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AbeldeMedici 5 hours ago
I'll have a look at Hisone to Maso-tan then, thanks for the recommendation. I'm following quite a bunch of shows compared to last season. Up to now, and not counting in Card Captor Sakura which comes from previous season, my favorites are Amanchu, Golden Kamuy and Steins Gate 0. Others (Tada-kun, Wotakoi, Comic Girls, Hinamatsuri) are fun but it's not that I'm waiting for the exact time they come out like with the others. Compared to last season, there's no series that I've fallen in love with instantly like Yorimoi or Yuru Camp, but there's more variety in exchange. Now when I finish playing Ni no Kuni 2 I want to marathon Yama no Susume and Tamayura.

I agree on Teko's development in this new season. One of the few things I think Amanchu does better than Aria is character development: Aside from Alice, the other girls didn't seem to change much over time. Teko and Pikari feel more human and relatable in this aspect. The whole series feels more relatable really, being set in a real and not so utopian context (although Izu looks pretty utopic).
DangoDa1kazoku Apr 22, 1:09 PM
Well, this may seem kind of random but.... i picked up an anime that I know you really love. Can you guess? Ok probably not.

It’s gintama!

I started it last Thursday (4/12 not 4/19) on my spring break. Just finished episode 87 and the Shinsengumi/Okita’s sister arc. I can definitely see why you love it so much. Just going to share some thoughts on it.

Gintama is obviously extremely juvenile humor. Sometimes it can make you die laughing, the 2 I remember most are the neo Armstrong cyclone jet Armstrong cannon and the toilet scene from the yagyu arc. It’s really immature though,and it’s just stupid if the joke doesn’t land or if you don’t get the references it makes to other shows.

What I loved most about gintama was how the writing in the longer arcs were so good. I hate how inconsistent it is— i rate it a high 8 as of now— but it shows flashes of greatness in many aspects. I thought the yagyu arc was a solid 9.3 and I thought the shinsengumi/Okita sister arc was a near perfect 9.8. When it’s bad, it’s not that bad, ranging from 6-7, but it would be wrong to grade it just on it’s good aspects. Like o said before, the fact that it’s so immature makes it more punishing when it falls flat, but can be really funny sometimes.

In the past you’ve said that you were surprised when gintama took a bigger spot in your heart than Clannad. To be honest, I can kind of see how and kind of can’t see how. I see aspects of gintama that people would enjoy a lot, but I have always said that Clannad is the greatest piece of media ever created. The best text, the best piece of writing, whichever you prefer. I said that after finishing 2 of the longer arcs I was very impressed by how it was written, but I fail to see how it has any advantage over Clannad.

Anyway, I hope to finish gintama by the end of May. It’s taken me 10 days to finish 87 episodes, also keeping up with the seasonal weekly anime. This kind of 9 episodes a day is not a fast pace for me — I can normally finish a 12 episode anime season a day— but I started on the Thursday of a break, and can’t watch as much with school, especially with AP testing and finals approaching.

Maybe you can provide some insight if I’m missing anything.
AbeldeMedici Apr 10, 5:00 AM
About VE, I haven't read the novels (though I was spoiled in the ep.13 thread) so I can't compare. The anime was quite rounded up for me, even if Violet's character transition felt a bit abrupt specially during the first half.
About SSR, I picked up the manga from where the anime left it. There were especulations about the ending of the last anime episode but it would be spoilerish, so I'd said you read the manga (it's only 42 chapters and the anime ended at 27 or so, I think).
On a side note, I don't know if this season will have anything that catches my attention as much as Sora yori or Yuru Camp. Amanchu if anything, although it's not new having read the manga recently. I'll finish watching this week's premieres then decide which to pick up. Aside from Amanchu, Wotakoi and Golden Kamuy look like the most promising, and Tada-kun and Comic Girls are fun but not so memorable.
DangoDa1kazoku Apr 9, 9:11 PM
I have been awaiting your replay. Actually, I was going to message you at the end of the season, but I forgot. Anyway:

3-gatsu: surprised by its surprise double release, I was super happy with how it ended. I have told you how much I love 3-gatsu and why. The final episodes only evince all the points I’ve already made about the anime. I don’t know if and when we’ll get it but I’m hoping for season 3. I had a friend say it could happen but i don’t really know. Maybe it’ll alternate and be announced as chihayafuru 3 runs like it was announced while 3-Gatsu ran. Also, final episodes of 3-gatsu s2 really showed the cuteness of Hina (and Kana Hanazawa)

Violet Evergarden: unsurprisingly and already mentioned how much I loved it. Still, I think I ended up giving Sora Yori the best winter 2018 anime (assuming you count 3-Gatsu as the end of 2017, otherwise I’m not comparing them). Either way, it ended spectacularly. Unfortunately one friend happened to ruin t for me, something about the timeline and how it doesn’t really makes sense. Idk, still loved it. As a side note, my brother watched it, and even though he makes fun of me all the time for watching anime, he loved it and he’s starting to watch more. (He also just finished Takagi San and is looking for more!). And btw, about the sequel, always hyped for sequels, especially kyoani.

Sora yori: O. M. G. I cannot tell you how much I loved this one. Oh wait, I can and have. I don’t remember if I talked you you after episode 12, but the week wait after was just waiting for it to be completed to officially put it on my favorites list. I know what VE is and how good it is, but damn, this is my AOTS and heavy candidate for AOTY. Episode 12 might be my favorite single episode of anime of all time, maybe with the exclusion of Clannad, while the search scene and/or email scene might be my favorite all time scene with the same exceptions. I loved it so much that I watched it again every day for the next 3 days; I also cried EVERY SINGLE TIME. holy [explitive] it was a masterpiece, and I loved watching it climb appropriately to its current score. Going into the season I didn’t expect VE to not be AOTS but this took it in my eyes.

It seems like I overdealt 10/10s this season. I know I’ve been much more liberal with them since last season, but I feel like most were appropriate this time around. What do you think?

DarliFra: it’s clear I’ve never seen it. I’ve heard the Kim K anime, but something about it just doesn’t click with me. It could be that I’m much more of a KyoAni/Madhouse and even JC Staff/PA works fab than trigger/A1 and the like bones, etc. riding your partner like I’ve seen in the memes seems like more sexual appeal than tasteful battle scenes, but I won’t go too much into the show I haven’t watched. I’m glad you like it tho!

Going on to a new topic:
SPRING 2018: what are you watching/liking this season? It’s supposed to be the best EVER. At least sequel/ remake/ spinoffs, there’s like 10 different franchises with already established fan bases getting add ons.

Here’s what I’m watching:
Food Wars - no explanation needed
High school DxD - guilty pleasure
SAO - man I love being disappointed, but at least no A1 or kirito

Surprisingly few sequels, but new shows:
Layton - my childhood + kana hanazawa could not possibly miss my list
Tada-Kun - generic romcom
3D kanojo - generic rom com with possibly decent drama and shoujo

As always, fun discussing anime with you!
AbeldeMedici Apr 3, 12:36 PM
So I've used my holiday evenings to catch up with Violet Evergarden. It's been certainly worth it, to be honest I don't understand why it didn't get to me the first time... maybe I was already invested in some other anime. Anyway it jumps to my favorites, I'm glad you and Meta_Yoshi recommended me to pick it up again.
I've also watched and read to the end Girls Last Tour which I also had pending... probably the strangest slice of life I've ever watched/read. It left me with a bittersweet feeling but I appreciated the depth of the themes... in some way it is one of the best sol I've encountered, in the sense that the atmosphere strengthens the "enjoy the moment" core of the genre.
AbeldeMedici Mar 20, 2:58 PM
So, I read you're a hiker and now I'm curious about where do you live, if you don't mind telling.
I like hiking on the Swiss Alps, even though I just go there on summer holidays. If it's somewhere near you, you should go some time, the sceneries are really gorgeous.
Daisuki Mar 14, 5:35 PM
I know, right? (*≧∀≦*) It was such a fluffy chapter~
AbeldeMedici Mar 14, 3:03 AM
The manga for Hotarubi was published before Natsume and adapted later due precisely to the success of Natsume series. I didn't know about it either until a friend recommended it to me, it's a one-shot and the movie is not even an hour long.

