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Harukana Receive
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Aquarion Movie: Ippatsu Gyakuten-hen
Aquarion Movie: Ippatsu Gyakuten-hen
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Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
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RepentInReprise Aug 23, 6:58 PM
Yeessss! Caligostro is the best, man! <3
Kinekuri Jun 24, 3:48 AM
Eeeeeh, it's actually the same length? Been forever since I watched it so I thought it was the standard 24 minute episode, good to know that we can expect the 3rd season to retain the same quality.

Well there's always that one new show that gets a lot of popularity (and polarity) every year because it's become a trend. They're only good if you're into memes.

Yeah the original Ashita no Joe is a million times better since it actually centres around a theme with character drama. I was following up on Megalo Box until I found out the creators purposely made it shitty just because "duh it looks retro!". I'm not sure if it's even worth continuing anymore especially how it tries to capture the sentiments of retro people (in a not good way), rather than coming up with anything new. Speaking of which, how familiar are you with with Adachi Mitsuru's works? Both Ashita no Joe and Touch seem to be regarded as that one "one of the best anime that's less about sports but it just happens to have sports in it" but I've never seen both of the shows compared side by side. I'm hoping to finish both someday (not too soon considering the length) just so I can see how they compare!

I'm actually one of those nobodies you're talking about. How did I not pick up she was voicing in the anime!?
Kinekuri Jun 23, 6:34 AM
I can't believe mal got revived (still half dead)

Anyways, Yama no Susume 3 hype. I haven't been impressed this year outside maybe one or two shows, hopefully this one is going to redeem that. Though I'm kinda let down with the shorter length (only 15 mins ._. ?)
Illyricus Jun 22, 2:24 AM
I'm 100% with you here. MAL is funnier, you have your fancy signature and avatar, you can shitpost more and better (the most important thing), and I prefer the list systems there. However, I like how AniList has less cancerous discussion than MAL. Not everything has to be bad necesarrily.
Illyricus Jun 22, 12:21 AM
I admit I had some fears about the site being delayed for a long time, but it seems that, little by little, they are fixing it. Hopefully, the site will be fully recovered before the end of the Summer.

I'm going to use both. AniList is pretty good, but I prefer MAL's forums, so I decided to end using both.
Illyricus Jun 21, 10:13 AM
And they said MAL would never return...
Yuki_Nonaka May 10, 7:39 PM
the only one you have -.-
Yuki_Nonaka May 10, 7:32 PM
Nice sig
SpectralPoison Mar 30, 7:12 PM
Yeah I will watch them , I already told ya I watch all kind of stuff ( any genre ) . Everything works for me . Plus just like you I never drop any Anime , I hate doing it . No matter what the scores/reviews are if any Anime catches my interest I watch it . *i am kind of weird,i know*
SpectralPoison Mar 30, 6:11 PM
I think i will start by watching your favorite anime first . All 5 of them are new to me .
BTW i found you from your post on that " how do you rate hentai " topic . It made me laugh so hard . XD
SpectralPoison Mar 30, 6:06 PM
Well I am still new to anime world but yeah lets see how much deeper can i go into this place .. XD
SpectralPoison Mar 30, 6:04 PM
Thanks for accepting the request !!!
Kinekuri Mar 16, 9:15 AM
Oh nvm, I'm dumb. So it's mostly seiyuus and singers that are singing anime songs. Still, Nanjo's isn't her usual singing voice which she should've done considering Nana always have the same voice in every song. Like, I'm pretty sure they wanted to copy the tone of the original song but I wanted to hear Shirabe/Fripside singing it instead of her.

Kinda weird that I'm hearing Cagliostro sing Synchrogazer of over the other voice actors, I think I would've even questioned whether the voice sung was guy or girl had I not seen him. Are you sure Aoi's not a girl?
But at least I found a super secret live duet leak of Nana with Takayama and she's not half bad!

Well it's not the first time someone couldn't keep up with Nana's singing, I don't know if any other seiyuu in the industry can keep up with her and if they even exist they've already should've been just as big. And of course he calls her senpai since she's older than most of the people (which is a pretty mandatory custom over there), also I find it kind of funny that Nana is older than both Ayahi and Aoi (Yuuki) like the anime especially considering Aoi is-

> 25 year old

WTH, she's only 2 years older than me!?

You know any other songs or live that Nana had a duet with? I know she had one with TM Revolution, but that's pretty much it....
Kinekuri Mar 13, 6:57 AM
No idea who these people are, is it an audition to sing live? Damn, hearing them just shows how much on a different level Nana is.
Illyricus Mar 7, 12:54 PM
Thoughts on episode 25 and the series.

So, Jill died… It’s a pity, despite her unhinged (but somewhat justified) behavior, I really liked her, she was also (imo) one of the hottest females of the series. But, tbh, for a series of this type, very few characters has died, so she has to die to fill the quota of good guys casualties.

Aura has a female voice? I guess she is a special case of a female dragon, since she is the founder and that.

