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Kinekuri Mar 16, 9:15 AM
Oh nvm, I'm dumb. So it's mostly seiyuus and singers that are singing anime songs. Still, Nanjo's isn't her usual singing voice which she should've done considering Nana always have the same voice in every song. Like, I'm pretty sure they wanted to copy the tone of the original song but I wanted to hear Shirabe/Fripside singing it instead of her.

Kinda weird that I'm hearing Cagliostro sing Synchrogazer of over the other voice actors, I think I would've even questioned whether the voice sung was guy or girl had I not seen him. Are you sure Aoi's not a girl?
But at least I found a super secret live duet leak of Nana with Takayama and she's not half bad!

Well it's not the first time someone couldn't keep up with Nana's singing, I don't know if any other seiyuu in the industry can keep up with her and if they even exist they've already should've been just as big. And of course he calls her senpai since she's older than most of the people (which is a pretty mandatory custom over there), also I find it kind of funny that Nana is older than both Ayahi and Aoi (Yuuki) like the anime especially considering Aoi is-

> 25 year old

WTH, she's only 2 years older than me!?

You know any other songs or live that Nana had a duet with? I know she had one with TM Revolution, but that's pretty much it....
Kinekuri Mar 13, 6:57 AM
No idea who these people are, is it an audition to sing live? Damn, hearing them just shows how much on a different level Nana is.
Illyricus Mar 7, 12:54 PM
Thoughts on episode 25 and the series.

So, Jill died… It’s a pity, despite her unhinged (but somewhat justified) behavior, I really liked her, she was also (imo) one of the hottest females of the series. But, tbh, for a series of this type, very few characters has died, so she has to die to fill the quota of good guys casualties.

Aura has a female voice? I guess she is a special case of a female dragon, since she is the founder and that.

Now it has sense why Embryo is inmortal and why he looks young, because he was trapped in that place where time has been stopped (This laso explains why the Ragna-mails were a thing). His pimp slap to Ange was also perfect. How he left her naked with a mere touch was also about right. Embryo was thirsty before, but this has to be his thirstiest episode. He left the best for the ending. Good thing he was cockblocked at the end.

They couldn’t end the series without Tusk sticking his face into Ange’s crotch, of course, lol (loved Hilda berating them in the background).

The final fight against Embryo (Ragna-mails + Tusk) was pretty badass. It was a very satisfactory battle to end the series, probably the best battle of the entire show. Also, I loved how Ange trashtalked Embryo before killing him, saying what practically everyone thinks about him, and, surprisingly, including his atrocious sense of fashion (I admit his green suit it’s pretty cool). How she and Tusk kills both bodies of Embryo (the human one and the Ragna-mail) was the cherry on the cake. R.I.P Embryo, you were a despicable being, but a very fun villain to watch. May you find your perfect world with “strong and intelligent women” in the afterlife.

I liked how Salia ended redeemed and alive after all the suffering she experienced through the series, helping to defeat the person who only considered her a tool and took advantage of her circunstances. I read some comments in some sites and some people said she didn’t deserved to live, but I’m just glad she had her happy ending after all.

I have mixed feeling in how the other Earth ends in a state of anarchy and to its own luck. Of course, most of the Homunculi were assholes and cruel to the Norma, and some will agree they deserved such fate, but they were designed by Embryo to be like that and had little choice in the matter, and some of them were innocent (like Misty). At least they still have the chance to fix their world (seeing how Sylvia of all people became a badass leading her own resistance).

However, what is it the ending for the main crew, that was perfect. I’m surprised that, for a mecha anime, so few of the good guys had ended dying. Apart of Jill, very few of them died in the final battle (not counting the other Ragna-mail riders of the Diamond Rose Order), and I’m happy for it. Mecha series tend to have bittersweet endings, so having an ending that ends with all the good guys happy and living a peaceful live took me by surprise (in a very positive way). They even managed to make Café Ange a thing. For a trainwreck series, I’m glad they managed to make a satisfying ending with all the plot points closed for good (more or less) and with a proper ending. I’m so grateful.

Also, Tusk is the only non-dragon male here, and Ange wants to create “her own world”. For that, you need to repopulate the Earth, and, since all the Norma are female, that just left them to two options: either they practice dragon bestiality, or Tusk is going to be veeeeeeeery busy for a time. I don’t know if to pity him or the envy him, xD

Also, was the male dragon who greeted Vivian and her friends in the credits her father? I mean, if he was with Lamia and greeting Vivian, I’m sure it has to be him.

