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Days: 259.4
Mean Score: 7.38
  • Total Entries1,206
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  • Episodes15,890
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Detective Conan
Detective Conan
18 minutes ago
Watching 614/? · Scored -
Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Yesterday, 7:25 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 8
Alice or Alice: Siscon Niisan to Futago no Imouto
Alice or Alice: Siscon Niisan to Futago no Imouto
Yesterday, 2:47 PM
Watching 3/? · Scored -
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Days: 22.5
Mean Score: 10.00
  • Total Entries169
  • Reread1
  • Chapters4,030
  • Volumes318
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One Piece
One Piece
1 hour ago
Reading 740/? · Scored 10
Shiinamachi-senpai no Anzenbi
Shiinamachi-senpai no Anzenbi
Apr 16, 6:53 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Isekai Cheat Magician
Isekai Cheat Magician
Apr 15, 7:15 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -



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AobaSuzukaze Apr 18, 8:23 PM
Nice! I'm sure he'll pick a really good 3rd choice. He's got 2 down and many to go, but he's on the right path. As long as he doesn't randomly choice something like eva, he should be good. Well, I just noticed that you actually really liked eva, but I suppose my statement still stands in my eyes.
AobaSuzukaze Apr 18, 7:57 PM
He's already watching some of your favorites than. That's a damn good friend. I wish I had someone to watch some of my favorites with, but people have either seen them or wouldn't really be interested. Your friends has got some fine choices with My Hero and Food Wars. I've never loved Food wars, per say, but I've really liked it, from season 2 on, anyway; I'd need to give season 1 another go. No matter what, it's a damn good choice for watch. Did he watch all the seasons or just season 1?

His watching rate might be faster than mine, on one day, anyway. I've never typically watched 1 episodes a day for a few days straight, but it seems like he's into that. Good he's not doing that everyday or else a new comer would be beating out my watching rate.
AobaSuzukaze Apr 18, 6:53 PM
I though you were picking up from your re-watch while it was airing. Damn, though. Having a friend committed to binge watching it in only 2 separate days, even if they were a week apart. Thanks for the help. I hope you're enjoying dinner with your friend.
AobaSuzukaze Apr 18, 6:26 PM
I saw like an hour ago that you were re-watching Boku no hero S2. I saw from your history that you only watched from episode 13 on. That means you definitely watched that amazing hero killer arc again. That was certainly the highlight of S2; my favorite arc and it had the best op song from Boku no hero. Do you happen to remember what episodes cover that arc, exactly? If not, I'll just look it up, but I totally want to re-watch at least that arc, now. Seeing that re-watch and remembering the arc really got me in the mood to see it.
AobaSuzukaze Apr 13, 9:33 PM
I guess it was kind of slow, but I didn't really get the slow feeling from it. I'll wait to find out then. I bet it'll be well worth it.

I need to catch/start a bunch of manga. I really need to catch up with My wife if the student counsel president. I only started it, though, since it was a good show and I decided the manga would be easy to read online in classes. Too bad at some point I ended up starting to play a bit of an online billiards game during classes too, so once that got into the mix, I haven't been reading as quickly as I thought I would've like 2.5 months ago. I have so many things that I still need to start/continue, though. Besides what I already mentioned, I have Occultic;nine volume 2, volume 1 of both "that time I got reincarnated a slime" and "spirit circle", first 3 volumes of Testament of Sister New Devil, volume 1 of both the manga and ln for No Game no life, SAO 1-6 (missing 5, though), SAO progressive 1, Strike the blood ln 1 and 2, and like 12 other manga between 2 series that I don't beginning volumes for. I don't know if I'll buy some of these in hard copy or not, though; for a few that I only got 1 volume for because they up for a buy 2 get 1 sale, I should probably just continue online.

I'll be excited when school ends too, but I'll need to have a job, which I'm trying to work on, since I'll be a graduate. You still get to have like 2 more summers of just fun before worrying about having a more steady job after graduating. I don't really care to read untranslated stuff. I have so many translated stories to read, still. It would be faster, though.

That's actually a really weird coincidence. I decided to read it because of the title and description too. You're ahead of me, though, since you at least read volume 1 and own the other 8. I still need 5 of the volumes. I should get on a manga grind; it would really help me get through some volumes. Too bad I read really slow, so it's time consuming (about 20 minutes or so per normal length manga chapter is definitely slow). Magika looks interesting and I'd read Tokyo Ghoul if it wasn't over 100 chapters. It would be worth it, but I generally stay away from 100 chapter + finished manga/ln. It's just seems like too much of a time commitment for me; it's not the fault of the writers or anything.
AobaSuzukaze Apr 13, 7:26 PM
Sorry for replying days later. I was waiting until after I watched episode one of Wotaku, since the series was a big part of the conversation. I think I saw that you watched it, but I didn't check before typing this. Assuming you have seen it, I'm sure you much more than just pleased with it. Their relationship certainly seems like it'll be a great one. I've basically never read a manga or ln before watching a show, so I've never had that hyper for an adaption of a story feeling, and it's really too bad. I still need to get around to reading Dragons Rioting, though, and that doesn't have an adaptation. I see myself getting hyped up if it ever gets one, despite not reading it yet; I own some of the volumes, though.

