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Sousou no Frieren
Sousou no Frieren
Nov 11, 4:22 PM
Watching 4/28 · Scored -
Fumetsu no Anata e Season 2
Fumetsu no Anata e Season 2
Aug 31, 5:35 PM
Completed 20/20 · Scored 9
Romantic Killer
Romantic Killer
Aug 17, 6:13 PM
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Chi no Wadachi
Chi no Wadachi
Apr 20, 9:28 PM
Reading 80/153 · Scored -
Elfen Lied
Elfen Lied
Aug 19, 2020 11:55 AM
Completed 113/113 · Scored 10
Taiyou no Ie
Taiyou no Ie
Oct 23, 2013 10:01 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -

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bronycon42 Oct 20, 3:34 AM
Hey. Thanks for accepting my friend request. Nice to meet you.
Ink-ling Jul 22, 6:36 PM
Have you ever played Shadow of Mordor?

I agree with you on that. The JP novel is a pretty stark contrast to the film, given how different the characters are, and how the dinosaurs are like horror creatures. I mean, given that they're literally bred in a lab, it's pretty accurate to call them horror creatures. Now that I think of it, Jurassic Park is basically a modern version of The Island of Dr. Moreau, but with dinosaurs instead of human-animal hybrids.

If you can recall, what's your favorite moment in the Jurassic Park novel?

Yeah, Dovahkiin is badass. While I don't play Skyrim a whole lot these days, I really, really love Elder Scrolls lore. It's so expansive that you won't be able to grow bored with it. So you've been playing Skyrim for a long time too, eh? When did you start? I started back in 2014.

And yeah, Skyrim forever!!!
Kurt_Irving Jul 22, 12:01 AM
With that said, I hope that added the right Yangire on Discord. The software made some recent changes and the number sign with digits is irrelevant now.
Kurt_Irving Jul 18, 8:05 AM
It's cool milady, I get snail mail all the time.

Other than that, my Discord is kurtirving422.
Ink-ling Jul 17, 6:16 PM
Oh no no, my username comes from this:

Certain aspects of my profile probably foreshadowed it haha.

I'll admit, I've never played any Persona games. I simply picked up the manga when I saw the cover at my local bookstore, and thought it was neat, since I also like JoJo. That, or it was an episode of DEATH BATTLE that got me into the series. I can't remember. But I do like P3's story. Just gotta finish the last three movies
Ink-ling Jul 17, 5:02 PM
You've been around since 2007? Most impressive.

I like your username btw.
Kurt_Irving Jul 8, 10:59 PM
Anyway Lilium, I hope that you had a wonderful Saturday night.

I've been watching Ninja Gaiden videos remembering my fight against Zedonius. One of the hardest I ever encountered in that game. Always grabbing Ryu and slamming his body all over the place. That would have broken my bones.

I know that my left forearm survived an accident that would have fractured it completely, but still, I get a feeling when I think of bones getting broken.
Kurt_Irving Jul 4, 9:02 PM
With that said, I hope that you had a happy 4th of July.
Kurt_Irving Jul 2, 12:44 AM
Anyway Lilium! How are you doing this July? Yes, Independence Day is getting really close.

Other than that, I've been playing Ragnarok Online (I love the new classes) and FF4 after reading School Rumble. I read School Rumble later than I thought after hearing about it in a Ragnarok Online forum post back in 2007.

I thank my Ontarian friend (loves video games also) for reminding me of the series after mentioning it. My high school math teacher is the same age as she is and so is said Sailor Mars fangirl who is still hanging out with her fiancée.

That same Sailor Mars fangirl told me that she watched anime on RetroCrush a lot.

As for me, I really can't wait to read all of Instant Japanese so one day I'll master the language like a certain woman (one that watched Gundam anime with her husband and recommend the Sorcerer Hunters manga to me).

With that book, I'll also be able to re-read Silent Möbius which is Japanese only and I hope that it gets a new adaptation like Tsukihime would someday.

It's no Evangelion, Venus Wars or Ghost in the Shell, but I grew up with Silent Möbius on G4TechTV which left me with a cliffhanger. Even after all these years, I still want more.
Kurt_Irving Jun 14, 10:52 PM
I was never into ecchi or shounen romcoms with the exception of Love Hina, even when Anime Network had Maburaho on demand. I was in my teenage years when I had cable TV and Anime Network was a mixed bag when it comes to anime.

Even then, I knew somewhat that shounen romcoms or ecchi were made for 15 year-old boys. I'm more of a Big O kind of guy, ever since I was 11 years old. Android Kikaider after all these years is still mature enough for me.