About the series itself, well, what I can say? I liked it a lot. You know, I’m a man who loves trainwreck animes. I liked Mayoiga, I liked Ousama Game, I liked Valvrave, and so on, but, as much as I liked them, I cannot help but find them incomplete in some aspects (an unsatisfactory ending, bad visuals, the series becoming less ridiculous after a while…). However, Cross Ange has managed to be a good trainwreck. It had everything:
-It was fun, and the series remained strong and exciting though the course of its 25 episodes
-The visuals, even if mediocre, were acceptable.
-It managed to give explanation to all its plot points and resolve them in a satisfactory way (the origins of the mana, the dragons, Embryo…)
-I liked the characters a lot, Ange is probably one of the best main characters I have ever seen recently, she has a good character development, she is badass, she doesn’t gives a fuck about anything and ended the series being an strong character after starting as a naive fool. The supporting cast was loveable and fulfilled their roles pretty well. Jill, Tusk, Hilda, Momoka, Vivian, Salia, Salamandinay and so on; I liked most of them. And I can’t forget about Embryo, what a fantastic antagonist he was (for this kind of series). He is one of those antagonists that you love to hate, and he sure delivered it. His motivations were so ridiculous and dumb; I can’t help but love that complete bastard, even if he deserved his ending. Independently of what you may think about him, the series wouldn’t have been that fun without him.
-The OST was incredible and memorable, it made the action scenes much, much better. Nana Mizuki was great, as always, and her songs on this show were awesome (“Kindan no Resistance” and “Necessary” especially). The rest of the seiyuus were all fantastic, but Toshihiko Seki (for his performance as Embryo and her very good singing) and Yui Horie (for her “Kaze no Uta”) deserves an special shout-out out of them all.
-The fanservice scenes were kinda dumb, but definitely not out of place. Sunrise wanted a trainwreck, they did their best to get it, and, oh, boy if they did it.

Tbh, I couldn’t have asked for something better, tbh. Out of all “so bad, it’s good” shows I have watched, this has to be the best one I have ever seen to this date. Really, I can’t believe it has ended that well. I hope they never make a second season of this, because I don’t think they could end the series with something better than this (unless if it is about Sylvia’s adventures in the fake Earth, that would be interesting). I’m going to miss this series quite a lot, but, hey, at least it has left me with a big smile. Thanks for existing, Cross Ange…
Illyricus Mar 6, 6:57 AM
Btw, series finished, I will left my impressions later... But I defientely loved it.
Illyricus Mar 6, 6:18 AM
I know of Kira Yamato’s fame as one of the anime Gods. I think that, if I watch Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, it will be to see if he is as Godly as people label him. Honestly, the series looks like a fine trainwreck material.

How did Momoka put that frying pan in her chest? The same way that Ria hid her laptop behind her back. XD
I’m totally fine with this response.

I know Nanoha has a lot of yuri, but, danm, if the fans would ditch the Tsubasa x Maria ship just because of Tamura joining the cast, yurifags sure are unfaithful as heck xD Is a pity Tamura is not going to join Symphogear, I like how she signs, is really cute. And, I know it’s not going to happen, but, well, if such thing would happen, at least Maria has Chris, Elfnein or Doctor Ver (?)
I also feel a bit sad that some fans are that obsessive towards Tamura. I heard she had depression because she was unable to get a partner (mostly due the legions of fans she has, and, when they go rabid, they really go), and that brokes my heart so much. I guess Nana is in a similar predicament (unless they have secretrelationships and are hiding they like crazies).

Episode 24 watched. Well, not much to coment, since this episode was a full action climax (well, not really, but you get me), but, to mention the highlights of the episode:
-Man, Tusk roasted Embryo so hard that must be the reason why he was able to escape from Jill freezing him; his true body being in the Ragna-mail was just an excuse. What a savage.
-Glad to see Rosalie and Chris ended up making peace after their separation and confrontation. I cannot help but laugh when Rosalie said she knows what places “Chris likes more”, since, you know, subtexts exist for something…
-Wait, so, Jill was in love with Tusk’s dad?! Even in the ending, they manage to throw some delicious plot twists, lmao. It seems Tusk inherited his pimp senses from his deceased father, now everything has sense.
-Salamandinay’s songs are great. I know she sung in other episodes, but I had to say it at some point.
-What is Salia going to do after this? I hope she betrays Embryo, she has experimented in first hand that he doesn’t cares about her at all. If they are going to kill her, I hope she gets redeemed at least.