Now it has sense why Embryo is inmortal and why he looks young, because he was trapped in that place where time has been stopped (This laso explains why the Ragna-mails were a thing). His pimp slap to Ange was also perfect. How he left her naked with a mere touch was also about right. Embryo was thirsty before, but this has to be his thirstiest episode. He left the best for the ending. Good thing he was cockblocked at the end.

They couldn’t end the series without Tusk sticking his face into Ange’s crotch, of course, lol (loved Hilda berating them in the background).

The final fight against Embryo (Ragna-mails + Tusk) was pretty badass. It was a very satisfactory battle to end the series, probably the best battle of the entire show. Also, I loved how Ange trashtalked Embryo before killing him, saying what practically everyone thinks about him, and, surprisingly, including his atrocious sense of fashion (I admit his green suit it’s pretty cool). How she and Tusk kills both bodies of Embryo (the human one and the Ragna-mail) was the cherry on the cake. R.I.P Embryo, you were a despicable being, but a very fun villain to watch. May you find your perfect world with “strong and intelligent women” in the afterlife.

I liked how Salia ended redeemed and alive after all the suffering she experienced through the series, helping to defeat the person who only considered her a tool and took advantage of her circunstances. I read some comments in some sites and some people said she didn’t deserved to live, but I’m just glad she had her happy ending after all.

I have mixed feeling in how the other Earth ends in a state of anarchy and to its own luck. Of course, most of the Homunculi were assholes and cruel to the Norma, and some will agree they deserved such fate, but they were designed by Embryo to be like that and had little choice in the matter, and some of them were innocent (like Misty). At least they still have the chance to fix their world (seeing how Sylvia of all people became a badass leading her own resistance).

However, what is it the ending for the main crew, that was perfect. I’m surprised that, for a mecha anime, so few of the good guys had ended dying. Apart of Jill, very few of them died in the final battle (not counting the other Ragna-mail riders of the Diamond Rose Order), and I’m happy for it. Mecha series tend to have bittersweet endings, so having an ending that ends with all the good guys happy and living a peaceful live took me by surprise (in a very positive way). They even managed to make Café Ange a thing. For a trainwreck series, I’m glad they managed to make a satisfying ending with all the plot points closed for good (more or less) and with a proper ending. I’m so grateful.

Also, Tusk is the only non-dragon male here, and Ange wants to create “her own world”. For that, you need to repopulate the Earth, and, since all the Norma are female, that just left them to two options: either they practice dragon bestiality, or Tusk is going to be veeeeeeeery busy for a time. I don’t know if to pity him or the envy him, xD

Also, was the male dragon who greeted Vivian and her friends in the credits her father? I mean, if he was with Lamia and greeting Vivian, I’m sure it has to be him.

About the series itself, well, what I can say? I liked it a lot. You know, I’m a man who loves trainwreck animes. I liked Mayoiga, I liked Ousama Game, I liked Valvrave, and so on, but, as much as I liked them, I cannot help but find them incomplete in some aspects (an unsatisfactory ending, bad visuals, the series becoming less ridiculous after a while…). However, Cross Ange has managed to be a good trainwreck. It had everything:
-It was fun, and the series remained strong and exciting though the course of its 25 episodes
-The visuals, even if mediocre, were acceptable.
-It managed to give explanation to all its plot points and resolve them in a satisfactory way (the origins of the mana, the dragons, Embryo…)
-I liked the characters a lot, Ange is probably one of the best main characters I have ever seen recently, she has a good character development, she is badass, she doesn’t gives a fuck about anything and ended the series being an strong character after starting as a naive fool. The supporting cast was loveable and fulfilled their roles pretty well. Jill, Tusk, Hilda, Momoka, Vivian, Salia, Salamandinay and so on; I liked most of them. And I can’t forget about Embryo, what a fantastic antagonist he was (for this kind of series). He is one of those antagonists that you love to hate, and he sure delivered it. His motivations were so ridiculous and dumb; I can’t help but love that complete bastard, even if he deserved his ending. Independently of what you may think about him, the series wouldn’t have been that fun without him.
-The OST was incredible and memorable, it made the action scenes much, much better. Nana Mizuki was great, as always, and her songs on this show were awesome (“Kindan no Resistance” and “Necessary” especially). The rest of the seiyuus were all fantastic, but Toshihiko Seki (for his performance as Embryo and her very good singing) and Yui Horie (for her “Kaze no Uta”) deserves an special shout-out out of them all.
-The fanservice scenes were kinda dumb, but definitely not out of place. Sunrise wanted a trainwreck, they did their best to get it, and, oh, boy if they did it.

Tbh, I couldn’t have asked for something better, tbh. Out of all “so bad, it’s good” shows I have watched, this has to be the best one I have ever seen to this date. Really, I can’t believe it has ended that well. I hope they never make a second season of this, because I don’t think they could end the series with something better than this (unless if it is about Sylvia’s adventures in the fake Earth, that would be interesting). I’m going to miss this series quite a lot, but, hey, at least it has left me with a big smile. Thanks for existing, Cross Ange…