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Daisuki Mar 14, 5:35 PM
I know, right? (*≧∀≦*) It was such a fluffy chapter~
AbeldeMedici Mar 14, 3:03 AM
The manga for Hotarubi was published before Natsume and adapted later due precisely to the success of Natsume series. I didn't know about it either until a friend recommended it to me, it's a one-shot and the movie is not even an hour long.

I really loved Nagi no Asukara. At first it seemed just a beautiful school drama but things really got interesting when all the curse thing began. I watched all the second arc in a day.
The art and music also fit perfectly, although I spent the entire show puzzled by the fact they ate, drank and even watched TV underwater XD
AbeldeMedici Mar 11, 5:32 PM
So, this weekend I've watched Nagi no asukara and it has instantly become one of my top romantic dramas, next to Your lie in April.
I watched Hotarubi no mori e some days ago as well since I'd read it serves as kind of spiritual prequel to Natsume no Yuujinchou, which I think I'll leave for the spring season along with Tamayura (I'm finishing off the shorter series first).
DangoDa1kazoku Mar 10, 1:52 AM
I love discussing stuff with you! But don’t feel you have to write the full page long replies of you don’t want to.

3-Gatsby no lion: today, Saturday at 10:00 ish comes the finishing of the burning field arc. Not a manga reader, so correct me if I’m wrong. I have wanted to watch Rei since his match with Souya into the 3 week hiatus, but it still never ceases to amaze me of the detail put into the series. Hina and Rei are both main characters and all that, but the way they develop an eternal but not always noticeable presence is impressive. Like, they’ve joked about his health before, but the way they develop Yanagihara is a true strength that in its own right is enjoyable instead of Rei. 9 ish more hours until the next episode as of me writing this!

Chihayafuru: No questions asked, I am excited for this 3rd season. Obviously. I can continue to hope past that for another 2-cours and maybe Madhouse to return with animation. For Taichi, I did forget how he was the Josei prince, especially because I was so enthralled by the series I forgot about some of its josei conventions. Still, characters all around are just sensational in this franchise. For Arata, I think you’re right about him being a main character and why. I was stating for consistency on MAL that it’s weird how they categorize characters that might be super important for a small period of time or super important throughout but get little screen time (like Arata). A main character is someone who impacts the story a great deal and would be impossible to continue the story without. By this definition Arata is without a doubt a main character, but then so are many other characters in anime. Idk if i make sense and i can’t think of other examples than Bakuman off the top of my head, but just thought I’d being up the inconsistencies in a main character like Arata.

Violet Evergarden: It’s not like I DIDN’T have a KyoAni bias going into the season, tentatively setting it as AOTS or even of the year on trailers alone, but I was never not engrossed in this series throughout its run time so far.

My dialogue to other anime watchers:

Friend asks, “what should I watch?” and then I respond with “OMG WATCH CHIHAYAFURU AND HIBIKE EUPHONIUM AND CLANNAD + AS” and then they give me a bunch of excuses on why they haven’t watched the easiest 10/10 masterpieces but have seen SAO and Accel World, so then frustratedly I say, “well then what are you watching this season?” To which they reply, “Oh yea just like Yuru Camp and the mummy one” and then I say “WTF WATCH VIOLET EVERGARDEN AND SORA YORI AND IF YOU HAVENT ADD 3-GATSU WHICH ISNT TECHNICALLY SEASONAL BUT CURRENTLY AIRING” and then they say it’s boring and continue to tell me Reki Kawahara’s works are the shit.

Ok so maybe I’ve put up with too many people who dislike VE and like Kawahara too much, but whatever. One more thing, I know VE is the top show of the season, but don’t you hate how hype and the source material ruin an anime for someone? Like, I don’t care how much hype there is, it should be graded objectively. Looking forward to it doesn’t mean you have to grade it as if it has to be flawless AND fit YOUR standards. Ok I’m gonna move on because I’m getting mad over how shitty this week has been for me.

