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Have you ever watched an anime where the dub voice actors were better suited to the character than the subs?
Karitorira - Jun 12, 2017
10 replies by Mantron »»
Oct 21, 6:58 AM
Favorite English Voice Actors?
asherz - Apr 3, 2018
10 replies by Mantron »»
Oct 21, 6:57 AM
Banana Fish Dream Dub Cast
MeanMrMusician - Sep 27
0 replies by MeanMrMusician »»
Sep 27, 11:21 PM
What are your Top 5-10 Favorite English Dubs? ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
KidBoruto - Mar 14, 2009
259 replies by MeanMrMusician »»
Sep 27, 10:42 PM
Which anime you want get dubbed for fall season 2021 ?
Aan120898 - Sep 18
2 replies by Gurifisu-Femto »»
Sep 27, 3:23 AM

Club Comments
SwatKat1990 | 4 hours ago
So I’ve just watched the Netflix Cowboy Bebop. I cannot say comes close to the original.

asuramaru1 | Nov 9, 9:52 PM
I like dub because I don't like reading.

SwatKat1990 | Oct 19, 6:31 PM
Bad news, we lost Chris Ayres. The DBZ Kai voice of Frieza.


iwatch2muchanime | Oct 13, 10:00 AM
it CAN be, doesn't have to be and doesn't mean it will be every time

SwatKat1990 | Oct 10, 7:50 AM

It’s been said time and time again. Anime and Hollywood are like oil and water.

iwatch2muchanime | Oct 6, 8:06 AM
well Dragonball deserved it.

i dont care about people shitting on things that deserve it lol. now Bebop isn't out yet so the people trying to do it now are wack and idiots
but once it's out and confirmed trash, they can go right ahead.

SwatKat1990 | Oct 5, 12:55 PM

Odds are this adaptation will be thrashed by fans. Much like how Dragonball Evolution was thrashed.

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