miami is that they will supply us with necessities if a hurricane is going to hit. Including disaster pay if we can't work because of safety issues in the environment or destruction to the workplace building.
Hurricane Irma back in 2017 was the last one that really gave us a scare here. Not just south FL, but the entire state. I mean, look at this path.

When this crept close and closer, mandatory evacuations were placed in effect and people were flooding the roads trying to get outta here. I remember looking at the highways on google maps and the traffic was red from Key West all the way to Orlando!!! WOW. Irma eventually grazed passed Miami and coasted up along the western edge of FL until it finally decided to curve inwards to land. It was actually pretty funny because everyone that drove up north to escape the hurricane were eventually chased by it 😂. These things are so unpredictable.
But anyway, here we are in the middle of July, so it's only just the beginning of this season. I don't ever want a hurricane to directly hit where ever I am, but the experience is pretty thrilling leading up to it. What I hope for is an indirect hit, so little to no damage, but I get time off still 😆.
Check out some hurricane videos on youtube. They're pretty devastating. Look at the damage Katrina did. It's heartbreaking.


Believe me, I try not to think about work outside of work, but because I'm so consumed by it while on the clock, it's easy for my brain to sway back into it. And I definitely have my Lofi music blasting through my JBL speaker, it just doesn't do a good job at keeping my mind focused on it. I've tried listening to my audible books (currently listening to one of The Witcher novels), but it's hard to focus on stories because my head is under the water half the time. I miss out on too much 😭. And when I try to actively think about something else, let's use Black Widow as an example, my mind will automatically revert to something about work the minute I stop thinking about BW.
Haha, I've seen those people who take their walks and jogs early in the morning. I always wonder what the hell is wrong with them 🤣. I tell myself if I had time to do that, I'd still be in bed 🤣.
Yea, I don't think a personal trainer is necessary unless you REALLY need it. A friend of mine invited me to one of those workout group sessions once because it was free for the first visit. I was curious so went along for the experience. Seemed like a waste of money to have someone tell you to do push ups and run around in circles 😒. Your youtube video solution is the way to go if you ask me OR you can try what another friend of mine does. Pay for those online live sessions when the instructor streams to you and other people 🤷‍♂️. Maybe that's cheaper than an in-person trainer. Personally, I prefer to do any exercising myself because it's... free 😅. I don't know if you've ever reached the point, but every now and then I really catch a groove and I remain consistent with my workouts and aerobics. My body gets into a good place, pot belly disappears, feels good waking up in the morning, etc etc. Doesn't take long for me to revert back to my old ways though 🍔🍟🍕🍣🍰🍭😍. I never regret regressing 🤩.

Congrats on the new position 🎉! I know the feeling of not landing anything substantial, I hope you have a bright future in that field. Gain as much experience as you can because all businesses (should) have HR departments. You'll be super flexible. I've heard some of the nightmare stories that come with the job though. Like, being the person who has to decide whether or not someone should remain at a company based on whatever rules said employee is in violation of. I was actually talking with the head HR rep at my store recently over an employee in my area and she was mentioning the strict rules they follow with employees that get out of line. You gotta have a strong stomach to deal with some of that stuff 😶.

Nah, I'm glad I stopped hanging around him. I'd like to think I have enough common sense not to fall down that road, but what I was salty about was how he went from that cesspit to where he's now. At least, I'm assuming he and his little bro are still doing music. Maybe everything fell through in recent years and he's working a 9 to 5 now. I have no idea. I just wish I was given that golden opportunity in the past to really make it somewhere extraordinary, ya know? Alas, my cards weren't dealt that way, thus I stand with the normies 🥱😝. (in short, i'm jelly)

I mean, I doubt most of the people in south FL care about the significance of Independence Day. It's another US holiday excuse to spend money and have a party. I just happen to like this particular one because there's good food and fireworks involved 😀. Any exclusive holidays you look forward to over there? I think the only one I know is Boxing Day 🤣, if that's even a proper holiday y'all celebrate over there.