At least I can move on to this
Hibike euphonium: What you have displayed for me for this is wonderful, thanks so much! Trailer and subs. Man I’m so hyped. Anyways about the Liz to aoi tori movie, it seems to take the same style as the parent story in the context of different characters in the same story. I’m not really familiar with it and it’s been a while so I might do a rewatch but I am looking forward to it. Also interested in the potential main/Kumiko arc, would definitely want to see more. Direction for both is (obviously with KyoAni’s main 2 directors) something to keep an eye out for. Ishihara responsible for a lot of KyoAni direction and every anime content creator singing the praises of Naoko Yamada (If you haven’t heard of UTS reviews, I find his analysis of KyoAni particularly interesting, with heavy biases). I am not particularly attentive to small details, but I have watched enough romance anime and sought after a number of what I call fake romance (stuff with romance but not listed as a genre, ie Gin no Saji or Working or even I think mawaru penguindrum) to notice small romance “flags”. At the time of watching Hibike, which might have been a full year ago, I was not as keen on romance in nonromance anime, and I believe I also watched it in the context of K-On and Love Live which really were just other really cute but also deeply emotional anime about music that really didn’t have any romance. Shuuichi’s side is pretty explicit, but Kumiko’s side gets more iffy for me. I think I perceived Kumiko as perhaps unsure of herself and devoting herself to the euphonium because that’s what she finds purpose in, I think she explicitly stated that she likes the euphonium to her sister. I also distinctly recall her mentioning how the euphonium was an odd or abnormal instrument that can be important to making beautiful music, and how that was the perfect symbolism of Kumiko herself. I think I perceived this to be unsure in her own feelings and also unsure of how he felt for her, and it’s really one of those great story telling tricks that KyoAni has deep characters that make decisions past, “plot cliches state that you like me now, so I randomly have the courage to confess!” Anyway, I love side romances, so this type of thing is right up my alley. Also, as much as I enjoy yuri, I will be happy to shut up the people crying yuri bait on this emotionally deep show. Can’t say I noticed much Moore than that though, but maybe I’ll remember more about when I watched this series at a later time.

I took another look at your list and thought I’d introduce more points of discussion.
The first is a personal issue related to the poor quality of my week regarding debates I had with a friend over Reki Kawahara’s works. I don’t mean to drag you into a personal issue, but rather would like your opinions on Accel World and SAO so I can be more level headed in my arguments. Personally, I’m on the side that thinks Kawahara’s stories, at least in adaptations, suck. With resignation to the fact that his heroines are actually ok, I think his main characters SEVERELY lack. I noticed that you rated AW a 7 and SAO a 4, whereas I’m probably on ep 15-16 on AW and tentatively scoring it <4 and have given SAO a 7. I have a hard time looking at Haru and when I think of how people say “it’s more realistic and that fat people who get bullied do exist” I am constantly reminded of how he has beautiful women dying for his affection and how contradictory this is to reality. I was also thinking of rescoring SAO a little lower, but my thoughts on SAO is that as bad as it is, it manages to at least be mostly entertaining and uses action scenes to distract from the shitty plot armor. Anyway, I thought I’d ask to get it off my chest.

On a more positive topic, I noticed a 9/10 for kimi to boku. I forgot if I ultimately gave it an 8 or a 9, but I was definitely interested for more. Would you happen to have details on the manga/mangaka? I wanted more resolution for their futures, as well as the romantic relationships throughout the story for each character.

Anyway, don’t feel pressured to respond, especially not as long as before as mentioned. Thanks again for the Hibike info and subs to the trailer! Also, sorry if I came off as angst-y in any way, it’s been a rough week as i mentioned, I took the SAT and was sick yesterday, along with various school tests. I’m recharging and talking anime this weekend so hopefully I don’t come off to bad here :)

Edit: I metntioned earlier how it was 9 more hours until 3-gatsu and it’s only 8 hours as of me finishing. I get carried away over anime XD
Enaka Mar 8, 10:09 PM
Hello, what is the anime which the girls in soccer jersey? (in your profile)
sarnlack Mar 5, 5:31 PM
Lol, anyway thanks for accepted my friend request.
Western56 Mar 4, 10:32 AM
Thanks for the add!
sweetangie Mar 3, 4:25 AM
Thank you so translating it for me.
sweetangie Mar 2, 9:21 PM
Just a few minutes ago at the KoiAme anime official website posted this: If you can read Japanese please translate this in English