Cannot wait for the last episode…
kurokona Mar 5, 11:44 PM
Your profile is pretty cool!
Illyricus Mar 5, 3:12 PM
Those poor souls underestimated Cross Ange and Sunrise way too much. Like, if they wouldn’t have expected a supposedly dead character coming back from life after what seemed a sure death.

So unexpected, so loud, so Cross Ange, lol.

"I'm a shallow whore with nothing left to live for," looks like a pretty memetic quote, to be honest. Poor Ersha, lmao. It seems the staff of the series hates everyone.

Nana is a great VA, so her performance being top tier is not surprising. The sex scene was pretty sweet for what you say, it seemd genuine instead of fanservicey, and that, made it even better.
She carried the frying pan? Well, that was not I was wondering, what I was wondering is how she managed to hide that between dem boobs…

Hmmmm… I will try how the episode 22 is in the dub, more than nothing for the opening.

After how frantic the previous episodes were, I think having a more calm episode is a good thing, tbh.

Episode 23 watched.

Poor Hilda, Ange may have kissed here, but I wonder what she would do if she knows what she and Tusk did in the previous episode. At least it seems Ange doesn’t mind making it out with her, so ther eis still the possibility of a threesome…

That talisman of Ange for Tusk is sure something. With something like that, everyone would win any battle xD His pink para-mail is also something, but, well, it wasn’t him the one who picked it, so…

They killed lots of people during the battle, and the fucks they gave during the assault were zero, lol. I know they don’t care about the Homunculus and that, but, I don’t know, seeing the good guys killing so many people its… unsettling.
The ending with Ange making her sister walk again (that took me by surprise) implies she actually cares for her sister despite how she betrayed her… Then again, leaving her alone in a world of anarchy is far from merciful, but it seems she know they are not going to see each other again, so…

Jill has also joined to the action. Will she be able to convince Salia to left Embryo? We will see it in the two remaining episodes.
Illyricus Mar 5, 5:06 AM
That's sure some powerful motivation for villainy, lmao.
I like Rosalie too, she has a good design and I like her personality, I hope she will end the series well...

Episode 22 watched.
Well, now I got that thing respecting the volume during the beginning of the episode. Cue Salia get spanked like a naughty kid :p

I wonder what Salia is going to do in the future, considering that Embryo obviously only sees her as a tool. Oh, shit, she goes for the Yandere route, oh, boy.
Btw, Embryo’s wedding dresses looks incredibly ridiculous, like, what the fuck he thought when he asked to design those things?!
“Strong and intelligent women are the ones who will create my new world.” Embryo may be a bastard, but there’s no doubt he is a man of culture. But, really, Embryo, telling that thing of not going to revive those girls because you don’t care about them to Ersha like that?! You are practically asking for them to betray you! (and that eventually happens).

Poor dog, he didn’t deserved to be hit like that :( Fortunately, it seems he is okay, since in the next scene he seems to be fine.
Rosalie is actually thinking to kill Chris? Oh, shit. Well, at least it’s nice to see they didn’t forgot about Marika.
I find the conversation between Riza, the nurse and the officer funny, because Riza and the officer have the same voice actress xD The officer was lucky to be with the Norma by the time everyone gones to shit.

And, the program of the reconstruction of the new world starts. Embryo left the Homunculus (how I’m going to call the mana-using humans from now on) to their own luck and the chaos rules the world. Sasuga, Embryo.
Speaking about braids, Chris took her time to get her old hairstyle back after telling that to Hilda and Rosalie. I bet she was waiting to tell them that before rearranging her hair xD
It seems the deaths of the girls made Ersha realize Embryo is just using her. I thought she would become crazy, but, surprisingly, she got her sanity back, lol. Her “white flag” was sure interesting xD

I knew it! Momoka and Tusk were alive all along! Their deaths seemed too anticlimatic for characters that were so important. I don’t care how they survived, I don’t care how Tusk doesn’t has any injury despite blowing up himself last episode, and I don’t care how Momoka manages to pull out a frying pan out of her boobs. This is Cross Ange, and, as such, I’m totally fine with this (and, again, the preview knows it).
Seeing Ange all that emo and sad broke my heart, but then Tusk appears like the man he is and… actually bangs her. No, no, no, correct me, that is something Embryo would do. He makes love with her. Like, what the hell, how can he be so alpha?! I’m so fucking happy; hear me, very, very happy. The ship is going to sail and I wouldn’t let Embryo, Salia or another fucker to ruin it, not before my corpse. What a fuckin episode.
I’m loving how Ange has developed through the series. After her initial naivety, to her jaded self in the middle part of the series, to how now she has embraced the world after seeing there are people who actually care for her, her changes through the show had been great. best girl without any doubt. Also, it is me, or her hair has grown a bit? Is that's rue, that's a nice detail.