I doesn't really matter to me. Most people call me by my first, but I have no prob with Scott 🙋‍♂️. And that's funny how you mention the Disney Princess because that's automatically what my mind went to 😂. Most people probably would. It looks like she's technically not a princess though 🤔. The more you know,

Nah, at that time I saw Cynthia in the store, I approached her and we caught up for a bit. The only thing I remember was how much her body changed. She seemingly had the same personality, but that's all past now. And I haven't spoken to Cindy since the instamessage earlier this year, so 🤷‍♂️. The never ending hunt continues 🤣👆!....... there is however... this one girl I've kinda been eyeing at work recently 😏. She's pretty easy to talk to and always stops what she's doing when she sees me to say hello 😳. One day we were talking for like 15 minutes (on the clock, so it had to be quick) and I decided to close the conversation by asking her if she wanted to line up our breaks so we could have lunch together 😉, but she had already eaten 😫💩. I mean, I tried making it sound natural so it wouldn't come off like I was trying to hit on her, but just so that we could continue our friendly conversation, ya know? But since it didn't happen the way I planned it in my head, I've been left wondering if she thought I was coming on to her still.. Regardless, that was a couple weeks ago and she still acts the same old way she's always been around me. This one time after that lunch failure, she wanted to show me a picture of something work related on her phone and while I was standing next to her, she opened her photos app, and my nosy ass looked at her phone screen (accidentally! accidentally? yea, accidentally) and saw what looked like pictures of her posing on the beach?!? Who is she going to the beach with? Her friends? Her family?? Some punk ass guy who probably doesn't deserve her??? 👺😤 Lol, but ever since then I've kind of been cautious because I don't want to sully our friendship.. Creamy, a mans heart is fickle and very easily broken. If I play my cards wrong everything can turn upside down. At this point, if something happens, it happens. I'm not technically actively looking for a relationship. I just thought our relationship, from my angle of course, was interesting so I've been playing it by ear. I'll keep you updated 🙋‍♂️!

I've had several names pop into my mind, some really good, but it's not like I've written them down anywhere. Sadly, I've forgotten all but one. As if any woman I get with would agree to the name. If you thought Anastasia was too crazy, what do you think of Emerald 🥰. Emerald Scott doesn't sound like a good combo if I'm being honest, but I think it's a really pretty first name for a girl. Shortened to Emmy 💚. I had some really good ones in the past, I wish I remembered them... Forgive me, it's not at the top of my concerns list right now. Have to be in a relationship first 🤡.

I have no idea if the first year is supposed to be the honeymoon phase 😂. I've only ever been in a relationship for over that time once. And yea, in all honesty, I think it's a Hispanic thing. Not to sound racy or anything like that, but Hispanic girls love to quibble and argue. Not all of them, but it's almost like it's entwined in the culture.. Could be an older generation thing that girls today are brought up with from their family. Idk. All I know is what I've been seeing and paying attention to since grade school..
You make it sound like I've been through so many relationships and no one wants me lol 🥺. I said this a couple posts back, but in summary, it all comes down to personality. I'm not letting anyone take advantage of my kindness or fairness again. The trick for me is finding someone with a good heart and that I enjoying being around, preferably with a pretty face to match 😉.

At this point the trip is still planned, but idk wtf Japan is doing because right now idk how the hell they're going to get away with hosting the Olympics 🙄. Cases are steadily rising over there, as they are in other parts of the world let's be honest. It's just hard to say I'm going next year because last year it seemed unfathomable that Covid was going to last into 2021! It's gonna be hella interesting because the flight was non-refundable when my cousin and I purchased the original tickets back in December of 2019 for April 2020, so what they did was credit the passengers with another flight eligible anywhere up to the same price for one year. That "year" ended this April lol, so it got pushed to next April 2022... This problem is, while there are lots of places opening up now and travel is more accessible at least within America, leaving the country is a different beast. As of right now, you have to sell an arm and a leg to get into Japan. You damn near have to be invited. No vacationing. Not yet. But if this Covid crap is still a thing 8-9 months from now, then what? The airline delays our trip again??? Or we have to use that flight credit somewhere else. What a shit show.

