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FaustoW Mar 21, 9:58 AM
Thanks a lot, i like your top's you've a lovely tastes bro
Congintive Mar 8, 2:20 AM
Sup, dude how are u?

Well, man wanted to ask that don't u think that the pacing of the current arc or ch is way too fast in Hanayome?
JeriAmir Feb 27, 12:03 PM
Thanks a ton. Feel free to ask to chat sometime.
DangoDa1kazoku Feb 9, 2:51 AM
Bocchi. I still can't believe someone would name their characters that way. On the one hand it is stupid and demeaning to the characters. On the other hand, it is very clear what their personalities are. I'll probably check it out.

I still haven't watched fruits basket. I need to and I will.

How tf did I miss my goddess cast in senryuu shoujo? was it announced after, or did I assume she was amazing. Actually speaking my goddess rn is ayachi or inosuke (ayana taketetsu or Minase Inori, and mostly because of other events and solo careers) but I am ashamed for missing her.

You probably don't gush about voice actors like I do, so moving on. Actually you seem to care about up and comers more while I pay more attention to the idol landscape. Either way, moving on.

I was going to tell you to keep an eye on any old and mentor like Chihayafuru character's seiyuu, but there aren't many left unfortunately. I guess all the other society's leaders better watch out. (I make light of the situation, but I am actually quite shocked by the sheer coincidence that any older character in Chihayafuru that gives advice to the young characters is at risk for a health problem)

I like Hiiragi, I was more concerned about how suspicious Natori acted. I couldn't tell if he meant to keep the book of friends a secret or to use it to his gain. It's not so much to doubt him, but that I don't see the reason for him to be suspvious at all. Tbh, I think that the exorcists, while important, are the weakest part of the story by a reasonable bit. It is better as the short stories imo. Still, the writing of that show really is special!
DangoDa1kazoku Feb 8, 9:06 AM
Oh. My. God.

This. Can’t. Be. happening.

It could be worse, god forbid Asami Seto, Kayanon, Miyano mamoru, etc get in a car accident. And anyway his roles are mostly done. But I cannot believe what is happening to the mentors Chihayafuru. Now, the voice actor for the eternal meijin Wataya, Kinryuu Arimoto has also passed. I am obviously sorry for the loss of the family and all that. But to think yet ANOTHER Chihayafuru mentor would go. It feels like the monkey paw story. I asked for another season so bad and it is granting my wish with all this baggage. I am still super excited for season 3, but I am deeply saddened by the losses of the last year.
DangoDa1kazoku Feb 3, 11:26 AM
I know, I did read that somewhere, but how could you not love a sincere and cute character like her voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro?!? Doesn’t it make your heart flutter?

Secondly, I’m also waiting for the movie. I’m sure it is going to be really good. Still, i do want another season. Tbh, i was kinda hoping that I could pull some Chihayafuru stunts again and pull another season out of nowhere.

What did you think of Natori? I think the season 6 finale was really good, but I think that the story is at its worst, or at least it’s not as strong when he deals with bad guys. It’s better as a peaceful exploration of one’s self and the people and youkai being experiences that are irreplaceable.
DangoDa1kazoku Feb 3, 12:35 AM
So... I just finished Natsume Yuujinchou! I've been saying I wanted to talk about it, and now I'm fully caught up. Now if you have anything to say about it, unload it on me! I've been wanting to talk about it, and even though I liked Gintama, this was much more "my speed" from your top anime. If you've got anything (comments, news, scolding me for shipping Natsume and Sasada) then please share! I need a Natsume fix!
IkoiTsukishiro Jan 30, 11:40 PM
Hey! Thanks for the information! I started finding what I could about what they had to say about the title, and it does make me interested to see what Jikan will be about based off of the comments given compared to the other 2 titles about the Witch Dormitory and Sakura. Though I have to admit, the Sakura title interests me quite a bit compared to the Witch Dormitory, but the fact that the judge did say that the Witch Dormitory one would challenge the studio is quite interesting, since the same was said about 20th Century Electricity Catalog! Though I'm basing it off of terrible translations so they may have meant it in a different way!
DangoDa1kazoku Jan 10, 10:43 PM
Sorry for spam, but another thing you talked about was senryu shoujo. You seemed very excited about it, so I thought I’d mention that the voice cast is excellent as well. Not the big names like 5toubun but sumipe, paisen, and kuno will voice the characters. Sounds like it’ll be good.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by my walls of text, don’t worry about it, let me know whenever you find something interesting and I’ll probably be good to respond and talk about it!
DangoDa1kazoku Jan 10, 7:34 PM
As I expected.