I also send this message to Major_Gilbert. :)
DangoDa1kazoku Mar 1, 5:50 PM
Reading your comments are so fun! You always have good insight on anime analysis.
Going in the same order you did, 3-Gatsu no lion: what you say about family makes sense. You’re right about the importance of family and it’s important to stress what kind of family. I think the family in 3-gatsu is about fitting in, a family of humble origins that still welcome Rei into their house. I think they want to stress the importance of that a family is somewhere you belong and how Rei learns to rely on the people around him and not always worry about how he has to be independent and not ruin other people’s lives. It seems important how he reflects on his own family and how he felt when they were taken away from him. That trauma affects the way he believes he is perceived by others. I forget if it’s explicitly mentioned or just heavily hinted that he leaves because he doesn’t want to break his adopted family (the shogi one with the crazy sister) by the dad showing Rei favoritism beciiase he is better at shogi. It really makes his mentality about how other people mean to him and vice versa so interesting. Another scene that I think is really representative of this is the end of the Hina bully arc, when he talks to Akari after they’re done and says he didn’t do anything. To be honest, Rei saying he did nothing was kinda bullshit, but after thinking about his insecurities and how he interprets it and not getting the objective view we get, it’s actually really good psychology. But Akari's response really makes that scene powerful, gettin upset and listing all the things Rei did, then flashing back to when Akari saved him, I think that scene was really powerful. I still can’t wait to get 3-Gatsu back after the 3 week “Olympics break”. Also, my shipping could just be consequence of liking the 2 characters a lot, the intimate dramatic relationship we as viewers experience or just the power in the voice acting and drama that really develops the scene.

Sora yori: I had no idea of the writer before you told me. I luckily checked it out when I saw a bunch of cute girls on the cover art, and there was nothing else out in the season. MAL says it’s not just a Kana Hanazawa voice, not just Saori Hayami voice, not just Inori Minase voice, but all of them plus Yuka Iguchi, who I looked up afterward. And when a cute show about cute girls going to Antarctica has THESE 4 main voice roles, well, you won’t get much cuter voices in the industry. And yes, it is very cute, but I can’t help but get emotional quite often, especially these last 2 I cried. Speaking of, do you know who does the music for this series? The OP and ED are both spectacular, but I don’t think I’ve seen this good music choice including the OSTS in forever. I mean, I don’t know the name to that song, but there’s a really emotional track that plays right before the ED. (Just YouTubed it, it’s Haru ka Tooku, and it’s damn powerful). And that’s not all, but that is probably one of my favorite insert tracks of all time, next to Clannad AS’s, well all of them, but particularly in the palm of a tiny hand. Anyway, if you have comments on the sora yori sound direction, I’d be very interested :)

Chihayafuru: probably one of the most fun to talk about with other people. I’d say personally, because I have self declared Clannad After story as the best overall story or piece of media of all time, I can confidently talk about all the amazing things about Clannad after story forever. But people either hate it, which I will never understand, or they live it as much as me, but then it’s just talking about how amazing it is. I think Chihayafuru discussions are the most interesting. Because it’s always fun to listen to people talk about things you like, but because it’s more niche and has less popularity and expectations that Clannad, not as many people say bad things about it. Most importantly though I think is that everyone who loves Chihayafuru really LOVES CHIHAYAFURU. Like, you know how much I’ve fished about the series, but damn people are impassioned in their love for the series. More to the point, even being a strictly anime watcher, I still was always team Arata. When people discussed after the first episodes how they were happy that Arata is no longer in the way of the Taichi ship, I was still team Arata despite him not appearing much at all. I still think that in season one he should be listed as a side character, even though he is important. Maybe it’s just me, but main characters are like the people that need to be there the entire SERIES for the series to work. If you told me as a whole I had to decide if Arata was a main or side character, he’d be a main for sure, but split into seasons I think he doesn’t appear enough in season one. (I know how important he is to the story throughout the entire story and his presence is important, but I’ll discuss that). This might be a bad comparison, but in Bakuman, Miho Azuki was a key element to that entire series. The whole idea was that everything that Morikita was doing for manga would eventually work toward his ambitious declaration that he would marry her. And it also shows the kind of relationship they have; the kind of, not there, but always with each other type. Even as important as she is, she is still listed as a side character. Back to Chihayafuru but not yet done talking about side characters, I think the side characters in the second season of Chihayafuru are side characters in name only. Yes, I’m the context of the synopsis of the drama, romance of Chihaya, they are side characters, but i feel they were really main characters (at least komano, ooe, and Nishida). The team tournament and dynamic was so important to the series that I feel like the ideas slightly changed and made those characters more like main characters. My ideas on main characters vs side characters are contrary anyway, so maybe you have an opinion on that. I just went on a tangent, I was talking about Arata. So I’m sure I’ve said I’m on that ship. It’s hinted subtly even past the Taichi shippers before the final episode is more explicit. This could be trying to analyze it more than just her being better at Karuta to see Arata again in a game. But I’m there beginning Chihaya “chooses” Arata even when he was being bullied. When at Arata’s house, Chihaya wanted something for herself for the first time; instead of wanting to see her sister become a top model, Arata gives Chihaya a life purpose, to be the best at something and inspiring her interest in Karuta. As of the character change and development of Arata, that’s a manga thing that I don’t know much about. I’ve basically only seen the little Arata, then the quitting Arata, then the comeback arata. I don’t want spoilers obviously, but arata has and can continue to change in a team sense. This idea of teams was not so subtly introduced when in the team competition, when arata gets in trouble, queen delegitimizes teams, etc. he is interested in teams but they note 2 ideas really nicely. Arata is an independent player. I think this contrasts Taichi who is always competing with Arata, always making things a competition and calling anything they do to get ahead of each other for Chihaya other than Karuta cheating. While Taichi is with her, her time with Arata is far more special, as in this Karuta parallel. The other thing is Arata says the only team he belongs to is the one in grade school. The one with Taichi and Chihaya before they split apart and they were wearing their red chihayafuru T-shirts that they made. Other than that I love that scene with Chihaya in the middle high fiving the 2 in her Chihayafuru T-shirt, it really shows their group dynamic. Man I’m so hyped for season 3 and you didn’t need to tell me I’m in for a treat for me to know how special this is.

