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hagumi_honey Oct 14, 10:31 AM
Hey there Shani, not sure when you'll read this, but I missed you! I got the birthday message, but I was not doing good (mentally and psychologically), and although most of the time I don't look like it, I'm constantly battling this demon inside (so to speak). But yes, thank you for the wishes, although I'm months late to reply. I just found that I have the tendency to resurface in MAL close to my anniversary. Lols.

Speaking of anime, I just finished ReLife, and I love it. It messed with my head a bit, and I had a good cry but in the end, I'm glad I watched it. Somehow I can relate to the main character. Ahh... if only life is as simple as anime. I have plans to watch more anime, and hope I can make the time. Ganbarimashou!

Until next time. Take care of yourself <3
AbeldeMedici Jul 2, 4:12 PM
Oh, it looks like MAL is (more or less) back to normal. Too bad it happened at the end/start of season.

So, I'm writing you because I just saw the 1st episode of the new season of Yama no Susume. In my last post I told I was planning to marathon it and, wow, it was such a nice discovery. It reminds me quite a lot of Yuru Camp, so I thought I'd come to recommend it to you. In fact, I've come to like it even more than YC: It's just as relaxing but it adds some development to the characters, something I missed in YC (my only complaint about the series). It even inspired me to climb Fujisan on my next trip to Japan.

Today I've also seen the ending of Hisone to Maso-tan. I've come to like this show more and more over time, ever since the island training chapters. In the end if has become one of my favorites this season, mostly because it was the most original. I liked the springtime shows, but I felt many of them (at least the ones I was following) were terribly unoriginal, so Hisone to Maso-tan and maybe two or three more were an exception. Golden Kamuy was the one that hooked me the most, even if it was quite lacking in terms of animation quality.

For the summer season I've picked mostly mistery/supernatural shows. Aside from Yama no Susume I've watched Island, which looks promising IMO. At first glance I have much hope into this season. Let's see if I can finally watch Natsume's Book of Friends as well.
DangoDa1kazoku Jun 25, 12:57 AM
While images don’t appear to work, I think commenting is back on MAL? I won’t barrage you with a wall of text like normal, but I do want to ask: are you going to AX? I wasn’t sure if I wanted to ask, but I realized that HE liz to Aoi tori will premier at AX this year. Either way, I hope to hear from you again soon!
DangoDa1kazoku May 22, 4:23 PM
Oh oops. I figured it was Tsukuyo, but forgot mid writing because I took too long. I was going to include her in the “had good arcs” part. Still doesn’t fit my preferred character type. Not sure if you could tell what characters I like based on my profile, but cute characters and dandere/Kuudere is preferred. It’s why I love Nobume so much. She isn’t stupid nor uncaring, but she feels real and she is also super cute. I can see it though. I figured you’d say tsuki after you said best girl behind Kagura after episode 100.

As for gintama, it was memorable but not my tops. It’s also the longest anime I’ve tried watching; at least 4x more episodes than the next most (probably bakuman) and took at least 4x longer to finish than the slowest that I’ve finished other than airing anime (I don’t remember any anime that took me longer than a week to finish). So it better be at least a little memorable. I don’t mean to imply that it affects the quality of the writing, but what were your take on the jokes? Not all of them, obviously it’s a comedy, but like the immature jokes. While I admit I still can’t beat the neo Armstrong cyclone jet Armstrong cannon, I found gintama was at its best making use of the fact that it CAN tell immature jokes, not the immature jokes themselves. Let me explain. The neo Armstrong cyclone jet Armstrong Cannon I found funny because of how it was introduced, not the stupidity of laughing at the penis joke. It was funny because Madao, Katsura, and Sacchan went up and said “hey it’s the neo Armstrong cyclone jet Armstrong cannon. It’s pretty good. It was used...” or because it was attached to a justaway robot after or because it was gengais machine. I found the timing was much stronger than the actual immature jokes. Anyway, it wasn’t bad. Hit or miss, but only about as much as expected for 353 episodes. Oh also, porori hen was a mistake. They said it themselves “grown up issues” but that’s like a speech I once wrote and discarded that said “I don’t want to bore you with a long speech” before proceeding to bore people with a long speech.

Anyway, looking for recommendations again after I catch up with seasonal. Ttyl!
DangoDa1kazoku May 21, 8:07 PM

I caught up with gintama.

