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SwatKat1990 | Oct 3, 4:10 PM
Folks, I have a feeling COVID-19 will last for another year. I hope you’re all doing fine.

SwatKat1990 | Sep 30, 7:34 PM

I know it’s been a while but my busy work schedule has kept from being more active. I work at an essential job which is why I’ve been out of touch.

mdo7 | Sep 1, 8:00 AM
Is this slub still active? Because I'm not seeing the forum on this club being active as it used to.

iwatch2muchanime | Aug 14, 2:35 PM
The quality dropped so hard bro, complete tanking of production.

TimidGazelle | Aug 12, 11:49 PM
Season 3 of Seven Deadly Sins is rated weirdly low. Pretty rare to see a show go into the low 6s on mal.

iwatch2muchanime | Jul 17, 12:01 PM
yikes, Promare is ayuss

SwatKat1990 | May 11, 2:41 PM
Hi folks, I've just finished watching Promare today and it was a great. I've just pre-ordered it on Amazon.com

SwatKat1990 | May 10, 3:12 PM

I'm still active. Despite my job being an essential.

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