As for the planning, oh girl, we had so much planned. It was 2 weeks across Tokyo, Shinjuku, Osaka and a quick stop in Kyoto 😫. I'm getting sad thinking about it because we've had to cancel our plans twice already... We have a list of things to do and each time we planned it we did the research and timed everything out. This is heavily because of me though. I love planning trips. Man, we were going to stay at an open-air hot spring RYOKAN... We purchased the rooms and everything... Can't get anymore anime than that 🧖‍♂️⛩. But now I'm spoiling too much. You'll just have to see my posts on instagram when the time comes 😉🌸.

The only Gundam show I've watched was Gundam Wing. I'm with you on that one, I don't get the hype lol. I really hope my cousin and I get a chance to see the life-size gundams they have over there though. They might be a seasonal thing. Crossing fingers.
And yes, you are correct. Those people at the bars are called hosts and hostesses. I've seen a documentary on them and the popular ones get seriously PAID by those rich Japanese folk who want to spend time with attractive people. They get cars and jewelry as gifts just for flirting with some of their customers 😩. The idols are the ones who sing and dance. Why do I know this.


Usopp is so hilarious 😂. He's actually on my top 10 characters on MAL. I actually picked up OP again! Watched about 10 episodes so far. That same cousin of mine was telling me this current arc is the longest they've ever done. It's been going on for almost 2 years wtf 😅. Don't let the amount of eps discourage you from watching. I mean, at this point I think you're safely locked into the fandom, but like I mentioned before just take your time! The eps aren't going anywhere 🙂. And on a side note, it looks like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is ending? Sad cuz I just got myself into that series and it's a blast. Currently catching up with the latest season before the next one starts!

Of course I saw Black Widow! Opening Friday! It was good. I'm glad Scarlett Johansson got her send off movie. Marvel is going strong with their female representation going forward. Lots of things are changing with the coming phase. I hope you're watching the Marvel shows on D+. The Loki season finale just passed and it set off a chain of events that completely changes everything going forward 😱.
So, I have a couple marvel shirts 😳 and yes I do usually schedule them on my marvel days 😉. Not the crazy overcluttered shirts with 15 Avengers on it. Simple shirts like, the Captain America symbol on the front. Truth be told, I have to do a radical wardrobe makeover because a lot of my shirts haven't been fitting me ever since covid. I'm either still growing or getting fatter 👺🍰. I gotta buy a bunch of Large shirts. They're much more comfortable on me now, so I'll be shopping for some Marvel apparel in the near future.
I haven't seen Raya... I wasn't sure I was going to like it because those Pixar-esque shows don't really appeal to me much anymore. I actually find them too childish and because of that, unfunny as well. Without being a hypocrite though, I'll admit I'm watching Monsters at Work and liking it so far.


I'm sorry icecream, I type so much sometimes. I really gotta trim my thoughts, but I kind of just type as I think.
Alwerien Jul 13, 8:53 AM
Yeah... Hmm, which dramas huh.... Well, I don't think it's your genre but right now it's bromance, lol. In middle of watching Word of Honor atm, it's a BL adaptation. Oh, for kdramas though, I was planning on watching Goblin soon-ish. It's quite well-rated too so hopefully I will like it. Yeah, honestly I only heard of SK8 because my friend was obsessed with it, otherwise it would have passed me by. While I don't care much for skateboarding, the characters seem nice, the art is pretty decent... Hopefully it's fun. Ohh, I was planning to watch Horimiya, though didn't get too far. I have previously read the manga and as much as I loved it in the kinda went downhill at some point. But iirc the anime should only cover the good parts. The art really is beautiful.

Haha, I have cut my hair on my own once or twice, it was......well. I did better than I expected but obviously it wasn't a professional job, lol. I dye it on my own regularly though. Ohh, so you actually used the time well! Meanwhile I just became more and more sluggish. My job is in the food industry so I wasn't laid off but with all the restrictions it was really tiring. After spending 8 hours a day in a mask at work, I'd just flop and sleep at home. Plants....our garden has really suffered these last two years because to both me and sister it's just a chore, not relaxation/hobby.