If I can add something bad about it, is that I’ts a pity the nipples and genitals were censored. I mean, they could have censored it at least :`(

Only three episodes left... I'm going to miss this a lot... Hope it gets a good ending.
Illyricus Mar 4, 3:14 PM
Episode 21 watched

Embryo appearing of all sudden in the body of that little girl gave me a chuckle. Didn’t expected that shit to happen xD I wonder what kind of hack he uses to pull out a new power out of his ass, now he can possesses people! But, considering the people of this world was practically created by him (did they called him Homunculus? So we FMA now, uhh? Lol)… Now I understand why he rules the world as he pleases, he can control everyone he wants (except Norma, dragons and ancient humans).

Oh, now I understand why you mentioned the thing of the braids, because Chris had two when she was younger. Considering my response, I think she wouldn’t think highly of me, lol. But, really, getting salty because that? Out of the many things she could berate Rosalie and especially Hilda, she chooses that? I get that she liked the hairstyle and the comments of both Hilda and Rosalie may seem a bit insensitive, but, really… I guess their abandonment in the Arzenal’s second attack left her really bad. She even killed Marika the trainee…

It seems Ange’s sister didn’t got that thing that Julio said in Ange’s attempted execution back in episode 10 where he said he executed the previous emperor (her father), for the crime of hiding a Norma from everyone… Such delayed reaction, lol.
Ersha’s kids died in the crossfire?! Poor girls, they were innocent :( Ersha is going to snap….

Embryo’s battle against Tusk was short, but pretty cool. Embryo is a very persistent guy, isn’t? It helps he can respawn in whatever place he wants.
The sudden deaths of Momoka and Tusk took me by surprise, didn’t expected them of all people to die. However, considering it’s a Sunrise series, I will wait till an official confirmation before making assumptions. It wouldn’t be the first time in a Sunrise show that characters who are supposed to die later are revealed to be alive…
Kinekuri Mar 4, 6:57 AM
Damn, look at all those pretty girls. One of them is not like the other!

Also, I just realized your birthday was like 6 days ago. щ(゚д゚щ) Well, happy belated birthday! Please forgive me.

Illyricus Mar 3, 3:05 PM
I wonder how the staff will make Salia suffer in the remaining episodes. They sure will find a way, lmao.

Well, Tusk may be a loser, but he at least is going the one who will tap Ange. If that means being a loser, I think we all would become one xD

By that point of her career, Nana had lots of roles voiced, I'm sure she had to have one where her character is tortured before participating in Cross Ange. Is interesting what you said of her taking practices to do a hentai vocie. Does that means this is the closer we will see Nana in a hentai? I dig that ;)

That makes me mroe excited for episode 21th! Cannot wait to start it!

Btw...do you prefer a single large braid of hair, or a twin-braided hairstyle?
Hmmmm... I don't have preference between the two, but, if I had to pick one, would be a a single large braid of hair.

Also, do you avoid watching the next episode until I comment?
Not really, I just watch the episode, write the comment and then I copypaste it to our conversation. It just that you had responded all the times before I was able to comment two episodes in a row xD

The fact you showed me that clip of the Adams Family intrigues me... but it makes me looking forward the episode too. Let's see how this will go...
Illyricus Mar 1, 3:12 PM
Episode 20 watched.
Again, poor Salia, just when she found her place in the world, Embryo suggest that the very woman who took all she wanted join her order. I don't know if to laugh or to cry...
But, well, Embryo still goes for the NTR route and proposes to Ange to marry her (while Salia is hearing the conversation, after telling her she was the only one for him, no less). He wants one of those typical Evangelionesque evil plans of unite the humanity/world into one to create the perfect world, etc. But what he surprises me is how hw is able to pull a new power out of his ass every time. And now he can even provoke super-orgasm, WTF!

Tusk is a true man, loyal to his waifu and not being tempted by the body of another woman. Now I want a threesome of him, Hilda and Ange, for some reason...
It seems Jill is indeed loyal to Embryo, or, at least, she wants to see him. I wonder what he did to her in the past... Nevermind, she reveals that after the scene with Momoka and Riza. It seems Embryo raped her indeed and turned her into his doll... Man, that was sad to hear. And he's planning to do the same to Ange... But, for the moment, her will is still prevailing (too bad the studio didn't drawed the nipples :/ at least we got some nice ass-shots... and the moans ;)).

