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Days: 265.7
Mean Score: 7.39
  • Total Entries1,222
  • Rewatched139
  • Episodes16,273
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Days: 25.6
Mean Score: 10.00
  • Total Entries171
  • Reread1
  • Chapters4,592
  • Volumes358
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AobaSuzukaze May 11, 10:05 PM
I bet you'll still do the monthly challenges, but good for you. You remembered what the year was about. I even forgot that, but I remembered that you weren't doing more than simple one off challenges (ie, monthlies).

I need to get back to gaming too. I should really beat Nekopara volume 3 considering it's almost been a year since I got it and I still haven't completed it.

It's kind of weird though. The year you're not really doing challenges is the year I start doing them. So many can overlap for multiple entries, though.
AobaSuzukaze May 11, 6:27 PM
Are you still doing your watching challenge or did you give up? You don't have more updates after Gochuumon besides 2 episodes of 11 eyes and One Piece.
AobaSuzukaze May 7, 2:13 PM
Damn. 2 days off in between final class day and finals. I only got 1 each year.
AobaSuzukaze May 7, 12:32 PM
You still classes? That's unusual for me, but that's just because the 3 main college's near me, which mine is one of them, are already into finals week.
AobaSuzukaze May 7, 8:47 AM
I meant to say something the other day when I saw it on your ptw list for the challenge. It's partially on me too. Maybe you can just ask a question for the challenge and see if that minute requirement really matters as long as it's 10 +. Maybe they just put that on a lot of the challenges so someone doesn't watch like Bikini Warriors and get a really short and easy challenge entry.
AobaSuzukaze May 7, 8:17 AM
I thought the episodes for the anime per day challenge needed to be at least 15 minutes long. How does Takunomi count when they're only around 12 minutes?
AobaSuzukaze May 5, 9:35 PM
You certainly watched a bit of episodes today. I count 17. That's definitely more than I ever remember watching in a day, with anime anyway. I know I watched a few disks of the Simpsons, family guy, and or Futurama each day for like 4 days when I was sick back in grade school. I bet 17 isn't even your best, though, yet I'm really impressed with it.

We were talking about challenges last time, so I might as well share my experience. It's quite weird that I finished the movie per day challenge with the movie the badge is for, Wolf Children. It's been on my ptw for a while and I liked the badge when I was looking for a non-genre non-monthly challenge I could complete pretty quickly, so it gave me motivation to make sure I watch it at some point for the challenge. We wouldn't have talked about One Piece without the challenge either, and I wouldn't be planning to make a decision you should never make, by planning to watch all of one piece eventually; it'll be so long but worth it.
AobaSuzukaze May 4, 12:18 PM
I didn't really notice that as something out of place, but it is definitely different now that I've looked it up to make sure.

I still have a bunch of games that I need to play. I thought you did that challenge already. I didn't want to feel forced to watch shows so I didn't do that challenge. I was thinking about it, but I also realized how far behind it would make me get on seasonal, since I would've been starting it during the semester,a t the time. Are you going for hard or easy? Even easy is too much for me, unfortunately 6 seasons, now., since I've been watching at least 10+ seasonals for 6 seasons, now.
AobaSuzukaze May 3, 7:41 PM
How are you liking "Hanayamata" so far? I remember loving it so much more than I thought I would. I never expected to be sucked in by a story like that, let alone liking the characters, music and all else, basically just as much
AobaSuzukaze May 1, 12:57 PM
Well, I have to admit, I've never seen or heard anyone admit that before. I can see it, though. Many romances and dramas do try too hard to evoke emotion, while battle shounens usually just flow with it.
AobaSuzukaze May 1, 12:13 PM
Hey, you're allowed to be hit in the feels, but this isn't Planetarian or the ending of Angel beats! or even episode 11 of School-Live!, so let's take some of those onions away so we can calm down a little.
AobaSuzukaze May 1, 11:44 AM
I've already watched the last 3 movies dubbed, since it was available. I'll have to force myself to take breaks I'm sure. I'm not doing what I did with Fairy Tail and devoting a whole 2 months to basically only 1 show. I already watch longer series dubbed, unless it doesn't exists, like with something such Aikatsu stars!. Out of the big 5, Fairy Tail and One Piece are the ones I expect I'll more and not get bored with them before I finish, and since 1 has been down, might as well try the second show.
AobaSuzukaze May 1, 11:11 AM
You're really into this and pushing it. I guess I'll listen. Her arc is really only 8 episodes, though? That seems too short, but I guess chapter wise, it's not.

Maybe I'll just have to finally mix One Piece into my watching time. I can probably just do what I've done with other shows and watch it a season at a time.
AobaSuzukaze May 1, 10:24 AM
Only 2 months you say? !!!!!!!!!!

I don't watch shows quite as fast as you, so it would be more than 2 months for me. Boa may be your Goddess, but that doesn't mean I'm watching almost 700 episodes just see her arc and the rest! I'm sure it's amazing, though. Really long series just aren't for me.
AobaSuzukaze May 1, 9:03 AM
It's not marked as a movie. Damn! Is it like the other movies when you can watch and basically fully understand them without any previous context from the show? I might as well experience all the main cast members who have been in movie length entries.