Haha, sometimes it just comes naturally, I guess?
Alwerien Jul 12, 6:28 AM
True, more people than I'd have expected are still around! I think some people stick around to update from time to time, at least that's my case, hehe. I rarely visit the forums or clubs anymore, the community kind of devolved in my eyes.
Oh, good luck staying cool then! Heat waves are no joke, be safe :) I haven't really been watching much anime, but lately I have sank into reading novels and watching asian dramas. Though, I just watched random episode of SK8 after random picking. There is couple things I might slowly watch, I guess. Are you interested in anything this season or cherry picking from older stuff?

It hasn't been too bad for me personally but I do know some people that were affected, though thankfully all of them recovered to some extent. I have definitely missed my hairdresser and pedicure though, haha. Yay for reopenings! Have you been affected by the pandemic?

PS: Whoa, I looked at your profile and you are exchanging some essays there XD
doeman Jul 5, 10:27 PM
Sorry to hear all that 🥵. My sister lives out in LA and she tells me that having AC over there is a luxury.. Like, what??? Is that some kinda western North America thing? Do you have AC where you live or was it so hot that the AC couldn't keep up with the heat? And hold on just a minute, isn't that price gouging? Merchs shouldn't be able to get away with that 😠. Remember when people were selling masks and hand sanitizer at ridiculous prices in stores, amazon, ebay, etc at the beginning of Covid? The US government cracked down on those sellers and I'm guessing charged them with a crime. I'm sure everyone wasn't caught, but yea.. That definitely sounds like price gouging. "Increasing the retail value of something in need to a higher than normal price".
How are y'all lookin now? Has the actual wave passed? I'm actually typing to you right now in the middle of a Tropical Storm 😂⛈. Hurricane Elsa downgraded to a tropical storm yesterday when it hit Cuba and started to curve west of Florida, but we're still getting the rain bands. It's extra humid outside. It's like we're living on two different worlds 😅.

Yea, I survived. Always, do. I'd like to think I know how to deal with the stress at work and physicality of it all. I've gotten pretty good at not letting it bother me. When I'm off the clock, I usually have things to keep my brain entertained (like talking to you!), so it doesn't drift into anything work related. Except when I'm in the shower... For some reason it's very easy for me to think of work in the shower and I hate that 👺. I'm just trying to enjoy my nice hot bath, you know? 🛀
So, what do you do for a living? Not sure if you told me.

No, after I left, I went to another friend, Alex (someone I still talk to this day and likes anime like us). I really wasn't expecting any of that to happen. I'd known him for a long time already and had been to his house briefly before that, but his mother was still living there. The contrast in the house was mind blowing after she left. That incident was also after high school. Sometime during early college years. People.. change around that time. Him for the worst. Steven was also in on the weed/alcohol life, but I'm not sure if he was into anything beyond that. After high school, a lot of my crew split up. People went away for school or started hanging with other "friends" with the same hobbies 🤷‍♂️. Things change. It gets even crazy though, like 2 years later, I'm walking on campus and see Andrew. We started catching up (because for all I know, that housing incident was the last time I saw him) and he tells me that he was caught distributing drugs or some shit like that and ended up doing like 10 months in jail 🙄. Fucking idiot. He looked terrible too. Like he hadn't shaved or taken a shower in a week. And THEN like 2 years after that, I saw him walking through my Ikea... We caught up for a bit and he told me that his little brother... the same one that was running around the filthy motherless house a few years ago, caught a record deal and is a musical artist now (?). And Andrew became his manager. They were in town for whatever reason, but were heading back to Chicago later that week. He was wearing gold chains and jewelry and shit.. I couldn't fucking believe it.
Now, long story short, Andrew has always had a funny personality. He's kind of the "life of the party", I guess. He was pretty good at free styling. Who would've thought his little brother would become the one with a fucking record deal. Don't ask me his artist name, don't know it and I hate thinking about the whole situation. It makes me super salty. On one hand, good for him, I'm glad he's not dead in a ditch somewhere, but wtf man, how do you go from jail to being your younger brothers manager in the "music industry"??? And I'm sure he ghost writes for his brother too. Ugh, whatever.