Violet evergarden: you can probably start with “what did you think about the latest episode of VE” instead of have you seen it, because as much as I love this site, nothing is getting done on Wednesday’s at 3:00 before I watch VE’s most recent episode. And yes, it’s damn good. It’s a more explicit backstory, and we get context with the beautiful as always visuals. I’d say they’ve shown enough flashbacks for us to imagine what happened, and they lead everything into this depressing flashback perfectly. The growth of Violet is something common for the series, but seeing emotionless violet change through the major was really special. Kyoto Animation never missed a detail. I knew he was probably a goner, but Violets traumatic breakdown was still tough. I actually felt that the major knew he would die, or at least wasn’t expecting anything, and always put violet first. One last thing other than this episode was great, did you notice the eye symbolism? Obviously the broach and the majors eyes and all the other things eyes could mean like watching over someone. But I think, and I’m not sure if it’s relevant or even true, but I think the major got shot in THE EYES. Thought I’d add that. This episode was great.

Hibike Euphonium: I either didn’t get the bell from MAL, was too happy about Chihayafuru or thought it was a recap, but I didn’t see this movie coming. I’m not saying there isn’t a lot that can happen in this, but it was unexpected. Like, there’s so many series that end on cliffhangers and really NEED another season, but I felt an emotional climax of that series. It left me wanting more, yes, but I had come to really feel like the ending had made its statement. That’s not to say I’m not excited. I REALLY hope it’s not a spin-off or recap or anything and a real sequel like you said, because man am I hyped now. There’s a lot of exciting sequels coming up.
About the romance in the series, I don’t really know. If you’ve seen the anime Saki, it’s about mahjong and it’s alright. The point is though that there are not so subtle Yuri romances in that series. I don’t think it diminishes the series, and the strength of the series is definitely the characters relationships and Kumiko and Reina are definitely one of the most important. Whether they are actually in love or not I wouldn’t know. Even in the Yuri parts, there is deep character development and the way they interact (in the hiking scene for instance, you know, the one that everyone talks about with reina running her finger over kumikos face and gets very close) it also conveys the characters personalities and it’s impossible to tell how deep those feelings get. For side characters, I’d say I could not care one way or another about the actual rromance ships other than how they progressed the story. Shuuichi anf taki-sensei I’m not sure had any importance to the story romantically, although taki could be used to convey Kumikos interpretation on reinas love life, express possible romantic feelings that kumiko doesn’t understand, or show a parallel between reinas hopes for the bands dreams and their romantic thoughts. More on just gushing about hibike, damn the way kumiko changes from the beginning and clearly compared to the end was a spectacular choice. The happiness she experienced from duds gold now looks silly and she wants to win. Hibike lived and died (but was perfect so never died) by its character development and drama. Damn that series was good. I hope the next sequel gives us the same quality we got before but continues to develop and expand on the drama that makes it one of my favorites. (I have a friend who doesn’t watch much anime, but loves kyoukai no kanata, shhh I liked it even though I know lots of people didn’t. I always tell him to watch anime. One day I asked and he said he actually did pick up an anime. It was Hibike. The period was over before I stopped talking about it.)