I know, I was really slow. I started on the Thursday of a week long break, April 12th and now it’s the 21st of May, but at least I finished before my local convention. I was sure I was going to fall short because crunchyroll is weird (I used a bunch of free trials so I could watch on my PlayStation). Side note: why does crunchyroll combine all of the most recent seasons into season four? It totally messed up my episode count. Another thing, it took me 40 days to catch up to 353 episodes; the longest of any anime I’ve ever tried watching. You know, I might of been able to keep 10 episodes a day if not for multiple AP tests getting in the way.

About gintama:

I wasn’t sure who your best other than Kagura girl is. You just said after 100, but I still don’t know what you think. Personally, I LOVE Imai Nobume, more than even Kagura. I had a feeling she was good from the moment she was introduced, and I love the Kuudere personality. She is just... ah so perfect. I couldn’t find the quote, but Kagura herself talks about her loli appeal; but I think it’s impressive enough that I can just stand Kagura. Kagura is fundamentally fine and a good character, but her character is easy to dislike by people like me. I don’t like gluttonous and abusive characters, but I’ll admit it’s good for the show. Also, Rie Kugimiya is not someone that everybody loves in the first place, she is, how do i say, polarized whether you can stand her voice or love it. Personally, I didn’t like Kagura based on how she was created fundamentally adverse to characters I like. Anyway, the characters of gintama are—pardon the bad joke— 7:3 likeable vs dislikable. You told me to be mindful of smaller arcs and you’re not wrong—the firefighter girl was so perfect in the four devas arc when she extinguished that fire, even though I thought her character was dumb before.

Wow I’m just gonna cut myself off so I can talk about more characters.

Characters I liked: Imai Nobume!, Rei? (The ghost girl, even though she is irrelevant now), Ketsuno Ana, Gedomaru, Kyuubei (specifically as a girl, I think she’s weird when she tries to play the obsessed character), Okita’s Sister (also irrelevant now), Ikumatsu (was cool but gets no screen time); in 353 episodes, of course they are hit and miss on good characters, even the irrelevant ones.

Characters I disliked: hard boiled, Kondo, Otae, Catherine, the trannys, otose, and many more; there were too many characters that were Sooooo irrelevant to me. More than that, they weren’t interesting.

Best arcs and characters of those plots: IMAI NOBUME and also Isaburo at the end of the farewell Shinsengumi arc was... omg Nobume.... that name... I expected it but it still got me, I’ve said consistently I like Okita’s sisters arc and the yagyu arc, the Shogun assassination arc was great... ended abruptly which upset me, but made sense, but more than that, the oniwaban was so amazing... Zenzo was badass and the way the shigeshige connected with the oniwaban made me so happy... major events like the Shinsengumi and the joi rebels teaming up and the reunion of Gin, Kotarou, Takasugi and Sakamoto was as cool as expected, the four devas arc was good and I loved Ketsuno Ana and gedomaru so I naturally liked that arc, Actually, I feel like most Shinsengumi arcs are spectacular when they aren’t the dumb poorly planned and meaningless ones, for example;

Arcs/episodes I hated: Toshi otaku, toshi wants to smoke, toshi wants to go to mayoland, Kondo being an idiot (I dislike him when he isn’t fighting, aka stalking Otae or being a gorilla) Yamazaki likes Tama, Yamazaki hates anpan, Elizabeth arcs ending (that rotation ruined it for me),Terakado tsu tries to be intelligent (she’s okay when she’s just on stage being an idiot, but she’s a frustrating character), The editing gintaman parts, ALL THE IRRELEVANT AND NOT FUNNY PARTS.

I’m sure you’re going to defend gintama and tell me which characters I need to like that I said I hated, so now that I’ve finished, educate me on why I’m wrong about parts.

