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Brandon Heat

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Brandon Heat (ブランドン・ヒート/ビヨンド・ザ・グレイヴ)

A small-time criminal who was in a gang with his best friend, Harry McDowell, along with three other close friends. After these three were killed, Brandon and Harry joined Millennion, a powerful mafia-type organization formed by Big Daddy. Brandon was trained by the Millennion's Bear Walken to be a sweeper (hitman), eventually forming his own elite sweeper unit within Millennion called True Grave. Even as Harry rose to power, Brandon remained loyal to Big Daddy for Maria's sake.

In the first game (and the anime), his purpose is to destroy the Millennion syndicate that he had once worked for and the man who betrayed him.

Voice Actors
Seki, Tomokazu
Thornton, Kirk
Mehani, Taric
Rivera, Rafael
Juarez, Ricardo
Portuguese (BR)
Höppner, Gregor
Sianes, Carlos

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