Daisuki Mar 1, 2:42 PM
I read Shirayuki's latest chapter. (≧∀≦)
DangoDa1kazoku Feb 26, 12:23 AM
3-Gatsu no lion: I’m definitely in it for the amazing story and Rei’s journey and I love both Hina and Rei as characters individually. That’s why I just added it as a side note, I couldn’t help but ship them after the Hina bullying arc, Rei always being with her when she was struggling, finding her during her school trip, spoiling her with good food to make her happy and cheer her up from th incident. It’s hard for me not to want these two to be together, although the show is just standalone spectacular.

KyoAni works: It’s easy for me to give Clannad After Story the best anime of all time and I personally have declared it the best written work of media of all time. Hibike Euphonium is a show that was probably high up on my list already, a clear 10 after watching it, but it’s recent and starting to catch on rave reviews for its amazing story telling and characters on top of KyoAni animation, and the more I see people talk about it’s positives, the more I can’t help but think about how good the series is. I think Koe no Katachi is their next best work and I personally love Hyouka (I use this profile pic for everything) but it’s almost so hard to rank Kyoto Animation shows because the quality is ALWAYS so good. Even saying this, I wasted my time trying to list out what I love about each KyoAni show, only to realize how great each of them are. I was going to highlight Naoko’s K-On and Tamako love story as great shows. If I tried tiering it, I think I would put Clannad + AS > Hibike Euphonium + 2 > Naoko Yamada works with Koe no Katachi and k-on and tamako love story as well as throwing Hyouka in the middle somewhere > maybe place violet evergarden here for now which can go up or down as it airs > Kyoukai no kanata + Chuu-2 + finish the key holy trinity > Amati + Haruhi + Lucky Star (although I forgot to throw Disappearance at the top somewhere) > then the shows I’ve never watched + phantom world at the bottom. ( I just realized how stupid this ranking is and how I said it’s difficult to rank so you’ll have to bear with me on the tangents I go off on when I discuss anime). It was pointless for me to rank it especially when my average score for this studio is probably like a 9+, which is insanely high. Also I’m glad VE is doing well in Japan since despite the 8+ MAL score, all I hear is hate for this beautiful series.

MADHOUSE and Sora yori: I’m sure I’ve seen you talking about this series but I have horrible memory and didn’t want to refresh my multi paragraph long comment to you to check if you were enjoying this series. I more meant it as a safety just in case you didn’t like it, although I’m much more likely to have not watched a show because my tastes are very specific by comparison. I know a bit about the industry, but your knowledge on writers is extremely informative. I never expected that someone would have a hand in so many of those great anime. If those are the series he’s worked in, then he must be amazing not only at fun scripts, but about building extremely deep connections for characters. Love live might be the most explicit “friendship” anime, but it’s definitely one of my favorite less serious shows and easily the easiest to fandom, which is why I have a lot of love live merchandise (and I got some weis schwarz love live cards from a friend recently, just thought I’d mention it while it’s on topic). Sora yori’s character bonds between all the characters, but the 4 main characters in particular are inexplicably deep and meaningful.

Honey and Clover: I have not seen honey and clover for a stupid reason. In the first, maybe 100 anime that I watched, they were all close to formulaic. They were definitely all romance and they had the same type of anime art style as opposed to the more realistic art style like in Chihayafuru. When I started running out of good anime, I turned to honey and clover, but ultimately couldn’t get around the art style and ultimately I lost interest before I could get pulled into the story. It’s probably a lot like what I’m going through currently with Cross Game; I’ve heard great things about it, but the art caused me to lose some interest so I basically already dropped the show as soon as that plot twist happened. I honestly can’t tell you if I think what the author did in the first part of cross game is genius or cheap, but because of the character designs that made me unable to tell characters apart, I was basically out as soon as the plot twist hit. Maybe I’ll pick up honey and clover soon.

