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Days: 162.9
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Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer
Dec 15, 10:06 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored -
Sword Art Online: Alicization
Sword Art Online: Alicization
Dec 15, 10:06 PM
Watching 2/? · Scored -
Goblin Slayer: Bouken Kiroku Youshi
Goblin Slayer: Bouken Kiroku Youshi
Dec 15, 10:05 PM
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Days: 15.1
Mean Score: 6.90
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  • Chapters2,244
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Dec 10, 11:04 PM
Completed 53/53 · Scored 6
Gunnm: Last Order
Gunnm: Last Order
Nov 30, 5:09 PM
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Nov 25, 10:21 PM
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Illyricus Dec 16, 11:36 PM
And that's not even her final form!

Amitie picked Fate to interview her... because she thought she looked like a kind and understandable person ^_^
Illyricus Dec 15, 4:57 PM
Will watch it tomorrow, since it's Sunday and I will be free. Wonder what all these intense stuff you are talking about will mean...
Helios92 Dec 11, 8:49 AM
Pretty much you hit all spots aswell.

Sorry for the late replay tho, bean busy watching Seven Deadly Sins
Helios92 Dec 10, 7:27 AM
My reason why Symphogear XV will be delayed till summer of 2019.

My reason for this has to be Ono is gonna get overworked, but he needs time to prepare stuff and might be tired to make good character designs in XV., that's why Satelight is gonna postpond the series till Summer.

It's like this. Season 1 came out in 2012, but Season 2 came out 2013 and it was a matter of Ono sticking in time. This is probably due to pacing and less production problems. It's no wonder Season 2 was a smash hit with fans prassing it's writing.Maybe GX AND AXZ also had to come out in summer due to production months before hand. Then AXZ came out in summer after ARC-V came to a conclusion. I think this a good sign since we can wait a bit longer and having to worry about any problems. XV is in developtment and Ono might be able to handel two show in 2019 in time. Then we hope for ONO to make Ygo 7th a huge succces with fans once more. I'm gonna wait for XV even it's delayed. I can wait a little while longer and re-watch the first 4 seasons once more.
Illyricus Dec 9, 11:31 PM
Yep, only anime entries from the franchise I have to watch to finish it are A's remake movie and Reflection (and Detonation, when it gets subbed).
Now respecting for the spoiler, I have the feeling shit's going to get blown up to pieces, isn't?
Illyricus Dec 7, 12:03 PM
I just want more bullied characters in fiction would retaliate as hard as she did with those three bitches. Man, I expected her to beat them, but not to the point of such (deserved) carnage. I will watch the new Mahou Shoujo show this season too, it looks edgy and badass enough to call my interest.

I'm no boxing expert, but I'm getting hyped for the choreography you are mention. That last fight of Rinne against Miura had some sick one in the later part of it!
Illyricus Dec 7, 12:51 AM
Rinne is a savage, my God. Those stupid bullies got what was coming to them, however, and it was VERY satisfying, oh, boy, it was.
Helios92 Dec 2, 3:16 AM
Helios92 Dec 1, 12:30 PM
Happy late 1st of December! Here's to a good Christmas ^^
Major1234 Nov 26, 1:26 PM
My man here with Cross Ange on top, looking good bud.
Helios92 Nov 26, 8:16 AM
Pretty good list.

I haven't played Pokemon beyond Black and White 2 because i don't own a 3DS and that's mostly it.
Illyricus Nov 25, 11:37 PM
Is okay, I actually liked Vivid more of what I thought I would. It was a nice change of pace after the intensity of the other previous entries and I liked the more light-hearted approach of the series, and I liked Vivio's friends a lot too. I would rate it higher if it wasn't for the fact that the series ends without solving the whole tournament storyline and just finishes in a cliffhanger (when Vivio's battle with Rinaldi was about to start, even), without a second season in sight. But, really, I liked Vivid.

3-gatsu only has bullying in the second season (the first has some, let's say small examples, but is not outright bully). The bully is intense, and it takes half of the second season (22 episodes) to solve it. Is also portrayed in a heartbreaking way, especially the beginning steps. Not gonna say more, since I don't want to spoil ;)
Helios92 Nov 25, 5:45 AM
Have you ever played any Pokemon games? I think it's best we get to know each other by showing what we like and dislike. I personally like Platnium, Black and White with Black and White 2, but haven't played the newer ones from 2013 because i don't own a 3DS. I have played a bit of Emerald and Ruby with Red and Green
Illyricus Nov 22, 1:40 AM
Wow, seems about right. Being Nana is suffering, or at least being voiced by her is, lmao, it's all a conspiracy of King Records indeed I welcome that compilation, btw. Now we know who taugh Eri Kitamura the art of voicing characters doomed to suffer.

Also gotta love the scalation of the images, from brutal torture, to life threatening severe bleeding, to depression to... Clothes getting destroyed. Oh, Erio, you naughty boy 👀
Illyricus Nov 21, 3:03 PM
Well, I watched the 7th episode of Vivid, but nothing indicated me something Nana charas have in comming other than having their clothes torn to shreds. Didn't helped Fate dissappeared from the episode after the first half. Can you tell me what is it? I'm really curious to know what it is!