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Mystery Manga 'Kyokou Suiri' Gets TV Anime

by tsubasalover
Jan 14, 7:38 AM | 35 Comments
An official website has opened and announced that the manga adaptation of Kyokou Suiri (In/Spectre) novel will get TV anime. The staff members were also revealed.

At the young age of 11, Kotoko Iwanaga was abducted by youkai for two weeks and asked to become their "God of Wisdom," a mediator between the spirit and human worlds, to which the girl quickly agreed but at the cost of her right eye and left leg. Now, six years later, whenever youkai wish for their problems to be solved, they make their way to Kotoko for consultation.

Meanwhile, Kurou Sakuragawa, a 22-year-old university student, has just broken up with his girlfriend after he fled alone when the two encountered a kappa. Seeing this as her chance to become closer with him, Kotoko immediately makes her move, hoping to get married to Kurou one day. However, she quickly realizes there is something more to Kurou. With this knowledge, she asks for his help in solving the various issues presented by the supernatural, all the while wishing her newfound partner will eventually reciprocate her feelings. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Director: Keiji Gotou (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu: Jump Festa 2013 Special)
Series Composition: Noboru Takagi (Golden Kamuy series)
Character Design, Chief Animation Director: Takatoshi Honda (D-Frag! animation director)
Studio: Brain's Base
Production: Nihon Ad Systems

Kyokou Suiri is a novel series by Kyou Shirodaira with cover illustration by Hiro Kiyohara that was serialized via the Kodansha novels imprint since 2011, starting with the Koujin Nanase arc. The manga adaptation started in April 2015 via Shounen Magazine R with illustrations by Chashiba Katase. When the first arc finished, the manga continued to serialize a sequel series. The novel also started serializing it via Kodansha Taiga imprint. Nine manga volumes have been released as of October 2018, while two novel volumes have been released as of December 2018. Kodansha Taiga will release the original Kyokou Suiri novel on January 23 that was released by Kodansha Novels imprint.

The novel won the 12th Annual Honkaku Mystery Award in 2012. The manga placed seventh in the Sixth Annual Next Break Manga Ranking Best 50 in 2016 and was nominated to the shounen section of the 42nd Kodansha Awards in 2018.

Kodansha Comics USA published the series in English as In/Spectre since November 2016, and ninth volume will be released on February 26.

Official site:
Official Twitter: @kyokou_suiri

Source: Moca News

Kyokou Suiri on MAL

20 of 35 Comments Recent Comments

oh this was on my plan to read list

Jan 17, 9:41 AM by SkyFullOfStars

Seems cool. Better than another terrible harem. Solo dolo romances have always been better energy.

Jan 16, 4:16 PM by xfinityretaile1

This is a coin flip of being maybe good and possible meh. We'll see how I feel when a PV drops.

Jan 16, 11:04 AM by Stripes

I'm so hyped, I started to read the manga months ago but I did not understand all because of my poor english.

Jan 15, 3:35 AM by Shuwuri

sounds like slice of life mystery romance supernatural

Jan 15, 12:48 AM by SSAEM

i like it, until the villains come out.... so yeah... there is that...

Jan 14, 7:17 PM by Kuma

"Series Composition: Noboru Takagi (Golden Kamuy series)"

Expect incoherence

Jan 14, 7:05 PM by VyseLegendaire

eyyy read the first two volumes from my public libraryyyy!~
good news ^-^

Jan 14, 5:21 PM by nyatteku

So she's a cripple?

Jan 14, 4:08 PM by Infatuate

staff not so promising, but the studio usually make at least decent stuff. hard to decide, ill wait for pv

Jan 14, 3:51 PM by anemonespotte

Looking forward to it.

Jan 14, 3:34 PM by Detective1412

Oh wow, I've been looking for this manga for around 6 months, now I finally found it and it's getting adapted.

Jan 14, 3:27 PM by Tonyic

Very interesting, at first glance!
Will definitely keep an eye at this and hopefully Brain’s Bass will ultimately deliver!

Jan 14, 2:20 PM by _MushiRock11_

The Manga haven't been updated for a while...

Jan 14, 2:16 PM by Xaelath

Looks interesting. Never read the novel or manga adaptation tho

Jan 14, 11:58 AM by caio_brb

The premise and the cover art looks interesting so will probably check it out

Jan 14, 11:37 AM by madarchod

Oh yeah I remember dropping the manga when it first came out lol

Jan 14, 11:20 AM by Xenocrisi

Wasshio said:

Where is the love triangle even implied here? I mean love triangles aren't even that bad, and it doesn't even look like it is based on the description.

It's just the main character breaking up with his original girlfriend and then encountering someone else... which in turn they will develop into a different relationship.

There is no love triangle in the story at present where it takes place. Kotoko is already 17. However,

Jan 14, 10:58 AM by shanimebib

shanimebib said:
Catalano said:
Romance between an 11yo god girl and a 22yo student. Not my taste.

> 6 years later
> 11 + 6 = 17

17 and 22.

Probably still not for you.

Now I look so dumb and I'm not even drunk or tired, I'll give this a shot, if the trailer is good, future PTW.

Jan 14, 10:48 AM by Catalano

Catalano said:
Romance between an 11yo god girl and a 22yo student. Not my taste.

> 6 years later
> 11 + 6 = 17

17 and 22.

Probably still not for you.

Jan 14, 10:41 AM by shanimebib

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