I should have gotten the ADV dubbed version of Macross instead of Maburaho, DN Angel, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, Misaki Chronicles (What's up with those boobs lacking physiological synergy, being out of place or being too big? xD) or Steel Angel Kurumi which no one cares about anymore.

However, I am thankful that I got to see Noir, 009-1 and Kaleido Star on demand.

Mecha isn't exactly my top priority genre in Japanese media, but it sure beats watching kids stuff, including that cookie-cutter battle shounen stuff. My big Virgo friend hates battle shounen, especially the Dragon Ball franchise by the way. Of course! she's a 37 year-old tomboy that looks at the nerdy side of things.

Anyone with a trained eye can tell that even the predictable and stale isekai genre for kids. Like ecchi and battle shounen, it's perfect for boys around 15.

Kids stuff is one thing. Every new release being made for the same audience is a other problem. Every new release repeatedly representing cardboard cutouts just to grind someone's gears is definitely a problem also.

On the other hand, I can't wait to see how the Dragon Quest 3 remake will turn out and it's been said that DQ3 invented that job system stuff before FF3 which no one likes.

The hate FF3 gets is pretty obvious. It's main characters are teenagers, the world-saving story is predictable, the antagonist is a one-dimensional character and the remakes received poorly.

Funny how Digimon Frontier like FF3 has very similar mistakes which is why my main girl dropped that anime. Japan can keep whatever bland and boring source material Digimon Frontier was based on.
Kurt_Irving Jun 4, 1:13 AM
I have yet to play FF4 (more familiar with 9 which my short, four-eyed classmate enjoyed playing) and old Shining games, but I would sure like to check them out this summer. One thing that I know about FF4 is that it started a trend of romantic relationships in JRPGs.

Had no idea that you were a Gen Xer, a xennial or somewhere in between. One thing that we have in common is that we're full-fledged adults now.

One of my oldest Pisces friends is 39 and she had a birthday last February. She's into all kinds of retro anime and manga. Very busy hanging out with her fiancée at the moment, but she has thought about reading Sorcerer Hunters some time.

Ah yes! I remember reading about Tokyopop being Mixxine when it first started. I remember seeing Chobits and other manga under the Tokyopop name in my junior high days. They even published said fantasy manga or Sorcerer Hunters which I really enjoyed.

My 36 year-old, shoujo loving friend would read every manga published by Tokyopop. She reads less Shounen Jump stuff and so do I.
Kurt_Irving May 31, 10:38 PM
I didn't know that you had a daughter and my friend from Washington is a single mom looking out for her kid (probably 6 years old). She played FFX and the spin-off? Wow!

FFX came out when I was 12, but I didn't play it until two years later. Back then, I didn't know that the PAL version had Dark Aeons which I arduously defeated. Turns out that my characters didn't need over 40K HP that I read in some old guide back in my sophomore year.

Other than that, I'm almost done with Digimon V-Tamers and I would sure love to read other Digimon manga seeing how all of them have different stories.

Yes! I grew up watching shows on a second hand SDTVs, including 80s cartoons. I also remember wanting a Sega console, but at least I had fun playing Sega games in the arcade.

As for other manga, I found an interesting article about a list of sci-fi manga that seemed recommended. I guess I'll have to read Gantz, Parasyte, Planetes and 20th Century Boys also some time. Silent Möbius (I prefer seeing grown women being the main characters in a manga than teenagers) should have been listed on the article and Big O also, but at least it featured Ghost in the Shell which I've known for like half my life.

My awesome girl from North Carolina would totally agree with Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin featured on the list and I too am a big fan of Yoshikazu Yasuhiko's artstyle (Venus Wars is underrated).
Kurt_Irving May 27, 10:12 PM
Hello again Lillium! So how are you doing this weekend?

IIRC, my shoujo manga loving friend told me that she played the first Hyperdimension Neptunia game. Yes! That dialogue was hilarious and a bit vulgar too.

Lately, I've been playing FFX-2 HD and I haven't played the original PS2 game for 18 years. Just doing the low level, no accessory challenge to take my mind off of recycled content.

As for anime, there's supposed to be a Tsukihime reboot coming out this decade. Anytime now! But I'll also read manga until it gets dropped.

I'm also waiting for the new Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers in the west) movie to drop.
Vizard May 20, 7:16 PM
Thank you!
Kurt_Irving May 17, 3:11 PM
Cool! I had no idea that you had a PS5.

As for manga, I'm going to be reading lots more after Digimon V-Tamers.

Manga universe Digimon is the best. More creative freedom than in Toei adaptations.

I'll read all of Hajime no Ippo through Year of the Dragon if I must.
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