5toubun is ear candy! Can’t say I get what is good about it otherwise, but ayaneru, kanahana, taketetsu, inosuke are really doing their job. Also maturish inori is still really adorable.

Would you happen to know if there is going to be any radio show or live event for the group? I would totally follow it.

Don’t know why, but I thought I’d mention it because we were talking about it earlier. See ya!
DangoDa1kazoku Dec 30, 2018 4:49 AM
Let’s go down the list one by one.

Domestic na kanojo looked bad from the onset; I saw a train wreck with no possible way it can be good from the very beginning of the plot.

Sayonara Asa is as good as the rave reviews and better. I happen to love Mari Okada’s writing style, even with some of the problems, but it is a spectacular experience. Also, it is not so much a romance of different species, but a story of what it means to be family. There isn’t much romance at all if I remember correctly. I don’t want to spoil anything because it is really special, but Mari Okada makes use of and expands on some really great themes, and I cried my eyes out in front of my friends at the movie theater.

We all knew Liz would be beautiful and amazing. I’m glad that people know an easy masterpiece when they see it. Next.

HSG is so good. It took me some time on the ED, but after people said how good it is, it suddenly hit me that it was amazing and immediately after went into my playlist of current best songs. As I was writing this, HSG’s final 3 episodes were added to the MAL database, adding to my list of amazing sequels coming out next year.

Isekai is so bad and unimaginative now. It’s not that I hate it inherently, NGNL was both good and had the kayano tsugutsugu ship in it. Ever since the dumb smartphone isekai, it seems like the only available light novels to adapt are isekai. It’s pretty disappointing that the market is so saturated with it that it doesn’t make any sense for them to work on anything else, and because it sells, there is no more creativity in the market. I still don’t see what is so special about slime or demonlord or any other recent isekai.

Thanks for reminding me not to watch Tate no yuusha. I am almost sure that it will be big, but that it will also be no substance behind a standard battle anime that pulls in viewers. Seto Asami, while not getting a lot of time on seiyuu things I follow, is someone I really want to see lots of, of course because of chihayafuru. She was okay in bunny girl senpai.

Again, bunny girl senpai was okay. The sound was good, VA inorin, Asami, naobou, Maaya, and the OP and ED were... maybe not good, but enjoyable. I just think that Sakurasou showed me that the writer is not the problem, and the animation and direction were too lack luster for an ultimately entertaining score. Cloverworks is A1, and I’m still sceptical.

I’m still reluctant on A1. I disliked both Blend S and working. I didn’t think that their dynamic was interesting enough to carry over the entire run, and A1 did nothing to it that would change my mind. I think we just work in different directions. While you said they have wonderful titles with some spectacular ones, I think they have some mediocre titles while ruining some mediocre titles into actively being boring to me. We can agree to disagree on that, but let me explain. I do think that they have good titles, Anohana got bumped to 10 for me with my last rewatch, gin no saji and shigatsu were good. But the studio doesn’t feel inspired. Of course, not all studios are KyoAni or PA works, but I never feel like A1 ever does anything to make it anything more than moving manga. Ok I don’t really like that term, but it is accurate I think. Point is, the anime just ports manga to animation, and they don’t really care what happens in the process. It works when they adapt good manga, because the story is a strong enough carry bad animation and nonexistent directing liberties. But when it’s a mediocre title, there is nothing that they do to make it feel like the anime is anything but the same mediocre swill that was the source material. I think for the same reason we applaud KyoAni, often referencing how K-On was a mediocre manga transformed into a masterpiece by who can only be described as a directing genius, we can also apply the same logic to A1 and their lack of additive directing to their shows.

I also think it’s irresponsible to just dismiss the existence of all of the bad A1 pictures shows. SAO, asterisk war, eromanga Sensei, oreimo, DarliFra, etc are all A1 shows, and reflect negatively on my view of them as a company. I try not to listen to digibro because he is not really a positive influence on show enjoyment, but I do remember a quote that I agree with. It is that my opinion is my opinion, and of course I only want to support the point of view that makes more of the things I enjoy be created. I explained that really bad, so here’s an example. I want more anime to be made with a higher attention to detail, less isekai, and I want the people who make the anime to be paid properly and not work to their death. I don’t care if this means less anime a season, in fact, I’d rather there be less eromanga senseis in exchange for converting more bunny girl senpais to Sakurasous. Now, this being true, why would I ever voice any kind of support for the studio? The more I accept that this is the way it works, the more SAOs and asterisk wars exist, the less animators get paid, and less truly great anime get made. Of course I’d support Kyoto animation to make more VEs and pay their workers salary.