My Chihayafuru ship was and will always be Chihaya x Arata, although it’s a true testament to the series that the character archetype that I would never ship actually became somewhat compelling as I watched the series. There was something in Taichi’s attitude or character model or something that I just normally dislike about these characters and especially after the last episode of season 2 reveals how much Arata means to Chihaya that is truly beautiful. Thinking about it, ships are mostly an instinct. I couldn’t actually tell you why I liked Arata ship better and I can honestly say that Taichi’s inner struggles are really strong displays of what the series does best, developing their characters.

I have a feeling that we have similar tastes and vaguely similar reasoning on why we like those things, but you are definitely more open to a broader range of anime and have a more concise explanation on things.
sweetangie Feb 25, 8:01 PM
Roger that, LOL!!!! Now I have to add tags whenever we chat about the manga now since it;s going to be animated.
sweetangie Feb 25, 7:10 PM
DangoDa1kazoku Feb 25, 2:53 PM
I still can’t believe that this series that I watched just last week got a sequel so suddenly, and even more so when I say I (embarrassingly) went around posting my need for a sequel of a bunch of shows just because I wanted to ask and beg for a sequel to this show so desperately. I am not caught up with a lot of the industry news, but what you said about animators with pride that produce quality content is absolutely true. The quality of animation of inspired and determined animators is so clear; there is a difference from 2 manga that are similarly popular getting made into anime when one is done by someone who works with a passion for his craft and wishes to improve it.

When the animator enjoys a project more, the audience does too. It’s one of the reasons Kyoto Animation is far and away my best studio; take any video on “the KyoAni work experience” and it’s clear why Kyoto Animation has a much more polished and consistent animation quality. This is also just a random guess and opinion, but I think that it could contribute to how Kyoto Animation works always have a very real and “comfortable” bond with its characters. Maybe it makes no sense, but I always feel they evoke much deeper connections in their characters.

Yes, I’m watching Violet Evergarden. I’ve watched nearly every Kyoto Animation series, the only exceptions I think are Free, Nichijou, and their part in the full metal panic series. I’ve been on the silent end of Violet Evergarden hype, but I’ve definitely been hyping it. And despite what many people with high expectations are saying, I am absolutely still in love with the show. Episode 7 was truly beautiful. It goes back to what I said about how Kyoto Animation creates characters with deep emotional connections and that spares no expense for support characters and one-off arcs. It’s hard to believe I can care that much about a character who was just introduced that episode. The same goes for first Luculia arc, I was simply astounded with the emotions in just her words. And that’s the true message of the story, or at least a big motif: words bringing people together. It’s the emotion behind the words. I know I’m going through every arc now, but I think the Princess Charlotte arc and her writing her own words in her emotions best represents how it’s the feelings behind the words that are important. Ok I can gush about this show a lot. Too bad the full year of hype has set unreachable expectations. Also noteworthy of mention: Visuals are undeniably great.

Unfortunately in my hubris of getting Chihayafuru season 3, I looked for Gin no Saji updates; apparently the manga is on hiatus. I hope I can get my fix, I watched that recently too and got hooked on it, then through it on the list of sequels needed when making my “I want a Chihayafuru sequel” list. As for 3-gatsu no lion, I’ve been hooked since I finished season 1 and have followed it weekly in season 2 up until it’s 3 week Olympic hiatus. I remember past me not getting some parts of season 1, probably because I lacked Shogi knowledge, but I am fully hooked for next week when we get the return. This season has been simply enthralling. Side notes: I ship Rei x Hina. I loved the Hina bully arc, it was so perfect for so many reasons and also I love Kana Hanazawa’s voice acting so her portrayal of Hina was, to me, both realistic and also so much more heartbreaking to see Hina like that.

Seeing as though Violet Evergarden and 3-gatsu no lion are probably on the top of my list for airing anime, I’ll bring up my personal other favorite airing anime to round out my top 3 airing anime. Have you heard of Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho or A place farther than the universe? I have A LOT of personal biases, but I really love this show. MadHouse animation (same studio as Chihayafuru but astoundingly different art style) and voice acting from 3 of my favorites (Kana Hanazawa, Saori Hayami, and Inori Minase) I thought it was K-On like in that it was incredibly cute as expected, but had lots of deeper emotional connections. I’m not saying it would or would not suit your tastes, but I thought I’d mention it when talking about top airing anime and also MadHouse animation.

It’s fun talking about such good shows!