Ah, I like Salia a lot, in her own Tsundere way, she freed Ange from Embryo's hands and now our dear blonde is ready to kick some asses. I still feel very sorry for Salia, she is a truly depressing character.
Loved Salamandinay reappearence at the end. It seems we are near the final battle, cannot wait to see what those last 5 episodes will deliver.

Liked how Tusk and Riza said the previews never comes true, lmao.
Illyricus Mar 1, 1:03 PM
Both shows are made by Sunrise, so the similarity of the uniforms with the ones of CG is not something that strange.
I am a fan of good voice acting (well, I think everyone likes good voice acting), so i will look forward the next episode.

Yes, the birthday date appears indeed in my profile, lol.

Oh, we were friends already, but I wanted to made it official :3 I'm glad we, as men of culture, can reach to a mutual udnerstanding between us, I just spoke the truth after all. Glad you liked the present, my dude hahaha.
In three days? Looking forward that ;)
Illyricus Feb 28, 3:01 PM
Oh, I write this in a separate post because this is not related to Cross Ange. I don't know if your birthday date is a joke or if you truly were born in a leap year, but, anyway, it's March 1st in Spain, so I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Be happy, have fun and receive lots of presents!

I don't have many things to offer to you, tbh. I'm not good at editing images, nor I'm good with poetry or similar stuff, so, the only thing I can offer to you is my frienship. I think we have talked a lot enough (in our profile comments and in the forums) to want you in my friend list, and I want to take advantage of this to say that I consider you one of the best users here. Your post are great and interesting, you are fun, chill, respectful, kind and overall a cool guy, and I think you are a light of bright hope in the shithole that MAL currently is, so, even if you don't accept the friendship request, I want you to know all of the things mentioned above. I would have sent the request sooner, but, since your birthday was near, I waited for this moment to properly offer it.

Even if you reject it, I hope you have a nice day ^_^
Illyricus Feb 28, 2:57 PM
Yay! I'm happy not not have bothered you, since I thought responding to my many thoughts of every episode would be tiring, but it seems you like the series a lot and have experienced this before, so is all okay ;)

Episode 19 watched.
The episode started well, dat panty shot of Momoka, btw. but then, holy shit! Did Salia shot Ange, what?!
Of course, it was impossible they would kill Ange in such anticlimatic way, much less in this part of the story (I hope she doesn't dies at the end). Embryo is sure a gentleman, bringing her to her old room.

The clothes of Salia and the rest of the Diamond Rose order members are pretty cool. It vaguely reminds me of one of Lelouch's attires. Salia says she also "awakened" thanks to Embryo (he agains shows his gentleman side... Man, if he wouldn't be the bad guy, he could be a nice husbando). Tbh, it has sense she joined him considering how she was "abandoned" by her partners. I pity her a lot.

Ange is a fucking savage. She didn't even sweated to defeat Salia and the other two, and she had also time to mock her after that. It seems Salia was right after all, the staff must hate her.
So, Ersha joined to Embryo's forces because he revived the deceased students of Arzenal (he looks more and more OP each episode)... She seems to have became ruthless, seeing how she said she would kill humans (and Ange) for the sake of the girls... At the end the calmer ones are the craziest, lol.
"Embryo-kun said he wanted to be my friend", Oh, Chris...

Oh, the crazy sister, I almost forgot she existed. And she has become even more insane now. Tbh, out of all the characters from the series, she has to be the one who surprised me the most. I would had never thought she was going to be so derranged. You never have to understimate a disabled...

And Embryo appears, takes Ange where Aura is (again, poor Salia, it's obvious Embryo it's just using her ;_;) and... Ange shots him?! Well, that was quick. Of, course, it's obvious he wasn't going to die, but still. So, he is a "moderator" or "regulator" or soemthing like that? That would explain his many abilities. So far, Embryo has shown the power to pilot a Ragna-mail, time-space manipulation, apparent inmortality and omnipotence and mind control. That end scene almost turned into NTR (for Salia, Tusk and Hilda), good thing Ange is an strong-willed person who is not going to let anyone dominate her and knows who she truly loves (God, I love this girl a lot). But it seems that strong will only made Embryo like her more...

The ending shocked me. Judging for the last episode, it was obvious Jill and Embryo had an encounter in the past, but I didn't expect her to be loyal to him (if her "Embryo-sama" at the end is something to look forward), what he did to her? Did he raped her?! How are things going to develop now? I don't know, but I'm excited.