Either way, I’ll look into kaguya-sama positively. If the source material is as good as you say and lives up to the premise, the worst it could be is like tsuritama which I found enjoyable enough.

I had forgotten about 5toubun. Here’s my thoughts. I literally don’t care what it is about, it can be my sister my writer levels of bad and I’ll still watch it, although I might only do the audio only if it’s that bad. My point is THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY THAT YOU CAN MAKE A SHOW WITH HANAKANA, AYANERU, TAKETETSU, AND INORIN BAD. The only thing I was disappointed about before being told off by voices of reason was that tsugutsugu is there and kayanon is not. These are the types of shows that I look more for the radio stations than the actual show though.

Senryuu shoujo looks good. Premise is interesting, romance is my fav genre. Good enough for me to watch, although obviously that’s not what we are paying attention to in April (OMG CHIHAYAFURU S3 IS SO CLOSE ALREADY)

final notes, Kurosawa Tomoyo definitely deserves it, kumiko voice is amazing. I was never a naysayer, although being as seiyuu involved as I am, I look for many other names first, particularly ones with live event personalities like ayaneru and naobou.

Also I mentioned Kyoto animation and forgot to talk about it even though we were pretty excited for it. Tsurune could have been better considering KyoAni, but it still looks beautiful, and comparing it higher just because of the studio is unfair. I’d like to think that it is still better than any other isekai I can be watching Andy it still is enjoyable enough, but it just wasn’t like we were hyped for going into the MAL shutdown.

Oh right Natsume yujinchou too. I love it, I think it is technically impressive across the board and very entertaining. It does surprise me though that you have S4 specifically on your fav list. I actually think that the worst parts of the series are the matoba exorcist parts, and S4 had the most iirc.

Alright ttyl!
DangoDa1kazoku Dec 29, 2018 7:52 PM
Short thing that I wanted to add on separately. I noticed that kaguya sama is in your favorite manga list, and there is an anime adaptation coming up soon. If you can, I’d like you to hype this series up for me. Normally it isn’t a problem; romance is my favorite genre and the premise sounds like it’s going to be really good. However, the fact that it will be animated by A1 freaks me out so much that I’m scared to go into it without reservations. It sounds good, so I hope A1 can not screw up an adaptation for once.

Also, before I forget, I am up to Natsume yujinchou 5 and I really like it, so we can talk about that next time.
DangoDa1kazoku Dec 29, 2018 12:52 AM
Well, going back to before MAL died and you left, I did wonder if you went to AX. I went to AX for the first time this year, and wanted to talk about it. In particular, the movies that came out with AX. Maquia and Liz were both spectacular, even though I had to wait to watch Maquia until later. However, I did have the pleasure of meeting Mari Okada and Kensuke Ushio, and even got some stuff signed!

Tldr: AX was cool and had some good guests, panels, and merch.

Actually though, back to what I was saying, anime that was good since you left. You missed 2 seasons right? Well you missed almost nothing (IMO). Well gintama of course, but otherwise, I only had one other truly enjoyable seasonal show. Even though it looks kinda bad, high score girl is my favorite anime that has come out since I last talked to you. It’s visuals are bad, but the romance and writing was pretty good. This season that is just ending now had bloom into you, but nothing spectacular. My brother enjoyed bunny girl senpai, but my opinion of it is falling. It managed to keep me interested in it long enough in a pretty weak season, but after it finished and both had a overrated MAL score and was compared to other shows out of its season, my impression of it went down.

Let me explain.

When I go into a new season, many of the shows that are worse are able to look better because of what it’s compared with. For example, even though I liked high score girl, I think part of my enjoyment was that I only enjoyed about 3 other shows that season to finish seasonally, with some of the randoms of that season still not completed. And in good seasons, good shows that I probably enjoyed more than enough did not get rated appropriately. I don’t remember if I readjusted my score of VE to a 9, but if I did it would be because that season fought with yorimoi and the second half of 3 gatsu. The same theory applies to when I watch a lot of bad shows in a row, a show that I think is moderately enjoyable will look much better (see revue starlight) while watching a lot of good shows in a row or rewatches leads to finding many series far less enjoyable.

Idk if that makes sense. Basically, my entertainment from anime goes up or down based on what I’ve watched recently.