I just kind of rambled on now that I caught up, maybe you can update me on the important things in a more concise intelligent manner :)
halcyon- May 19, 4:00 PM
I saw your comment on Hinamatsuri forum post. Do you have a plan to give it another chance? I recommend you to pick it up again. ^^ It's so Gintama-like (entertaining characters and a funny show).
DangoDa1kazoku May 3, 10:33 PM
A gintama update: I can’t really watch that much anime right now, but I just finished gintama season 1, as indicated by my list. My current rate is 10 episodes a day, so I should be finished by fanime 2018, but it’s kind of slow to my normal 12 episode season every day. About gintama so far though, it’s been good as expected. The humor is funny even though they sometimes fall into the trap I have with American comedy which is when they think that something that is dirty or graphic or stupid is funny just because it’s a sex joke or a graphic joke. This isn’t to say that it can’t be funny if it’s only stupid, but to me saying that something looks like a phallic object or that Shinpachi is getting hit really hard isn’t enough alone to make me laugh. But I love the female cast in the last 100 episodes. Rei (the ghost) was amazing for her arc, I’ve always loved Ketsuno Ana, and her Shinigami is the cutest thing ever. Just finished the 4 Devas arc, Pirako was pretty enough, but I can’t stand yanderes/yandere personality. The arcs have been good during those times too: Ketsuno crystal Arc and 4 Devas arcs were truly amazing. My current best girl ranking btw: Kagura (because of screen time, although as a real ranking she would slip because I generally can’t stand the glutton stupid characters, and also Rie Kugumiya is starting to get on my nerves) (I actually like kugumiya but her voice roles are hit and miss to when I have moments where I really like her and sometimes I really don’t) —> Ketsuno Ana and her shinigami —> Kyuubei (when she is girlish) —> Rei (higher if she had screen time) —> Tsukuyo (because she got tons of development) —> Okita’s sister was good but it’s been a while so it’s starting to fade out of memory —> Tama is good but I feel like she’s faded to the background for me.
When arcs are good like 4 devas, the story is poignant and draws me in (9.6). When the comedy is funny like the elevator and magic bananas, I am laughing hysterically, but can’t justify feeling more than a 8.3. I think the series is great and my guess is that the first season over 200 episodes deserves an 8 by the amount of under par stories dragging down the average, but the rest from here on out get a 9 if they keep up with these first arcs in the ‘ season. Still can’t see any parts that were as strong as Clannad for me.
AbeldeMedici Apr 25, 7:53 AM
I watched the first 2 episodes of Hisone to Maso-tan. It's a fun ride, but the combination of genres feels a bit odd to me and I have some hard time accepting the premise of a dragon being disguised as an aircraft and piloted as a mecha; however, the end of the 2nd episode seems to promise some interesting stuff coming, so I'll continue to watch it to see what it has to offer.
DangoDa1kazoku Apr 24, 6:37 PM
We have almost always agreed when it comes to anime, as the topics you mentioned at the beginning are recurring themes. 3 Gatsu and Sora Yori were spectacular, VE was great but not as amazing, still looking forward to when I can watch Liz to Aoi tori, and now interested in this kyo ani male sports group that is actually more than just for women (correct me if I’m wrong as I haven’t actually tried to watch it).

But now I disagree, albeit not by much.

I mean, I still agree with a lot of stuff, I actually binged amanchu and caught up to advance 2 days before starting gintama. It made me realize things I don’t like about slice of life which is typically one of my favorite genres, but evened out to a decent show. Add it to my seasonal chart.
I also 100% agree with megumi best girl with the exception that I do ship her and Souma. It actually might be the first and last time I say that a show with Kana Hanazawa and Ai Kayano voice roles aren’t line up for best girl positions, although it’s obvious why not to people who don’t care about seiyuus.

But I now will list some things I disagree with to a greater extent.

On the topic of Kana Hanazawa — because I already talked about Amanchu for kayano— steins gate is actually something I’ve tried, but could never catch back up too. And can you guess why I tried it?
Tuturu! It’s because I follow Kana Hanazawa as much as an American that has content restricted by Sony can possibly follow her. And because of that, I know just how cute mayushii is. But when it got into real story, I couldn’t handle it. It was still good, but I’m not intelligent enough to follow the story. I just want to hear tuturu, mayushii desu. Also, side note, her voice is pure gold, and to tie it back in to past discussions, is super chou sugoi important and effective as Hina in 3gatsus most emotional moments.

This same idea of not watching something I can’t get the full value out of is very consistent with my choices of anime to watch. I’ve watched most romance and school anime because I love the stuff, but when it comes to shounen HxH, gurren lagaan, etc, I just can’t find myself getting into the mood. With the exception of the otaku romance, tadakoi, and amanchu, I’m not even making an attempt to try out those shows.

For darlifra btw, I can at least agree with you up until it’s bad that they get death threats and it sucks that popularity and attention is means to change how it affects the show. There is still the reverse though, I saw a forum asking why darlifra doesn’t have a better score when it has like an 8.05 which, while I can’t say anything about the show, seems unreasonable in its own right.

Gintama is not something I just disagree with you on, and I do enjoy it. I can stomach a lot of problems through comedy and it has a lot of strong points. Currently on episode 106 I think, right after the soccer player, and I have to say that the Shinsengumi crisis arc to me was like... throwing a steak in a blender. This analogy makes no sense and I’ve been trying to think of a good one, but bear with me. It is originally a good product as is. But as you go through it, it ended up feeling rough and like something was missing. It had the right story, but it was not nearly as effective as okitas sister. It could just be me not understanding shounen style writing, but I hate the whole idea of enemies changing to be friends. I don’t believe that people can change that easily and don’t believe people should trust others that say they can change easily. So while the arc had good themes, it felt like what could have been a 9.3 got jumbled and turned into a 7-8. I don’t really have a problem with any characters or their personalities, nor the story or how it’s told at all. I just already see problems that don’t make it feasible to be the best over Clannad.