Out of Wotaku, Netoge, and Net Ju, I'd still have to choose Netoge, but not necessarily because of the relationship. I was laughing so much and having so much fun watching it, though. For a show that can easily be considered really cringy as well,it had an amazing charm to it. It's the only show I have rated less than 9 that earned an enjoyment score of a 10. It would be really hard for something to reach that level, and give me that same level of entertainment and fun, unless it's already something I'm giving a 9 to, since that would severely lessen the difficulty. I see Wotaku at least being on par with Net Ju if not being in between Netoge and Net Ju. I have really high hopes for it because it certainly has the potential to reach that spot quickly and stay there, based on episode 1.

Those volume release dates seem spread out enough that it'll worth pre-ordering at some point, at least a volume or two, depending on when I pick up volumes 1 and 2. I have to get myself to read a few other stories first. I still need to finish volume 6 of Mahouka, get and read volume 7 (Ik the last anime arc covered it, but I'll red it anyway), volume 3 of both Akashic Records and Absolute Duo, volume 1 of laid-back camp, re-read New Game! volume since I got the hard copy. You get the gist. So much to do and not enough time and discipline.

I hope you're favorite moment was in episode 1, or that it'll be in episode 2. I don't know what scene it is so I cannot confirm.
AobaSuzukaze Apr 9, 6:44 AM
It sounds like I really need to get around to reading it then. It does seem really good. I never binged manga that quickly, but it must be really really good if you read all the current chapters in only 3 days.

I've pre-ordered some things after reading them or realizing that they were coming out in print. I was so hyped when I realized that Yuru Camp was coming out in print, same with New Game!. I still need to read volume 1 for both, but they're waiting on my desk. I need to finish volume 6 of Mahouka, still. Anyway, I really want to see Wotaku. It looks like it'll be the third big romance success based around otakus. That'll be 3 in 2 years with Netoge, Net Ju, and Wotaku. I really want to know how it plays out. Are the release dates for the manga coming up soon on amazon? I have a few other items coming out and I have manga at home still to read, so I don't want to pre-order them if they're coming out soon, but will if it'll be a little while
AobaSuzukaze Apr 8, 7:50 PM
Have you been reading "Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii" for a while or is it newer? I don't remember seeing it on your list before. I'm going to check the manga history, but still, did you decide to read it before the anime airs or something?
BeanChagBear Mar 30, 2:39 AM
Thank you very much!
BeanChagBear Mar 29, 9:22 PM
Would you mind giving me a recommendation for the 2018 AWC? Just whenever you get a chance. Thank you!
Roth Mar 18, 10:40 PM
Please save and/or rehost within 2 weeks
Ctrl + f to find your cards
If you've got any problems, contact me.
AobaSuzukaze Mar 18, 9:17 AM
I see you finished Rewrite. I also rated it a 7. It's messy, but enjoyable. Too bad the music wasn't up to par. I never thought it was bad, but I swear rewrite still has one of the least memorable soundtracks out of all the full length shows I've watched. Season 2 is a little better than season 1, but not enough for my score to change much. Maybe you'll like season 2 as well. It's not as messy,at least.
sahibaarora Mar 14, 1:57 PM
Hey, can I get a recommendation for #102 for AWC 2018?
AobaSuzukaze Mar 12, 5:47 PM
I use vuze and . The website is the private one I mentioned. I was invited by another friend on here because I wanted to watch the season 1 code geass recap episodes and they had them for downloading when I couldn't find them anywhere to stream. I only use vuze because a friend had me use it to get the original Psycho-Pass op almost 2 years ago, and I just needed a torrent downloader. It's pretty easy to sue too, but I'm sure it's not the most efficient.

So basically, the pictures and gifs floating around basically describe the show, and I was right in not picking it up to this point? It doesn't seem like a bad show, but yeah, it doesn't seem special. It may be worth trying when it's done airing.

I thought it was free. Maybe I should make a channel when I decide to add certain people, but making the account again comes first.
AobaSuzukaze Mar 12, 1:33 PM
I hate it when stuff like that happens, but I haven't watched enough series with people to have that experience. I kind of did one time, but it wasn't that bad.

If I had more space on my laptop, downloading wouldn't be a bad way to go, but the videos don't seem seem to go completely full screen for me, unless I watch them off my torrent program. Plus, the private torrent site I have an account on,requires you to seed for 72 hours, which is kind of a pain because you're not even uploading data, unless someone is downloading the torrent, plus I have to click off the download progress bar for all the active torrents before I can enjoy doing anything else. I just need to figure out how to label torrents as inactive to fix that, though. I wish more people used a lot fo torrents I go for. Every-time I look for one, there are also so little seeders and torrents rarely work the first try. I know I'm going for things that wouldn't be huge download priories, though, so I can understand. The Marchen op, love and lies op, Sword Oratario op, etc aren't exactly things people are going to rush to download. If they were openings for more popular series, the issue probably wouldn't exist.

Is takagi worth the watch, or is it one of those niche shows, where you're only like it if you can stand certain type of comedy and such?

I really need to get that damn discord account up too. I've know that I could remake an account since February 21st, but I keep forgetting about it. I think I might be able to add an rl friend on there; Idk if he uses someone else's server, though, and I don't to create and pay for my own, unless it's free, which it might be since I don't think as many people would have it otherwise.