I really loved Nagi no Asukara. At first it seemed just a beautiful school drama but things really got interesting when all the curse thing began. I watched all the second arc in a day.
The art and music also fit perfectly, although I spent the entire show puzzled by the fact they ate, drank and even watched TV underwater XD
AbeldeMedici Mar 11, 5:32 PM
So, this weekend I've watched Nagi no asukara and it has instantly become one of my top romantic dramas, next to Your lie in April.
I watched Hotarubi no mori e some days ago as well since I'd read it serves as kind of spiritual prequel to Natsume no Yuujinchou, which I think I'll leave for the spring season along with Tamayura (I'm finishing off the shorter series first).
DangoDa1kazoku Mar 10, 1:52 AM
I love discussing stuff with you! But don’t feel you have to write the full page long replies of you don’t want to.

3-Gatsby no lion: today, Saturday at 10:00 ish comes the finishing of the burning field arc. Not a manga reader, so correct me if I’m wrong. I have wanted to watch Rei since his match with Souya into the 3 week hiatus, but it still never ceases to amaze me of the detail put into the series. Hina and Rei are both main characters and all that, but the way they develop an eternal but not always noticeable presence is impressive. Like, they’ve joked about his health before, but the way they develop Yanagihara is a true strength that in its own right is enjoyable instead of Rei. 9 ish more hours until the next episode as of me writing this!

Chihayafuru: No questions asked, I am excited for this 3rd season. Obviously. I can continue to hope past that for another 2-cours and maybe Madhouse to return with animation. For Taichi, I did forget how he was the Josei prince, especially because I was so enthralled by the series I forgot about some of its josei conventions. Still, characters all around are just sensational in this franchise. For Arata, I think you’re right about him being a main character and why. I was stating for consistency on MAL that it’s weird how they categorize characters that might be super important for a small period of time or super important throughout but get little screen time (like Arata). A main character is someone who impacts the story a great deal and would be impossible to continue the story without. By this definition Arata is without a doubt a main character, but then so are many other characters in anime. Idk if i make sense and i can’t think of other examples than Bakuman off the top of my head, but just thought I’d being up the inconsistencies in a main character like Arata.

Violet Evergarden: It’s not like I DIDN’T have a KyoAni bias going into the season, tentatively setting it as AOTS or even of the year on trailers alone, but I was never not engrossed in this series throughout its run time so far.

My dialogue to other anime watchers:

Friend asks, “what should I watch?” and then I respond with “OMG WATCH CHIHAYAFURU AND HIBIKE EUPHONIUM AND CLANNAD + AS” and then they give me a bunch of excuses on why they haven’t watched the easiest 10/10 masterpieces but have seen SAO and Accel World, so then frustratedly I say, “well then what are you watching this season?” To which they reply, “Oh yea just like Yuru Camp and the mummy one” and then I say “WTF WATCH VIOLET EVERGARDEN AND SORA YORI AND IF YOU HAVENT ADD 3-GATSU WHICH ISNT TECHNICALLY SEASONAL BUT CURRENTLY AIRING” and then they say it’s boring and continue to tell me Reki Kawahara’s works are the shit.

Ok so maybe I’ve put up with too many people who dislike VE and like Kawahara too much, but whatever. One more thing, I know VE is the top show of the season, but don’t you hate how hype and the source material ruin an anime for someone? Like, I don’t care how much hype there is, it should be graded objectively. Looking forward to it doesn’t mean you have to grade it as if it has to be flawless AND fit YOUR standards. Ok I’m gonna move on because I’m getting mad over how shitty this week has been for me.