I have no idea what the club scene in Miami looks like nowadays. It's been 7 years, since I stepped foot in one. Ain't my thing. What I do know is that downtown Miami and Miami beach are littered with maskless people. What can you do at this point though? If you're vaccinated and catch Covid, just hope you don't give it to someone you know that isn't vaccinated 🤷‍♂️. God forbid you get the delta strain. Idk man, it's gonna be awhile before we truly return to any normalcy.

So, yesterday for Independence Day, I got together with some family to hang, eat some burgers and drink some drank. I bought some Smirnoff, naturally, but they only had two flavors left at the grocery store. Original, which is fine and Strawberry Kiwi, which I never tried before. It was "ok", but I ended up drinking 4 bottles and it got me drowsy as fuuuuuhhh. I was so tired lol. Two burgers, potato salad, chips, two cup cakes, a slice of apple pie and 4 bottles of Smirnoff. I was DONE. Then later on that night when I was hungry again, I made some of that cheap maruchan ramen, washed it down with some cookies and passionfruit juice, topped off with a lime flavored jello 🤢.
I didn't feel too good this morning, so I called out of work. I'll spare you the gruesome details of what I went though 😂.

Come onnnnn creamychan.

First name is Brent, last name is Scott. My middle is actually Anthony. How exactly were you pronouncing "Orewa" 😅. That'd be a pretty strange name to have.
And I like the name Cynthia. It's not super common (and BORING) like Mike, Steve, Katie and Jennifer. Where's the originality in some of these parents.. Jeez. "Let's name him John, honey!" Puhlease. Your name also reminds me of this girl I had a huuuge crush on when I worked at Blockbuster. She would come in every weekend... with her girlfriend. Because ya know, even back in the day I couldn't catch a lucky break 🙄. You know how lesbian couples get a bad wrap for one of them being butch and the other feminine? Well, in this couple, they were both gorgeous. It was the first time I'd seen a lesbian couple where both of them were feminine AND beautiful. Cynthia was technically the "butch" one, but she was barely treading on tomboy territory. I remember the girlfriend, Cindy (they both had names that started with C 🙄), would talk with a coworker of mine because the were old friends, so that'd be my perfect chance to pull Cynthia away and talk about movies or whatever...
Gahd, I sound like such a loser right now 🤣🤣🤣. I wasn't planning on doing anything devious, mind you. Not sure she'd even be interested. I liked them both, they were cool peeps.
Now... after Blockbuster closed, I figured I'd never see them again. Life goes on, amirite? A few years ago, I bump into Cynthia at Ikea...
I was SO happy inside 💗. She still had the same beautiful face, smile and personality... but not far off was the girlfriend... Except it wasn't Cindy. It was some new chick... And Cynthia... had actually turned butch... Like, "I lift weights at the gym every-damn-day" butch 💔😫. But whatever, she seemed to be in a good place, so I'm glad she looked happy 🤷‍♂️.
AND THEN, earlier this year I got a random request on instagram from some girl I'd never seen before. The usual thoughts sped through my mind, "who tf is the rando gurly?!?, why do they want so much attention??, how come I'm so popular because they keep friend requesting me?? (💁‍♀️)". I accepted the request and kind of just like with you, I didn't know who it was until I started skimming pics. It was Cindy 😱. I couldn't believe it. She looked amazing! Even better than before and her recent instapics portrayed her graduating and landing some job. She was also in a good place. She just saw my profile by random and wanted to catch up 🙂. I tell you this now creamychan, I woulda thrown some of my legendary game at her 😉 if her instapics didn't also include some other girl I'd never seen before holding her hand in every post 😔...

Have you thought of any names for potential children? Boy or girl? I've had a few that made good impressions on me, but I can only remember one of them right now 😋.