People who analyze anime or any media won’t admit it all the time, but even before watching an anime everyone has some preconceptions about what they watch. I expected gintama to be 7-9 and it feels about that way. It can make me laugh until my chest hurts or tear up with a dumb short story. Still, it has more glaring weaknesses.

Yes, of course I’m going to finish it. I’m even thinking of cospalying Shinpachi. But just because there is an edgy protagonist with a shounen back story that can make you laugh and cry doesn’t make it ground breaking or special to me. It just kind of feels like an enjoyable and interesting but not overly special experience, much like oregairu or classroom of the elite; take this as a compliment but warning to the show that it is compared to other shows I rated very highly but will never accept is higher than Clannad.
AbeldeMedici Apr 24, 8:28 AM
I'll have a look at Hisone to Maso-tan then, thanks for the recommendation. I'm following quite a bunch of shows compared to last season. Up to now, and not counting in Card Captor Sakura which comes from previous season, my favorites are Amanchu, Golden Kamuy and Steins Gate 0. Others (Tada-kun, Wotakoi, Comic Girls, Hinamatsuri) are fun but it's not that I'm waiting for the exact time they come out like with the others. Compared to last season, there's no series that I've fallen in love with instantly like Yorimoi or Yuru Camp, but there's more variety in exchange. Now when I finish playing Ni no Kuni 2 I want to marathon Yama no Susume and Tamayura.

I agree on Teko's development in this new season. One of the few things I think Amanchu does better than Aria is character development: Aside from Alice, the other girls didn't seem to change much over time. Teko and Pikari feel more human and relatable in this aspect. The whole series feels more relatable really, being set in a real and not so utopian context (although Izu looks pretty utopic).
DangoDa1kazoku Apr 22, 1:09 PM
Well, this may seem kind of random but.... i picked up an anime that I know you really love. Can you guess? Ok probably not.

It’s gintama!

I started it last Thursday (4/12 not 4/19) on my spring break. Just finished episode 87 and the Shinsengumi/Okita’s sister arc. I can definitely see why you love it so much. Just going to share some thoughts on it.

Gintama is obviously extremely juvenile humor. Sometimes it can make you die laughing, the 2 I remember most are the neo Armstrong cyclone jet Armstrong cannon and the toilet scene from the yagyu arc. It’s really immature though,and it’s just stupid if the joke doesn’t land or if you don’t get the references it makes to other shows.

What I loved most about gintama was how the writing in the longer arcs were so good. I hate how inconsistent it is— i rate it a high 8 as of now— but it shows flashes of greatness in many aspects. I thought the yagyu arc was a solid 9.3 and I thought the shinsengumi/Okita sister arc was a near perfect 9.8. When it’s bad, it’s not that bad, ranging from 6-7, but it would be wrong to grade it just on it’s good aspects. Like o said before, the fact that it’s so immature makes it more punishing when it falls flat, but can be really funny sometimes.

In the past you’ve said that you were surprised when gintama took a bigger spot in your heart than Clannad. To be honest, I can kind of see how and kind of can’t see how. I see aspects of gintama that people would enjoy a lot, but I have always said that Clannad is the greatest piece of media ever created. The best text, the best piece of writing, whichever you prefer. I said that after finishing 2 of the longer arcs I was very impressed by how it was written, but I fail to see how it has any advantage over Clannad.

Anyway, I hope to finish gintama by the end of May. It’s taken me 10 days to finish 87 episodes, also keeping up with the seasonal weekly anime. This kind of 9 episodes a day is not a fast pace for me — I can normally finish a 12 episode anime season a day— but I started on the Thursday of a break, and can’t watch as much with school, especially with AP testing and finals approaching.