Anyway, bunny girl senpai was an entertaining seasonal watch, but it didn’t end great, and my reflection of it is getting worse and worse. I really did go in with high hopes with the writer of Sakurasou, as I recently did a rewatch of Sakurasou that made me rescore it to a ten and right a short article about it (that I said I would return to and never did). And the writing is solid and the voice acting is top notch (inorin, Maayayan, Seto Asami, naobou, etc) but the animation sucks (A1 pictures related studio) and it’s still filled with the crap I hate about light novel adaptations.

Speaking of me hating light novel adaptations, I think I might be becoming an elitist. I blame the community. Allow me to expand.

Here’s some light novel adaptations from this year: slime isekai, ragnorak isekai, demon lord isekai, goblin slayer, overlord S3... OH YEAH, AND SAO S3.

Let me know if this is just me. Isekai are really boring right now. They tried to tell me that slime and demonlord are interesting because of the snarky dialogue, but let me tell you that a guy wanting to burn his hard drive so that people don’t see his porn files is really generic, and a tsundere dragon is the opposite of what I want out of any anime.

I left out one of the LN adaptations I listed. The goblin slayer controversy. I also wrote an article on this one, although it’s... interesting. I trust your opinion, so you can tell me that the rape scene that I despise is actually not that bad, but I am right now really against the GS rape scene. I look forward to your opinion there.

Lastly for the bottom of the barrel, SAO S3. They said it gets better, but they were wrong. What it did was it just made even more of those stupid meaningless “themes” that reki always did, but nobody who hated sao before cares to sit through 50 episodes of it just to hate on it, so it has a higher mal score. I wish that MAL could make a different scoring algorithm for sequels but alas, this is what we have.

Am I doing something wrong. Am I missing what is so great about what everyone is saying? Or is it really as bad and uncreative as I think?

In lighter news, the movies we got this year were amazing. I mentioned maquia and Liz. Liz we already knew would be great, going back to before your hiatus, but Naoko Yamada nailed it even better than we could have expected, which is not all that surprising considering it’s Yamada. But maquia was an experience. Mari Okada I think nailed her directorial debut, even with some of the Mari oakdaisms, it is a typical Okada story. It makes you cry, laugh, and in some cases question what she was thinking. Also pa works nailed the animation. Kyo ani on Liz too, but we already knew that.

I can always say more in another post, and I’d like to here what you have to say too. So I’ll add in one more final thing about myself that happened in the last 6 months that is anime related. I started following the voice actors more. Not sure if I was already doing this, although back before you left I think I was only following kanahana. Since then, I have started following the radios and seiyuus, and, as my profile said, jumped aboard the seiyuu ship of kayanon and tsugutsugu. I said some pretty bad things about sao 3, but it did do that right; putting the 2 in the same studio. Unfortunately, A1 can’t do anything competently, so kayanon has barely had a role so far, but hey, it’s a start.

I’d love to start discussing stuff with you again!
DangoDa1kazoku Dec 28, 2018 12:13 PM
Hey there, maybe I’m being a pest, but it seems like you’ve logged in for the first time in a while, and I still enjoy our conversations. There’s been tons of stuff to talk about this year, and I would love to discuss it all with you.

I came here actually because I needed to talk to someone about the hole in my heart the sizes of the Sensei in chihayafuru. By this, I mean that I am a sad boi because the upcoming season of chihayafuru will need to replace the empress and harada Sensei for their passing voice actors.

Specifically, I was saddened because, having rewatched chihayafuru multiple times more than any other show and having it sit as my runaway number 2 only behind Clannad, I was a huge fan of the mentor characters of the show. So much so that I wanted to talk about and analyze why the empress was so much better than every other mentor that I can remember.

If you’re back on MAL and catching up, then I’d love to talk to you again! Happy Holidays!
hagumi_honey Oct 14, 2018 10:31 AM
Hey there Shani, not sure when you'll read this, but I missed you! I got the birthday message, but I was not doing good (mentally and psychologically), and although most of the time I don't look like it, I'm constantly battling this demon inside (so to speak). But yes, thank you for the wishes, although I'm months late to reply. I just found that I have the tendency to resurface in MAL close to my anniversary. Lols.

Speaking of anime, I just finished ReLife, and I love it. It messed with my head a bit, and I had a good cry but in the end, I'm glad I watched it. Somehow I can relate to the main character. Ahh... if only life is as simple as anime. I have plans to watch more anime, and hope I can make the time. Ganbarimashou!

Until next time. Take care of yourself <3