No, I'm definitely typing this on a laptop. There's no way I'd type this much on a phone. On Windows, you have to press the Windows and semicolon key. The Emoji Picker window pops up as long as you clicked into a text field. If you're on a Mac, try this 👍.

Didn't know about Davinci Resolve. Thanks. I can't use it though because my laptop can barely handle 4K content, which is what I'd typically be filming on because of my iPhone. For now I'm limited to phone/tablet apps because of this. Once I upgrade though, it's definitely on the table.

You know what's funny about the relationships I've been in? At some point each girl I've been with has asked me the same question at least once and I find it so strange. Maybe these Miami girls want to experience anger and depression in their relationships, but I always get asked, "Do you realize we've never been in a fight before?" It can be two weeks to 6 months into a relationship. It's always come up... Like, WHY? Why tf do you WANT to argue and fight. It's such an odd thing to wonder why is missing from a relationship. I try to be fair and open minded with whomever I'm with because I'd want the same in return, ya know? I know no relationship is perfect, but it popped into my head when you mentioned your bad and ugly that isn't covered in your instagram.

I'm still dying to go to Japan. It'll come soon enough 😁⛩. There we're plans at the beginning of 2020, but..... ☢
When was the last time you went and how long were you there? What did you do?? Tell me! 😁🚅
My cousin and I were watching a youtuber who lives and records his experiences in Japan. He's really funny and his content is good. Check out some of his vids.


I'll probably start Horimiya soon and that's great to hear about Chainsaw Man. Down to watch something with lots of potential 🤠.

Yaaay! 🙌 I'm glad you're enjoying OP. It has everything tbh. Comedy, drama, action, but that did surprise me too. The stories are well written, but the characters are what make the show. You're going to become very attached to them 😁. They're currently on episode 981. I'm on 915, so I have a decent amount to catch up on ⛵🏝. I can't begin to tell you how much of a ride you're in for lol 🤣. So much happens. Just watch and enjoy. Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll do my best to answer them. And don't worry, I won't spoil anything for you.
A part of me feels like starting it over, but realistically I won't. I did once before when they were on episode 500something, but my time is better spent watching new things and hoping they're half as good as OP lol.

Speaking of new things, how is your Marvel? I don't think you've seen that side of me, but I've been OBsessed with it because of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Black Widow comes out this Friday and I've been eagerly waiting to get back into a theater with my Marvel crowds 🦸‍♂️🦹‍♂️. It's been two damn years since the last MCU movie, Spider-Man Far From Home. At least I've had my Marvel Disney+ shows to keep me busy for the last couple of months.
Kilz Jul 4, 11:33 PM
Holy shit 104 Fahrenheit?! I expect Australia with those numbers not Canada of all places lol People are dying from heat strokes? Jesus, what the hell is going on over there lol. Not surprised on FBM selling AC at a high price, they are hoping for at least one sucker to buy it and it's a 50/50 chance it won't work.

according to google it's 26, if you saw the side of my building or any building here, you will see an AC unit on almost all Apts so going crazy is very unlikely well not in my area at least lol. Also they the street kids always open the fire hydrants to cool down. Toilet paper and water bottles from lasts were nuts, people are being greedy and taking everything and not leaving for the rest of us, which is why they limit 2 per person.

Patience depends on the game itself, I should know. I've to play easy games that don't take much to grind games like RDR. That makes you a casual gamer which suits you, I used to be a Hardcore gamer well I'm still am just not as frequent as I used to be. I wish I've gotten a Wii just so I can play my Gamecube games lol. The reason I didn't get one is that 1 there wasn't any games I like and 2 the controllers which sticks so that's a no-no for me

Consoles: NES, SNES, N64, GC, PS, PS2 (fat & Slime) [Used to], PS3 (Slim) and PS4 (Current)
Handheld: GBP, GBC, GBA, GBA SP, DS Lite, DSi (Used to), 3DS XL, and Switch Lite (Current)

Been a gamer since the 90s :)