Maybe you can provide some insight if I’m missing anything.
AbeldeMedici Apr 10, 5:00 AM
About VE, I haven't read the novels (though I was spoiled in the ep.13 thread) so I can't compare. The anime was quite rounded up for me, even if Violet's character transition felt a bit abrupt specially during the first half.
About SSR, I picked up the manga from where the anime left it. There were especulations about the ending of the last anime episode but it would be spoilerish, so I'd said you read the manga (it's only 42 chapters and the anime ended at 27 or so, I think).
On a side note, I don't know if this season will have anything that catches my attention as much as Sora yori or Yuru Camp. Amanchu if anything, although it's not new having read the manga recently. I'll finish watching this week's premieres then decide which to pick up. Aside from Amanchu, Wotakoi and Golden Kamuy look like the most promising, and Tada-kun and Comic Girls are fun but not so memorable.
DangoDa1kazoku Apr 9, 9:11 PM
I have been awaiting your replay. Actually, I was going to message you at the end of the season, but I forgot. Anyway:

3-gatsu: surprised by its surprise double release, I was super happy with how it ended. I have told you how much I love 3-gatsu and why. The final episodes only evince all the points I’ve already made about the anime. I don’t know if and when we’ll get it but I’m hoping for season 3. I had a friend say it could happen but i don’t really know. Maybe it’ll alternate and be announced as chihayafuru 3 runs like it was announced while 3-Gatsu ran. Also, final episodes of 3-gatsu s2 really showed the cuteness of Hina (and Kana Hanazawa)

Violet Evergarden: unsurprisingly and already mentioned how much I loved it. Still, I think I ended up giving Sora Yori the best winter 2018 anime (assuming you count 3-Gatsu as the end of 2017, otherwise I’m not comparing them). Either way, it ended spectacularly. Unfortunately one friend happened to ruin t for me, something about the timeline and how it doesn’t really makes sense. Idk, still loved it. As a side note, my brother watched it, and even though he makes fun of me all the time for watching anime, he loved it and he’s starting to watch more. (He also just finished Takagi San and is looking for more!). And btw, about the sequel, always hyped for sequels, especially kyoani.

Sora yori: O. M. G. I cannot tell you how much I loved this one. Oh wait, I can and have. I don’t remember if I talked you you after episode 12, but the week wait after was just waiting for it to be completed to officially put it on my favorites list. I know what VE is and how good it is, but damn, this is my AOTS and heavy candidate for AOTY. Episode 12 might be my favorite single episode of anime of all time, maybe with the exclusion of Clannad, while the search scene and/or email scene might be my favorite all time scene with the same exceptions. I loved it so much that I watched it again every day for the next 3 days; I also cried EVERY SINGLE TIME. holy [explitive] it was a masterpiece, and I loved watching it climb appropriately to its current score. Going into the season I didn’t expect VE to not be AOTS but this took it in my eyes.

It seems like I overdealt 10/10s this season. I know I’ve been much more liberal with them since last season, but I feel like most were appropriate this time around. What do you think?

DarliFra: it’s clear I’ve never seen it. I’ve heard the Kim K anime, but something about it just doesn’t click with me. It could be that I’m much more of a KyoAni/Madhouse and even JC Staff/PA works fab than trigger/A1 and the like bones, etc. riding your partner like I’ve seen in the memes seems like more sexual appeal than tasteful battle scenes, but I won’t go too much into the show I haven’t watched. I’m glad you like it tho!

Going on to a new topic:
SPRING 2018: what are you watching/liking this season? It’s supposed to be the best EVER. At least sequel/ remake/ spinoffs, there’s like 10 different franchises with already established fan bases getting add ons.

Here’s what I’m watching:
Food Wars - no explanation needed
High school DxD - guilty pleasure
SAO - man I love being disappointed, but at least no A1 or kirito

Surprisingly few sequels, but new shows:
Layton - my childhood + kana hanazawa could not possibly miss my list
Tada-Kun - generic romcom
3D kanojo - generic rom com with possibly decent drama and shoujo

As always, fun discussing anime with you!
AbeldeMedici Apr 3, 12:36 PM
So I've used my holiday evenings to catch up with Violet Evergarden. It's been certainly worth it, to be honest I don't understand why it didn't get to me the first time... maybe I was already invested in some other anime. Anyway it jumps to my favorites, I'm glad you and Meta_Yoshi recommended me to pick it up again.
I've also watched and read to the end Girls Last Tour which I also had pending... probably the strangest slice of life I've ever watched/read. It left me with a bittersweet feeling but I appreciated the depth of the themes... in some way it is one of the best sol I've encountered, in the sense that the atmosphere strengthens the "enjoy the moment" core of the genre.
AbeldeMedici Mar 20, 2:58 PM
So, I read you're a hiker and now I'm curious about where do you live, if you don't mind telling.
I like hiking on the Swiss Alps, even though I just go there on summer holidays. If it's somewhere near you, you should go some time, the sceneries are really gorgeous.