At least I can move on to this
Hibike euphonium: What you have displayed for me for this is wonderful, thanks so much! Trailer and subs. Man I’m so hyped. Anyways about the Liz to aoi tori movie, it seems to take the same style as the parent story in the context of different characters in the same story. I’m not really familiar with it and it’s been a while so I might do a rewatch but I am looking forward to it. Also interested in the potential main/Kumiko arc, would definitely want to see more. Direction for both is (obviously with KyoAni’s main 2 directors) something to keep an eye out for. Ishihara responsible for a lot of KyoAni direction and every anime content creator singing the praises of Naoko Yamada (If you haven’t heard of UTS reviews, I find his analysis of KyoAni particularly interesting, with heavy biases). I am not particularly attentive to small details, but I have watched enough romance anime and sought after a number of what I call fake romance (stuff with romance but not listed as a genre, ie Gin no Saji or Working or even I think mawaru penguindrum) to notice small romance “flags”. At the time of watching Hibike, which might have been a full year ago, I was not as keen on romance in nonromance anime, and I believe I also watched it in the context of K-On and Love Live which really were just other really cute but also deeply emotional anime about music that really didn’t have any romance. Shuuichi’s side is pretty explicit, but Kumiko’s side gets more iffy for me. I think I perceived Kumiko as perhaps unsure of herself and devoting herself to the euphonium because that’s what she finds purpose in, I think she explicitly stated that she likes the euphonium to her sister. I also distinctly recall her mentioning how the euphonium was an odd or abnormal instrument that can be important to making beautiful music, and how that was the perfect symbolism of Kumiko herself. I think I perceived this to be unsure in her own feelings and also unsure of how he felt for her, and it’s really one of those great story telling tricks that KyoAni has deep characters that make decisions past, “plot cliches state that you like me now, so I randomly have the courage to confess!” Anyway, I love side romances, so this type of thing is right up my alley. Also, as much as I enjoy yuri, I will be happy to shut up the people crying yuri bait on this emotionally deep show. Can’t say I noticed much Moore than that though, but maybe I’ll remember more about when I watched this series at a later time.

I took another look at your list and thought I’d introduce more points of discussion.
The first is a personal issue related to the poor quality of my week regarding debates I had with a friend over Reki Kawahara’s works. I don’t mean to drag you into a personal issue, but rather would like your opinions on Accel World and SAO so I can be more level headed in my arguments. Personally, I’m on the side that thinks Kawahara’s stories, at least in adaptations, suck. With resignation to the fact that his heroines are actually ok, I think his main characters SEVERELY lack. I noticed that you rated AW a 7 and SAO a 4, whereas I’m probably on ep 15-16 on AW and tentatively scoring it <4 and have given SAO a 7. I have a hard time looking at Haru and when I think of how people say “it’s more realistic and that fat people who get bullied do exist” I am constantly reminded of how he has beautiful women dying for his affection and how contradictory this is to reality. I was also thinking of rescoring SAO a little lower, but my thoughts on SAO is that as bad as it is, it manages to at least be mostly entertaining and uses action scenes to distract from the shitty plot armor. Anyway, I thought I’d ask to get it off my chest.

On a more positive topic, I noticed a 9/10 for kimi to boku. I forgot if I ultimately gave it an 8 or a 9, but I was definitely interested for more. Would you happen to have details on the manga/mangaka? I wanted more resolution for their futures, as well as the romantic relationships throughout the story for each character.

Anyway, don’t feel pressured to respond, especially not as long as before as mentioned. Thanks again for the Hibike info and subs to the trailer! Also, sorry if I came off as angst-y in any way, it’s been a rough week as i mentioned, I took the SAT and was sick yesterday, along with various school tests. I’m recharging and talking anime this weekend so hopefully I don’t come off to bad here :)

Edit: I metntioned earlier how it was 9 more hours until 3-gatsu and it’s only 8 hours as of me finishing. I get carried away over anime XD
Enaka Mar 8, 10:09 PM
Hello, what is the anime which the girls in soccer jersey? (in your profile)
sarnlack Mar 5, 5:31 PM
Lol, anyway thanks for accepted my friend request.
Western56 Mar 4, 10:32 AM
Thanks for the add!
sweetangie Mar 3, 4:25 AM
Thank you so translating it for me.
sweetangie Mar 2, 9:21 PM
Just a few minutes ago at the KoiAme anime official website posted this: If you can read Japanese please translate this in English

I also send this message to Major_Gilbert. :)